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The brother 100% did the right thing, in recent times I’ve had to do the same to quite a number of women who showed me little to no interest until they got ran through and used up by Slim Sauce, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist. Always remember fellas, not your children, NOT YOUR PROBLEM. Additionally, NEVER ACCEPT SUB PAR, DEFECTIVE BEYOND REPAIR GOODS.

You deserve better, if these women don’t wish to give themselves to you in their prime, conversely you have the complete and total right to reject them once they’ve exited their best years and afterwards suspiciously come a creeping and sniffing in your direction. The next video below pretty much explains how most black men who date out get to that point:

I know that some of the commenters here haven’t dealt with black women at all in their entire lives, however for the majority of black men who’ve chosen to date out, the scenario above is the primary reason why they opted to throw in the towel on black women and instead seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

It’s funny how free thinking black men have accepted the black female’s preference towards the dregs and the scum of black male society, yet as soon as these brothers decide to take themselves elsewhere, these same black women who refused to give those black men the time of day all of a sudden have all kinds of free time on their hands to make endless TikTok videos, Facebook, Instagram and Twitter posts hurling all manner of names and insults at a group of black men THEY DIDN’T WANT, make it make sense:

No witch, these women continuing to sleep with men like Future ARE the greater offenders because WOMEN CONTROL ACCESS TO SEX. It’s the same pattern with these modern day black females, they’ll never fail to fall in line with fellow members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure in order to keep their decadent and immoral creed in place, smh.

A lighthouse is set in place to warn ships travelling at night not to venture into its near vicinity as there are rocks nearby which could result in shipwreck, how is it that most of these jackass black females see a dude with 2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10 babymothers and yet still choose to sleep with the guy instead of rightfully giving the serial impregnator an extremely wide berth?

As per usual, absolutely no accountability on the black female’s part. As the guy in the video below explains, these women already know and see with their own eyes what the end result will be sleeping with serial impregnators, yet they still choose to go there, smh:

The tatted guy’s right, at this stage black women are rattling off anything and everything to get our attention, why, because they’re trying their utmost to keep you engaged in conversation so you waste time going back and forth believing black women want change when in reality they’re trying to keep you from leaving the proverbial plantation or escaping the Matrix.

These black sirens claim to be afraid of black men yet in their hundreds of thousands are still managing to get impregnated by the same, how does that make any sense?

Again, the Black Witch Of Scalp Summit one Miss Cynthia G is a classic example of this, this bald headed harriet travelled across state lines to get impregnated by one Mr Robert Perkins knowing full well he already had 5 babymothers on deck.

The harsh reality of the matter is most black women much prefer single motherhood over having a strong family structure which includes having a man in the home, this unfortunately is the way that most black women have been programmed to think by their white lord and saviour General Blizzard. Always remember that Uncle Sam is the black woman’s new husband. Finally:

Shout out to BlackRam313, I first came across this video in a fantastic breakdown he recently did of it, that video can be seen in the link below:

I’ve been travelling regularly since 2008 and before that I was travelling on and off from the early 1980’s. This scoffing black harriet doesn’t seem to understand that the overwhelming majority of Passport Bros ARE ALREADY TRAVELLING, smh. Nobody is giving black women ultimatums either, since Pookie, Sheggy, Spoony and Skillet are their preferences, so be it, that’s no skin off a travelling black man’s nose.

As sure as night follows day, all of this mocking, ridiculing, berating and disparagement of passport holding and travelling black men by black women will be turned into tears of sorrow, pain and anguish when the proverbial hits the fan(economic turmoil and collapse). Mark my words gentlemen, you WILL be having the last laugh at these scoffers.

Remember the video I posted last week of black female YouTuber D’Neika Marie lamenting after discovering that foreign women are now setting up YouTube channels advertising their countries as places that black men can visit in order to meet their women? For those who haven’t seen it, check out the link below:

These disjointed black harridans walk around proudly proclaiming they don’t need a man, meanwhile foreign women are using their smarts and fully capitalising on the black female’s folly, stupidity, ultra stubborn nature, pride and arrogance right underneath their noses. As Marie repeated in the video, foreign women want men and aren’t afraid to declare this.

Black women are the only women on the planet who have no problems throwing their male counterparts under the bus at any and every opportunity that presents itself, no other group of women on the planet do this to their men, NONE!

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week, gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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16 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Alternative title: The Oil Tanker Chronicles.


  1. It is most evident at this point in our journey as freethinking BM, that it’s time to let these demons meet their fate and just die off. Their ability to re-habilitate themselves is simply not possible. Any, BM that thinks otherwise needs to seek out some serious psychiatric counseling. IT’S OVER!!! The B-DUB’s psychology is so saturated in self-delusion no amount of logic nor reason will ever penetrate the fortress of stupidity. To even engage them in “conversation” is in all actuality an act of disrespect forced upon ones self. We can and we must do better in safeguarding our mental health…our sanity!! Anything less than that my brothers is to continually fall prey to their various games of subterfuge and destruction.


    1. Excellent post. I cosign everything you said. Passport brothers shouldn’t be concerned in the least about what the US scraggle daggle cohort thinks, says, or does. They don’t exist to me. I give them a very wide berth whenever possible. All thinking black men should give them a wide berth.

      I went to France and Italy back in September. I can’t wait to go back to France. Paris has a large black population. Many mixed race women. The white and mixed race women in Paris are still feminine. The darkskinned black women dressed feminine as well. But having been so nauseated by darkskinned black women in the US, I didn’t pay them much attention.

      The French women in general were friendly, many in Paris are conversant in English. On several occasions, mixed race French cuties engaged me in small talk. Everytime I encountered a mixed race shop keeper or hotel front desk clerk, the attitude was sweet, demure, and exceedingly welcoming.

      The mixed race cutie at the front desk where I was staying, was attentive and delivered ouststanding customer service. On the morning I was leaving to go to Italy, she said she was sorry to see me leave, she hoped I enjoyed their beautifull city, and hoped I would come back. She was tall, fine, and had the cutest afro.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to date single mothers with lots of kids now as a childfree man because these women are the same women who rejected me in their sexual prime years(18 to 30) when they were childfree, in shape and beautiful. I take it as a insult because I am a decent childfree man with no kids that made good choices in his life and that tells me that I don’t deserve a decent good looking childfree women in her best years but now that she has left her prime years and that she has become ugly, fat and worst still a single mother now she wants me to become a step dad to her bastard kids that she had with the wrong dude. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit because I deserve a good looking childfree women because we can build our own nuclear family from scratch. As for the black community that it’s dead and finished because we all know that black women are always having kids with the worst type of black men ever and these same black men who already have at least 4 other baby mothers as well so that it shows you that these men are not father material to begin with but these black women think that in their own deluded mind that they can change this man if they have kids with him and they fucking can’t because this thug black man won’t change and it will end all in tears for the black woman but she put herself in the situations that she complains about and I don’t feel sorry for any of them. The reason why lots black men including myself are dating non black women in 2022 and beyond is because black women didn’t want us in the first place so therefore we didn’t have any other choice but to date women outside of our race who want us and desire us genuinely.

    1. Verbs already mention this.

      Also I notice these Passport haters finding ways to debunk Passport Brothers by finding video Asian women to dislike Passport Brothers. Also finding other foreign ones such as Latina who dislike Passport Bros.

      However I check to comments section and the men see through this Bullshit. It turns out that these Asian and Latina women who dislike Passport Bros are western females. Asian American women. One of them said they are Asian/Latina on the outside, ‘white on the inside’.
      What they meant by ‘White in the Inside’ meaning these foreign women has adopt the white westernised mindset. So these women on the video has been contaminated by western hypergamy.

      I say to these detractors ‘Nice Try’. It is no point on putting a westerninsed women to go against Passport Brother because they are already posion by the liberal mindest.

      One of the Tenets stated that thinking brothers never deal with any foreign women who are westernised as they are already damaged goods (Tenet #22).

  3. I’m curious to know if there is foreign white women advertising their countries for black men to visit?

    I’m predicting melenated negresses will start travelling out of USA to be a stalker.

    Passport bros will have to watch their back.

    1. They already have BW stalkers going to other countries to confront BM.

  4. Verbs2015,
    The 1st Video I Noticed that TikTok Removed it, Most likely Removed his Account as Well, Though that Guy did the Right Thing. If I Were in the Same Spot I Would Have Told that Same Female ”Your on your Own”. Most of these American Sistah Hood Women are Slowly, But Surely Coming to the Realization that Being ”Strong, Independent, Not Needing a Man/Tearing Black Men Down” is Biting them on the Ass HARD. In Media Terms, look at Tiffany Cross, Who Just Recently Lost her Job at MSNBC. Now Word has it that MSNBC as well as NBC Altogether is Owned by Comcast, And Comcast Lean’s Politically to the Right. It was all Well & good that She was Spewing out a Ton of Bad Things to say About Black Men, Hence Why they Kept her Around, But as Soon as She Spouted off on Tucker Carlson & Other White Guys, They Were like ”She Gotta Go” & There’s No Brother’s Coming to her AID & Rightfully so I Might Add. Another Example Wendy Williams a Broad Who’s Known for HATING/BASHING on Black Men, 1st When She had her Radio Talk Show, Then Came her TV Talk Show, When She was Talking Shit About Black Men like Bill Cosby, R. Kelly & Other’s. White People Loved Her, But When She Started Talking About White Actors like Joaquin Phoenix etc. Fox was like ”You Forgot your Place” & Gave her the Boot. In Addition to that She’s Suffering from Bad Health. I’m not taking Pleasure in that by Any Means, But it’s just Another Example of How they say ”Karma’s a Bitch”. Though for these Banshee’s that are Begging for the help of Brother’s that they’ve either Rejected or Slandered. I Say Leave them in the Gutter/Cesspool they Created for Themselves. SYSBM For Life!!!

  5. Open Mic Wednesday. Lets roll the dice!

    The first video of the guy who will not take a woman who is a single mother. Was he wrong? Hell no. those children ain’t his so why should he take in a woman that has children? The man was chasing a gyal that wasn’t interested and now she has children she wants help? That’s not his children. Like I say, the don’t want the good guy or the nice guy. They prefer the worthless men that drive them crazy. And how the woman is getting kicked out of her place? She didn’t pay the rent?

    And the second video of black men being forced to date non black women. I know that black women is black men’s first choice but the black women sees a good black man they will kick him to the club. As black men tried everything with black women, they decide to date non black women especially when they are successful, that’s when the women start to show their bitter side.

    Black women do worship the wrong men. And it’s mostly the hopeless men they will open their legs to them. And they have kids with these men and the dudes are not around. And when they complain about these type of men not taking care of their off springs, they get breed up again but the same type of dude that complain about.

    Let’s roll the dice again.

    Black men has had enough with the black women’s ratchetness. So they seek non black women. Black men are taking their passports and travelling overseas to look for women because the women overseas, they want men. And you know what else? These women are tying these men up quickly.

    And black women who are mad at black men who are marrying non black women or marrying other women overseas, these women will not get a chance to get good men like them. So they are left with the bums and worse, the simps. Oh lawd God!

    Cynthia G who feels that white men are better then black men. (No man is perfect except the good black man. While she was putting black men under the bus, she want from one state to another just to get some dick from Robert Perkins who has 5 children. And you know what made it worse? The gyal breed fi him. I said Lawd God!

    Black women like Christeylen Karazin and Cynthia G knowing that black men can’t do this is nothing but nonsense. Because I have seen black men providing for their family everyday when they go to work. Some have jobs as well. There are some hard working black men around. There are some black men have their own businesses as well.

    Hey keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black men.

    One last thing. Machete Man Briggy come again and written a comment saying:

    Wat di bloodclaat?
    Mi chop up da likkle dry skin bitch because mi know sey she done fuck anudda man. One of dem St Thomas brudda tell me she dun suck out dat dutty likkle batty bwoy and me haffi chop it off and dash wey.
    No one catch mi yet an mi na raas.

    Jesus Chirst, lol!


  6. YES!!! He did good by rejecting her sorry ass and demon spawn! Also – PROTECT YOUR SEED!


  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! It is the 1st day of December; hard to believe this year is already nearing its close. On Monday’s article, Verbs posted a few videos from a daggle’s TikTok with all of the links provided underneath them; isn’t it funny how those links which contained videos chronicling the failed experience of a swirler/divestor (one with a Muslim man, at that) are just dead? Also, remember that TikTok’s algorithm now associates SYSBM with “hateful behavior”, but allows Black misandrists and others like them to go unchecked; I believe even more now that there is a concerted effort to keep even more Black people in the dark as to the truth about swirling/divesting and what SYSBM truly represents. If there is one thing I’ve learned from history, the more painstaking effort man takes in stopping the truth, the more exposure the truth will get in the end; absolutely nothing can stop SYSBM or Passports Bros at this stage.

  8. Verbs,

    What is your thoughts about Alan Roger Currie.
    He has passed away recently.

    He was not fake dating roaches and he was no part of this Alliance against the Passport Bros.

    Also Oshay’s Negromanosphere website is currently down or could be closed.

    1. Mister Master,

      Alan Roger Curry was one of the very few dating coaches who actually kept it real. His Mode One approach I believe would work under certain scenarios, albeit for women who were to be used for recreational purposes only. Curry was all about promoting his products and brand as viable and necessary tools in the modern Western dating world.

      I also strongly agree that men ought to be direct and honest with women from the start, none of this simping, placating, appeasing and pandering garbage that has become the norm within Western society.

      What you’ve pointed out is true, Alan Roger Curries unlike the likes of many of these other black dating coaches never disparaged, disrespected, mocked, laugh at or ridiculed the Passport Bros, Travelling Bros and their choice to go abroad in order to find feminine, traditional women(not surprising, Alan managed to find himself a traditional black female ie a unicorn).

      As far as I know Alan Roger Curry never came against SYSBM™ either and I have to respect him for that. As for his death, my theory remains the same as it did for the late Dr David Carroll as well as the late Kevin Samuels, he took the Convid-1984 death shot possibly more than once and unfortunately paid the price for trusting in the State.

      A lot of people are extremely reluctant to face the fact that this Convid-1984 death shot is the main culprit responsible for these random “sudden deaths” that have begun occurring in recent times, they don’t want to accept the shot as the culprit because many of them took the jab themselves and as a result will have to face the harsh truth that they could be next to kick the bucket.

      So many Gen X black men fell for the Okey Dokey when it came to this plandemic, Obsidian also having bought into the lamestream media hype and government propaganda chose to roll up his sleeve and get injected with that poison, who knows how long he has left on this planet before his name will be yet another in the obituaries.

      As for Oshay’s website, I don’t know how long it’s been down for as I haven’t checked it out in a very long time, it’s possible he could be completely redesigning it, looking to give it a new look. If it doesn’t come back within an extended period of time then it’s possible that he’s moved onto other things.

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