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Ready To Be Ghetto Gagged! #SHORTS


This is why black men who deal with black women exclusively are a laughingstock alongside their gutter grade Ghetto Gagging queanies. These black females are ready to bust it wide open for their white lord and saviour Admiral Frost, however you same blue pilled simp Negroes who relentlessly exalt, worship and pine after these black harpies continue to get blue balled, smh.

For those of us already in the know this is nothing new, on the old website I featured many articles of black women openly advertising their willingness to be degraded and dehumanised by white men, after all to black women the white man is their god.

Outside of white men, the only types who black women will give sex to are 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh, Shorty Fist, Cheezy Grillz and Field Mouse. The blue pilled pro black simps pander towards black women the hardest yet they get the least amount of reciprocation, lol.

Again, notice how you’ll struggle to come across videos of black men willingly degrading themselves in order to appeal to white women, we don’t do that because contrary to the black witch’s coven propaganda machine, in general we don’t worship white women and can appeal to them without throwing ourselves into the sewer.

The L’s continue to roll through for black women at an alarming rate, they put out videos like this and then wonder why more black men are bypassing them in addition to fewer if any white men choosing to take them seriously past sex. When you advertise yourselves as sex toys then that is what you will be called upon and used for, it’s clear that black women haven’t figured this out yet.

This is your modern day black female in a nutshell, she’s ready to be slutted out by Major Sleet, however when he’s finished having his way with her, she’ll bring her decaying carcass back to “da communitah” where some lame, milk biscuit simp will be ready to cuff her.

That’s the worst part for me, the fact that a black woman can return to the black community after being ran through by Shea Whitey and there will always be a black man ready to take her seriously and treat her like she’s a valuable catch.

It just goes to show you how so many black men have been successfully programmed and indoctrinated by black women to accept sub par gutter standards as normal, clearly not all black men are cut from the same cloth.

All the best to you black men still choosing to deal with these ran through, used up and rinsed out STI/STD infested black females, you have far more courage and bravery than myself which in reality demonstrates just how dumb and stupid you are limiting your dating and mating choices to the lowest quality of women on the planet. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Ls Continue To Roll In For Black Women At An Astronomical Rate

Most High Bless

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21 thoughts on “Ready To Be Ghetto Gagged! #SHORTS

  1. I don’t take bw seriously anymore and I’m only 20. I don’t even want to be attracted To them and I don’t mind if their not attracted to me seriously brah like I’m so disconnected to them in so many ways I don’t even see them as women I just see them like another nigga from the block. Most act like men and look like them too notice how many bw u see over 6ft with massive arsm it’s a lot. These women have way too much testosterone and aggression. The only dating I’m doing is overseas or with quality non blakc women. They are good bw but trying to find one is harder than winning 5 billion dollar lottery u might as well classify it as a delusion. Our race of women is the only race who would pick a street dude with no job and dirty dreads over a doctor. The men bw find attractive and men other races find attractive don’t line up with evolution . Bw like bummmy noodle wrist aggressive guy who like to shoot toolies while other races like classically attractive men with great job prospects. The insanity of black community. My only wish was that there were more bm like me at my age who I could warn and talk too but their Brian’s are stuck up their asses. Sysbm and passport bro for life.

    1. I concur and will add: That with Black women at some point they will seek victimhood no matter how good they are. In Western culture we are still dealing with racism and discrimination in the workplace and in the financial space.

      There is enough evidence to understand that Black women are a bad financial investment. Any man that is stupid enough to believe he can overcome that has another thing coming.

      As somebody once said maybe it was Malcom X, it doesn’t matter if you are poor or rich, you are still a nigger. Why would this change just because you find an Afro woman somewhere else? If you return back to the West, this is the very thing you will have to navigate.

      You no longer have to do this, you are able to create a persona and branding online for your family, You can go about your daily lives without concerns about direct racism when you are married to a White women, full stop.

      Even Asian women and Latina face the glass ceiling and other issues that will prevent them from reaching their full potential.

      Do you want to earn money and create a legacy or spend most of your time being a social justice warrior?

      The choice is yours.

      1. > Do you want to earn money and create a legacy or spend most of your time being a social justice warrior?

        I choose “What is earn money and create a legacy” for $1000


  2. Verbs 2015.

    These black women allow there white lord and saviour to run a train on them without any standards but at the same time they put all these restrictions on these black men simps to wine and dine them, be 6ft tall plus, be rich or have a well paid job, take on these black single mothers with lots of bastard kids from different wutless baby daddys and do it with a smile too. Pro black men don’t have any pride, self respect or dignity for themselves and that’s the reason why they are the laughing stock of the black community. I thank God that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man who won’t be controlled by the black community or black women.

    1. It’s not just White men, haven’t you heard of the shenanigans that happen at the Essence Festival?

      Elite Black men are running trains on Black women.

      Black women dress too provocatively for their body shape (assuming they are in-shape) and draw nothing but negative sexual attention. They make themselves available sexually because the majority of them are SINGLE!

      This is a bad combination and they keep it on the DL because they don’t want word to get out that all of the positivity is actually nothing more than target rich environment for the few elite Black men that attend these events.

      1. You are correct my brother on Elite Black Men running trains on BW at the Essence Festival, Super Bowl Cruises & all Black Events in the Caribbean. I knew of one sister who got a train ran her by Frat brothers at the Essence Festival back in 2002 smh. This happens more than we think my brothers. I would say 90% or more of Modern ABW have had a train ran on them by the time they turned 30. Another reason to Go & Stay Global.

  3. If I remember correctly, there’s something that should help with being able to recognize used up, rinsed out modern “western” women trying to pass themselves off as viable, traditional mates for western men. It’s called facial recognition software and if I recall it works by being able to snapshot a persons face and within seconds comb the internet to locate anywhere else that face has ever shown up. I think the CCP was working on it, anyway very soon all that will be needed for a brotha to check his prospective woman’s past is a pic and a few moments running it through the app and that would be that. Since most bw CANNOT help uploading themselves doing some of the absolutely most based, disgusting, dehumanizing things imaginable, that along with the release of the contraceptive “pill” for men will spell the end of modern women being able to live like hell and escaping the consequences of being shunned by good men when they want to settle down. What a glorious day that will be! #SYSBM

    1. If you are still trying to approach women in the West, you are the problem. No need for facial congregation software which is proven faulty with dark skin.

      A step further where my opinion on so-called women in the west that are not marriage material I have shot a torpedo through. The truth is a few women remain here, the problem is you aren’t hanging out in their social circle so you don’t meet them.

      I find many Black men not only have been shunned by women because they lack the tools and skills needed to pick up social cues and attract women without leading with your wallet.

      Women don’t care about your education, it’s what you do with it.

      Women that approach you first more often than not are not ideal partners. True traditional women want YOU to approach them FIRST.

      1. “I find many Black men not only have been shunned by women because they lack the tools and skills needed to pick up social cues and attract women without leading with your wallet”

        …Let’s stop lying to ourselves here and act like black men are women’s first choice of men. We are LAST in many cases. I support Mad Bus Driver and his videos but many of those black men with attractive white women are in Europe. Attractive American white women WILL COST money to get with and especially for black men. I dont believe in leading with one’s wallet either but this is all many black men know after dealing with black women.

        “Women that approach you first more often than not are not ideal partners.”
        …This really applies in North America mainly. I have been to Europe and seen that women have to put in work to meet a man they find interesting because European men don’t grovel to them like American men do.

  4. If I was a white man, I would find it very confusing to see other white men showing interest in black women.

    I would expect white men to only date white women, just like my own preference.

    Black men are expected to date downgraded females by default for having the same melenated skin.

    This is what happens when a blackistan is fucking someone who looks like his mother.

    I’m not repeating downgrade cycles.

    1. I always have this in the back of mind the resemblance of family members is insane when trying to date

    2. But you aren’t a White man. White men don’t care who they have sex with. What happens is that society only exposes who YOU as a Black man sleep with, it side steps who White men sleep with including gay men (Not Transexuals).

      They only care who they lay down with when it comes time to make a decision to procreate with. We see this all over the world as many White men have completely intact families back in the West, while they dip their toe in South East Asia on “Official Business”.

      Nobody says anything about this, the dudes dumb enough to post their conquest online are called and rightly so Sex Pats or Sex Tourist by Western Feminist. Do they even care? No they don’t.

      I don’t date Black women period. What I see however is a small minority of men in the Black Manosphere that call themselves SYSBM are still heavily mesmerized by dark skin and Black women (dark skin Asians and dark skin Latinas)

      The same women that have social problems in their home countries. This is why I believe that many believe it’s their job to become social justice warriors, not SYSBM practitioners.

  5. Right, when I saw the video, I was thinking that this chick is goanna get ram through by the white beta males. And she said that she has condoms. Let me tell you something. They are goanna ram through raw. Trust me on that. I know about ghetto gaggers ad it’s real disgusting. This is nothing new when you see a scraggle daggle preparing herself to get dick down by one dude to another especially if it’s a group of white guys.

    Yo verbs, you know I have no issues with SYSBM and the passport bros but the thing is that I might as well stay single my G! I know that I’m 41 years old and I should off been a married man to a honey, have children with her and live in a nice home in Stanmore or Borehamwood but it’s like no way. These ratchet women are just like my mum, my aunt, my late grand mother and others as well. When I saw the white dudes ready to ram her and they celebrate, I went “Blouse and Skirt!” I can’t believe what is going on. The scraggle daggles are just fling away the pussy away like it was nothing. And they will give it to any man that is worthless especially if it’s a dusty white man.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Solutions exist MC, don’t settle for being single and childless it’s not necessary and actually you are letting the post modernist win the debate because they have successfully deterred you from doing what comes naturally which is to procreate but in modern/post modern society in a committed, long term relationship with a cooperative, attractive women.

      Every man they successfully convince that it’s not in his best interest to do what humans have been doing for nearly 1,000 years their utopia is closer to becoming a reality.

      Remember the ELITES are continuing to have children, the gender and culture war is being fought by the lower middle class and working class.

      That is one way to eliminate poverty and reduce people on the dole….

  6. i don’t even fool aroung with the scraggle daggle. But for those black brothers who still deal with the scraggle daggle, vet these hoes. Vet them well. You are at greater risk of STDs, violence, and all manner of drama when you deal with them

    1. No, you just say NO. Why is that concept hard for Black men to understand? The truth is those men still have one foot in the Black Community they claim to hate Black women but only lower middle class and working class BW they weren’t going to date anyway but possibly have sex with because these women make themselves available on social media and dating apps/sites.

      I don’t date Black women and haven’t done so since many of you were born, do not ask me why I told you why, Verbs tells you why. I made this decision a long time ago. It means I have spent more time alone and not having sex but I am better for it.

      No children, no criminal record, not in poverty, don’t live in the hood. avoid ratchet BP at all cost.

  7. The scraggle daggle wish White men were this excited to do anything sexual with them; the Blackistani males bewitched by bedwenches like the one in the video are under some serious witchcraft. To even look at this braud and still think you can build a family or a community with her is DYSFUNCTIONAL!

  8. …Is anyone here really surprised or disturbed by this?
    These negro vixens have been doing this behavior ever since the Portuguese stepped foot on West Africa 500 years ago. There is no telling if this was going on when the Arabs descended into Northern Africa and meet with Saharan Africans centuries before that. This much is for sure, that black woman will most likely go back home to some loser black male and his kids like nothing happened. These nasty turd women answer to NO ONE!!!

  9. but the majority of the porn star community is white…and they have the highest rates of stds
    keep pandering lost black man lol

    1. Lostbootlicker,

      Black women have the highest STI rates far beyond any other races of women, I guess you haven’t paid a visit to the CDC website recently. Keep licking the muddy boots of diseased creatures, smh.

    2. Nowhere near the rate of your Dagglestanis, soft nigha. Keep walking, simp.

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