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Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 2


Again, these anti SYSBM dick policing pundits can’t seem to make up their minds, one minute according to their narrative we’re moving into white neighbourhoods in our droves, the next we’re afraid and jealous of white men but lust after white women who belong to Captain Frost himself.

Correct me if I’m wrong but, if you’re afraid of any particular individual or group, wouldn’t you try your utmost to steer clear from them as much as possible as well as give them a seriously wide berth? If I’m afraid of say Mexicans, the last thing I’m going to do is move into a predominantly Mexican neighbourhood. The bottom line is, you don’t move into the neighbourhoods of people you fear, smh.

Once again, here is another example of these anti SYSBM squadrons clearly demonstrating that they have white folks on the brain more than they claim we do, their constant defaulting to white people and attempting to reference them as the holy Grail of SYSBM practitioners is highly inaccurate and deeply disturbing.

I don’t see SYSBM soldiers out here begging for resources, money as well as acceptance from other groups, what I do see instead is them simply getting on with the lifestyle without the need for an audience and outside approval as well as using the resources and capital they have to make improvements to their own lives.

Additionally, I see SYSBM practitioners out here dating, married to as well as having preferences for women of many different ethnicities, not just white women, however this seems to be an inconvenient truth that most of these guys deliberately ignore in order to continue pushing the “Y’all love dem white girls” dud narrative, pathetic.

As the rapper Domino would say,here we go, here we go“. Yep, here we go once again with the lame comparison of the SYSBM movement to the Swirling/Divesting/Levelling Up movement, however allow me to show you that SYSBM has nothing to do with swirling:

1. The swirling movement was created by the High Priestess of Swirl Mountain, one Miss Christelyn Karazin, it describes BLACK WOMEN dating and marrying men from non black backgrounds, NOT black men.

2. SYSBM confederates aren’t out here writing books on how to attract women from non black ethnicities. We simply turn up and the women cooperate without us having to employ any special techniques or magic tricks.

3. SYSBM practitioners unlike the overwhelming majority of these so called “swirlers” already have money and resources en tow, hence why black women as well as these pro black shine buckets are constantly attempting to shame us into “sharing” our assets and wealth with them, smh.

4. SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here begging or attempting to shame non black females into dating and marrying us, unlike the swirling crew we accept that most non black women date within their race, we simply home in and focus on those who are open to interacting with free thinking black men.

5. SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here engaging in race play scenarios or degrading and dehumanising ourselves for non black women, unlike the swirlers we would NEVER tolerate any non black female calling us a n***er. Any non black woman who engages in such talk won’t even be considered by true SYSBM soldiers.

6. SYSBM brothers were not the ones who destroyed black society, it was these swirlers alongside the rest of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure who were responsible and who are now attempting to escape the destruction they created.

7. Unlike the pro black simpletons as well as black women themselves, SYSBM confederates aren’t out here begging Captain Snowy for scraps and crumbs, we can and do stand on our own two using whatever we have to bring about the desired outcomes we seek without external intervention.

Now, the only issue I have with IBMOR is the bottleneck when it comes down to who you’re supposed to marry and have children with. This modern day black female having demonstrated her true colours and who she really works for is clearly NOT a suitable candidate for dating and marriage(even BlackRam313 agrees with this), all the best on having that black family with your number one adversary, Gallimore is going to need it.

But he clearly doesn’t have enough pride to avoid dealing with a group of women whose image and reputation are both squarely deep in the sewer, not only that but these same black women have openly and brazenly declared themselves the enemy of black men.

We understand Gallimore, you just can’t let go of the dysfunctional black female, just come out and admit it instead of attempting to use SYSBM as your punching bag.

What is it with these dudes and this “keeping it black” garbage? If you’re so desperate to retain some level of melanin in your children, there are plenty of tan, brown and dark skinned women of other ethnic backgrounds who would be more than able to facilitate such a desire:

As for this disrespect by non blacks upon black men online, he must be talking about the Black Manosphere(which SYSBM is NOT a part of). Save Yourself Black Man means just that, there isn’t any true SYSBM practitioner that I know of who has invited non blacks into his space who have turned around and disrespected black men, I don’t know what this guy is talking about.

It’s funny how guys like Gallimore over and over again fail to provide the full details of these so called accusations, because they know they’re full of hot air and flatulence. SYSBM, a movement created by a black man(MBD) for heterosexual free thinking BLACK MEN, how and where are we inviting in non blacks? Answers on a postcard please.

Back to Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James once again, remember what I said in the last article about people living in glass houses should not be throwing stones, how is this mullet head even fixing himself to talk about black economics when the dude refuses to first take care of his own financial tumult?

Then he rattles off the usual white supremacy nonsense, however James fails to recognise that white supremacy has him exactly in the position it wants him, bumming out in his house without a job relying upon unemployment benefits which coincidently come from shea whitey’s pocket. Do these dudes even think things through before engaging their fingers to the keyboard?

As for his comment about Akwesi100 aka The Brother Of Logic And Common Sense, just like Tommy Sotomayor Akwesi applies no logic nor common sense when it comes down to dealing with this modern day black female. On the one hand he recognises that they’re extremely problematic but on the other he still chooses to deal with them.

Even Akwesi’s mentor Dr David Carroll stated in his classic video Why White Women Are Better Than Black Women that any black men looking for a long term relationship or marriage should NOT be looking in the direction of black females, however Akwesi didn’t and hasn’t listened to such advice, he’s another one who is addicted to the black witch and simply cannot let go. He also didn’t want the smoke hence why he set that particular anti SYSBM video to private:

Finally, how does pointing free thinking black men in the direction of better quality women equate to “worship”? Showing photos and videos of black men in relationships with white and other non black women is now a form of worship? The images and videos are simply put out there to demonstrate that there are other viable and realistic dating options available at your disposal which will be a lot easier to execute.

Worship, whatever, if it makes these anti SYSBM scoffers/dick police detectives sleep better at night, smh.

Stay tuned, another instalment coming this Friday. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

The Battle To Get Free Thinking Brothers Back Onto The Plantation Rages On

Most High Bless

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69 thoughts on “Dealing With SYSBM Scoffers – Part 2

  1. For those who are TRULY SYSBM, we MUST put out resources together and BUILD a community. We have to band together and politicize the movement. We must have unity in order to protect ourselves. The likes of Aaron Fountain are well connected. Shawn James, Umar Johnson, etc. no matter how so push they are, STILL get money. SYSBM has to have a system for support and self defense.

    1. Frank Blackman,

      The problem with building a physical community is it can always be infiltrated, I much prefer the concept of SYSBM being an idea that each practitioner can mould to his own suiting. Connecting with like minded individuals/couples is cool, however any get togethers should remain very small.

      As for SYSBM being political, I believe MBD has spoken on this before, if I remember correctly I believe he is against taking that road. We aren’t looking for attention, as I’ve stated before, SYSBM is for the few, NOT the many.

      Aaron Fountain, well connected??? Fountain Top is on his way out, in a few years you won’t hear from him again as well as every other person who was foolish enough to get jabbed up with Bill Gates’ bioweapon.

      Shawn James is unemployed, he relies upon the same system of “white supremacy” that he speaks out against, Gerbilface Johnson is also on his last legs. SYSBM already has a chain of support in place, you know where the main hubs are.

      1. Good idea, This just proves how stupid a lot of these simps and Lord Euro types are. They whine about being oppressed yet jump into bed with the same people who wish to kill them. It proves again why these race purists and government worshippers need to be laughed at and bred out, when bad times come they are of no use.

        Chabad knew what it was doing when it sent Bill Gates to the West, these people realized white zaddy and Shaniqua will jump into bed with anybody as long as you give them money. Ole Billy is up to his neck in sterilization and Belt and Road smart city gulags all being run from Tel Aviv and Moscow, where are all the human rights guys mobbing AIPAC and military bases demanding that him and his ilk go to prison along with these dumb Soviets they love to hide behind? Or even those white supremacists who scream about Lord Hanzelstein and False Flag Fedowitz supposedly behind race mixing, where are they?

        Only FSA, SPD and Richard Silverstein types were actually out there taking action against Billy Boy and Union Corse, the rest were too busy fighting each other over this ‘white privilege’ nonsense straight out of the sellout Karl Marx. As Dr Brendon O Connell said this hotep and wignat movement is straight out of hasbara and IRA MI6 media manipulation, if they were real why would they be so concerned about black men’s dicks?

        1. When the truth about Haiti and the foundations comes out, what’s a Hotep going to say? “Err, deyz not our culturez doh. Herp derp”

    2. I agree with Verbs we should be more covert. You can build communities inside of others like the Chinese and Koreans have. You don’t need to then fund building infrastructure.

      The money part is contentious because even though we agree on the tenants of SYSBM we can’t agree on how to fund its activities.

      I imagine that will happen at some point.

    3. No, SYSBM is a decentralized terrorist cell who commits thought crimes against the matriarchy (and the matriarchy would outlaw the physical act of dating out if they could).

      The Tulsa Race Massacre shows us that a physical community of well to do Blacks especially with non-Black spouses and mixed children is too much of a target for jealous rednecks and their Black man-hating Mammies. The mistake most of these loud YouTube simps and race hustlers make is they put bullseyes on their own backs, while SYSBM quietly keeps it moving stage left.

      You wake up one day and 30% of degreed Black Men are dating or married out and climbing. You wake up one day and 70% of BW are single (“I actually think it’s higher”- D. Carroll). More BW have children than BM. BW are in more debt than BM. That knowledge is more impactful than a bomb. Silent weapons, quiet wars, the stealth approach is best.

      The Mujahideen in Afghanistan and Iraq beat both the Russians and Americans by going stone age against Russian and American high tech. They offered nothing that could be locked on to by technology, no cellphones, no radar. Guerilla tactics did the rest. More Black Men need to think like this.


      1. That’s good advise. Let’s not forget that the Soviets and ‘Americans’ are rife with Mossad agents and Freemasonic thugs and their stooges, while the Mujahideen were basically ultra religious CIA agents fighting against a bunch of delusional commies. Without their puppet alt right and fake woke white supremacists Jewish racists are just like any other criminal organization.

  2. IBMOR, MGTOW and black manosphere movements are all full of shit. It is very clear to not be apart of that garbage at all. In reality some white women do belong to black men, not all of them. There are a few millions of black men all over the globe in relationships with white women. It has existed for decades, even centuries. A lot of these black male negroes have never travelled out of the U.S states. They don’t want to explore anything out of their ghetto neighbourhoods. No one should be speaking about economical power and talk about white supremacy in the same sentence while using unemployment benefits from tax payers. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. TRUTH! Ya hit the nail right on the head, these idiots never seem to learn at all. Talking about keeping it real while allowing Shaniqua, Missa Chin and False Flag Fedowitz to rob them blind, what losers.

    2. Witwijf,

      When I wrote my articles on Shawn James when the old website was up, I talked about this before, how NOT owning a passport in the UK as a black man is frowned and looked upon as something strange and out of place.

      This concept of scoffing at owning a passport is completely foreign to brothers here in the UK as a passport is a standard tool any British based black man must have.

      Like I said before, the only issues I have with IBMOR is the idea that they can bring about some kind of positive reform with the black female in their midst and not allowing black men to expand upon their dating and mating options in view of black women as a collective being broken beyond repair.

      Restoration and a rebuilding of black society is never going to happen if black women are involved. You can’t build anything with black women, period. As for MGTOW, with SYSBM available, black men no longer need it.

      1. Damn straight. This race purist nonsense is straight tribalism and KGB subversive tactics to weaken black men. Why do you think the incels are so easy to manipulate, Lord Euro and Shaniqua had them brainwashed and doped up every second. Then Hanzelstein and Fedowitz fresh off the gulag came in with the wignat Soviet Eurasianist nonsense and did them in.

        1. Brendan Dubalos,

          These pro black simps as well as the black women who hand them their talking points are nothing short of a bunch of useful idiots carrying out the bidding of General Blizzard himself. The ideal situation for Lord Euro is to keep black men on the plantation under the control of this modern day black female. Unfortunately most black males just don’t get it and are even so indoctrinated to the point where they seek to re-imprison others who have set themselves free, smh.

          1. These idiots never change….they’ll only learn once they get thrown into a concentration camp.

          2. Verbs2015,

            For me it is very simple, and I don’t even have to deal with disassembling all the nonsense thrown at us, like the whole Hotep movement.

            I just don’t like the westernized black female phenotype. The same is true of black females not in the west, who have swallowed western popular culture, hook, line, and sinker.

            Don’t want it. I can do without it. And I do very well for myself, while giving these simps and scraggle daggles a very wide berth.

      2. Verbs wrote:

        “This concept of scoffing at owning a passport is completely foreign to brothers here in the UK as a passport is a standard tool any British based black man must have.”

        I live in London, just like you and Quincy. I can tell you my observations:

        The Whole Dick Policing Stuff is more of an American Thing.
        This is very rare (below 1%) in the UK because of diversity. It can happen behind close doors, however this can be overcome.

        In America, for some reason, black man is a threat by becoming success. The passport to the ‘Hotep/DPU’ is a symbol for escaping the plantation. Mind you no-one thinks like that.

        Do you know what is more interesting Verbs?
        I remember a White men and Asian women saw this whole Dick Police Battle against the Passport Brothers and they were shocked and thinking what the hell is this.
        The Asian female mention that they were taught to be cultural minded like everyone else and they do not understand why these Pro-Black/Hoteps are stopping thinking brothers from travelling and let alone having a passport.

      3. A black British man?


        The idea of black men in England (at least native born) is like the idea of leprechauns in Ireland (or anywhere for that matter).

        1. Black Brits exist. Sounds like somebody needs to widen his horizons.

          1. Yeah, there are plenty of black men that live in England that have moved there from other parts of the world.

            I am not denying that.

      4. Verbs2015,

        “Restoration and a rebuilding of black society is never going to happen if black women are involved. You can’t build anything with black women, period.”

        I agree with this statement totally. I also believe that a restoration and rebuilding of black society is never going to happen with or without the black woman, period, full stop. I don’t even think this way anymore.

        I believe that SYSBM men should be the pioneers in building a new society, where black men and their high quality stargates are its founders. And black men are at its apex, where they belong.

  3. Ibmor Gallimore message about ‘hate White Men, love White Women’, this is more of modern Pro-Black Hoteps, also old-skool hoteps were like this, this is not a SYSBM thing. Same coin as Swirlers/Diversters when they say ‘hate White Women, love white men’.

    I am no SYSBM, but SYSBM do not preach this as David Carroll observe this.

    As for Shawn James, he may have knowledge of a lot of things, when it come to Simp and Alpha males and I respect his message, however he is not experience and that where the problem lies – experience.

    I remember he made a video stating that the biggest mistake was doing debate with you because you did not have debate skills.
    He lost not the debate because of the debate skills, he lost because he has no experience in budgeting, travelling and having a passport, that is where he lost.

    It does not matter how much ‘Intellectual’ Debate skills he had on you, he still lost by experience. I had a brother from the UK who does IT, he mention that if your skills are out of date, you need update your skills as technology evolved every year, especially on cloud. In this scenario – we know Shawn James last time had a date was in ‘1989’ (over 30 years go), in IT, we call him ‘Rust’ because he is well out of date.

    It is like ‘Kirk vs Khan’ in Star Trek 2 analogy. Admiral Kirk is old skool and Khan is this Super Human. Kirk beat Khan because he has experience, he learn 3D thinking such as know the environment (similar to Street Smart) and Khan just use 2D thinking. Shawn James just use 2 Dimensional thinking.

    When he uses the term ‘Critical Analysis Examination’, that is the term for SME (Subject Matter Expert), when people use this term SME they need to know what they are talking about as they have to be very experience in this subject, especially hands-on because they will come to you with question to back it up.
    Remember on the debate with Shawn, he said ‘ad-homiem’ and your reply was ‘where’s your credentials’. When you said ‘credentials’, that is the key-point which equates to experience to backup.

    Putting 1989 as your last work and your resume will be in the bin, they will laugh at you. The best way is to volunteer work or go out there and find hobbies to add to your Resume.

    He make good videos but sometimes he need to back-off when it comes to the subject like SYSBM or travelling as he had no experience in as this make him look bad on public.

    1. Mister Master,

      The huge difference between myself and Shawn James is I stick to my own lane, I talk about topics that I’m well versed in(black women, pro black simps, the institutional church beast system, feminism, travelling etc), if there’s a topic that I’m not an expert or don’t have significant experience in then I’ll have no problems holding my hands up, admitting this and pointing people in the direction of individuals who are better equipped.

      I understand that you cannot expect one person to speak on and cover everything, you have to travel to various individuals in order to pick up different pieces of information, however only a fool would listen to somebody who has little to no experience in the subject matters they’ve chosen to talk about.

      James doesn’t own a passport, he hasn’t travelled outside of the US and thus he has no valid credentials to speak on foreign lands as well as the women contained inside them. Because of this it when we had our debate, it was an easy takedown, the moral of the story James should’ve learned from his humiliating defeat is “stay in your lane”.

      Additionally, his current long term unemployment situation is yet another serious blemish on his part, especially when he attempts to talk about white supremacy and what it can take away from black men, that would include his unemployment cheque, however he seems to have conveniently forgotten this.

      1. I agree with you.

        When you done a debate with him, he did show his true colours. Such as never date since 1989 and calling ‘ Travelling Brothers’ – Incel.

        Nothing wrong with taking an L. He should of left as that. Also he could of learn from you.
        But instead of taking an L, he tried to fight back and doubling down.
        He is now becoming a hater because MadBusDriver’s philosophy is about basic hustle and people like him cannot do it because they stuck in the broke/pro-black mindset.

      2. It would be like trying to pretend to be an expert on Windows 10, when the last time you used Windows was 3.1.

        The last time this dude so much as saw a woman naked was most likely when/before the Berlin Wall came down.

  4. Another thing to add:
    He wrote a book called ‘Romance without Finance’. I never read this book.
    However this target foreign women who want to wife or some white women, not western type females.

    If Western women, especially the hood look at this book, that book will not sell to the black female audience because they think he is ‘dusty’ just by the cover of the book. We know how females operates.

    Can you imagine Swirlers/Divesters and Cynthia G buy this book and critique it on YouTube. The comments will be priceless.

  5. This like All your articles Verbs is Extremely Powerful and speaks Pure Truth To Power.I’ll keep this short and sweet and right to the point.In the words of our Good Brother,You Tuber,Podcaster and Content Creator M.H.D.,”How Much More Proof Do We Need”?

    1. Robert,

      Unfortunately for many Negro males, it doesn’t matter how much proof you lay upon the table, they’ll still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      1. > Unfortunately for many Negro males

        Those 80% of Negro males raised by the Blackistanian ways of the scraggle, that is.


  6. These dudes are starting to make me sick to my stomach. Jealous and afraid of the white man, but lust after the white women. I swear they stay having the white man in their mouth. “SYSBM ain’t nothing but a glorified swirling moment,” Really dude? They trying to compare us with the black women who “swirl?” Just like General Tito said: Black men do not Swirl. That term swirl came out the black woman’s mouth. Then this dude wanna talk about black family, wanting black children, bro, good luck with that with the black American woman, or the black African woman maybe. The D policing just gone off the deep end with these people. If it’s one thing I wanna tell these dudes as an outcast in black society: Just give it up already! These dudes trying to be the hero, trying to save the black race, bruh the black race in America is done. The abortion rate is high in Black America, they praising these weird people in black society, They killing each other left and right (and they don’t wanna talk about it), just too much man, and I wanna live longer. I hate to sound this way, but I can see a new black race forming in the future, and it’s gonna be people who look like Alicia keys and Stephen Curry. I can see that happening for some odd reason.

    1. That would be good. There was a reason the term ‘tall dark and handsome’ was created. If you look at the portraits like some of those German, Italian and Eastern European nobles, before the two world wars they were pretty good looking and smart too. Black females and white zaddy need to stop this dick police cult and deal with False Flag Fedowitz and his far right Commie goons.

      Shaniqua and Brad jumped into bed with the ‘rapabull’ Red Army and the murderous Bolsheviks and Entente all due to the fact that guys from the ‘dark continent’ and what was left of the supposed dark ages were getting quality Arab and Eastern European stargates while they were busy killing each other over the supposed ‘revolution’.

      Even Yuri Bezmenov mentioned in one of his books that some Africans were pretending to be Marxists in order to get Yuiri, Najenda and Esdeath while visiting the USSR, which of course made Lord Hanselstein and his wignat, insecure revolutionary brigades hopping mad.

      No wonder the likes of Hitler viewed race purists as ‘useful idiots’. Nazi Germany was called Grosdestuch Reich (Greater GERMANIC Realm) not the Greater CAUCASIAN Empire. Hoteps and Pride Boys would have been the first to have been lined up against the wall and shot or put to work in slave labor camps on flying saucers, ICBMs and nuclear bombs. Even today Likud uses Russians to maintain power and destabilize the West via this white race Commie nonsense still being exported from there.

    2. D.K. Phantom,

      It just goes to show you how ignorant and block headed so many of these Negroes are, Swirling is a term and a movement created by a black female specifically describing black women dating outside of the race, however hardheads like Gallimore and the black witch of Scalp Summit and baby mother number 5 or 6 Miss Cynthia G are so desperately trying their best to apply the term swirling to black men.

      The honestly believe that they can override the originator of the word and what the word actually means, smh. Some black men just can’t bring themselves to accept the fact that the black nation as it stands now is done, they’re fighting tooth and nail to preserve a pile of ashes and rubble.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    These anti SYSBM dick police officers are fucking idiots. They think that we SYSBM black men are jealous of white men or other non black men but guess what I ain’t jealous of any white man or any other non black man because I love being a SYSBM black man despite the bullshit that we go through on a daily basis and I am not inferior to anyone plus I only seek my own self approval.

  8. They don’t like it when we have options. They want to limit our choices to their daughters who they had by the daggle.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      That’s not going to happen with free thinking brothers, let the simps marry and procreate with their daughters.

    2. “They don’t like it when we have options. They want to limit our choices to their daughters who they had by the daggle.”

      Like it or not, they need to deal with it, because it’s called having preferences if they forgotten. They want to limit our choices to their daughters who they had by the daggle, Okay first of all, why the hell they throwing their daughters at us? Is that a good move of these dudes who have daughters to be doing that?

      1. Black simps who have Black daughters want the young educated lames to stick around to wife them up later in life.

        Thuggo and Man Man want the educated lame to wife up their babymama to get them off the hook for child support.

        I saw a video a couple years back from this thug nigga Sheep Stay Sleep on YouTube (quoted on the first Supreme King Coon video) where he said that educated lames need to make businesses that employ ex-con niggas straight out of prison. He argued that white people do it, so should we.

        Plus it’s good old fashioned crabs in a barrel, what ignorant niggas are best at.

        It’s a known fact that when a BM gets with a WW, he drifts over to her side of the fence and doesn’t come back.

        These people have economic reasons for trying to keep Classic Black Men on the plantation. This is why they try to throw their homely daughters at us.

        1. Why do you think this race purity nonsense is being pushed? Shaniqua and Lord Euro are taking heavy fire even from their own ‘liberal’ coalition, for talking a bag of crap and not delivering. In order to keep people’s attention away from them they have CONVID and ‘muh communism’ aka alt right.

          Banker Rothschild and False Flag Fedowitz are on the run and are being chased by Taliban Ali, Catholic Carl and Socialist Gomez who all remember the Cold War and how these losers and the black female basically chopped up the world.

          Freaks and losers cannot tolerate each other, black women with their single mother rate and bad attitude and racist Jews who preach hate and death to anybody who opposes them were a bad combination and always were. How can you build on denegracy and madness, this was one question I always wondered when reading about the ‘Loser’s Alliance’ and their delusional fight over world power.

          These dick police and Eurasianist commies stay losing, claiming to be ‘for the race’ and watching black men every second when most of the countries in the Anglo-Russian orbit are in ruins and the black community is a mess. Why don’t ole Jake and Moglovitch take the money they invest in ‘badness’ and use it to build schools and get at risk youth all across the Commonwealth off the road and into gainful employment, instead of whining about ‘anti Semitism’ when they get caught by law enforcement?

          This proves again that the scraggle, the fake liberal and the racist oligarch are nothing but the pawns of the occultist and religious fundamentalist. You won’t see Her Majesty engaging in ‘struggle love’ with the likes of Kissinger nor will you see Mr Chin carrying Boomshequa for counselling.

          They either get with the program or get replaced by ‘refugees’ from Eastern Europe and the Middle East who actually are religious and have better work ethics than these bottom of the barrel trash wanna be revolutionary idiots.

          Umar Spengler is the Western counterpart to Alexander ‘Chaos Magic’ Dugin, with his frying pan nonsense. Talking about race purity when IRA funded, MI6 created white nationalists and Biden Bots with LGBTQP+ nonsense are at the doorstep and King Bi Bi be stealing all the tech he can get so he can sell it off to FSB, Her Majesty and Missa Chin is a sign of utter insanity.

          This whole thing is an intelligence agency scam, these clowns need to put down the weapons and let reasonable people come to the forefront.

      2. It’s not our problem they don’t like the fact that if we merely show up (presumably looking halfway decent, well spoken and groomed with sense and some ambition) quality women of all ethnicities gravitate towards us.

        They can’t stand that. Oh well 🤷🏾‍♂️🤷🏾‍♂️

  9. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

    The SYSBM path is a direct response to the dysfunctional black female, the dick police act as if we’re not allowed to seek out alternative solutions. This is what logical people do, encounter problems and find solutions that can solve them.

    The solution to dealing with dysfunctional and problematic black women is seeking out functional, high quality women from other ethnic backgrounds, it’s a no brainer to those who can think and reason for themselves.

    1. Verbs 2015.

      These pro black simps don’t like the fact that we SYSBM black men have plenty of dating options with non black women.

  10. 1. Who do Black women belong to?
    2. Who controls Black women?
    3. If 80% of BM are not living a SYSBM lifestyle, why haven’t the 80% of BM solved the problems many BW complain about?
    4. Why are only a small minority of those 80% married to said BW?
    5. Why do Commuteps not defeat the White supremacy they talk about so much?
    6. How can one complain about white supremacy while being a racist?

    At this point, these scapegoat arguments are just fodder for bored men who feel powerless to exercise the authority and control over the BW that laughs and spits in their faces. Or another money grab to pay rent, nothing more.

    1. They can’t do it because they’re concerned about the flesh. A lot of dick police are crypto homosexuals

    2. King Sigma,

      1. Major Blizzard

      2. Field Marshal Frosty

      3. Having been raised, trained, programmed and indoctrinated by the same black women, they are too afraid to confront the main culprit responsible for the horrible mess black society is currently in, the black female.

      They also have NOT been taught to problem solve, the usual protocol instead is to complain and beg for others to step in and fix their problems.

      She has programmed them so well to where questioning her would be considered a serious glitch in the system, additionally as commenter Michel calls them, these Commu-Negroes worship the black female as their god.

      Finally, the main issue here is the fact that nothing black men can do will ever satisfy this modern day black female, even if by some miracle they did solve all of the problems raised(most of which have been wrought via her own hands), the black witch would quickly find something else to complain and gripe about.

      4. Black women as a collective don’t really want black men, they only tolerate the ones they deal with. Their real desire is towards Colonel Sleet.

      5. The Communteps actually love white folks(especially white women) even more than they claim SYSBM practitioners do, they simply pretend to hate “whitey” in order to portray the false illusion of “standing against the enemy”.

      6. That is a damn good question and one these pro black female shine buckets need to think very hard about.

      1. Like I’ve said in the past:

        The slow-teps actually DON’T hate “white supremacy” (far from it); they just hate their positions in the pecking order.

    3. King Sigma,

      Great post. As far as I’m concerned, black male simps, scraggle daggles, and Hoteps are all riding in the same clown car.

  11. Let’s talk about the turd won’t flush, Pastor Poulet:

    * Talks about interracial sex yet hasn’t seen the inside of a vagina.

    * Brags about being high value, yet lives on government assistance.

    * Attacks SYSBM whilst knowing nothing about SYSBM.

    * Talks about female nature without dating any female since high school.

    * Preaches black love yet has no woman.

    * Preaches so-called “black love” yet draws white goths in comics.

    * Got a lot to say about relationships for an incel.

    * Says SYSBM is getting old yet here’s his 50 year old ass with a 1980s flat top.

    Pastor Poulet is your typical single mother hood raised communist negro. A “commu-negro”, if you will. Talks a lot without knowing jackshit. Like his mother. Like a certain fake Academic.

    1. Michel,

      This is exactly why it was so easy to take James down in our debate, the dude left himself open like a gutted chicken. This is where the “stay in your lane” saying comes from. Had he stepped up and stated from the beginning that his “knowledge” was based upon basic research as well as what he’d heard other people saying then he would’ve gotten a little more respect, however his brazen and arrogant approach to speaking on matters he knew and still knows little to nothing about is what sealed his fate.

  12. Yesterday, I uploaded a video on YouTube and when I work up this morning, I found out that the video was taken down because of hate speech. Really though? Hate speech. I wasn’t showing no hate speech on that video. Never. Every time I hear about these good for nothing anti SYSBM fools, I just have to sit back and drink liquor. Right, we have the dick police officer Woke Poofgressive 2.0 who confessed that he’s homosexual who was digging out a next man asshole, we have the Incel Shawn James who hasn’t seen not a pum pum, we have narcissistic sociopath Bareback Fountain who has been frigged up by his ratchet mother who use to beat the shit out of him and we have Dr Foolmar Johnson who has a cocaine addiction. I don’t have an issue of black women dating outside of their race just as black men dating outside their race. But the thing is that these simps when a black man is with a non black woman, they come after him but when a black woman dates a non black man, it’s all a celebration. When these simps dick police another black man you must be thinking that are these guys are homosexual?

    1. Money Cultural,

      You need to set up an account on BrandNewTube, Odysee or Bitchute, that way when you post up controversial content you won’t have the YouTube Gestapo constantly bringing down the hammer on whatever videos they want. YouTube has turned their platform into one where it’s all about entertainment almost to the criteria level of young children.

      It could’ve been Fountain Top who got your video flagged down, therefore you have to begin posting in places where the flag and report system cannot be so easily abused. This is what YouTube has turned into, unless you’re producing content like this below then you’re pretty much a sitting duck for a flagging and reporting spree:

      1. You see, Bareback Fountain has issues with his childhood with his mum fucking him up when he was a child and as you see him stalking the likes of me, then you must know why he’s doing this shit.

    1. Oh that’s you with these videos! I thought it was somebody else, sub’ed! Excellent content G1 more proof that BW don’t give two flying F’s about Black men, the average Black men, not even poor Black men.

      This is why they keep arguing with Kevin Samuels on why they don’t qualify to be with HV Black Men.

  13. As y’all have stated, these guys are nothing but communists, socialists and leeches, yet will likely get mad if White Zaddy finally points it out.

    That’s why SYSBM is anathema to them. Save YOURSELF Black Men. Not beg other blacks, so called enemies, or the supposed racist white government for help. This is one of several reasons why blacks keep getting taken for a ride by every other group on the planet: they keep looking to different groups, people, figures, religions and more as a way to magically lift themselves out of whatever grave they’ve dug, as opposed to looking within themselves for the strength, valor and simple nature of being worth a damn to make something of themselves.

    This is again why other groups are right to look down on them: if black people don’t look within themselves and find strength and value, there must not be anything to be found! Funny how these hoteps keep validating their own so called worst enemies.

    As y’all have also pointed out, however, the hotep doesn’t truly hate the white man. He NEEDS the white man, especially in the case of worthless pieces of shit like Shawn James. Dude was literally e-begging for money to go and buy the Spicy Big Crunch and a 2 piece dinner with potato logs and a soft drink. Old grown ass man in his FIFTIES was begging for ass paper money!

    “Black economics” is actually black leechonomics, as it’s just the sorriest scoundrels on earth begging for handouts from the same ones who they likely shunned beforehand. The only attention these evolutionary Missing Links deserve is to give them a final drink of your hot steaming piss as they writhe and die in starvation on the streets.

    1. “…to give them a final drink of your hot steaming piss as they writhe and die in starvation on the streets.”

      Personally, I wouldn’t even give them the dignity of that.

    2. LOL, that’s too much common sense for them to handle. I saw a music video in Germany and the rainbow flag Ashkenazim were in full force protesting about the ‘new normal’ and Billy Boy, and guess who was basically lighting up Lord Einberstein and Banker Rothschild on the mic? That’s right, a BLACK man.

      This shows you hoteps and wignats are basically a extortion racket. Just like game producers and feminists they want you struggling with a mediocre product while they live it big in South East Asia.

  14. Verbs,

    I think my comment was moved to your spam folder again.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I’ve just checked the spam, there’s nothing in there. You may have to post the comment again.

      1. I just realized I had the comment typed up, but I didn’t post it; I was taken away by the work I had to do yesterday.

  15. Note how his post in the first screenshot mirrors the daggle’s talking point that SYSBM brothers lust after White women, how they “belong” to White men, and how White men have us defeated; if that’s the case, how do you explain the countless TikTok videos where they declare their love for Black men? Dude needs to seriously consider changing his last name to “Dagglemore” or “Magglemore”.

    Also, how can SYSBM be creating a mulatto class to oppress dark and brown skinned Blacks? That would be counter to what the movement was created for; besides, we already have the Blackest family possible, so how is SYSBM a threat to that? Sounds like he’s saying we’re the White people of the Black community. Dude is selling himself short just to be with a counterpart who can’t be saved at this point in time; as for me, it’s SYSBM all the way!

    1. Why would blsck folks SUDDENLY have an issue with mulattoes ruling over them? They’ve deified them up to this point with no issue! Hell, let em be ruled!

      1. Haha Rachel Dolezal had dark-skinned black folk (particularly black women) bamboozled until she got exposed. Her local NAACP was under her leadership and they were happy as clams until they found out she was actually white. They love mulattoes.

  16. Kameron Brown, you sound just like the typical mamas boy simp of a evil blk witch. who have no direction . and watch and see who will have no real love life with these crazy antic blk female sirens you kiss ass too thinking your going to get love from?.. lol!. who will do you dirty in the end…and don’t say you didn’t hear it here first . keep so keep simping for these crazy antic crackhead born blk female mentally ill psychos and sirens & see where it gets you, even in prison or sorrry to say dead!…to bad your to ignorant and nieve to see it coming…unless your one of the irresponsible sperm donners who can’t man up to rise your childern properly instead of abandoning them to be the worst product of society…that you sound like. a Dumb ass kissing Simp* lol! so you better wise up…or go to simp hell like the rest of your misguided simp circle.. cause the mentally ill du rag ghetto project problem , crazy antic blk female witch siren got no real love for you either. -Day Day …lol! so who you think your fooling?* not us… lol!

    1. ibmor Gillimor is the another weakest Simp of all. who is in for a nasty rude awaking with his crazy antic demonic possessed blk witch sirens let him keep sucking up to these evil blk siren witches and let him burn too.. mamas boy son of a crazy antic evil blk siren witch mouth piece, mamas boy. who is on the wrong side of history. slaying evil is right*

  17. Let’s air out IBMOR Gallimore. He’s a JAMAICAN-AMERICAN living in Chicago. He was one of the Jason Black drones for years and didn’t get any play nor action, in fact, he was clowned while he was over there. The dude was broke and struggling, he used to be a full time dishwasher. Now, I’m not clowning him for his hard times as we all go through them as a black man but IBMOR Gallimore aka Bryant Gallimore is just angry that his hotepping did not yield him a black queen.

    His mother recently passed (father died long time ago) so she left him the childhood home he grew up in so now Bryant thinks that he’s arrived. It’s great to see black people having generational wealth but this fool is pretending now that’s a Republican, die-hard Donald Trump supporter, trying his best to recite racist talking points against black folks and the same black folks he used to love so much, he’s quick to point out that he’s Jamaican not black. Guys like him deep down still want black love but they want to be the guy in the hood who has the most going on and try to set the tone but brags about how he needs more white friends and how black people can learn from white people. Bryant is a joke. A typical black male college grad who got into the pro-black shit in college, couldn’t find a real job, ended up moving back in with his folks, became a hotep while working for white people and now he’s a black republican who is a closeted hotep. We see him

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