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Nope, It Doesn’t Work That Way!


You’ll notice that the full video is just under 2 and a half minutes long, I simply clipped this part because it is the particular area of the video I wanted to address.

No, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, that’s not the way things work now. It’s funny how it takes a mixed looking female to step forward and admit that black women have been duped and suckered big time by the feminist pied piping melody, where are the non mixed black harriets doing the same?

Exactly, nowhere to be found, instead they’re too busy digging their heels in further and doubling down on their mutant form of feminism. Black women as a collective don’t really care about the fact that feminism has taken them for the longest joyride of the century and additionally made them the biggest laughingstock in world history, all they care about is staying above and getting as many “wins” over on the black man as they can.

These are just a few core tenets of the modern day black female as per the directives handed down to her by the State, feel free to add to the list anything that I’ve missed:

1. Continue to aid the government in destroying black society in exchange for State treats and benefits. Use that assistance from the State to compete with black men on all levels.

2. Ensure black boys are emasculated and effeminised from a very young age as to prevent them from taken up leadership roles in their latter years, this will automatically protect the faux leadership position black women have been given over “da communitah” by their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost. As far as black women are concerned, the minds of black boys must be destroyed by any means necessary.

3. Ensure as many young black girls as possible are contaminated and inducted into the Western 304 slut culture as this will ensure that the cycle of single black motherhood remains in place knowing that these same girls will lose their ability to pair bond. Additionally, try the utmost to compete with younger generational black females.

4. Form an unholy confederacy with the low brow knuckle dragging scum buckets as well as the pro black female, black women first worshipping, blue pilled simps of black male society in order to aggressively drive out the best and the brightest black men therefore preventing black society from being restored and rebuilt.

5. Inject as much immoral sludge, reprobation, degeneracy and debauchery as possible into black society, by default such a move additionally sabotages any possibilities of said society being redeemed. Drag the image and reputation of black people as deep into the sewer as possible.

6. Murder as many unborn black children in the womb as can be achieved, that way the black population will either remain at the same level or reduce in size. Either way this benefits the powers that be because smaller populations are easier to control, manipulate and eliminate. Don’t form emotional bonds and ties with the children already born.

7. Continue holding on to feminism(Jezebel) at all costs even though the same religion has ultimately shafted black women and pretty much dealt them an extremely grim and rough fate for the future.

8. Point blank refuse to cooperate with and yield to the authority of black male counterparts, throw black men under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself. Disrespect, mock, ridicule, berate, disparage and laugh at black men at all times in order to stifle their self esteem and confidence.

9. Continue to manipulate and feed black men into the judicial washing machine either via the child support racket or alternatively through the prison industrial complex.

10. Ensure the economic offset of black society remains in place by continuing to spend money heavily in OTHER COMMUNITIES as opposed to your own. Focus on money, superficials and material wealth while at the same time rejecting family structure/legacy growth and continuance.

11. Avoid being held accountable and responsible no matter what(engage in blatant dishonesty if necessary), promote double standards(interracial dating), stand in hypocrisy and be proud to do so.

Remember, as stated before this is not a be all and end all compilation, once again feel free to add to the above if you see something was missed out. The fact of the matter is more black men are clocking onto the harsh reality that black women are NOT their friends and have indeed formed an evil alliance with the State in order to destroy them.

As a result and as mentioned previously, you now have a ever increasing number of black men who are checking out from dealing with black women and in some cases Western women altogether, here is an example of one such black man:

I’ll keep on advising free thinking black men who are having difficulty locating and locking down a decent woman domestically to go foreign instead.

As you heard me state many times before, Western women as a whole through the witchcraft and sorcery of social media have now become damaged beyond repair goods who at the same time foolishly believe they’re still of decent quality having been ran through, washed up and rinsed out many times over by Brad, Chad and Tyrone, smh.

So, going back to the female above, nope, it doesn’t work like that at all. For those black men such as myself who’ve departed for greener pastures, there is no “being humble, returning and coming to your aid”. The bed you’ve made is the bed you’re going to have to lay in BY YOURSELF.

I predict the “dear black man” season is really going to kick into high gear very soon as the economy continues to crumble into ruins, expect to see many more videos like this popping up as black women in particular realise that the State is NOT going to save them in their days of distress and tribulation.

At this point black women as a collective are pretty much by themselves, they’ve burned so many bridges, have been ruthless as well as relentless in their continued onslaught and attacks on black men, there is no turning back the clock nor forgiveness for the innumerable transgressions they’ve committed against us.

I’ve told you before, in the day of the modern day black female being judged and recompensed for all the evil her two hands have wrought against her own people, I will NOT be reaching out my hand to save her, that will NEVER happen.

Nobody is excluded from receiving the negative consequences from bad choices and terrible decisions made in the past, black women are NO EXCEPTION to that rule. Dysfunctional black females must be left to stew, rot and marinate in their own failures, anybody who attempts to save them or stand in the way of righteous judgement will in like manner suffer the same fate and perish as they, be warned. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Dysfunctional Women Must Be Recompensed For Their Shortcomings

Most High Bless

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36 thoughts on “Nope, It Doesn’t Work That Way!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    As a childfree SYSBM black man at 40, I refuse to go back to the black community and save black women from their stupid life choices and be the clean up man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Me neither, there are too many better options available to SYSBM childfree and single black men, black women made their bed with the dregs and the scum buckets of black male society, those are the guys they’ll have to turn to and ask for help. As commenter Brendan Dubalos always says, no clean up men over here!

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I know my own value as a man and I am only interested in dating single beautiful childfree non black women with their own hair.

  2. These Daggles have taken so many Ls lately that i’ve actually lost count. It’s so bad that even a cat like The Game is currently running around with a snow bunny. LOL!

    1. Val Zod,

      The L’s are coming in at such a rapid pace, even I’m struggling to keep up. As I’ve stated before, I have so much evidence in the archives that I haven’t gotten round to yet.

  3. ‘I predict the “dear black man” season is really going to kick into high gear very soon as the economy continues to crumble into ruins, expect to see many more videos like this popping up as black women in particular realise that the State is NOT going to save them in their days of distress and tribulation.”

    Even as this comes to pass, my advice to Black men of quality is this. Never under any circumstances allow yourself to revert back to simping for these females. As a matter of fact, if you have the means to travel, never settle for these damaged goods. I say this because I don’t believe it is possible for the scraggle daggle to change who she is, after having lived a lifetime of being what she is.

    The core person will always be there. The situational changes are just temporary and surface. The scraggle daggle will revert back to the nefarious creature she is, whenever circumstance make it advantageous for her to do so. Leave this new ‘come to Jesus’ version of the scraggle daggle for the black male simps and bottom shelf Brads. These hoes belong to them. They are all part of the same ball of scum, and they belong together.

    Also, I believe that the blue pilled black male simp is as damaged, nefarious, and evil as the scraggle daggles that he subordinates himself to.

    The blue pilled black male simp and the scraggle daggle are two sides of the same coin. Black men can neither save nor reform either. The scraggle daggle doesn’t want to change. She is being just what she was bred and cultivated to be. The blue pilled black male simp must change himself if he wants a different existence. Black men cannot change him.

      1. Mister Master,

        Black women will have to “reach back” for the simps they’ve created because black men who are worth a damn checked out of the building a long time ago and won’t be returning to the proverbial plantation under any circumstances.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I concur, the daggle can’t change her ways, at this juncture degeneracy and dysfunction are simply too engrained and deeply embedded into her DNA. Now, she can pretend to have seen the light in order to snag a gullible simp, however an act is an act and sooner or later her original colours will once again be revealed.

      Black men with sense and intelligence simply need to jump ship and never look back, those so called “good black women” that were talked about in times past might as well be considered as non existent because they’re just as bad as the dysfunctional broads in that they’ve not called out and reprimanded them on their dysfunction.

      As for the blue pilled, pro black simps, they can continue to enjoy themselves dealing with the daggles at their own risk with no reciprocity I might add.

  4. I just saw this video of the woman at the beginning of the post last week.She has Completely Lost her mind to think that we’re gonna listen to anything she says and Stupididly do as she suggested.That’s a Damn joke.Even though she’s right to say that we’re right and have been telling them all along about themselves, it’s much,much,much too late.We Brothers are voting not only with our feet but with our Passports and dealing Exclusively with Women from Foreign Countries.Black women have put themselves in situations for many,many years they will NEVER Recover from.

    1. Robert,

      The thing is black women as a group are too busy living it up, hoeing it up and having the time of their lives, very few black women are coming forward and making statements like the woman above, however notice that even she never apologised.

      She stated that she agreed with black men about black women being played by feminism, however where’s the actual apology? Like I’ve stated above, black men worth their salt saw the handwriting on the wall a long time ago, read it, accepted it and swiftly moved on, the “dear black man” cries for help are falling on deaf ears.

  5. How does it work that THEY the ones who need help but WE have to “be humble”? Shouldn’t the needy, begging people humble themselves? And even in begging for help, she’s trying to command us. “NOW!” she said. LOL.

    And Verbs, disagree that she’s mixed…she’s probably got 2 black parents…albeit light-skinned themselves.

    Simps in the comments “yas queening” lol. The communitah is finished.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Nope, even in their times of despair black women will never humble themselves and bow the knee at the feet of the same black men their begging for help from, as black men we’ll never see a genuine apology from them because they view us as being beneath them. Black women in how they look at black men hold to the slave master’s mindset.

      Light skinned black female or mixed race, the point I’m making is it’s very rare for non mixed black females to come out and make statements like this.

  6. Why do WE have to humble ourselves? For what, being fed up with being treated like trash on a global stage? At least this redbone chick was humble enough to admit they’ve been tricked by White feminists into kicking their men to the curb for “independence”, but as Verbs stated, this is not how it works; you don’t reserve the right to come give us ultimatums now that you realize you don’t have protection. Rick Scorpio was so right when he stated that BW will regret the day that they decided to make heterosexual Black men their enemies; don’t listen to this silly braud and be Captain Save A Hoe. Save yourself, Black man. #SYSBM

      1. Rick Scorpio was a prophet. I listen to this video every so often like a hit record. Good move uploading it to your server, YouTube plays Whack-A-Mole with it. The sustahs keep flagging it down.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          It had to be done, the last time I looked up that particular video there were quite a few of them floating around, not this time though. The angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure genuinely look upon the truth and anybody who proclaims it as their sworn enemy, smh.

  7. I can’t think of anything more to add to that list of 11.

    I predict their new homes will be in fema camps and homeless shelters cause of very high inflation and food shortages upcoming.

    I just want a genuine white wifey from the east in my home.

    1. Witwijf,

      The modern day black female’s times of laughter and enjoyment very soon will quickly turn into moments of tears, terror and sorrow.

  8. I’m just gonna keep it a buck: The black woman did a big number on the black man. At this point, I don’t think the dear black men magic trick is not gonna work at all. The only question I wanna ask since they are trying to do all this voodoo shit of “now they love black men, they need the black men”: Where was this behavior when they (black women) were shitting on the black men? I find it absolutely funny how in the beginning of black women, they be all “All niggas ain’t shit, black men don’t build or do this,” putting all these hoops just to be in the black woman’s good graces, dating these bum ass black dudes and psycho ass white dudes, wanting a dude with “swag,” having all these crazy ass bullshit requirements of black men, tearing down the black man, trying to be dominate over us, but now going to “Where all the good black men at, All these men either gay or in jail, how come black men don’t wanna us, why these black men going to white women (black and white aren’t the only type of people on this earth)? It’s just funny to me for some odd reason, and I can’t get it out because they love to dominate over the black man. No wonder why the black race is dying. The more they destroy the black man, the more they’re gonna destroy the black race as a whole. That’s just from my perspective. At this point, I don’t really see myself with a BAW. I’m sorry. I always said to myself as a black dude like myself, I’m pretty much better off with a non black woman because with me, I’m just a lame to black women. I’m a lame in the black community, but guess what, I’ll rather embrace being lame than to be a kiss ass, and that’s for damn sure.

    1. That Retro Guy,

      I concur with everything you’ve said. Black women are pretty much done having mocked, laughed at and ridiculed their only protectors. If they believe they can find sanctuary amongst other races of men then they’re in for a very rude awakening.

      White men look out for white women first, the same goes for other non black men and their female counterparts, when it comes to black men we’ve essentially been told by black women to get lost and our assistance, help and protection aren’t required.

      Therefore many free thinking brothers rightfully so have respected the black female’s request to be left alone and have LEFT THEM ALONE. This is what they wanted, they cannot turn back now, it’s too late.

  9. I am going to say this about this female:
    Women like her will say some good valid points about how we should be humble and have this alliance or come together to fight White Daddy and I agree to what she saying.

    Unfortunately just like the rest of these females and the ‘Dear Black Men’ talking points, too late and talk is cheap.
    If they really want to convince and come back to these ‘reach back’ which will never happen in a million years is to change the laws and I know they will not do it so all the talk about ‘unity’ and ‘alliances’ is meaningless.

    Even Quincy is right when the brother on YouTube trying to get him back to the black love and he said ‘No’. Too late, moved on and forward.

    I like what Verbs put about the Black Feminist tenants because these are spot on and they think this ‘unity’ and ‘black love’ is going to change my mind? Hell No.

    1. MMT,

      There are plenty of simps for these heifers to “reach back” to all day, this is the very cause for which the blue pilled, pro black female, black women first squads were created. There are simps lined up around the block ready to scoop them up and perform their cleanup man duties.

      Alternatively they can always “reach back” towards Slim Sauce, Cheezy Grillz, Field Mouse, Chunky Bruh and Shorty Fist, yep those same guys black women formed a coalition with in order to forcefully drive decent black men out of black society.

      Black women can reach back all they want, however their “reach” is very limited.

        1. Don’t forget Rum Smuggler Don, Rapid Fire Rasta, Rizla Dizla, Weed Head Jake, Homo Nazi Vern and Fuck All Night Freed™ Shout out to Money Cultural.

  10. As when ratchet black women say that they are independent and chasing the worthless men that breed them off, saying that the white beta male is better and so on, that’s when they come back to black men. I know that I’m not perfect but there is no way that I wanna deal with a dysfunctional black woman because of the stress it will cause for me. The ratchet black woman like the women in my family. Black men have left black men because they don’t wanna deal with the ratchetness of the ghetto hoodrats. And as the economy is now, we goanna see a tone of dear black men videos. It’s goanna be a all time high guys. Black men have seen the madness of the ratchet black women and they decided to leave them and not return.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women, beta males and the simps coming after non black women.
    Oh yeah, I did an article and about black women doing the dear black men videos. Long time ago:


  11. No thanks, we aren’t coming to your aid. You can experience the repercussions of your actions on your own. Good BM won’t be getting in the way of God’s Judgement on BWs behalf. Keep the Wall up.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      It’s not like we’ve been warning black women for a mere few weeks or a couple of months, no, black men have been telling black women repeatedly year after year that feminism has played them in a major fashion and black women in turn have refused to listen because as per Modern Day Black Female State Directive/Tenet Number 1:

      1. Continue to aid the government in destroying black society in exchange for State treats and benefits. Use that assistance from the State to compete with black men on all levels.

      No, we’re not coming back anywhere, black women are on their own.

    1. Alternative title of “Dear Black Men”: “Hey Big Head”.


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