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Another Divestment Crony Speaks! #SHORTS


Yep, that is exactly where her comments belong, in the toilet and it looks like her Tiktok profile has been flushed away as well. It’s also fitting that the person flushing the toilet on this divestment flunky is a white guy. These angry and bitter black sirens stay posting ludicrous videos to TikTok and other social media platforms as per usual continuing to ignore their DIRECT involvement in the same dysfunctional black males they complain about, smh.

This is one of the reasons why the world looks upon most black women as a collective of retarded children with serious learning difficulties. They are the very ones raising and entertaining these same problematic black males, additionally aren’t these the same black harriets who are constantly confessing their love for “thug Negroes”?

The black males who find themselves in and out of jail can also be found in the houses and apartments of these same black females giving them a good penitentiary style drilling. It should also be added that the black female’s love for thug penis is so strong that she won’t hesitate to apply for a correctional officer’s position in a local prison just so that she can be nearer to the criminals and gangsters she loves:

The problem with most black women today is they believe other people in the world are as stupid as they are, broadcasting to the entire planet their admiration for the lowest of the low black males yet they believe other people don’t see this and take notes.

At this stage black women look extremely stupid complaining about certain sects of black male society because as we all know most black males are being raised by single black mothers, thus if there are any so called problems with black men then black women having raised them must be held to account for the finished defective products.

You’d really think black women would stop and ponder before opening their mouths about a group of men they claim are problematic seeing as these same black sirens are the ones who’ve manufactured those guys to begin with.

Let me also point out the fact that there are plenty of black men out here without criminal records who’ve never been to jail or prison, however black women many times over have made it abundantly clear that they’re NOT attracted to these particular guys who they commonly refer to as “educated lames”.

Black women are the only group of females on planet earth who believe they can forge a “and they lived happily ever after” scenario with the dregs and the scum of black male society, at least women from other races accept that no long term relationships can ever be created from dealing with street loitering bums.

Free thinking black men with common sense and their heads screwed on straight will recognise that this modern day black female is for the sewers, accept at this point there is nothing outside of a miracle from God himself that can change her trajectory for the better and accordingly move on to greener pastures.

Only bewitched, programmed and indoctrinated black men will continue to stick around and hold out believing that black women as a collective will eventually see the light and change their ways towards improvement, keep wishing on a star, that will NEVER happen.

Black women, continuing to divest/swirl/level up in THEORY but never in practice, smh. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Know Your Enemy And Act Accordingly

Most High Bless

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28 thoughts on “Another Divestment Crony Speaks! #SHORTS

  1. I can’t even count the vast many times the Late,Great David Carroll said in many of his videos much of what is stated here.He broke things down so plain and clear children and teenagers could understand it.Yet,here we go again for the Billionth time another Goofy,Retarded retard Negro female who keeps proving the points this article,so many others like this and Dr.Carroll made many,many times over.These women are hopeless,helpless and will NEVER learn.

    1. Robert,

      This is exactly what happens when women lead themselves, they make jacked up decisions and constantly talk about and rattle off nonsensical foolishness. Black women as a collective by and large are the worst because they’re the ones who’ve been running with the “strong, independent, don’t need a man” mantra for the longest. Black women to date still don’t fully understand the white male/black female dynamic very well at all.

  2. Divestors are L Express’ favorite customers.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      New factories need to be built just to handle the increase in Ls that need to be delivered to divestors alone.

  3. All black females on earth have learning difficulties of special needs.

    This is why the average IQ is very low in black societies.

    If my future stargate says what I just said in public, she would receive heavy blacklash and get fired from her job as a racist.

    Saying the truth is racist in babylon empire of lies.


    1. Witwijf,

      What’s even more baffling is you’ll have black men who will look at the video and still believe that black women have their backs and that they can still form meaningful relationships with such individuals. Black women, the only females on the planet who believe they can win back the hearts of black men via disparaging, berating and mocking them, smh.

      1. Verbs2015,

        Black women like her are a big part of the reason why I go so hard at the black male simp. You see, nobody and I mean nobody, is checking for these type of low quality, low value females except the black male simp.

        Not even bottom shelf Brad is checking for them. He might ghetto gag them, but that is all the use he has for them. But the black male simp gases them up and convinces them that they are something special. The irony is that they created the very black male thug simps who they despise.

        And yes, the black male thug is an apex simp. The black male thug simp is an apex simp because he is out there killing other black male simps at an alarming rate over scraggle daggles. The black black male thug simp is also killing scraggle daggles for rejecting him.

        Yes, the black male thug simp is the monster that this scraggle daggle describes him to be. But the unholy irony is that she and her sisterhood created these thug simps, and are creating them even as we converse on this forum. They are the ones who spawn these cretins with their Slim Sauces, Field Mice, and Long Dick Tbones. They are the ones who raise these sick cretins to be all that they are, and then send them out to terrorize first Blackistan, then the world writ large.

        1. @Americanblkman

          I say that these so called “hypermasculine” thugs are ultimately, at heart, emasculated momma’s boys.

        2. AmericanBlkMan,

          Additionally, I’d like to add that the black male simp is a curse and a pestilence upon black male society because it’s typically his blueprint that black men as a collective are judged upon. These simps need to be exposed and shamed for the low standard having cronies that they are.

          These divesting flunkies are full of garbage, producing defective black males from the rip but conveniently forgetting that they’re the creators of the same problematic males whenever they choose to go in on black men. There will be no escape for the modern day black female, she will be recompensed for the endless death and destruction she’s brought upon her own people.

          Black women really believe that they can walk away from the unbridled mutants that have come from their nether regions, however God has a different plan and their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost isn’t going to save them either.

  4. These BW always say that how BM have this secret agenda to eliminate or destroy BW’s images.
    BM never need to BW done this to themselves because of the Social Media and the digital footprint they put out in public.

    As for the BW getting dicked down by thugs in prison.
    Most BW like to work in the prison because they purposely want to have the thug dick.

    They do this because they love to control the thug and claim their dick to their own.
    In rare cases these same BW Correctional Officers give up their pension and get fired for a thug dick because they got pregnant by them.

    1. MMT,

      Black women stay appealing and trying their utmost to remain relevant to their white lord and saviour General Blizzard, however by continually throwing black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself, black women are simply illustrating that they’re a bunch of disloyal traitorous buzzards who cannot and should never be trusted under any circumstances.

      Do they honestly believe that white men are impressed by their constant betrayal of their male counterparts? This is one of many reasons why white men don’t take black women seriously past the bedroom and why as I always say most black women who wish to date out will never be given the opportunity to do so.

      Thug penis is the order of the day for the overwhelming majority of black women, from dealing with nothing but goons they then paint black men as a collective with a broad brush, yep, even the guys that are invisible to them, smh.

  5. Wow, this was an insightful escapade into the small but dumb minds of black female prison guards. lol. But why does the “system” tempt these woke wommin by putting them in control of thug prisoners?

    And where are the divestment proponents to sound the alarm about these toxic experimental mRNA vaxx jabs that her Anglo masters said were “safe & effective”? You’d think the sistas would be screaming about that massive injustice. But nope, they’re out to lunch nagging about the dysfunctional progeny they’ve reared from thugs due, once again, to poor decision making skills.

    I’m glad I got the fuk out of that part of the world. By the way things are looking in woke NeoLiberal vulture capitalist Amerika, ya’ll over there in Babylon better watch your backs for when the Civil War 2.0 and Race War 1.0 fireworks begin because the SYSTEM IS BROKE BEYOND REPAIR. I expect to see these DemonRat Anglostanis to rig the upcoming November MidTerm Congressional & Senate “selections” since the polls are predicting a slaughterfest for them. lol

    1. Black Picard,

      As I said above, thug penis is always the order of the day for most black women, they cannot survive without get their backs blown out regularly by Field Mouse and Lil Cheezy. Most black women don’t care about anything else, as long as they can get their thug dick fix on the daily, they’re good.

  6. Speaking of “divestment”, Verbs are you able to install a Forums script on your hosting account for a private SYSBMers discussion forum so we can strategize because a lot of shyt is going down and like minded brothas NEED to connect and plan for the upcoming societal destabilization in the dying but “superior Western” world.

    I think MyBB, SMF or Flarum would be a great choice. No automated email signups though. Members need to be vetted by someone else so spies don’t infiltrate. I can set it up IF you want to host it at or Or perhaps on a new domain like . Just my 2 cents.

    MyBB in action:

    SMF in action:

    Flarum in action:

    1. Black Picard,

      I am already a member of two SYSBM forums on discord, one is run by commenter DK Phantom, I forget who the other one is run by. Time is really the issue, if I had more free time on my hands then this move might be a possibility but not at the moment. I appreciate the suggestion though, in the meantime feel free to check out the SYSBM chats on Discord.

        1. Kameron Brown,

          You’re already in one of the groups, see That Retro Guy’s link for his SYSBM discord in the comments.

  7. The black men these scraggle daggles complain prefer these thug dudes more then they good black man or the black man who is a nice guy. They can’t say nothing about black men being worthless while they are chasing the hopeless black man instead of being interested of a good black man. The ghetto ratchet black woman is not interested of being with the nice guy because she sees him as boring, lame or corny. The good black man has no chance to get a black woman and the simp is not on her radar as these simp dudes are willing to defend these ratchet women. So she goes for the guys like 357 Jimmy, Machette Man Briggy, Rum Smuggler Don, Thick Dick Tyrone or Cell Block Scrappy who told me that he beat up a guy in prison because he was looking foreword to bust them cheeks. Just kidding guys!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after non black women.


  8. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love their thug black men and that’s the reason why the black community is destroyed and dead and it will never be fixed. Like I said before Verbs, I have walked away from the black community a long time ago and I ain’t ever coming back to save it.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I full agree with you bro. It’s common knowledge that black women prefer and deal with the worst types of black men, therefore they look incredibly stupid whenever they complain about the same.

    2. “, I have walked away from the black community a long time ago and I ain’t ever coming back to save it.” Yes Brotha Don’t Blame You! I WISH I Would’ve Saw This In High School Myself..

  9. If David Carroll were still alive today, he would really go in on this heifer; what agenda do Black men have that’s against Black women exactly? Black men in the Manosphere can’t even get their acts together long enough to organize and produce an agenda exclusively for themselves without trying to bring Black women to the negotiating table! This is what the scraggle daggle do: they demonize Black men without making any distinction between the thug types and the decent brothers, absolving themselves of any and all responsibility for creating the very men they complain about; next, she’s going to want to divest and start swirling with Mr. Clean, but you can’t divest from what you’ve created.

    1. Yet they know where the “decent brothers” are when it’s time to mentor their Pookie babies or looking for a sucker to wife up a single babymama slag. Many of today’s productive young Black Men are not falling for that raw deal anymore, however. You love to see it.

  10. Black women are fucking retarded, black men hate there mom is because she was an abusive bitch along with the sisters that get special treatment

    1. This is where the pro-black and these BW do not understand when they use this ‘your momma black’ or females relatives talking points shaming tactics.

      I remember many years ago when Tommy Sotomayor on YouTube live saying that how his mum is shit and calling her a 304. This causes a Black American outrage when Tommy shit on him mum.

      A week later he made a video title ‘What type of mum did you have’. All his videos are gone so you will not find it because he got flagged many times.
      What he basically explain to these dumb 304s and simps on that video is these black community that they do not know what type of mum she was to Tommy and that there will be female family members, could be a sister, mum, aunt, niece and cousin who are 304s and scraggle daggles. Also someone’s’ dad, uncle, brother or nephew can be Pookies and Ray Ray.

      Unfortunately the communitah, the pro-black simps and the BW will never admit or acknowledge that they will have female family members who are and can be 304s and most of them have. They act like these females ‘do no wrong’ when you see all the wrong on the daily basis.

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