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Yet Another Delusional Black Female! #SHORTS


Once again, who do we have to blame for this black female’s delusions of grandeur, that’s right, hoards of desperate black male simps jumping into her inbox on the daily hoping they can get access to her contaminated snatch, smh.

I’m sorry, because of the variety of external appendages most black women use and are addicted to, the overwhelming majority of black females these days look like exaggerated caricatures and cartoon characters.

Haven’t you noticed how more or less most black women you see look the same, tattoos, weaves, ridiculously thick fake eyelashes, 3000 pounds of make up like they’ve just come out fresh from the spray paint shop, extra long raptor claws(how do they clean their behinds properly with those long nails attached to their fingers). Where are those black women expressing and embracing their uniqueness and individuality, not following the trends every other black female has jumped on board with, that’s right, no where to be found.

Apparently you’re not “grown” because if you were, you wouldn’t be shouting at the camera like a child in your car making cringe video content for TikTok. As I’ve stated many times before, you must always determine a black woman’s character via her actions, never her words.

The same theme rears its ugly head once again, social media has ruined and destroyed yet another female. The deeper women entrench themselves in social media, the more contaminated they become, they’re so desperate for that outside approval and validation, they’ve become heavily addicted to the attention and can no longer live without it.

The first thing they do upon awakening before they’ve even brushed their teeth is to check all of their social media accounts to see what new simps have jumped into their inboxes as well as to lap up the comments and likes on the last video, photo or statement they’ve posted.

Everything to these cyber Jezebels is about social media likes, attention, validation and approval, hence why when men approach them, in some cases instead of giving the man a phone number, they’ll direct them to one of their social media accounts and tell that man to “follow them”.

This is also one of many reasons why dating apps are a serious problem, unfortunately there are large swaths of females on dating apps just for the purpose of drawing more men towards their social media accounts, they’re not actually on those apps looking for dates and relationships. This may be a primary reason why some brothers in 2022 are having a hard time meeting somebody who is serious via dating apps.

These Alice In Wonderland harriets delude themselves into believing that because they’re now receiving attention from men on an international level, this somehow equates to their value increasing, however nothing could be further from the truth.

A woman’s quality is determined by her character, personality, moral standing and how she carries herself in general, not by the number of blue balled simps flooding her inbox, these delusional internet sirens would do well to remember this.

Gentlemen, ignore this black siren’s rant about women being the prize, women have NEVER been the prize and they NEVER will be. The only males who view women as a prize are the simps as well as those individuals with low self esteem and low self confidence.

Men have built this entire planet, women have built nothing yet we still have knucklehead females out here claiming that they are something special when they’re not. You’re only special to simps and desperate men, don’t ever think about transferring those thoughts over to men of quality, that “women are the prize” garbage won’t fly over here.

Finally, as I’ve stated before, any woman who is genuinely interested in you won’t be concerned about money being spent and who’s paying, she’ll just be looking forward to being in your presence and spending quality time with you regardless of the location. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Be Sure To Give Delusional Black Females An Extremely Wide Berth

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Yet Another Delusional Black Female! #SHORTS

  1. Women are never the prize. Men are.

    Prize is what you win and earn, you cannot buy with money.
    You can buy prize in auction when you outbid another bidder and the winner pays for the prize/item.

    If women think they are the prize, and want men to pay for dates, this is called an auction.
    Like you see in human trafficking, they need to understand how this works where men bids on a women as a high price as slave.

    Difference here, you have simps like to outbid each other which make BW overprice themselves on dating and that is why these BW tells the simps that they have to pay Premiums on a 1st date.

    1. MMT,

      Another obvious reason why women are NOT the prize is because they outnumber men many times over. The rarer commodities are normally the more valuable ones, only in this decadent, femcentric, feminazi Western society of garbage do you have this fallacy being pushed that women are more valuable than men, this is so far removed from the truth it’s ridiculous.

      Indeed, black women especially have a annoying habit of way overpricing themselves, however it is the dating market that determines the value of said individuals, this is an inconvenient truth that most black women refuse to acknowledge and as a result they have to find out and learn about it the hard way.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women and women in general are not the prize because they contributed to nothing in this world other than having kids. Men are the prize because we built this world to make it comfortable for everyone to live in. When it comes to dating apps if i see a womans dating profile stating that you should follow her on Instagram, I swipe left on her profile because these types of women are clearly not genuinely looking for a long term relationship as they are only looking for desperate guys to simp for them and to take these women out on foodie dates while the same women are shagging Chad and Tyrone for free on the quiet because those are the men these women really like. Like I said before Verbs I avoid gold digger women like the plague who want me to spend all of my money on them without reciprocating on their part and without sex. I am only interested in dating women who genuinely like me for me.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      What you’ve mentioned about these same types of women giving up the goods to Chad and Tyrone for free is yet another issue that very few wish to talk about, these benighted black sirens in particular want decent brothers to jump through a million and one hoops not even with a guarantee of getting into the draws and the end of the course, smh.

      A lot of these Western women live for getting stuff from men for free, they view such conquests as so called “female empowerment” and unfortunately there are plenty of simps for them to choose from. Like I’ve stated before, don’t waste your time, energy, attention and especially money on any women who refuse to reciprocate on the same level.

  3. Gold diggers think they are something special.

    Reality is different than fantasy.


    1. Witwijf,


  4. I have seen this video before. The only place I will take her to have something to eat is Sam’s Chicken & Ribs. We have to black the simps for this because that they are flooding her dm’s trying to get some crotch from her. But only the thugs, the criminals, hopeless men, worthless men can get the coochie, you get me? As you see chicks like this, this is one of the reason why black men abandon ship and go date non black women. If a man ever was in a relationship with her or even married to her, he will get a headache from her. Tiktok is now full of ratchet black women who are showing their ratchetness and not afraid to show it. As you look at social media, there are nothing but ratchet harridans.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet women are coming after non black women


    1. All that broad is good for is a 99p Sam’s strip chicken burger which afterwards makes you shit hard in the toilet. Then again Shawn James would watch… πŸ˜‚

      1. Oh God!!!! 🀣🀣🀣🀣🀣 I tell you. Sam’s will make you shit like bricks! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

      2. Michel,

        I don’t even think the siren is worth a piece of mouldy bread myself, talking about I’m grown but she’s shouting it out like a spoilt child, lol.

    2. Money Cultural,

      These clown makeup wearing black harriets have lost their minds, they believe that they’re the prize because of the endless attention they’re receiving from the blue pilled simp brigades. Black women as a collective fell off way before TikTok, it’s just that TikTok is now showing us just how far gone the modern day black female is.

      Black men with sense and intelligence simply need to abandon ship and instead seek out love and companionship elsewhere. As we always say, go where you will be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated.

  5. >>Haven’t you noticed how more or less most black women you see look the same, tattoos, weaves, ridiculously thick fake eyelashes, 3000 pounds of make up like they’ve just come out fresh from the spray paint shop, extra long raptor claws(how do they clean their behinds properly with those long nails attached to their fingers).

    This!! So fcuking TRUE, Verbs. Tired TIRED of my eyes having to look at this shyt from walking around. The degeneracy of the “woke” black woman is real. How long do those “safe and effective” toxic gene therapy vaxx jabs take to work?? I expect to see a reduction in ratchet queens by the end of 2023.

    Hope all the SYSBMers are keeping safe. Lots of Anglo Eurostan NeoLiberal shyt going down. These warmongering vulture capitalist vampires have lost the plot. Keep yer eyes peeled.

    PS: Always remember that SYSBMers can bring their snow bunnies from the dying allegedly “superior” West to Africa. Find a spot in rural Africa with good weather, great soil & scenery with a good conservative God fearing community where the locals ENJOY farming & growing their own fruits & veggies. Your snow bunny & your offspring will be very safe & happy there.

    1. Black Picard,

      I’ve got a good friend who’s living in Uganda, he’s loving it. There are certain countries in Africa that are most certainly worth checking out despite the warped image the mainstream media attempts to portray about the continent. Rural surroundings for me all day, I’m a country boy at heart.

      Woke black women are a damn eyesore, everything on them is fake, they don’t even look like individuals anymore, they all look like they’ve been produced on the same assembly line at the same factory.

      Whoever told these whores that fake eyelashes, tattoos, fake nails, weaves/wigs, heavy makeup and the rest of the garbage they put on is attractive straight up lied to them.

      1. Verbs, I find it funny that with all the degeneracy going down in the West — especially the dis-United States of Amerika…shootings, soaring inflation due to Russia sanctions backfiring, Dems/Republican clown show, Boris/Truss/Sunak clown show, Sudden death vaxx syndrome, Joe BiDumb’s ratchet Haitian spokeswoman, etc. — the media presstitutes love to portray Africa negatively.

        But I suspect it is to discourage free thinking brothas like myself from returning, connecting and waking up the locals since we know how the warmongering Anglostan vulture capitalist vampires operate from growing up & working in their Matrix of white privilege. lol

        Yes, Uganda is a very nice country with a lot of potential. You’re not going to hear about Ugandans starving. Africa just needs to keep these Anglo globalist vampires out because this isn’t the 1950s, 1960s or 1970s any more.

        I’m waiting PATIENTLY for the “easy money” lightbulb to go off in the heads of lawyers and the locals who were damaged from COVID vaxx jabs. Do they REALIZE that they can and should SEIZE all US/EU corporate & government assets in Africa as REPARATIONS for offloading these toxic “safe and effective” mRNA vaxx jabs on them? Just like how the Anglos illegally seized Russia’s foreign reserves, yachts etc. to protect their NeoNazi allies in Ukraine?? lol I mean, WHEN will they realize that they’re far more entitled to rightfully seize all Anglo assets more than them racist NeoNazis? That is when all the fun will begin. And there’s nothing Lord Euro can do about it when we get to that junction.

  6. Women are the prize? HA! Since when do prizes make demands of those who are supposed to “win” them? I recently saw a video where another mentally unhinged daggle tried to argue this same notion that women are the prize because they have a 🐈, and 🐈 runs the world. Newsflash: 🐈 is not rare, so how can something that is so abundant in this world be a prize for men? The delusion is off the chain with these brauds!

    1. BCT,

      That “women are the prize” talk only stretches as far as Western shores, women outside of the West as a whole most certainly do not subscribe to such nonsense. Traditional women know full well that they must compete for the men that they want and unlike the modern day black female have no problems diving head first into the competition.

      Again, how can women be the prize when they outnumber men? as I said to MMT above, the rarer commodities are always the more valuable ones, there are less men than women on the planet yet alone in the West, therefore how can women be the so called “prize”?

      Again, these delusional broads think that they can use their cooches to control all men because of the behaviour they observe from the blue pilled simps, however they haven’t got that figured out right at all, men worth their salt aren’t even looking in the direction of these fem failures.

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