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Why Are You So Pressed Though?


Recently I’ve been noticing a sharp uptick in attacks on US black men who’ve decided to get their passports, verbal assaults coming in thick and fast from black women, their pro black, blue pilled simp flunkies as well as the PUA/dating coach arena. What’s sad is US black society is the only one on the planet where black men are attacked for doing things that other races carry out as normal and standard procedures ie obtaining their passports and travelling.

Here in the UK, attacking a black man for having a passport and travelling is completely unheard of and to be honest looked upon as very strange behaviour. The same black women going after black men who choose to travel abroad for love and companionship are the very ones who back in the day rejected those same black men they’re now going in on and criticising, make that make sense. Let’s first deal with this wrinkled, overweight, ancient relic who for some reason still believes she has all black men under her thumb.

First of all old hag, most black men in the United States are SINGLE and CHILDLESS, therefore those black men who are on child support account for a small minority of individuals. Secondly, yes, if you fall behind on child support payments, the US government will refuse to issue you a passport(which sucks to be honest), however if your payments are up to date, you’ll have absolutely no problems obtaining one.

What makes me laugh is so many communistic black women are walking around acting as if there are hoards of black men caught up in the State’s child support racket, however nothing could be further from the truth. These black women are forgetting that they’re sharing the same small pool of guys, thus they’re the ones who are entangled in the system.

Additionally, it should be added that not all black men who are on child support are in arrears, there are many brothers Stateside who are keeping up to date with their payments, have passports and are able to leave and return to the US whenever they please, why is this elderly black siren conveniently omitting such information?

To be honest the most blasphemous part of her message was near the end when she suggested that those black men planning to travel and look for love abroad should cancel their plans and instead settle with a black female from their own home turf.

The entire purpose of black men travelling to other countries seeking out love and genuine companionship is to get away from the hyper masculine, uncooperative, belligerent, rebellious, disgruntled, angry, bitter, violent, bloodthirsty, evil, vindictive savage that is the black American woman, therefore settling for a Western scragg is definitely out of the question.

How dare this delusional creature even reach to make such a foolish suggestion, as if black women in the US hold some sort of value. Now let’s quickly deal with the attacks against passport holding US black men coming from the dating coach/PUA communities.

As I stated to commenter Sherrif X in the last Open Mic Wednesday, this behaviour is to be expected because dating coaches and pick up artists specialise in equipping men with the relevant tools, magic tricks and special techniques they’ll require in order to interact and intermingle with dysfunctional, “dirty” western women.

More and more increasing numbers of black men in the US are beginning to realise the extremely raw deal they’ve locked themselves into dealing with these dysfunctional black harpies and at the same time word is quickly spreading regarding how much better women in non Westernised countries treat brothers(with plenty of receipts en tow). Through more black men opting for “cleaner” women these dating coaches and PUAs are losing potential clients which of course they’re very upset about.

Recently I’ve even seen black male dating coaches waging war on black men who say that body count matters(which concerning a long term relationship it most certainly does, article coming soon, stay tuned). More black men upping their standards only to a reasonable level is causing huge problems and a massive rift in the dating coach/PUA arenas but unfortunately large swaths of black men in the US are blue pilled simps and thus can be looked upon as a fallback, clean up option by second hand women of all races especially the black witch herself.

However, more US black men are beginning to break the spell, snap out of the settle for less/simp/clean up man mode trance and realise that they deserve more and can do much better for themselves, good news for them but not good news for dating coaches and PUAs who’ve been relying on their ignorance and inexperience to make a decent living.

Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. Always remember, dating coaches are NOT a requirement when interacting and dealing with classic, traditional women whether foreign or domestic. Additionally, I suspect in the near future that SYSBM will be the target of attacks from PUAs as well as dating coaches because we also encourage black men to get their passports, to see the world and to cease dealing with daggles and dysfunctional harriets.

Watch this space, SYSBM Knights ought to be ready as it seems that the passport issue is really kicking off as more black women note the heavy exodus of men not only from the building but also the country. Anybody who promotes black men travelling I suspect will be a target.

Finally, never forget that nobody bats an eyelid whenever black women get their passports and freely travel to foreign lands for the specific purpose of getting their backs blown out and cheeks clapped by strange men, however as soon as black men decide to obtain the same document, it’s a national emergency and top level meetings must be convened as soon as possible to address “the problem”.

US black men who support free choice and free movement are the most harassed and dick policed individuals on the planet and the overwhelming majority of the penis monitoring and shade throwing is coming from their own female counterparts as well as the blue pilled, pro black simp cronies who simply don’t have the courage to step out on their beloved black queenies and get passports for themselves.

This war has only just gotten started, I’m lining up my cannons from now because I already know what’s coming down the pike, Contentions With SYSBM Part 2, stay tuned. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Free Choice And Free Movement Are The Way Of The Future

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Why Are You So Pressed Though?

  1. Verbs 2015.

    The reason why this fat overweight wrinkly old hag black woman is upset with American black men getting their passports and leaving the country to travel the world and find themselves a good looking quality non black women is because they are sick and tired of the black community and the poor quality of black women. No good black man or SYSBM black men like ourselves wants to deal with weaved up, ugly, overweight, fake looking and black single mothers so we travel the world with our US/UK passports to find ourselves good looking childfree non black women to build nuclear families with and unfortunately black women still believe that being a single mother with multiple kids from multiple wutless thug baby daddys is a good thing when it’s really bad because being a single mother decreases your sexual market value as a woman and I as a childfree black man at 40 refuse to date single mothers, ugly women, fat women and black women because I have high standards for myself.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Most black men in the US will still choose to deal with black women despite the rotten way black women treat them. Because black women know this, they take full advantage of the situation believing they can talk to black men anyway they want without recourse.

      However in 2022 most black women are way behind the curve, things are changing rapidly and unfortunately for them they’re still thinking with a mentality that’s stuck in the Civil Rights era.

      Many more black men in the US are now saying enough is enough and are leaving the building and the country at an astronomical rate.

      UK black men have been dating out at a majority clip for many, many years now, it won’t be long till that same position is reflected in America’s black male society, watch this space.

      1. >> Many more black men in the US are now saying enough is enough and are leaving the building and the country at an astronomical rate.

        Well said, Verbs!
        I’m starting to see a lot of Diaspora Expats/Repats getting the fcuk outta Dodge and heading back to Africa. Just got introduced to a Jamaican who shifted here 4 or 5 months ago. He’s looking to start a tasty Caribbean food restaurant that should do well since he’s a great cook.

        Lots of brothas relocating to pro PanAfrican Tanzania. There’s definitely a big buzz over there — especially with the vibrant Jamaican Repats who are doing some fascinating things and culturally spicing up TZ society. I’ve also met Afro American/UK brothas in our private chat groups who are into a wide range of industries. Others are likewise heading to Ghana on the Atlantic West Coast.

        They all have permanently shifted to Africa. But they are AWAKE though. I hope one day to see us expats & Repats join together with like minded Afro Americans/Brits/Canadians/Caribbeans and start to build NEW CITIES strategically located in rural Africa — away from the ratchet urban cities.

        Then we hire our OWN experts: Contractors, policing/SECURITY, engineers, logistics, planning, tech, media, healthcare, education, entertainment, farming, etc and only contract “outside” the Repat community with BRICS friendly professionals to complete other pieces of the puzzle. Then we would obviously be providing employment opportunities /training to the locals so we create a new vibrant mixed #ParallelEconomy. As a collective, we have all the parts.

        It would be great to use highly regarded crypto like #Monero (XMR) for complete privacy while using stablecoins like USDC by Circle, USDT (Tether) or a better alternative that is pegged to a non-Anglostan stable global currency (Yuan, Rouble…) while avoiding the fiat vulture banksters and their crony capitalism Matrix.

        And, I’ll repeat this over & over till the wheels fall off…
        SYSBMers should jump aboard the Diaspora Repats train by bringing their feminine, family oriented NON-Westernized snow bunnies to Africa where the local black women do NOT give a fcuk who black African kings date or marry. It’s a non issue here unlike the Blackistan scraggles in this video. lol. Fine, you can go to Central or South America, Eastern Europe or Asia to find a NON-Westernized snow bunny. Fair enough!! But at least bring her to scenic Africa because you will NEVER be able to ascend the social ladder in “those” societies as you would a BLACK MAN returning to your own native AFRICA — where your ancestors are from and where your WESTERN based education & “modern” knowledge are respected and desirable. Facts!

  2. Oh it’s gets worse. Many good black men are also leaving warehouse jobs in mass numbers and the women at these jobs especially in HR are asking “where are the good black men at”??? Not only SYSBM men woke up, they also leaving the warehouse jobs at a record clip. Now, pookie works at warehouse jobs but so does captain snow and blizzard king. A lot of people are leaving the plantation in record time and I like said before, Kevin Samuels was black woman’s last chance to get right.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      Kevin Samuels really was the modern day black female’s last hope and we saw how they treated him when he was alive. Black women are simply a group of ultra stubborn combatants who’ll have to learn the harsh lessons of life the hard way, it’s extremely hard to find a black woman who’s humble, pious, is willing to listen as well as follow sound instructions.

      Black men in the US have had enough, they’re voting with their feet in very high numbers and black women should be extremely concerned about this. Albeit, black women are on their own, let “strength and independence” be their saviours.

      1. >>Black men in the US have had enough, they’re voting with their feet in very high numbers and black women should be extremely concerned about this.

        You are correct Sir Verbs!
        And like I said just now in my detailed comment above to another observant comment you made, I’m noticing a lot of new members joining our Diaspora Repats private chat groups from US, UK & Caribbean. The brothas who choose West Africa seem to be heading to Ghana while on the East African Coast, many are rightfully flocking to beautiful peaceful pro PanAfrican Tanzania. Kenya too, but I’m jealous of the nice vibe the dynamic Jamaican expats and other Afro American expats are creating in TZ. Lots of trade fairs and interesting events going on. It is only going to get BIGGER.

        And then take a good look at what Yellow Card is doing in the disruptive African crypto space which is more than holding its own compared to the allegedly “superior Western” Anglostans.

        Cryptocurrency, Blockchain & Financial Literacy:
        Simplified guides to understand crypto, blockchain, trading strategies and personal finance on your journey to financial freedom.

        Buy and sell crypto online with various payment options
        Yellow Card is the easiest way to buy and sell Bitcoin, Ethereum and Tether instantly at the best rates with zero fees.

        Lots of awake Netizens are now buying Monero (XMR) via Local Monero which is absolutely brilliant. No KYC nonsense – ever!!
        Buy Monero. Sell Monero. Cash or online. Anywhere.

        What is Monero (XMR)

        Reddit: Monero (XMR)

        And don’t forget to check out the vibrant global Monero Marketplace Telegram Channel where you can buy goods & services with Monero (XMR). I hope to see something similar and private for SYSBMers so we can support each other:

        PS: To all SYSBMers….
        Don’t forget that YOU can bring your NON-Westernized feminine, family oriented snow bunnies to Africa where the weather is always nice, the fruits & veggies are not synthetic, and the scenery is diverse with lots of resources. Native African women don’t give a damn seeing a black man with a foreign woman since many urban black women are with foreign men here too. No big deal.
        The foreign diplomatic & NGO staff never seem to want to leave when they have to return back to their dying boring countries on rotation. You always hear the overpaid foreigners say, “but it’s so beautiful here.” They don’t have problems with black people unlike how niggas in the degenerate West have problems with Lord Euro’s plethora of white privileges. lol

  3. Who gave this old,broken down barge the Authority over Brothers?Who told her that she has the right to tell SINGLE Men with No Children they need to stay here in the USA and be happy with Black women here???I bet anything she’s living and has lived an Extremely Miserable,Boring life and doesn’t want anybody to have Peace,Joy and Happiness in their lives.Single Brothas with No Children have the right to get their Passports,travel and visit,vacation or even Relocate to whatever country,Island or continent they Damn well please.These are Grown Men who Deserve to Live their best lives and become the Absolute Best Versions of themselves.

    1. Robert,

      We always have to remember that in the minds of black women, a black man’s happiness is forbidden. Unless black women are in control of black men’s happiness they themselves won’t be happy or satisfied.

      I keep on stating that US black women view US black men as their slaves, commodities and assets, this is why you’ll get brazen, overweight, wrinkly old hags such as the above who’ll have no problems pressing record on a camera and rattling off premium garbage still believing they hold some weight and authority over black men.

  4. Verbs,

    I give you a shout out for mentioning my name on this topic.
    I had bring this up to the brothers here who lives in the America because there is a Social media war in the black community against brothers who got Passport.

    All these brothers has done who travel is they saved up during the pandemic.
    They travel abroad because they need to take time out after this whole of this Marshal Law they had (aka Lockdown) and they just want to take a break of fresh air.

    I agree with Micheal MisterTea who has deep knowledge and he lives in London. He mention that the dick police/hotep/simp/PUA alliance with Swirlers have this thing that this travelling is all about women and sex. What really bothers them is that if they learn language/cultures, the can get jobs there which create new network of friends and organically find a woman there. When they do they leave the shithole behind because they find a new life there.

    Most of these Brothers are not even thinking about women out there, there just want to chill.

    The woman hating on thinking brothers who got passports hate competition because they will lose to an average at best tradional woman.

    These haters need to put up and shut up.

    1. Sherrif X,

      The dating coaches and PUAs are losing business big time because more black men in the US are dumping the clean up man/settle for less mentality and demanding cleaner women, so the usual suspects have come out in typical fashion trying to insult, guilt trip and shame them out of seeking alternatives, this is exactly what black women do and these same guys have the nerve to call themselves “alphas”, smh.

      These PUAs and dating coaches have been generating a cool mint from low self confident, low self esteem and non self respecting black men for the longest, now the dynamics are rapidly changing however PUAs and dating coaches ought to be blaming black women for the shift because they’re the ones who are getting worse and as a result pushing black men in the direction of other, cleaner women.

      These guys who don’t travel outside of the US really don’t understand on a basic level just how much different black men are treated by foreign women, certain sects of white men have been blowing the trumpet on foreign women being a better option for many years and NOT ONCE have their fellow peers attempted to insult or shame them for it.

      In fact, white men will openly encourage their fellow brothers to get their passports and travel, it’s a normal, everyday practice for them. I really don’t understand black women and their pro black simp flunkies, they act as if sex isn’t a a requirement and a part of life.

      Of course black women openly use sex as a weapon against black men, however that same weapon becomes useless if more black men decide that they’ll seek out sex elsewhere which is exactly what’s happening.

      The black witch doesn’t want to lose control of her kingdom and thus forfeit her relevancy to Admiral Frost which is why she’s forming coalitions with PUAs, simps, dating coaches etc out of desperation in a last ditch effort trying to regain control of her crumbling empire.

  5. I’ve lived in UK my whole life and no one has ever tried to stop me from getting a passport to travel the world.

    This video is very strange behaviour to just automatically assume every single black man is behind child support payments in USA.

    I think more and more dating coaches and PUA’s will eventually start targetting SYSBM.

    If I was a black american man, I wouldn’t make a video online or mention to anyone offline about getting a passport.

    It is better to do things in silence.


    1. Witwijf,

      The Alliance war against BM getting Passport is only an American thing.

      Other countries espcially in the UK encorage you to travel.
      I am a UK myself and I have friends and family encourage me to travel.

    2. Witwijf,

      I personally believe what you’ve stated about US black men getting their passports and travelling in silence is a much better option, it’s quite strange and disturbing to see various groups of black folks disparaging black men who’ve chosen to get a passport and travel, this is a normal practice over here and anybody in the UK who doesn’t have a passport is looked upon as a weirdo.

      Yep, SYSBM should expect attacks from these same characters, coming soon to a street near you because we also promote freedom of movement as well as freedom of choice.

      The modern day US black female is a hyper socialist, narcissistic, communistic savage who doesn’t want black men exercising their options especially when as a result she is completely ousted from the equation.


  6. Thanks Sheriff for bring up the whole Manosphere/Feminist alliance against the US Passport Brothers on the open Mic Wednesday.

    Time for my Mouthful here:

    Lets start from the female on the video:
    She trying to say Passport Brothers leaving America because they are on Child Support.
    This reminds me of how these PUA/Dating Coaches bring up how Passport Brothers are leaving black community because they are blame for single mothers and also saying educated brothers are responsible for single mothers and the chaos of the black culture.
    Lets ask them how these educated lames are responsible for single mothers? We all know these 304s do not date educated lames or Passport Brothers, if they are not picked then who made them single mothers? Of course Thugs. But these PUA/Manosphere will never mention this as they want the smart brothers to be a clean up man.

    Lets make this clear. Educated brothers has got nothing to do with the community as they are outcast or not wanted there so no we are not responsible for the black communitahs’ mess.

    Lets get more deeper into this Manosphere/Alliance war against Passport Brothers:
    Now I have observed on the panel and Xanatos Clutch briefly mention this that now the Nigerian immigrant are now coming to the Manosphere panel talking shit about American brothers, calling them coward because the brothers are leaving the hood to find better lives. These are the same Nigerian immigrants talking shit who leave their country, their loves ones and family to build a new life in another country. He is saying that the American BM should stay in the community and fight and build the hood. By his logic, he should stay in Nigeria and fight against the tyrant and fix the hood instead of calling BM a coward.
    Unfortunately the video is gone. If I find it I would of send a link.

    I am telling you Verbs I do not understand this where you have a Nigerian teaming up with PUA/Coaches/Hoteps and BW with Swirlers are uniting together aganist Passport Brothers coming from.

    I wish David Carroll was here because he would say ‘This is like the Twilight Zone’ and ‘Not even Hollywood screen writers could not think of this, but only on Black Social Media’. Even Kevin Samuels say ‘You could not make this shit up.’

    I state this before and Sheriff X mention that this is about the Passport, this is all about women. Women, women, women, that is what its all about because the Passports Brothers winning the game without playing the game. Because they do not need to ‘fake it to make it’. They got this alliance because they are stuck in the shithole call the hood and they do not have the brains how to leave the hood.
    Calling Passport Brothers lame for what? Having options. Have no game? Don’t they learn about the ‘House Casino’? The only way to win the game is not to play it. That is what Passport Brother did.
    They did it in Real Life whist the alliance goes online talking shit all day going no-where.

    Finally, I know you did not mention Umar Johnson in this topic but I am going to put him in this because I know he is part of this alliance and since he keep on going on about the Snowbunny. I got something to tell Verbs and the SYSBM practitioners and this is going to be very interesting:
    He call himself ‘King Kong Consciousness’ which is his YouTube Channel nme, he need to be careful of the term King Kong because King King’s weakness is the Snowbunny, that is right, not BM’s weakness, but Hotep’s weakness.
    How do I know this?
    If you watch King Kong movies, it was not the plane that killed him, it was the snowbunny that killed. We saw the plane shot him down, but it was the snowbunny who lower his defences so the plane can shoot him down.
    One guy said ‘It wasn’t airplanes, it was the beauty killed the beast’.

    1. Michael,

      I heard about the Nigerian immigrant in the live panel talking about the communitah.

      I agree that this is not about BM who got passport. I observe that this is all about getting women and banging chicks, that is why the PUA and Dating Coach are mad.
      These BM travelling overseas are just chilling and relaxing, but this Dick police alliance made it into a women thing and so what if they meet women there so why are they tripping about what the BM does overseas.

      Also, how Umar call his channel, ‘King Kong Consciousness’. It kind of make sense about the King Kong analogy with the Pro-Black.
      This is the reason behind the term ‘Pro-Black on the Streets, Becky in the sheets’. David Carroll reference this.

    2. MMT,

      As a Nigerian born in the UK, sometimes it’s quite depressing and disturbing to hear other Nigerians speak. Nigeria is a wrecked and messy country, there is absolutely no way that I would attempt to shame or disparage any Nigerians who want to leave there for greener pastures, that would be a hyper retarded move on my part.

      I completely agree, any Nigerian who’s going to get on a panel and fix his/her mouth to tell US black men that they need to stay in “da communitah” and fix it needs to first set an example, return to Nigeria and begin fixing the country’s numerous problems including the highly corrupted government.

      Telling black men to stay and fight for the hood is ultra dumb rhetoric, remember that guy Ronald Moon Jr back in 2015 who wanted to convert his late father’s house into a community center but it kept getting broken into by Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey type Negroes? When he finally confronted these savages, what did they do to him:

      That Nigerian sounds like he’s been listening to too much Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, I remember Johnson suggested the same to another guy who called into a show and explained how he and his family had been shot at and almost killed by the same goons Gerbilface was recommending he remained behind for and helped.

      Look what happened to Nipsey Hussle, set up his businesses and tried to help “da communitah” but was gunned down in broad daylight by a Slim Sauce type goon. The common theme here is if you try to help the community, more often than not you could end up dead.

      There are too many cases of black men trying to help people within their community who don’t even want to help themselves and either ending up dead or seriously injured as a result. Nope, black men with sense and intelligence simply need to get their passports and not look back for anything, the so called black community is dead and black women were the ones who killed it.

      1. I remember what Umah Johnson said to the brother after he decide to leave the hood and when the guy heard that, Umah got verbal slapping and I agree with this.
        It is like saying to a person who left the country lest say seeking Asylum because this brother went through persecution, he witness killings, loves one got tortured to death and the community run by this corrupt child-raping leader. Then when he left the community, the last thing you hear is some Pro-Black calling you a coward and should stay where you are mind you, that person would be dead if he stay.

        Unfortunately, they will never learn from Ronald Moon and Nipsey Hustle incident.
        These pro-blacks think that these are isolated incident, no they were the target because they were helping the hood.

      2. Verbs2015,

        I found your comments about the Nigerian male who attacked US passport brothers, to be very interesting.

        This is just another example of black male simping. Likewise, the US born blue pilled simps and the hoteps who attack passport brothers are simpimg.

        These black males are trying to curry favor with the scraggle daggle sisterhood. This is the essence of what the black male simp does. He is so full of self loathing, and so invested in his scarcity mentality, that he is constantly looking for ways to score points with the scraggle daggle sisterhood, as well as ways to undermine other black males. In his fevered simp mind, he believes all black males are competing against him for his ‘precious’ scraggle daggles. What losers !!! did a study that found that US blacks, on average, have 75 percent West African bloodlines. Their ancesters come from the areas around Nigeria and Benin. So most likely I have about 75 percent Nigerian bloodlines in my background.

        This got me to thinking, because there are large East African populations in my city, as well as large West African populations. By East African I mean Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea. Maybe it is just my perception, but East African black males seem to have more self respect for themselves. They seem to operate more out of the principal of what is best for them as men. Their women can take it or leave it as far as they are comcerned. In general, the men from Ethiopia, Somalia, and Eritrea seem to have their manhood more intact than do West African black males.

        I’d like to know your thoughts on this.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          Your observation is indeed correct, East African men as a whole are much more grounded in their masculinity and manhood than those in the West, this is why the only women I would recommend getting with from the motherland are those from the countries you’ve mentioned above, Ethiopia, Eritrea and Somalia. In like manner because large swaths of West African men are all over the place and don’t have a clue, we can clearly see why their female counterparts have derailed to such an extent(weave/wig wearing, fake butt, fake nails, fake eyelashes and the worst of all skin bleaching). There are far fewer East African male simps than there are West African, an inconvenient, harsh truth but it’s a truth that cannot be disputed.

          1. And I would add, Verbs, that East Africans mostly look EAST for trade & commerce while West African feel the need to more gravitate West across the Atlantic towards America or France in Europe — perhaps due to shorter distances.

            The East (Dubai, Egypt, India, Turkey, Asia etc) are male dominated societies and the East African Swahili Indian Ocean Coast is supremely male dominated. So that loud ratchet feminist Nigerian Nollywood attitude won’t fly here. lol

  7. There were mention about females and simps get mad at how brothers talk about womens Body Count.
    Lets explain why Women’s body count matters:

    Body Count basically means how much sexy women have, the lower, the better and more sex they have, the higher count they have.

    Body count in females determines the Pairing Ratings when it comes to mating, choosing a potential partner.

    What these simps fail to understand the a women with high body count have less chance of Pair Bonding meaning these women are not just used up, but they lose the mating instinct which means when trying to look for a good man, they do not know what is a good man looks like or how deal with a good man when they find one. Also if they do find one, they do not know how to adapt to a good man because they are not use to it as they are use to bad boys and thugs.
    Accountable Commentary calls them the ‘Reach Back’ but they can only Reach Back to the simps.


    – Dr. Gerbilface


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Ask Dr Gerbilface, “where’s the boys academy at”? More Ls need to be delivered to his messy apartment.

  9. Right, the scarggle daggle said that black men have to pay back child support? Them kids ain’t theirs. Them scraggle daggles are giving jacket left, right and centre. Black men are looking for women outside the United Snakes of Amerikka because that they don’t wanna deal with a ghetto ratchet, ghetto gagging, scraggle daggle like that the spec savers wearing scragg. And the simps that are also coming after black men who has their passports. Do you know that these simps have never left the country yet? Not even once. I don’t wanna say anything about these dumb ass simps blud. I had enough with them. Now, the PUA’s. Let me tell you something. That shit is dying out now because these people who are taking up these pick up artist courses and paying for them, they now realise that it’s nothing but a scam. It looks like another war is upon us. It looks like these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles, the white beta males, simps and the PUA’s are goanna come after SYSBM. Its goanna get crazy. And I mean real crazy!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, simps, beta males and the PUA’s are coming after them.


  10. Stop the cap, lady! Don’t hide behind the baby mamas of the communitah to mask your own discomfort over seeing Black men leave for greener pastures in the relationship arena; be honest that you are upset to see the options in men that you and your ilk refused slip out of your grasp to be picked up by women who actually appreciate them. As for the child support thing, she brought that up to shame passport brothers, but she’s speaking to the wrong crowd. Also, how could they afford to travel if they’re on child support? Many men have had their funds depleted over child support! As for the PUAs and dating coaches, they’re speaking out against traveling because they’re selling game to inexperienced men to deal with the scraggle daggle stateside; also, many of these game dudes are on child support themselves, so they’re looking for men who are naive enough to be the clean up men for the broken females they’ve already dealt with. I may be blue collar, but there are no janitorial services provided over here! #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      Black women in the US never thought they’d see the day where a sizeable number of their male counterparts would throw in the towel on them and instead actively seek sex, love and companionship elsewhere, these modern day US black sirens are really behind the curve.

      They still wholeheartedly believe the old tricks, spells, witchcraft and sorcery are sufficient enough to keep black men locked into the plantation for life, for most maybe so, however as black women themselves continues to drift deeper into the sewer, such a degradation by itself will be enough to force even the most loyal simps to at least rethink their position.

  11. These Daggles & Maggles are in full panic mode right now! It’s like they’re making their last stand! It’s hilarious & pathetic to see so called grown men bitch up because they’re worried about the company another black man keeps. I even heard a dude was literally crying on a livestream because of black men exercising their options outside of the Communitah! As for these dating coaches they have joined the ranks of the Maggles to become modern day slave catchers. They’ll do & say anything to keep black men on the plantation so they can fleece their pockets & bleed them dry like the leeches they are!

    1. I saw that clip of the simp crying because brother has options, that was embarrassing.

    2. Val Zod,

      I want to see that clip you’re talking about myself. Yep, it’s all about keeping black men locked into the plantation until they hit the grave but more black men are choosing not going for such a raw deal anymore.

      PUAs, dating coaches, daggles and maggles are all in lockstep together trying their utmost to ensure that most black men remain steeped in simp/clean up man mode for life.

      It might have worked if black women gave them at least a little something in return, however because the black witch is so arrogant, blockheaded and stubborn, she’s effectively signed her own demise with the departure of her only protector. Oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

        1. Andy C,

          This has to be a joke, is this guy serious, lol? These types of female lead black males are all the same, they purposely overlook the black female and her dysfunctional behaviour but still expect black men to deal with her regardless, that’s not how it works, not over here anyway.

          1. No joke Verbs.
            I saw one similar, but this is the confirmed actual clip you are seeing.
            You see the madness on YouTube.

  12. This lady got me confused like hell. She’s tryna lurk all black men into one category, and it’s that bullshit black women stay doing. Why is it everytime that black women get on camera, they have something negative to say about black men? Like why? And since when does she have the authority to tell black men to stay here and deal with sorry ass women like her? Once again, I really don’t blame dudes for expanding their options because what we got here in America, No. I’m good on that because these women here in America do not know how to connect with somebody, and they inject that feminism, sexual liberation on themselves real heavy to the point where they gonna destroy humanity in the west big time. They are getting butthurt because dudes are traveling aboard, finding love aboard, but you know what, they should get butthurt. They should get upset and angry because maybe they need to start looking in the mirror and start asking themselves what the hell is wrong with them, and what are they doing that’s scaring men away to where they wanna A) Stay single, or B) Go other places to find love and happiness. American women, and western women too: What The Fuck Are You Doing? All that complaing and whining about these women can’t find no “good man,” man that’s their fault they can’t find no good man, because they thought the grass was greener on the other side, no look at them, confused and mad at the world for no fucking reason. Now for these PUA/Dating coaches, and these simps ass punks, they’re not helping the situation at all. Game this, Game that, quit with all that game shit because there’s no such thing as game. Them magic tricks, having that “mouthpiece,” “swag,” that ain’t gonna work on every woman you come across. What happened to being yourself? These dudes are nothing but frauds. Them, the black women, and simps raging war at Passport Bros, trust me, Passport Bros and SYSBM are gonna win at the end, no doubt. As for me, I already made plans to apply for a passport before 2022 ends. Once I get that passport in my hands, I’m gonna be happier than ever. No more American women for me. I’m not even trying to get into anything serious with them because they can’t choose right.

  13. Not a surprise to see YO MAMMA! cursing the day SYSBM showed it’s face and passport. Community minded socialists who can’t mind their own damn business continuing slavery-era breeding programs in 2022.

    Nobody can give an answer as to why brothers who have been shit upon should stay with a sista. Other than carrying out the same slavery era breeding program. See how programmed she is by Banker Fred and his footstool Rear Captain Ice Slush.

    As for the simps – your mother will never love you, neither will the daggle nor her thug babs. Wake up and smell the Stockholm syndrome.

    1. Michel,

      It is interesting you mention this.
      I remember on Facebook that someone mention this interesting question:
      “Why are we still debating about Interracial Dating in 2022?”
      Around Year 2000, we become more diverse and other cultures overcome the barrier and move one, yet you have these Simps and dick police wants to still talk about it at this year, even they voter for liberals and liberals are pro-diverse.

      1. Same with the slavery narrative black women keep resurfacing in front of white folks. Can’t we just heal out own traumas as a group in silence without constantly digging at the wounds? She be constantly appealing to Field Marshal Sugar Cane to recognise our pain us but the real appeal is to stop the black men from dating out.

  14. Ya’ll over here already know my Exodus story from woke degenerate Western Blackistan society. My my, how time flies – 15 YEARS! So that makes me a Passport Brother connoisseur. And just like Lot in the Bible, I never looked back at the “woke” ratchet Sodom & Gomorrah West which is seriously falling apart at the seams left, right & center (pun intended). lol

    Who would’ve thought the superior Anglo braindead sheep would allow their developed societies to be hijacked by a bunch of “dual citizen” chosenite Ziostanis? Fcukin retards!
    Now imagine the mass lynchings if the Chosenites or the mRNA “safe and effective” vaxx drug pushers were (gasp!) BLAAACK? Good lords, the carnage.

    If I were to go East, I’d go to Vietnam first. I hear they’re benefiting from Western China-based manufacturers relocating there as a hedge against King Yuan.

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