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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here once again, Slaying Evil continues to keep it real by refusing to shy away from telling the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. What’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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18 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    This guy is basically attempting to create a new comic book company without all of the woke identity politics of the modern mainstream comic book industry.

    There a lot of people upset with Mr. July; these are generally the same SJW types who are crying about “how we need more black voices” and stuff like that.

    Apparently, Mr. July is a libertarian (small “l”).

    I just hope this Rippaverse doesn’t eventually become a Mighty No.9-esque situation.

    1. Kameron Brown,

      I could be wrong but I believe that this woke garbage that has gradually filtered into comic books originally came from that feminist witch Anita Sarkeesian’s attack on the video game industry back in 2012-2013 if I’ve got the years right.

      As I said to you in the Off Topic comment section, a new path is most definitely needed, the woke garbage has gotten way out of hand infecting nearly everything it comes into contact with, smh. Let’s hope this guys stays the path and doesn’t cave in to SJW pressures to conform.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    When women say to me that men and women can just be friends, I disagree with them because men and women cannot be friends especially when the woman is good looking and the man is sexually attracted to the woman. I despise the friend zone and I don’t have any female friends. When it comes to women for example they either be my long term girlfriend/wife or friends with benefits with sex involved. I refuse to be the shoulder to cry on type of man for women because all they do is friend zone you good men and these same women moan to you about the bad boys that they are dating and these same men treat these women like shit. The last time I was in the friend zone was 10 years ago back in July 2012 when I was 30 and I haven’t been in the friend zone since because I know my self worth as a childfree man and I refuse to have any female friends.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I’ve got a few female friends, however we don’t meet up very often at all. As you always say, I fully agree with you bro and can definitely relate especially in my younger years.

      Many of the female friends I had when I was much younger were indeed attractive and I did want more from them, however they typically passed over me for the knuckle dragging fast lane boys but kept me as a “friend” which I now know was so that they always had somebody around who could give them attention without sex being involved in the equation.

      The friend zone is a horrible place to be and a lot of young boys and men end up there because they feel that putting their feet down and having standards is not going to get them any sex, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro 100 percent man. 😎💯

  3. Lately, for me, I’ve been watching a lot of passport videos, seeing how these dudes are happy overseas, they finding their happiness overseas, finding actual love overseas, they going where they’re celebrated. Me, I don’t have a passport, yet, but I actually did make some plans of getting one sometime before 2022 ends. I’ll keep tabs of when I apply for one. I need tips on how to apply for one for the first time, especially how to fill out the form. Still trying to figure out where my first trip could be when I take my first trip outside the US. Debating on Cuba, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Mexico, or Panama. But anyway, with the passport movement, dudes finding love overseas, like I said, I really don’t blame dudes for doing that because hey, if you ain’t getting no good graces in where you at, where are you gonna find it? What’s bothering me is the backlash the passport men, especially the black men, are getting from people, especially the women in their own homes. I just gotta look at the American woman in a different light because what is interesting in the American woman nowadays, outside of sex? I’m already at the point where if I’m gonna find wives/girlfriends, it’s outside the country for now on because how many bad apples do I need to go through just to find that “good woman?” These folks can make the argument that there are bad women overseas, yeah it’s true. There’s some bad apples overseas, but here, how many bad apples do I need to go through just to find that “good woman?” I’m starting to see there are no good women out here in the US, or western society. Even if it’s some good women out here, they either A) Taken, or B) Far in between. So I’m not gonna take that risk. If I gotta find my love overseas, fuck it. I’ll do it. I’ll take that fucking risk because I’m not gonna take what’s being thrown at me in the US because I have standards for myself, and I’m not nobody’s butler. I’m no easy win G. These women in western society, they can do whatever, but guess what, Peace out Bob!

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Get that passport and pay no attention to the passport haters and nay sayers who are afraid to leave their own home country as well as the women and their male flunkies who attempt to demonise travelling men by claiming that such individuals go abroad because they’ve got no so called “game” to deal with the women on domestic soil.

      “Game” is the magic trick required in order to interact and deal with dysfunctional females, always remember that. So called “Game” is NOT needed whenever dealing with classic, traditional, feminine, non westernised women.

      Getting a passport should be done like yesterday. I’m not sure how the process works in the US, however I’m confident that it can’t be that complicated. Regarding Western women, as I’ve been stating for the longest, social media has contaminated too many of them to a beyond repair point.

      I’ll strongly be recommending that brothers who are having difficulty getting a good woman in the West to go foreign. My friend’s brother(black man) is dealing with a Polish woman, brothers out here in the UK are taking full advantage of the influx of Eastern European women coming into the country. From here Eastern Europe isn’t that far either.

      As for your first trip, somewhere close by like Mexico, DR, Costa Rica or even Puerto Rico would be a good first time experience in order to find your travelling feet to help you get grounded in the arena.

  4. Hope everyone is coping with the weather. Hot as hell. What’s on my mind today?

    I was at my flat yesterday. I don’t hardly stay in there because it’s a share and I don’t wanna share with anyone but I hope to find somewhere which I don’t need to share. I think I know why. I open the front door to get in. When I open the door, I saw rubbish in the passage way. I was thinking what the fuck is this? There were takeaway boxes, chicken bones and shit. I was asking the white guy and the black guy asking them who did this. It was the other guy upstairs. The guy is a nasty son of a bitch. And you know why I don’t like sharing. I like South London but do regret sharing!

    I was talking to my work coach. And the guy gave a warehouse course. The thing is this. I got warehouse experience right. Why is he giving me a course of a job which I have done so many times? I wanna do something else now. I have done warehouse so much. With this dyslexia haunting me, I’m really sure. And you guys must be thinking “What do you mean that your dyslexic? You write so well on your website Money Cultural.” Yeah, I just have a passion for writing really. I might do an article on that but its goanna be very, very touchy.

    Nothing much to say really. It’s just the weather was hot and the ladies? Well, the legs are out, lol

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these beta males, simps and the ghetto ratchet hoodrats are coming after them.


  5. Boris Johnson resigning as prime minister of UK.

    Prime ministers are selected, not elected.

    Labour governments and conservative governments are two sides of the same coin.

    Both political parties don’t work for UK citizens at all.

    Both political parties only work for the world economic forum and UN.

    Whoever replaces him won’t be any different from him cause all these politicians work for the same people.

    Its already bad enough the rothchilds own all central banks and everything else, including political parties.

    The same rothchilds who want to destroy traditional families in general cause they see non Jews as useless eaters.

    If Russia starts using nuclear weapons against the west and Russia gets wiped out of existence, this includes white Russian women in Russia.

    1. Klaus Anal Schwab, his acolyte Yuri and their Canaanite bosses can go burn in the fires of hell. No we will not eat insects and be happy. No toxic electric cars that can’t drive me to the nearest charging point. No fake food vegan diet making us sick. No Demolition Man style credit system. No monthly jibs either.

  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I’m late to the party, but better late than never; man, there are so many things occurring right now around the world that I don’t know what to bring forward for OMW (not to mention that I no longer have the time like I used to at my current place of employment). I’m actually backed up on articles I need to read before sharing them here, but I went back and read this:

    This is a bit of old news (not that old), but it’s news that will affect us all in some way; take note of the concerns farmers have about the water shortage in the West when it comes to their crops being watered. If there is no water for their crops, then there’s no food being grown; also, why should we as consumers sacrifice our daily needs for water by limiting OUR consumption? And of course, everything is being charged to climate change because, “science”.

  7. Bruv, the titties and ass are out. I’m surprised how young these girls are thirst trapping negroes out here. I feel like R Kelly out in these streets. Is this some TikTok generational thing?

    Either way, the women out here have chased away the boys with their strong independent attitude fueled by media propaganda that says men are at fault for everything, however a brother should have no problems scooping up a snowbunny. Why? It’s a shit test.

    Just like the scraggle makes brothers jump through hoops for your black ass, white girls are testing their men to the point that they’ll end up single or attached to a soy boy. Brothers with masculinity and balls still intact, it’s open season.

    1. Michel,

      I was in Oxford Street today, I saw the same as well as heave makeup, fake eyelashes, tattoos, nose rings, weaves, wigs and the rest of the sorcery and witchcraft these highly insecure females use.

  8. Greetings. Off-Topic and out of curiosity, any links to detoxification methods regarding the sharpshooter or BS-19™ idiot jab? Not for me, but for kids as young as 5 or up to 10.

    I am aware what I am asking is a waste of time given their lives are permanently altered and doomed in a matter of when.

    However, I do want to at least prolong their life so they can live it to the fullest. Despite the irresponsibility of their parents. That is all.

    1. Blackdjedi,

      I’ve moved this comment to the last Open Mic, however feel free to post it again in this week’s up and coming one.

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