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They’re Not “OUR” Women! #SHORTS


I think it’s long overdue for black women to begin suffering at the hands of dodgy police at the same rates as black men. These disjointed dark heifers sound like your usual divestment cronies trying their utmost to appeal to their white lord and saviour General Sleet who really isn’t interested in them past busting a nut and ensuring these same black females continue to destroy their own community.

Black women are really that dumb out here, they honestly believe that continually throwing black men under the bus will somehow gain them more favour amongst white men and extra brownie points, however as I’ve stated many times before, black women simply don’t understand the relationship dynamic between themselves and Major Frost.

The black female is the white man’s flunky, he views her as a useful idiot who continues to carry out his bidding concerning the ongoing destruction of black society. White men in reality are disgusted at what they are seeing regarding black women turning on black men as well as their own people, thus they know that these black females are NOT a loyal race of women at all, hence why in the overwhelming majority of circumstances, the most black women will ever experience from white men(if given the opportunity) is being bent over a couch.

White men wisely keep black women way out on the outer perimeter because they cannot be trusted. What’s even more disappointing is there are so many black men who still choose to deal with these women no matter what vile and nasty statements they make against them, smh.

There are too many stupid black men out here believing they can still forge a solid confederacy with a group of females who each and everyday make it abundantly clear that THEY DON’T LIKE YOU. You heard those wenches, they get turned on whenever they see black men getting their heads bashed in by the police.

Don’t get it twisted, it isn’t only the divestment flunkies who feel this way, in reality most black women salivate whenever black men are being accosted and roughed up by the boys in blue and you’ve got so many black men out here who still believe black women can be trusted despite their atrocious and continual track record of betrayal.

The fact that the witch says she gets excited at physical confrontations also speaks volumes to the modern day black female’s thirst for violence and blood. These situations are the only times when black women actually seem to be deeply engaged in activities.

Once again, those black men who still choose to deal with these women deserve any misfortune that comes their way as a result, how many times do you need to be burnt in order for you to learn your lesson ie keep your hands out of the fire? #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Know Your Enemies And Act Accordingly

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “They’re Not “OUR” Women! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women was never our women to begin with because she belongs to her white lord and saviour, her white father. I have walked away from black women a long time ago and you get these fucking stupid black men simps and pro blacks telling us SYSBM black men that there is good black women out there and you are just looking in the wrong places. I say bullshit to that because all black women hate black men simps and they hate us SYSBM black men as well. The only men that black women love are the thug type of black men and white men/other non black men. These black men simps are living in koo koo land to think that the black community can be saved. Every time a black woman looks at my dating profile on, I block them because I am not interested in dating black women at all and I just not attracted to them.

    1. I do not blame you Quincy about avoiding BW, even they are attractive ones, I just have to skip them completely as I just lost hope in them.
      You should try Facebook Dating, you can exclude ‘with children’ and you get a clean preference.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The “good black women out there” witchcraft and sorcery only works on those ignorant blue pilled simps who continue to hold out with hopes of finding “the one” ie the unicorn. We SYSBM practitioners however know better, so called good black women went the way of the dinosaurs a long time ago.

      Leave the repairing of the black community to those who still believe that it can be salvaged, let them work and toil in vain to repair that which is already broken beyond redemption. #SYSBMFORLIFE

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎

        1. There’s a good looking light skin woman at my side job amazon who’s 22 years old, with a medium curvy build, nice long straight hair, many people was fooled and thought all because she acted so nice on the job, with natural hair, and she like amine, they thought she was real good girl and faithful, come to find out she was sleeping with multiple guys like 8 guys from the job since January, her boyfriend find out then he dump her.
          These guys she sleep with was all type of guys range from Good Black men to Mexican guys.
          BTW come to find out she have some type of mental illness.
          This why I don’t trust Black Woman.

  2. Getting turned on by violence is their true nature.

    The black lives matter movement is a terrorist organisation started by a lesbian negress.

    Using police brutality to cover up their true agenda and using black male simps as sacrifices unto their altar.

    The money they used was on real estate properties worth over a million.

    I recently looked at images of women in western societies from 60 years ago.

    Black females don’t look feminine to me at all.

    The only difference is they had an afro, nothing else has changed.

    All negress females have high testosterone by default.


    1. > Black females don’t look feminine to me at all.


    2. Witwijf,

      The bottom line here that the blue pilled pro black simps refuse to acknowledge is the modern day black female is NOT the ally of the black man, it’s not as if it’s difficult to point towards evidence demonstrating this position either, on the contrary, there is an abundance of data quantifying it.

  3. I long ago came to the conclusion that it is not just the black female writ large who is sick, but also the black male writ large.

    How else can you explain a cohort of males who against all the mountains of empirical proof, continue to worship a cohort of females that the rest of the world recognizes as evil and damaged beyond repair ?

    The SYSBM philosophy offers a respite from the diabolical matrix that is da communitah. But only a few black men will take it. Those who do can be deprogrammed and decontaminated, and start to heal. But their numbers are still too few and too far between.

    SYSBM is the only viable solution that has ever been formulated that can truly overcome the Blackistan problem.

    Yes, the majority of black males are damaged beyond repair, but almost all black females are damaged beyond repair. The original Uncle Tom, the original Sellout, the original Self Hater, the original Race Traitor, is and always will be the black female.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The mentally unstable, I’m a strong, independent black woman, I don’t need a man, I can do bad all by myself black female produces the dysfunctional, pro black female, black women first, blue pilled, black male simp who suffers from the same mental instability and delusions of grandeur.

      The next step the black witch embarks upon is to plant the seeds of heavy indoctrination to ensure that these mindless simps never break the spell and see the black female for who she truly is. For the most part it has worked, most black men can’t break free from the plantation as well as the black harriets who run it on behalf of Major Sleet.

      Most black men are incapable of saving themselves, they’ll forever be doomed to failure, pain and suffering under the authority of the same black females they love and worship. As has been stated many times before, SYSBM really is for the very few, not the many.

  4. Black women are turned on by violence towards Black men, whether the perpetrator is Slim Sauce or Lord Euro; did you note how she brought up White men being the epitome of masculinity and switched to police brutality? In the scraggle daggle’s mind, violence is synonymous with masculinity; in the example she used with White men, this reveals her plantation mentality. Is this yo quean, pro Blacks? Is this who I should wife up, Umar? I don’t think so! #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women will be finding out in the very near future that all of their “I’m an independent woman, I don’t need a man” talk will not save them in the coming days of tribulations and distress. Taking onboard ultra irrational and illogical thinking in their efforts to appease their white lord and saviour isn’t going to gain them any favour or save them either.

  5. I just assume ALL Black women are mentally ill. Shout out & RIP to David Carroll.

  6. I saw some of these clips about how these BW gets turns on sexually by BM’s death. Even rumors (not sure of this is true) that hotep men are crying online about how BW turn their back on BM.
    They act like this is a new trend. No, this is an old one, this is just another BW just like to put it out there without shame because they have no consequences of doing so because of simps endorse it.

    Also I know these pro-blacks will say ‘White Women Do it too’.
    I regret to infotm the pro-black simps that ‘White Women does not do it too’ and I tell you why, if they say stuff like this they will go viral and get flagged and haul by the police. BW on the other hand gets away with it.

    How do I know this?
    I watch recent Akwesi’s videos and I conclude that even Swirlers and Diverster are on the same boat, however, Divestors are the evil version of the Swirlers, they are so evil, the Queen of Swirl herself Christelyn want no part of the divestors. The divestors are truly demonic, just like one of the message Verbs with this hashtag abort BM Babies, when someone use hashtag to Verbs with Abort BM Babies, they reveal the evil. There are rumors that Nyah Says wants divestors to do Post-Abort BM Babies without emotions. That is equivalent to murder.

    Just like you see how they get their knickers wet over BM police brutality.
    Remember Verbs, drama and violence are BW’s nature.

    Simps will never learn.

    1. MMT,

      “just like one of the message Verbs with this hashtag abort BM Babies, when someone use hashtag to Verbs with Abort BM Babies”.

      When did this happen?

      1. It was from Black Woman Stan aka Masndrynorist. From the Twitter screenshot you post and made a topic:

        It mention about hashtag abortblackboys.

        Saying in America is one thing but saying this to a UK brother like yourself which she is not aware of that you are UK which is a massive black eye on Black Women in the UK if they bring this in the UK.

        They already bring this Black Lives Matter in the UK and UK has no idea what BLM is about.

        I now one day that they will bring this Black Men broke in the UK into real life as this is spreading on US Social Media. If they they do and British sisters adopt this Black Men are broke bums, then it is over for BW in the UK.

        I do not blame Quincy to completely weed out BW period, even there are good BW out there in the UK, I would never take a chance and choose them.

    1. It’s worth mentioning this young Black man is engaged to the daughter of former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley; first, we had Phoebe Gates showing her Black BF (in a now deleted IG post), and now we have Rena Haley’s engagement happily announced by her own mother. SYSBM continues to rise!

      1. P.S. I must also add that Nikki Haley’s daughter bypassed all of the eligible bachelors among the young White conservative male populace for a young brother who looks like Simon “Cookie” Nelson-Cook from the Nickelodeon series “Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide”; you can tell that she likes him for who he is.

        1. Love the research. Well done, brother!


  7. I did an article today of black men’s prefers black women but black women are forcing black men to date and even marry non black women because of their dysfunctional behaviour. And as I heard this good for nothing scraggle daggle, I was like “Yep, no wonder black men are with non black women.” As you hear this harridan said what she said, it really goes to show that these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle ghetto gaggers love the beta male more then the good black man. When a ratchet black woman sees a good black man, she doesn’t give him a time of day. When she sees a white man, it’s the worse type of dude they choose. They will not choose the white guy Nice Guy Nick who is successful. The reason why these scraggle daggles go for the beta male more then Nice Guy Nice is because they were with worthless black men. and when they get ram through but the worthless black men and the beta males, all of a sudden they are looking for a good black man.

    Anyway, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women who wants to see black men get shot to death by police are coming after non black women.


  8. Verbs2015,
    This is Another Example as to Why When Black Women ask ”Why they Can’t Find No Good Black Men”? Apparently Captain Frost is Their Ideal Man. The Fact that they see them as The Ultimate in Masculinity & Not Black Men. Signifies that There is No Need to Ever Go Back to Black Women, Seeing as They Have a Toxic Mindset like this. Black Women Who get Wet Between their Knees Seeing Black Men Fight or Kill Each Other for a Scraggle Daggle or Seeing Racist White Men of the Law Enforcement Variety Beating us into Submission & or DEATH. Is a Female to be Avoided at all Costs & Simps like Umar Johnson & Such that Says Brothers Should Date/Mate with Hyper Violent/Hyper Insulting & Hyper Embarrassing Black Females are Guys Not to be Taken Seriously sat All. It’s like you Said Every Day they Keep Showing How Much they Hate us & are even willing to join others outside to see us Destroyed. I Can think Back to my High School Days with Black Girls Talking About How Angry & Pissed Off they are at All Black Men, But are always Willing to give it up to Thug Negroes. I Myself Am the type Who is Always the ”How are you Today M’am?” or Hold the Door for a Female, But When it Comes to that with Black Women, Whenever I Do that it’s either Looked Over or I Get Occasional ”Ratchet Attitude”. Basically they don’t Appreciate Good Mannered Dudes like Myself. Hence Why Until Black Women most Noticeably Western Black Women get their Shit Together, it’ll be a Very Cold Day in Hell Before I Ever Date/Mate with Any of them. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      Black women are turned off by any good deeds and kind gestures bestowed upon them by decent black men, they really don’t appreciate anything that comes from brothers who have their stuff together and who don’t have a 6 mile long wrap sheet.

      As I’ve stated many times before, growing up I watched in real time as I saw black women repeatedly entertain the dregs and the scum of black male society and in many cases get impregnated by the same. If you’re not a 12 Gauge Mike, Trap House Jim, Zoom Boy, Chucky Bruh or a Spooney type Negro, these dark sirens won’t entertain you on any level.

    1. Kungfumovieguy,

      The black witch wearing the wrap really tried to bite the officer who initially detained her, I’m glad he clouted her straight in the chop, like I said before, these belligerent black harpies need to feel the wrath of law enforcement in exactly the same manner that black men do.

  9. I keep on telling you brothers that this bitch THINKS like a slave master when it comes to ownership of you black men.

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