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The Divestment/Levelling Up/Swirling Crew In Action


As commenter and fellow blogger Afrofuturism1 commented in a previous article, black women are incapable of loving others because they cannot even love themselves, thus their proclaimed love for Captain Euro is not love at all but actually a form of deep, devoted, unconditional worship.

As I’ve stated before, whenever you think about groups of women demonstrating love, care, affection and attention towards men, this can be imaged with all other ethnicities of women apart from black women because black women simply aren’t known for being kind, loving, affectionate, caring etc.

However, black women are well known for being rude, violent, bloody, rebellious, belligerent, overweight, loud, disrespectful, annoying, just overall malevolent and outright evil, this is the legacy of the modern day black female and one she has brought upon herself.

So, you drunk Admiral Lime’s urine and thought it was funny huh? This right here is one of the pinnacle reasons why black women get little to no respect from non black men, if it isn’t drinking the liquid waste fluids of their white lord and saviour, it’s opening their mouths and allowing Field Commander Snowy to take a dump directly into it(SCAT).

The long and short of Swirling, divesting and levelling up is no standards, low self esteem, no confidence having black women performing services of prostitution for their white lord and saviour as well as other non black men.

Black women as per usual want something more from these groups of men, however no non black man with his head screwed on straight is going to touch a black female with a 50 foot barge poll especially in light of how she has no respect for herself as well as her own male counterparts which she frequently treats like garbage.

Again, too many black women misunderstand the relationship they have with Captain Snowy, he uses the black witch as a destructive tool against herself as well her own people in exchange for the illusion that she’s been accepted into white society, however we free thinking brothers all know that this will NEVER happen.

Of course, once she is discarded of by General Blizzard himself, she’ll return to the squaller called the “black community where a low life simp will be only too willing to take onboard the leftover scraps and putrid crumbs that other men with standards clearly saw were not fit for consumption.

However, many of these black sirens are smug and arrogant in their return and believe that they can somehow snag themselves a black man who has his head screwed on straight and who many a time has left the so called community, they’ll breeze past the simps and head straight for free thinking black men believing that we’re cut from the same cloth, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Gentlemen, recognise trash females and deal with them accordingly, this modern day black female at this stage isn’t worth a breadcrumb, she doesn’t respect herself and is so willing to be used by non black men as a literal nut dump and toilet. #SYSBM #NOTMYWOMENNOTMYPROBLEM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirling/Levelling Up/Divesting Is All Code For Prostitution Towards Non Black Men

Most High Bless

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39 thoughts on “The Divestment/Levelling Up/Swirling Crew In Action

    1. The men in denial are really funny. I don’t understand the choices one has to make. Example, you live in South Central LA (juxtaposed) a community of almost 100% Black People. Would you get more flack being married to a Black woman (light, medium or dark) or being married to any other woman?

      I think the answer is obvious and thus why Black men marry Black women at a 85+% clip. Just expand that out to any Black dominated area of the United States because from my own experience and research tells me it’s only a problem here.

      That is why it’s fruitless to keep trying to cajole some Black men to broaden their horizons, either they get it or don’t. Don’t blame it on misinformation, don’t blame it on the Black Manosphere, don’t blame it on the media.

      They are doing things that MEN do in general they are trying to avoid direct criticism.

      Black women are doing to do what they think is right, if being the side piece of a middle income White male, you go girl.

  1. I bet if that were a Black dude who got her back by making her drink his piss, she would’ve thrown the whole glass of piss on him and cussed him out; not only is that not funny, but it’s totally unsanitary. I mean, look at how dark the color of his urine is; she couldn’t smell it and tell what it was before she sipped?

    Also, the lack of respect they have for themselves is off the chain; the White boy uses racial slurs during sex, and you just let that happen? Also, these Black straggs have such low standards that they’d settle for old men; as David Carroll so perfectly stated, “his White skin has the ability to cover a multitude of sins and imperfections”. That one stragg settled for a Dr. Phil look alike; she leveled up to a “senior citizen”!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is why I have to agree with Afrofuturism1 when he states that there is no love between black women and white men, in the overwhelming majority of circumstances it’s just an unconditional and devoted form of worship.

      This is the outlandish and disjointed mentality of the modern day black female, she believes that allowing Captain Blizzard to disrespect her will eventually lead to him loving her, however nothing could be further from the truth, disrespectful behaviour only leads to further disrespectful behaviour.

  2. Seeing negresses in relationships is already fucking disgusting, whether is a black couple, swirling couple or a lesbian homo couple. Drinking urine piss is a sign of mental illness. That is disgusting in itself. It could easily make anyone vomit if they are eating while watching the vid. Luckily I finished eating cereal before watching it. I disagree with captain frost saying negresses are like white girls. Even liberal karens have more class than negresses. Apparently even East African negress Jews have masculine traits that aren’t exactly the same as West Africa and the rest of the world, but are similar. This is due to their very high testoterone ugly features. White women and other ethnicities of women don’t have that level of high testosterone and ugliest features. Even the ugliest white woman and other ethnicities of ugliest women have better features than every negress on planet earth. My stargate won’t be a 4/10. It will either be an 8/10 or 9/10. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. A fat white woman with a booty and big titties is an upgrade over an in-shape black woman.

    2. 100% Agreed… The “struggle” is world-wide aka “We want our weaves” “We want to marry whoever we want” “If I want to sell my pu$$y, I don’t see a problem with it”

      Going to Africa won’t save you from this. They are doubling down as well. Some Black men are even saying you have to spend time and “vet” them. WTF? Learning about a woman is not rocket science.

      While the Black man who said this I think has turned the corner, deep down he’s still fighting that war with other Blacks who say “he better not bring a non-Black woman home”.

    3. Witwijf,

      High testosterone works wonders for black men, the same however cannot be said for black women. I remember the Japanese evolutionary psychologist Satoshi Kanazawa wrote that famous article in Psychology Today asking the question as to why black women were the least attractive women on the planet and narrowing it down to the high levels of testosterone present in their blood, of course he got dragged through the mud in a major fashion, however his assertion was and still is correct.

      Kanazawa’s conclusion would also explain why most black women are so aggressive, violent and masculine in their mannerisms.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    These swirlers love their white lord and saviour so bad they are willing to drink his piss and I find that fucking nasty because they haven’t got any standards or respect for themselves. This is one of other reasons why I refuse to date black women because they make they worst wives and girlfriends on the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      And this is what black women call levelling up/divestment, guzzling down the waste fluids of white men as well as allowing them to take a dump in their mouths, smh.


      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t feel guilty for not dating black women.

  4. Black women got to be the most nastiest women on this planet earth. Their dark fetish for white men is off the damn charts, and it don’t make no damn sense. If this is how black women get down with that “leveling up, Divestment” bullcrap, then they better not bring their fast asses back to me after the white men did them dirty in all type of ways. Now I know why I’m better off dating without them. Them engaging in all types of weird sexual activities man, I don’t wanna be part of that. I have standards, and I have boundaries too. Black women engaging in these type of crap is not sexy at all, and I’m trying to figure out what the hell is so sexy about that. They have high expectations for the black man, but got little to no expectations for the white man, and it’s ridiculous. This is why I advocate for quality stargates man. Quality stargates for the win man!

    For Umar Johnson, and them other black simps that telling us to get with that, here’s my response to them: You Wife Them Up, BIATCH!

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Let Gerbilface aka Dr Umar Johnson and his cronies wife up these ran through and used up broads and in turn they should stop harassing other black men who choose not to. The thing about it is white and other non black women who engage in the behaviour of drinking urine, they don’t dare attempt to call themselves queens, not this delusional black female however, she believes that she can forever call herself a “queen” even when scooping up slop from the sewer to eat.

  5. The hits just keep on coming. When the white boy dumps her, she’ll be right back across the color lines looking for a black man to kiss her with the same mouth she drank Whitey’s urine with. Just when you think these black hoes have hit rock bottom, they smash through the floor to plumb new depths. It don’t matter what they look like or what socioeconomic background they come from, there are no unicorns. Even the biracials some of y’all fetishize lean towards white boys when given a chance. These bitches are finished. S Y S B M for life, gentlemen. The more of this shit I see, the more I’m convinced.

    1. I’ve been telling brothers in my circle about the light-skin women for a while. I assume all western women with black admixture to be compromised.

      1. Sad but true brother. We are creating the women who disrespect us even if the mom is non-black. Not too many choices for the Black Man.

      2. All Black women are compromised.

        The men in your circle seem to think they aren’t. If they haven’t set foot outside of their city, state or country they have no idea how BAD it actually is.

        It’s one thing to have the under class behave like they do, but the so-called middle management Black women don’t act any better, they just have more money.

      3. Autodidact,

        I fully understand why a lot of free thinking brothers are opting to eliminate black completely from the bloodline of the women they choose.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I’ve observed biracial women(black and white)here in the UK for the longest, you’re right, the overwhelming majority of them do lean towards white men and just as in the case above, will do anything for their white lord and saviour, I have seen this with my own eyes.

      What makes me laugh is these will be the same women who expect the men they deal with to be “balling” up to the hilt while at the same time bringing their typical Jezebel, vagabond type behaviour to the table expecting it to be accepted. SYSBM now more than ever for the free thinking brother.

  6. “Of course, once she is discarded of by General Blizzard himself, she’ll return to the squaller called the “black community where a low life simp will be only too willing to take onboard the leftover scraps and putrid crumbs that other men with standards clearly saw were not fit for consumption.”

    This statement says it all. As low as the scraggle daggle is, the average black male simp is even lower. Think about it. The scraggle daggle eagerly drinks bottom shelf Brad’s piss, licks his ahole, and has been shown to eat his defecation. Now bring on the average black male simp. The average black male simp drinks the piss of the same scraggle daggle, eats her dirty diseased ahole, thus by proxy he eats her defecation.

    I long since divested from da communitah. I don’t live there, I don’t party there, I avoid it like the plague. I hate scraggle daggles and I hate black male simps. What else is left in da communtah, except their devil spawn ?

    I have relatives who I can’t stand to come in contact with. These are the ones who never do well, who always have their hand out, who have nigger values, who have nigger behavior, who have nigger all around stupidity. The females of this group are all scraggle daggles, and the males are all black male simps.

    1. 1000% Kali Muscle has divested and made it public.

      The same community that didn’t give a sh*t about him is now trying to tell him how to spend his money, who to marry and who to have kids with.

      Free yourself Black men, turn your back, don’t look and keep walkin.

      1. Anthony,

        I’m so happy for Kali Muscle, his girlfriend Helena and their two children, Kali realised that black women as a collective bring nothing positive to the table and so he made the decision to bounce and take his chances away from black female culture which paid off.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      Black women are bad, however these blue pilled black male simps are a complete and utter disgrace, as I and many others have pointed out before, they are the reason why black women as a collective have been able to postpone their long overdue judgement and recompense, however there is only so much postponing that can be done for the black witch, she’ll get hers eventually and there will be nothing that the black male simp will be able to do to stop the wrath being poured out on her head.

  7. Late as usual but there is a reason for that. I was at the protest outside the Arsenal football club. Right, when you see a black woman with a non black man, he’s mostly a mediocre type dude. I’m not against a black woman dating a non black woman just the same as a black man dating a non black woman but the thing is this. These ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will end up with a white beta male that is using them for ghetto gaggers. When the white beta male finish with the swirler, then she will look for a simp that will sweep her off her feet. The simp better wise up and sweep her away with a broom but he won’t.


    1. I don’t understand why BW like to show off their out of shape and beta non-black boyfriends/husbands. But if we were to have an out of shape, tattooed, bossy and used up pussy BW, we have to show her off on social media and to our family/friends who know she’s no good. I don’t stop to get to know a BW in a store or on the street at all. All the negro bedwench fantasies or secrets always run in my mind and some BW have the nerve to date BM and failed interracial marriages. But hey, they can all the racist dusty Dans and beta cucks they want.

      1. Elon Brings Receipts,

        The black female’s motivation for dating out is very different from those free, non linear thinking black men who choose to hop the fence, the black witch dates out in her attempts to escape her colour, her heritage as well as the Blackistani hellhole she’s created including the 12 Gauge Mikes, Slim Sauces and Cheezy Grillz type Negroes she opens up her legs as well as gives birth to.

        The non linear, free thinking black man on the other hand seeks out normality and peace, something that cannot be found dealing with the majority of black women due to their chronically mentally unstable mindsets.

        Additionally, the modern day black female has made it clear what type of black men she is attracted to and intelligent, educated, level headed, non criminal minded, law abiding black men are off her list.

        1. Yea I can’t disagree. Prospering BM do not owe ex-swirling BW anything. These filthy wicked unruly BW think we’re suppose to accept them after doing ghetto gagger style porn with racist neo Nazi WM. These negro hotep frauds also need to be avoided telling BM to worship and go back to Africa with these black witches. BW are not comfortable around BM who can think outside of ratchet and dysfunctional relations

    2. Money Cultural,

      It’s always the same story with most black women who deal with white men, these black females gets disrespected and brush it off because they views Captain Snowy as their lord, saviour and master.

      Again, like yourself I don’t have a problem with black women dating out, however it seems to me that black women for the most part get used and abused by white men but then want to bring their ran through, washed up behinds back to black men, particularly free thinking black men and expect us to readily accept them, smh.

  8. Right, you see the photos. The woman who is in the passenger seat in the car, she is trying to use the white man but he’s using her for sex. And the other woman with the naked white man, she is selling pussy to him.

    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      The modern day black female is done and she brought about her end via her own hands. The biggest mistake black women made was dissing their own male counterparts, that reckless move is biting them in the backside in spades as we speak.

      No other ethnicities of women would be foolish enough to pull such a stupid move, however you can always trust the black siren to dig deeper into the realm of knuckleheadism, smh.

      1. Verbs,

        1000% FACTS. No artificial flavors or fillers.


    1. BA,

      Social media is the worst thing that happened to black females and their degenerate black male simp flunkies.

  9. black women are incapable of loving others because they cannot even love themselves..

    Again, too many black women misunderstand the relationship they have with Captain Snowy, he uses the black witch as a destructive tool against herself as well her own people in exchange for the illusion that she’s been accepted into white society, however we free thinking brothers all know that this will NEVER happen.

    Well said! SYSBMers have access to primo non-BW skirts. Fact!
    But its NOT the same with typical black womin who try to date out. They usually get the wrinkly washed-up simp version of Richie Rich.

    But seriously, if I’m of the pale faced race like Lord Euro, I’d be avoiding fake hair, weave-wearin BW — even the good looking ones who still wear that fake hair shit — like the plague.
    Why? Because I can’t take her swimming, to the gym, to the beach or similar venues since her hair is a frigging INCONVENIENCE. Who needs such inconveniences?

    SYSBMers, I propose a new war. To hell with the “War on some Drugs!”. Fcuk the fake “War on some Terror!”
    I propose a more important war – The War on Black Women Wearing Fake Hair.
    Any violators will have their fake imposter hair swiftly yanked off their scalps for all to SEE the REAL “SHE” so we can all start “keeping it real”.

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