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He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Pt 3!

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He told the truth, no lies detected at all. I have to laugh really, for a group of women who continue to claim they’re not pressed about the fact that large swaths of US black men are getting their passports and travelling overseas to find love and companionship elsewhere, every corner I turn there’s a mentally disjointed black female making a TikTok video either disparaging the Passport Bros or foreign women.

As I posted before, foreign women are beginning to clap back at the blatant disrespect and disparagement being hurled in their direction by Western women, two of the most prominent foreign women currently on the frontlines returning cannon fire being Filipina Pea and Helgababushka.

Remember, Passport Bros is a MALE space that is predominantly occupied by US black men, yet these black sirens can’t help but constantly stick their dirty noses into affairs that have nothing to do with them.

Nobody invited black women to comment on the Passport Bros giving other black men a heads up regarding a much better calibre of women overseas, as per usual they’ve pushed their way into a conversation that has nothing to do with them.

Black women claim not to be pressed and bothered about black men getting their passports and travelling overseas yet somehow are managing to find bags of free time to create endless TikTok videos about what they claim they don’t care about, lol, make it make sense.

As the gentlemen pointed out in the above video, black women already have enough on their plate, they shouldn’t be concerning themselves with the affairs of black men when they(black women) are already stuck in the deepest, darkest sewer pipe when it comes to general quality of life.

Again, notice that typically the black females who make these videos attempting to go in on Passport Bros don’t look attractive, this is no surprise to SYSBM Practitioners as we’ve noted the same when it comes to them trying their hardest to berate, mock and ridicule SYSBM™.

The bottom line is black women can’t compete with dysfunctional Western non black females yet alone foreign women and they know it, this is why they’ll commonly resort to shaming language believing that such a tactic will work on any brother who’s tasted freedom as well as being treated like a king by women overseas.

Black women are out here dying of heart disease, cancer, diabetes, strokes, high blood pressure etc in significant numbers, but no, tackling such major health shortfalls is not as important as attempting to go in on black men travelling overseas to find love and companionship, smh.

Kevin Samuels tried to help these women, however black women as a collective have more than proven themselves to be stubborn mules and the most incorrigible and uncooperative savages on the planet bar none.

Just to refresh out memories once again, let’s look at what US black women actually lead in(and none of it is good):

Highest Poverty Rate
Highest Eviction Rate
Highest Student Loan Debt
Highest Commercial Debt
Highest Bankruptcy Rate
Highest Obesity Rate
Highest Divorce Rate
Highest Abortion Rate
Highest Out Of Wedlock Births/Single Mother Rate
Highest STI/STD Rate

This is your modern day black female in 2022 and beyond, she has absolutely no room to be talking about black men, what they’re choosing to do with their own lives and who they’re choosing to spend their own lives with.

Besides, since black women class themselves as a separate entity ie they view themselves as detached from black men, why all of a sudden are they pretending to be so concerned about us? The answer is they’re NOT, they’re simply attempting to funnel free thinking black men back onto the plantation/back into the Matrix as per the orders handed down to them by their white lord and saviour Major Frost.

Additionally, we have to remember that black women remain permanently steeped in the victimhood gutter, therefore their favourite scapegoat(black men)must always be within reach and ready to use at anytime. This is another reason why black women can’t live without black men despite continually claiming the opposite.

Brothers, despite the coming trials and tribulations, the future is looking very bright for black men, the same cannot be said however for the modern day black female whose future will turn out to be an extremely grim one.

As I’ve stated before in previous articles, the worst mistake black women made was to separate themselves from their male counterparts, such an erroneous manoeuvre will cost them dearly in the near future. #SYSBM™

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women=The Matrix/The Plantation, Passports=Freedom

Most High Bless

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14 thoughts on “He Told The Truth, No Lies Detected – Pt 3!

  1. To piggyback on this article, over the recent days, this Asian American woman of Korean descent was calling out the Passport Bros and black men. She was using the same talking points as these stereotypical black women of whom got theirs from those white women feminists.

    1. Brother Dan,

      I would pay her no mind because this women has been poison by western culture.
      She got adopted by some Neo-Nazi KKK and brainwashed her into the White Supremacy/liberal. She is permantly poison and damage goods.

      Someone will call her ‘Asian in the outside, White in the inside’. White in the inside is basically means she is poison by liberal properganda and yes, she does use BW’s talking points.

      One of the Tenets stated that thinking brothers never deal with any foreign women who are westernised as they are already damaged goods (Tenet #22).

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      I hear she’s a single mother, it’s possible that she could’ve got knocked up by a Slim Sauce, 6 Shooter type Negro hence the bitterness towards the Passport Bros.

  2. Sysbm is only international fellowship between black men.

    Passport bros is only USA fellowship between black men.

    The USA fellowship is more of a target to them.

    The American negress can’t stop me from travelling.

    The American negress can’t stop me from dating out with a white becky.

    I’m not American so I can travel and date out without anyone trying to stop me.

    Passport bros have to watch out while travelling and dating out.

    Watch their back at all times.

    1. Witwijf,

      I would say that Passport Bros consists predominantly of US black men, however the movement really applies to any man in any part of the world who has gotten his passport and aims to use it to find a non Westernised traditional woman.

      I have to shout out the late Charles Tyler as he was the first black man I saw who took the idea mainstream of getting your passport, living in a foreign country(his personal preference was Brazil) but using the West as a financial hub as far back as 2012, possibly even earlier.

      The black witch of the US will continue to do what she does best, complain, mock, ridicule and disparage, however this in no wise will alter the trajectory of the Passport Bros movement from going from strength to strength.

  3. Verbs

    I notice what you said which is spot on as this reminds me the fall of the manosphere why Simone56 created a hit list. We know the manosphere was about building each other and as soon as these BW go to the male space, they feel intimidated so they want to abolish the manosphere. But unfortunately Obsidian and Oshay destroyed it because they want to give in to the BW.

    I did mention the origin of the War against Passport brothers last month on Open Mic Wednesday.
    What I did not mention and the reason the rise of the passport brothers is because of 2 people: David Carroll and Kevin Samuels as they both died during the Covid Pandemic. When David Carrol passed, a lot of brothers become self aware and then they took the knowledge from him and listen to Kevin Samuels and SYSBM Content such as Madbusdriver and this Slaying Evil website.

    As soon as Kevin Samuels died, Kevin’s death made blue collar brother in real life save up and finally woke up. Taking the knowledge the they learn from Kevin. Also thanks to Madbus and you Verbs with this website. This is the result of the Rise of the Passport Brothers.

    Remember those BM who work in low paid blue collar job always take notice online and the knowledge and skills home to utilise.

    Now you see BW are now 100% butt hurt. They cannot make YouTube videos because they get shamed so they resort to making countless TikTok videos making hateful, bitter, but hurt video pretending that they do not care that the BM are leaving plantation.
    In reality they do care because they are not getting the hard-earn resources from BM.
    They do care because the men who use to be simps are taking the red-pill and no longer back up/clean up men.
    They do care because they are no longer getting spoiled by BM.

    When BW or any western female say things like ‘foreign women will rob you’, ‘take you to the cleaners’, ‘foreign women are gold-diggers’ or ‘they will use you for resources’. What they really mean is they are talking about themselves because they are the ones who want to be gold-diggers, child support, rob you and take you the cleaners.

    1. MMT,

      I’m glad and happy to see more black men are clocking onto the black female’s dual mating strategy and choosing to no longer participate in a rigged game. This can also be applied to Western women in general who are now getting their marching orders from black women unfiltered.

      The death of Kevin Samuels and the fact that black women laughed at it as well as danced on his grave woke up a lot of black men to just how evil, wicked and selfish most black women are.

      Black women as a collective only want hard working blue and white collar black men for their resources while they frolic in the hay with Field Mouse, Sheggy and Two Clips. No clean up men over here, black women will have to settle for the simps to syphon coins from.

    2. That is real talk Michael,

      Kevin’s death hit the nail in the coffin for BM because they are saving up hard including the knowledge of SYSBM, they are waking up.

      Also I like to add when these BW make these but-hurt video about how they do not care. Remember that no one is talking the BW, they just come to BM spaces and stick their nose because they are improving themselves. The BW are mad because BM are improving themselves to build, not for BW.

      Just like the dick police and BW, they keep saying that how black men date Becky and bash BW and they say as long as they have options they should not bash BW. First of all these BM who have options are saying anything about BW, talking about them, thinking about them or looking at their direction. It this these BW trolls these BM who has options because these BM are not choosing them.

      Another example:
      You have Marques Brownlee the Black Nerd of YouTube. These hoteps and BW are mad because he choses Becky. These dick police haters saying that he could of pick a BW or a educated BW to promote Black Love.
      Sorry to burst the hoteps bubbles, that Black Females who are nerdy will pick a White Man and avoid BM.
      Also something that they need to learn from Madbus, that is Becky made a move on Marques, be friends with him, get to know him in real life, BW did not approach him because they too prideful with this ‘Strong, Independent’ mindset that the White Woman snag the best brother from the BW.

      Even he pick a BW and you see Black Love, Marques will be screwed and become a broke bum youtuber a long time ago because these BW will put him there losing subs. Add kids into the equation and he will be looking at Child Support. Just like what happen to Will Smith and this Oscar incident when he slap Chris Rock. Because he is with Becky, he is still rising to the top.

  4. When a ghetto ratchet scraggle daggle attacks the passport bros, it’s just that they are bitter that the passport bros are leaving the USA and living in other countries. And also, they are not coming back to the states ever again. They say that Pookie and Ray Ray are leaving the country. But the thing is that they don’t have the money to leave the country. The passport bros is the same thing as SYSBM got attacked when it first came about ten years ago. Simps like Dr. Foolmar Johnson, D Derailed and Bareback Fountain are the ones that were attacking it. And these simps are coming after guys like me just to side with it. Good God!

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Dr Umar Johnson has yet to wife up any of these so called “queens” he keeps trying to pressure black men into hooking up with. D Derell tried and failed to defend the black witch’s coven and Aaron Fountain attempted to take up the mantle for these black females in the hopes he could land himself a “black queenie” but yet he also failed miserably.

      What I’ve been stating for many years still stands, black women as a collective in their current state cannot be defended on any level.

  5. …This attack on Passport Bros is just the latest hype to get attention on a trending topic. Black men would be FOOLS to think these women actually care that they are leaving them behind. These are the same human women that will not look you in the eye while at the cash register, office building or the general public but suddenly they are upset you are leaving? No, it is how dare you want fit, feminine and respectful women in your lives you dirty black scum negro? This is how these women see you black man. You are NOT to escape this vile gynocracy led plantation is what the anger is about.

    1. Rick Scorpio,

      Exactly, as I stated above, black women only care about the RESOURCES that blue and white collar black men have, they couldn’t give a monkeys about any of these two groups as individuals.

      Ushering on black men to leave is seriously going to bite the modern day black female in her proverbial BBL’d behind for years to come, we have to remember the classic video you made over 10 years ago talking about how black women would regret making good black men into their enemies:

  6. I can’t add anything to what this brother stated since he put it so beautifully, but i will say this: that morbidly obese, bullfrog faced daggle needs to worry about the health conditions that come with her state of obesity and not worry about something that doesn’t concern her; funny how they don’t want us, but they always get upset when other potential women do take interest in us. The temerity of these brauds to wag their fingers at us for seeking happiness elsewhere; they will use anything at their disposal to keep us in line: religion, child support court, law enforcement, outdated talking points, discrimination in finance, education, and employment, etc., but they can’t keep a righteous man under for very long. Disregard these bitter daggles; they have their recompense coming soon. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women don’t want decent black men but at the same time they don’t want women from other ethnicities to take interest in us either. These delusional heifers really want black men to be as miserable as they are.

      As I’ve stated in previous comments, I more than happy to see more decent, hard working brothers clocking onto the fact that black women only want them for their resources, nothing more. Get those passports gentlemen and never look back.

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