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  1. I know this is off topic, but I’m enraged right now with this story.

    Had this been two boys, they’d be in jail for life and in adult prison by the time they’re 17. This is disgusting, and goes to show that these machines are allowed to get away with literally anything.

    They’ll be back out on the streets by the time they’re 21 (probably sooner) and terrorizing their communities. All this did was show them that there won’t be serious consequences for their actions, and in turn their behavior will get worse and more destructive.

    Get those ccp’s up to date, get healthy, and move out of areas where there are too many of these parasites.

    Following the sysbm lifestyle is a a life or death choice, and it becomes clearer by the day …

    1. FDC,

      I’ve temporarily moved this comment to the Off Topic Section, I’ll move it to the next Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday. Just as we predicted, we knew this would happen.

    2. The scraggle daggle BT-1100s are state sponsored terrorists; they’ll just be going back to Cyberdine Systems on a recall and let back out bigger and badder than before; I also noticed that the article failed to mention that these two teenagers are Black females.

    3. FDC, go back to the original post on here, I called it 100%. The powers that be want those black bitch chaos agents back on the streets in their prime child-bearing years to produce the next generation of carjacking ghetto lowlifes. SYSBM, brothers, escape the matrix.

      1. That’s bcuz Lord Ziostein & his 1% elite clique are priming the pump for a race war. And these 2 feral scraggles are just the type of black degenerates to make everybody say, “You see, them BLAAACCCK people are outta control. Time to do something about it.”
        Meanwhile, the banksters & their ilk will be flying outta Dodge on their Gulfstream Aerospace corporate jets while the race war gets under way which is the perfect diversion for all of their treacherous economic terrorism.

        The masses are so fcuking stupid that they can’t even see how whitey & blackie are getting set up for a future turf war. And Chad & the boys are so skeerd to use their pro-2A guns against the District of Criminals (DC), but they have no problem lookin to start something with an easier target since Lord Euro’s Deep State is armed to the teeth with security & secret hideaways.

        Another thing. The ONLY reason the media is shielding black criminals these days is most likely so they can make Joe The Plumber & Hillbilly Jethro angry for “protecting” blackie. But this is just a TEMPORARY ruse. The media has ALWAYS portrayed blackie in a negative light — in movies, books, research studies, etc. Just take a look at TV programming during the 1930s, 40s, 50s & 60s. Any1 who thinks the media gives 2 fcuks about niggas is sadly delusional.

        We’re ALL getting PLAYED like a violin. The toxic garbage Hip Crap noise Lord Ziostein authorizes on his networks is proof enough because no one in their right mind would ever let that shit get anywhere near their kids.

        But that crap noise is glorified in the West where even dumb libtard white folks consume it to feel “kool”. If Civil War 2 is averted, it will be Race War 1.0 that will take its place because black nigga society is going down the toilet constantly doing stupid shit to foment anger by other communities. Just look at the alleged “Black Lives Matter” psyop owned & operated by Lord Ziostein’s agents. I’m looking at YOU George Soros.

    An update on the deadly Uber driver crash involving two young lack chicks. As expected, no jail time for them and their identities are still being witheld from the public because they are”underage”. They were, however, grown enough to attempt grand theft Auto and “involuntary” manslaughter…
    Rolls eyes. R.I.P. Innocent man trying to provide for his family.

    1. Any negress living in liberal areas can walk scot-free from murder. The result of this proves it. When Trump mentioned he wanted to build a wall around the Mexico border, although he wasn’t successful in doing that, it still reminds SYSBM practitioners to keep the wall up from negresses and liberals. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    2. I have been following this case and apparently it could still go to trial. No one knows the details of the plea agreement yet. Hopefully they get prison time, if not I hope people vote out the Judge and the DA for letting them off so lightly.

    1. Disgusting. This man gets his family out of a country (and region of the world) where actual oppression happens, to be killed by two bt 1100’s for no reason.

      These idiots are playing with fire. The more things like this happen, the faster the kid gloves for dealing with these animals. When people no longer fear being called a racist, and begin retaliating and defending themselves, it’s not going to be pretty.

      1. It legit needs to happen fast. Black folks need to realize that it’s actually the white guilt of the white man that they hate so much keeping them safe. Once other minorities make their vitriol and disdain for blacks well known, it’s open season and quite frankly I don’t feel sorry for them.

        Blacks around Asians and Indians are like white people trying to get photos with lions. You can’t tell them shit until AFTER they get mauled.

        1. Afrofuturism1,

          Funny you should talk about white guilt keeping black folks safe, if these same Negroes who are constantly going on about racism go to countries in the Middle East and South Asia where no white guilt exists, they’d soon find out and realise that Lord Euro isn’t nearly as bad as they say he is.

          I’ve posted videos before of Africans being mercilessly persecuted in countries like India yet when the same Indians settle in various African countries, the locals treat them like royalty even though these dudes have no problems bringing their racist and degenerate traits into foreign lands.

          The Chinese are the same, they’ll beat the bricks off a black man in China and back in Africa because too many blacks don’t know when to stop being nice and tolerant. As in the case of simping, licking the muddy boots of foreigners doesn’t pay.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    When it comes to dating women want a stress free and easy life and you are not going to achieve that by dating a black woman because they will send you to a early grave.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      We’ve seen this happen so many times before, either the black witch will gradually drain the life-force out from the soul of a black man or she’ll simply cause him to walk into some form of calamity and peril.

  4. One day in the near future they are going to run up to the wrong one and the last thing they there’s going to here one loud bang.

  5. ‘The Making Of A Simp: A Short Story’ by BlackRam313:

    I listened to this on my way to work this morning; sounds like Dante needs SYSBM, but his mother successfully broke him (sort of like a certain Ph.D. candidate who believes his yellow journalism will get him put on somewhere).

  6. The thing I’ve realized about why a lot of these pro blacks hate passport Bros. Is this:

    They are legit scared to leave the west, and for good ****ing reason. They know that once they leave white liberal land, white guilt is over and the kids gloves come off.

    Most black folks’ idea of vacation or leaving America is at most some tropical resort or something. They are scared shitless to even entertain the idea of venturing to East/Southeast/Central Asia or Eastern Europe. They know that even in the case of the latter, there’s no white guilt. Do you think Boris and Nikolai are gonna listen to some gorilla goon go on about how they have white privilege? NO, you would find said geechee either hanging from a tree in a way that would make Jim Crow blush, or they’d be found in a ditch with their 🍆 and 🥜 stuffed in their mouth.

    This lack of being able to play the victim or race card is also why, despite being “pro black,” these shines wouldn’t step foot in Africa. It’s actually a challenge in life when you can’t just cry like a bitch and blame the white man.

    These dudes are scared of travel because they know the black dudes that actually could manage to ingratiate themselves in another culture are the ones with actual resources. Plus, they already know they can’t even compete in America, so elsewhere would have absolute zero sympathy for them.

    This is honestly why there needs to be more Lees, Kims, Patels, Siddiquis, Emans, Kyung-Hees, and Khardouns whipping ghetto black folks’ asses, and not just the daggles. Legit the only way to cleanse the hood is through the idiots being offed and the less than maybe 2% of viable men being given the wake up call that they can’t be coddled and respected at the same time.

    1. The Kims, Patels, Emans, Kyung-Hees, and Lopezes are already whipping ghetto black asses. Right now, they want to pretend solidarity with ghetto blacks because most white people in the US want mass illegal immigration stopped. They need blacks to carry their water at election time.

      The 1992 LA riots were triggeerd by the beating of Rodney King. Blacks did their usual chimping out on the streets and sidewalks of their own neighborhoods. There were a couple of incidents were lone white men were caught and beaten in black neighborhoods (Reginald Denny, Larry Tarvin, Fidel Lopez). These received enormous media coverage.

      But, of the 63 people killed, most were black males. There are 23 of these killings that are still unsolved. Most of these black men were not killed by police, but by Korean shop owners. This is a fact that the media downplays and simply won’t talk about. There were reports of Korean shop owners getting on the roofs of their buildings and taking random pot shots at black males.

      Blacks chimped out in their immediate neighborhoods. But most of the fires were set by Hispanics. And most of these fires were set in commercial areas were there were very few blacks. And most of the looting was done by Hispanics. They used the riots as cover to steal billions and billions of dollars of property, knowing full well that blacks would get the blame. The Korean shop owners in Korea town, burned down over 2300 of their own shops. They scammed the insurance industry for upwards of 500 million dollars. They used the riots as an opportunity to rape the system, knowing full well that stupid ghetto blacks would get the blame.

      As for cleansing the hood, that has already happened in LA. The black ghetto that was called Watts in the 1960s, is now a Barrio. The black ghetto that was called South Central in 1990s, is now a Barrio.

      The fact is, black men have no natural allies. That is why black men had better wise up, and start saving themselves.

      1. “The fact is, black men have no natural allies. That is why black men had better wise up, and start saving themselves.”

        And THIS is the primary REASON why I am at PEACE in Africa — even with all its corruption & dumb short-sighted politics. At least BLACK is the MAJORITY here. That will NEVER change! Ain’t gonna be no race war over here & even colonial foreigners here generally behave themselves lest they get pinched financially, whacked, or deported.

        The weather ain’t too bad either & the scenery is breathless. This video by Safaricom (a top telecom company) always gives me that good pleasant African vibe & highlights Kenya’s versatility in one fell swoop:

        Yes, Africa has its problems. But that’s bcuz Lord Ziostein wants to steal her vast resources so he creates tribal conflicts & promotes UNDER DEVELOPMENT. The proof is right here, but we SYSBMers already know this:

        Shocking – This is Why the West Wants Africa to Remain Poor – Africans Should Watch out.

        Top comments:
        “And as long as you have African leaders who can be “bought”, things will not change. Some corrupt African president will get rich and his citizens will remain poor.”

        “The problem with Africa is that, those in power have no ideas and those with ideas have no power!”

        “This information is no secret. The battle for Africa is not so much against Europeans but against corrupt African leaders who are posing as agents of white supremacy!”

        Anywho, strong minded SYSBMers can do VERY well over here. Why??
        Bcuz we bring a vibrant, creative Western mindset honed from actually competing with Lord Euro’s kin in the post slavery era. We “know” how they think from LIVING in the toxic West 24/7.

        Everywhere I go in Africa, I get major respect bcuz the locals see me as a well-spoken very EDUCATED sincere & caring “black Westerner” fully well knowing that I am a descendant of African SLAVES who MADE IT in King Colonial’s backyard. Now that is MAJOR credo my SYSBM brothas. You can’t buy that with money. It has to be earned from EXPERIENCE which all SYSBMers have.

        And the locals see how I interact with whites down here as though they’re like anybody else who shit, gets sick & dies — no kissing muzungu (white man in Swahili) ass. I just “am” who I am.

        Another thing…
        I don’t have problems meeting skirts here & I can more than hold my own against the “older” muzungu types who skate by solely on their skin colour. I have tons of knowledge in my head, am in good physical shape, well spoken & generally have more skills (tech, herbal medicines, etc.) than them anyways. So I have a LOT to offer as a companion or just a friend. That is a winning combo, folks!

        To conclude, the more I see the West nose dives into oblivion, the more comfortable I am in Africa — as a SYSBMer. However, trouble making simp niggas & toxic black feminazi “womin” will NOT make it in Black Africa.

        Afroturism perfectly stated why these dregs don’t get passports nor travel out of their toxic comfort zone in a comment above. He’s absolutely spot on.

  7. So the soon to begin dying MLB took it’s All-Star game OUT of Atlanta to protest GA actually defending against voter fraud (which was RAMPANT in that state last November). As many have pointed out, the huge decrease in tourism will hurt mostly black businesses.

    I don’t feel sorry for them honestly. Most blacks would have been the same ones thinking it’s WAYCIST to have ID to vote, but won’t protest needing the same to actually go to the damn baseball game.

    Blacks wanna ride with liberals so badly, let em get taken to the cleaners. They wanna be victims so badly, let em get victimized.

    1. I have a slightly different view of white liberals. It is true that white liberals do everything in their power to encourage, protect, cultivate and increase the scraggle daggle population. But, when it come to black males, white liberals have a profound contempt, hatred, and loathing of black males. White liberals would like nothing better than to exterminate the black male, both the viable ones, and the simps. This makes no sense. But I’ve long sense stopped trying to make sense of the behavior and motivation of white liberals.

      White liberals seem to be motivated by some decadent, perverse, corrupt needs deep within. Their sense of white supremacy is just as strong as that of the most virulent right wing white racist. But the white liberal seems to have some decadent and perverse need to keep the scraggle daggles around as pets and curiosities. They probably need the scraggle daggle to validate their own sense of racial superiority.

      1. Oh yes, the white liberal can not stand a free thinking black man. That’s why the only black men they prop up as icons are either thugs, fags or dudes that, despite their apparent masculinity, still cling to the victimhood narrative.

        A black man that is too castrated to scratch his own ass without white liberal approval is a (wet) pipe dream to white liberals, they love it. They get off on seeing blacks chimp out and act a slap ass fool, further degrading their toilet level public image and making them rely even more on handouts.

        1. You just described the majority of those soy-filled open mouth neckbearded hipster wankers that live around Shoreditch, London.

          An independent minded Black man is a sexual threat and (oddly enough) a fetish to them, they imagine a sexual conquest the same as their colonial ancestors.

        2. “Oh yes, the white liberal can not stand a free thinking black man. That’s why the only black men they prop up as icons are either thugs, fags or dudes that, despite their apparent masculinity, still cling to the victimhood narrative.”

          Absolutely spot on! I’ve been saying that forever. White liberals don’t like the black “conservative” Charles Barkley types who tell it like it is. So blacks get USED & ABUSED by the white liberal machine while pissing off pro-2A gun owning white CONservatives who are itching to start a race war.

          Anytime some black idiot in social media says they’re “woke”, I just wanna throw up. They have no fcuking clue how much they’re being used & set up for future conflict while the libtard elites vacate the building in their Gulfstream corporate jets. In this regard, Lord Ziostein’s fake “liberalism” is setting up non-SYSBM black society for destruction.

      2. chattle = money
        slave = under master’s order

        Thus the nature of this relationship is clear for all with clear sight.

  8. But I’ve long since stopped trying to make sense of the behavior and motivation of white liberals.

    1. Is she actually a Police officer? Anywho, that Breitbart article is the perfect reason WHY a race war is coming to Amerika. It’s degenerate scraggles like this perp & dumb black simps doing stoopid shit that keeps getting broadcasted on Lord Ziostein’s Operation Mockingbird media.

      Do u SEE the THOUSANDS of comments on most Breitbart articles?? That should tell u how sizeable the “conservative” woke population in the US. If a race war comes, all them “patriots” own guns. The woke black libtard population will be in for a rude awakening.
      Go on, keep pissing off Captain Euro when you’re only 13% of the population. It’s a recipe for disaster when the shit hits the fan with guns ablazin’.

      Fcukin dumb nigga idiots I tell ya.


    2. Michel,

      Didn’t I speak not so long ago as to why black women in their current extreme mentally unstable state should NOT be allowed to own firearms?

  9. There are times where I wonder is the black race in America gonna get any better by acting all ignorant and playing the victim. I heard about the two black female teenagers getting a slap on the wrist for killing that uber eats driver, and in some type of way, I kinda knew that crap was going to happen. All I can say is, when other minorities start fighting back against these black people, I ain’t saying nothing, because their ignorance, and playing “victim” is what lead to that. That “woke” mess is gonna backfire for sure.

    1. My only worry is that innocent law abiding blacks most likely will get caught up in the crossfire bcuz, um well, “they’re BLLLAAACCCK.” Every non-black these days is getting programmed to think that ALL blacks act alike which is very dangerous & border line intellectually dishonest.

      Like I said, JewSA is heading for a race war. I believe a lot of good black folk are going to get caught in the crossfire bcuz King Anglo does feel threatened by the physically SUPERIOR black man.

      1. I would hate to see black folks who are not part of the black communitah, nor who on that ignorance “woke” crap get caught in the crossfire. You’re right about one thing, it be dangerous to classified a group of people as a whole like they all the same. That’s one thing I kinda of fear about, is when some people assume I’m like the majority of blacks, when 9 times out of 10, I don’t fit in with the majority of blacks, due to not being “black” enough, thuggish enough, don’t do thuggish crap, listen to new stuff (I’m mainly an old head because music back then actually meant something, and was enjoyable), nor engage in reckless culture. That’s why I can’t be around people who stay looking at race too much. This is also why I tend to separate myself too because I don’t wanna get caught up in no bullmess.

        1. Lord Snow won’t want to go after Slim Sauce, I-Brow Cutz or Pza Doh but Simon, Patrick and Damien are a much easier target, especially if they step out with “their” White/Asian women.

  10. Well lookie here…
    These dumb corrupt African politicians done gone & bring that toxic mRNA shit into their society. Fcukin idiots.

    Probe after one person dies after taking COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine in Kenya

    The Pharmacy and Poisons Board (PPB) now says a probe has been launched after one person died after taking the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine in Kenya.

    However, according to Dr. Peter Ikamati, Deputy Director, PER, at the PPB, the death could have been caused by a miscarriage and not necessarily the vaccine.

    He added that the Board will release a report on the incident, which happened in Uasin Gishu, on Friday.

    “What we can say is it was a misreport, an expectant female got a miscarriage, it happened within period of being given vaccine. Miscarriage could have happened, it does not have to be linked to the shot,” he said on Wednesday.

    However, according to Dr. Peter Ikamati, Deputy Director, PER, at the PPB, the death could have been caused by a miscarriage and not necessarily the vaccine.

    “Because of the gravity of the matter, when a severe case is reported, PPB will follow up within 24hours.”

    Dr. Ikamati further added that 279 people had adverse effects after taking the vaccine, with 7 others experiencing severe symptoms. The Ministry of Health also said 370,000 Kenyans have so far been vaccinated against COVID-19, with Lamu recording the lowest number of people at 262.

    “You can get vaccinated today and it does not mean you can’t suffer any other effects such as hypertension or diarrhea…If this happens after the vaccine, it may not mean such effects were caused by the vaccine,” said Dr. Collins Tabu, Head of Immunization, Ministry of Health.

    Dr. Tabu stated that Kenya is projected to spend more than Ksh.36 billion to deliver the COVID-19 AstraZeneca vaccine.

    source: Citizen TV –

    Obviously Dr. Tabu & Dr. Ikamati have been COMPROMISED. Any public medical officials who talks out of his ass like that does not give a fcuk about the taxpayers who pays their salaries. Why are u gonna spend that kind of money on these toxic EXPERIMENTAL Western jabs when u can easily score safer alternatives like SputnikV or the new stuff from India or even Cuba?

    Gentlemen, we know the answer to that rhetorical question.

      1. They’re still continuing with this enhanced flu bullshit?

        There’s video of a long line of people waiting to get the killshot in Seven Sisters, London yet not one black person seen.

  11. You can take the African out of Africa. But you can’t slay corruption out of the home grown African politician. Anywho, I gotta give big props to Kenyans for telling the bankster IMF to stop bribing their corrupt politicians with “loans” that get siphoned off to private enterprise. Obviously the IMF is in on this gig.

    Mad respect to Kenyans for their success in bringing this to social media. Their learned citizens don’t put up with shit like most other African countries. Just take a look at this hashtag currently trending on Twitter: #IMFStopLoaningKenya

    228,276 have signed. Let’s get to 300,000!

    The news that the IMF recently approved a Kshs 255 billion loan to the Kenya government has left many Kenyans shocked and very disappointed. This is due to the fact that previous loans to the Kenya government have not been prudently utilized and have often ended up in mega corruption scandals. These scams have not deterred the ruling Jubilee government’s appetite for more loans, especially from China. Right now Kenyans are choking under the burden of heavy taxation, with the cost of basic commodities such as fuel skyrocketting, and nothing to show for the previous loans.

    Our President, Uhuru Kenyatta, is even on record lamenting that Kshs 2 billion is lost daily to corruption in Kenya. The same President recently approved a luxury car grant bribe to get junior lawmakers to pass controversial changes to the Constitution, punching another hole on an already shoestring budget. Furthermore, the regime has lined up a costly, despite not being urgent, referendum for later this year with the cost of implementing its proposals estimated at a straggering additional Kshs 360 billion annually.

    Some of the President’s close associates have been adversely implicated in the so-called “Covid Billionaires” scam, where billions of shillings from international donors was lost in irregular tenders for PPE at the height of the first wave of the Covid -19 pandemic.

    Nothing ever came out of the President’s commissioned probe into the scam. We are therefore calling on the IMF to suspend the disbursement of the loan package until proper accountability mechanisms to ensure it will be prudently used and accounted for are put in place. The IMF can, and should, do the right thing. Kindly keep the cash until Kenyans get themselves a new, hopefully more accountable, administration in office next year.

  12. This Video that Harvey did on Angela Rye a Few Days Ago. Speaks Volumes of How Most Black Women in the Media Miss Use their Platform & love to do Comparisons of Crooked White Men like Politician Matt (Hands Down 17 Year-Old Girls Pants) Gaetz to Black Men like R-Kelly!!! Take a Listen.

  13. Busy day for me today of writing my article and working a scene of my script but I hope everyone is doing alright. I have change my name on my other website Money Cultural Raw to Money Cultural Uncensored. Follow me there if you are on There are some guys who was talking about Kevin Samuels that he’s copying Tommy Sotomayor and you know something? They are right. He is copying Tommy Sotomayor but people has been coping his style for years. And also, a toddler died after being left alone for 6 day as mother celebrated 18th birthday. Here is the link:

    Right guys. You know what is going on with black women in the States is the same thing in the UK with the dysfunctional behaviour of black women. That is the reason why black men in Britain are with non black women in large numbers. And black women in so called Great Britain is suffering big time when it comes to dating black men. Keep your white honeys safe at all cost.


    1. Tommy is always whining on Instagram about Kevin Samuels ripping him off, but I don’t see how. Kevin is the wave right now and Tommy is on the way out, that’s all. He should go out with dignity instead of crying like a bitch.

      1. Tommy Sotomayor wants to be “head n***a in charge”; he’s bent on taking the credit for someone else’s shine, so this episode of Kevin Samuels copying him is nothing new for the OG followers of Tommy.

    2. Money Cultural,

      Here’s my 2 pence worth on the situation. Tommy Sotomayor is now feeling and knowing what it’s like to be put on the back-burner, for years when he was king of the mountain he point blank refused to give any shine to any CONSTRUCTIVE up and coming black men, yet he would always be caught getting into contentions and squabbling with these ghetto, degenerate, low IQ Negroes.

      He’s right in proclaiming that he was the pioneer in calling out these dysfunctional black females for the reprobate scum buckets that they are, however his problem was and still is the fact that he couldn’t and still can’t refrain from sticking his penis inside the contaminated snatch of the black witch.

      I feel this is one of the main reasons why he has lost so much traction and credibility, he tells black men to take their penises and go home on the one hand(which is a good thing), yet on the other he’s still dicking down Keisha and Tameka but then at the same time complains when these same black harriets shaft him or do something stupid on his property.

      As for Mr Cool Whip, I’m not a fan of Kevin Samuels either, as I’ve stated before I’ll give him a little credit for not taking the muddy bootlicking route of Derrick Jaxn, however heterosexual black men should NOT be looking towards Samuels for leadership/representation mainly due to his overt effeminate/suspect homosexual overtones.

      Additionally, merchant Samuels just like Sotomayor in his hay day is out for himself and himself alone, I’ve yet to see any of his acolytes/defenders receive some sort of shine on his platform.

      I don’t hate Samuels nor have a problem with him per say, however I really cannot understand how so many black men who claim to be heterosexual have been mesmerised and enchanted into following him even though it’s clear that he has obvious effeminate tendencies(which he has already admitted to) and is simply out to make money and nothing more.

      As I’ve stated before, heterosexual free thinking black men first and foremost should be able to stand upon their own two and lead themselves and secondly any truly progressive black men they choose to rally around and support must exhibit MASCULINE traits and must be looking out for their best interests as opposed to looking out for a buck.

      Again, what exactly is masculine about wearing fur coats, man bags that clearly look feminine, having a gait(walking style) that resembles a female model on the catwalk as well as asking another man about his penis size, I’ll wait:

      1. I’m goanna do an article of why I stay away from the Homosphere tomorrow. I’m goanna explain why I stay away from that shit. For Tommy Sotomayor, if he likes black women then that is fine but he’s going with the ratchet black women and that is the women he shouldn’t even go for. And for the fruit known as Kevin Samuels. I know that he’s not going on the route which Derrick Jaxn went but the thing is that why would any heterosexual man would get advice from a fruity man? when the man ask the 20 year old about his penis size, you must be wondering how many dicks he had? Look here, Bareback Fountain should have a one on one with Kevin Samuels. And I’m not talking about a live stream.

      2. Plus Kevin Samuels is heavily promoted on YouTube, which means he’s fully paid and bought.

    1. Absolutely TOXIC to the point of an utter degenerate mindset. Girl, how u wiping your black ass after using the toilet? But as long as she makes it in Lord Ziostein’s Guinness Book of Records, no worries at all.

  14. Pay per click articles, get your pay per click articles! We got Pokémon, Evangelion, Tekken, Dragon Ball, Godzilla, DC and Marvel comics, you name it! Click em once, click em twice, click em like it’s going out of fashion!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I guess she “levelled up” and “divested” into the spirit realm via the help of her white lord and saviour Captain Blizzard the bottom shelf version.

    1. SMH First, there’s the two teenage daggles who killed that Pakistani man after carjacking him, there was the daggles who shot through the drive thru window at the Burger King in Memphis, TN, and now these beasties beating a postal worker over a delayed stimulus check instead of using the tools from the IRS for tracking it; to quote Sergeant Waters from the film ‘A Soldier’s Story’, “do you know the damage one ignorant negro can do”? Negros are only giving White supremacists and these far right wing outlets the ammo they need to trash the image of Black people and paint themselves as the victims of the Left’s tyranny; I see their frustration everyday, and it’s only growing stronger. On the flip side, there is a peacefulness that comes with watching this society crumble from within; only those who have saved themselves physically, spiritually, and mentally will experience this peace. #SYSBM

    2. Michel,

      Where is the intelligence with most black women, answer, nowhere to be found. How is it the fault of the person delivering the mail as to why the black witch’s stimulus cheque is late? Of course the fake academic won’t cover this, he’ll probably have vivid flashbacks of his mother upon viewing the video.

    1. A ‘doctor’ who couldn’t even save his own computer software from catching a virus.

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