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Yes, This Is A Woman(I Know It’s Hard To Believe)


First and foremost, let’s start with the name, “Krushanda”, really? Do you see what I talked about in Negro Wars regarding black women deliberately jinxing their children from birth by bestowing upon them ridiculous, stereotypical ghetto names?

I can only imagine how many prospective employers come across a name like Krushanda and throw the application straight in the bin, ghetto named black females and ghetto, ratchet type behaviour normally come as a package deal hence this chick’s familiarity with criminal activities.

Secondly(though I believe this should’ve been the first point made), this female looks nothing like a woman. Now I looked through some of her Myspace photos and found a picture of her when she was younger in a dress, she looked somewhat feminine in that photo(despite her chunky jawline), however as per usual with too many black females, the femininity quickly disappears and is replaced with a masculine visage.

If you were to show me the mugshot above without saying anything, the first words that would come out of my mouth would be, “what has this dude been done for”? It wouldn’t occur to me that this is actually a woman, there are absolutely no feminine indicators on her face, NONE!

I’ve already talked at length about the fact that there is a severe dearth of attractive black women in black female society when compared to women from other ethnicities. This is yet another factor that the black love/black unity pundits conveniently fail to take into consideration whenever they lambast black men who date out.

Again, we have to refer back to the evolutionary psychologist and writer Satoshi Kanazawa who stated the reason why black women are the least attractive women on the planet was because they carry significantly higher levels of testosterone than their non black female cousins.

He was spot on in his conclusion, unfortunately he wasn’t prepared for the wrath and onslaught of the black witch’s coven and as a result was forced to withdraw his Psychology Today article(if anybody has a link to it in the archives, feel free to post in the comments).

These pro blackity black zealots genuinely expect you to date, marry and procreate with masculine looking females like Krushanda and have a million and one insults at the ready for those who note the extreme lack of femininity, who point blank refuse to partake(for the same) and additionally choose to seek out feminine women from other racial backgrounds.

All I can say is I’m glad that YouTuber MBDX created and formalised the SYSBM lifestyle, it is a God send to those black men who recognise the many problems within black female society(including the serious lack of attractive and viable black women) and who decide that they want no part in that so called “struggle”.

These haughty black females constantly talk about so called “struggle love”, indeed, struggle love is knowing that that black harriets once they remove their weaves, the heavy makeup and the fake eye lashes look no different than your most hardened and coarse looking black male felon doing life in the pen.

Black don’t crack??? These modern day black females shatter the whole glass with their masculine looks. Don’t ever allow these pro blacks to bully you into dealing with brick house, masculine looking broads, I understand why some black men say that dealing with most black women is nigh on homosexual and is no different to dealing with men. Black female beauty sucks. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Masculine Looking Women Are NOT An Option

Most High Bless

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58 thoughts on “Yes, This Is A Woman(I Know It’s Hard To Believe)

  1. This shows that the whole race purity business is a big racket and extortion trick, made up by the Synagogue and black females. Lord Oldberg must be laughing hard in his castle as he sees the stupidity of these black hoes and greedy oligarchs, as well as the stupid sheep who follow them. ‘But we wuz KANGZ bro!” echo the idiot Blackshirt pro wack hoteps and Duginist, third way idiot wignats who act and talk like they just came out of a plantation.

    What is feminine about weave and using makeup to hide yourself, constantly fighting and looking for warfare every second? No wonder the Africans in the Caribbean ran away to the hills after emancipation as they knew that these dumbass Negroes and beta white males are not a good example for anyone to follow. Some of their descendants even still own the same businesses to this day.

    And this ghetto naming…oh god what do I say? Black women really do hate children and like their master the white liberal are extremely racist.

    David Carroll, Brendan O Connell and Damian (Incessant Goi) were right, these black hoes, MGTOW and alt right need to be left to burn.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      The “woman” above even has some stubble growing underneath her chin, yet we’re still expected to deal with these types of creatures, smh. I think one of the worst aspects of this is the fact that we’re fully expected to compromise on beauty standards just to “keep it real”.

      I don’t want a masculine looking woman, I fully expect my woman to be feminine through and through. Let these pro blackity black simps deal with these masculine looking harriets, I’m taking myself elsewhere and I’m not ashamed to do so.

  2. Literally almost finished with the Church Beast Book. You’ve got to be shitting me that IS A WOMAN???? WOW!!!! Did you see the interview of Dr. Umar on Breakfast Club??? I didn’t.

    1. And according to Umar, ‘these be our QUEENS yo!” What utter idolatry.

      1. @Brendan Dubalos

        I keep on seeing that in my feed I keep on putting not interested on all my channels. Just wondering what he said might use the clip to make a video this weekend.

    2. Fyi Just watched the movie Tom Clancy Without Remorse 3/10 they had a female Navy Seal and you guessed it she was black. I read the Book just now after the movie and the actual character was named James Greer and it was a guy. They even are using social engineering naming her Karen after the backlash of racist white women called Karen. IE take something Negative and turn it POSITIVE. Thank god I am on the free trial for Prime no money was lost. Was a member on prime since 2010 used to work at amazon in college so got a student discount.

    3. Notice how Dr.Umar Only goes to places where the people always agree with his Deliberate Stupidity,Doctrines of Separatism,Black Victimology and are Terrified to Challenge or Blast him because of his Worthless Garbage.

      1. Same with all the Pro Wacks, they only go where they can pedal their nonsense. This country wants integration but it’s largely Blacks and Native Americans that are against it.

        We can disagree with how forefathers of America tried to include these groups of people in the larger lexicon of society but today they hold grudges longer than an elephant. They want largely nothing to do with the default culture.

        Most Black women aren’t classically attractive period. Many have manish features and deep voices.

        This past week one of these type of dark skin Black women called into KS’ show. How on earth does a woman that ugly demand HVM, has two kids herself, 33 and never been married?

        I know your not suppose to take a shot at Passport Brothers but I have to. They are going to Dominican Republic, avoiding Haiti for some reason, Belize for some reason and going to Colombia for one reason and one reason alone. They are looking for replacement scraggle daggles.

        They might not be as ratchet, nor as ugly but dark skin Latinas and Afro Latinas as if they will get spared the wrath that the Pro Wacks hit them with. They don’t care, they want you to marry a woman that looks like the woman on KS’ show, period end of discussion.

        They will not spare you because you married a Afro Latina.

        1. Send us the link to Kevin’s show. Some of them women look like NFL tuff field.

        2. Anthony,

          I don’t pay attention to these pro wackity wack Negroes, I done said in Negro Wars that nothing would ever be rectified within black society without first bringing the black female back into line.

          Negro Wars was written and released almost 6 years ago, as we can see I was right, there have been no improvements made within these so called “black communities”, NONE! They think they can fix the black community without first fixing the black female, not a chance.

      2. TRUTH! Dr Johnson is a fraud just like his wignat Duginist counterparts.

      3. Robert,

        Exactly, yet another reason why I can’t take him or the people who interview him seriously. Dr Umar Johnson is fraught with controversy for many valid reasons, yet nobody is brave enough to hit him with some hard questions. The closest I saw to a “grilling” of some sorts was Roland Martin interviewing him some years back.

    4. G1,

      The video came up in my recommended and a friend sent me the link on Whatsapp, however I haven’t watch his interview yet. To be honest I don’t really care to, as far as I’m concerned as I mentioned before the dude should not be taken seriously until he does 3 things:

      1. Cuffs one of these black queanies he so desperately wants us to get with.

      2. Finally produces the boys school he’s been “raising money” for, for the the longest.

      3. Begins to honestly address the many problems and serious shortcomings within black female society instead of continually giving these failed black harriets one pass after the next.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    If masculine looking black women are the beauty standard look for black women then they are already doomed because there is nothing appealing when you look at a masculine manly looking black women. This is the reason why I SYSBM black men like myself refuse to date black women and we rather date childfree feminine non black women because they display ladylike qualities that a black woman lacks. If I have children it’s going to by with a childfree Turkish woman, Turkish Cypriot woman, Greek woman, Greek Cypriot woman, White Woman with brown eyes and Indian woman and I will give my children normal english names because I want my future mixed kids to have the best start in life and a good life because if I give them a stupid black ghetto name then the world is going to judge them really badly and unfairly all because of a ghetto name. Man I hate ghetto names because I find them repulsive.

    1. Some of these hoes look like Soros, Schwab and all these dirty criminal elites fresh off the gulag.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Attractive black women these days are extremely rare, black women back in the day, many moons ago used to look a lot better even though as a group they were still angry and bitter meanies. As I’ve stated before, I walk the local streets and see attractive non black women in abundance, however with these black females all I see are weaved up, heavy makeup, fake eyelash, fake long nail wearing, overweight heifers.

      It’s a wrap for black women, these pro blacks can have them since they are so concerned about race purity.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t give a shit about this race purity bullshit because first and foremost I am a human being. The only people that care about this race purity crap is pro blacks, black women and racist white men.

  4. “Krushanda” SMDH. BW don’t care about their kids one bit, choosing bad fathers, giving their kids ridiculous ghetto names, and raising them in the ghetto. A lot of BW should probably be on estrogen pills or testosterone blockers or something. SYSBM and Keep the Wall up

    1. All these kids are is human welfare checks for manless BW. The last thing they want is for the kid to do better than she did and move away from Blackistan. If it’s a boy, she wants to keep him away from Becky. If it’s a girl, she wants her to take care of her in her old age. Both options depend on them staying on the plantation and ignorant. Hence the ghetto names and ghetto mentality to keep them in check. The BW and her soulmate White Zaddy are both invested in keeping intelligent, productive black people from rising. The BW in league with white liberal Zaddy & Karen would sooner push this degenerate tranny LGBTQ shit at kids than making sure they’re successful in life.

      Like you say, keep the wall up.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        Indeed, Lord Euro and his black female flunky are heavily invested in keeping black men down in the sewers, unfortunately most black men refuse to read and accept this writing on the wall, choosing instead to continue plodding forward believing they can be different from the rest and succeed in finding themselves “the one”.

        As I stated before, any black man who chooses to deal with Westernised black women in these modern times has to compromise on one or many things simply because high quality black women are extremely few and far between to the point of being non existent.

    2. It should be obvious to all that white supremacy and hotep tactics are nothing more than an extortion and protection racket by oligarchs, BW and white progressive Zaddy and the elites at this point.

    3. JamesSYSBM,

      The deterioration of the modern day black female over the past 50 years in all aspects of life but especially relating to relationships is really a sight to behold, yet even in the midst of heavy calamity and widespread disaster, these delusional women will still claim that they’re winning, smh.

  5. Upon reading the title of the article, my mouth literally fell open when I saw Krushanda’s mugshot; she resembles how I imagine Slim Sauce to look, from the struggle beard to the strong jawline and bruised looking face. If “I’m both the father and the mother” were a person, they would look like Krushanda Harrold; as a free thinking Black man, I cannot fathom how a heterosexual man (though I highly question that as it pertains to this situation) could look at this stone faced stragg and get hard enough to nut in her snatch! There’s a dusty simp out there who actually breeded with this masculine brawd; where are the standards?!?

    That high testosterone level is a curse for Black women in the sexual marketplace; couple that with the ghetto names and attitude, you have more than enough reason to save yourself. #SYSBM

    1. Slim Sauce, 12-gauge Mike and others would fit the description in that photo.


    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Don’t you know that according to the pro blacks, we’re still supposed to get with masculine looking broads like Krushanda because we’re supposed to value black love and especially “black purity”.

      What a joke, in order to bring out the best in a society in terms of good looks/attraction, these red, black and green court jesters don’t seem to understand that only the most feminine looking females should be procreated with, everything else must be rejected.

  6. OH HELL NO! I was like damn, what did that NIGGA do? And that goatee what the fuck. Went on her HS basketball page and there it was, raised by a single mammy. Funny thing is she was still kind of feminine 10 years ago. And these diesel dykes supposedly can’t use dick, but still be pushing out future Pookies, damn, pick a struggle.

    Yup a couple of folks on here me included talk about how these babymamas hobble their kids for life on purpose with ghetto-ass names like “Krushanda”. But, like, James SYSBM always says, it’s an identifier as to who to avoid.

    This is what awaits you on the plantation, masculine drunk driving babymama C.O.s and not feminine women. Another reason to SYSBM, gents. “bUt wHaT aRe ThEy sAviNg thEmSelveS frOm?” LOL.

    As James SYSBM always says, keep the wall up.

  7. GODDAMN!!! Are you serious?

    Like Tommy S, I thought she looked like a nigha I used to see throwing dice half a block away. Nigha always got double sixes, damn.

    I-Brow Cutz and Pza Doh ain’t got nothing on this chick with no dick.

    Add this specimen to the numerous feminine moist negroes and you can be sure heavy MK Ultra mind programming, water programming and food additives are the work of the dark cult currently being wiped out underground. Children raised by these zombie monsters have got no chance. Forget wife, the only relationship she needs is with an electric chair.

    1. Michel,

      Dr Umar says that regardless you’re supposed to wife that queen up even though he hasn’t done that yet himself, smh. Black female attraction ie the serious lack thereof is an extremely serious problem that very few of the pro blackity black community heads have the nuts to address in fear of upsetting the black witch’s coven.

      At this stage there is no denying that something is seriously wrong with most black women physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

  8. Low IQs are Africa’s curse, says lecturer.

    This is a document presentation from Satoshi Kanazawa. The scientific fundamentals of every negress not looking physically attractive at all. It don’t matter whether the negress is slim or fat. The reason why most blacks have the lowest IQ is simply because negresses have the lowest IQ compare to other races of women and unattractive levels of testosterone compare to other races of women. Unattractiveness is the curse on black ethnicity. This is why black men with a higher IQ can only date out. White women have been sniping smart black men for decades and centuries. It is a wrap. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens,%20Satoshi.%20%22Why%20Are%20Black%20Women%20Less%20Physically%20Attractive%20Than%20Other%20Women%3f%22%20Psychology%20Today,%20May%2015,%202011.pdf

    1. > White women have been sniping smart black men for decades and centuries. It is a wrap. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

      I’m one of the black men who was sniped by Becky. Best thing that happened to me and haven’t looked back!


    2. Wiwijf,

      On the one hand I always find it interesting how Lord Euro will constantly point to black folks having lower IQs yet he always seems to conveniently omit the fact that he has been the primary culprit who has set the wheels in motion for such conditions to foment and become prevalent.

      Yet on the other we can’t deny that the modern day black female is dumber than a box of rocks regardless of how this serious lack of intelligence came about(I personally believe not listening to her male counterparts has been a massive catalyst).

      As for Kanazawa, he was and still is correct, black women as a group simply aren’t that attractive because of their higher testosterone levels, testosterone levels mind you that do wonders for black men.

  9. Notice how Dr.Umar Only goes to places where the people always agree with his Deliberate Stupidity,Doctrines of Separatism,Black Victimology and are Terrified to Challenge or Blast him because of his Worthless Garbage.

    1. “Wif up dem queans, young nigha!”

      – Umar (Dr. Gerbilface) Johnson


    2. And were they get non-Blacks like Angela Yee to agree with their bullsh*t.

  10. Just WTH?! I’m supposed to find that attractive according to the black simps? Man no wonder their standards are low, or ain’t got no standards at all. There is just no attractiveness in the black women at all. The big booty don’t mean nothing since they be putting injection in it, and be faking the beauty. Black women got to be the most masculine women on this planet earth for sure. Krushanda?! With women, I like nice, normal names. That Shaniqua, Keisha, Whatever these black women been named by, no-no son.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      As commenter AmericanBlkMan keeps pointing out, these simps are worse than the black females they pine after and worship because had it not been for their constant pandering and bootlicking, black women wouldn’t have let themselves go so badly.

      You have an overweight black female with her fat rolls spilling over like a Frappuccino, yet these desperate simps will call her a queen and “thick”, smh. The standards in black society in terms of quality are square jawed in the toilet.

  11. That is a woman? She looks like a dude from my ends. What is she trying to do? Grow a goatee like mine? Right, I know that there are attractive black women around but when it comes to these simps, my goodness that’s what a black woman should look like. Just like that hairy chin black woman like him — I mean her. And she has she’s a mother as well? Who nut inside this woman? Listen, we have so many thirst men that will fuck anything and they will not care. All I see is black women wearing weave, being single mothers, being gold diggers, smoking weed yuk! Listen, there are so many shit thinking black men are seeing.

    And her name. You have Shankesha, Monkeinesha, Shitnesha, Dognisha, Moonesha, Sharkeisha, Shankineisha all these typical ghetto names black men are hearing and it’s an everyday thing now. And you wonder why black men in Britain dating non black women in a high rate. And black men say no to these scarggle daggle, these simps come after black men who has been sent by these ghetto ratchet hoodrats. A woman that has facial hair is very unattractive just like a woman that smokes weed. Christ, help us!

    1. She looks like an NFL linebacker.

      As for me, I’m holding tight to my snow bunny Becky 🙂


    2. Money Cultural,

      It isn’t hard to see one of the main reasons why so many black men are throwing in the towel with black women and instead choosing to take their chances elsewhere. Before Obsidian went south, in his glory days he was constantly harping on about this issue and rightly so.

      It’s not even like the woman has to be drop dead gorgeous either, she just has to look feminine and behave in the same manner, however unfortunately in black female society feminine women both in looks as well as behaviour are very, very hard to come by.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Obsidian’s first fundamental error was coming out and calling MGTOW losers, as a sizeable portion of his supporters were MGTOW. It’s rumoured that Kevin Samuels was the one who persuaded the O-Man to take that route, additionally Samuels himself has come out and stated that in the past he lost a large amount of money because of MGTOW.

          It’s also suspected that Samuels had been the one behind the scenes encouraging Obsidian to make all of these calamitous crash and burn decisions, yet at the same time Samuels was simultaneously taking up those same positions that Obsidian abandoned. Advises Obsidian to take the alternative route of saving the black witch, while Samuels himself embarks upon the BFF path with a more tidy approach, smh.

          This is one of many, many reasons why I won’t be jumping on the Kevin Samuels express, look at where Kevin Samuels is now, he’s practically doing what Obsidian had been doing for the last 4-5 years before he derailed. When has Samuels invited Obsidian onto his show, I’ll wait?

          Samuels is about the money and he hasn’t been shy in stating this, I just believe that black men should exercise caution when dealing with him because I suspect that at some point he too will flip the script for the right price.

          Obsidian should’ve stuck to calling out black female skullduggery and dysfunction, that was his forte, he should’ve never bothered with the negotiating table/horse trading/reconciliation garbage at all.

          1. Spot-on analysis. Obsidian lost me when he became infatuated with that daggle, I forget her name. Interviewed her, I think she even co-hosted a couple of livestreams. He also lost me with the “horse trading” BS, he should have stuck to his original mandate of calling out Black Female Fuckery and his original premise of “Why I Refuse To Be The Clean-Up Man”.

            Unlike you, I like Kevin. He basically gives these mentally ill black hoes enough rope to hang themselves in their own words. His overt mandate is trying to rescue these daggles and make them fit for marriage somehow, but the subliminal effect to my mind is a whole lot of guys are watching and seeing the juice ain’t worth the squeeze and quietly checking out or going SYSBM.

            I think Kevin’s sexually-suspect demeanor is what lulls these bitches into a false sense of security to reveal themselves. If he was just another complaining BM on YouTube, these women wouldn’t engage at all.

            Poor Tommy Sotomayor is now irrelevant. I unsubbed awhile ago. Always crying on Instagram that Kevin is ripping him off. He couldn’t stay on top forever. He should go out with some dignity.

    1. Glen S,

      Yep, I posted the same link above in the article, the high testosterone certainly explains the excessively aggressive and violent behaviour that too many black women exhibit and feel proud to engage in.

  12. The masculine energy is strong with that “woman”…


  13. What have I said before is going on in the hood? There’s a lot of INCEST!! This produces these slack jawed, slope headed knuckle dragging Neanderthals that do nothing but cause a ruckus. That’s also why a lot of these daggles are becoming uglier than ever, as it’s inbred half-cousins screwing inbred half-cousins at this point.

    When you have women with heavy testosterone and facial hair, that’s a sign of inbreeding. I remember I used to see this black woman around town with a straight up mustache. My uncle also once told my cousin that he shouldn’t even deal with black chicks in Cleveland OR Chattanooga cuz he’s probably screwing a cousin!

    Again, black folks stay in the same shitty areas for their entire lives, they never move away and just form these broods and clusters, they screw anything starting at age 10 and no one knows who their mom was actually impregnated by. This, you have a lot of half siblings and cousins screwing each other on the regular.

    Combine this with the already high rates of testosterone and manliness in black women and you get this creature. This is why black women are such ticking time dykes, because half the time they’re accidental dykes. #sodo-lites

    The Japanese professor was right, they are THE most unattractive race of women, bar none. Again, why do you think the ONLY African women generally deemed attractive and who are actual legitimate models are Ethiopian, who are mixed and have non-black features?

    This is why we need to eradicate them via breeding them out. The ugliest, dumbest, most violent women on the planet.

    1. Black women stay calling educated black men lame and wack and then wonder why we go SYSBM. Your comment helped me remember how I seen many women with beards and mustache’s and they claim it’s from smoking Newport cigarettes. No, it’s a lot of cousins banging family members they don’t know about.

      1. The melanated matriarchy will lead “The Communiteh” deeper and deeper into permanent underclass status.

        Brothers – choose a different stargate so you don’t get pulled into the vortex of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan and Cuckistan).


    2. Afrofuturism1,

      It’s funny you should talk about inbreeding and facial hair because I’ve seen the same manifestations occur in the Pakistani community as a result of them marrying too close and this isn’t even taking into account the many children who are being rolled up and down the streets in wheelchairs because of this degenerate “keeping it in the family” culture.

      There are good reasons why we’re not supposed to marry or procreate with people too close to our bloodlines, however in the poorer black communities where folks typically don’t travel and stay in their “hood” practically for all of their lives, such fallouts are to be expected.

      SYSBM is the only logical, viable and common sense way forward for the black man with his head screwed on straight, this has been the case for a long while, however unfortunately most black men are still choosing to fight against their own path to freedom.

  14. “I’ve already talked at length about the fact that there is a severe dearth of attractive black women in black female society when compared to women from other ethnicities. This is yet another factor that the black love/black unity pundits conveniently fail to take into consideration whenever they lambast black men who date out.”

    Very true Verbs! I agree 1000%.
    At this rate, the only place you’ll find good looking BW in the future will be in conservancies like Ol Pejeta where Lord Euro will provide a gym, good natural healthy foods, free medical, no TV, no fake hair accessories etc.

    It’s quite scary how quickly black womin have declined in LOOKS & mentality over the past 40 years. Something’s definitely going down. I have always said the target was the black man. Destroy his family unit, uproot him from a good wholesome home family life with the feminazi scraggle & maybe he can be conquered.

    But Lord Euro didn’t realize that non-simp intelligent, physically fit Black Men in the form of SYSBMers can more than hold their own against any race. I gotta say, principled BM with a game plan can do things other men can’t because they’re charasmatic, athletic, have soul…they just ARE comfortable in so many scenarios. I truly believe that.

    1. Black Picard,

      Even going back to the 80s, 90s and early 2000s, you could still run into a higher percentage of black women who looked reasonable than is the case today, though that percentage still wasn’t on the same level as with non black women.

      The downhill trundle with black women in terms of looks and their mental state is truly shocking and a sight to behold. Shahrazad Ali tried her best to warn these stubborn masculine mules back in the late 80s and early 90s and how did black women respond to Miss Ali?

      They cussed her out, rejected her message and as a result are now paying the price for their refusal to take heed and change for the better. Oh well, their problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs,

        I was there the first time around with Shaherazad Ali. She came to speak at my school in 1988 and those crack-era hoes were hating on her even back then because she advocated slapping a black bitch if she got out of pocket. Miss Ali had the Fruit of Islam security with her to fend off those heathens. I also still have her book from that time in mint condition lol. I’d be on the bus reading it. I’d look up and a BW would be watching me read it after having read the title, seething. Haha.

        Fast forward to today and these masculine hoes are at rock bottom and tunneling deeper. Miss Ali saw it coming. I have divested from the failed matriarchal state called the “Black community” let Skillet and Man Man deal with these manly bitches. I mean somebody impregnated Krushanda struggle beard and all, lol

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