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They Refuse To Hold Themselves Accountable!


I pulled these tweets from 2 years ago, they were in response to the Colourism/Featurism article I released back in July 2020 5 months before the old website got shut down. Like I’ve stated before, outside of heavy witchcraft, I really don’t understand those black men who still believe they can make a relationship work with a group of females who hold this kind of attitude towards them, smh.

This is the typical story of your average modern day black female, they open their legs to the dregs and the scum of black male society and at the same time expect miracles to manifest in the relationship. Obviously when these doomed relationships fall apart one after the other, all of a sudden the upstanding, educated, intelligent, free thinking black men they rejected and chose to pass over are also now to blame for the negative outcomes these same black sirens suffered as a result of their own bad decisions, you really cannot make this stuff up.

Black female Twitter is a cesspool of angry, bitter and disgruntled black harriets who messed around with the wrong types of men, received their just dues but at the same time refuse to accept that life actually works in such a fashion. Because most black women are severely mentally ill and unstable, they believe that life should reward them whenever they make stupid, idiotic choices.

The reality of the situation is most black women put plain and simple are premium grade A childish dickheads who always feel that they have to be right all the time, this is especially the case when black men are involved. When a black female does something wrong and things turn out bad, conveniently it’s always the black man’s fault.

In fact, I’m not aware of anything black women have suffered as a result of their own foolish decision making where the blame hasn’t been placed upon the shoulders of the black man. These are the same females that have the support of ultra simps such as the blue balled crusader Coen Naninck as well as the cowardly fake academic Aaron Fountain Jr.

This benighted black witch said that 98% of black men are bottom barrel losers, uneducated, most incarcerated and the least employed. Black women continue to expose themselves concerning the type of black men they gravitate towards, thugs, gangsters, criminals and general deadbeats.

In the eyes of the average black female, no black men of value exist outside of those 4 groups, they are literally blind to the upstanding, brothers who for years they’ve looked over, bypassed, constantly rejected, mocked, ridiculed and laughed at.

This is why black women with the assistance of the lamestream media are constantly rehashing the “there aren’t enough available black men for black women” mantra. When what constitutes as a “good black man” to your average black female is a criminal, a gangster, a thug or a general gold grill wearing, pant sagging bum, it’s not surprising there is a severe shortage amongst those guys because most of them are either on the run, in jail, prison or the grave.

It’s funny though how all of a sudden once these black harpies have been ran through by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse and as a result have 2,3,4,5,6,7,8 children en tow, they immediately know where to look for the guys they gleefully and arrogantly mocked, ridiculed, laughed at, rejected and passed over before, smh.

Notice how you’ll NEVER see or hear pro black, pan African pundits such as Dr Umar Johnson give an explanation as to how so called “black love” is supposed to function when the overwhelming majority of black women simply aren’t attracted to black men who don’t fit into the thug, criminal, gangster, deadbeat demographic.

The overwhelming majority of black women deserve the incredibly grim future that awaits them and those black men who choose to unconditionally worship as well as follow them deserve the same. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Swirlers, Divestment Flunkies And Black Females In General Continue To Make Slap Fools Of Themselves

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “They Refuse To Hold Themselves Accountable!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women never held themselves accountable for their stupid foolish life choices and its no wonder why they are the least desired women on the planet. As a childfree black man at 40, who has 5 qualifications including 2 business degrees, zero debt, no baby mother drama, I don’t have a criminal record, I am self employed, I have a athletic body because I go to the gym 3 days a week, I don’t fit the negative stereotypes that the black woman is talking about. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and its the black womans fault of why the black community is fucked and its dead and finished.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s the same old story with black women, give up their prime years to men who are NOT going to commit to them but when they exit their prime all of a sudden the decent black men who were previously off their radar now become “viable” options. An absolute insult, totally unacceptable.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I refuse to date single mothers especially black single mothers who fucked up their lives by having kids with the worst type of black men ever and then they want me as a childfree man to play step father to their bastard kids. No thanks as I want my own kids with a childfree non black woman.

  2. I wouldn’t waste my time going back and forth arguing with a negress on black twitter let alone in real life.

    Social media is clearly toxic to societies in general and this is why I’m not on it.

    The more Asian guys date them, the better it is for them to breed out of existence.

    The truth is most Asian guys date Asian women and most would avoid all high testosterone negress females.

    They are right about one thing, most black males are blackistan.

    But what they fail to realise is most of them can only date within their own ethnicity race of blackistan males.

    Only a very small minority could swirl with non black men, even that is less than 1%.

    Blackistan is an international problem that is ongoing for centuries and centuries since the beginning of the black race creation.

    This is why I know the black race has always been the satanic home for all evil spirits spreading across the whole world.

    To break away from the evil spirits is to pretend they don’t exist and leave black females alone , which I have always done when it comes to dating.

    The holy bible is my guide to only date out with a white godly woman.

    Most black males can’t break away from the witchcraft spell because their mother is black.

    1. The Divestitures Karen’s Are skank ass ghetto gagging bitch and stay away from also the Pro Black Hotep klan Thugs as well they are the worst Clown 🤡 I ever seen Lol! Save Yourself Black Men #SYSBM DATE OUT & Get Out The Plantation and Be Free..

    2. Witwijf,

      Engaging with black daggles is not something I do either, however on very rare occasions I like to leave a trail that other black men can read, understand and realise who they’re truly dealing with.

      We have to remember that of those black men who can think and reason for themselves, not all of them know about SYSBM and the fact that they would be much better off dealing with traditional non black women.

      The decontamination and deprogramming processes take different amounts of time for individual free thinking brothers.

  3. The problem is that the black female, the lowest quality female on the planet, is also the most hypergamous female on the planet. Even the ugliest, worse bodied, most obese, most stupid, brokest, most emotionally disturbed, poorest character black female, thinks she is entitled to be wooed by men who are way out her league in terms of means, looks, intellect, character, and all the other positive attributes.

    In all honesty, the black female is not alone in not holding black females accointable. The black male simps who make up the male population of da communitah do not hold her accountable. Nor does da communitah as a whole.

    We all know that the only solution is to give da communitah and all its denizens the widest possible of berths. If any black unicorns do exist, they would have to be the product of a culture very different from that of da communitah.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      As I keep on saying, it is the witchcraft, sorcery and wizardry of social media alongside the blue pilled, pro black simps that have the heads of these delusional black harriets gassed up believing they’re of high quality and deserve more when they aren’t and don’t.

      Da communitah belongs to black women, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey and the hoards of blue pilled simps who worship the ground these black females walk on, let them all enjoy the barren wasteland and war zone they created out of it.

  4. All these black bitches on Twitter/YouTube:

    a) are in meaningful relationships with non-black men,
    b) have a group of fabulous black female friends who have their shit together and also date and marry out (“none of my friends are like that”),
    c) have advanced degrees,
    d) have jet set corporate jobs,
    e) are rUnNiNg RiNgs aRoUnd bLaCk mEn,
    f) have cartoon or anime avatars

    Yet somehow still have time to go back and forth online with the same BM they claim to despise.

    How would their imaginary non-black man feel if he knew they were still communicating with BM online?

    These lonely femcels want attention from BM even if it’s negative because BW are argue machines.

    There is an old Star Trek where an entity that thrived on hate tried to feed off the conflict between Klingons and Starfleet. BW are that entity.

    Plus in the time you are engaging them, you are NOT pursuing other races of women.

    Starve these hoes and give them nothing. Just ignore them. Let their imaginary non-black men validate and rescue them.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      It is interesting you mention these BW on YouTube.
      You took most of the word out of my mouth.

      I will add more to this.

      I give you theory on this:
      The swirling/divestors who have non-black boyfriends/husband are mostly beta male cucks.
      Why do I say non-blacks are cucks when dating BW?
      Because if these BW brags on about how Alpha their men are especially white or Asian men. Also they say they are more ‘Real Men’ than the Black Men as they stated, those so called Alpha men will never let these black women goes on YouTube every day talking shit about black men. If they were truly happy about their swirling lifestyle, they will not spend 6 to 8 hours (again, the term ‘Work shift Jokes’ comes in because that is a day shift) on Youtube talking about hw much they hate Black Men.

      I remember David Carrol and Akwesi mention how these BW on YouTube brag about how happy they are, but in reality they are just femcels, Swirlers wannabes. These BBB (Bitter Black Bitches) even spend festival holidays such as Christmas and new years talking about Black Men’s penis size. WTF? This is during Christmas, they should be off the internet spending time with their family instead of doing panels with other Bitter Black Bitches.
      Especially during valentines when they have panels with the hoteps and simps dick policing online about brothers who are off line in the real life spending time with their love ones, not worrying about internet stuff.

      Even David won the bet beyond his grave where he challenges the swirlers and divestors, the all they got to do is to make a simple video (10 second video) with their boyfriend/husband and he will 100% retire from YouTube. Not even a swirler or a divestor can do it because they do not have a white man at all.
      Christelyn the Queen of Swirler tried to debunk David but she fail because David wanted the Divesters to show him. None of them can prove a point because they sell a pipe dream.

      1. MMT,

        I much preferred David Carroll to his student Akwesi 100 because when it came down to dating and relationships, at least David Carroll got it, could accept that the modern day black female was a write off for anything long term and that black men who were looking for commitment as well as to start a family of their own needed to look in the direction of white and other non black women.

        Akwesi 100 however could never read and accept the writing on the wall concerning black women even though he spoke and still occasionally speaks out against them, he’s like another version of Sotomayor or Obsidian. This is why a few years back he produced his video going in on SYSBM only to later put it to private when the SYSBM Squadrons came after him.

        Akwesi the last time I checked lives up in New York(Manhattan I believe), one of the main hubs of ratchet black females in the US. He has experienced black female dysfunction first hand but still advocates for black men to stick by black women, smh.

        David Carroll produced his classic “Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women” and not one lie was told, Akwesi however produced a video going in on SYSBM practitioners for taking the logical steps in light of black women openly declaring their disdain and hatred for us, where was the logic and common sense in taking such action?

        1. Akwesi made great videos in the past but most set on private. He lives in Upper area in New York as he use to be the plumber and now he drives trains.

          The reason why I respect his opinion about the SYSBM because he is the only guy who does the research before critiquing meaning he went to your site and read the whole tenants. He use to do plumbing videos which got more views than his usual videos because he is a like minded brother and shows education which still up as of today.

          I do have to disagree about what Akwesi said about SYSBM because he mention about race perserving and tribal mindset which is good, but those Black-Love days are over and he have to accept it.

          It is kind of deeper than you think when it comes to the Smart-Ass dick police guys think they know it all, but I will explain it here:

          The problem with Akwesi, Shawn James and Ringo are they have this ‘New York/urban’ type mindset. In the UK we live in we call this the ‘London Bubble’.

          Let me explain the ‘London Bubble’ Analogy:
          Basically because of this whole Multi-National, cultural, religion and diversity, we have this world people in one city and what happens is this is all they know because all the culture in one place. When you listen to the dick police guys like Shawn and the manosphere PUA talking about how they date different types of women and they stated that ‘they are all the same’, ‘grass is not greener’, there are no different because they are all hypergamy. What they do not realise that when they migrate to the country they learn and adapt to the national land, meaning if they migrate to the West such as UK and live in London or the US, they will adopt these London hypergamy mindset because that is how the western world is.
          These guys such as who discourage dating options have never been outside or explore of London, but stayed in London all their life because that is all they know.

          Let put this ‘London Bubble’ analogy into New York,
          I hear Shawn talks about how he made dating mistakes in his teens and how he become an expert ever since. OK, that was in his teens, he is 48 if I am correct, Dating structure changes every 10 years, I get it problem is not the non-black women, the problem it is him because he still hating on competitors who does comics because they outshine him, he lost contacts because he hates brother who have passport and still promote the black love, nothing wrong with that but black women are not into comics unless they buy from the white man because this is something I and David Carroll learn that is ‘White Man’s ice is colder’ when it comes to comic industries.
          These people think they are so called expert of other countries of women, even they never travelled or even having a passport themselves and believe that staying in the hood is safer.

          They need to get out of the city environment and go to local town centres. Sometimes I get out of boring London and go to local town and villages out of London.

          Another reason why Madbusdriver talks about Passports because brothers need to get out of this city mindset and explore outside of it. Once you think Outside the box, in another country. You will see the real type of women, not those modern ghetto types you see everyday.

        2. I wish I had a copy of DC’s classic, “A Warning to White Women.” If nothing else it was comedic genius.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I believe this back and forth was my wakeup call to just how bad Black Twitter was and still is, as I said to Witwijf above, it’s an extremely rare event for me to go back and forth with a black witch, however when it does happen I purposely do it to leave a record in order to plant seeds into the minds of those black men who are still trying to figure out what’s going on.

      There are some new small channels on YouTube that have recently popped up of black men encouraging other brothers to expand upon their dating options and these black sirens still manage to find themselves in the comments trying their utmost to throw heavy shade.

      Isn’t it funny how the black men black women rejected and passed over they at the same time can’t leave alone? Just as SYSBM founder/creator MadBusDriver said way back in the day, black men have no value in the eyes of black women until they begin dating out.

  5. Colorism/Featurism is a dead argument, I don’t know why women try to act like they really care about this issue, when they perpetuate it the most.

    Secondly,on every race and culture the women have lighter skin than the men, depend on which region and what place you are with the population and the common skin tone,women with lighter skin would attract more than darker skin women that’s it,because they are more rare.

    Same thing, with heightism women discriminate short men every damn day nobody give a fuck about it.

    Colorism/Featurism if only talked about dating/preference is a dead argument because you cannot shame people into liking you,so what’s the point?

    1. Tyrone NYX,

      Black women knowing that they’re already at the bottom of the dating market have to conjure up many forms of witchcraft in order to keep black men on the proverbial plantation, the colourism/featurism argument is yet another smoke and mirrors Kansas City Shuffle designed to keep black men engaged in conversation with them(so black continue to get attention).

      They see the brain drain is real, they see black men exiting the building at an astronomical rate, black men have had enough of masculine, argumentative, petty, rebellious, belligerent, uncooperative, overweight, weave/wig, fake eyelash, fake nails and heavy makeup wearing black women and are voting with their feet.

      Black women shouldn’t be complaining, they’ve made known their preferences in black men, true SYSBM practitioners as well as other like minded brothers have respected their preferences and subsequently move on, I don’t really see what the problem is.

  6. First off, I took note of her name, “Misandrynoirist”; she’s basically stating to the world exactly what she is: someone who hates Black men with every fiber of their being. That became more evident in the exchange you had with her, especially when she said she wishes Black women would abort Black boys; anything to eliminate or denigrate the Black man is all right with the scraggle daggle. The lack of accountability they have is unmatched; they will choose the worst options of Black man to procreate with, then put all of the blame on Black men as a whole for why their lives are in shambles. Not only that, they will then run to non Black men to escape the consequences of their actions. Introduce these women to the Wall of Silence, and leave them there. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      It goes back to the janky, dysfunctional mentality most black women hold to believing they can mock, ridicule, berate, disparage and openly disrespect black men endlessly without consequence.

      In their arrogant and haughty minds they never expected to see a cadre of black men upping and leaving them for good.

      Now these benighted black harridans are scrambling to stem the flow of black men choosing the throw in the towel on them and take their chances finding love and companionship amongst women of non black backgrounds.

      Oh well, that is the black witch’s problem, not mine. Black women will always have the simps to garner attention from(until a survival mode, every man for himself economic scenario hits), however black men of quality who are worth their salt have already departed and are never coming back.

  7. An SYSBM Flashback?

    Yes, the back and forth was from a time when anybody with sense still engaged with demonic Twitter, now those days are over, thank God. Don’t bother engaging with someone who is most likely single as an oyster card with several gold rings hanging off her face.
    Also we now know her wish for black boy abortions is all too real as evidence by the hysterical shreiking over Roe vs Wade being repealed.

    Despite the conservatives and nationalists retaking America and the world, it still seems that black men with sense still have to scrape and scrimper for any air time and original opinion on our lives. When right-leaning “free speech” advocates still won’t give us the time of day, then it’s time to ditch.

    SYSBM till the apocalypse kicks off

    1. Michel,

      Yep, that brief conversation was a wakeup call showing me just how bad of a reprehensible cesspool Black Twitter was and still is. I talk to free thinking black men only because at least they can see sense and can be reasoned with on some level.

      Black women aren’t interested in any conversations with black men as long as they are on top and additionally being given dainty treats and benefits from Uncle Sam, this is why the late Kevin Samuels and Obsidian’s protocol to revive black love was already dead in the water from the beginning.

      Yep, unfortunately we free thinking black men are left to graft out our own path through heavy weeds, hostile tundra and thick undergrowth, Admiral Frost is already not happy that enlightened brothers have walked away from his mutant black female flunkies.

      Giving us a little bit of the spotlight to air our grievances, nope, that is never going to happen, however we will still have our time to shine coming soon to a street near you.

  8. Right, 80 per cent of black women don’t like black men. They do like black men but only the ones who are thugs, criminals, street hustlers, hopeless men, worthless men, street alcoholics and so on. As these dudes disappear, then they go to look for the good black man. But the good black men will reject them because the ghetto scraggle daggles may have children, you get me. And worse of all, there are these simps that are siding with these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and they are coming after black men for the love and affection for these scraggs but the ghetto dungle want the worthless men. Not the simps.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these simps, beta males and the ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women and their blue pilled simp flunkies simply need to focus on each other and stop worrying about where free thinking brothers are choosing to place their family jewels. It just goes to show just how mentally unstable the overwhelming majority of black women are, they’re so up in their feeling concerning black men they’ve already rejected and passed over, make that male sense.

  9. The black women is her own worse enemy, they select men based on shallow things, then they act surprised when they’re unmarried, i can’t forget the black male bashing that these negro women participated in, let the commuitah descend into hell!!

    1. LectaBlkman,

      I completely agree, black women must be made to suffer the consequences of the bad decisions they’ve made, they must be left to rot, stew and marinate in their own failures including “da communitah” they’ve single handedly turned into a heaping pile of ashes and rubble.

      Constantly disparaging, disrespecting and throwing black men under the bus but we’re still expected to accept them regardless? Nope, not over here, no thanks, I’m good, I’ll pass.

      1. Verbs,

        Only the scraggle who gave the name to that miscreant can answer that question.


  10. Okay, I think I remember encountering this, I believe. “Maybe if you learnt to be like other races of men, you wouldn’t be the biggest deadbeats.” Wow! The smoke black women stay having for black men is so strong to the point where that black love shit is nothing but a damn fraud. For these black men that are on the “black love” journey, preaching that they love the black sistas, black queens, let me ask a live ass question: How can you love a group of women that share the same race as you that be testing our guts 24/7? Seriously, how?!

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