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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

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In this week’s Open Mic Wednesday:

We can’t really be surprised because this is happening in black society all the time, black girls and black women opening up their legs to gangsters, thugs, criminals, serial impregnators not knowing who the fathers of their children are. The single mother epidemic within “da communitah” continues, get your passports gentlemen and never look back. Meanwhile, in other news:

I’ve no idea who this black female is, however what she’s stating concerning her personal preference is the same as the overwhelming majority of black women, she wants a gangster/criminal/hoodlum rolled into one. As I’ve stated before, black women have a traumatic and chaotic mindset, they’re always at war within their psyches, hence why they choose men who reflect those same conditions. Yet another reason to get your passports and never look back. Moving on:

Dr Umar “Gerbilface” Johnson is at it once again, attempting to shame and cajole black men out of opting for other races of women. If he’s labelling black men dating out as “self hate”(black female logic and equally their lame talking points), then how does he label black women who are throwing white women’s hair onto their heads.

Of course Gerbilface will never call out the real self haters of “da communitah” that is black women because he doesn’t have the testicular fortitude to confront the number one problem facing black society today.

Black men are and always have been the easier targets, I’m surprised that nobody has confronted Dr Johnson on his bias towards black women and why it’s painfully obvious as to the main reasons why more black men are choosing to date and marry out(economics isn’t the only reason either).

In case Dr Johnson needs reminding, here are a few examples as to why black women are being rejected on a monumental scale by their male counterparts:

Umar Johnson needs to stop trying to dick police black men and instead work on improving the product he wishes black men to take onboard(black women, however at this point it’s too late, the damage done is irreparable).

Johnson continues attempting to peddle off reprobate and degenerate black females on decent brothers, however black men worth their salt are NOT interested and won’t be bullied into dealing with a group of women who’ve already stated that they only have interest in gun slingers, criminals and pant sagging professional impregnators.

Free thinking black men will continue to date whomever they want and there’s nothing Dr Umar Johnson and his black female overlords can do to stem the flow of black men leaving the building. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Imagine if a black man or any non black man tweeted on twitter of being paid to be a hitman to kill off all black females on earth.

    This would be all over mainstream news with heavy backlash.

    To be honest, I still wish they were all wiped off this planet like dinosaurs.

    Replace all of these negress females with foreign non westernised women.

    I would replace them with white women from Eastern Europe to all parts of the world.

    1. Witwijf,

      Black women are typically allowed to get away with such statements because they are State owned, State run and State funded. If a black man ever posted a similar statement, the FBI would be at his front door within 20 minutes of such a tweet going live.

      With that being said, even the gangsters, criminals, thugs and hoodlums who are beginning to tire of black women aren’t even saying that black women need to be killed, their message is the same as ours, avoid them when and where you can, at all costs if possible.

      Black women truly hate black men, if only more black men would realise this and thereafter logically conclude that they’d be much better off seeking love and companionship elsewhere.

      1. So I’m at the park taking a walk today. This daggle is walking towards me with a pit bull. I give them a wide berth to walk past me. Even so, the daggle allows her pit bull to touch me and sniff me. I jump back and say ‘control your dog’. The daggle starts to get an attitude. I whip out my pistol. I tell her if he comes towards me, he’s dead. Her attitude quickly adjusts and she says he doesn’t bite and moves on, this time controlling her dog.

        This is how you deal with a daggle.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          Unfortunately, this is the way that daggles are going to have to be dealt with moving forward. As we already know, most black women because of their dysfunctional, masculine and horrible dispositions are seriously starved of attention. I remember mentioning before how in the near future black women would be deliberately going out of their way to instigate trouble as an aim to syphon the attention they’re so desperately starving for.

          I don’t really trust the overwhelming majority of black women when it comes to dogs and training them responsibly because I’ve seen plenty of video of them setting their dogs on individuals for the most minor of infractions. Black women are out on a mission to get their daily dose of attention and they’ll go about getting it by any means necessary, brothers should be aware of this.

  2. Separation is KEY! These kind of Negroes need to be avoided and left to deal with their own. Hell, even BEING around them is dangerous to ur health, fellas. #SYSBM

    1. Deion Sanders came to that conclusion and took him and his family out of The communiteh:

      You can bet his sons will be deep into the SYSBM in the land of the snowbunnies known as Colorado.

      Excellent move!


    2. BruthaZeek,

      I completely agree 100%, let the likes of Umar Johnson and the rest of these pro black pundits save the pile of ashes and rubble called “da communitah” they claim to love and care for so much.

      The current state of black society has clearly shown any black individual with their head screwed on straight that there are plenty of black folks who are quite content living in gutter like conditions and wouldn’t have that lack of standards any other way.

      Dysfunctional Negroes are to be avoided at all costs or at least when and where possible.

    3. We keep talking about the scraggle daggle being headed for a recompense. I think its broader than that. Blackistan is headed for a recompense. Blackistan, under the black witch’s rule, is producing wave after wave of cretins who are a menace to the rest of society.

      Society is fast getting tired of being menaced by Shaniqua, Pookie, and their spawn.

  3. Verbs, why you want to provoke me with that complete utter charlatan lol!

    Of course Dr Umar Gerbilface will describe black men dating out as “self-hatred”. But guess what, he is projecting big time. Who is it that REALLY wants the light skin bebes with the straight hair? The Black Woman!
    Gerbilface has seen with his own eyes that his dog whistle slave catcher rhetoric isn’t working, so he brings up eugenics. Conveniently he forgot to mention that Planned Parenthood was founded by a literal eugenicist who saw Blacks as “human weeds” (no Snopes, you can’t claim fake news on this one). How many black kids killed in the womb Dr Gerbilface? 40 million since 1970?

    It’s too easy in 2022 to debunk this golden mouthed fool and luckily no Black man takes onboard his suggestion that he hates his skin colour. Superficial, just like him and his braindead followers. This is the same man who praised a trans woman, bought incense from a non-Black business and flee out to Japan to go look for the Black People. Joker.

    1. Michel,

      I can’t help it but bring this knucklehead into the limelight every so often because Gerbilface continues to take pot shots at upwardly mobile, well to do black men.

      What really grinds my gears about him is he purposely overlooks the overt, in your face, elephant in the room reasons as to why more black men are choosing to seek love and companionship elsewhere.

      Again, as I’ve stated before, Gerbilface Johnson cannot be taken seriously until he gets his boys academy up and running, kicks his drug habit, cleans up his messy apartment(which is typical of a drug user) and finally cuffs one of these black queenies he claims are so great.

      At least the State has finally stepped in and order Johnson to stop collecting donations for a school that he will never manifest, of course those like us in the know always knew his FDMG Academy would never happen:

  4. Dr Umar sez:

    Y’all suffering from some self hatred, which is why y’all bleach your face in the morning. (sniff sniff). Y’all like sleeping with the cracker’s daughter? I have a better solution:


  5. Wicked City — TRAILER
    ALLBLK just released the trailer to their upcoming series Wicked City, that centers on a coven of Black witches.

    The series stars Vanessa Bell Calloway who leads a coven of Black witches portrayed by Taylor Ellene Polidore, Shaquita Smith, Mercedez McDowell, and Chanel Mack. The five of them push their supernatural powers to new heights after uncovering dark secrets and accidentally entering the world of the forbidden.

    Wicked City – ALLBLK | 7-Day Free Trial – Exclusive Black TV & Film
    Five Black modern-day witches in Atlanta unearth secrets and fight evil. Stage Plays. Drama. Best in Black Film & TV. Romance.

    Wow, a television series based on what we see concerning the black environment as an outsider.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      This is the decadent song sheet that non black Western women are now singing from, in typical black female fashion, black women are always out here trying to conjure up spells in order to turn degenerate and reprobate behaviours/activities into something benign, smh.

  6. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love getting pregnant by the bums, bad boys and gangster types of black men and they hate decent black men like us. It’s no wonder why the black community is fucked and finished. Umar Johnson needs to fucking shut up and stop calling us SYSBM black men self haters for just dating non black women and being happy with our lives because those types of non black women love us and treat us with respect like a human being should. Umar Johnson really needs to call black women the real self haters because they are always looking fake from head to toe, they have kids in the worst financial situation known to mankind when they are already broke and poor plus they aborted millions of black babies in the womb from 1973 onwards.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It’s the same old story we’ve seen again and again, black women allow the worst guys access to their vaginas and wombs but then like clockwork when things begin to fall apart and the realities of single motherhood set it, they then expect the decent, upwardly mobile, non criminal minded, free thinking brothers to “step up” and perform clean up man services.

      As for Gerbilface, he’ll never deal with the inconvenient truth concerning the number of unborn children black women have assassinated in the womb since the 1970s, you cannot get more self hating that murdering black babies but choosing to birth mixed ones.

      At this point, the only individuals who are taking Gerbilface seriously are those who are unable to think and reason for themselves.

  7. From p-star Mia Khalifa and model Emily Ratajkowski tries and failed to slam men.

    Mia Khalifa: “Guys going for women severely younger than them are lacking in life and do it for validation.”

    Me: Well, I like lawful age younger women, younger than you Mia so your critical moral analysis doesn’t matter to me. Emily, you looked good years ago and I used to follow you on IG but I don’t like your high and mighty feminism input like the one seen in this video.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Mia Khalifa is a washed up and well ran through whore who cannot redeem herself, she realises that she’s messed up royally and she’s envious of the fact that men in general prefer younger women due to them being MORE FERTILE and LESS CONTAMINATED. Khalifa voluntarily threw her value into the porn industry sewer and is now paying the price for taking that path. Oh well, that’s her problem, not mine.

      Older ran throughs and over the hill used up females will never shame me out of preferring younger women. These “liberated” whores are extremely reluctant to admit that their gooses are cooked.

    2. You’ve gotta be shitting me?

      Mia Khalifa is telling BM to date their age?
      Somebody as sexually loose as her is now attempting to dick police other men? This is the same serial whore that entered the porn industry as an “experiment”?

      Am I smoking sensei?

      Her very name is a byword for interracial porn, she’s voluntarily blotted her copybook by sleeping with damn near every Chad and Tyrone in the industry alive, then realises she had a reputation and marries a white cuck boy. She doesn’t get to tell anyone to stop sleeping with anybody. (never mind she supports the Washington Capitals, gloryhunter…)

      She’s had her fun in the sun, now go sit in the shade, whore. Just goes to show even her massive brown breasts can’t escape the wall.

  8. Gentlemen,

    This video below linked simply adds more ammunition to prove the point that most women in the West are NOT fit for marriage.

    This female letter writer(who I strongly suspect and am going to assume is black) believes is cool and normal to go over to her rich single male neighbour’s house to use his hot tub even though her HUSBAND has expressed his strong disapproval at her doing so.

    Do you see how the advice seeking wench is outright disrespectful to her husband? Now, I hold the husband responsible as well because before he married her, she most definitely showed him signs of being disrespectful that he most probably let slide which he shouldn’t of done.

    Additionally, why does the letter writer need to “Inbox” the female cohost for a longer answer if she’s agreeing with the male cohost(with much duress and protest though)?

    This is the problem with too many BW, they want to excuse blatantly disrespectful behaviour and additionally give their fellow members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure a clean pass on the same.

    Too many women out here who want to be in relationships yet at the same time want to behave as if they’re still single, smh:

    1. Verbs,

      I saw that video.

      When the female said, the husband is a ‘hater’, ‘insecure’ or ‘weak’ what she really means that she wants an approval to cheat on him.
      How do I know this? The female stated that the man who owns the bathtub is single and rich meaning he is a bachelor.

      Some bachelors will have sex with married women because the married female let them.
      These BW thinks there is no harm in it until they vagina slips into the Rich Dick. The bachelor could be an Alpha Male meaning Alpha cock are more fertile so he could get her pregnant.
      Her hubby knows this but these BW YouTube commenters do not understand this.

  9. They black females who got breed up during spring break. I beat you it some worthless dudes that breed them off. And what makes it worse that they don’t know who the fathers are. I’m not surprised that this happened. Let me tell you something. Every time spring break swings by, this happens. And this happens all the time when women get breed up during spring break.

    The gyal that wants a thug. Not only that, I heard a child in the background. It seems like she’s a single mother and sooner or later she’s goanna be a single mother again. And she wants a man that carry a nine on him. Right, when the years roll by and has a few children, she will soon look for a good man to take care of her children that doesn’t belong to him. She better get ready for rejection.

    Dr Foolmar Johnson is still at it again with the dick police. The Cock Investigation Department. Right, he should knows that black men’s preference is black women. But the thing is that some black men date out because that they have seen the dysfunction with the ratchet black women. And Dr Foolmar Johnson need to find something to do and sort his life out! And the next thing that e’s not building that school. He needs the donations just to get some cocaine to sniff. Man is coming Tony Montana in the 1983 gangster movie Scarface. Sniff, sniff!

    Black women fighting each other. It doesn’t matter where black females are, they will start a brawl. And most of the time they are fighting for another man who has the third or fourth woman. And when the fight is over. You see the weave on the floor. We have seen this so many times. Weave on the left, weave on the right, weave everywhere!

    I’m thinking about getting my car in 2023.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honeys safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


    1. Yoooooo! Brotha went to town with OUR talking points in that rap Battle! Our message has FINALLY gone mainstream weather by the #SYSBM moniker or not a rose by any other name smells just as sweet!

  10. Happy Open Mic Wednesday, brothers! I’ve seen that video of the two straggs who got pregnant and have no clue who the father is; it’s no better when even a famous daggle like Keke Palmer announces on SNL that she is pregnant, and she has no ring on her finger! Don’t get me started on the clownish outfit she was wearing; Black women will never grasp just how much of a laughingstock they’ve really become in addition to being a pestilence to any community they enter into. I bet Dr. Gerbilface won’t address Keke Palmer’s SNL appearance and how embarrassing it is the way she presented herself; the communitah is dead, and Umar is embarking upon a fool’s errand trying to help it. #SYSBM

  11. What is your thoughts about Deion Sanders. All he did is he got an opportunity to better his life and these pro-blacks hoteps calling him a sell-out.

    Sell-out for what?

    In the UK you are told to sell yourself. Meaning make yourself marketing for example, career progression, be the best candidate for the job, advertise yourself to sell your product like running a business.

    But in Black America, you are label a villain for bettering yourself. Crabs mindset.
    Deion also said he donate him wages to improve the college sacrifice himself to the black community and what did he get in return? Nothing, but disrespect. Now these pro-black hate him because he upgrade himself. These pro-black need to shut up and clean to hood and stop asking thinking brothers to do the work.

  12. Looks like Brittney Griner got release from Russian prison and traded to Russian arms dealer Viktor Bout.
    The Rainbow/Alphabet and the pro-black saying this is a victory for the LGBT and the black community.

    But this is massive ‘L’ and a Black eye for the Americans as a whole because now Russian got their Merchant of Death back to Russia and now Putin is laughing at America. I knew this was going to happen.

    If you know about the film called ‘Lord of War’ and Nicolas Cage plays the Russian world renown arms dealer, you know exactly what I mean.

    1. I know about the film and I saw this coming about the prison swap.
      Biggest L. Especially during the Ukraine/Russian war.

  13. The shit is getting REALER by the minute:


    If that doesn’t convince more brothers to go the SYSBM route and get out of The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan), they’ll just have to face the consequences of the masculine energy females..


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