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Is This Your Queen? Ratchetville Central! #SHORTS


Once again, notice how these angry, bitter and disgruntled black sirens are the only race of females who don’t have any problems addressing their male counterparts in such a disrespectful manner in view of the public eye. I’ve yet to see white, Asian, Latina or Indian women get on stage, grab a microphone and rattle off the same “I don’t owe you s**t” message to their respective men, smh.

But disingenuous buzzards such as Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson insist that you should still attempt to form a coalition with a group of uncooperative women. Again, notice how these pro blackity black pyramid heads never have a solution pointing to how to make any relationship work with black women who have no problems openly displaying their never ending disdain and hatred for black men.

This is why I have to laugh at the divestment/levelling up/swirling squads, black women honestly believe that white men are going to overlook the deep betrayal black women have committed against their own male counterparts, still choose to take them onboard and treat them with dignity and respect. THAT IS NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!

Which non black man of quality is going to observe the constant disrespect black women dish out to black men and still choose to deal with them on a serious level even if the black female looks halfway reasonable? Answer, NONE!

Again, black women as a group have become so delusional to the point where they believe they can snag themselves non black men of quality with an image and reputation that are both squarely deep in the sewers. Everybody else in the world understands that image and reputation are important factors because they can and do influence outcomes for better or for worse, not this modern day black female however, she simply doesn’t want to understand this.

This is why for the overwhelming majority of black women who claim to be divesting, swirling and levelling up, they are only doing so IN THEORY, NEVER IN ACTUAL PRACTICE. Black women are up the creek without a paddle and they know it, working against black men on behalf of the State hasn’t worked out well for them long term.

They don’t have anywhere to turn to hence why so many of them are now attempting to shame black men into remaining on the plantation as opposed to apologising and hoping that black men will forgive them(which many won’t by the way).

You cannot shame and guilt trip your way out of a messy situation brought about via your own two hands, black women as a group are going to have to learn the hard way that there’s a heavy price to pay whenever you turn against your own male counterparts.

Good luck to those black men who still wish to deal with females like this, you’ve got much more patience, energy and tolerance than me. The video above is one of many reasons why more black men are turning towards women of other ethnicities, these pro black, back to Africa, frying Pan African pundits know this but would rather engage in shaming tactics believing they can guilt trip you into dealing with defective products rather than getting their hands dirty and improving the goods of concern first.

Gentlemen, I’ll continue to recommend that you deal with non westernised foreign women, that way you can bypass angry, misandrist garbage and uncouth females like this with the quickness. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Misandry And The Attack On Black Masculinity Continues

Most High Bless

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29 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Ratchetville Central! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t owe black women shit either. I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it one bit. I am SYSBM for life man and let these delusional pro black simps deal with black women. The black community is dead and finished.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      This is their attitude towards black men and they wonder why more black men are choosing to give them an extremely wide berth. Only a knuckleheaded simp wouldn’t go elsewhere upon encountering this type of masculine hostility.

      1. What’s Black men’s attitudes towards Black women? Based on what’s here, it seems to be the same…

        1. AfricanAmericanMan,

          SYSBM™ was born out of black female dysfunction, we understand that you don’t have the nuts to walk away from your “queenies”, that’s on you, that’s not my problem.

          Black women were the ones who started this mess back in the 1960s via signing onto the decadent religion of feminism as well as deciding the throw the black men out of the home for State treats, benefits and assistance.

          Any chance a black siren gets she’ll use it to shaft a black man and we aren’t supposed to be angry at and concerned about this? You’re still continuing to tell on yourself bruh, you’re a man but you’ve got no problem reaching for and using female talking points, smh:

          1. “you don’t have the nuts to walk away from your “queenies.”

            It takes “nuts” to QUIT?!! Good grief. Real strength – “nuts” – is in the one that fights, endures, maintains and perseveres, NOT the one that QUITS. You’re so ass-backwards…

            It’s one thing to argue against culture – the culture of feminism, hedonism, gov’t dependency, etc. – but you are arguing against RACE by conflating cultural tenets you dislike with ALL Black women. Don’t you see the error in that fallacy? That’s akin to looking at Black men’s over-representation in the criminal justice system and then surmising that ALL Black men are thugs, etc. And if it’s wrong to make asinine assertions about all Black men, then isn’t it equally wrong to make asinine assertions about all Black women?

            1. AfricanAmericanMan,

              Yes, it takes courage to break the matriarchal programming, indoctrination and brainwashing, yes, it takes courage to assess a situation, tally up the evidence, conclude the mission is a lost cause and to walk away even though you may feel you have an allegiance to the other party involved.

              How are you going to speed past the fact that YOU yourself can’t even get any cooperation from black women, yet here you are attempting to castigate free thinking black men who rightly concluded a long time ago that black women as a collective are a lost cause?

              Again, you’re the one who keeps bringing the word ALL into the equation, the bottom line is there simply aren’t enough good black women to go around, this cannot be argued and the black female single rate in the US is a living testament within itself.

              General statements can be made when you have a majority number of said individuals within a group who are engaging in any particular activities or who are in specified situations. The words “black women” together doesn’t equate to ALL, I have no idea how you’ve drawn that conclusion.

              Once again, you’ve got the floor to demonstrate that plenty of good quality black women exist, I’m still waiting. #SYSBM™

  2. Salute, brother Verbs! It’s been a while. Great to see you’re still banging out the awesome content, although these trash ass broads make it too easy for you not to. In reference to this piss colored girl popping off, I’m willing to play along. I’m ok with her not feeling like she owes black men anything. Just keep that same energy when you start getting your ass beat and want to cry to us for protection. Keep that in mind when you need a stepfather for the bastard seeds of Pookie and Ray Ray. We as decent, thinking black men don’t owe you either. #SYSBM

    1. Mister Perfect,

      Good to hear from you brother, it’s been a while indeed. Unfortunately for them, black women make it too easy for fellows such as myself to continue writing articles concerning their dysfunctional behaviour and downward spiral into oblivion.

      Decent black men have already left the building and set sail with Becky, Lucy, Mai Chen, Yamoto, Shazzy, Maria etc, black women can declare they don’t own black men anything all the want, the only guys that care are the pro blackity black, blue pilled simps.

  3. Daggle: “Black men, I don’t owe you s**t”

    Me: Who said I wanted anything from you? And likewise, I don’t you anything, either! I don’t owe you expensive dinner dates, I don’t owe you protection, provision, attention, resources, etc., if that’s how you want to play; this rebellious nature of the scraggle daggle is only going to dig a deeper grave for them when it hits the fan. Then, you’ll hear them come with the “we love you, Black man” KC shuffle; feminism has taken them for the longest joyride in recorded history, and they still refuse to acknowledge that they’ve been played. Welp; I refuse to engage the daggle in any respect, so no skin off my nose! Quality stargates matter, gentlemen! #SYSBM

    1. BCT,

      Unfortunately for them, black women have no idea of the fast approaching dangers they’re about to be facing BY THEMSELVES. They honestly believe that the government is going to take care of them forever, this is the main reason behind their current arrogant and haughty attitude.

      Black men worth their salt have already spied the “we love you black man” Texas Two Step and will immediately recognise it for the fraudulent racket that it is when these broads find themselves up the creek without a paddle because their dearly beloved Uncle Sam has abandoned them.

  4. I will say this for the umpteenth time. The only one gassing up the scraggle daggle, is the black male simp. Nobody else gasses her up, not even bottom shelf Brad. Bottom shelf Brad gets to ghetto gag her at will with no strings attached, but he doesn’t gas her up. Quite the contrary, he berates her while he ghetto gags her. And she begs for more.

    If black men are sick and tired of the toxic attitude of the scraggle daggle, all they have to do is stop simping. If they did this enmasse, the scraggle daggle’s attitude would change overnight. Ignoring these beasts would do wonders for their attitudes.

    But alas, black males enmasse can’t stop simping. Its their dating strategy. Therefore they deserve what they get.

    This is why I hate the black male simp so much. I hate stupidity. And the black male simp’s behavior is the epitome of stupidity.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Agreed, one of the main reasons why black women are so disrespectful towards black men is because they already know that most don’t and will never muster up the courage to expand upon their dating options ie date out.

      Black women know these black male simps will continue to exalt and worship them even as the world burns, hence why they continue to lead them on and treat them like garbage.

      However as you said, these simps deserve everything they get because they consciously choose to stick by females who refuse to give them the time of day outside of draining their money and resources. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  5. They are right about not oweing me anything.

    I don’t owe them anything either.

    I’ve never been blackistan.

    I never will be blackistan ever.

    I’ve saved myself my whole life before the SYSBM philosphy even became a thing by MBD.

    I still live by these principles till this day.

    I won’t hear a single white traditional woman tell me she don’t need no man.

    1. The philosophy is part of the holy bible as my guide.


    2. WitWijf,

      That’s the irony, even though black women say they don’t owe black men anything and continue to mock, ridicule, laugh at, berate and disparage said men , they still expect us to drop everything and come to the rescue whenever they land themselves in trouble, smh.

      Black women have pretty much sealed their own fate and locked themselves in for an extremely grim future, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. They believed they could sell black men down the river without receiving any negative consequences, not so.

  6. Why is it that Black women are the only race of women to shit on black men in real life, on social media, and on TV? Why? What are they achieving out of this anyway? To be straight-forward about this, black women are not winning out of shitting on men who share the same damn race as them. And to think they’re gonna get a mixed race man, or a non black man by shitting on their own race of man? Some of these people can make the damn argument that not all, not all, but to be honest, it ain’t too many you can find. Nowadays in the west, trying to find a good black woman, or a good woman in general, is like finding a needle in a haystick. To say that they (black women) don’t own black men anything, guess what sista, we don’t own black women anything too. I don’t own black women anything because I ain’t done a bad thing to black women, but they wanna constantly shitting on every black man they see because of their fucked up dating decisions. If they wanna keep shitting on black men, keep on, but it’s gonna take a ugly turn for them.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      General Blizzard has cast a deep and effective spell upon the modern day black female, she believes that she can urinate and defecate upon the heads of black men without recompense and judgement coming her way, however the black woman is slowly realising that she’s messed up big time and the protections she thought she had in place just aren’t there.

      Black women remind me of the story of Noah and the flood in the scriptures, Noah represents black men and black women represent those that mocked him for building a boat and testifying that a worldwide flood was coming.

      We all know what happened to those who refused to heed Noah’s warning, black women ignoring the advanced warnings of sound black men will face the same fate and it will be their fault and their fault alone.

  7. These broads keep digging bottomless graves for themselves & I love it! Shout out to Randolph from CatDog🤣😭

    1. Val Zod,

      Thos who refuse to see the light must face the darkness by themselves and whatever dangers it brings with it.

  8. Black women insist on holding onto that damn masculine energy that has them believing that their actions against bm will never result in consequences! They often forget how vulnerable they truly are when western protection is not present and they HAVE to be accountable for their actions. Ask Brittany Grimes of the WNBA rotting in a Russian gulag for drug possession how that “I do what I want to” attitude is working out for her there! Lol, ignor their cries for help when the collapse happens gentlemen, as we all know how they REALLY feel about us! #SYSBM

    1. Andre,

      Exactly, it is the West that is propping up these delusional black sirens, once the West collapses they’re going to quickly realise that disrespecting, mocking, berating, disparaging as well as throwing black men under the bus whenever the opportunity presented itself was a huge mistake on their part, a mistake they won’t be able to rectify.

      Once again, I have to repost a 2012 classic video by the legend Rick Scorpio, “Black Women Will Regret Making Good Black Men Their Enemies” as black women as a collective are still unable to discern the signs of the times:

  9. Another banger Verbs. The black queans have nothing to offer other than incurable STDs, a stinking musty-ass skull carpet addiction, bad hygiene, multiple bastards by multiple pookies, student loan debt, a worthless degree and transgender energy. Avoid those cankles like the bubonic plague.

    1. Afakasi808,

      Agreed, the only black men who see value in dysfunctional black women are those who are afraid to date out, free thinking brothers who know their worth left off dealing with these disjointed harriets a long time ago, many of those haven’t dated black women at all in their entire lives.

  10. I don’t own these scraggle daggles shit either. They can show their hatred towards black men as long as they want. But is the time when they want to look for a good black man, then what? You think any good black man is goanna give a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle a chance? No way. And will you think a white man like Nice Guy Nick who is successful will deal with a woman like her on the video? Will he deal with any woman that has a attitude like that? No way. Black men’s preference is black women but in the UK are dating out in large numbers because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display. So black men in the UK say that “The hell with this!”

    Hey, keep you white sugar honey safe at all times as these beta males, simps and these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  11. Verbs2015,
    This is Why a Few Weeks Ago on Twitter When I Saw #DearBlackMen Trending. I Was like ”Har”. Like the Word they use in Those Comic Books, Regardless I Saw a Bunch of Videos & Tweets from Black Women Talking about How ”We Were Wrong for Choosing Feminism, Choosing to be Strong & Independent & More so Choosing to be so Stubborn”. I Found myself Laughing Intensely, Because Y’all Claim to be Smarter than us, But Apparently Y’all Weren’t Smart Enough to see When you were Being PLAYED & For the Negros that do Deserve their Wrath. They Reserve it for the Negros Who Don’t. The Brothers Who do Be Doing Right by their People. Plus they Listen to Heffer’s like Rhianna, Nicki Minaj & Cardi B of All People. What do those Three have in Common. 1st Class Black Men Hatters. Rhianna Who is Known for Being a Shit Starter With Chris Brown & Mocking/Disrespecting MLK Jr. Nicki Minaj Who Much like Rhianna has Zero to No Respect for the People Who came before them like Malcolm X & Cardi B a Hood Rat/Murderer Who can’t even String a Sentence Together. What’s even more Grotesque is that Westernized Black Women see them as Role Models. So it Really is True that Gone are the Days Where Sistah’s Wanted to be like Rosa Parks or in TV Terms a Harriet Winslow, Clair Huxtable or Even a Florida Evans. No, They Want to be more ”Hood Rat” than ”Homemaker”. It’s She-Beat’s like those I Described Along with the One on that Video that are the reason as to Why SYSBM Exists & Will be Damned if We Fall for that Dear Black Men Crap. As a Person Once Said. It’s time to let the Sistah’s Stew in their own Muck, Because at the end of the day. Black Men got the Hint & Refuse to go Where they aren’t Wanted. Translation: We Refuse to be With the Women of our Race, Who have Decided to Make themselves our Enemy. P.S. Just like Black Women Who have Make the Declaration that They Owe Black Men Nothing. We’ll Black Men in turn Owe Black Women Nothing as Well. #SYSBM For Life!!!

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