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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here as we continue to battle through the hoax that is the so called Covid pandemic. The above video was made in June 2020. A year ago believing such a huge drop in various populations around the world would’ve been very difficult to fathom, however with the bioweapon currently being widely distributed under the guise of a vaccine in conjunction with most people’s boggling gullibility, at this stage anything is possible.

Of course when you visit in 2021, the forecast for 2025 sections for each country have conveniently “disappeared”. Here are the pages for the US and UK just to illustrate the mysterious “disappearance”:

Things continue to become more sinister and evil by the day. What’s on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll the dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continue

Stay Individual(In Your Mindset)

Most High Bless

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66 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday


    The alarm is starting to be sounded (as if it wasn’t already) on his evil and complicit Fauci was in all of this. This dude was one of the engineers of this plandemic, and even the mainstream media is finally turning against him somewhat.

    This same liberals conveniently forget the hand that Fauci had in killing many of their sodomite friends during the AIDS hysteria. Not my problem, they wanna deify this man in a cult, let em die!

    1. This is the problem I have with black females and progressives. Everything has to be about them and the cult of the leader, there must be no thinking. Exactly the same as this Eurasian white nat nonsense the chosen ones blast out from Russia.

      It again shows how lazy many of these people are. Coronavirus is a form of cold, and what do you do?

      That’s right, exercise and eat healthy. But since these people are so busy gang-stalking, shilling for thugs and bums fresh off the plantation and gulag, circle jerking and watching black men’s dicks like the racist delusional faggots they are, they’d rather blow the world up than do hard work. No wonder incels talk and act that way in the first place.


    Liberal movements such as the infantilizing BLM nonsense and feminism always attract devious s d predatory men. Also, notice the hat. I can’t stand these older liberal shines walking around trying to look “dope” in settings where that’s completely unnecessary. And they wonder why black people are seen as clowns!

    1. A lot of progressive and white supremacist organizations are intelligence fronts.

      Bill Gates is a sleeper for Chabad just like the Bushes. The alt right is basically one big Mossad/KGB operation, designed to intimidate the Nikolai Tesla and Aaron Swartz types into keeping their mouths shut and forcing the rest of Jewry to head to Israel where Likud can exploit them the same way they did with Russians and Arabs during the previous century. When was the last time the National Front or Richard Spencer actually got together and started protesting against their lord and savior in government hanging out with False Flag Fedowitz, KGB Putin and Missa Chin in hopes of getting the scraps under the table, nope, nada.

      Same thing with these hotep simps, talk about race like Nuremberg yet do nothing. Yet they are able to spend all day watching black men’s dicks just like the racist oligarch, the black witch and the delusional liberal. The Rebbe knew what he was doing when he created this race purity and intersectional movement.


    Anyone with a brain should know that this WHOLE thing was engineered, namely the hysteria behind it. I’m hoping that this is the beginning of a mass awakening, though most will still be sheep. There will NEVER Eva majority of those in line with the truth, though I’m for seeing that those who still cling to the darkness will suffer greatly in the coming months.


    Let’s get this ball rolling! Once more and more people Sue over this, THEN they will backdown. The rapist doesn’t stop if you willingly bend over.

    I’m glad to see Texans acting the part, though Abbot is still a s heisted and a RINO who’s only playing follow the leader to remain popular.

    Some of the only worth a damn governors are Noem and DeSantis. Noem never closed things down in her state and desantis was legitimately sorry for ever doing so.


    If this gets traction and more support, this is a HUGE wrench in the elites’ monkeyshines. When more actually righteous medical professionals start standing up, it’s OVER. I wonder what Black Caesar would say about the “evidence” though.

    I suspect many sheep may kill themselves once they realize what they willingly participated in, and I say, let them burn in hell for their stupidity. Let it be a lessen for future generations.

      1. Hello Fake Academic Fountain! Using fake names now?

        Go and get help, you stalking, lustful negro.

          1. You’re the only one asking about Black Caesar round here with disturbing regularity.

            Creating fake aliases obsessed with stalking one black man. Man, you really need pyschological help before two things get you.

            1) the military
            2) the injection

            1. But that isn’t me. If it was, I would have used “Exposing SYSBM.” Also, I was out of town on that date.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Unfortunately, Black Caesar doesn’t deal with any facts nor data that goes against his world paradigm. I agree with you on those who still choose to get the experimental bioweapon despite all of the information that has been put out there demonstrating just how dangerous it is.

      How people could even get bamboozled and hoodwinked into taking such a deadly concoction for a virus that even by the government’s own “official narrative” is no worse than the common cold is mind boggling to say the least.

  6. The UK population will go down to 15 million people by 2025. That is 51 million people killed from the bioweapon vaccine. Of course the military would completely remove these forcast figures under command orders from governments, european union, united nations, including secret societies like freemasonary, jesuits, zionist jews, skull and bones all working together. They all worship molech and the baphomet for luciferian ritual sacrifices. This video named lucifer and the united nations documentary is 47 minutes long. I’ve already seen it. I would recommend every sysbm practitioner and quality stargates to watch this. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. This is why I REFUSE to be a part of the military simping echo chamber. They have NOTHING to do with your rights and freedoms, not do they defend them. Look at all of the rights and freedoms, which are God given, that have been infringed upon in the last year. Did the military do anything about that?

      As much as I hate Harris and think she AND Biden are dumbasses, I’m not gonna turn around and suck the dicks of people who logically should have put billets in BOTH of their brains if they were at all what white conservatives make the military out to be. Your freedoms have never and never will be won by those at the beck and call of freedom stealing government.


      1. You’re absolutely correct. Progressives and black females are just as bad and delusional as Jewish Eurasian racists with their ‘multipolar world order’. Remember it was Woodrow Wilson, a Confederate Democrat agent, who sold out to the Windsors and started this mess.

        Black females and liberals talk about being on code and ‘for the race’ yet jumped into bed with every scummy dictator you could ever find.

        The military is infested with CPSU, MSS (Chinese intelligence) and freemasonic organized crime networks are working to cause balkanization for Greater Israel and feed the Antichrist AI Beast system. Kissinger should have been in jail or dead a long time ago yet this fool and others like him continue to peddle revolutionary nonsense.

        When are Shaniqua and Brad going to get their head out of the gutter and realize that Chan and Her Majesty don’t give a fuck about them, but since they’re watching black men’s dicks all day…you can’t save everybody.

      2. Afrofuturism1,

        I would also add the police to what you’ve said, equally they’ve had no problems following the draconian orders handed down to them by their superiors.

        You always have some bootlicker coming out of some corner claiming that there are good men and women in law enforcement, yet when it comes down to the protection of people’s God given rights, the police are nowhere to be found, but they’ll be there quick sharp to bash you over the head for not wearing your mask and not keeping 6 feet apart.

        “Good police” within the force, I don’t want to hear any of that garbage.

        1. Same here man. As far as I’m concerned the police force and military have been under freemason control for a long time. These bootlickers need to go to places like Ukraine, Jamaica and Australia and see what’s it like, then they’ll understand. Down under a bill was passed giving the boys in blue and local intelligence extraordinary powers, or rather legalizing their expansive reach.

          In the British/Soviet Empire there is no real difference between law enforcement and the army or intelligence services, depending on the ‘country’ you live. Down here in Jamaica MI6 operates a local division known as CTOC, it is responsible for covert operations. Canada has the CSIS and I can’t remember the name of the Australian division. But the Russia one is FSB, once known as KGB.

          CSIS – Canadian Secret Intelligence Service

          Mossad – Israeli Secret Intelligence Service

          CSIS, CTOC, ISIS….wait that’s a conspiracy theory man!

          The memory of Arab Spring and how the dictator’s relied on the army and intelligence should be known to all by now.

  7. Hey there was other affiliate sites posted here like living in something and another. I got a new phone and everything didn’t switch over what is it’s name again?

      1. The guy who ran the blog would post hella different things on it I know it’s living in Anglo something

  8. Resistance to the scheme grows:

    Black females love organized crime and mass murder, evidence:

    Shaniqua and white zaddy working with False Flag Fedowitz for Belt and Road:

    How they get away with it:

    Variant scheme flop:

    This is just basic research done by surfing the net and looking up terms carefully. It isn’t even serious.

    And black females, progressives and alt right can’t organize and do a simple presentation to send to military and tech? Or even protest at military bases, DNC headquarters and Langley against AIPAC, Likud and CCP? Give me a break, these people are just nuts man.

  9. Hey Verbs, I sent a comment with the link for the rap video mocking the ‘new normal’ in Germany, as well as some other links. Please have it approved.

  10. Good SYSBM morning, gentlemen! I used to enjoy watching videos of what drivers capture on their dashcam (especially car crash compilations); this past Friday, I came across a video which captured a scraggle daggle’s attempt to scam a Latino motorist:

    But wait, there’s more:

    The above videos really don’t need any further explanation; the video’s creator pretty much explained everything that occurred in that situation. The scraggle daggle can’t go a day without causing drama; was any of this really necessary? And the audacity of this stragg to try and bring racial solidarity into this; funny how they always invoke that “we need to stick together” Kansas City shuffle whenever they realize they’re in trouble. If that were me, I’d tell her the only way Black and Brown would be sticking together is by me cuffing a Latin American, Indian, or South Asian stargate!

    Seeing this video also reminded me of the importance of having a dashcam because it would save you in a situation where a dumb motorist or pedestrian might try and commit insurance fraud; you can find compilations of those videos, as well. Be safe out there, and as always, #SYSBM.

  11. What are some good places to go to if you are an average or below average BM with money to get women?

    1. If you are below average there’s nowhere on Earth you can pull. Thanks to social media all hoes worldwide are programmed to want the same fuckboy. Maybe the Philippines, those chicks will do anything for a green card and I do mean anything. If she’s from Manila, check under the hood and make sure it’s an actual female though. And there is a man shortage in Australia. Carlton Banks would be a god down there.

  12. I just remembered something; last night I was checking Instagram, and I saw a picture of Megan Thee Stallion posed with none other than Jason Roger Pope AKA DJ Kid! I honestly thought we’d seen the last of him already, then that photo surfaced.

    1. WTF? Black females….they and progressives are just nuts man. And the simps really call these women queans?

      1. It wasn’t Jason Roger Pope’s IG; somebody else reposted his picture.

  13. Yes people, yeah. Money Cultural here, star. You see the government is getting sinister and sinister by the day. And Boris “the dumb blonde” Johnson, he’s goanna lose the next election. I guarantee that shit. Remember I mention that one of my videos got taken down because of hate speech? The video didn’t have any hate speech at all. And I did the video in Gladstone Park in North West London. I was watching a video of the Hebrew Israelites and the ratchet black woman. When they start preaching, the scragg was acting ratchet. You see how the truth hurts? Might do an article on Friday.

    And also, you know Ask Nathaniel; he did a video on SYSBM. It looks like the man did a three sixty. I have seen so many simps doing that now and there is goanna be more and more of them doing that shit. You know what I’m goanna do? I’m goanna sit back and liquor and what this man falls down. This man is goanna trip over hard you know.

    Just sit back and drink liquor!

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Idiots like Fauci don’t seem to realise that they are viewed as expendable flunkies by the so called elite just like everybody else who chooses to go along with this agenda.

      1. Sadly you will still have sheep and idiots defending him to their deaths, which will of course come soon enough.

  14. Hi Verbs

    I remember Kid Organic made a video about Kevin Samuels Gay Suspect video and you mention few weeks ago that he took the video down.
    He actually still got it.
    When Tommy mention the date and the name of the video I looked it up to confirm this.

    On my observation:
    If he meant by saying ‘Oh My!’ referring as the food, I would give him a pass.
    However when he rotate the video to 180 to show the black man, I am sorry to say this but that is a ‘No, No’ as ‘Hell-No’.
    He need to be careful on stuff like this because a brother always told me ‘I say what I see’.

    The original with the timestamp:

    1. Mister Master,

      There is no question in my mind that Kevin Samuels is a homosexual, however a wide swath of heterosexual men in the Black Manosphere are overlooking the obvious and giving him a pass simply because he’s calling out black women, this is an incredibly bad look on their part. Tommy Sotomayor referred the same video but from Samuels’ Instagram page(it has since been removed from there).

      If Kevin Samuels was a heterosexual image consultant, he would categorically tell black men that they should NOT be rallying around, supporting and exalting individuals who at minimum act effeminate yet alone are all out homosexual. He doesn’t even need to hide his homosexuality as those defenders around him have been bewitched and are choosing to blatantly ignoring it.

      This is why black folks as a group continue to be the laughingstock of the world, they severely lack solid principles, reasonable standards and integrity.

      1. I agree with you Verbs.

        The thing is even Kevin does good content, he is just look flamboyant.
        That how I describe him as ‘flamboyant’.

        That is why I send you the video link, because even he took it down on Instagram, at least is there is a video show you.

        You should download it just in case he will take that down too which he will not.

        What I am disappointed is that the fact that Obsidian years ago said that the Homosexual should be the Leader of the Black Manosphere.

        Ever since Oshay and Obsidian throw the towel and give in to the Simone56’s hit list in 2017, like a coward (Angryman was against it) the Manosphere turn crap-hole because they thinking having this unholy alliance with these Ex-ghetto gaggers-turn Hoteps like Cynthia will be a solve the black community, no it made it worse.

        Now the Manosphere think Kevin is a ‘Black Mansphere God’ who will save the black community.
        He is no god and he no hero like some Marvel, DC character.
        The Manosphere need to stop thinking like he is some Superhero.

        They just giving fuel to likes of Cynthia G and Aaron Fountain. Even Aaron spot this:

  15. Verbs 2015.

    Since I bought my exempt card and I wear around my neck when I travelled to Central London via bus and tube on bank holiday monday both on the 31st May 2021 and Tuesday 1st June 2021 has worked like a charm because nobody has hassled me about not wearing a mask because I am wearing my exemption card and it’s like the exemption card is like a human shield especially when I go the pubs and shops because the people that work there just let me in without any problems. Verbs thank you for the exemption card information on your website on how to buy one because it got me out of a lot of trouble. The whole covid 19 situation is a big time hoax because if it was a real virus out there in the world then you would see people dropping dead in the streets in front of your very eyes like the films 28 days later and its sequel 28 weeks later. Like I said before Verbs I am not taking any vaccines because I want to live a very long life. Please check out my latest videos that I put on my YouTube channel talking about the situation of why Umar Johnson despises black men who are in mixed race relationships with non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Even though the exemption badge is completely voluntary ie not a requirement to wear by law if you’re exempt from wearing a mask, a lot of people find it easier to just wear it or a lanyard in order to avoid the mindless knuckleheads who cannot seem to understand that some people are mask exempt. The UK government were the ones who created the out/loophole, therefore why not use it?

      As I’ve stated before, you cannot make deals with the devil and come out on top, those who have taken their jab will soon learn this the hard way.

      Here is a short video shedding some new light on spike proteins and how they are toxic to the human body, the same spike proteins that are present in the witch’s concoction the mainstream media is daring to call a vaccine. I won’t be subjecting myself to Satan’s death formula either:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Thanks for video info and I fully agree with you bro.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick

      Well Done! The brother who send him the email about the exception because now he had this exception card for a year, a whole year.
      That brother got that Card for year since the original lockdown because people don’t do a simple google search.

      Wear in the tube as it gets hot and packed. You see the reaction of the people suffocating with their mast in the hot tube as the liberals are powerless. Also the police and the TFL cops can do nothing, but watch the black man wearing card because you can breathe that air.

      And I like to give thanks to Verbs for advertising on the Open Mic Wednesday so the brothers who live in London and the UK can get download, print the card and wear it out in public.

      1. I have this card printed out and laminated in my pocket, so I whip it out when some security brother (who really should know better) challenges me. At work it’s on my pocket, even customers think the mask thing is shit as they can’t communicate properly.

        Walking in Westfields looking at the general populace is an experience in real life MK brainwashing. Half are pretending to wear their horse bags. Some racist Captain Soy pulled his up walking past me, I told him to his face to “go fuck yourself”.

        1. Michel,

          I haven’t been into any of the Westfield Shopping Centres since this Covid hoax kicked off, I haven’t even been to my local shopping mall but I can imagine what it’s like. On public transport I’m seeing more people wearing the TFL exemptions badges, however the vast majority of the public are still asleep wearing their “horse bags” as you call them.

          I had to educate a bus driver a month ago, he told me that he’d been instructed by his managers not to let people on the bus who were exempt but were not wearing a badge or a lanyard, I told him that his managers were deliberately misinforming him and I also showed him the government website.

          It seems that a lot of people are trying to go beyond what the government guidelines states. I also went into an alternative health practice 2 weeks ago, no mask, no lanyard, the immensely overweight daggle receptionist tried to get personal and asked what my exemption was, I told her it was none of her business(which is isn’t), she wasn’t happy but there was nothing she could do.

          Mask don’t work but too many of these knuckleheads are still rolling around wearing them as if they’re doing their bit to “help protect others”:

  16. Black females, Bottom Shelf Brad and Banker Rothschild losing hard:

    Remember how these bottom shelf Brads talk about their so called ‘love’ for the white race? Well it seems like some of their leadership know that by arousing hatred and jealousy towards black men dating out, they will end that white race they claim to love. I call the likes of the ADL, Dorsey, Zuckerberg white because they talk and look like regular Caucasians, no evangelical red moron is going to tell me some Caucasian looking dude from Moscow are supposedly ‘God’s chosen people’.

    Some of the smarter wignats got a speech of one of their leaders trying hard to curry favor with Massa at a Bilderberg type meeting. The guy opened the speech by stating that this was a meeting of the ‘Elders of Zion’ which is codename for British intelligence and Chabad. If you know your history you know that all this Aryan race nonsense wignats spout off started with the British government and Zionism.

    This wannabe KKK Grand Wizard is supposedly a Progressive, who claim to be the heroes of the white race. Why is he bigging up a group who openly proclaimed their goal to slay his people in WW2, to the point of being the MC at one of their meetings? Did Generalplan Ost or the name Greater GERMANIC Empire not make it clear to these idiots?

    To guys like Chan, Her Majesty and the Rebbe, Bottom Shelf Brad and Shaniqua are nothing more than ‘useful idiots’ who spout propaganda and this proves how stupid hoteps and wignats are.

    It’s funny how race purists claim black men are traitors for dating out and leaving the plantation, yet you have one of the kings of the white race openly promoting treason, secessionism and racism on both sides of the aisle, for the benefit of a ENEMY country yet he’s not punished. I was wondering how and where this incel problem started to occur, well we have the answer.

    His jealously against black men shows when he starts talking in the language of the plantation owner and uses the white race nonsense to hide his envy and greed. Aryan race my ass, this guy is just jealous of black men and white women. This dude probably would be used to farm votes for the local Nazis or clean a kibbutz if he were to make Aliyah, yet here he is talking about the ‘white race’ as if he isn’t white himself. What a moron.

    People like them need to get the stick out of their ass and admit they were wrong instead of jumping into bed with people who hate them.

    The speech is so insane it’s comedic, and you know what’s sad? The ‘white’ or ‘Jewish’ card ain’t going to mean shit when the robots and drones kick in. The Bolshevists in Europe learnt the hard way when they found themselves in slave labor camps building atomic bombs and flying saucers.

    1. When Admiral Breeze was on top, it was “at least I’m not a nigger”.

      When Captain Lager Shave is losing heavily, it’s “da joozz”.

      Funny thing is the so-called progressive “love everyone” liberal soy Dems created the Klan.

      1. I’ve concluded that black females and white zaddy created ‘white supremacy’ to hide their mental problems. You couldn’t pay me to run around late at night, begging acceptance from people that hate you and want to genocide your entire race in the name of another guy’s dick. These emo nerds and greedy hoes probably getting their ass beat every night by False Flag Fedowitz and Banker Rothschild, who in turn work for Chabad and other major players in the Eurasian continent.

        As a wise man said, the racist oligarch is simply a thug who got lucky. White zaddy and Shaniqua fucked up and were too busy seeking attention, hence the reason why these guys came in and started robbing and destroying everything.

        ‘But we wuz KANGZ, man KANGZ’ No excuse, some delusional pan Asian empire is a fantasy and would never work out. It’s funny how these types hate black men yet can’t find the time to go back to Eastern Europe and help build up their nations instead of being whiny betas.

        I finally see why incels act that way. They are just the First World Version of Jamaican thugs, who only get shown as super killers because of sensationalism. The circumstances that breed them are here in Jamdown, no father, feminist domineering mother, drugs and denegracy, etc. A weak pathetic robot of a ‘person’, able to be programmed and unleashed at any time for the gynocracy and the mafia.

  17. Gentlemen,

    This is why I positively despise the dysfunctional black female and the knuckleheaded devil spawn seedlings she produces with the likes of Field Mouse, Two Snacks and Slim Sauce. These guys have absolutely no regard for their own lives and most certainly couldn’t give a rat’s testicle about yours either, smh:

    1. And these people wanna talk about race purity and black men being ‘traitors’ when we date out, bitch please. They have so called radio telepathy, the media, army and police on their side as well as legions of sheep. They can take this dead race doctrine straight of hell and send it back to London, Moscow, Beijing where it came from. I refuse to be a pawn or a muscle man like Beretta Bro, Gulag Givikov and Five Knives straight out of prison.

      Dr Brendon O’Connell was right, the white nationalist and hotep movement needs to die a thousand deaths. Completely filled with NATO, GRU and CIA agents and accomplishing nothing but balkanization.

      1. Brendan Dubalos,

        These race baiters and so called race puritans are a joke, I estimate over half of them are secretly sleeping with non black women behind closed doors.

        1. True that, plus this whole ‘race purity’ nonsense is simply a scam created by Intelligence. Pride Boys, KGB Spencer and Umar Spengler all work to promote balkanization and war, in order to cause chaos and confusion. While of course the black woman they love so much is hitting it up with Chabad Chev and Missa Chin at Davos.

  18. Man, when I look at the website, and population number for 2025, I was like damn. That ish is scary man. It’s all gonna be on that damn “vaccine” the people done took because they fell for the okey doke real hard, thinking the government done got their backs, but no they didn’t. I think I mention this before, but now they trying to bribe the people with free money, free donuts, free shit just to get the jab. Ain’t no free damn donuts, money, or no damn lapdances is gonna convince me to take that jab that’s killing people left and right, talking about it’s “safe and effective.” They been lying to us from the jump, and they still lying now. Now in the mainstream media, they talking about investigation in the Origins of COVID. I’m looking at that shit with a crazy look, and asking the question: They just now doing that mess? I’m extremely ready for all this shit to end, because they done quite enough damage to the point where the human race and earth is not gonna survive with these psychopaths and criminals taking over, and pushing these dangerous ass agendas that not only it’s gonna harm humanity, but it’s gonna harm the earth too. Some new articles I’ve read on Natural News, they talking about these psychos planning on sending troops after people, breaking into their homes because they probably didn’t get the jab, or refused to get it, severe punishment for the unvaccinated (Joe Biden made a slick move saying “Unvaccinated will pay the price”), and I’m looking at this, and saying to myself, some unwanted events are gonna occur sometime soon, and you can thank the people behind this whole Covid mess. If I die of something, I’ll die fighting. They finally freakin lost it, and all this nonsense that’s going on is making my blood boil like hell. If them psychos force that jab on me, I swear man, they better be ready for a fight like hell. They can try to make me defenseless. Remember when Joe Biden and the left talked about taking away guns, once again that’s gonna cause an major uproar. People kill people. These folks sound stupid trying to take away self defense. Not everybody is gonna rely on law enforcement most of the time.

    I see some people are still riding the Kevin Samuels train. Am I wrong for unsubscribing from the black manosphere and some of these “red pill” dudes? It’s just seems like from my point of view, them two spaces have gotten weird for me. What I mean by weird, I mean that these dudes done changed up, or probably done see them for what they are. I literally unsubscribed from a lot of black manosphere and red pill dudes. What’s sad is that I used to rock with these dudes from the beginning, but seeing how they changed up, and seeing for what they are, I just had to walk away from them. A few examples: C boogie, used to rock with him, but once he got into that Dom game mess, Left him alone. That Solotv84 (I’m pretty sure some of y’all probably seen him, or not), used to rock with him from the beginning, but now, he’s like trying so hard to fit in. Obsidian, same thing, used to rock with him, but I don’t know what the hell happened with him. I don’t care about red pill, blue pill, black pill, purple pill. My pill is “being myself/becoming my own man” pill. My path is straight forward, no left or right. That’s what I follow.

  19. Just saw an ad about Clorox definitely kills the coronavirus. If that be the case, why not just bleach everything down with Clorox everyday and be done with it? That’s just marketing BS and Clorox knows it, but anything to get sheep to buy it.

    1. There is a type of bleach that you can drink (called by another name) that really clears out your intestines. Deals with any bacteria, fungi and viruses. Trump mentioned it as a cure and as usual got short shrift.

      1. COVID is airborne and can be caught by shaking hands, like the flu. If “bleaching everything down with Clorox” was a solution, the flu and common cold as well as COVID would have been eradicated by now.

        And is Michel literally suggesting drinking bleach because Trump said so? Hahaha, you dudes are unhinged. No type of “bleach” is safe to ingest.

        The idea of SYSBM is making these hoes feel like they’re missing out if we walk away, if I was a BW reading this shit, I’d be cracking up.

    1. It’s inevitable that SOMETHING will happen, as the fraud of the election is becoming clearer and no one can stop it.
      Many liberals and sheep will gnash bitch and moan, all while complaining about the current shitstorm that they voted for.

      I do wonder who would serve as Vice President, as the traitor Pence was revealed for the snake he is.

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