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Are These Guys Serious, Really???


Yep, you actually heard that premium guff come out of their own mouths, according to these two “dating coaches” you’ll need to ditch the Android and instead pick up an Iphone(I’m reckoning the latest model) just so that you won’t be looked upon negatively by random women you’re trying to get with, yes you heard and saw that correctly.

As I’ve stated before, just as in the case with black women, additionally there are many merchants around every corner seeking to take advantage of as well as place on the chopping block those black men who are unsure of themselves and their own capabilities in the dating and mating market.

Perhaps I’m missing something here, are there any Android users out there who’ve experienced difficulties in either obtaining dates or getting laid because their mobile phone was an Android instead of an Iphone? Please step forward and feel free to give your accounts here at Slaying Evil.

Forgive me for using some logic here, but is it possible that it isn’t actually the Android phone that’s the problem but the women themselves who are really the issue?

As I’ve mentioned before, dating coaches are specifically there to help individuals manoeuvre through, manage and deal with DYSFUNCTIONAL women. These “special techniques, magic tricks, tailored and crafted methods” many dating coaches claim to have expertise in are most certainly NOT a requirement if you opt to deal with classic, traditional, feminine women.

One of my main bones of contention with all of this “game” talk that began to spring up and gain heavy rotation in 2019 and the early part of 2020 is the fact that if you have to make so many radical adjustments in order to fit into the woman’s paradigm, you’ve already lost as a man even if you manage to get that particular female into bed.

In light of this, who is really in control of the “game”, it’s certainly not you as a man, that’s for sure. Outside of a man dealing with any rough edges and dysfunction on his end relating to his own self improvement, a man shouldn’t have to do anything out of the ordinary or engage in dysfunction in order to attract a woman.

The fact of the matter is functional women aren’t clocking what type of phone you’re using, they’re more interested in examining you as a person. Myron Gains said it himself because deep down he knows it’s true, placating and kowtowing to women in any environment is NOT being a normal man and is a serious compromise on one’s masculinity.

Ultra simp garbage such as the above is one of the main reasons why so many women in the West have derailed so majorly, instead of these dudes standing their ground, holding their own, demanding premium standards and higher quality from the women they choose to deal with, guys like this instead opt to venture down Pander Bear Boulevard mistakenly believing that they’re somehow advantaging themselves, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Gentlemen, your manhood and masculinity are NOT to be compromised under any circumstances whatsoever, if any female chooses to either look at you differently or pass you by altogether because you don’t own an Iphone, they’ve actually done you a huge favour because such behaviour is unquestionably shallow, ridiculous and nonsensical on it’s face.

The worst thing about this video and what struck me the most is both of these guys didn’t even look or sound like they were genuinely convinced themselves, neither could they present a logical, reasonable, viable and feasible argument as to why you should throw your Android phone in the trash, their flimsy reasoning completely rested upon how you’re going to be looked at by a chick, smh.

Sorry, I have to say that this video is nothing short of dumb foolishness on its face, however I have to wonder how many men in general and black men in particular have watched it and been suckered in. Women really aren’t that special for men to be making such outlandish and befuddling decisions for.

I have a much better suggestion, KEEP your Android phone(if you own one) and instead ditch or bypass any women who choose to give you a side eye because of it, that sounds a lot better than the wild advice put forward by these two amateurs.

Don’t be the sucker who gets caught up listening to garbage like this and further down the road ends up spending your hard earned cash on fruitless “dating and coaching sessions”. The real “game” here is to somehow successfully convince you that you’re incapable of pulling any kind of women without the dating guru/coach’s assistance, recognise when you’re being played. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Be A Sucker And Get Caught Up Following Garbage Advice Like This

Most High Bless

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41 thoughts on “Are These Guys Serious, Really???

  1. Their advice implies that Miami women are grossly shallow and materialistic.
    Which is probably true to a point.

    I’ve watched a few of their recent livestreams (when they had other content creators as guests along with the random women) and while the women are mostly attractive, the lifestyle is almost always a turnoff
    The women they pursue are definitely outside of my pay grade.

    I’ll keep my Android. And my money. And my self-worth.
    Coach Greg Adams’ “Free Agent Lifestyle” (who ironically was one of their guests) is what I aim for.

  2. Glen S,

    I’ve skimmed through a few of their livestreams, to be honest the majority of what I saw are groups of women wearing heavy makeup which is a strong indication that they would most likely look average with all of their war paint removed.

    I’m somewhat weary and suspicious of “Coach” Greg Adams as recently he took a potshot at travelling bros which was responded to by 1MasterTeacher:

    1. Verbs,

      I saw that video of Coach Greg Adams, and that was a false move of him. With dudes like Coach Greg Adams, Donovan Sharpe, I really stop listening to them. I’m not sure if they were MGTOW due to the videos they be putting out. That MGTOW lifestyle ain’t for me, as a 21 year old.

      1. D.K. Phantom,

        I’ve recently come across quite a few videos of folks going in on Donovan Sharpe though I haven’t really paid that much mind to what he does apart from if somebody posts one of his videos or articles on this website.

        Again, all of this “we have the special formula you need in order to get women” propaganda marketing is all cobblers. As Afrofuturism1 said, they want to keep dealing with dysfunctional women hence additionally the perpetual requirement for their services is automatically locked in as well, smh.

        There is no rocket science involved here as these dating gurus are trying to make out, the key to landing a good woman is to simply look for high quality(which means much more than the woman being NATURALLY attractive) and discard of any who are dysfunctional.

        1. Verbs,

          “I’ve recently come across quite a few videos of folks going in on Donovan Sharpe though I haven’t really paid that much mind to what he does apart from if somebody posts one of his videos or articles on this website.”

          People were going in on Donovan Sharpe because supposedly, he’s married to some white woman, but the white woman he’s married to ain’t all that. It’s funny because he’s supposed to be one of these MGTOW, Redpill dudes, and a few of his videos, he be talking about BM and WW, taking shots, but behind closed doors, he’s married to some white woman that’s suppose to be older than him, like that’s what I heard. I don’t be in their business like that. That right there be assuming that some of these dudes don’t practice what they preach. Like with that dating coach Locario, he talks about this and that, but behind closed doors, he’s in a open marriage, letting other dudes sleep with his wife, like dude went out bad.

          1. D. Sharpe is not MGTOW. He is an upfront unapologetic dating coach. He has never said anything against BM/WW. WW is apparently all he has ever messed with. He is hardly anti-SYSBM. Although I doubt that he has heard of it.

    2. Coach Greg Adams is a good dude overall. His ex-wife is a WW. His schtick is just that he is against all long term relationships with all women because he was burned bad is his divorce. His basic attitude is that due to the laws ALL women are a bad deal. Nobody is going to agree totally with everything from a content creator.

      1. I don’t trust the vast majority of Black men. White men are burned by White women, the common thread is the United States. The reality is this; After decades of single motherhood the results is a generation of young men especially Black men who have no idea how to attract women. There is no easy fix, so I opt to keep them from the gates of the promise land you need to earn your keep. Rule number one is never listen to those who have failed with serious life decisions.

  3. Notice that there are no dating coaches in Eastern Europe…. or Central Asia…. or South Asia… or Southeast Asia…. or East Asia…. or Central Europe…. or he’ll even Latin America.

    Now as for this phone crap, I’m left scratching my head over how stupid and unrealistic it all sounds. I can only imagine that this applies to the most brain dead, airheaded bimbos alive. Hell, you show this to most women and outside black women are some airheaded Botox queens chasing the Kardashians, and even THEY will note how weird and stupid this scenario sounds.

    These dating coaches are like a more insidious version of anti passport dudes. They want you USED to dysfunctional women, namely daggles, so that they can have the decent women to themselves. They want you to NEVER venture outside the literal gates of hell and snatch a decent woman, they want you defeated and lonely like them to sit around and bitch all day. Likewise, they want you so used to dysfunction that if you went elsewhere, you wouldn’t be able to even DEAL with a good woman. That’s why dudes like Shawn James and the other guy are having to nut into plastic dolls.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      “Notice that there are no dating coaches in Eastern Europe…. or Central Asia…. or South Asia… or Southeast Asia…. or East Asia…. or Central Europe…. or he’ll even Latin America.”

      Exactly, when I wrote this article Japan was one of the places that immediately came into my mind, East Asian women overall as it currently stands are the most feminine and traditional women on the planet, any man who goes out to an East Asian country in search of a decent woman will NOT require a dating coach because of this.

      Imagine that, changing your phone for a completely different model just because you want to be viewed in a certain way by the opposite sex, smh. As I’ve stated before, undertaking any major adjustments outside of self improvements are immediately indicative of the man being played by the woman which means you’re already at a loss.

      All the best to the suckers who have bought into this garbage, common sense and logic should immediately ring bells in a person’s head pointing them towards how ridiculous, outlandish and foolish such a recommendation is. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine. These dating coaches talk about game while at the same time running some serious head games upon the minds of those who will bother to pay attention to their so called “advice”.

      This has to be some of the most ludicrous advice I’ve come across yet, what next, hop on one leg while on a date or eat a load of beans just before you go on a date so that you can pass gas and give the woman a smell of your scent, you can go on and on with these silly suggestions.

      1. Japan is also easily one of the more metropolitan countries in asia and it’s still a cakewalk finding a decent woman. That’s not even bringing in more slept on countries like Taiwan, Malaysia, Sri Lanka and others.

        As you mentioned, these guys didn’t seem like they buy their own bs. That’s cuz they DON’T, they just wanna see if they can sneak in the crap and see who actually buys it.

        1. Afrofurturism1,

          This loco garbage typically reminds me of what these jack legged preachers will do, hand down some of the most ridiculous and nonsensical instructions to their parishioners to carry out, whether it be eating grass, drinking petrol claiming it to be juice or getting the women to position themselves face down and backside up on a beach so that he can kiss their behinds claiming to “blessing” them, it’s all the same ludicrous hot air and flatulence when you examine it.

          Yep, Indonesia is a very good spot for decent women as well, I specifically remember back in 2016 I was contacted by an Indonesian woman on Facebook who told me that I ought to be recommending her country for travelling black men who are looking for long term companionship and who have had enough of the dysfunctional black female.

          You’re right, there are so many countries in Asia being slept on that have high quality women especially Sri Lanka.

  4. Dating coach gurus are HUSTLERS, plain and simple. They’re selling you a DYSFUNCTIONAL product to keep you in the matrix and pad their pockets. It’s no different than the “diet” and “fitness” industries that want a monopoly on how people actually achieve health goals.

    Also, these dudes logically SHOULD be lusting after chicks full of makeup and stuff like that. These guys are as materialistic and as keeping up with the Kardashians as these women.

    These are dudes many times in their mid to late 30s and older that are basically trying to live like a teenager’s idea of a rich person. These dudes really just want a partying, tipping and sipping lifestyle. Thus, I have no clue why any guy would go to them for legit dating and marriage advice. Those guys could care less about long term commitment and family, they just wanna hit their next proverbial high.

    I harp on them a lot, but it needs to be said. A lot of these PUA/game dudes need to be left TF alone to go broke, hell feminism and western dysfunction would’ve ended years ago without these guys cottoning to it and making a buck off of it. They’re no better and no different than your average chicken bone sucking pastor, except at least those assholes give SOME lip service to God.

    This is why location is important. As I’ve noted before, those guys’ idea of a vacation is some resort in Miami, the Bahamas or maybe Brazil. Why do you think I like Eastern Europe so much? It’s a lot harder to maintain that fake, California beach bum/Beverly hills culture in a place where it’s COLD. Do you think these dudes are up in Russia, or Ukraine, or Romania? Hell no!

    The only videos of this nature I would ever listen to are like the ones of the black guy and his Korean wife in South Korea. That’s because they are actually MARRIED and her friends want to find black men to marry as well. These gurus are just frat boys getting their ducks wet, nothing substantial. It honestly pisses me off to see dudes probably older than me that are so flippant, but whatever. When you live in dysfunction, nothing works.

  5. That was a level of simpin that the Super Simp Supreme Derrick Jackson would be proud of! I’ve never owned an iPhone in my life & it has never been an issue with women. Obviously these two lames need all the trinkets they can get just to attract the most mediocre broads that will pay attention to them. SMH

    1. Val Zod,

      I’ve never had any problems with women based upon my phone model either, additionally I would NEVER entertain any air headed broad who was concerned about what mobile phone I was using and used it as a determining factor as to whether we have a connection.

      That reminds me of those women who are obsessed with horoscopes and use them religiously in trying to find their “perfect” mate, smh. Like I said before, guys like Fresh And Fit are the reason why so many women in the West are jacked up and walk around with huge entitlement plaques upon their shoulders.

  6. Man in some type of way, you got to question these dudes because the crap that comes out of their mouths be real silly. I would laugh my guts off if they take all that “game” nonsense to another country, they probably gonna get little to no play. This is why I’m saying to myself, when I start dating, I’m getting a damn passport and taking my morals and values elsewhere, whenever it be in Latin America, Eastern Europe, or Asia. With America, dating is off the limits for me, it’ll be some friends with benefits or some sex work because in America, we’re practicing some weird shit, and it’s not even funny man. With dating with us black men, either SYSBM or Traveling Bros, we’re better off dating outside of America, why would a brotha wanna deal with this wack shit that’s going on in America? Why do I need to do all this silly shit just to have a connection with a woman? I don’t understand man. A lot of this “game” mess these pua dating coaches be spitting out don’t make no type of sense to me. What happened to being yourself?

    With Iphones, I’m Android, so I don’t mess with that. All that materialistic shit don’t mean nothing to me. Having a benz, or hybird car, fancy house, expensive clothing, having the new phones that come out, that don’t mean nothing to me. I can give a two crap about living luxury. If I have lots of money, I’m still gonna live average. Living luxury and having all that luxury shit will make you broke at the end. Believe me.

  7. So, these two “dating coaches” are admitting that Android phones are superior, but you still need an iPhone if you want to attract the ladies? Any women who is attracted to you based on the phone you have belongs to the streets; she’s not your girl, it’s only your turn. Somebody needs to send this video to Man Of Tomorrow; he’s been going in on game dudes for a while now, and he’s broken down how they are actually working on behalf of the gynocracy. You’re basically speaking the female’s language to attract her.

    Which would you rather, attract “average at best” females by utilizing expensive phone game, body game, jawline game, and your mouthpiece, or keep your less costly phone and deal with traditional, feminine women who could care less about what phone you use? As for me, I’m sticking to my Android smartphone (a Samsung S8, to be exact); maybe that’s why I’m single at the moment.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Man Of Tomorrow has been going in extremely hard on these “dating/game” guys for the longest now and rightly so, I honestly thought he would’ve already come across this gem.

      Again, if you’re making so many adjustments outside of self improvement ie for these women, then it cannot be you as the man who is really in control of the so called “game”.

      This is what I like about SYSBM, it is about re-establishing the correct order and restoring any masculinity that may have been lost due to dealing or being around these black sirens. My masculinity/manhood is NOT up for sale, I certain will NOT be compromising it for a damn Iphone.

  8. Verbs 2015.

    Are these two dating coaches fucking serious. I never had a iPhone in my life as I got a Huawei android P20 lite phone since October 2018 as its my first ever touch screen android phone and it’s a great phone to have because it does everything I need it to do and I am sticking to Huawei android phones for life. When I met women in my dating life they never cared about what phone I had because they are more interested in me as a person as apposed to the material things that I have. I avoid gold diggers and stuck up women like the plague. I will never sacrifice my masculinity for a woman never as I got great pride in myself.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, I’m afraid they’re deadly serious, according to Fresh And Fit Miami in order to land yourself a woman/women, you need to throw the Android phone in the dumpster and get yourself an Iphone instead, I never said this, they did.

      Exactly what you said, only materialistic, empty headed, vain gold diggers are going to be concerned about what phone you use. Keep that masculinity intact, for many of us it has already been a battle restoring it due to years of interacting with dysfunctional black women, I’m not about to have my manhood/masculinity chopped down by an Iphone.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am never gonna get rid of my android phone just to please a woman.

  9. I prefer android over iphone. I don’t see any logic of why women won’t date someone for that reason. It makes no sense whatsoever. First time of hearing garbage like this. If that is the case for most western females, they won’t get my attention cause I’m an android user. I’ve never heard any woman say she won’t date a guy because of an android phone. Where are these dating coaches getting this info from? A quality stargate won’t care about that at all. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. They getting their info from their affiliate partnership with Apple, I would think.

    2. Witwijf,

      Exactly, if we’re even to believe this tripe, they’re clearly NOT talking about quality stargates, if what they’re saying is true(which I highly doubt) then they can only be referring to knuckleheads and braindead, materialistic bimbos who couldn’t recite their 2 times table.

      Again, this evidently is more Simon Says nonsense aimed at the vulnerable, the ignorant and insecure black man.

  10. Guess I’m ultra fucked as I still own my Windows 10 phone 🤣😂

    Each to their own, but these are the same guys regularly patting their pockets just to check if it’s still there. Hey, if you’re stupid enough to spend £1000 on the new iPieceofshitX release, you deserve to have trash women.

    Since we’re already the most masculine all a Black man needs to attract functional, decent women is to show up.

    1. Michel,

      I had to look up what number Iphone is the latest model because I don’t keep track of the latest gadgets like I used to when I was much younger. I’ve had an Android phone for the last 3 years which has served me very well and is still going strong. It’s unbelievable, you’ve actually got black men out there who would fall for nonsense like this, genuinely believing that changing their phone from Android to Apple would be a key factor in bringing them women, smh.

  11. Yes Verbs, they are serious.

    Why do I need a fucking phone that cost half a pay check to get gyal? The girl will look at you as low value if you have an android? Girls will dismiss you if you have an android? I was laughing out loud when I was watching the video. When the video was finished, my face was still with shock. Can I ask you a question? Does Pookie, Ray Ray, John John, Man Man and 12 Gauge Mike have a iPhone? They have a drug dealers phone and these dysfunctional women want these men like crazy.

    These dating coaches are just there to teach to deal with dysfunctional woman. I have three phones. A Sony Xperia L2 in gold. Very nice looking. Then I got the Samsung A10s in red. Brilliant phone and then I got the Samsung J3 2017. That is the best phone I ever brought. And all these phone, I prefer more then any iPhone. Oh yeah, there is a reason why I didn’t buy an iPhone is because that they put the rainbow on the back of their phones.

    Coach Gregg Adams taking shots on the passport brothers. Listen the reason I go to Jamaica is because that I have family there. Some of them are wretched as hell. And some of my exes are in Jamaica. Well, two of them. first we had Beta Male Strategies going after passport brothers and now Coach Gregg Adams. Question, what happens if these men have family overseas. Because some of the passport bros are not thinking about women.

    But let me tell you something. These foreign women are fine as fuck!


  12. Here is the thing. IT DOES NOT MATTER IF YOU HAVE AN ANDROID. Actually it’s rather better. As an IT person, many do not know this. First, Android and iOS are built upon the SAME CPU kernel platform – Unix/Linux. Most people that are paying for a new iPhone or iProduct, in general, are just paying for proprietary features that the phone has which is rather expensive. Also, when you are upgrading to a new iPhone, it usually has the same features and iOS with a slight update for the new current model. Only once in awhile, Apple upgrades the OS of their phones every 2 or 3 years.

    Also, much of Apple’s parts are from OTHER MANUFACTURERS!!! Samsung makes iPhones glass screens. In fact, Samsung also makes the RAM & Flash drive of many iPhones. Broadcom makes the wireless chip responsible for cellular communications as well as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth networking; it also makes the iPhone’s GPS receiver. STMicro makes the iPhone’s gyroscope and accelerometer devices used to determine “portrait” and “landscape” orientation. Texas Instruments provides the touch screen controller chip that runs the iPhone’s interface.

    The iPhone (and other apple products) are for people with a particular taste or people who are “label whores” & “status snobs”. It’s like saying an AUDI or BMW is a more reliable car than let’s say, a Toyota or Honda. No, they aren’t. You’re paying more because it’s a foreign model car and both models are known to have many problems over time with high repairs or maintenance.

    This brings me to a point, like these doofuses above that Verbs2015 has spoken on, never pay for something you know is much less and rather overpriced than what it is. iPhones to me are like Black Bitches. Over-rated, unnecessary features, prone to bugs, over-priced, and not utilized well. Many of these dating coaches and Red Pillers are getting on my nerves with their content. They are hypocrites, ass-kissers, and fodder for the feminist masses that will engulf them.

    I only listen to SYSBM content creators that share the message of getting free, becoming the man you’re supposed to be, good advice for Black Men, and leaving the West. Dennis Spurling, Dennis Jean Pierre, the Thinking Mans Templar, Villian Von Doom, and General Tito (aka Hardcore Tito). The rest are doomed to be here and tolerate the non-sense of the Western developed world.

  13. Gentlemen,

    Article on DMX coming out this Monday, there are some other bits and pieces I want to tie in, stay tuned.

    1. I’ve been seeing some theories as to the actual cause of death. You wouldn’t be talking about that, would you Verbs?

    1. Verbs,

      Wow man. Just wow! They faking the funk real hard. I gotta applaud this dude because he just showed all the proof I need about these “dating coaches” being borderline frauds. They gonna lose a lot of money in the end due to their scamming ways. No wonder why the dating market is so messed up. These dating coaches got a lot of explaining to do big time. If I ever run my own business, or do my own thing (which I’m probably gonna do because I don’t trust other people with money), I’m gonna do my homework, develop the proper skills I need necessary, be upfront and honest with clients or customers with what I’m about, set some rules down, make sure my financials are in order, and run it clean.

      Them dating coaches and some of these redpill dudes are flexing real hard. Myron Gaines, and that Fresh Prince CEO dude, they make black men look bad. I’m super confused right now. This was on some whole another level of flexing.

  14. I am an iPhone user but even if I had an Android, I wouldn’t switch for these ran-through, man-hating, third wave feminist heffas. If you’re not gifting me my phone or paying my monthly bill, you can kick rocks. I don’t know who these content creators are, but simping has reached a new low. It’s like the more evidence Verbs, David Carroll (in video, after video, after video, after video…) and yes, Kevin Samuels show people that BW ain’t shit, the more simps double down on a losing hand. Because let’s face it, the only bitches who actually care about what phone you use are BW, let’s quit dancing around it. Jumping through all these hoops for the least attractive, least desired, least married, most kids out of wedlock, most obese, most in debt females on the planet, it’s mind-boggling. SMH

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