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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


This is NOT the way to do it, this knucklehead had a decent looking Becky who clearly understands how to conduct herself in public spaces, of course being the Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey character that he is, he ruined the relationship because he wanted to retain his “ghetto” ways and instead went and picked up a hoodrat with an attitude as well as ridiculous coloured hair.

She allowed the guy to purchase furniture for his empty apartment which was decent of her, however in true maggle fashion, he took advantage of the women and didn’t show any appreciation for the good deeds she wrought for him, smh.

The above is NOT SYSBM, you don’t walk away from the modern day black female only to get with a mixed or non black woman who acts in exactly the same manner as the dysfunctional black females you abandoned. Daggles are daggles no matter what their ethnicity.

The above illustrates why SYSBM in its true form is only for a minuscule number of black men as most unfortunately still hold to the believe that they’re obligated to get with a woman who is a replica of their dysfunctional black mothers.

There are quite a few black male simps lurking around in these black digital spaces who openly rail against SYSBM because they’re exactly like Tyler Nickols above in that some may have tried dealing with other races of women but because they were unable to purge the “hood” out of their character and uphold some reasonable standards, those relationships ultimately failed.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Blackistan males need to stay away from all white traditional women.

    If they want to date out, it would be better for them to date white feminist women or date their negress females.

    Most black males don’t have the mindset to change their ways.

    1. Witwijf,

      I couldn’t have said it better myself, maggles need to deal with liberal women, those types of females are right up their street.

  2. This reminds me of a story. Madbusdriver mention few times on live stream the origins of SYSBM and this originally from Tommy Sotomayor and Lana. This is how Madbusdriver founded SYSBM.

    I will explain to the SYSBM brethren here who is Lana.

    Many years ago when Tommy goes hard on BW he hired his personal chef name Lana, she is a Russian chef who helps out Tommy. Throughout the time, Tommy and Lana become a couple.

    The reason there was hate on Tommy when he was with Lana because the brothers who are ghetto minded never experience and use to normal/cultural women who are traditional or wife material. Because there are use to ratchet, masculine, bitter, anti-male BWs which are part out black culture’s environment.

    Once you expose to the traditional women you start to experience respect and appreciation, something brothers never experience. Your mind start to change for the better once you deal with traditional women.

    Unfortunately Tommy is so stuck with male simp haters, he can never escape the hood/ghetto mindset which cost time big time. Still getting channel flagged and still dealing with bottom of the barrel weave hoes.

    I watched the whole thing from the start and learned from it. As so as Madbusdriver. Madbus mention when he met a Russian women he also learn from Tommy and people like me and him learn to slowly remove the slave plantation mind. To decontaminate your mind, it does take a long time but it take will power and lots of Red Pill to do so.
    Phil Scott, the Advise Show (now called Africa Diaspora Network) did the same thing when he had the hood mindset with Tommy, as soon as he met a Hispanic wife, he also left the plantation mindset behind and his channel is flourished. He may not agree with SYSBM but he is one of the testimony when you remove the take the hood out of your mind.

    This video you show Verbs is an example that most males cannot escape the emotional plantation, they will destroy their happiness with Becky and go back to the liberal BW. These men will live to regret it when they get screwed over by these trifling females

    I do agree with Witwijf about the Blackistan males need to stay away from traditional females because they do not know how to deal with these women.
    This also goes to PUA and manosphere members because they keep on go on about how all women are hypergamy and bring Westernise mindset game and swag in other countries like Thailand and Philippines where this game/sway are not required there. These manosphere men are not even husband material to these traditional women anyway.

    Verbs stated the longest that SYSBM are for the few, not the many, also to have options brothers need to change the environment emotionally to do so.

    1. Michael,

      Interesting how you mention about these men like Tommy who still have the hood mindset.

      General Tito said “You may get out of the Matrix, but the Matrix got hold of you”.
      Basically mean ‘You are physically free, but you are still mentally a slave’.

      This goes towards BW who are educated, they think they are better because they out of the hood, but they still have ghetto mindset regardless of education.

    2. MMT,

      Sotomayor had a chance to break free from the plantation with Lana, however his desire to show Lana off put her in a vulnerable position and it didn’t take long for these black sirens as well as their pro black simp flunkies to begin digging into her life, doxxing and exposing personal information.

      Black women as a whole are top notch professionals when it comes down to either remaining single or ruining already established relationships. Sotomayor knowing how most black women are should’ve kept that particular relationship on the hush, it may have stood a better chance of survival but with Sotomayor’s hood mentality, who knows, maybe not.

      It’s always the same playbook with the black witch, like the slave master ensure that all black men fall in line with the feminist, gynocentric program. SYSBM poses a very serious problem to the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure because unlike other black male groups, we don’t seek to negotiate, reconcile or horse trade with black women on any level.

      1. I agree with you about the Lana situation at the time.
        Tommy could of slowly change his mindset to make it better and kept Lana as low profile as possible. But he so many pro-black enemies, especially the beginning of the dick police, I remember Lana got doxxed a lot because these so called pro black haters not just doxing Tommy but they say that they will dox anyone around Tommy’s social circle, especially his friends, families and loved ones.

        Lana did the smart move by dumping him for a better man because Tommy messed up big time and she had to get out of the toxic hood environment Tommy is in.

        The reason why there are hate towards SYSBM because BM are learning to be emotionally and spiritually free and these Black Feminist hate that.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    That slim sauce black man is a fucking idiot for treating his good white girlfriend like shit and getting with a hoodrat non black woman. He obviously wasn’t practicing the SYSBM lifestyle because true SYSBM black men don’t do that shit. I am a true SYSBM black man because I refuse to date hoodrat women no matter what race they are because I have high standards for myself in the non black women that I am looking to date/get into a relationship with.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      SYSBM was established as a response to the gynocentric hellhole that is called black society and the dysfunction black witch who rules over the same, it makes absolutely no sense to walk away from black women because of their degenerate dispositions only to hook up with a mixed or non black female hoodrat who holds to the same mentality. As the saying goes, some folks can’t recognise a good thing even if it slaps them in the face, Slim Sauce above is definitely one of those characters.

    1. Jon,

      You said something very though provoking about fighting for the country who does not respect you.

      This is because Muhammed Ali said the same thing about Vietnam, even he would not fight due to moral reasons, however he mention about he had no beef with Vietnam which is spot on. But the Americans expect him to fight for America whilst he went through Racial oppression.

      I remember those white and the pro-black liberals calling him a coward for not fighting for his country.

      Lets ask these hoteps and liberals a simple question:
      ‘Why should I fight for and represent a country who have no respect for me or hate me for my existence?’ Exactly.

      The would say that he would do Celebrity stuff at Vietnam. No Muhammed Ali want no part of it.

  4. So the guy had a good woman, a white woman who everything for him and he ruined it. Right, you see there are some black men cannot be with non black women because they can’t get out of that ghetto mentality. I know that the man will never get that kind of woman ever again. No chance blud! I do mind women buying me things like what the white woman bought the guy because I rather buy them stuff myself but it was nice off her buying something for him or some things, you get me? Here this. Only two girls bought me food. Only two girls but they didn’t buy me any gifts which I don’t mind. All my exes haven’t bought me anything? Not one flipping thing Verbs. Not a packet of crisp! Might do an article on Friday.

    Anyway, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times.


  5. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Have any of you noticed Andrew Tate’s name trending online? For those who don’t know who he is, Tate is an American-British influencer who is a former kickboxer, an ex Big Brother star, and is the son of American chess player Emory Andrew Tate II; Tate is also a controversial figure who now has rape and domestic abuse charities calling on TikTok to remove his videos from their platform for spreading ‘misogynistic’ ‘rape culture’ content. Click the link to read more:

    Now, I don’t watch any TikTok influencers, let alone Andrew Tate, but I have seen snippets of his content on pages that are Red pill centered; he may be extreme in some of his views, but I won’t deny that he does have some great content that injects some much needed masculinity into the influencer sphere. What I also respect about him is his unapologetic attitude; I’m not sure what events in his life led him down this path, but these liberal lunatics are now trying their damnedest to cast him in a negative light, which will only make him more appealing to his Red pill audience if you ask me. Shoot, I feel like looking for more Andrew Tate clips on YouTube just talking about him! Anyhow, share your thoughts on this current fiasco.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      You know what’s funny, Tate doesn’t even have a TikTok account, it’s other people sharing his videos and clips to the platform, lol. The guy said he was going to take over the internet and he’s done just that, there isn’t anywhere on the net that Andrew Tate hasn’t permeated. Though there are a few things he says that I don’t particularly agree with(having multiple women is the main one), I personally have no problems with him and like yourself am glad that he’s injected a new, much needed industrial strength dose of masculinity back into Western society which is suffering from a severe drought of masculine men.

      Of course the new age, woke feminists and modern day women don’t like him one bit because their agenda is the complete opposite, to strip men as a collective of what little masculinity they have left and subsequently to place their feet on men’s necks. As Tate said, he cannot be cancelled, he’s not employed by anybody else, a self made multi millionaire who speaks the raw truth and doesn’t care who feels their feelings have been hurt.

      You should check out his Tate Speech channel, one of the main things I like about Tate is he’s unapologetically prioritising, supporting and standing in the corner of MEN, in these black digital spaces especially we’ve already seen black men claim to be standing in the corner of the everyday brothers only to flip the script and turncoat down the pike. Tate is the testosterone kick up the backside a lot of men needed in order to get into gear and see the world as well as these woke, entitled modern day women for the cancer and the pestilence that they truly are.

      Anybody who comes along and attempts to empower men is going to to be met with some serious resistance from the liberal camp, I’ve seen these new age women losing their minds over short video clips of Tate hammering RP truth. Sadly I’ve also seen some men who I thought were decent individuals come out against Tate(Aba and Preach) for no reason other than the fact that he’s not afraid to say the things they won’t just so that they can continue receiving their YouTube cheques.

      Tate cannot be cancelled, he’s here to stay and things are only going to get even more heated and volatile as more men begin rejecting the gynocentric, feminist mantra that has been relentless rammed down our throats for the last 60 years.

      1. The never ending social media influencer circle with Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson, Kevin Samuels and red pill weirdos before him.

        My simple question is who elected Tate to be the new spokesperson for men on YouTube?

        1. Michel,

          The most important thing is to have your own base established first as these guys will come and go. I appreciate the kind gesture of those who are brave enough and willing to take a stand in order to declare the truth raw and undiluted in a climate where we’re all being subjected to leftist woke garbage on the daily. Understand that when the mainstream media properly catches wind of SYSBM, in like manner we’ll also be labelled as a bunch of right wing, racist, extremist weirdos, remember the fake academic Aaron Fountain has already greased those skids. Speaking of which I see Fountain Top is looking to make some sort of comeback, smh:

          1. So that “new job” didn’t last too long then? Fake Academic Fountain found the fire in his belly after all to go after us. Oh well, time to light up his dumb ass.

              1. Careful Verbs, I think Aaron is planning on coming back on Revenge mode. He may not go after SYSBM, but he is planning declaring war on Passport Bros. At least he is not touching Travelling Brothers because unlike Passport Bros, Travelling Bros do not play. He is going after Hispanic Red-Pillers.

                Speaking on Passport Brothers, there is a new war coming. Good thing that SYSBM is not part of this.
                There are recent that Manosphere/PUA/Dating Coaches and Fake Red-Pill are forming an alliances to take on any Black American Brothers who now got Passport and raging war against the Passport Brothers.

                I was thinking myself as a British guy, why on Earth these alliances are worrying about BM who travel. I know the answer but it is a waste of time as we got more important things in life than some making videos about BM in America who goes around outside of the country.

                Verbs, Type in the search ‘Passport Bros’ on Youtube and you see some recent videos on PUA/Dating Coaches having an alliance and panel with BW debating about BM who travel.

                1. Sherrif X,

                  If the fake academic Aaron Fountain Top knows what’s good for him, he would do well to steer clear of SYSBM because we’ve got more than enough smoke and won’t hesitate to fire cannons straight to his chest. Travelling Bros will bury Clowntain as well even though I’m sure his audience of retarded pro black flunkies can’t wait for his return. 1 Master Teacher being a Travelling Brother himself most certainly will not tolerate any slander of the group.

                  I’ve also been noticing the recent frequent heavy attacks on Black American men who’ve chosen to get their passports and travel by black women as well as the PUA/Dating Coach arena. This is to be expected because dating coaches and pick up artists specialise in equipping men with the appropriate magic tricks and special techniques they’ll require in order to interact and intermingle with dysfunctional, dirty western women.

                  As I’ve stated before, more black men in the US are beginning to realise the extremely raw deal they’ve locked themselves into dealing with these dysfunctional black harpies and word is quickly spreading regarding how much better women in non Westernised countries treat brothers(with plenty of receipts en tow). These dating coaches and PUAs are losing potential clients and of course they’re not happy about it.

                  I’ve even seen black dating coaches waging war on black men who say that body count matters(which in terms of a long term relationship it most certainly does). More black men upping their standards only to a reasonable level is causing huge problems in the dating coach/PUA as unfortunately most black men in the US are blue pilled simps and thus can be looked upon as a fallback option by undesirable women of all races.

                  However, more US black men are beginning to break the spell, snap out of the simp/clean up man mode trance and realise that they deserve more and can do much better for themselves, good for them but not good news for dating coaches and PUAs. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

                  Don’t count SYSBM out of the war just yet because we also promote and encourage black men to get their passports and travel in addition to seeking out QUALITY WOMEN as the standard, I’m sure at some stage in the near future we’ll also be in the crosshairs of those dating coaches and PUAs who are losing significant revenue because of our message.

                  1. Verbs and Sheriff X,

                    I have this theory about why this war against Passport Brothers is more common:
                    I think because during the pandemic (we still in, but no more lockdown and things are normal), these PUA and the manosphere were cheering that the Passport Brothers are no more and they were broke because of the Covid Restrictions such as you cannot travel.

                    What they fail the realise that some brothers who were blue collars at the time were as known as ‘Essentials’ meaning they still work and make money during the lockdown whist 80% population had to shut down business and stay home (Marshall Law). When blue Collar brothers work during lockdown, they had a plan and save up their money, it will me a matter of time that when the lockdown is finish and back to normal, they had enough money to get Passport and travel.

                    Another thing the Manosphere and dick police did not observe as they focus on hating thinking brothers online that they had and strategical plan as they think and learn from the Covid Pandemic.

                    Point I am saying that they assume that the SYSBM are crying because of travel restrictions. No. In reality the brothers were off the internet and plan ahead during the lockdown, saving up money in real life.

                    The thinking brothers were watching Social Media during the lockdown and these manosphere/PUA or Dating Coaches had no idea what the thinking brothers were thinking until too late. That is why they are at war against the Passport Brothers.

                    Another thing the reason why PUA and Dating Coaches have a problem with BM who travel:
                    Because they all make this assumption that travelling is all about women and that is what is all about, Women.
                    Most men who travels to another country go for vacation, relax, become cultural and spiritual minded, heal and get counselling (healing as getting out of the western country). These guys are not even thinking about women over there.

                    Even SYSBM stated that brothers can travel the have options. Options meaning find opportunities, language, network of friends. Having a woman is part of the perk. But unfortunately the dick police PUA in their mind that brothers travel because of women.

                    Also the Passport brothers are a threat because the PUA and Dating Coaches losing money when brother meet new friends, especially women in another country because you do need this ‘Game’, ‘Swag’ or this Western Techniques to attract women, women can either like you or not by simply being yourself.
                    Another reason why these Manosphere PUA/Coaches saying ‘all women are the same regardless where you go’ because these are the same men who travel meet women at Tourist Areas at the club and Red Light District. Like the thinking brothers are going to date Bar girls or Sex workers overseas like they do. These guys never met a traditional women because they are use to this ‘Western PUA’ mindset so these foreign women will spot this easily and they do like men like that so they only attract women who work in strip clubs over there.

      2. Verbs,

        I have seen Aba & Preach’s videos on Andrew Tate, but I’m not surprised because they went after Fresh & Fit when they made that video about why they don’t date dark girls; here’s another video I came across as I was pondering the Andrew Tate phenomenon we now see online:

        This is the same show where some blue pilled maggle called in and tried to portray Kevin Samuels as some pipeline to more extreme right wing content; now, they’re doing the same thing with Andrew Tate!

        1. Blue Collar Trevor,

          Take note of everything that was said in that video, once the mainstream media properly catch wind of SYSBM, all of the talking points mentioned that The Majority Report used against Andrew Tate and others WILL definitely be used against SYSBM practitioners, you can take that to the bank. The elite using the leftist propaganda machine don’t want raw, unfiltered, full strength masculinity being brought back as they’ve spent the last 20 years watering down and erasing any semblance of true manhood(deliberately of course) as much as they can.

          It is the standard procedure of the Left to label any men who wish to re-establish traditional gender roles as well as the solid nuclear family as “right wing, misogynist, extremists, incels” etc. I was disgusted watching the above video and looking at those two emasculated, soya milk guzzling court jesters at the mixing desk speaking like a bunch of true effeminised softies and that liberal witch behind the microphone was loving every minute of it.

          This is the unfortunate and decadent climate we now live in, liberal women and their blue pilled, soy boy, yellow bellied flunkies have taken over and they want to ensure that manly men never rise again to reclaim the throne of masculinity and manhood ever. However, as I’ve stated before, nature has a habit of resetting itself, these lefties know this and are fighting tooth and nail trying their utmost to disrupt the recalibration process.

  6. I’ve said it a million times. Just about every daggle is mentally disturbed, and most black males are simps. They are maggles. As a group, the simps might be slightly less mentally disturbed than the daggle, but only slightly.

    This is why most black males can’t see the value in traditional womanhood. They are conditioned to view the weaved up, overly made up, too tight clothes wearing, big boned, big booty, bad attitude, nyphomaniac daggle Jezebel, as the phenotype of perfect womanhood.

    In the US there is a weird black guy named Typer Perry who puts out blacksploitation movies, one after another. His genre is much like a US version of Nollywood.

    All his movies have the same theme. The men are all overly buffed out black male simps. The women are all overly made up, weaved up, tight clothes wearing Jezebels who out smart the black male simps. They all live in mansions and drive $100,000.00 automobiles. His movies incorporate every racial stereotype about black people, and every fantasy of the degenerate Hip Hip Rapper culture, while portraying it as everyday life for black people.

    Most blacks in America totally buy into this fantasy, even though the reality of their everyday lives bear no resemblance to this. Black males still endure the greatest employment discrimination of any demographic in America, while the daggles fare only slightly better.

    Tyler Perry makes money head over heels, putting out this garbage. General Blizzard loves him and has made him into a Pied Piper of black youth. This is much like when General Blizzard made Oprah Winfrey a Pied Piper of black females in the 80s and 90s. They serve as gate keepers for General Blizzard, keeping impressionable black youth firmly locked in the plantation mindset of Blackistan.

    So many of the delusional daggles who called into Kevin Samuels sounded like they got their ideas straight out of a Tyler Perry movie. So many of the black maggles walking around today aspire to be just like the simps in his movies, and dream of the black Jezebel phenotypes in his movies as the ideal woman.

    1. Just like the monkey business scam, this will also fail to get traction. Do I know anyone with the monkey flu? Nope.

  7. Brothers:

    What’s your opinion on workplace wokeism? If a company you work for made you wear a rainbow shirt, or force you to do online diversity training, would you go through with it, or kick up a fuss?

    Personally, I would refuse to wear rainbow anything, in the same way I would refuse to wear masks or be patronised about how racism works in society by people whose never experienced societal ostracism. Then again making a stand against the pyschotic collective costs money.

    What do y’all think?

    1. As for the rainbow I wouldn’t just say your culture doesn’t allow for it or ignore. It’s funny I bet you if someone was Muslim they wouldn’t try to make them wear rainbow clothing. They just not to.

      As for online diversity training, as long as they’re paying for my time or during working day not fussed. If they expect me to do it in my own time then it’s a no. Just ignore it and when you have a meeting with the manager or someone senior. Say you have other commitments like volunteering for example.

      I’m pretty strict when it comes to work/life balance. I adhere to it, no work related business in my personal time.

  8. A black veteran was killed in prison in Hull a good decade ago and got off. Same old shit. Police can claim to be inclusive all they like, football stars can kneel on the ground every Saturday and yet shit like this keeps happening.

    Just accept that Britain has a racist culture and act accordingly.

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