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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday


Pay special attention to that last link above, for those non thinking knuckleheads who foolishly ran out and got injected with the Covid bioweapon believing that 2 shots is all that would be required, think again. Getting jabbed up for a supposed virus that has a 99% survival rate for the overwhelming majority of people around the world, utter stupidity and foolishness at its height.

I especially cannot believe how many black folks have been hoodwinked and suckered into allowing an untested, unknown substance to be injected into them, well as the saying goes, play stupid games with Bill Gates’ potions, fully expect to win extremely stupid prizes.

As I will continue to state over and over again, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top. How so many black folks who claim to be “christian” or “believers in Christ” yet have or will rush out to get injected with a DNA altering substance the scriptures would describe as blatant sorcery and witchcraft is an incredible and disappointing sight to behold.

By the way, following up on a link commenter Blue Collar Trevor posted I believe in the last Open Mic, here are some links to so called pastors as well as other clergy and religious clerics encouraging their parishioners to dabble in the witchcraft of the bioweapon ie to get jabbed up:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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72 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

  1. Aaah, some sanity in a world of CONvid insanity. Big props to the owners of this Florida private school.
    I LIKE this Centner lady! Such common sense is getting rare these days in the era of EXPERIMENTAL toxic “vaccines”.

    Florida private school says it will not employ teachers who get the COVID-19 vaccine
    …MIAMI – A private school founded by an anti-vaccination activist in South Florida has warned teachers and staff against taking the COVID-19 vaccine, saying it will not employ anyone who has received the shot.

    The Centner Academy in Miami sent a notice to parents on Monday informing them of a new policy for its two campuses for about 300 students from pre-kindergarten through eighth grade. Teachers or staff who have already taken the vaccine were told to continue reporting to school but to stay separated from students…

    …Co-founder Leila Centner told employees in a letter last week that she made the policy decision with a “very heavy heart,” the Miami Herald reported. Centner asked those who have not received a COVID-19 vaccine to wait until the end of the school year, and recommended holding off until research shows how the vaccine might affect the non-vaccinated…

    …The email reportedly spread misinformation about the potential risks of the vaccines without citing any scientific evidence.

    Dr. Aileen Marty, an infectious disease specialist with Florida International University’s Wertheim College of Medicine, said there is no evidence that unvaccinated people face any risks from the vaccinations of others.

    According to WSVN, Centner sent a text message to staffers that read, “Please remember, this shot is an experimental drug and you are part of the experiment which I am fine with. The problem that I have is I do not want to be part of the experiment.”


    Just wait for it. Some dumb ignorant libtard Karen is gonna make a stink & fcuk up this school owner’s operation.

    1. Truth man. A lot of these vaxtards are sheep and blind followers looking for acceptance and somebody to take care of them. Just like black hoes, which is why both groups had no problem oppressing black men.

      Dr Brendon O Connell was right, a lot of these sistas and racist liberals will only learn through bitter experience.

  2. As I will continue to state over and over again, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top. How so many black folks who claim to be “christian” or “believers in Christ” yet have or will rush out to get injected with a DNA altering substance the scriptures would describe as blatant sorcery and witchcraft

    I truly believe there’s a reason why the black race has eternally been on the losing end of many intergenerational battles. We must’ve done something REAL BAD centuries ago & are probably now being cursed for it in this modern era.

    Shitty corrupt leaders, obese black feminazi scraggles, dumb ignorant black simps who worship HipCrap & a black “Christian” clergy that is anything but Holy. Yep, Black Society is taking a pounding just like the white sheep of its Western masters in the UK, USA, Canada, Australia & NZ are taking a beating thanks to Lord Ziostein’s adept DUAL CITIZEN shape shifting abilities.

    As white society in the West heads for the dumpsters, its loyal demented nigga slaves will happily follow along. smdh “Massa, we sick?”

    1. Game. And you know the worst part? Lord Shlomo and Comissar Rubestein are basically robbing the West blind of technology, selling it to China and Russia and the dumbass black hoes and progressives refuse to hold them accountable. Just remember the time that rabbi called black folks monkeys.

      Where was BLM then? There should have been protests outside DNC headquaters, AIPAC and military bases until Nuttyahoo and the king of the alt right, Alexander Dugin were brought before the courts on a public trial.

      This is the reason why I can’t take most black folk seriously, all talk, no game.

  3. SYSBMers for the Asian win. Yes?
    Get yer passports ready, gentlemen! Go & get some intelligent accomplished Sheng-nu skirts over thar. 😉
    Avoid “Western” womin at all costs.

    Too Old At 27: The Extraordinary Pressures On Asian Women
    HONG KONG — Cheuk Wan-Chi is in a hurry. She has just finished a business meeting in Soho, the trendy district of Hong Kong, and has another in an hour. Looking impeccable with red lipstick and a white dress, she sits down and props a pair of gold-colored high-heeled shoes on the table.

    This 36-year-old DJ, writer, actress and filmmaker is the epitome of an accomplished businesswoman. In these past two years she has published five books, directed a movie and performed in her own comedy show. She is about to go on vacation in Taiwan with some girlfriends, and then travel to Peru alone.

    Yet this short brunette hides a secret. “I feel alone,” she confides in her beautiful deep voice. “After 30, I am considered a Sheng-nu (a remnant of a woman, in Mandarin), since I am not married.”

    Cheuk Wan-Chi is part of a generation of educated women who are very successful, but struggle to find a mate. The women often live in Chinese mega-cities, in Hong Kong, Japan, and South Korea. They are doctors, lawyers, stock brokers; and they are becoming more and more numerous.

    In China, the average age of marriage has risen from 19 in 1950 to 27 years old today. In 2007, the Chinese government officially introduced the term Sheng-nu in its lexicon to describe single women over the age of 27.

    The phenomena has become so common that it is the subject of a Chinese television series, “Will You Marry Me and My Family?” Singapore has a government agency, the Social Development Network, that helps educated single men and women find partners. Some Koreans even hold ceremonies — named bihonshik — where they wear long white dresses and celebrate bachelorhood.

    If these accomplished women find it hard to stay single, it is because they feel the burden of a patriarchal society that values youth above all else. “Age is very important in Asia,” says Mein Lin, a resident of Hong Kong who runs a dating agency. “Men want younger women, whom they believe are more docile and admiring. At 25, they want someone who is 22, at 35, they look for someone who is 28, and at 40, they prefer women who are 31. After 35, women no longer exist.”


    1. Let’s hope Fuher Umar doesn’t find out….he and the Bolshevik rednecks aka alt right will probably throw a fit. According to him a bunch of diseased, disrespectful, prideful and ignorant beasts that are the epitomete of fakeness are supposed to be called queens because of the race purity nonsense.

      Smart brothers will easily pick up that opportunity with ease, the simps and whit nats will have to learn the hard way.

      1. Gerbilface already been over to Asia for his “Black in Japan” conference. Purely to find out if his dashikis were small enough for Noriko

      2. Brendan Dubalos,

        I can’t believe the dude is still harping on about his disdain for interracial relationships and nobody of significance is calling him out to lead by example in first cuffing a black queanie.

        1. You see Verbs, the main players need the attention, drama and chaos these pro wacks and white nats bring. Some of the intelligence agents in the MSM have been trying to warn those trying to find the truth about the demonic connection to these white supremacists. Legit, their symbol is that of chaos and their leader is a follower of Crowley.

          Isn’t it ironic that hoteps and wignats love to talk about Christ, but have no idea what he was all about? Even the Romans could see it.

    2. Black Picard,

      Good shit. Asian women are the wave of the future. A sheng-nu from China beats these western hoes we are expected to deal with hands down and twice on Sunday, especially our genetic counterparts we’re supposed to be shackled to. I speak from experience, we’ll leave it at that. Even y’all’s precious white and mixed girls are racing to the bottom with the ghetto bitches they admire and emulate. You figure there are MILLIONS of these sheng-nus ready to be picked off, get that passport ready. Cheuk Wan-Chi is looking good at 42, not an ounce of fat. I’d scoop it up.

      1. Schadenfreude,

        I can’t argue with that, even though they aren’t my first choice, home grown East Asian women are currently the best choice of females on the planet bar none. Eurasian and rural Eastern European women I would say come in at a not so distant second.

      2. Asia is the future, and I foresee many trying to high tail it to Japan or Korea. I wouldn’t mind doing either if they weren’t so damn high, though Seoul isn’t bad. Hell no to China though.

    3. Yeah, but to any American, Canadian, or British brothers thinking about going to Hong Kong or mainland China I would think twice. I would not go due to the current political situation, arbitrary detention, and Chinese communist party stance on foreigners. It sucks because I wanted to go to Hong Kong or Shanghai one day but I’m not now, too risky imo.

      1. James SYSBM,

        Seeing the way that mainland China treats blacks, personally I wouldn’t go there even if I was paid to, I’d much prefer to check out other East Asian countries like Indonesia, Vietnam, Japan, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines etc.

        I wouldn’t have minded checking out Hong Kong pre all of the trouble kicking off there, however as you said, now it’s too risky to visit.

      2. I once wanted to go to Hong Kong but now want nothing to do with China. Taiwan would be the absolute closest and they HATE China.

        I truly believe this China virus thing was done to distract from China screwing over Hong Kong and the Uighurs.

  4. Just got through watching Amazon Series Hunters interesting series They briefly covered the OS S and the connection to Argentina. Its about Nazi hunters

  5. Verbs 2015.

    I am not taking that bloody vaccine because its going to kill me or its going to make me seriously ill. Unfortunately a lot of my family members on my biological mums side including my real mum have taken the vaccine believing that it would protect you from the covid 19 virus and also airlines are now trying to implement vaccine passports in their rules and if you dont take the vaccine jab then you cannot travel in which I think it is utter bullshit. The government and the airlines are using the vaccine passports to take away people’s rights and freedoms to live life on their terms. I really hope that the vaccine passport doesn’t become law because I won’t be able to do anything with my life. What pisses me off about the whole covid 19 virus and vaccine situation is that so many people in the UK are brainwashed into believing it.

    1. A lot of these fools are brainwashed. KGB and CIA programming. The influence of the so called skeptics which waste a lot of time blaming religion and communism [a la religious fundamentals and white nationalism] for the world’s problems while refusing to hold their oligarch heroes accountable is very strong too.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This isn’t even up for debate, this so called “vaccine” is a new form of technology which is killing people left, right and centre as per Bill Gates’ depopulation protocols . Those who are not losing their lives being injected with the bioweapon are being severely mangled in the process.

      For the moment it may have to be a case of taking airlines who do not implement a mandatory vaccine passport policy as long as you can. The UK government has been nothing but shady and has lied at every turn concerning this so called “pandemic”, thus they cannot be trusted on anything.

      Slowly more of the population are realising that these governments around the world are NOT acting in their best interests.

  6. In future, it will be separation between vaccinated people and non vaccinated people. It won’t surprise me if the government implements segregation laws for refusing to take poison jabs from clinics. Vaccine passports are coming. The general public are giving away their privacy and security to a government who don’t give fuck about their citizens.

    Very dangerous to mix religion with spirituality. Many haven’t read some of the apocrypha books. I have and I’m not religious anymore. I stayed away from religion for years. I can’t stay away from spirituality, no one can. There is a spiritual war and a mind control war going on at the same time. MK ultra. Many religious people and non religious people want to be used as experiments for witchcraft vaccinations without realising the slaughter house. Some people actually believe this covid vaccine is like any other vaccine. This is why its impossible to save those who don’t want to be saved. I can only save myself and possibly save a future quality stargate. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Truth. Have people forgotten Tusgee and what the Chinese and Nazis did? It seems a lot of these skeptics have short memories. Going on and on on ‘’ and Snopes about ‘muh far right reds’ but when these same oligarchs behind Richard Spencer and the Proud Boys jump in bed with their favorite heroes to push a narrative of a deadly ‘pandemic’ they suddenly become ‘good’. What a bunch of clowns.

      No wonder Rodger Stone was able to get away.

      As I said before, a lot of these MSM and MGTOW guys need to be left to burn in the Handmaid’s Tale. They had zero problem promoting dysfunction and profiting off it but when it’s time to deal with real issues…fast asleep.

      Notice that during this crisis it was white women who were sounding the alarm on the scams Gates, Dugin and Schwab were pulling, where were all these alt right revolutionaries and pro wacks?

      This is why this whole race purity thing is nonsense, just graft and scams cooked up to control the people. It allowed black women and racist liberals to get off scot free with their various crimes and devastation and enrichened generations of rabbis.

    2. Witwijf,

      “Those who would give up essential liberty to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.”

      ― Benjamin Franklin

      Years of brainwashing, programming and indoctrination has lead up to this point, as I’ve stated before I stopped watch television back in the early 2000s. When all the tv channels were upgraded to digital back in I believe 2012, I never bothered getting a digital set top box.

      I have to watch in amazement as so many people roll up their sleeves ready to take the jab because they desperately want to go on holiday, yet they don’t seem to realise that they could easily croak it before their trip or in the middle of their vacation.

      1. Good idea. MSM is simply nonsense and just as bad as anything in the controlled alt media. I have to use controlled terms to search, gets you what you need but can be problematic. This whole pro vax nonsense is simply herd mentality in action, Bi Bi and Xi love these idiots as they will fight the alt right all day and never hold the bankers responsible.

  7. Many of y’all talking bout SYSBM and passports, but soon if not now they won’t let you on a plane without proof of the jab esp. in Asia. And I don’t know about other govs, but processing new passports has almost ground to a halt in the USA. Of course they blame COVID, but it’s more like stemming the brain drain as high-value people flee collapsing America. I don’t even want to take the jab, I have a personal friend who did and literally dropped dead a week later. This guy had nothing wrong with him, healthy as a horse. The J&J vaccine was shown to cause blood clots and blood clots cause, you guessed it, heart attacks. Hence my buddy RIP. Fucked-up days indeed, gents, the NWO is creeping in, “you will own nothing and like it.”

    1. They pushing that vaccine passports not only to travel, but to do anything, and that’s finna cause an extreme uproar for sure. All this dangerous technology and agendas they pushing, not only this is gonna be the destruction of Humanity, but it’s gonna be the destruction of Earth. These folks done freakin lost it.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’m expecting loopholes and spanners to be thrown into the works of these vaccine passports at some point in the near future once more people realise the deep trap that they are. I’m sorry to hear about your friend, we’ve been reporting on covid vaccine deaths here since the bioweapon was first made available, however to have somebody you personally know drop dead after taking the jab I imagine must really drive home just how evil and malevolent these potions as well as the people behind them are.

      As I keep on saying, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top and those who have chosen to sell themselves out as well as others will be required to “pay up” at some point very soon, stay tuned.


    I smell a setup from a mile away. Not only that, but Pzifer is talking about an oral medicine for Covid? Okay, The flip flopping of everything about this whole damn covid, the vaccine passports, the cancel culture, the woke shit, these fools taking away 2nd amendment, “You’ll own nothing and be happy about it” agenda, The border crisis, the censoring, these corrupt people abusing every goddamn power they have, putting up ridiculous ass laws and guidelines, BLM, making everything a racist, putting a freakin on everybody 24/7 with the dangerous ass technology, people suffering severe effects and dying but still acting like a dumbass, telling everyone to still get the vaccine, all this shit is making my head hurt like a mug. This is getting way out of line, and the majority of people, yeah goodbye to them, because they done signed their death certificate. I don’t care if I can’t travel or do anything, I don’t care if they throw me in camp with the unvaccinated, punish me, I’m still not taking the damn vaccine, period. I don’t care if I have to argue with people, including my family, I’m not taking the damn vaccine. I don’t care if they send a bunch of people trying to find me, target me, I’m still not gonna take the damn vaccine, nor I’m not gonna comply with shit. I’m fighting to the death. All this crap that’s going on, shows me that a lot of people are not fit for power, nor control because 9 times out of 10, they’re gonna abuse it every chance they get. They letting these criminals get away with everything, acting like the heroes, can’t do no wrong. I’m sick of all this shit. My blood is boiling real high, because I’m sick and tired. These people talking about they want their freedom and lives back, bruh y’all done gave away your lives and freedoms to these sick people that’s running the show, and it’s sad because they forgotten one thing about vaccines. The last time I check about vaccines, don’t they take about ten years, or more than ten years to be develop and license?

    With the BLM, yeah the destruction of Black America is gonna get real ugly, and this is coming from an Black American man himself. This is completely why as a black American man myself, I separated myself from “Black America” because A) They too damn focus on race, B) They’re too stuck living in the past, reminiscing the past, which is why the majority ain’t getting no where as people, C) They mess up everything they touch, which they ruining it for other black folks who ain’t down with the nonsense, D) Praising these criminals and weird people, E) Throwing black men under the bus, I got more reasons, but I’m a stop right there. With Lebron James, made the dumbest move, and he going out bad. These Celebrities and famous people need to stay out of politics because it’s not your fight. If I became a celebrity, got famous, I’m just gonna to stick to what I’m doing, I ain’t got time to play The Great Debaters game. I ain’t saying nothing when them cops start fighting back because they stay too damn focus on race. They praising these criminals and weird people like hell, which is why I’m an outcast, but it’s all good. The music they be playing, I do feel for some brothas that don’t or stop listen to hip hop/rap, I mean like I said before, I do listen to Hip hop/rap and R&B, but it’s old school over here. I don’t care about getting called an old head or whatever, at least I’m listening to music to where it was more enjoyable than the shit that’s out here. Do I listen to music outside of what I listen to in general, Yes. I also listen to Salsa/Latin, House, Rock a little, all types of 80s music.

    To be honest with y’all, I just can’t no more. I not feeling sorry for the majority that’s riding along with the bull stuff that’s going on. Maybe the population reduction is in full effect because too many people can’t think for themselves, they living off emotions and the government, the majority done lost it man.

    1. @DK Phantom

      Yep too focused on race instead of freedom and independence.

      Yep Worship of degenerate culture

      Yep Fueled by emotions and not reasoning

      Yep have not manifested a high level of independent thought.

      This is always a recipe for disaster for any individual or group. It is asking to be used and manipulated like you would dirt, rocks, water, or some other energy for specific purpose.

      1. Truth. This is why I can’t take these hoteps and white nats seriously. Never any personal responsibility, it’s all about race and never grace.

    1. Lol. No surprise. As I said before this white nationalist movement is a joke given attention. Black females and racist liberals still use it to keep the plantation alive and as for the oligarchs….just look up Anthony Sutton. This idiot larper probably swallowed the propaganda the oligarchs put out. Pretty easy to fall when you have these progressives bigging up the Axis all day 24/7.

      What makes it worse is that Bormann and Likud would have these guys shot and dumped because they were not ‘German’ enough, as most whites come from Russia. Even black men from the former colonies had more rights than Slavs. Mengele? Jewish? The guy who Hitler had as a poster boy? Jewish.

      The reason why they didn’t go in the camps was because they could prove their German ancestry.

      Somebody once said that liberalism and white supremacy attract the same thing: White trash. Gullible morons who fight each other for moronic causes while the oligarchs and corrupt politicians fleece them both.

      Where is that effort towards AIPAC, the DNC and the intelligence community since they were the ones who created this whole white race movement, hell even getting the Russians exposed would be nice. But no, it’s watching black men’s dicks all day.

      This is what you get when you tell people they are entitled to have everything and don’t push work. If Slim Sause, 12 Gauge and General Artic have time to be slaughtering and killing each other, surely they could go after Nuttyahoo and Gates.

      Dr Brendon O Connell called the white supremacist movement a joke and proved multiple times on his videos that Comissar Rubestein, Confederate Calvin and Shaniqua don’t give a fuck about these ideological warriors. The amount of MSM articles describing these guys’ antics is unbelievable, showing again that this ‘red scare’ is just a means to get Jews to Israel and fill the fat cat’s pockets.

      Let the redneck Bolsheviks and pro wack Blackshirts wipe each other out and take Rothschild, Xi and the progressives for the ride. The latter are a complete nuisance especially the oligarchs and the idiot fanboys who follow them.


  9. Just some meta rambling:
    There’s some beauty in Hong Kong yes even all women but I’ve realized the White woman is a walking fuckbox all other women are just light skin black women they have chubby faces but the white woman in general is a doll submission is in her bio and her face actually has it’s natural non chubby shape in general, other women are just a better variant of black woman. Not to mention white women are most submissively adventures in bed. White race won’t be here 1000 years in the future I’m going to miss the white woman very much our true bunnies. Then of course Japanese women will take best box on planet award after her but still. Hopefully the Irish women stays and white latinas persian aren’t bad if comes down to it the albino woman will be a treat.

  10. Hey Verbs, I have a question. Since you and a few other individuals are going to be the inspiration for this project I’m undertaking, would I be able to email you? I’m looking to write a book. It entails the LIE of black feminism. I’m going to be doing quite a bit of research and documentation for evidential purposes. What is your email address?

  11. Happy Wednesday, SYSBM brethren! The internet has recently been shook by a known YouTuber’s public exposure as a child predator; a Black male by the name of Bryant Moreland, who went by the moniker ‘EDP445’ [EDP was an acronym for “eat dat p**sy”], has been the subject of some very serious allegations of child grooming and pedophilia. Apparently, this hasn’t been the first time he was accused of talking to minors, but it wasn’t until ywo Youtubers, who specialize in pedo hunting, recorded their encounter with EDP after setting up a sting operation for him.

    I haven’t followed this controversy too closely, but many content creators have reacted to it, such as Daym Drops, FlightReacts, Aba & Preach, and many more; some even say that EDP could avoid doing time in jail due to the incompetence of the two YouTubers who set up this whole sting operation to receive clout for exposing him. In a strange turn of events, the man responsible for exposing EDP was also exposed for being racist online by saying the N word; he basically killed 2 birds with 1 stone, EDP and himself. Both have since had their channels terminated.

    Last thing before I go, Daym Drops made an interesting observation about YouTube’s selectivity in terminating EDP, but not James Charles though he committed the same offence:

    Is it MY imagination or did EDP445’s videos all get removed by @YouTube doing the RIGHT THING but James Charles allegedly texting underage boys (same offense) gets swept under a rug for all of his videos are STILL UP? 🤔 I HOPE @YouTube is NOT being SELECTIVE??— officialdaymdrops (@DaymDrops) April 25, 2021

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I saw that business with EDP445, that’s messed up. I really don’t understand the minds of dudes who want to fiddle with children and youngsters, that makes my blood boil.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Indeed, this guy is a sicko; we as Black men already have one strike against us for being Black, and now this? EDP even had a video where he told people to leave R. Kelly alone! EDP embodied the negative stereotype of the Black male predator that Captain Snowy has projected onto us as a collective; even if the girl was of age, it’s not a good look either way because he sounded like a super thirsty simp in those messages. He needs a guy like Man Of Tomorrow in his life to teach him about productivity because he, weighing over 600 pounds, looks like someone who needs to channel his energy into more productive avenues.

      2. A lot of these guys are simply broken and lost. Whether incel or oligarch the result is the same,

  12. Lol. Just proves to you how dumb some people are. These white nats and pro wacks seriously think they’re living in some isekai fantasy world. Race purity is a big business and it will continue to be, because oligarchs and black women feed it to control the dialectic. Look up Vigilante Intelligence on Youtube, he shows how the modern white supremacy movement is basically open communism fed by God’s chosen and the CCP to create chaos in the West.

    CNN and the like know this but hide it from their followers because they profit off conflict.

    Traditionalist my ass, didn’t the Bible talk about the Pharisees replacing the spiritual kingdom of God with a racist earthly substitute? No wonder Jesus said onto them that they traveled far and wide and dragged their followers into hell.

    This is simple Bible study and research and none of them can’t take the time to do so? It just proves my point that MSM and MGTOW need to be left to flounder on their own, because all they do is profit off misery and sell game to catch dysfunctional people.

    What makes it worse is that Alexander Dugin, the man behind the alt right states that he utterly despises progressives and black females who are the creators of white supremacy. He has a right to use the chaos symbol for these wignats, because they and the pro blacks have all talk and no action!

    It only proves to show you that these race hustlers are either open KGB operatives or at best parrots of propaganda.

    I wonder why the word ‘Trotsky’, ‘Bankers’ or ‘technology’ never crosses the lips of these wignats and hoteps….

    1. @Dubloas

      I think you said it best as they are either open operatives or the best parrots of propaganda..

      I think many of these people are very enthusiastic parrots (Volunteers) who after becoming successful might actually get contacted to work for one of the better known spy firms.

    1. If it’s the video I’m thinking it is, dude needs a well located paper cut.

    1. James SYSBM,

      She’ll blame the fence but not her weight, we already know how black women stay. I remember when I visited a very close friend in Charlotte, when I was in a Golden Corral waiting for him to finish up a meeting he was having, nearly every black female who walked in was grossly overweight. I’ve seen what you’re talking about up close for myself, it’s true.

  13. Correct me if I am wrong, but I am of the school of thought that the only way this “CONvid” scam will end is NOT by blind, silent, & obedient compliance, but by enough people standing up and saying “F*ck this, I’m mad as hell and I am not going to take it anymore!!!”

    When has tyranny EVER been defeated by silent, obedient consent?

    1. Kameron Brown,

      You’re absolutely right, and it doesn’t take take a big number either, just a significant amount of people to where the boat can be rocked. Too many people haven’t realise yet that they are literally going to have to fight for their freedoms.

  14. What’s up people? After I was watching Midnight Caller on Forces TV, I said time to roll the dice.

    Make me wanna write a TV show. On the news, I heard that Boris Johnson said he rather see bodies stack then have another lockdown. And there some people pissed off by that. And the Labour leader Keir Starmer. My mum really don’t like him because he says that “Him too ‘nough!” meaning that he’s too much. And she said that “Him crooked!” Here this people. The reason why Boris said that is because I think is that he’s sick and tired of the British economy getting ripped apart every single time. And I know that Britain has been torn apart over the years. I have seen it with my two eyes. And the thing is going on in India is mad.

    And in other news that Bareback Fountain has a channel called Tracking The Manosphere. Yep, it’s that shit again. Let me tell you something. His stalking will never stop until his channel gets taken down. And the breakfast club, they were interviewing Foolmar Johnson about him against interracial relationships. I tell you, he’s doing this for these scarggle daggles just to get some pussy for these women but these ghetto scraggliers don’t a simp like Foolmar Johnson, Incel Shawn James, Bareback Fountain, D Derailed, Black at up you whatever it is and the duppy Jason Black. They want the worthless men like Rapid Fire Rasta, Weed Man Jake up at Neasden, 357 Jimmy, Car Jacker Make, Pimp L, Machete Man Briggy and Rum Head Frasier. These simps are wasting time.

    And let me tell you something. You see Foolmar Johnson, these scarggle daggles will make her, I mean make him come after your non black girlfriend. So you guys need to keep your white sugar honey safe at all times now. Because these simps are coming after these non black women as well because they have been sent by the scraggle daggles that are getting sperm shoot up them by Corner Boy Ronney, Colt Five Rounds, Rum Smuggler Don and Whiskey Baron Tony.


  15. Joe Biden is Jim Jones and blacks are being taken to Jonestown to drink the kool-aid. Don’t quote on me this.

    1. Elon Brings Receipts,

      Just waiting for Biden to step down and the witch Harris to step up and take his place where this evil agenda will only pick up pace even faster.

    2. Funny you’d mention him. I was watching a documentary recently on Jonestown and shook my head. All these black people were following a crazy, narcissistic drug addled white man who didn’t give a shit about them because he dangled a carrot of “racial harmony” in front of them. Black people legit care more about getting along with the white man than they do standing on their own too feet.

      A black man could’ve never done the same with black folks and had half the followers. Even Father Divine wasn’t nearly as prolific.

    3. DNC KKK extortion racket. Gullible simple minded morons being exploited by criminals and too blind to see it, cuz ‘muh acceptance’ maan!

  16. Gentlemen,

    I’m sure many of you are seeing the gradual transition from this Convid scam to the equally devilish racket of climate change. Recently an environmentalist(who is a member of the group Extinction Rebellion) appeared on a morning television show here in the UK called Good Morning Britain in which he was telling people that they should get rid of their pets in order to “save that planet” because pets give off significant amounts of CO2:

    I personally don’t own any pets, however there are many, many studies out there that demonstrate how owning animals can do wonders for your mental health. When I saw this garbage it reminded me of the 2002 film Equilibrium with Christian Bale where in that society you weren’t allowed to own any pets, nor were you allowed to own televisions, entertainment systems, music players etc:

    In the society depicted in the same film you also weren’t allowed to feel any emotions which is why you had to take sense supressing “medications” every morning. I really have to wonder how people are watching these types of films and still failing to draw parallels to the world they’re now living in.

    By the way, if these environmentalists are so concerned with CO2 levels(which is a necessary gas despite the propaganda that’s being blasted at us by the lamestream media), since trees and other plants absorb CO2 and put out oxygen in return, why don’t they simply plant more trees?

    You’ll notice that with this climate change agenda, the solutions ultimately require you to “own nothing and be happy” as somebody pointed out here before, you must become a vagabond in order to save the planet, however never the rich elite who through their various gas guzzling activities put out more CO2 than anybody else.

    Just like the Convid scam, don’t get suckered in and hoodwinked by the climate change racket either. Always remember that the climate change scam was dreamt up by the Club Of Rome think tank back in the 1970s in order to make middle class and poorer folks the “enemy” of the planet.

    1. In some type of way, you gotta question this whole climate change mess, and the people behind it. What are we trying to “save the planet” from anyway? The whole climate change, and the people behind it don’t make any type of sense. There’s just something about some of these rich people because they let money get to their head. If I had lots of money, that’s not gonna change who I am. That “own nothing and be happy” agenda, yeah I ain’t buying that, not one bit. WTH they gone take from us? If they gonna take everything from us, leave us naked with nothing, while they living good, living the luxury life, yeah it’s gonna be a huge problem. I’m not buying any of the shit they’re trying to push because they can play that hero light all they freakin want to, but that hero light will die off of them in the long run. Just like with these current events that’s going on, they can keep on lying, spreading fear (they done a good job brainwashing the majority) acting like the freakin hero, thinking they’re the good guys, the victims, but sooner or later, that card is gonna expire. Can’t fool everybody. I’m not that smart, but I’m no dumbass. I’m no easy target or win.

    2. Whatever was in that Evergreen container ship had the potential to mess up the climate for at least 30 years.
      Why do you think Bill Gates owns all of that farmland in the US and Greece?

    3. A lot of these MSM followers are broken idiots who will jump to anyone who validates them or makes them feel good. The oligarchs provide this and as such are tolerated. As for the elite, they ‘love’ the planet because they need to keep it to themselves. Alt right and hoteps are merely far right and ultra nationalist sides of the plan.

  17. CONVID is the ultimate hoax, besides climate change of course. My mother recently told me that she was “praying” about whether to get the vaccine or not. I looked her dead in her eye and told her to make sure her will is updated in advance.

    This is reason number 5635634555 why not to take 99.9999% of Christians, namely black Christians seriously. You wouldn’t pray about whether or not go jump into a fire, so that fact that this is still a fence sitting moment with you speaks volumes.

    These idiots DO NOT have spiritual discernment or God’s eyes and ears. Never let them convince you otherwise. The average ATHEIST has a closer and more defined standing God than your typical Christian, as the atheist at least knows where he stands.

    The average Christian needs to be the first to die, bar none. I don’t feel sorry for one soul who does or gets mangled by this vaccine, they honestly VALIDATE Bill gates. There legit does NEED to be a culling, and more and more I’m seeing WHY those Georgia guide stones say what they do.

    1. I honestly loath the oligarchs but understand their point of view. When you have a bunch of idiots looking for love and acceptance running around being a nuisance it is easy to play them like fools. And the average person sadly is very over confident in his or her intelligence.

      Cases like the Pride March and the Hoteps show this to be true.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      I told my mother the same thing, if you want to die then go ahead and take it, I also showed her a few articles and that was sufficient to put her off taking the bioweapon, we’ll see if things stay that way.

      Again, where are all of these far red, pro liberty, pro gun and freedom dudes with all of this tyranny unfolding, as per usual nowhere to be found. Looking forward to the new YouTube Channel, consider backing up your videos on BrandYouTube in preparation for YouTube and their gestapo politics.

  18. I don’t give a flying shit if it makes me an “incel” violent or whatever else, when you see sheep riding a bike with masks or bragging about getting vaccines, you see individuals who legit need to die. 6 out of 10 people you’ll meet honestly NEED to die. Most of these people are literally too stupid and brainless to live, so it’s actually a question of whether they’re really alive or not.

  19. I’m about to share this weeks articles to click on, but I’m also about to start several ventures that will officially make a gig worker. I’m likely DONE with that 9 to 5 crap and will be in a better position to have financial and vocational independence perpetually, allowing me to work from anywhere. Part of this will be a consistent pushing of my own blog.

    I’ll share any resources I get and hope you guys can support my endeavors. Money Cultural in particular, there are two things I’m looking into to make writers some money.

    Hopefully a new YouTube channel will come soon too.

    1. That’s the way to go now, especially as work from home is now a viable thing. 9-5 bitch slave jobs to keep up with the mortgage are on their way out.

  20. In infant daughter’s 2013 trauma-related death, convicted mother’s state appeals run out

    “Ashley Heard is serving a life sentence in the death of Aaliyah Heard, who died from blunt-force trauma to the head but also had cigarette burns on her body, including one the size of a golf ball on her upper thigh. Heard’s boyfriend, 33-year-old Larry Leflore, was accused of inflicting the fatal injuries on Aaliyah, believed to be his daughter. He was accused of hitting the infant and throwing her after she refused to eat grits.”

    “During the trial, prosecutor Kathleen Barrios argued described the woman as criminally negligent for failing to shield her daughter from Leflore’s abuse.”

    “How could she not know?” Barrios asked in her closing argument to the jury “Who let him into that home? Who aided and abetted him? Who served her up to that man? Animals protect their young better than Ashley Heard did.””

    This BW tried to shake blame and got shot down by the DA. BW NEVER take responsibility for their horrible choices in dating, reproduction, and child rearing. No one is fooled, BW are the problem, save yourselves and you future children.

    “Animals protect their young better than Ashley Heard did.”

    We know, we know. SYSBM and keep the Wall up.

    1. That and the one in which Lord Snowy and Shaniqua tortured the kids are literally some Union Corse/oligarch type crap. Stuff you only vaguely hear about in Jamaican MSM. And according to the dumbass Fuher Umar, ‘these be our QUEENS Yo!”

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