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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


I believe some of you guys may have posted links to this video before, I just had to archive this because it is one of many numerous examples demonstrating why more black men are choosing to throw in the towel on delusional black women and instead seeking out love and companionship elsewhere.

Black women care more about supporting and protecting the rights of homosexuals and trannies than they do for their own heterosexual male counterparts especially this nose pierced, wide eyed, psychotic looking harpy, let that sink in. As I’ve stated before, whatever black women dig their fingers into, you can guarantee that at some point they’ll always introduce and push the homosexual agenda into the equation.

The modern day black female’s obsession with the LGBTQP community and its philosophy is straight up deviltry and beyond evil, yet another reason why free thinking black men can never mesh with such malevolent individuals. She actually said to the guy, “your line of questioning is transphobic and it opens up trans people to violence”, you cannot make this stuff up.

This is the problem with the overwhelming majority of liberals, you can’t even ask basic questions or engage in thoughtful, insightful and healthy debate without them getting offended and pulling one of their knee jerk, safe space defence mantras out of the hat, smh.

Black men need to stop being clean up cronies, what does it profit any man to take onboard another man’s children, I’ll wait? Stepping up as a step father is an extremely weak move, it demonstrates the serious lack of self respect, dignity and honour a man has for himself.

He took onboard no doubt a black female and her bastard seedlings and she still came off haughty, prideful and arrogant, she didn’t respect the dude because he never respected himself. SYSBM™ staunchly rejects the decadent single mother culture, we will never advise black men to deal with single mothers but instead will always encourage and recommend that they strictly deal with childfree women.

Yet another example of how the overwhelming majority of black women never appreciate good deeds and kind gestures. She was offered a job and still turned it down but doesn’t mind partying all night, another single black mother for the sewers and who no man should offer assistance to in any form.

Soncerae Smith/Monique can never repackage herself because we know what she’s really all about, we also have seen what her face looks like without makeup, a totally different creature. Soncerae, a dating guru???

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gents, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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9 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    As a SYSBM childfree black man, I refuse to date single mothers because they already have destroyed their own lives by having kids with the worst type of dudes ever and I refuse to be step dad to kids that aren’t even mine because I have high standards for myself and self worth. I am only interested in dating single childfree non black women who I can build my own mixed race nuclear family with. Black women never gave a shit about black men especially decent black men that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women. The black community is dead and finished and it cannot be resurrected.

  2. The first video is the reason why my future stargate and myself will have to home school our future offspring.

    The second video demonstrates why they don’t want black american men applying for passports.

    The third video is youtube drama.


    1. Damn, the second video is a wake up call! This is superb evidence on why you should choose your “partner” wisely. But truth be told, I have NEVER been attracted to lazy ratchet wommin WITH kids to boot. That’s just being super DUMB! lol

      I’m nice, but not thaaat nice! Jezus!! lol
      Hopefully this fed up brotha does a U turn and starts pursuing non-Blackistan “Westernized” skirts.

  3. Tuh blood claat! Three video clips of fuckery. The first video is a dunce scraggle daggle saying that a man can breed. Have you ever heard anything like that before? And she’s a teacher. Let me tell you something. If her students agree with her, then something is wrong with society.

    The second video of a man who has kicked out his women who is a single mother. I hear that the man is arguing with his boss ans his co worker. Because they know that you are dealing with a woman with children. And your a childless man. Why did he let a woman with children move in with him?

    And Scamcerae. I thought that we never heard from this crazy broad ever again. But she is here. I know there some women that are crazy but this one is the most czarist women in the world, ever. Hope everyone didn’t had a bad day like I did.

    Three video clips of pure fuckery!

    SYSBM, keep your white sugar safe.


  4. ‘Student killed in shootout with female robbers living off the grid with armed 5-year-old in Alabama forest.’

    Young well to do hispanic man loses his life and beautiful girlfriend protecting her from two feral carpet muching bull dogs with a child living in the woods with guns yet can’t hunt for food and are ‘forced’ to steal to survive.

    Please delete if my original comment is posted I don’t think it was posted.

    1. The degenerate dis-United States of Amerika has a serious problem with ferral ghetto kneegroe wommin & simps from Blackistan. I expect to see Civil War 2.0 or Race War 1.0 within the next year or 2.

      Anywho, that driver was fcuking stoopid for even thinking about stopping to help somebody in a remote place in ALABAMA of all states. lol

      Now the naive dude is 6 feet under and his fine lonesome girlfriend will be seeking comfort from another man — all for being duped from a ghetto scraggle. You can’t make this shit up.

      Stay safe SYSBMers! Lots of geopolitical shyt going down. lol

  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday on this Thursday morning; I remember that first clip of the daggle professor (her name is Khiara Bridges)who accused Senator Hawley of asking transphobic questions. I was meaning to say something about that situation, but never got around to it due to limited time. Anyway, this moronic witch doesn’t realize that she’s helping the very people who are trying to replace her demographic gain more power; that look in her eyes just screams insanity, too. Unlike Ketanji Brown Jackson, this daggle got flustered during her exchange with Senator Hawley which is why she lashed out at him; she’s not only a law professor, she’s also an anthropologist who specializes in the intersectionality of race, reproductive justice, and law. In other words, she’s poisoning the minds of future lawyers

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