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Black Men, They Don’t Love You At All!


Outside of her own womb, this is the modern day black female’s favourite weapon of choice, the automobile. So let’s examine the situation here, you have a daggle who decided to use her car to run over a black man, then you have another black siren in her car recording the event and laughing about it, but these are supposed to be the women who supposedly “have our backs”.

Yep, once again these are the types of women that these pro black simps demand that you date, cuff and have children with. This is how you know that the minds of the overwhelming majority of black women reside in the deepest, darkest conclaves of hell, how do you observe somebody deliberately running over another individual and laugh about it?

In fact, how do you even fix yourself to run over somebody who clearly wasn’t posing a threat to you in any way, shape or form? The dude was standing on the pavement(sidewalk) and the harriet decided that she was going to run him down regardless, he didn’t even know what was going to go down until the car was heading towards him.

Black women as a collective are pure evil and many of us have witnessed on many occasions just how diabolicaly malevolent and dark hearted black women could be when we were growing up even today as adults. As I’ve stated before, I used to wonder why black females were so mean and hostile while at the same time non black girls were kind, gentle and welcoming.

I don’t want to hear that “black women have been through a lot” garbage because black men have been through worse and we aren’t out here getting into cars and running them over. There’s always an excuse at the ready for this mentally ill and highly unstable black female, yet when it comes to black men, as far as black women are concerned we should be hung by the gallows regardless of the circumstances.

This short clip here is one of so many that ought to have made most black men realise that this modern day black female is an evil witch who wishes to inflict the most harm and damage upon black men and black children as she can, however BLACK MALES still won’t get it and will continue to chase after their literal death.

Free thinking black men left the building a long time ago never to return, and they(black women) wonder why more black men want absolutely nothing to do with them. Black women as it currently stands are the number one perpetrators of so called hate crimes and the above is simply another reason why SYSBM exists.

Gentlemen, the message remains the same, avoid these women at all costs or as much as you possibly can, they mean you the world of harm and are literally out for your blood. The knucklehead, court jesting simps however will never understand just how deep the festering disdain and hatred the black female has for him runs, smh.


The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Hate Black Men

Most High Bless

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38 thoughts on “Black Men, They Don’t Love You At All!

  1. The truth is not a single female with very high testosterone blood levels can love anyone. Very high testosterone creates terminatrix in the matrix and out of the matrix. Meaning all negresses have the same negress mentality. It never changes anywhere in the world.

    My brother-in-law married to my sister for nearly 3 years now is going to court today because his mum came to stay in the UK illegally with him and his sister since 2005. Over stayed here for 16 years. My sister knew he was staying in the UK illegally before she married him. He is trying to get his sister and his mum to stay in the UK but doesn’t want to mention on his application of being married to a british citizen. If the court decides deportation back to Nigeria, they can appeal against that decision only 2 more times. I don’t know why he doesn’t want to mention his marriage but I suspect he wants to stay here based on his own merit, not based on his wife.

    What do you all think will happen next?

    My auntie came to the UK illegally in 1995 as a single mother with 3 children but managed to get a UK passsport because she applied for asylum seeker refugee stats and found an Nigerian lawyer with experience. Her husband came to the U.S states illegally in 1995 and won the green card lottery to stay in the U.S legally. Bit bizarre but in 2008, my auntie told her 3 children she wants to travel on holiday to the U.S states with them. My cousins never knew they were going to go to the U.S states to live there permanently. They thought they were just going there for a holiday. Out of her children two of them are men. They ended up joining the U.S military. Their sister got married to an American black male. If her sons had not joined the military, I don’t think they would have survived. Imagine living in a foreign land you know nothing about thinking you was just going there for a vacation. This is exactly what slavery trafficking looks like.

    In 2013, My auntie came back to the UK with her husband. The husband never sent any money to his children while he was in the states. He only travelled to the UK a few times to visit his children but wasn’t visiting often. Apparently he asks people to lend him money and never pays anyone back. He doesn’t contribute towards any bills with his wife. He never contributed to his daughters wedding whatsoever. My understanding is he left the U.S because people were coming after him for debt he never paid. Even negresses from Nigeria pick waste of space males to procreate with. This is just an example to never breed with a negress ever. It don’t matter what part of the world she is from. Just don’t do it.

    #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. I have the same mindset as well especially with my experiences with the majority of black women. The constant hours you have to put into working at a job to support her lifestyle plus raising kids. Too much stress and my goal is to be stress free.

      1. Robert Chavis,

        Stress is called the silent killer, black women as a collective bring nothing but stress to the table. As I and many other brothers here have stated, at this point SYSBM is a must for the heterosexual free thinking black men, it is no longer optional.

    2. You’re right…my dad was dumb enough to breed some hoodrat and he’s almost insane now. The dude cheated on my mother with some skettel and he’s talking about ‘love’ and ‘forgiveness’. I realized why my country is so loco and even the likes of Lord Ziostein only use it as a money laundering hub and tourist trap.

      These idiots fuck up and do all sorts of evil and then when they get caught, expect you to offer janitorial services and fix their problems. And if you don’t, guess what? You’re now the enemy.

      These people are a walking comedy strip, this is why I play this song when I see or hear of them:

      Afrofuturism was right, black hoes, racist oligarchs and delusional fake liberals need to be bred out and replaced with thinkers and innovators.

    3. Witwijf,

      Nigerian women are some of the worst black females I’ve come across, I have a few Nigerian friends who refuses to date them, they’re practically SYSBM. I’m afraid you’re correct, it is practically the same story with black women no matter where you go in the world, I’ve yet to see a group of black women on this planet behaving differently from the usual garbage they’re known to engage in.

      Of course, aren’t Nigerian women the highest consumers of skin bleaching products(77%). The message is simple, walk away and never look back.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I realised black women hated black men like myself was back in secondary school in September 1993 when I started in the first year/year 7 when the majority of black women in my year group used take the piss out of me due to my short height and the fact that I looked very young for my age whereas non black women in my secondary school thought that I was cute and good looking especially the Turkish women and Turkish Cypriot women. I refuse to date black women and I don’t feel guilty about it either because we all know that they are the worst mothers, wives and girlfriends on the planet because they have no nurturing bone in their body. While I was in secondary school the black women treated white guys and other non black guys like gods because they worship them. I thank God that I became a fully SYSBM black man early in my life when I was just 16 years old back in 1998 because I would of ended up like those simp black men or thug black men who made the fatal mistake of having kids with these black women so now that they are stuck with those black women forever and they can’t get out of those situations because they have kids together and that I feel so blessed that I am still a childfree black man who is going to be 39 on the 10th June 2021.

    1. I’ll be 39 on the 18th of June. I went complete SYSBM a few months ago and just been focusing on my goals and raising my little one. The disrespect that I have gotten from BW made me understand that I needed counseling to find out why I was enduring abuse so much. Well, it turns out that my upbringing did it plus not having any standards or self respect makes one a passive aggressive simp. I did months of counseling to undo this mindset by first realizing that i don’t have to accept abuse nor disrespect. Second, I had to learn how to be assertive instead of passive and not aggressive. Third, I had to take control of my resources and be reasonable with myself, and fourth, I had to workout to take care of my physical and mental well-being.

      1. Good point. I wonder what Umar and the Pride March Boys have to say about that…sadly they’ll be neck deep in Ghetto Gaggers and Asian Sex Trip and taking payoffs from Mossad, IIA, MI6 and the CIA.

      2. Robert Chavis.

        Wow we are the same age plus you are a Gemini like me. Its good that you are getting counselling for the bad childhood that you had because I didn’t have a great childhood either and I went counselling for a year between April 2017 to April 2018 to fully understand my childhood and to learn to love myself again because I had low self esteem for years.

        1. My son is a Gemini as well and counseling helped me a lot and helped me found my inner self and peace of mind by learning how to be assertive and how to be strong mentally, physically, and spiritually. Being logical helped me get out of trouble with black women. They love drama and chaos and notice how law enforcement let them get away with everything.

          1. Wow. I’m also a Gemini and was born in June. I wonder who else here is?

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      That’s strange isn’t it, your own female counterparts revel in being nasty and mean towards you while girls and women from non black backgrounds show you nothing but love and appreciation. The first girl to tell me that I was good looking was a white girl in summer school just before I hit my teenage years, she was a twin and very attractive at that.

      Like Sherri Shepherd’s son stated, “black girls are mean”. We’ve grown up around black females, we’ve seen firsthand how they treat black boys and men, yet somehow we’re still supposed to consider these women as viable candidates for long term relationships? Not a chance!

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and that’s the reason why I avoid black women like the plague. What makes me laugh is that you still get these pro blacks and simps trying to guilt us SYSBM black men to date these horrid black women smdh.

      2. As I told you, these people are loco. Obsessed with status, likes and ‘respect’, even if the people they’re gaining it from aren’t worth a damn. This is part of the reason for the Plandemic and the constant lockdown to ‘save’ the planet from CO2, when Shaniqua, Banker Rothschild and Lord Napoleon could easily do something similar by planting trees and stop polluting. But that’s too hard for their chaos obsessed and workaholic asses, so they create problems they have to then ‘save’ the world from, wasting everybody’s time and money.

        You couldn’t find a bigger bunch of self righteous bratty jackasses.

        Expect more of these incidents and false flags as the unholy trio finds themselves taking L after L.

  3. Wait, so that demonic person ran over a complete stranger? I thought maybe she had a dispute with him before the daggle in the car started recording? Whatever the case may be, what we just witnessed was a hit and run, and possibly attempted murder; that man could’ve lost his leg or his life as a result of this. The scraggle daggle in the car has no heart or compassion which is why she can see a man get ran over and she laughs as if she were watching a sitcom; they get off on the destruction of Black men.

    1. These black hoes are fucking nuts, they and Lord Euro are so psychotic they’ll try and kill anyone who gets in their way.

      In Jamaica, ‘hot gyal’ help the local thugs move weapons and drugs which end up killing innocent people. Even the Haitians just drop off the guns and get the hell away now, this is how sick and evil our local black women are.

      A few years ago, there was an artiste whom I’ll call ‘World Sprat’ who came into the dancehall scene and mash it up completely.

      This mofo be telling ghetto youths to smoke weed, sling guns and have a lot of babymothers in order to be cool, just like how alt right scammers and MGTOW rob down on their luck guys of their time and freedom by recruiting them into Dugin’s dick policing Army of Darkness. But it was only when he pushed the message of skin bleaching, then you see his popularity blow up like Mossad and the Twin Towers.

      The country almost collapsed, students were fighting each other over artistes and local death squads had to be kept busy all day. Thankfully, the moron got himself locked up behind bars…but his followers remain.

      And Umar and the likes of the alt right have the balls to be pushing race purity, these slowteps and wignats are a damn joke!

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I don’t think he was a stranger to her but it’s obvious that he had no idea that she was going to run him down. It’s funny you mention losing your legs, I remember Tommy Sotomayor covered a story many years ago about a black female who ran over her boyfriend because he wanted to break up with her, as a result he had to have both of his legs amputated. One daggle engages in cold hearted vehicular skullduggery while another records it on film and laughs, smh.

      1. I heard about that same story through Advise Show Media; I actually mentioned the guy in the video above possibly losing his leg with that particular story in mind. I didn’t know that man lost both of his legs.

      2. WTF? I thought this stuff only existed in Eastern Europe, Russia, Jamaica and the Middle East! And even down in those hellholes, you’d at least get the mercy of death. This bitch ran down a guy for no reason. And these people and their racist lord and master have the balls to be dissing black men all day, when even their own kind in Eastern Europe and Russia loath and despise them.

  4. After looking at that video, and other video evidence of black men getting the bad treatment from black women just shows you that black women don’t got no love at all. No love for the black man. Zero! The bad mouthing about black men, worst dating choices and histories, aborting black babies, choosing the “good black man” last, speaks a thousand words. With these black simps trying to defend the black women, trying to win brownie points to get that black punany, they just need to give it up. Trying to start a “black family,” good luck with that. For them simps: Take one good mothafreakin look at the black “sistas,” the black “queens,” which they need to stop that because a woman is no queen if she don’t have a king. If that’s what they called black love, then no wonder why the black race is in a declining state that it is right now. I’m not sure if I wanna ask this question because I asked this before, and Idk how would you brothas would answer this question: Do black men got a woman on their side to procreate with, start connections and families with? I mean I asking this in a way because the white man got white women on their side, the latino men got the latina women on their side, the asian men got asian women on their side, the indian men got indian women on their side, and the european men got european women on their side, but the black men, we don’t know because black women got other plans. It just something that got to my head, and got me thinking in some sort of way. I always told myself as a black man like myself, I’m more better off dating outside my race. If the interracial dating or international dating don’t work out for me, then I rather be asexual then, since they wanna put black men in certain stereotypes and certain lights to fit their “agendas.” If that’s what makes these fools happy, let them be happy because I’ll be happy that I don’t have no STDS, no babies from different women, not sticking my you know what in every woman I see, no crazy baby momma drama, and no divorce court shit, and That’s a mic drop dawg. They may think they got me, but I’m no easy win or target. These people do not know me like that.

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      The simps are too brainwashed to recognise that this modern day black female is their number one enemy, who needs the KKK and white supremacy when the black witch is to hand outperforming the most extreme ultra right wing militants?

      Black women are NOT on the side of black men, as I’ve stated before black women are owned, funded and ran by the State, they are the property of Major Blizzard and have been since the beginning of slavery.

      Yep, women from non black backgrounds stick with their men through thick and thin despite their differences, not this modern day black female however, she’s been successfully brainwashed by Admiral Frost into viewing her own male counterparts as an enemy that must be destroyed at all costs.

      This is the main reason why SYSBM is no longer an option for heterosexual free thinking brothers, it is a must in order to preserve one’s life and sanity.

      1. True about that. I always wondered why the Democrats abandoned the KKK and started tilting their focus to LGBTQ+ and the free stuff crowd, then I realized that they could drain money from black men and white women easier by keeping people stuck in a dialectic. Pelosi and her ilk are tools of AIPAC despite Israel being connected to Soviet Russia which is the DNC’s sworn enemy. Why?

        Because war and race purity sells. Hoteps and alt right seem to be constantly begging whether in real life or online, and are supposedly ‘persecuted’ by the state which adds to their credibility. People love martyrs and often fail to do research. This leads to the rise of Woodrow Wilsons, Lenins, Stalins and Hitlers who exploit the dumb masses and leave behind ruins and destruction.

        Everyone of them were controlled and surrounded by Zionist J…s who were connected to the power elite.

        Ancient Rome and the German Empire had social programs without the class warfare and sectarian strife that divides the revolutionary movements. Bottom Shelf Brads who want to support the ‘race’ need to go back to Eastern Europe and Russia and build their communities there, instead of hanging on to black men and white women’s success and creating all sorts of strife and madness just to steal the bourgeoise’s money.

  5. Nope, black females don’t care. It’s all about them and nobody else. Man these people are simply nutcases and a half.

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      Black women who actually care about themselves as well as their male counterparts are extremely few and far between to the point of non existence.

  6. “Exposing SYSBM” aka Aaron Fountain Jr., any thoughts on the video or Verbs’ commentary?

    As MHD says, “How Much Proof Do You Need?”

    1. Schadenfreude,

      He’ll simply state that this video is from social media and is not a reflection on black women as a whole even though these types of videos can be found all over the internet. Exercising continual denial in the face of observable evidence is the fake academic’s protocol, in his eyes the black queenies must be defended at all costs.

      1. “Exercising continual denial in the face of observable evidence is the fake academic’s protocol”

        Well, that doesn’t seem very academic at all.

        1. He’s a blind idealist. A useful tool who will keep on believing in the nonsense of the revolution, even when people start leaving and the Old Dixie and Hammer and Sickle start being drawn. It never occurs to these types that maybe, just maybe the revolution was never about the ‘people’ and about consolidating power for the leaders, their cronies and the people backing them.

          ‘Progressive’ my ass, what is progressive about denegracy, racism and delusional revolutionary mindset?

  7. Pant saggers like the BM in the video are mostly the only ones willing to deal with BW at this point, and they end up paying the price. Oh well, keep the Wall up.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      That’s who they’ve been saying they’re interested in all along as well as Major Frost. Very little to no chance of them snagging a Captain Euro despite what the High Priestess of Swirl Mountain Christelyn Karazin says, so I guess they’re left with the beat them up side the head thuggos. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  8. This happens a lot. We have seen black women using their cars and use them as weapon. I have seen this so many time. As I saw this video of this ghetto hoodrat running this guy over, I wasn’t surprised at all. Hey, it could be the man’s girlfriend. I don’t know. When I saw black women fighting in the street, car park, gas stations, fighting outside a rave, you see a scraggle daggle using a car as a weapon. The car is the scraggle daggles favourite weapon. In 2015 at East St Louis, Illinois, there was a fight with a couple of scraggle daggles in broad daylight. Then a car came out of nowhere and knock down four girls. And both of them are still alive. I’m goanna talk about this on Wednesday, my God!

  9. Watching Fresh & Fit… So apparently Kevin Durant has been seeing a former porn actress. But the porn actress didn’t want to fuck so KD bought a side piece to their night out after a game in Miami.

    This didn’t sit well with the former porn star. So this became a debate on F&F, when they got to the BM, you knew what was going to happen.

    The moral of this story is, that BW don’t even see you as HV even when your Kevin Durant. One of the BW tried to say he was dating below his station. Now was that because this woman is White (and attractive) or was it because she was a former porn star? I think it’s a bit of both, but when Myron kept trying to explain why her contention was wrong she kept cutting him off.

    A standing rule on the Fresh and Fit Podcast is you are not to cutoff either Fresh or Fit or you will get kicked. I’ve seen them do it a few times, mostly Black women but this time they weren’t orderly, got violent, talking sh*t and being, well typical BW.

    SIMPS are the problem they protect Black women at all cost. Of course Black women don’t care about you and will run you over with a car. This is just another example in the many events that are now caught on smartphone cameras that were never caught on camera before the technology was available.

    No telling how many times something like the video above happen and nobody was around to witness it or record it. That BT-1100 should be arrested for vehicle mayhem.

    We don’t date BW but it’s the simps that do. Not sure what to do with SIMPS but I know what I am going to do which is set an example.

    1. Black females and fake liberals are some of the most jealous and greedy set of people around, with the likes of False Flag Fedowitz and Hitman Hanzelstein coming fresh off the gulag being the only competitors. It was mentioned on one of the state controlled ‘private’ radio stations in my country that a BW helped her boyfriend rape her child. BW helped the chosenites and progressives find and lynch black men in the 1920s.

  10. Isn’t this similar to how they will try to use anything and everything to beat their kids with?

    Black women enjoy inflicting random pain on random people, the more torturous the better. Notice that they never seem to be able to do this to drug dealers, pimps, or even the evil racist white man, though. They also never do it to Ryu, Fei Long or Kim Kaphwan whenever those dudes beat them up in weave stores.

    There have also been several videos of black women, young and old, being struck by cars and still ticking afterwards. Their evil makes them superhuman and they revel in it, especially when they attack those who aren’t.

    1. It’s sad and pathetic to say the least. But according to the simps, ‘dese be our QUEENS yo!’. Money hustling delusional scam artists, no different from those in Russia, India or Jamaica. Race purity is an extortion racket that plays on FEAR to get ahead.

  11. BW are nice to me for no reason and rude for no reason.

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