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When The Divestment Strategy Goes Wrong!

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As you can see, the above links are dead. None of us here can really say that we’re surprised at this end result, this is typically what happens when black women believe they can find secure sanctuary outside of their male counterparts, even worse still this black female chose to deal with a man who practices Islam.

I guess she never received the memo as to how harsh by the book Islam is when it comes down to women and the fact that under the religion husbands are permitted to beat their wives in order to instil correction.

Again, you’ll notice how the divestment/swirling/levelling up black female flunkies are incredibly quiet whenever it comes to situations like this or even worse where the black woman who chose to date or marry out is murdered. This is the extremely dark side of divesting that these deceitful black sirens conveniently fail to declare whenever promoting it as an alternative to the usual.

When the former high priestess of Swirl Mountain one Miss Christelyn Karazin first begun her swirling campaign back in 2012, she also conveniently failed to warned her wannabe swirling acolytes of the dangers in dealing with non black men.

Black women don’t seem to understand that they are viewed as the bottom of the barrel dregs and scum of the dating market by non black men, it’s only certain sectors of black men ie the pro black, blue pilled simps who in their folly place value upon a female counterpart who at this stage is only fit for the sewers because the streets are too good of a place to give her.

We already know the story with the overwhelming majority of black women who manage to get chosen by a non black male significant other, they became tired of being ran through, used up and rinsed out by 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz, Sheggy, Spoony and Shorty Fist.

So then they decide to embark upon the swirl/divestment/levelling up estate believing that all black men are trash even when they purposely overlooked an entire slew of productive, educated, intelligent black men, choosing not to deal with them because according to black women they’re “lame and boring”.

They get with bottom shelf Brad, Simon, Iqbal, Razak or Abdul and the fireworks begin almost immediately. Non black men aren’t stupid, they see how insecure most black women are and they also observe how masculine as well as disrespectful black women are towards their male counterparts, so by default many non black males feel that black women must be treated with a heavy hand in order to keep them in line and under control.

In the end the black female if she isn’t killed has to run away in order to escape the literal slavery of being under the wing of another, oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

When black men deal with non black women, it is a completely different dynamic as opposed to black women dealing with non black men. Black men, the second most desired individuals on the planet(though at this stage almost neck and neck with Admiral Frost which he’s not happy about) despite what the wannabe swirlers and divestment cronies propagate, our options are so much more than the black female who outside of black men isn’t desired by anybody.

Meanwhile, in other divestment news:

You can pretty much guarantee that these black harpies aren’t telling Brad or Chad that in order to get with them they have to be making 6 figures, possess a 6 pack, have a 6 inch member(minimum size), own their own homes, have no children, own their own vehicle, be prepared to be generous, not be broke etc, nope, those standards are only reserved for sucker black men who still choose to deal with Captain Snowy’s leftovers. Finally:

Contrary to the black female propaganda machine, the overwhelming majority of black men are NOT out here bashing black women upside the head and putting them in coffins, it’s only the select few of knuckle dragging scum buckets they choose to open their legs to and get impregnated by who are responsible for the black female’s woes.

The top killers of black women are actually medically related, NOT black men, allow me to post the 2018 stats from the CDC proving this:

Your average black female won’t tackle her REAL killers, diabetes, heart disease, obesity, cancer, stroke, high blood pressure etc because that would mean having to take onboard some accountability and we already know that it’s the black woman’s religion to keep herself steeped in the victimhood status as well as to blame black men for anything and everything that goes wrong in her life, smh. Walk away black men, just walk away. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Divestment Failures Continue To Pile Up

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “When The Divestment Strategy Goes Wrong!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Black women think that getting with these non black men will save them from their stupid mistakes from the past and it won’t because we all know that black women are the least desired woman on the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women as a group by far are the worst, they carry their defections with themselves wherever they go, they refuse to take accountability for anything and most definitely don’t believe they need to self examine, scrutinise and improve, smh.

  2. Well regarding the cashapp message on the insta pic, it’s better that mr clean gets that than black men.

    Reason 1999999888 not to deal with Westernised bw

  3. I would be very confused if I was a white man seeing other white men date negress females.

    This is a downgrade.

    White women are the standard of beauty.

    I already have the best upgrade.

    No melanated females at all.

    All black women are downgrades by default.

    If I was Adam in the garden of Eden, I wouldn’t have gone anywhere near Eve.

    This whole world would have been a better place without a black woman breeding and so much sins.

    1. Witwijf,

      More white men are beginning to recognise that the juice isn’t worth the squeeze when it comes to black females, if their preference is melenated women they’re much better off going for a mixed female or women from a culture that still embraces traditional customs and values.

      Every other race of women on the planet value their image and reputation, non black women have no problems separating themselves from the bad apples in their groups and will not hesitate to check any dysfunctional behaviour in order to keep the standards high.

      Not the modern day black female though, the so called “good black women” are fully in league with the dregs and the scum buckets of black female society and have no problems cosigning the decadent and dysfunctional behaviour engaged in by their peers, smh.

  4. Time for my Mister Michael MisterTea Masters Mouthful (5m):

    You have these detractors always put SYSBM and Divestors/Swirlers in the same coin.

    Madbusdriver explain the difference between SYSBM and Swirlers/Divestors:

    SYSBM is based on building, leading, patriarchy and improving one-self and Swirlers/Divestors on the other hand, they follow and look for other cultures’ and race’s resources. It does not have to be money, it could be the White Man’s sperm. Also Divestors/Swirlers also practice Hypergamy too.

    Now on to this topic:
    Also I notice the detractors always trying to debunk Passport Bros that the grass is not greener because bad things happen when you go elsewhere.

    I am going to explain to the brothers here why grass is not greener when BW dating out and the grass is greener when the BM dating out:

    The reason grass is greener when BM dating out:
    Black Men learn, do their research and understand other cultures, when they travel, they learn the language, the country’s way of life and the law of the country. They also become aware of the tribal minded ways in each country. So when the BM date out they learn their partner’s cultures. Also the partner also have to learn about their man’s culture. They have to do tag-team culture because of patriarchy. Example Jamaican man marry a Turkish woman, the Women have to learn the Jamaican style whilst the Man learn the Turkish style. Then they decide to adopt the lifestyle where they decide which country of their choosing and they can run with it. Another note, those cultures, men especially have to understand the role of being a husband in another country meaning men should have standards and self-respect regardless where you go. Black Men understand this.

    The reason grass is not greener when BW dating out:
    BW thinks dating out is better because they believe that other race of men are better than BM, not true. What BW d not realise that they are followers regardless of different culture, they cannot act liberal and have this ‘Strong, Independent, I don’t need no man’ mindset in other countries because other cultures do not play that way. Especially with ‘Bare Minimum Brad’ (call them bare minimum because they do have to go through the list and premiums like BM goes through to get BW).
    These swirlers are liberal wannabes just like Lisa Raye who drop the Royal Status for being liberal, sexual freedom. Tasha K who had a perfect marriage but decide to divorce because she wants to be single and she is even celebrate and Megan Markle because she is a liberal who marry to a Royal. Unfortunately Prince Harry is a cuck because he lose is royal status. He may get it back.
    These BW think they are winning however people like Tasha, Megan and Lisa gives BW as a race and culture a black eye and show the whole world why they are bottom of the barrel.
    As for the BW who is abuse by the Muslim boyfriend, I think because she is refuse to get with the Islam program when she date one and if you don’t these guys will bring the Prophet of Muhammad whipping on them.
    These BW need to learn to respect other patriarchy because they can hate on BM’s leadership, but when it comes to other cultures’ patriarchy they are less forgiven than BM.

  5. Why is the black woman is with the non black man?

    Money: She sees him with a man with dough in his pockets so she can pick pocket him. Felling that he’s better then any good black man: Every time when a black female starts a relationship with a non black man which I don’t have a problem with, she thinks that he’s better then the good black man or the nice guy. Until she finds out that the white beta male has another side of him. Trying to use him: If the white man has money or any man that has money, she will try to use the man but when the finds out about cunning scheme, he does a runner.

    The video with the ghetto gagger scraggly got trash poured over her and a had a bin over her head, I got something to tell you. If I saw my girl on ghetto gaggers, I’m ending the relationship. I have my dirt but my God, how can any woman would degrade herself like this? I just leave her and move on. I’m not goanna kill her. I’m not goanna be like Machete Man Briggy. Chop off the woman’s head and throw it to the side of the road. I’m not goanna do that. Ghetto is a sick thing to see. And these black females love it as well.

    The black chick who as kissing one white guy to another, I have one thing to say. She’s for the roads! If a black chick was a white guy, then go ahead but she was lip locking more then one guy. And I bet you that they must of have run on her as well, raw! And the other woman who is blaming black men for her failing, she really need to shut the hell up and find something to do. People got too much time in their hands nowadays.

    As I see these black females, when they go into a interracial relationship, they go for the worse type of white dude. They say that black men can’t provide, can’t take care of their children, they don’t pay the bills, don’t work and so on, that just nonsense. When they get a white beta male with no job, no home, no car, no money, refuse to find work, they don’t open their mouths. I’ve been hearing that these black females getting abused by these non black men and also, I heard that they get killed by them as well.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Wat di bloodclaat?

      Mi chop up da likkle dry skin bitch because mi know sey she done fuck anudda man. One of dem St Thomas brudda tell me she dun suck out dat dutty likkle batty bwoy and me haffi chop it off and dash wey.

      No one catch mi yet an mi na raas.

  6. I divested myself from the Blackistan subculture years ago. If you are a person of African or partial African descent, and you have internalized the rules, customs, and mores of Blackistan, I have divested from you years ago, be you male of female.

    The mentality fostered by the Blackistan subculture is the mentality of a nigger. It is not just 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Cheezy Grillz, Sheggy, Spoony and Shorty Fist who possess the mentality of a nigger. The scraggle daggle has an apex nigger mentality, so does the blue pilled black male simp.

    The Blackistan mentality can manifest itself in those who are broke, as well as those who have billions in the bank. 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey have a nigger mentality. So too does Oprah, Serena Williams, Steve Harvey, and others of this ilk, have a nigger mentality.

    Both types possess a mentality that is fundamentally harmful to the average Black man. Admiral Whitey Frost approves of the nigger mentality. He invented it. And this is the type of mentality that Admiral Whitey Frost wishes for all Black people to possess.

  7. Y’all don’t see the media going in heavy with black women? BW seeking designer perfume, breakfast cereals, insurance, all kinds of regular everyday stuff. This is why BW think they can force their neck and level up with white men.

    The reality is SYSBM is now at critical point, their media shenanigans only mitigates the sheer number of American black men leaving in their droves elsewhere. White women don’t even need to try anymore, Instagram and ShitTok do the heavy lifting for them. We’re now in the third generation of mixed couples and there’s nothing anybody can do about it. The Democrats slave grip on Black men is over, this divesting shite is purely damage control.

  8. I guess these women like getting Captain Snowy’s foot up their ass on a regular basis.


  9. I hope that more daggles learn the hard way that White men and non Black men of color are not perfect beings, and many of them are just as messed up, if not worse, than the Slim Sauce and Pookie types they’re used to dealing with; as for SYSBM, we continue to thrive and prosper. I also have something to say about this daggle’s TikTok and the links being dead, but I’ll save my commentary for Open Mic Wednesday.

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