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DMX Dies From Covid Vaccine – Mainstream Media Immediately Spins Death Claiming It Was Due To Drug Overdose, Smh!


At this point we’re going to have to accept the fact that the mainstream media will never tell you the truth on anything and that any and all deaths relating to the Covid bioweapon they’ll immediately scramble to cover up by attributing the cause of death to something completely different.

It’s funny, currently here in the UK if an individual dies and they’ve had a covid test within 28 days of that death, that same individual is marked down as having passed from Covid-19 even if the test came back NEGATIVE, however whenever somebody dies within a short space of time after having received their bioweapon shot, the so called “vaccine” is never to blame for the cause of death, how does that work?

I’m not really a fan of MTO News, however seeing how the mainstream media has already attempted to spin the deaths of Hank Aaron as well as Marvin Hagler away from the vaccine, I strongly believe the lamestream press are running the same playbook with the death of DMX aka Earl Simmons using his past drug abuse history as a weapon to bury the real cause of his death, the Covid jab. DMX did indeed suffer a heart attack, however drugs were NOT the cause.

Commenters JW and Black Picard also alerted me to an attorney and legal analyst for CNN and MSNBC, a 47 year old black female by the name of Midwin Charles who also recently hit the grave after getting her Covid bioweapon over a month ago, here is the tweet she put out on March 1st 2021 confirming that she had indeed received the poison:

Unfortunately, Midwin Charles foolishly encouraged her own mother to get the death shot which she even stated took weeks of persuading, smh. Her mother should’ve known better and stuck to her own instincts:

Remember the intensive care nurse from CHI Memorial Hospital in Chattanooga named Tiffany Dover who back in December 2020 took the shot live on air and fainted some minutes later, she still hasn’t been seen or heard from even though the mainstream media “fact checkers” got straight to work trying to cover for her prolonged disappearance after people began asking questions as to where she was a few weeks after.

Don’t take my word for it, search engine for yourselves “Tiffany Dover dead” and the results will be littered with mainstream media “fact checking” articles, however they’re wasting their time because she would regularly post pictures of herself and her children on her Instagram page, the last of which was posted on the 14th December 2020.

4 months later and still no sign of the woman, the conclusion is obvious and staring us in the face, Tiffany Dover is dead and it was the bioweapon disguised as a vaccine that took her out.

At some point we have to stop playing these silly mainstream media games and simply call things out for what and how they really are, we clearly see that many people are dying from taking these Covid bioweapons regardless of the manufacturer, we also know that the Eugenicists Bill and Melinda Gates are the main individuals sponsoring these worldwide Covid “vaccine programs”.

Unfortunately, there are still too many people who just don’t know who Bill Gates really is and as a result aren’t taking the dangers of these experimental so called “vaccines” seriously at all, all they know about Gates is Microsoft and Windows, they don’t have a clue about his malevolent and shady past and present. For those who wish to be brought up to speed, please see this lengthy article in the link below:

Back to Earl Simmons. The thing I liked about DMX is he came into hiphop and brought a fresh injection of masculinity with him(the way the music used to be in the 80s and 90s) at a time where an agenda had been initiated to softened and feminise the genre, in fact, towards the end of DMX exiting the public hiphop arena, he began calling out the overt effeminisation as well as the rampant homosexuality being pushed in the music industry, his track Where The Hood At encapsulated these sentiments perfectly:

It’s not like today where hiphop has been saturated and marinated with these emasculated, single mother raised mumble rappers wearing tight jeans(which they also sag) that practically resemble leggings, DMX was all masculine and masculinity is all you thought about when listening to his music and watching his videos.

Yes, his past drug problem was an issue which didn’t really help his overall situation, however as I stated earlier drugs did NOT cause his heart to fail, from what his family have stated, he had been clean for quite a while up until his untimely death.

Outside of heavy witchcraft and deep hypnosis I really cannot understand how so many people have been successfully hoodwinked into taking an experimental jab for a virus that even according to the official numbers has a mortality rate of something like 0.0002%, has a survival rate of 99.98% for people ages 20-49 and where 80% of the people who catch the virus have NO SYMPTOMS:

In fact from what I now understand, this so called Coronavirus is soon to be downgraded to the level of a common cold. I’ve NEVER taken a vaccine for the common cold or the flu, I’ve always mixed ginger, honey, lime in hot water which has always brought fast relief, however vitamin D supplementation ultimately is the best solution in keeping colds and flus at bay.

Outside of regular sun exposure, I’ve been taking thousands of IUs of vitamin D daily for years now and I haven’t had a cold or the flu in a very very long time. Vitamin D is such an effective tool against colds and flus that the FDA has written to Dr Joseph Mercola and told him to stop writing about it. Additionally, the UK government has also shut down any vitamin D recommendations for Covid, hmmm:

Be very weary and extremely suspicious whenever any individuals, organisations or governments attempt to direct you AWAY from taking control of and managing your own health with products and solutions that have a proven track record of effectiveness.

The huge benefits of sunlight/vitamin d have been recorded throughout history, yet now all of a sudden the UK government and the FDA are dismissing the huge piles of data in favour of an experimental killshot potion? Sounds like a blatant hidden agenda to me.

Most viruses mutate rapidly, this is one of the main reasons why creating vaccines for them is nigh on useless, as soon as the vaccine is manufactured that virus would’ve already mutated into something brand new thousands of times over, this is why vaccines are typically reserved to deal with diseases. Ever wonder why those who take the flu shot have to do so every year? That’s right, mutations, the flu being a virus doesn’t remain the same like your typical disease.

Remember, on the 19th March 2020 the UK government already downgraded the threat of Coronavirus from a High Consequence Infectious Disease(HCID)(under which viruses are also listed), this is how you know that for the past year the mainstream media has engaged in nothing short of fear-mongering as well as trying to lead the public down a path for a vaccine that they don’t need at all:

Don’t ever forget that blacks are the first targets for this bioweapon, however unfortunately for Bill Gates and his Eugenics cronies, blacks and other non white groups currently are the lowest up takers of this sorcery(for so many valid reasons), hence why they’ve released so many propaganda ads featuring old dinosaur BAME lackies and flunkies who have made the decision to sell themselves down the river for 10 pieces of silver and a piece of mouldy bread:

You can lead the horse to water but you can’t make it drink, all I can say at this stage is don’t end up like DMX, Marvin Hagler, Hank Aaron, Midwin Charles and the thousands upon thousands of other individuals around the world who have died as a result of taking this experimental poison.

Because celebrities and other famous people have major influence, pull and weight, any of them who take the vaccine and die, we can pretty much guarantee that the mainstream media will try their utmost to divert attention away from the vaccine as the cause.

Now you understand why governments want people who already have pre-existing conditions to get jabbed, that way they can conveniently place the blame on anyone of those pre-existing conditions when they croak it.

On the other hand, you can trust the government at your own peril, however don’t say you weren’t warned when calamity and death befalls you. Black folks especially should know better than to trust the government taking into consideration their horrific history with it. I’m NOT a fan of hers at all but Wendy Williams is right, DON’T TRUST IT. #RIPDMX

The Deprogramming and Decontamination Process Continues

You Cannot Make Deals With The Devil And Come Out On Top

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “DMX Dies From Covid Vaccine – Mainstream Media Immediately Spins Death Claiming It Was Due To Drug Overdose, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I didn’t realise that DMX died from the vaccine jabs as the news reports say that he died from a heart attack due to a drug overdose. The trouble is that the government is forcing people to take the vaccine because if they don’t take it then they can’t go anywhere or travel on holiday because the government wants you to have a vaccine passport. I don’t want to take the vaccine.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The heart attack part is true, however the overdose part of the account is utter lies, DMX had no drugs in his system at the time of his death. The Covid bioweapon took him out, his past drug abuse history was a convenient leverage the mainstream media used to distract the public from his real cause of death. I honestly don’t understand why so many people still watch and trust in mainstream news.

      Unfortunately the UK has turned into a country full of cowards, the last time outside of the 2011 London Riots where the public kicked off big time were the Poll Tax Riots back in 1990:

      Fast forward to 2021 and the level of obedience and blind compliance towards the government by the UK public is something you would expect to come out of a Hollywood movie. No injection is worth my life, what most folks who are pro vaccine can’t seem to be able to get through their thick heads is the jab is completely experimental, in other words the manufacturers don’t know what’s going to happen to you when you take it and you don’t know the same.

      Additionally, why do they need to create a jab that interferes with a person’s DNA for a supposed virus that is no worse than the common cold? I’m sure eventually there will be other ways to get out and about without having to lumber yourself with this vaccine passport which is what the NHS Track and Trace App will eventually turn into(we aren’t stupid over here).

      This government can push all it likes, I’m not taking any “vaccines”, I’m not subjecting myself to taking a supposed “Covid test” which has an inaccuracy rate of between 93-97% and I’m not downloading any apps in relation to this garbage either:

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I don’t want to take the vaccine because it might kill me or make me seriously ill. I hope that it gets to the point where you will be still able to go to the shops, pubs and travel on holiday without not taking the vaccine jab and not having a vaccine passport because I don’t want to take the vaccine. You are right Verbs that the covid 19 is no worse than a cold.

      2. @Verbs2015

        “Poll Tax” Riots?

        Is the term “poll tax” the same over there as it is/was over here?

        Or did “poll tax” have a different meaning/context over there?

  2. A very timely blog post, Verbs!
    I will have LOTs to report back to u in a month or 2 or 3 after quite a few of some very (ignorant) but good expat acquaintances (mostly womin!) have gone & taken their jabs. Fcukin idiots I tell ya — fcukin IDIOTS.

    One well-respected local who travels a lot since she’s an artist went & took the fcukin Pfizer shot even though I sent her tons of videos & articles via WhatsCrapp. Her second dose is coming up in mid-May. Stay tuned!

    And who convinced her to go get the fcukin jab?? None other than a mutal white expat acquaintance who thinks EVERYTHING from Lord Ziostein’s Fakestream Press is the TRUTH.
    She’s a naive white woman from Jew-SA who acts like a fcukin know it all — just like her libtard daughter who also took the jab.

    I ain’t done yet. So the dumb USiAn expat know-it-all above took along another very good acquaintance friend of mine — an old Indian woman — to the jab party. I simply can NOT believe the mass ignorance from these people who should know better.

    So then this “socialite” Indian friend mentioned above knows another high society old Indian woman whom I admire tremendously. Well, she just called me for some tech help & told me that she went & got the Astra Zeneca jab. I’m like, “are u serious??” That woman takes about 5 to 10 different BigPharma drugs for either blood pressure, pain (she’s fallen a few times!) & some other shit.

    Then I know another expat old man from a Mediterranean EU country who just took the Astra Zeneca about a week ago. So now I’m gonna keep an eye on him. But this shit is frigging INSANE.

    And then an expat UK client of mine proudly mentioned that she sent her housegirl to get the fcukin jab. Unfcuking Believable!!

    Seriously, most expat “Westerners” & wealthy widowed Indian women down here are fcuking DUMB when it comes to health issues because of Idiot Box “Western” TV programming. Full stop.
    Even the local Africans are far more apprehensive & rightfully more suspicious than them.

    Oh well, I believe I will be attending quite a few funerals real fcukin soon. I definitely need to make sure none of them owes me money for services rendered because I suspect some shit is about to hit the fan — with their HEALTH.
    Stay tuned!

  3. This is the problem with too many black elders and “leaders,” in that they will only lead the youth into turmoil and foolishness, never wisdom. I knew right off the rip what was going down once it was revealed by his family that he had no drugs in his system. If I were them, I’d be shouting from the rooftops what was really going on it, but I doubt it’ll happen.

    I believe hank Aaron was used for vaccine propaganda right before he died, and as sad as it is, I can’t feel too sorry. Black folks, older black folks especially out to be the most hesitant against ALL of this stuff, but they’re the biggest fools. As I said, the black elders will do this crap for Scooby snacks from the same white folks and white government that they complain about and call racist all day, make that make sense. When you rep looking for a blessing from the same one you call a devil, expect to be cursed.

    As you mentioned, this thing has never reached the levels needed to call it a pandemic or epidemic, which shows you how corrupt and evil the media is. A lot of these cartel members have the right idea, MOST so called journalists need to hang from trees and highways.

    Also, healthcare “heroes,” military “heroes” and churches are giving out this vaccine. That lets you know how heroic they really are.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      These old guard elder Negroes are too comfortable with their feet under Lord Euro’s table eating the crumbs and the scraps that General Blizzard throws down to them, they’ve also conveniently forgotten the rough ride they only recently came out from. It was only 60-70 years ago that black folks in the US were being attacked from all sides including by the police and their dogs.

      The mainstream media needs to die a thousand deaths for the outright pain, misery, death, destruction and suffering it has brought upon the planet with this lie about there being a so called “pandemic”. Real grassroots, boots on the ground journalism died out a long time ago, nowadays the lamestream press is owned, paid for and ran by government agencies.

      Anybody pushing this Covid “we’re all in it together” agenda and additionally stating that folks need to “get their jabs” ought to be tarred, feathered and burned at the stake. As for those blacks who have bought into this garbage, they’ll find out the hard way that a leopard cannot change its spots. though black folks have been the least to take up this poison, there are still too many who have.

  4. A very timely blog post, Verbs!
    I will have LOTs to report back to u in a month or 2 or 3 after quite a few of some very (ignorant) but good expat acquaintances (mostly womin!) have gone & taken their jabs. Fcukin idiots I tell ya — IDIOTS!!

    One well-respected local who travels a lot since she’s an artist went & took the fcukin Pfizer shot even though I sent her tons of videos & articles via WhatsCrapp. Her second dose is coming up in mid-May. Stay tuned!

    And who convinced her to go get the fcukin jab?? None other than a mutal white expat acquaintance who thinks EVERYTHING from Lord Ziostein’s Fakestream Press is the TRUTH.
    She’s a naive white woman from Jew-SA who acts like a fcukin know it all — just like her libtard daughter who also took the jab.

    I ain’t done yet. So the dumb USiAn expat know-it-all above took along another very good acquaintance friend of mine — an old Indian woman — to the jab party. I simply can NOT believe the mass ignorance from these people who should know better.

    So then this “socialite” Indian friend mentioned above knows another high society old Indian woman whom I admire tremendously. Well, she just called me for some tech help & told me that she went & got the Astra Zeneca jab. I’m like, “are u serious??” That woman takes about 5 to 10 different BigPharma drugs for either blood pressure, pain (she’s fallen a few times!) & some other shit.

    Then I know another expat old man from a Mediterranean EU country who just took the Astra Zeneca about a week ago. So now I’m gonna keep an eye on him. But this shit is frigging INSANE.

    And then an expat UK client of mine proudly mentioned that she sent her housegirl to get the fcukin jab. Unfcuking Believable!!

    Seriously, most expat “Westerners” & wealthy Indian widows down here are fcuking DUMB when it comes to health issues because of Idiot Box “Western” TV programming. Full stop.
    Even the local Africans are far more apprehensive & rightfully more suspicious than them.

    Oh well, I believe I will be attending quite a few funerals real fcukin soon.
    Stay tuned!

    1. Black Picard,

      Unfortunately we live on a planet full of blockheads who don’t have the capacity to think and reason for themselves, the mainstream media does their thinking and reasoning for them. It’s funny how you should mention Indians because at my workplace too many of them have also fallen for the banana in the tailpipe and have bought into the “get your jab, protect others” propaganda, in other words the witchcraft and hypnosis upon them has been successful.

      It’s funny because back in the day between the 70s and 80s here in the UK the Indian and Pakistani populations were very small and as a result just like black people they suffered persecution at the hands of Captain Snowy and his far right goon squads, how quickly they’ve forgotten those times and gotten comfortable with the dainty treats of this Babylon system.

      Put those who have gotten the jab on death watch because it will only be a matter of time, the clock is ticking for them. I suspect the workforce at my employment is going to shrink noticeably over the next 6 months to a year as more of the sheeple line up to willingly get themselves injected with the nano particle, DNA altering bioweapon.

      Christ wasn’t wrong when he stated that most go through the wide and broad gate unto destruction, we’re seeing this play out in real time as we speak. Unfortunately most people cannot be helped, the seeds of mainstream media propaganda have been planted so deep into their psyches, at this stage nothing short of a miracle can save them.

      All this talk about “getting the jab, helping to protect others”, yet folks who have gotten the bioweapon can still contract and pass on the supposed virus, additionally they’ll have to get Covid booster shots every 6 months which goes back to my point about viruses constantly mutating and thus vaccines being rendered useless against them. Get ready for real life scenarios like this:

  5. I take Vitamin D every week. I don’t want any jab poison at all. I’m not really a fan of hip hop anymore. I know the genre has been emasculated. I would rather listen to techno music or RnB. Masculinity is under attack in everything. Mainstream media is Jewish media. If I end up having a kid, I can’t allow any future child of mine to be influenced on mumble rap. I won’t allow public schools nor private schools to influence emasculation and potion jabs on my child. This is very important. All quality stargates have a conservative mindset by default. I could only achieve this by finding one. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      The worst thing about this is it isn’t really the government giving this hoax wheels and momentum, it’s the idiot general public who cannot rub two brain cells together, they’re the ones who are giving this evil agenda traction via their blind obedience and compliance. Masculinity has been removed from most men in this country, this is why very few of them are taking a stand and saying enough is enough, nothing but soft, yellow bellied cowards they are.

      I bet these mainstream media controlling Zionist Jews are laughing their backsides off at the public realising that they are so ripe for the taking. The West is done, those who can do so need to get the heck out of dodge and head eastwards.

      1. I bet these mainstream media controlling Zionist Jews are laughing their backsides off at the public realising that they are so ripe for the taking. The West is done, those who can do so need to get the heck out of dodge and head eastwards.

        Verbs, you’re starting to sound like me dude! lol
        The sheep masses are asses. There’s a reason why we had WW1, WW2, Korean War, Vietnam War, Gulf War, Iraq War etc. It was to get rid of all the red blooded alpha male warriors so there’s no resistance when the Great Reset becomes a reality.

        Well, it’s here & I don’t see any signs of them allegedly 50 to 80+ MILLION Amerikan gun owners with hunters licenses stepping up to the plate. Most of them are old ex-Vietnam & Gulf War Vets with too many psychological problems (suicides) from being in the meat grinder. Blackie race politics has really distracted them from the prize in DC, New York, London, Brussels & Hell Aviv.

        The Western world is in a whole lotta trouble. Antidepressant consumption by the snowflakes aren’t gonna mask anything. When the shit does hit the fan, I forsee many gun owners crossing over into Canada especially up by the Pacific NorthWest border towns in British Columbia & Alberta. Eastern Canada is too close to the libtard world of New England which is going to experience a whole lotta chaos when the facade goes belly up & the DemonRats & Dementia Joe have no more clothes on.

  6. First off, RIP to DMX. Man, he should’ve never took the vaccine.

    You know what, with these people that are advocating for the jab, let them go on and take the jab because they gonna wake up when them side effects start to kick in. The lying and brainwashing is so strong to the point where they just believe anything that’s being thrown at them. This shit is so sad man. People just gave away their lives and freedom because of a stinking virus, and they wanna get back to “normal.” News flash, things ain’t gonna be normal again when people start dropping dead like flies. I swear, a lot of the things that are going on, not only it’s gonna affect us, the people, but it’s gonna affect them globalists too. The destruction of this planet earth they’re causing, it’s gonna hit them too. I can’t take this no more. I’m seriously at the point now where these clowns got to go. I mean, we all gone die, but we don’t know the date, but I wanna live longer. Then they punish people for refusing the jab, and speaking out against it, yeah they really started a war big time. One that’s definitely gonna in the history books for a long ass time. Them Vaccine Passports, yeah they gonna backfire in one way or the other. Not only they wanna push this for traveling, but for entertainment, concerts, shopping, school, and going to events? Yeah, some unexpected events finna stir up sometime soon because all this new technologies they pushing seems kind of dangerous, and it’s a invasion on people privacies.

    As for bill gates and melinda gates, Someone really needs to do some serious background checks on both of them because these people are advocating for a phony. Bill Gates can denied all the “Conspiracy theories” that’s been thrown at him all he wants, but sooner or later, all the lives that have been taking, it’s gonna come back and haunt them fools. All these current events that’s going on, these folks can act like they the heroes, but that’s not gonna hide their actions. If that vaccine gets to my body, and it done something to me, I swear to god. Y’all heard of Tales from the Crypt?

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      Most people unfortunately aren’t that bright, they honestly believe that compliance is the way to get their freedoms back, yet all we’ve seen from their compliance so far are more restrictions being imposed. Things are slowly beginning to open up here in the UK once again, however give it about 2-3 months and the lamestream media will begin their government sponsored fear mongering campaigns once again.

      The vaccine passport is a death trap, it will eventually be used to control every aspect of one’s life and it will be merged with a credit score system just like they have in China, hence why China have put in their request to the WHO to run the system worldwide. Any apps that are linked to anything in relation to Covid need to be avoided at all costs including the NHS Track And Trace app they have over here.

      They’ve already admitted that the jab doesn’t protect against Covid and that more jabs will be necessary, therefore what is the point of taking it if you can still contract and pass on the virus(their words, not mine)? As I stated before, anybody pushing this garbage needs to die a thousand deaths, Bill Gates is grinning from ear to ear right now because of the high numbers of people he’s getting to bump off.

        1. Black Picard,

          He wasn’t wrong about the public being robots, paranoid, skitzoid, mindless ones at that. I see them and walk past them on the daily. To be honest the music I now listen to has widened significantly from when I was younger, on the rare occasions I do listen to the odd hiphop track, it’s normally stuff from the early to mid 90s when artists actually brought skills to the table and had to work their way up as opposed to being picked up from outside of a cornerstore, having a gold chain thrown around their necks, gold grills shoved in their mouths, being told to rattle off anything in a studio while paying them millions in the process.

  7. I was watching a video yesterday on YouTube that’s a couple of months old & the person was talking about Tiffany Dover & said the same thing u said Verbs. There’s no way in hell I would take this fuckin vaccine! The powers that be are really on some Thanos type shit! I’ve been taking Vitamin D, Iron pills & multivitamins, plus drinking Orange Juice every day for about the last 2yrs not to mention dropping my weight from 235lbs to 176lbs. All that to say when it comes to this so called vaccine i’ll pull a Wolverine & rely on my healing factor/immune system to get me through this shit! I tell everyone that will listen not to take this bullshit vaccine especially with it being backed by Bill funny style Gates & his frumpy ass wife! #RIP DMX #RIP HANK AARON #RIP MARVIN HAGLER

    1. Val Zod,

      This is the problem when you live in these types of societies, people tend to worship doctors(even though they were known as “quacks” back in the day for many good reasons) and listen to everything the mainstream media says.

      The fundamental part of all of this is who is behind the push to get the entire world vaccinated, Bill Gates and his witch Melinda, once anybody with sense and intelligence know these facts, nothing further needs to be elaborated on. I don’t need a vaccine for the common cold.

  8. Verbs, this article you wrote must be providential because I listened to a preacher this past Saturday who spoke on this news about DMX, Hank Aaron, and Marvin Hagler taking the jab; there was also a man present who is Marvin Hagler’s nephew who added that Hagler’s wife has come out saying he died of natural causes. This man was an athlete and looked like he probably could still box a dude, but out of the blue he just dies? Come on, son!

    DMX not only injected masculinity into Hip Hop but he also spoke out on the industry in a spoken word called ‘The Industry’; you should take a listen to it. DMX wasn’t ignorant to what was happening around him. As for Hank Aaron, his unfortunate death is a testament to why you can never sell your soul to the Devil and expect an honest return on your investment; as older church folks said, “the Devil is a liar”.

    When I heard that the DMX took the jab, the first result I saw addressing this allegation was from the ‘fact checking’ site Snopes; they pulled the same tactic as Fake Academic Fountain by downplaying MTO News’ reporting:

    While it’s difficult finding news on vaccine deaths in the mainstream media, you won’t be hard pressed to find articles showing the horrific side effects many have suffered after being jabbed; it also won’t save you from catching COVID-19, as in the case of this woman from Brooklyn, NY who was fine until 3 weeks after getting vaccinated:

    As I always do whenever media manipulation is addressed, I leave you all with one of my favorite quotes from Ra’s Al Ghul: “Theatricality and deception are powerful agents”. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      I checked out that piece of trash Snopes article, this is my entire point, the mainstream media and its associates are nothing but bold faced liars, this has now become their premier profession. Real boots on the ground, leave no stone unturned, seek out the truth no matter what type journalism has been completely thrown out of the window.

      Put frankly we live amongst devils who have taken it upon themselves to hide the truth from the public, unfortunately because of the general public are lazy slobs who cannot be bothered to conduct their own research, Snopes can pretend that they’ve carried out the necessary investigative work and the sucker public will believe them.

      I have no idea why they would call themselves “fact checkers” because they don’t even bother dealing with the real facts, nor are unbiased in their conclusions. The UK mainstream media are rampantly covering up vaccine deaths in the same manner, refusing to report on them and furthermore taking the Snopes/Fake Academic Aaron Fountain route whenever somebody brings some credible evidence to the table.

      I’ll be sure to check out The Industry. George Orwell was right, “in the universal age of deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act”. We’re not far off from that point in this nightmare.

      1. Verbs2015,

        In regards to George Orwell’s statement on telling the truth being a revolutionary act, I believe we’re already here.

      2. Snopes is funded by the S*r*s clan, so of course they will say its nonsense.

  9. Also, that nurse that DIED on national TV was about 39 minutes up the road from me in Chattanooga. Tennesseeans have made me sick with how compliant they are. As I’ve stated before, a lot of that “God, guns, grits and gravy” talk is just that, talk. Those same people will go along with the program until the very end, supposedly waiting for the “big one.”

    I saw in Canada where that pastor, I believe polish was ranting against the police for invading his church on Easter. That’s one of the very slim few pastors I’d stand with. He and John McArthur are the few with any balls. Most mega church pastors are as bad as ever. That polish guy remembers the stuff eastern and Central Europe went through with communism, that’s why those countries will be Europe’s last bastion.

    Again, this lets you know who your real allies are and how the cops and military are NOT your friends.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The Polish pastor in question:

      If only there were many more individuals who had the nuts to stand up to tyranny like this guy, he is an extremely rare breed. Like you said, he’s seen communism up close and personal and so he knows exactly what is coming down the pike.

      As for Tiffany Dover, to my knowledge none of her colleagues nor her family have spoken out, what a disgrace. Agreed, the cops and the military will carry out whatever draconian orders they’ve given, a sad statement but a true on none the less.

      1. Props to the Polish pastor in Calgary, Alberta for speaking truth to brown shirt Nazis. Well done! Totally disappointed in the “religious” clergy for not getting their flock to rebel. But nope, most are silent. No wonder church attendance is down big time. Noted!!

        That nurse Tiffany Dover looks like a real cutie with that Southern charm. Extremely naive though. I’m sure her husband is agonizing at nite going to bed alone without having access to that sweeet ass brunette puhnani any more.
        Now he’s a widower with 2 kids. Well, he ain’t gonna find another piece of tail like Tiffany WITHOUT ANY BAGGAGE — if u know what I mean, and in good shape too.

  10. Here’s some good information.


    According to certain health professionals, wearing a mask can be as much of a hazard due to breathing back in the same toxic carbon dioxide into your body that you exited.

    Video: Mask test proves toxic for children ((and adults) levels of carbon dioxide inside a mask, face shield, and cloth).

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Remember when this Convid-19 garbage first kicked off back in March last year, you would see clear warnings on mask boxes which stated that they did NOT protect the user from not only Covid, but also other viruses and contaminants:

      Those same warnings have conveniently disappeared, now the so called “science” is masks help “reduce the spread” even though surgical and other face mask are not created to protect against viruses as per the previous warnings, smh.

      As well as the test kits being killers, we also have the developing situation of people who have been fully vaccinated still managing to catch so called Covid. This goes back to what I said before about there being no point in taking the vaccine and how you can’t create vaccines against viruses because they mutate too quickly.

      They haven’t found a cure for Aids yet, yet they’ve managed to conjure up a “sort of/we don’t know/we’re not sure/pot luck/take a chance” type solution for the coronavirus. The only people falling for this nonsense are the braindead and those who are hopelessly indoctrinated and captivated by mainstream media propaganda.

  11. Great points made throughout this article @Verbs

    I am always trying to tell folks the media is 80% propaganda/social engineering and 20% pure entertainment. No matter how many times I reference “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays – people disregard his open declaration that mainstream media is a tool for propaganda.

    Ultimately, the masses will always choose to follow the oligarchs and plutocrats to the slaughter. The individual can only make sure they avoid the slaughterhouse by any means necessary.

    1. King Sigma,

      Thanks bro. The level of lying and propaganda at this point is so far off the damn chain and the most disappointing aspect of this is the fact that the general public are so gullible, complacent, compliant and obedient towards those authorities who have already planned their slaughter, smh. The masses are done, as in the case with the black witch, men with sense and intelligence would do well to separate themselves from the brainwashed and indoctrinated knuckleheads and get as far away from them as they can.

      1. Unfortunately, the masses will HAPPY in their sheep like compliance.
        The more truth you tell the faster they run away from the truth.

        The narcotic of the BIG lie is to powerful weak minds to resist.

        Freedom isn’t for everyone, the herd is much more attractive to the average person for a reason.

  12. Well well well. We tried telling all y’all for the past 12 months where the CONVID hoax was going to lead to. We were ridiculed and called “conspiracy theorists”, Trumpists and QoonAnon cultists, by ignorant lesser folks who feel more comfortable drinking grape juice and watching CNN. All it takes is for one 90s rapper to hit the bucket and NOW you see it?

    DMX like the vast majority of entertainers signed on the dotted line, but they had to pay the devil back sooner or later. Shame it turned out to be via lethal injection.

    For those who didn’t think a poison vaccine was the ultimate end goal along with a blacks first depopulation policy, go fuck yourselves.

    Those who said the government is always right and Boris is your friend, fuck you.

    Those who despite all of the alarming headlines detailing vax deaths and sending WhatsApp videos, yet still sold your soul just to go on holiday, fuck you.

    And for those who took any one of the deathshot products on offer for a 99% recovery illness, let’s just hope it was the good half batch…

    1. Michel,

      Our old friend Black Caesar was one of if not the main culprit slinging all of those terms at us. What makes me laugh about these government Kool Aid drinkers is no matter how right you are, at every prediction that turns out accurate, many of them still won’t have the testicular fortitude to humble themselves and acknowledge that we just might be onto something and that maybe it would be in their best interests to actually listen instead of running their mouths spewing the usual “conspiracy theorists/tin foil hat/cultists mantras.

      The dude could write an essay on the black female and her white lord and saviour, however as soon as it came down to Lord Euro and his Convid scheme, the guy was completely dead in the water, all of a sudden Captain Snowy and his mainstream media pundits are telling us all the truth, we have nothing to fear and anybody who thinks otherwise is a nut job, you couldn’t make up such a deep level of cognitive dissonance.

      I remember from way earlier on in this we were talking about the government wanting folks to take a vaccine which would ultimately be a bioweapon, once again, looks like the so called “conspiracy theorists” are right, in fact, we’ve been on the ball and accurate on everything so far.

      Most people unfortunately deserve death especially those who refuse to use their own brains but instead choose to rattle off CIA created mantras because they don’t want to accept the possibility that the world maybe very different from the convenient and comfortable paradigm they’ve been looking at it through, smh.

  13. RIP to DMX. He should never taken the vaccine. I knew that he had a drug problem but he should never token the vaccine at all. What I like about his music that it was masculine. He was a harder rapper then the rapper simp 2pac with Dear Mama. DMX was rapping Where The Hood At, Greedy and What Bitches Want With A Nigga! There was another rapper who dead in 2017 known as Prodigy from Mobb Deep. They say that he died from chocking from an egg but everyone knows that was a lie. We all about the blood sacrifice in the industry. As you look at black men now, their pants are low and they are wearing tight jeans just like tehse rappers now. Right, this vaccine is nothing but dangerous injection that is killing people and I don’t know why people wanna die from it. This Bill Gates guy, I can’t stand them two evil individuals. This man is a mass murderer and people are letting this guy getting away with it. All he cares about is money. That’s what it is man. I did an article Vaccinating Africa and I went on a huge rant. I just had enough Verbs, I just had enough.

    1. Money Cultural,

      I’m sick and tired of Bill Gates myself, I’m also sick and tired of the lamestream press promoting him as if his some kind of benevolent guy trying to save the world from impending doom when we know the complete opposite to be true and we can clearly observe this from his abysmal track record with “vaccine programs” in the past and present.

      Agreed, DMX being a man who was in the knowledge should’ve known better than to take that shot, however what’s done is done now. Perhaps others who would’ve lined up behind him to get the jab will now think twice before subjecting themselves to Bill Gates’ bioweapon.

      I really cannot understand how blacks and other non whites believe all of a sudden that Bill Gates is a changed man, the guy is a Eugenicist by bloodline and profession, disguising his population reduction schemes through so called “philanthropy”. In short he’s a cold blooded killer and the sooner that people realise this the better.

  14. Verbs, thank you so much for covering DMX. I can’t even explain how much he helped me get thru dark times in my life. Also I want to give a huge fuck you to all the media clout chasing off this man’s name when yall was talking mad shit about X during his low points in life, especially you YouTube clowns. As soon as heard what happened to him it didn’t make sense. When people OD on drugs they usually die right there on the spot, in the ambulance or shortly getting to the hospital. In the recent pics of X he looked like he was clean. I caught wind that he might have taken the vaccine the day he passed plus the media been pushing the drug narrative as soon as he was in the hospital. I understand our frustration with X taking the vaccine but I see where he came from. He was going to promote an album plus other media deals plus he might have planned to travel internationally and most importantly he was a people person, X would really chop it up with the fans. I wasn’t going to take the vaccine but after my man’s X passing, it’s a undeniable fuck no! Again Verbs thanks you for posting real information and rest in paradise DMX

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      It’s all good bro. The mainstream media blatantly lied on the reason for his admittance into hospital. It’s a pity that so many people still trust in them and believe that these lamestream media outlets are credible sources for important information, however nothing could be further from the truth.

      I still remember when DMX first came out, at the time it was almost a shock to the system because as I said before the music industry had steadily been diluting, softening and effeminising hiphop but X was a much needed remedy and a breath of fresh air.

      It reminds me of 9/11 and how within hours of the Twin Towers being taken down, the mainstream media immediately began shouting out the name of Osama Bin Laden as the culprit responsible. Over the years I’ve learned to look in the opposite direction the lamestream press is trying to attract my attention towards.

      I appreciate DMX’s contribution to a music genre which for the most part currently is deep in the toilet, however I won’t be fooled and hoodwinked into believing that DMX died from a “drug overdose” when he DIDN’T.

  15. Thank you for bringing this to our attention. A friend of mine said he was in a clinic facility prior to his death. He was clean and not using hard drugs. I find it strange that DMX supposedly died from an overdose yet they don’t state what drug(s) killed him. When celebrities overdose, it’s often stated what drugs facilitated the cause of death immediately. With DMX, “it’s a drug overdose” without stating what killed him.

    1. Ryan,

      In the words of Judge Judy, “if it doesn’t make any sense then it’s normally not true”. The mainstream media over this past year have really shown their true colours, they proven themselves 100 times over to be premium liars. This Convid hoax is the fakestream press’ last bastion of hope in trying to get the public back in line just like the pro black simp is the black female’s final card in attempting to reel back in those black men who’ve left the plantation.

  16. A few people at my job have gotten it as well…I’m sitting back and just observing. I told coworkers(I think(hope) a couple guys listened) I don’t watch the news unless its to catch the newest lie. If you want info on this farce you read the damn white papers and see what the doctors say when they talk amongst themselves…once you read them its clear this is bullshit.

    1. Autodidact,

      I was just talking to a local DHL delivery driver, he’s excited and can’t wait to be called up to get his bioweapon injection, at the same time during our short conversation he gave me a funny look as if I was an alien from Neptune when I said that I wasn’t going to get the vaccine. The division in society is already here, we’re surrounded by short attention span, zombified non thinkers who blindly trust in the State and the authorities know it.

      As a popular saying goes, some people must learn their lessons the hard way. Reading a white paper is too much work for the majority of the population, they would much prefer to zone out in front of the television as it’s much easier than actually getting off their duffs and conducting basic research, smh. Just watch, shortly you’ll begin to see people at your workplace all of a sudden disappearing as they succumb to the killshot, of course the cause of death will conveniently be put down to something else.

    2. I’ve been getting the news for current events that are going on on Natural news, NTD, OANN, and this website called 100% fed up. I don’t mess with CNN, MSNBC, none of that crap. I’m trying to find the truth.

  17. All I can say is, WE FUCKING TOLD YOU THIS WOULD HAPPEN. We have been called conspiracy theorists, and every disgusting thing under the sun. Now that a big name person you like happen to die from said vac, and J&J shot production ja getting halted, NOW you want to listen?!

    If your fragile little minds can’t handle stuff like this, what do you think will happen when some of the more sickening things start coming to light?? I’ll give you idiots two big names and feel free to look up the conditions surrounding their deaths: Chester Bennington and Scott Cornell…

    Look it up and then her back to us…

    1. FDC,

      Many still won’t listen, they’ll conclude that those who died were simply unlucky or had “underlying conditions”. You already know how the minds of the sheeple work, “it won’t happen to me”. I remember the Linkin Park guy, the other fellow I’m not familiar with. I’m assuming their cases are the same as DMX, took the jab, died and the mainstream media is attempting to cover up the real cause of their deaths.

      1. @verbs look into it. Let me know what conclusions you come to. Nothing to do with the jab…. it’s much much worse.

  18. I have friends who took the vaccine. I pray for their health. What is the average time the vaccine takes to kill or poison you?

    1. Tony Stack,

      It varies from person to person, some people croak it within a short period of time, with others the slow kill process will take longer which is what these vaccine manufacturers would much prefer, that way it would be a lot easier for them to claim the vaccine wasn’t the cause of death.

      On the subject of your friends, I’m afraid they’re finished, at this stage it’s simply a countdown towards their premature deaths. As I’ve mentioned before, you cannot make deals with the Devil and his flunkies and come out on top.

  19. If they can’t get a masculine/strong minded rapper to wear a dress or sleep with cross dressers, they make sure there’s enough drugs and medicine around to distract them. Since he had about 10 kids
    they knew that weird sexually deviant stuff wouldn’t work with him so they deceived the people into thinking he OD’ed as a cause when we know how the media is pushing this vaccine agenda on to black people. X was healthy as ever these past 3 years. No way he would’ve got that vaccine if he was conscious.

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