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Here is a different version of that video, however Bell still makes the same sterilisation statement(something he was supposed to have kept secret from the public, smh):

That gentlemen is what is known as a Freudian slip, meaning some information has accidentally been revealed via a slip of the tongue that was meant to be kept secret. However to those who already know who Bill Gates(the main sponsor behind all of these Covid “vaccine” programs worldwide) really is won’t be surprised in the slightest at this revelation.

I’d never heard of Sir John Bell before this clip was sent to me mainly because I don’t watch anything involving the mainstream media and haven’t done so since 2003. The sad reality is the sheep will watch that clip and it will still roll straight over the overwhelming majority of their heads.

No matter how compelling the evidence, a dunce will always be a dunce, too many folks will still roll up their sleeves to get their death/sterilisation shot regardless.

Now, even if you’re a man/woman who doesn’t want to have any children, shouldn’t the control of your reproductive rights remain under YOUR authority instead of other individuals who you don’t know from Adam electing themselves to make that decision for you without your knowledge, consent or approval? Even the interviewer John Snow had to gasp in amazement.

The utter contempt for the general public by people with power and influence is very real, however if people refuse to use their own brains to conduct their own research, as far as I’m concerned they don’t deserve to have a life.

Again, always remember that the so called “fact checkers” will jump straight into action “correcting any misunderstandings” and will further attempt to steer people back in the “right direction”:

We aren’t stupid over here, Bell wasn’t talking about sterilising cutlery, plates, pots, frying pans etc, he was specifically referring to the vaccine and the effect it will have upon 60-70% of the UK population in terms of their REPRODUCTIVE abilities(if they don’t die first), you really have to laugh at these “fact checking articles”, you simply cannot explain this Freudian Slip away except to the ultra knucklehead zombies who don’t want their world paradigm rumbled, who believe Covid is real and who desperately want to believe that the government is looking out for their best interests.

Why would you need to STERILISE an individual in your efforts claiming to tackle a virus which is no worse than the common cold, why has sterilisation been included in the process??? What does sterilisation have to do with anything here???

Finally, as a brother reminded me this morning, for black men living over here in the UK, here are some downloadable exemption badges. Remember, as per the government guidelines wearing an exemption badge or lanyard is completely VOLUNTARY for those who are exempt, however many folks who are exempt wear them just to avoid getting into confrontations with ignorant knuckleheads who don’t know the rules.

I don’t understand why more people in the UK don’t take advantage of the exemption clause, after all you don’t have to declare what your exemption is to anyone(not even the police), you don’t need to carry proof of your exemption and you don’t need to wear a lanyard or badge, however as we clearly understand most folks are sheep, they simply follow instead of asking questions and investigating things for themselves:

Additionally, TFL will send you a badge in the post, all you need to do is put in your name and address in the link below:

For those who would prefer to get an exemption badge anonymously, you can readily pick them up from Amazon or Ebay, just type “exemption badge/mask exemption badge” into the search bars. Here is an example search from Amazon:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, just thought I would bring the above evidence to your attention, you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice and concerning this Convid scam, never forget who you’re dealing with:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind) And Never Let That Mind Go To Waste

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

    1. Black girl
      Ghetto name
      Attacking someone with a knife

      Nothing new here, I don’t feel sorry for her. Hopefully the cop doesn’t get heat for this.

      1. This is not the same as the George Floyd murder. I watched the George Floyd video over and again. That was outright murder. Derick Chauvin deserves the max sentence for this murder. He was a bad cop, with at least 10 brutality complaints, several shootings, and at least 2 deaths on his record. The people he shot were either black or Hispanic. He should have been fired long before George Floyd ever came to Minneapolis.

    2. The George Kirby screen show draws to a close with a wimper. A guilty verdict would have taken the wind out of the sails of Pantifer and BLT (Burn, Loot, Trash) so the next showing debuted on Screen 2 – with a BW lead.

      Repeated social unrest opened up with the collective wound of racism is the classic play of globalist puppeteers. How folks still cannot see that dark forces are hellbent on taking Uncle Sam out forever is beyond me.

      It’s so obvious at this point that the Black/White stage play fills more seats than the loss making “Stop Asian Hate” and “Nation of Islam Shooter”.

  1. Verbs 2015.

    That Bell guy exposed himself about the whole vaccine sterilisation situation which he supposed to keep secret and this is the reason why I refuse to take the vaccine because its going to destroy my chances of ever having any future children. I am definitely getting my face mask exemption card.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, get that exemption badge or lanyard, I don’t wear a badge though I do have them and I understand that some folks just don’t want the trouble from the common ignoramus general public, so they use them in order to the keep trouble makers and lug heads at bay.

      As for Bell, we already knew what was going on, this isn’t a vaccine program designed to save the world from a deadly virus, this is a sterilisation program where the ability for the everyday man and woman to reproduce is being determined by the 1%, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I just downloaded my tfl exemption card from the tfl website to my android phone and I am going to use it on public transport so I don’t have to wear that stupid mask. As for that bell guy he is using the vaccine to kill off the worlds population.

      2. I am avoiding the jab. But I am also taking common sense measures to avoid Covid-19. If I became infected, I might become asymptomatic, or I might become slightly ill, or I might become very ill. I don’t know, and I don’t want to find out.

        I am also keeping informed about the variants that are arising. All viruses mutate. And so far, the Covid-19 variants are reported to be nastier than the original Covid-19. The latest variant is one out of India. And it is reported to be more transmissible than previous variants.

        Covid-19 is still relatively new to the world. The medical and scientific communities are still learning about it. The public still doesn’t know its origins. But I believe its origins are nefarious. The truth will eventually come to light, as it always does. But in the meantime, I will not cower in fear, nor will I be taking undo risks. I can do without Covid-19. I want no parts of it.

        1. Don’t believe the hype.

          1) A so-called mutation makes the virus in question WEAKER, not stronger. All so-called mutations haven’t been isolated nor proven. If there is a paper proving otherwise I’ll be open to reading it.

          2) the nasty WuFlu is an enhanced flu that is treatable with a 99% survival rate. At what point should I be terrified of losing my life?

          3) the various Vax are also unproven and experimental. Fauci claimed that vaxxed clients still need to wear masks. At what point does the jab provide protection?

          4) HCQ is a malaria drug with a 40 year proven track record of combatting viral diseases. Vitamin D and zinc are also proven to combat so-called coronas. Again at what point should I be terrified?

          If you continue to watch CNN, you will scare yourself to death. They recently confessed to inflating the “death count” on screen for higher ratings. Don’t believe the hype.

      3. Quincy has saw sense by getting the exemption card. That is good because I hope more brothers doing this.

        I saw a brother like this Verbs. I cannot believe he told me that he had this TFL Exemption card since May 2020 which is almost a year and nobody knows about it. He does call it the ‘Talisman’ because people cannot do shit or touch him when he wears it.

        He told me he also got the Government version for the shops and nobody goes to the website and look it it.
        In fact they Londoners are lazy to Google it just to be exempt.

        The reason I mention that Quincy saw sense by getting the exemption because I will you a story what I saw:
        Last year, I think it was Belzise Park Station (Northern Line). It was him and the white guy did not wear the mask. The back black guy was in front wearing the Exception and he got a pass and the thumbs up by the TFL Cop and the other did not.
        The white guy got detained for not wearing it. He was spewing all the Legal rights on exemption. Basically talking is way out of it, but that does not work. He was questioning why the brother got a pass and brother’s response was showing him the Card and smiled.
        We we got to the lift with other commuters and he said, “He should got this and this will be avoided”.
        That was Savage!

        I got this months ago and he is right:
        You going in the train walking pass by all the passengers wearing this they will look at you with shock because you know how to be exempt and liberals cannot do a damn thing about it as long you wear it.
        Even some TFL staff starts wearing the badge.

        Verbs, I know you do not want get the exemption to but please do it. You will feel good that you breathe that god’s air instead of suffocating in the hot packed tube. You breathe healthy whilst others who wear a mask struggle to breathe.
        You will the other side trust me. There is one thing he told me when he got this talisman, ‘Talk is cheap’ and he know when walk pass by to British Transport Police Office, he knows that ‘Talk is cheap’.

        Also another thing:
        Since I got this, I saw children, probably under 5 wearing a face mask and when I look at them wearing mask at that age, I feel sad, very sad because they are innocent children have to suffocate. Even the rules said under 10 are exempt. But the parents shoving mask in their face.

        1. Mister Master,

          I hear you, like I said I’ve got various badges, however the guidelines clearly state that they are voluntary to wear. TFL need to be careful because they can’t have it both ways, their repeated announcements being played in stations clearly state the following as part of the message:

          “Some exemptions apply and you MAY see some customers wearing an exemption badge”.

          For TFL enforcement officers goon squads to be going around refusing entry to those who aren’t wearing masks and exemption badges is clearly contrary to the government guidelines and their own message, they could find themselves in legal tanglings if they haven’t done so already.

          I keep the government website saved on my phone just in case I run into a knucklehead who doesn’t know the score. I had to check a busybody wannabe mask checker at the door of my local Sainsbury’s a number of months back for trying to pull the same ” where’s you mask” bollocks following by “where’s your exemption badge” once I told him I was exempt.

          Children shouldn’t be wearing masks at all, this entire Convid scam is just that, a blatant scam. Remember, at first they told us that children were practically immune from the so called “virus”, now all of a sudden children should be tested 2 times per week and should wear masks, smh.

          I really have to wonder how long the government is going to move the goalposts before the public finally clock on, from the looks of things never, except when it comes down to their beloved football being tampered with, smh.

  2. The current UK population is 66,435,600 people. 70% of sterilisation is 46,504,920 people sterilised. 60% of sterilising the population is 39,861,360 people sterilised. The guy accidentally admitted bill gates eugenics plan. He is just following puppet orders like all elite governments all over the world from Zionist Jews. Only 30% or 20% of people can breed in UK. As of the end of Monday, April 19, the number of people in UK to have been given a first jab is 33,032,120. A total of 10,425,790 second jabs have been administered so far. By mid July, the NHS will contact all adults between the age of 18 to 49, just to offer the poison jab. I will obviously say no. Anyone saying yes to that is agreeing to be sterilised and agreeing for assisted suicide.

    Most people in UK haven’t read the Georgia Guidestones statue based in USA that mentions all of the globalist depopulation agenda. The images and documentary videos are online for everyone to see. All they have to do is a google search or type it on Youtube. The only positive impact of eugenics is liberal males, negresses and liberal karens not being able to have kids. The negative impact of eugenics will affect quality stargates who have already taken the poison jab thinking its safe. Hopefully it ain’t a lot of minority stargates. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      This is literally like out of a movie, when I was at work recently I heard 2 guys talking about getting their “vaccines” as if it was just a walk in the park. They rattled off something about not mixing jabs from different manufacturers as if that was going to help them avoid any calamity and death.

      The workforce is going to shrink dramatically from the lug headed numbskulls who’ve been suckered in by the witchcraft and as a result gotten their shot. As I always say, that’s their problem, not mine.

      I still can’t believe just how many people have fallen for this hoax and honestly believe that the government cares for them and is looking out for their best interests, smh.

  3. Am I the only one who wishes the lockdown will be extended? It’s nice being able to get around the city and not have to worry about traffic. Plus going to certain places has been easier as well. Hell I’ll be honest, I wish more people would get the jab, it would be less idiots roaming the earth. Fun fact, my job(healthcare industry) is mandating that we ask our members if they have received the jab…not sure what the point is of that but ok

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      That is one of the very few aspects of these lockdowns that I will miss, the ability to walk and travel around freely without some mindless zombie not paying attention and bumping into you. Apart from that these lockdowns won’t be missed, in the long-term they’ve caused much more damage than good.

      As for those who still want to get their jab, let them, it’s not like the information isn’t out there for them to discover what’s really going on.

  4. I don’t even know what to talk about right now because with all these current events that’s going on, and all this bullcrap that’s being pushed, I’m just ready to end my own life because I’m just frustrated as hell about what’s going on right now. From the BLM to the sick ass agendas being pushed, to the cancel culture, to the Covid mess, to everything that’s going on, I’m losing patience.

    I’m getting sick of Bill Gates, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and these other corrupt politicians, and globalists too. Every time I see their creepy faces, I just wanna throw up blood. These people paint these folks in the “hero” light, but in actual reality, they’re far from being a freakin hero. Look at Bill Gates: Buying up all the farmland, talking about blocking the sun, all this other crazy shit, he is the true definition of a freakin villian, and he needs to be stop. Anthony Fauci: Confused man on this planet earth. Done moved the goal post one or too many times. With people getting vaccinated still got to social distance, wear mask, can’t travel, can’t eat indoors, can’t do jack shit, but still want people to get the damn vaccine. I’m a tell y’all something, if I ended up getting the vaccine, and somehow I’m still living, but it done something to my body, I swear to god, we can’t sue them, but I swear to god man. Joe Biden and Kamala Harris: Whoever voted for these people, you’s a dumbass for sure. The people that voted for them, What the hell was they thinking? They did not look into both of their backgrounds, but they voted for them because they wanted trump out of office, calling him a racist. Bruh, people kill me talking about Trump is bad, Trump’s a racist, can I be upfront with the people? Every last one of them freakin politicians are racist: Black or white, Republican or Democrat. Ain’t nothing gonna change, except the fact they wanna push some ridiculous ass agendas, and wanna put down some strict ass laws that’s gonna be the real destruction of America for sure. All this censoring and cancel culture, and the other nonsense they doing, it’s gonna take an ugly turn. They setting up some unwanted events that’s gonna occur sooner or later, but they want that mess to further their stupid agenda, just like with that gun control mess. I heard the news about that 13 year old boy having a handgun, and they using stories like these to push gun control, but did not ask the question of what was a 13 year old doing with a gun in the first place? Now I know why family structure and having two parents in the home is really important.

    With the BLM: It’s getting to that time of the year again, and God I hate it when it be that time. What’s crazy is that my Birthday is around this time, and that’s the cold part. In all honesty, BLM is gonna crumble, and that’s on them. I heard about Derek Chauvin being guilty, and Maxine Waters, she done made a dumb move, and I’m sorry, but the black race in America is done. This is why one of the reason I separated myself from the black community, and lost all type of respect of Black America altogether. I just don’t like how black men are view in America society, and in black society, and it’s bothers me because not every black man is a thug, a criminal, a deadbeat, a baller, or a homo, and them people don’t speak for me in no type of way, shape, or form. Yes, we share the same race as them, but they don’t represent me, nor speak for me. This is what black men who has a thinking mindset, SYSBM, Travelin Bros, who don’t get into trouble like that, who’s doing something with their lives (either 9-to-5, career, or doing something that’s not illegal) needs to start doing when these people start trying to put us in a box: Start telling them in their faces that they do not represent us, nor they don’t speak for us. Actions speak louder than words.

    1. FDC,

      They think thugs make good babysitters, smh. Yet another reason to walk away from these delusional black harpies.

  5. When lockdown was going down during winter, I was in the West End and I saw like them sticky label and it says mask wearing decreases oxygen intakes – CO2 & blood acidity – inhale toxins back into lungs – affects brain function after just 10 minutes. So what does it has to say about wearing a mask? It really tells you something. I really does, you get me. The reason why there are some people are wearing these face mask is because that they don’t wanna deal with the feds and a man like me ain’t no stranger to them because I have been stopped by them numerous times a black heterosexual male. Trust me, I have been numerous times and it’s irritating.

    But in other things the copper killed George Floyd has found guilty for murder and his sentencing will be at three weeks time. I’m not with this Black Live Matter thing but I hate it when I see a cop killing an unarmed black guy. Britain is no stranger as a police officer killing a black man. So it’s nothing new. And C Boogie Productions was on Bareback Fountain show. I watch a little bit and that was it. I don’t know what they were talking about and I don’t care.
    Follow me on Money Cultural Uncensored


  6. Happy Wednesday, guys! So, there’s been a lot of buzz surrounding Black Lives Matter co-founder, the Black witch named Patrisse Khan-Cullors, buying a California home worth $1.4 million to add to her portfolio. This exposed her hypocrisy how she’s using the deaths of Black men at the hands of White cops/people to enrich herself; Black lives only have value when they are taken by White cops/people, but not when Field Mouse and Shorty Fist pull the trigger. Hypothetically speaking, if I were to die a violent death, I’d rather it be by General Blizzard because that way, Patrisse “Coon” Cullors can’t profit off of it, and there won’t be any ignorant Negros rioting for my name’s sake; this Black witch used Black death to get rich and move next to White folks. Ain’t that something?

    In ‘Swirl Mountain’ news, Lizzo tried shooting her shot at ‘Captain America’ star Chris Evans in a drunken Instagram DM (which he responded to):

    1. She likely wasn’t drunk, that was probably thrown in to save face as a cover.

      1. Drunken or sober, we all are aware of the desperation that these straggs have for snagging themselves a White zaddy to have a lightskin baby with good hair and hazel eyes.

  7. The Russian bear has awakened. Can’t wait to see her use her plethora of advanced military gear on the corrupt, delusional Zionist occupied West which has been crusing for a serious beatdown since 2014.
    Light em up, President Putin!! Unleash them thar Khinzhal hypersonic weapons & jam all their electronics gear with your disruptive Electronic Warfare (EW) weaponry that’s decades ahead of anybody else. Do it!! Please!!!

    Russia Will Find a Way to Protect Its Interests If Other Countries Refuse Dialogue, Putin Says
    “Unfriendly actions toward Russia do not cease,” Putin said, speaking during his annual address to lawmakers from both houses of Russia’s parliament on Wednesday. “In these circumstances, we behave ourselves with utter restraint, one may even say humbly, often times leaving without response not only unfriendly actions but also blatant rudeness.”

    “In some countries, a nasty custom has taken root – to ‘cling’ to Russia on any pretext. It’s like some kind of sport…We truly do not want to burn bridges, and want to have good relations with all members of the international community. But if someone perceives our goodwill as indifference or weakness, and is prepared to completely burn, or even blow up, those bridges, Russia’s response will be asymmetrical, speedy and tough,” Putin warned.

    Yeees, playtime’s over, Rover!
    Let’s see how these Western vassal “leaders” deal with a bear that’s armed to the teeth with lots of new advanced tech never seen before — and without any queers on the frontlines or backoffice.


    As in the case of Kobe Bryant and George Floyd, the scraggle daggle are triggered by the interracial dating aspect of a victim’s life; in the case of Daunte Wright, it’s his Black father and his White mother that has them triggered.

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