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Don’t Ever Listen To Nonsense Like This! #SHORTS


Nope, the more appropriate advice is to NOT deal with women who like money being spent on them constantly because this is a clear indication they bring nothing to the relationship outside of gracing you with their presence on the condition you regularly pamper them with money and gifts, gold digger anyone?

The only person you need to “step your money up” for is yourself, never enter into any relationship making money and gifts its foundation because when the money and gifts run out, that woman won’t hesitate to hop over the fence and find another sucker who can satisfy her Jezebel tendencies. Any woman who cannot accept YOU first for who you are is NOT worth dealing with and should be swiftly kicked to the kerb.

This is one of many reasons why I continually advise black men with sense and intelligence to avoid dealing with these modern day black females, because they don’t have a clue as to what it means to be a woman ie how to be one, money and materials are the only things in life that make them happy.

Don’t be spending large amounts of money on dates either, as I’ve stated before, the whole purpose of a date is to get to know the individual on a deeper level in order to determine if the woman is a suitable candidate for a long term relationship. Therefore in the beginning, environments that bring about more personal engagement are preferable.

Restaurants in my reckoning should never be brought into the “getting to know each other” equation unless you are actually in a relationship with the woman. The problem with a restaurant setting is you’re spending more time eating and drinking as opposed to getting to know the other person. In my opinion simple dates should come first(coffee/tea, park, a walk etc), restaurants and more expensive activities should be brought in much later ie when you’re officially a couple.

Just avoid women who want you to spend bookoo bucks on them, the entitlement is very real, so many women out here honestly believe it’s normal behaviour to expect a complete stranger out of the gate to spend large amounts of money on them as if they’re already an item, smh.

Sadly, there are hoards of simps out here who shamelessly participate in this dysfunctional practice and as a result continue to fuel the delusions of grandeur too many of these Westernised females are immersed in and suffer from.

“Stepping your money up” for a strange woman is also a serious compromise of your masculinity and is putting that female on a pedestal declaring that she is more important to you than yourself.

Once again, we’ve just observed yet another example where the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media has so many women out here profoundly bewitched walking around with delusional, outlandish, ridiculous, foolish, unrealistic and laughable expectations and they wonder why they continue to remain chronically single at such a high clip. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Continues

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Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Don’t Ever Listen To Nonsense Like This! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid gold digging women like the plague because they are a waste of time. A woman should like and love you for you, not what you can do for them and this is one of the main reasons why dating in the 21st century is shit for men. When it comes to dates with women I only do cheap drinks dates so that I can get to know them better and that I will buy my own drinks and the woman buy her own drinks so that we go Dutch so that the woman can’t golddig me. The only way that I will take a woman to a fancy restaurant if she is my wife or girlfriend and that we have a good relationship and that we have been together for a long time. I don’t chase women because I know my own self value as a good looking man with zero debt,childfree and who goes to the gym 3 days a week and if a woman really likes you and fancies you she will let you know from the get go that she wants to get into a relationship with you and will make it easier for you to get with her without needing to be rich and without playing all these silly mind games and jumping all these hoops to get with these women in these modern times. I miss dating in the 1990s/early 2000s because women were more genuine with men back then than they are in 2022.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      “I miss dating in the 1990s/early 2000s because women were more genuine with men back then than they are in 2022.”

      This statement right here, dating pre internet and definitely pre social media was a lot easier because women back then weren’t getting their heads gassed up and overinflated by 1,000,001 simps online, the most attention they received was literally from men in their local vicinity.

      Additionally, there wasn’t the unrealistic expectation of the man needing to take the woman out to a fancy restaurant or having to spend exorbitant amounts of money to impress her, you met up and moreover went to the park(a spot very popular for dating back in the day) and engaged in meaningful conversation. Sadly in the West those days are gone and they’re never coming back.

  2. I agree the restaurant setting should only take place when a man and a woman are officially a couple, not on a first date.

    The bible speaks about jezebel spirits in babylon.

    Revelation chapter 16 verse 19

    The great city was split into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell, and God remembered Babylon the great, to make her drain the cup of the wine of the fury of his wrath.

    Revelation chapter 17 verse 5

    And on her forehead was written a name of mystery: “Babylon the great, mother of prostitutes and of earth’s abominations.”

    These scriptures has clearly come to light in western babylon for many many years and social media just highlights everything on display.

    I have come across an article but I have mixed feelings about what it says about easternised white women.

    What are your thoughts about this one ?

    1. Largely untrue, how many Russian/Ukrainian women are married to /American/Western European men do you know?

      I count five, including two where the man is Black. As of now four have been married for ten years or longer.

      Only one broke up but they never married.

      One has a 19 year age difference. The other couple have two biracial children, one conceived while he was courting her in Ukraine.

      The last one I am not in direct contact with anymore but I know exactly who to ask.

      Dudes that post that of tripe usually have something wrong with them either physical or mental (sometimes both) that prevent them from having relationships with women period, let alone women from another culture.

      Getting fleeced by a Slavic woman is the least of my concerns.

      1. I totally agree with you regarding this article.

        I don’t know any western guys personally in relationships with easternised white women but soon enough I’ll end up being the only one around my area in Nottingham.

        Nottingham is a small city not like London and there are more easternised white women compared to white british women at my workplace environment.

        1. Exactly as mentioned by some SYSBM Knights is that Polish, Russian and Romanian women in the UK are checking heavy for Black men.

          Good Luck and hammer the dating apps, get as many dates as you can stand, usually two coffee dates per day is plenty because more often than not one of the women you meet will want to continue the date into the evening.

    2. Witwijf,

      SYSBM lord, commander and chief MBD has a Russian wife, however he went to the deepest, darkest parts of the country to meet her. As with any woman regardless of location, caution is advised and any red flags observed should be noted and acted upon.

      In most cases you can pretty much tell if a woman is being genuine, the problem is however too many men see the signs that something isn’t right from early on but still choose to ignore them.

      Russian and Ukrainian women are still a much better option as opposed to dealing with these contaminated westernised heifers, don’t let that article put you off finding your Eastern European stargate.

  3. I looked at the comments on TikTok. They all saying men are butthurt because they are broke bum men. No they are not broke, they are smart.

    I also say shout out to Verbs with that Coffee Date topic.

    This is what I said to some of these women when it comes to money and marriage. They do not value the Vows, when shit hits the fan, they just jump ship and bail out on you.

    Now what I am going to saying this will upset SYSBM brothers here. I may not be a SYSBM myself but this is sad to say but I have observed this in Real Life:

    Since Verbs mention topics like Coffee dates and how the BW talks about ‘Real Man’ spend money, Transwomen knows how to be women more than these normal BWs.

    How do I know this? I had a friend told me that he come across these transwomen who are not part of this liberal pride stuff who shoves down our throat, but just want to live their normal lives, they know how to treat men better than these normal women because normal women are so liberal, they do not behave like them.

    In 2015, the redpill community saw a trend of Transwomen are now out competing against normal females and some females are losing to them because of exposure of deep feminism and liberalism.

    What this got to do with this dating advice? I give you the answer to this:
    Trans Community (who are Non-liberal do not affiliate with the pride stuff) understands equality more than women so when it comes to dating, they understand men very well as they have a bit of male body before the hormone transitional from Male to Female.
    This is because these females especially BW taking advice from Gay men or Transwomen on how to get straight men. Gay Men will give these women poor advise because they do not understand stright thinking men. Transwomen know how to get men because they observe very good, especially at the salon settings that real females have poor mating skills (picking wrong men like thugs, pookies and bums). These transwomen observe better than the normal females especially BW.

    Watch out brothers because the Transwomen are becoming wife material than normal females due to modern females are too liberal, independent and they got this ‘Don’t need a man’ mindset.

    This shit is not funny because BW competing against foreigners is one thing, however normal females are competing against the Transwomen because Trans are more of traditional women and have a wife mindset whilst the modern females are liberal and feminist. That is a serious problem in the dating market and for women in general.

    1. “I had a friend told me that he come across these transwomen who are not part of this liberal pride stuff who shoves down our throat, but just want to live their normal lives, they know how to “Treat men better than these normal women” because normal women are so liberal, they do not behave like them.” That’s SAD Because I’ve Observed This Myself…SYSBM Is The Only Way For Righteous BM Here In Feminist Trap Amerikkka….

      1. I Have Mixed Feelings about what I Want A White Women. But Fuck Them Pro black Karen’s They Always Calling Black Brother A Sell Out For Not Dating A Sister End in The Day Date Outside My Race And Be happy Myself #SYSBM4LIFE

      1. Schadenfreude,

        No tranny lover in the ranks. However trannys with high passable rating (85%+) will look authentic than the normal female as liberal females becoming more man. I also observed this.
        Then your need super eye coordination skills to tell if that woman is either real or tranny.
        This is happening for years.
        As Michael stated, this is no tranny lover thing, this is a serious thing, especially what some and I observed in real life.
        No one is the social media talking about this because it is low profile thing at the moment. But I am glad some brothers like Michael bring this up as an attention of what to come.
        Also these are the same females who listen to a dating advice from Gay men on how to get straight men.

    2. I also like to add:

      It’s kind of funny when she said ‘Don’t date men when they get their money up’.
      What this basically means that they do not want to build with you.
      They are just want to take like a soul-sucking vampire.

    3. MMT,

      Black women always say that black men are broke, however it isn’t my job nor my obligation to spend money on a woman I don’t know from a can of paint.

      It’s these knuckleheaded simps who continue to gas up the heads of these sub par women talking about how they’ll drink their dirty bath water and put their coat over a puddle for these same unappreciative females to walk over.

      From comments like these and more this is where modern day black women especially get the ludicrous idea that they’re entitled to diamonds and 30 ounce gold bars on the first date.

      I’m going to leave the tranny topic alone because outside of calling them out for the dysfunctional, mentally ill individuals they are as well as noting that there is literally no difference in appearance between them and your average black female, we SYSBM knights do NOT back that lifestyle at all.

  4. Not only did this Daggle give trash advice it also has a jawline like Cam Newton! Obviously these strong face heauxes have too much testosterone which contributes to their masculine behavior.

    1. I was gonna ask if it was a tranny tbh. That jaw was looking kinda strong and angular…

    2. LMAO this nigga did not say “Cam Newton!”

      Who is trying to actually spend money on this shemale?

      And what was with that last buck towards the camera, like it was getting ready to fight?

      Here is another lightskin/biracial that some of y’all BM fetishize. Good luck!

  5. L.O.L,only blue pill will trust this.

    AlphaFuck vs BetaBuck is real that’s why most women feel entitled to expensive date or meal.

    Attractive men don’t need to spend $0 to attract women.
    Especially when u not in relationships with her.

    As a man,if u see cues or hint that the girl is not attracted to physically, no chemistry, or interested u just get the fuck out.

    I got 2 date rules, free date or very cheap date depending on my mood but I never pay for her 50/50. If a chick act entitled and think she deserve ”expensive” or ”special treatment” just dismiss her that’s it.

    Sadly most men, don’t try to be more attractive and prefer to be an walking ATM and complain to be used SMH.

    By the way, take at look at this:
    Lesbian Senator Tiara Mack, in search of voter for her campaign, has think that it was a good idea to twerk to ”gain” more vote…..

    That’s a gem for your article, when u think u cannot see worst thing in the world, these women keep waking up to prove u wrong ! 🤣

    1. Tiara Mack is the educated liberal bwack quean that Dr. Umar says you must take seriously. She follows in the footsteps of Shirley Chisholm and Rosa Parks, who also twerked for social justice.

      In 1947, Zora Neale Hurston wrote, “Your responsibility as a Black Woman, do not shirk. When it comes to social justice, it’s time to twerk.”

      Vote GOP in the next election.

    2. Tyrone Nyx,

      Yep, that twerking senator was mentioned in the last Open Mic, an absolute disgrace but at this point we shouldn’t be surprised as this is what your average black female does.

      These entitled black sirens wouldn’t dare to ask 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce or Shorty Fist to be taken out on an expensive date because they know they’ll get laughed out of the room if not getting slapped upside the head first.

      Once again I blame the pestilent simp culture for the way things have turned out in the Western dating market especially regarding women’s ridiculous expectations.

  6. SYSBM Tenet #11 reads, “SYSBM is all about the increase of one’s finances and assets as well as the reduction of one’s debt, the modern day black female on the other hand has little to no concept of group economics as well as building solid wealth. The overwhelming majority of black women simply want to spend money to indulge the Jezebel spirits within themselves and have no problems getting into heavy debt or bringing black men into deep financial ruin in order to satisfy their carnal urges”. With that said, why should I get my money up only to give it away to a daggle? It’s no secret how materialistic they are and how they feel entitled to a man’s resources; these women aren’t worth a McChicken from the dollar menu at McDonald’s, yet we have blue pilled simps out there today who improve their lives just to impress bottom of the barrel chicks who value material things over character. Do better for yourself before others. #SYSBM


      Well I will say the concept of group economics is lost on most Black men.

      Seems we have to do it ad-hoc because when I bring this topic up it’s met with crickets or some rant about getting your own house in order.

      If a tide raises all boats, then group investment is that vehicle. We are already under the umbrella of SYSBM, it’s time to expand.

      1. Anthony,

        I believe MBD has plans to expand SYSBM even further in the near future, however as with all economic ventures, caution has to be exercised as well as making sure things operate at a manageable pace.

    2. BCT,

      BOOM, as I’ve said before, black women look at black men as slaves, commodities and assets, hence why they expect to have access to our money and resources by default. Black women as a collective are the booby prize of the dating market, yet through the sorcery and continued gasology of their simp flunkies, they delude themselves into believing they’re something special.

  7. They only time when a man step his money game up is for himself.

    There are more and more gold diggers then ever now. I have a few experiences of gold diggers in my days and I have been sinking behind their back when I was chatting up other girls. And that’s in my 20’s. As you see in the so called black community, there are so many gold diggers all over the place. I know that there are white women who are gold diggers as well. As you start a relationship with a gold digging hoodrat, she will play games with you but when she sees the thug, the worthless man and the hopeless man, they don’t ask like this whatsoever. Some of the guys in North West London, they say that you can’t give money to a woman that you don’t know. You have to be more street smart then ever now because these scallywag scraggle daggles will use every crafty trick to get money. And these type of women, they create players.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet hoodrat, simps and the beta males are coming after non black women.


  8. The woman in the video looks like a man. From looking at her TikTok page, I get the impression that she thinks that she is beautiful.

    I ask myself, how is it that so many women in the US who can only be average looking on the best day of their life, consider themselves to be physically beautiful ? The answer is the female obesity epidemic in the US.

    Between 70 and 80 percent of black women in the US are obese. For white women in the US, it is approaching 50 percent. To the average black male simp, when a black woman’s weight is normal for her height, she automatically becomes an 8, 9, or 10 on the looks scale. This vastly contributes to the sorry state of dating in the US.

    The top tier of Black men in the US, who have the means and knowhow to travel, should have an international dating horizon. Even among the nonblack female population, it is becoming harder and harder to find an acceptable stargate in the US. In the US, women have been indoctrinated to feel so entitled that they believe they should be accepted as they are, with no need to self improve.

    They believe they are entitled to engage in fuckery and duplicitous behavior, and still be regarded as a treasure. These women are only worthy of the thirsty low quality male simp. This is true for the scraggle daggle as well as the nonblack female who has been corrupted by 4th wave feminism.

    1. “To the average black male simp, when a black woman’s weight is normal for her height, she automatically becomes an 8, 9, or 10 on the looks scale.”

      Below is how this statement should read. I substituted "proportional" for "normal", because obesity is the new normal for black women in the US.

      To the average black male simp, when a black woman’s weight is proportional for her height, she automatically becomes an 8, 9, or 10 on the looks scale.

      1. >To the average black male simp, when a black woman’s weight is proportional for her height,

        Translation: Oil tanker


  9. You don’t even have to play the video. Just one look at the scraggle in the video image will tell you she’s a red flag no-go zone! Let some SIMP (like the usual suspects who make their cameo appearance in these forums) have at her.


  10. I’m broke, yet you’re looking to sponge off brothers like me?

    Projection much?

    1. Michel,

      That’s all these black harriets do, constantly throw the “you’re broke” label in our direction, yet they’re forever looking for these same “broke black men” to spend money on them, make that make sense. The “you’re broke” line is simply a Jedi mind trick shaming tactic black women in particular use to get you to loosen up your pockets, however we’re not stupid over here.

  11. I Have Mixed Feelings about what I Want A White Women. But Fuck Them Pro black Karen’s They Always Calling Black Brother A Sell Out For Not Dating A Sister End in The Day Date Outside My Race And Be happy Myself #SYSBM4LIFE

  12. Modern black hoes are just a mess. It’s just no two ways about it. Even when they look halfway decent, why even approach let alone spend money on them? And the only dudes they calling “broke” are the simps and normal dudes they don’t even want anyway. Roof Top Trey and Shorty Fist ain’t paying for shit.

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