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Another Delusional Black Female! #SHORTS


These delusional black sirens just make my job too easy. Here we have yet another mentally unstable black female who feels that women are stronger than men…….at what exactly? Do you see how the advent of social media has turned the mentalities of so many women completely upside down upon their heads?

Yep, here we have a typical black female, weave, fake nails and fake eyelash wearing, tatted up single mother of 3 children. These are the females who the “black love” pundits want free thinking brothers to swoop down and scoop up from their pending fate, smh.

These are the chicks many of these elder Gen X black men want to hook you up with in their efforts trying to save “da communitah” which we already know is irredeemable. They would include the likes of Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson, Obsidian Media Network(the former voice of the everyday brother), the late fruit Kevin Samuels, the black female muddy bootlicker Willie D and Rap Raven of the Black Betterment Broadcast.

The reason why I continue to go in on these elder Gen X black men is because everytime you turn a damn corner, there’s always one trying to sell the younger generations down the river or attempting to get them to perform clean up services on behalf of a raggedy, tatted up, weave/wig wearing single mother or a low quality black female in general.

Anyway, back to the matter at hand, this black female doesn’t have the strength to deal with her own hair, hence why she’s weaved up, she also can’t handle looking at her own face, hence the fake eyelashes and the face full of makeup which you can see she takes to the extreme on her Instagram page.

Many Western women have become so out of touch with reality, the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media has gotten their heads ultra gassed up to the point where they believe they can do things they can’t and believe they are better than men at most things when they’re clearly not.

Black men are the one group on the planet that have suffered the most, much more than their female counterparts and we’re still going strong. If black women weren’t being coddled and protected by the State, they would’ve given up the ghost a long time ago.

A black witch could never make the claim that black women are stronger than black men mentally as I don’t see black men out here wearing weaves/wigs, fake eyebrows, fake nails, heavy makeup, fake eyelashes etc lining the pockets of the East Asian community. Attempting to mask your natural looks is a clear sign of weakness and insecurity.

Finally, here is a video that some of you may have seen floating about on Youtube where women go up against men and lose horribly on every front. Men ARE STRONGER THAN WOMEN period, never allow these disjointed male wannabe females to persuade you otherwise:

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

Social Media Is One Hell Of A Drug

Most High Bless

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19 thoughts on “Another Delusional Black Female! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Men will always be stronger than women because that’s how God made us physically. Black women are the weakest women on the planet because they are always looking fake from head to toe. Even the weakest man is stronger than the strongest woman. Feminism has these modern day women heads gassed up because it tells that they are stronger than a man so therefore these women become so delusional.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro. Men have been holding back on women for the longest, if we cut loose they’d quickly see just how weak they truly are against us. Social media has really gotten these women locked into a trance to where they now believe they’re super heroes and can do anything men can do, smh.

  2. Unfortunately this is the results of Matriarchy/Feminism and Liberalism. That is why they think they are physically strong.
    You see many videos that BW always challenging BM masculinity. As soon as he BM hits back now she is a women. then you have simps come to the rescue say she was a lady.

    Ask these simps the question and I wait:
    What she a women before she hits the guy or after he hit back? Exactly.

    I will say something about Gen X elderly men since you want to mention this.
    I observer this for may years since I was a kid. I do not know what the brothers think on this:

    In the UK I know some elderly BM get jealous of younger cats, but they realise that at the time there were patriarchy but they are not like that anymore. However those elderly Black UK men teach their younger cats to better themselves and they give them what they have to improve their quality of life. I do not say about them because they acknowledge about the dating scene in the present day as we have more diversity and they do bot push into this black love because of the modern women we deal with. Also many decades ago women are more on the BM’s programme, but now they are not.

    American in the other hand, Akwesi and Minister Jap mention this few times that Elderly men in the US have this deep envy towards younger cats, hating on the fact they have have more opportunities and options is the dating scene. What they fail to understand that those Black Traditional days are long gone and we do not live in those times.
    You even made a topic about this Elderly Simp/pimp who trying to gassing up the young bros because the young bros are not dealing with the modern BW.

    This is the same guy who is the reform Pookie who turns a loving wife material BW into a single mother hoes. I say that ‘Loving Wife material’ for a reason.
    This is because some of these BW were destine to be a wife and have a family, but you have guys like him (Shahid Wiggins) who use game/sway and pump/dump these females and made them single mothers. Mind you the women did not pick thugs, she was looking for a good man, but these tricksters turn these BW into scraggle daggle.
    What made and insult to brothers is he expect these young brothers to be a clean up man for this guy’s mess.

    I tell you something Verbs, what is really is that these elder simps are Loyal Liberals because they do not have go through this bullshit economy what the young cats are going through anymore because they are retired. Such as War, Covid and prices going high. Even dating are super rigged and where you BW think they worth premium and if you disagree with BW’s premium, you are label a ‘broke dusty’.

    1. MMT,

      Black women already being at the bottom of the dating market and having the highest amount of debt are the last ones who should be calling anyone broke and dusty. Black women ran what little quality they had straight into the sewers via their own hands, they expect black men to take them onboard in their decrepit state and fortunately for them there are hoards of blue pilled, black male simps who are willing and ready to take on the defective goods.

      Akwesi and Jap though they’re right about elder blacks being jealous of the younger bucks still choose to deal with these daggles, for some reason when it comes down to dealing with the angry and bitter black sisterhood, they simply cannot break free, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. As I stated before, most black men sadly don’t have the required mindset to deal with non black women.

      As for the failed religion of feminism, for the most part its rein stops at Western shores, countries that continue to hold onto patriarchal standards will keep feminism as a whole at bay(which is a very good thing). As I’ve stated before, an economic collapse will quickly show these “strong and independent” Western harriets that they’re not so strong and independent after all, watch this space.

  3. These broads think because they have deep ass voices, can grow facial hair, & are masculine as fuck that makes them stronger than men. Actually it’s the reason why the B-Dub is always getting the beaters put on her by men from other cultures. When these broads try to take that macho bullshit/black girl magic over the fence & jump in a non black man’s face popping shit those dudes won’t hesitate to rock the B-Dub’s snot box! That’s when they come back to the black man & try to have him go on a send-off mission! This is why you should avoid these monstrosities at all costs!

    1. Val Zod,

      It’s no accident that black women are portrayed the way that they are in the media, they truly believe that others around them aren’t observing their hyper masculine mannerisms and taking notes.

      All the best to the simps who force themselves to stick by and deal with a group of women who are ultra combative, rebellious, belligerent, violent, aggressive and overall destructive.

      As you’ve pointed out, non black men won’t accept any slackness from the black witch, they will not hesitate to clock a black female upside her weave covered head if she falls out of line.

      1. No doubt! Black women are the real life version of the story the Emporer’s New Clothes.

  4. All negress females have always had higher testosterone than all other races of women.

    I believe god created black females as punishment to the world because of sins.

    Men in general have always been physically stronger than women.

    Most men in general are weak minded and losing masculinity in feminised environments.

    The only women in the west who are really strong mentally are those who reject feminism and want to be traditional.

    Men who are strong minded need strong traditional women.

    SYSBM is for the few, not many on earth.

    There are many traditional women on earth but they are a minority in the west and they need us.


    1. Witwijf,

      I wouldn’t say that the Most High created black women as a punishment to the world, however I would say that black women clearly are the most willing to follow the devil’s instructions as opposed to other races of women, this is why I refer to them as the Devil’s righthand henchwomen.

      Black women really don’t understand just how unattractive their masculine demeanour makes them look because the hoards of simps they’ve created of course refuse to pull them up and check them on their bad behaviour and dysfunction.

      Any women who celebrate feminism as well as being “strong and independent” must be rejected at all costs, men have the power to set the standards high again like they were once upon a time, those black men with sense and intelligence already know what they must do.


  5. The only strong women I have ever seen are women who understand their femininity, embrace their femininity, and strive to be the best feminine woman they can be.

    The problem with women in the US, UK, and Canada, is that the popular culture confuses them. Hell, it confuses the males. Its so bad that you have the males arguing that gender is some sort of social construct. That’s what the LGBTQ people say.

    Hell, you have men who claim to be intelligent and educated, arguing that people with male testicles and 13 icnch schlongs are biological females. That they should use the same restrooms as little girls, that they should compete in the Olympic against biological women.

    It is no surprise that the daggle is confused by all this. But honestly, this type of confusion goes beyond the daggle and the black male simp.

    But, the relationship pathology that exists between the black scraggle daggle and the black male simp is something unique to Blackistan. As many on this forum have stated, the power dynamics and the relationship dynamics between the daggle and the black male simp have been carefully engineered and constructed by General Blizzard. General Blizzard does this so that the daggle can be the overseer in da communitah, reporting back to him, while keeping her foot on the neck of the black male simp.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I’m glad that you keep pointing out the women in the UK because for some strange reason, some men in the US believe they can find a decent woman over here with ease, it doesn’t register with them that the UK is still part of Western society and thus will exhibit the same problems as they’re facing State side.

      The gender confusion Kansas City shuffle only stretches as far as Western shores, many of these LGBTQP Alphabet squads have gotten a serious rude awakening when they’ve tried to either promote or claim their feminist rooted rights in non westernised countries.

      These blue pilled, pro black simps will always be the black female’s buffer squadron giving her the adequate room she requires to continue her works of evil and destruction against black society unchallenged, this is why black men who have their heads screwed on straight must abandon “da communitah”, never look back and never allow themselves to be shamed, mocked and ridiculed into returning.

  6. Dr Umar sez:


    Dr Umar GerbilFace in typical neo-communist style is forever preaching blek luv but flying out to Japan and seeking out Persian girls for incense (!)

    Most of the Gen X crew are now staring at the abyss and want the warm comfort of a battleaxe ol’ daggle. The more severe their childhood upbringing the more they’ll want to cling onto familiarity. That’s why they try to hook up yung bluds with these single mothers. They stuck and want you to be stuck with them. Considering Kevin the Fruit also met his maker from the vaxx that will add to the impetus of “saving the race and saving da communiteh”. Fuck that.

    Hey, GerbilFace, WHERE THE SCHOOL AT, NIGHA?

    1. Michel,

      Gerbilface loves talking about other things especially what other black men are doing with their family jewels as a distraction from the fact that he’s still yet to manifest his boys academy. Too many elder Gen X black men are lost, they made bad decisions, ploughed their way deep into oblivion and now they want the younger bucks to join them in pain and misery instead of educating them on how not to end up in Hell, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      As for Kevin Samuels and the jab, you notice how nobody wants to talk about that, everything else but the death shot was responsible for his death even though the symptoms he complained about shortly before he died line up with other folks who’ve suffered similar and died shortly after taking that injection. People are scared, if they accept that Samuels died from the Covid jab, they then have to face the possibility that they could go out in a similar fashion if they took it as well, too much heavy information for many to process honestly.

  7. The Delusional of Black females gets worse and worse all the time.What we have here with these women is “The Monkey See,Monkey Do”Syndrome which has permeated the hearts and minds of these Goofy Ass women for the longest time.Everything they see us do,they think they can do it better.Their bodies were designed differently by Our Creator.These Low grade,low level,low vibrational females want to act like and be Men when they feel it serves their purpose and jump back to being women if they haven’t gone too far on the Masculine side when We show them who’s REALLY the Boss and we’ll in CONTROL.

  8. Delusion and the modern Black female are synonymous with each other. Standard factory equipment.


  9. What exactly are women going through that is so tough for men? She has nothing to give for her reasoning; notice how she paused while slewing this industrial grade nonsense. This faux women’s empowerment has these brauds’ heads gassed up more than a diesel truck during a gas crisis; I can remember how emotionally trainwrecked these women became when Donald Trump won the 2016 election, or how they lost when it was merely LEAKED that Roe v. Wade was going to be overturned. Modern women are only as “strong” as their men allow them to be.

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