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Another Example Illustrating Why They Can’t Be Trusted – The Case For SYSBM!


Thanks to GW3 Extreme for sending me this video. As per usual, did you notice that NO TEARS were coming from the woman’s eyes even though she “seemed” to be distressed. Black women are the biggest pretenders on the planet, since most of them are cold blooded and have no feelings, it’s not surprising to see a black witch fake crocodile tearing it up.

Remember, these are the same black females who have no problems killing their unborn children as well as children outside of the womb without shedding any tears or being remorseful, therefore the scene above shouldn’t surprise any of us.

So, the woman was caught behind a dumpster giving head to 2 dudes, really? What have I stated before in previous articles about most black women NOT having a commitment switch built within them? Dr David Carroll was right when he stated that black women should NOT be considered for long term relationships due to the fact that most have been raised in single mother households and thus haven’t seen the basic blueprint of a committed relationship illustrated in front of them as an example to follow. By the way, this rule also applies to mixed and non black women who display black female traits and tendencies.

If these women aren’t diving into dumpsters to forage and fight for weaves, they’re giving head behind them and then pretending to be sorry and remorseful when caught, smh. We already know the true nature of the modern day black female, since when have black women as a group ever been sorry for any wrongdoings they been caught engaging in, I’ll wait?

So, she was supposed to be at home waiting for the cable guy yet here she is behind a dumpster sucking dudes off, the case for SYSBM really isn’t that difficult to demonstrate even though various anti SYSBM pundits will swear blind that they simply haven’t the foggiest why we free thinking brothers openly advise those black men who are willing to listen NOT to deal with this modern day black female.

What makes me cringe as I’ve mentioned many times before is these are the types of black females walking around calling themselves queens and expecting everybody else to somehow respect and honour the self appointed title while at the same time engaging in some of the most reprobate, degenerate and dishonourable practices known to mankind.

On top of this you have the pro black female/black women first advocates such as Gerbil Face aka the no school manifesting, frying pan African pundit Dr Umar Johnson and Dr Claw aka Jason Black who still expect you to form a union with these fefails even in their fallen, deep in the gutter state. No thank you, I’m good, I’ll pass.

Another one for the archive gents, in general at least non black women who engage in stuff like this don’t at the same time foolishly attempt to compare themselves to royalty, they accept their dirty lot and keep it moving. Not this modern day black female though, as far as she’s concerned you as a black man must overlook her many shortcomings(ones that she refuses to rectify by the way) and accept her as she is.

What say ye gentlemen? I say women like this are only fit for the sewers as the streets are too good of a place to give them. The bottom line is black female culture is garbage, hence why the products of it are of such low quality. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Any Black Man Still Choosing To Deal With Black Women At This Point Does So At His Own Risk

Most High Bless

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59 thoughts on “Another Example Illustrating Why They Can’t Be Trusted – The Case For SYSBM!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t trust black women at all because they are not girlfriend or wife material because they are always participating in dumb shit. The funny thing is that you have pro blacks like Umar Johnson trying to preach to us and guilt trip us SYSBM black men into dating black women just because he feels that if SYSBM black men like us have kids with non black women then we are killing off the black race even though black women have aborted millions of black babies since 1973 and they have also killed their own children outside of the womb but Umar Johnson feels that we owe black women something even though they are the ugliest and most masculine women on the planet smh. At least when us SYSBM black men have kids with non black women we are creating a new race of mixed race kids and we are not killing them off because we have love and care for our future mixed race kids plus they always carry the black DNA in them.

    1. LOL. He’s [Umar] lucky that he can get away with it in the US. If he came to Jamaica or Canada with his nonsense he would have been either compromised or executed by CTOC or CSIS [local branches of British MI6 foreign intelligence] a long time ago. It’s the same reason why Trudeau let that mild fool Jordan Peterson go. He knows these white boys are desperate for pussy and that they will not question him on the psychologist formerly working on Agenda 21.

      Nor will they figure out that their ‘alt media’ heroes are actually KGB agents working to destabilize and destroy a la Protocols of Elders of Zion.

      It’s all pretty easy to figure out with carefully timed Google searches and a functioning brain. But the sistas and their simps don’t want to hear the truth.

      What happened to Brendon O Connell and Damon {incessant goi and mgtow exposed} should be a warning to all. They had the looks black women wanted from their relationship with Colonel Ice, and they had it all until they started calling out the ghetto queens on their love affair with Chabad Chev and False Flag Fezovtich fresh off the gulag.

      O Connell into particular started to sound the warning on how the Pharisees had started to openly rob the black woman and her lord and savior through espionage and tech transfer, selling the pilfered tech to Chan and the Windsors. Who as we all know, still despise these black hoes despite them sending the Asians’ kids to school.

      It got him locked up and beaten up by the local thug cops when he started and where were the sistas? Nowhere to be found. Where was BLM protesting outside Chabad and AIPAC headquarters when that rabbi called blacks monkeys?

      These types are simply a damn joke man. All talk and no action. Hence why I cut them and the oligarchs’ far right Communist loudspeakers out. No drama, chaos or jackass ideologies fighting for attention.


    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As I always say, Dr Umar Johnson needs to do at least 3 things before I will ever take his backside seriously:

      1. Marry one of the same black females he keeps on advising black men to date, cuff and procreate with.

      2. Produce the boys school he claims he’s been “raising money” for, for over 10 years.

      3. Deal with the many problems rife within modern day black female society instead of trying to get high quality black men to take on board defective beyond repair products.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Umar Johnson needs to practice what preaches long before he can dictate to us SYSBM black men what type of women that we should be dating.

      2. That will never happen, because firstly the race purity business, on both sides of the aisle is a money making scheme and divestment effort designed to waste people’s time chasing dead ends. Black females and racist liberals were still playing the white supremacist card as late as the 50s, and smearing Republicans and civil rights leaders as Communists out to destroy their Aryan utopia. MLK was dumb enough to associate with the Reds and the sistas had one heck of a time using that against black men.

        Why do you think the simps will never call out their queens on tech transfer and the supposed ‘multi-polar world order’ being written by Schwab and Boris and being pushed by the likes of Alexander Dugin who is the king of this white ethnonationalist movement? It wouldn’t do and would lead to uncomfortable questions.

        Who do you think is behind the Proud Boys and Richard Spencer? Anybody with a brain can see a movement lead by an informer is probably suspect. And this alt right thing is a big joke, as black females and progressives don’t need to mention the white race anymore. They have migrants and LBGTQP to manage.

  2. Lol. Some things never change. These black females believe they are so smart and above the law, well guess what idiot hoes you and your far left master will never get your chance to climb Swirl Mountain. And according to Incel James and Umar Strasser, sorry Johnson, these weaved up harridans are queens that can do no wrong.

    No wonder the black community is in such a mess and Bi Bi is able to get away with so much. Shaniqua’s too busy chasing Redneck Rick to deal with a deadly and destructive intruder.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      As I’ve been saying for a while now and also mentioned in my book Negro Wars, the bottom hasn’t dropped out yet for these modern day black females(personally, I don’t think the bottom ever will), expect the right hand henchwomen of the devil himself to dig deeper into realms of degeneracy and reprobation.

      1. This proves my point that a lot of these feminists and MGTOW need to left to rot along with the alt right and SJW problem they created. The former had no problem convincing other braindead women to basically waste their lives chasing pea brain muscleheads and remorseless criminals simply because they looked ‘cool’ and ‘mysterious’. Which turned out to be stupid as False Flag Fedowitz and Chabad Chev brought the same dysfunctional behavior that made them infamous to their new country.

        The author of ‘Red Mafiya’ called them out on it, to nobody’s surprise him and General Lebed who was real unlike banker boy Putrid, got whacked and the sistas and their lord and savior continued to throw money at the problem to shut them up.

        Fast Forward to today we have a totally divided sexual atmosphere, we have ‘strong and independent’ misandrists hanging around and collaboraiting some of the most patriarchal and tradtionally minded folks out there to destroy their opponents. I don’t even need to talk about alt right and incels because honestly, their whole ideology is just entitlement given a philosophy.

        Nothing more than a white commie version of pro wacks and simps.

        MGTOWs are basically sex chasers from what I’ve seen. No responsibility at all and only out to get in women’s pants. As Damian pointed out in his videos on MGTOW Exposed, a lot of these guys are simply hypersexual and that’s it. Good for a laugh when you’re bored and nothing more.

  3. I don’t know if this guy will learn his lesson to stop dating a trash can and only date non black quality women at higher levels. I don’t think he will learn from this if he continues to be liberal minded like most black males worldwide. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      Most black men are doomed to repeat the same destructive cycle of getting rid of one piece of trash black female only to pick up another. Others will repeat same pattern believing that they can succeed where others have failed in finding themselves “the one”.

      Ours is NOT to worry about them, they’ve chosen their lot and will have to deal with the subsequent consequences. A minuscule few may eventually learn, however the overwhelming majority won’t. Oh well, their problem, not mine.

  4. Did I hear this beast in the video say ‘give me kiss’ ? Who kisses these beasts ? You may as well drink a cup of sewer water. The thought of kissing this beast, triggers my gag reflex.

    1. These simps are so thirsty they’ll jump in anything. It’s the same reason why vaxtards will collaborate with the oligarchs they claim to hate, to destroy anyone who doesn’t think like the mindless herd. Boris and Bill Gates must be laughing all the way to the City of London when they see these clowns.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      She’s been caught sucking off other dudes and at the same time has the audacity to ask for a kiss, this is the mental illness of the modern day black female on display right here. These women are beyond disgusting, vile, putrid and is one of the main reasons why I continue to state that they cannot be defended on any level.

      1. “this is the mental illness of the modern day black female on display right here.”

        I was telling a friend about this a few days ago. A lot of BW are crazy and/or emotionally unbalanced, probably a combination of being raised by single moms, not being seen as desirable by society, and high testosterone.

        1. But according to Fuher Umar these beasts be our queens though. It’s basically the same as these idiot white nationalist commies talking about purity yet going to South East Asia for sex tourism. Which is pretty much spook central for the Windsors, the CCP and their Soviet frontmen. These hoteps are clearly delusional and need to be dealt with like these incel Bolshies who the media loves to hype up.

  5. Did the two dudes that she gave hear to check her for STD’s in her mouth???? Just asking.

    1. Sadly nope, you know how desperate a lot of them are for the punay. Have you noticed that despite the white supremacists waving the hammer and sickle [Team Bolshevik] and the hoteps claiming that the black woman is god seemingly opposing each other, they will have no problem collaborating to dick police black men who leave Massa Shlomo’s rotting socialist plantation?

      No wonder Trudeau, Boris, Bill Gates and Xi can openly promote the ‘Great Reset’ back to feudalism which these hoes seem to love, because they know that those who are supposed to be in charge are too busy trying and failing to climb ‘Swirl Mountain’ to deal with real issues. Ah well.

      Not my problem. They have the resources and equipment, let them clean up the mess instead of watching what we do with our penises.

  6. I’m full blown SYSBM. Had to learn the hard way that I was blessed all along by being lame and wack in black women’s eyes. Always wondered why they would turn me down at every turn and now I know why, it’s because I’m free.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      They most probably didn’t, you already know these 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse type Negroes, just as gutter as the degenerate black women who raised them. You have to laugh really, black women attempt to make intelligent black men believe that something is wrong with them and this is the reason why these same black females keep on turning them down.

      However we now know the truth, these black sirens are mentally unstable tyrants who feel extremely uncomfortable dealing with level headed black men and much prefer to open their legs to black males who they can share their chaotic and messed up lifestyles with.

      1. GAME! This proves again the dangers of hanging around mentally unstable lunatics. Black women and banker boy oligarchs are to be seen as nuts in positions of power, that’s it.

  7. This nasty daggle is horrible at fake crying; only Angela Bassett can convince me with her fake crying. She sounds like a whiny, out of control child that screams and makes noise to try and get out of a whooping or a bad situation of some sort; she wasn’t crying when she was blowing two other dudes’ whistles, and then she had the temerity to say “gimme a kiss” after all of that? The disrespect is unreal! If the dude who was cheated on doesn’t save himself, he can’t be helped! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      There hasn’t been a single person to date who has stepped up, attempted to defend these black females and has been successful in doing so, NONE. When we think about the many hoards of simps and black female advocates who’ve stepped forward and attempted to build a robust and solid defence case in the black witch’s favour, which one of them is still standing strong today having successfully rebutted legitimate criticisms concerning black women in 2021, I’ll wait?

    2. Good point. I’ve come to belive that a lot of these simps, hoteps and white nat reds are in it for one thing: the money. They know they can sell their followers nonsense and get away with it because the idiot media will just sensationalize the issue and hide the real facts in the back of the paper.

      This incident proves how delusional these broads are: giving a double fellato behind a dumpster? How obsessed with sex are they?

      And then demanding, not asking, demanding a kiss after YOU cheated on him.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        You’re absolutely right about how these simps, hoteps, and White nationalist rednecks are in this for the money; their hustles are far too easy because there is no starting or end point to their narratives. This is how they can rise to power off of stagnation and grift off of the collective ignorance of their audiences.

  8. Like I said before, I done lost all type of interest in BAW. If I get cheated on, the relationship is over, period. Do these black women think for one second, I’m gonna stick around after they done did me dirty? Hell to the damn nah! “Gimme a kiss,” The disrespect in black women man, makes me wonder why I never had a black girlfriend, and all my interests was in Latina and Asian women. All my crushes were non black, and mixed growing up, on some real son. I never had a black girlfriend because A) I’m not thug enough, B) I don’t fit the requirements for the black woman, and C) I’m a square. Even though I listen to Hip Hop/Rap and R&B (mainly old school because back then, Rap and R&B music from the 80s, 90s, and early 2000s actually meant something, I don’t know what the hell these folks listen to nowadays because that ain’t Hip Hop/Rap nor R&B neither), I wear urban clothes (Folks always tell me I have that 90s, early 2000s fashion because they knew how to dress themselves, I don’t dress like a fag, I don’t sag because I wear a belt all the time), I still get looks like I’m a foreigner from the damn black community. It’s all good though, because I’m trying to live longer. Plus, I got to pat myself on the back for finding the SYSBM and Traveling Bros spaces around my high school time because where would I’ve been if I didn’t found this space man. I gotta salute you SYSBM and Traveling Bros because y’all done open my eyes to a lot of shit about the black community, and how it is man. SYSBM For Life.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      I’m glad you younger black men are coming into the knowledge of saving one’s self from the pit of hell called the black community very early, black women especially only appreciate the gutter and the trash of black male society. Be thankful that they don’t find you interesting nor appealing, you’ve dodged a serious bullet, that is truly something to celebrate.

    2. I Agree in America. on the Eastcoast of the U.S. like Brooklyn NY especially in the Housing Projects. is where a lot of the Mentally ill & Unstable 80’s Ignorant lowlife, lieing and Muliputive, Scraggle daggle Ghetto rat, Crack head, K2 Smokin, Crazy antic, Evil Poltergeist Siren witches and her Lawless Demonic Seeds with no father figure, resides. That’s one the Biggest Problems in the Projects … that’s why SYSBM Must Avoid those Evil Siren Entities at all Cost…

  9. humn! Big shouts out to GW3 for the great drop. bros protect your neck #sysbm
    Verbs about to read the Church Beast, great job on Negro Wars .👍🏾🏆💎✅🔥🔥

    1. G1,

      Appreciate the kind words and the support brother, glad to have been of service with Negro Wars, I’m sure you’ll enjoy the church beast book also. #SYSBMFORLIFE

  10. These scraggle daggles are just nothing but whorish and slutty. And these scarggs are nothing but money grabbing, money hungry hoodrats. Right, here this now. In 2003 I was in a relationship with a Jamaican woman, fatty! And she asks me for fifteen pounds to go to Manchester. For some reason, I think she’s lying. When I saw the video and the hoodrat was giving two men head, I’m really not surprised. But the man can move on and find someone better then that weave head. If that scraggle daggle was in Jamaica and she cheated on her man, the Jamaican man will kill her with the quickness. Do you know how many Jamaican men are killing off their girlfriends/wives for giving these men bun? (Jamaican term for cheat). Right, we all know that 55 per cent of black men are with non black women. Why? Because of the dysfunctional behaviour with black men so it for black men it was like frigg this. So they just date out. Simple as that and they have a family with non black women.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I hear that a high amount of black men in Jamaica are raising children that aren’t theirs biologically and don’t even know it. I remember some years back coming across a short video with a black woman(would you believe it) who talked about the figure at the time being around 30%, I know that number has to have gone up significantly since then.

      As I stated in my book Negro Wars, black female dysfunction is an international problem, it isn’t only an issue in western countries. I’m glad to see that black men in the UK are dating out at such a high rate, we saw the writing on the wall very early on and took action accordingly.

      1. “I hear that a high amount of black men in Jamaica are raising children that aren’t theirs biologically and don’t even know it.”

        Its probably the same in the ghetto over here in the US. BM claiming and/or raising kids that they don’t know aren’t theirs. Tommy Sotomayor always used to point out that there is probably a lot of incest too because so many Blacks in the ghetto don’t know who their real dads are and sleep with each other.

        1. When will we see Incel James, Rosenberg Fruitain and Fuher Umar ever have a serious discussion about these issues or confront their queens on the fact the people they’re trying so hard to impress are robbing them blind through technology transfer and espionage of all kinds? Probably never, if Damian {incessant goi/two} and Brendan O Connell who had the looks black women want from their children couldn’t convince the sistas to stop supporting these racist bums when they beg for handouts or have to avoid angry law enforcement officers when the hammer comes down, then who will?

          Isn’t it funny that although they started a world war and basically ran point man for Lord Oldberg and Comissar Shlomo during the cold war, just to get the vice presidential and princess spot they always wanted these hoes still have to lie and decieve to get people to like them?

          When I see a comprehensive plan to deal with brain drain and make industry and innovation great again and no good bums like Gates and Rothschild in a jail cell along with their Soviet muppet boys, then we can have a discussion.

          1. My Lord. But according to Fuher Umar, ‘these be our QUEENS Yo!”

      2. It’s true. The censored media doesn’t talk about it, but Jamaica has a infidelity problem that is a crisis. Due to the Jewish slavery brainwashing and later subjection of the majority population by a mainly Judeo-Anglo and African colonial elite, it has become the belief among the local poor that going around sleeping with many women is a form of manliness. This helped contribute to the crime problem as many illegitimate children turn to ‘badness’.

        In one ghetto there was even a gang named ‘Fatherless’. Meanwhile the colonial elite, despite their social and even economic status, attend the best schools and gain the skills necessary to survive.

      3. Greetings everyone, how are you all doing. Verbs, for tomorrow’s Open Mic Wednesday, can I share a video which reveals the brainwashing of people who are convinced to take the BS-19 Vaccine.

    2. TRUTH. I was always wondering when Umar Johnson would confront the real rape culture and cheater and abuser mentality in Jamdown. Recently a MP was caught beating the shit out of his woman on a phone and it is well known that the island is the center of the drug and weapons trade.

  11. Yeah, the men in Jamaica are raising children which is not even theirs. And there are a huge amount of Jamaican men who are with single mothers as well. However, when they head to the United States of America or Britain, they see the options of women and then they forget about the Jamaican scragglies who are single mothers, whores, gold diggers and so on.

    1. Truth. A lot of people come to Jamaica and only see the sun shine.

    2. Money Cultural,

      I come from a Caribbean family on my father’s side. You will only get decent Caribbean women when they’re fresh out of high school or going into college with less baggage. After 25, they’re damaged goods. My sister’s Jamaican single mother friend was trying to holla at me when I was in Canada. The gal use to date a drug dealer and had his kids. He a failed rapper and now working at a meat factory on child support. I run for the hills when I encounter those situations. Now she wants beta bux. I’m definitely not beta, but more like sigma. I avoid these dysfunctional government assistance BW every chance I get. Only thing you’ll get is a combination of sex and violence with them. And I say that because after the sex, she wants to kill you if you don’t commit and submit to her.

  12. Just imagine how many nasty STDs the average scraggle daggle has. And that’s BEFORE you knew for a fact that this one was sucking more strange men than a Kirby vacuum.

    So much as kissing a black woman is an exercise in needing a hazmat suit. This chicks are walking canals of bacteria and disease, hell, THEY are the pandemic!

    I didn’t know about Jamaica being rife with infidelity and dudes raising someone else’s kids, but it makes sense. I can’t say I blame these Jamaican men for going Hazashi Hanzo on these chicks, but I can blame them for continuing to scree them. And the chicks look BAD!! Again, Jamaica is supposed to be some tropical paradise (which is a lie and a half) but the native chicks look like monsters.

    I can’t believe black men would have a relationship, or something resembling it, with the creature above. And then to ask for a kiss! Her cum and piss stained, crack smoking smooches are a perfect representative of black “love.” Again, can you even imagine black women in a romantic light?

    1. I can’t believe black men would have a relationship, or something resembling it, with the creature above. And then to ask for a kiss! Her cum and piss stained, crack smoking smooches are a perfect representative of black “love.” Again, can you even imagine black women in a romantic light?

      My response: Hell Nah! It’ll be on some adult entertainment type of stuff, with all that booty shaking they be doing everywhere they go.

    2. Nah, nada. A lot of these hoes are delusional and the simps continue to gas up their heads. Jamaica is HQ for this madness, every problem the black community faces can be found here. If Gates wants Chabad Lubavitch to hustle some illegal product or weapon where does he go? That’s right, Jamdown.

      Umar continues to dick police yet has no word for the citizens of Jamaica who are terrorized by the hoes and these thug negroes who walk around touting machine guns and RPKs to assault the population. Vast majority of the population is black yet still you have the cross-economic colonial elite ruling.

      Liberals whine about Hungary and Belarus being openly communist, and that’s good, but what about the local ruling party down here? Assad and Baath have nothing compared to the scandals mentioned in Jamaican mainstream news.

      You think Asians exploiting black hoes is bad in the US and UK? The Jamaican women help keep the Asians and Indians liquid with the way how they buy weave and overpriced baubles. Even in the 1950s you had Africans and Jews living big on the great houses and middle class communities while having natives work on the fields for them.

      A perfect feudal timepiece in the age of automation.

      Manley tried to stop them and make the system fair for all but made the mistake of trusting CIA Castro who called his friends in Uncle Sam to destabilize the island. KGB shills working for Pierre Trudeau and Cuban agents were busted hustling drugs as late as the 1980s. Then the black hoes and corrupt politicians and intellectuals wanted a piece….

      The black females down here had a saying ‘anything black no good’ which is absolutely worthless as they bleach their skin like crazy and wear weave. After my father lost his job due to his fellow employees’ greed he stayed afloat satisfyingly these hoes’ greed…which turned out to be for naught as he got involved with a creature out of Ghetto Gaggers.

      No I know why my ancestors moved to the hills and kept away from the majority of the negro population, these hoes cannot be built with or reasoned with. Even the Haitians don’t want anything to do with us, they just drop off the guns and take the cash to buy weed.

      As Dr Brendon O Connell mentioned, places like IsraHELL and Jamaica need a marine division on them. Jail time for the corrupt politicians and execution for the thug negroes, hoodrats and greedy oligarchs after a fair and free publicly broadcasted series of trials. Maybe that will slap some sense into these so called black females in the West and get them to stop climbing Swirl Mountain,

      1. Glad to see Anton’s back lol.

        Jamaican women are notoriously bad, as you mention, look at the corruption and violence in their society.

    3. Afrofuturism1,

      I remember writing an article a few years back demonstrating how black women in the US were the most diseased individuals in their respective country and how black women in general carried more diseases than everybody else period.

      By the way, it looks like I got the percentage wrong regarding Jamaican men discovering that they are not the father of the children they’ve raised, try doubling that 30% with an extra 10% as the cherry on top:

      Infidelity is also a huge problem in Nigeria with about 40% of men raising children that don’t belong to them, this really doesn’t surprise me because I’ve talked about and illustrated at length just how stupid, knuckleheaded and loose many Nigerian women can be especially when it comes down to the many frauds out there labelling themselves as pastors, bishops, reverends etc:

      As I keep on saying, black female dysfunction is an international problem, the above information only solidifies the case even further as to why black women should be avoided as much as possible and why they should NEVER be considered as potential significant others, NEVER!

      1. “ But for the confession of a dying Zambian nurse, Elizabeth Bwalya Mwewa, who owned up to swapping about 5,000 babies over 12 years “for the fun of it”,”

        That’s article was crazy, BW are just messed up no matter where they are from. It seems like the West African ones may be the worst.

        1. This is literally some Lifetime movie, Switched at Birth shit. Where are all these hoteps to suck off “da muddaland?”

          These people are supposed to have a patriarchal culture and be more Christian, hell they’re worse than hoodrats though. And they sure as hell can’t blame the white man for this.

      2. Jesus Christ I never knew how bad it was there. Again, black African women are the reason why blacks are held back on a world stage, without question. The overwhelming majority of the country’s men are cucks so of course they have no virility on a global stage.

        I have to agree that these west African women put Taquisha and Shaniqua to shame. Why aren’t the African men whooping their asses?

        1. AfroFuturism1,

          I truly don’t get the black man’s propensity to be a simp and a cuck. And I’m talking about black men worldwide.

          First of all, the average black female is just unattractive. No matter how much she tries to boost herself with wigs, makeup, clothes, and body implants, she remains unattractive.

          After that, most black females have abysmal personalities, and are delusional, with a narcissistic entitlement complex. It should be very easy for a man to walk away from such a low quality woman as the black female.

          Then females outnumber males. This is probably more true of people of African descent than of any other racial group, since black males have the lowest life expectancy.

          Yet, the black male simp collective, which includes the overwhelming majority of black males, finds a way to have a scarce mentality concerning a commodity that is overly abundant.

          All of this makes me believe that black male simping is a manifestation of mental illness and character deficiency.

    4. Men are near field (as are most humans). They trust the devil they know rather the one they don’t know. Sharing a common language also helps keep men right where they are.

      The funny thing is more women than ever overseas especially ones under 35 speak English. When given the opportunity to speak they are happy as they don’t get a chance to practice.

      Some cultures the women are more reserved at first but open up when they are comfortable with the person they are talking to.

      Men make poor excuses (especially Black me) they have been told so often by Black women that nobody else wants them that they actually believe it. One only has to venture around the Black Manosphere to see that’s the rule rather than the exception.

      When they are posting about the brother who was murdered in Colombia or that unrest as broken out in Colombia they think it impacts Black men directly. That doesn’t stop Capt Snowy from going anyplace on the planet so it shouldn’t stop you.

  13. I keep saying it; there is no floor for these ratchet black bonnet-headed hoes. “Give me a kiss” with not one, but two niggas’ dicks on her breath, lol. David Carroll is right, don’t kiss these bitches. I think this is the first time I actually heard a black man THANKING the cops for taking that stank bitch away haha. Yet Umar Johnson and the Hoteps keep pushing these project hoes as viable mates, and disingenuous-ass Aaron Fountain keeps asking the same question “What are they saving themselves from?” LOL.

    S Y S B M gentlemen. Can’t stress it enough. These hoes ain’t shit, point-blank period. I said it in another comment, a fat white bitch is an upgrade over a black hoe.

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