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Kevin Samuels Passes Away, Black Women Show You Their True Colours Once Again, Smh!


It looks like the rumours are true about Kevin Samuels’ death. Now, my only major gripe with Kevin Samuels was him pretending to be heterosexual when he clearly wasn’t. However, as many of you brothers have pointed out, regardless he was out to see black men and black women improve themselves and wanted to see the rift between black male and black female relations healed and restored(though this clearly wasn’t going to happen).

Now, as per usual with a black man passing, certain sects of black women are out here with their pom poms dancing away revelling in glee, believing that Samuels’ death is somehow some sort of victory for them because he regularly reprimanded them on their bad behaviour and their unrealistic expectations of black men and dating.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your modern day black female is a premium grade A dunce, the death of Kevin Samuels doesn’t change their current in the gutter state, they’ll still remain dead LAST when it comes to being chosen for dating and marriage and this position will only become more dire.

Though there will remain a majority of knuckleheaded black men who observing black women gloating over Samuels’ death will still choose to deal with them, regardless, the exodus of black men from the building just grew larger. A further contingent of black men have just clicked and finally realised that this modern day black female isn’t worth a fart in a windstorm.

Jumping for joy and performing cartwheels over the death of a man who was trying to help them out and laying down a much more realistic outlook in terms of dating and marriage for modern day black women. Your average black female is a feral, unbridled narcissistic savage who revels in death, destruction, pain, misery and bloodshed.

Didn’t these same malevolent black harriets display the same uncouth savagery with the passing away of the Intellectual Juggernaut Dr David Carroll and the late Kobe Bryant? How many more deaths of black men have to be laughed at, mocked and ridiculed till many more of these black female worshipping Negroes out here finally understand that your modern day black female is a piece of trash that is only fit for the scrapheap?

Those black women who claim to be divested, what non black man is going to look upon this type of disloyal and disrespectful behaviour favourably and choose you? Answer, NOT ONE.

Black women yet again fail to realise that image and reputation are both key in appealing to the opposite sex, openly throwing black men under the bus and celebrating our deaths on the one hand but still expecting General Blizzard to date and marry them on the other, SMH.

As we’ve been stating here for the longest, SYSBM is the only viable and sustainable way forward for the free thinking black man, I’ve yet to observe non black women gloat over the deaths of any respective male counterparts who were attempting to help them self improve and view life from a more realistic perspective.

Black women as a collective remain the overweight, weave, fake eyelash, fake nail and heavy makeup wearing failures that they are regardless of who passes. Black women absolutely hate those black men who refuse to bow down and worship them as well as those who choose to take their money and resources elsewhere, their reaction to Samuels’ death once again is not surprising to me at all.


This is the part that very few if any of these black YouTubers who’ve jumped on the current trend to report Samuels’ death are going to cover. Samuels was a man who was fit and relatively in shape, folks don’t just drop down dead of a heart attack or cardiac problems randomly, well at least they didn’t until the Convid-1984 death shot was introduced at the end of 2020, beginning of 2021.

Just as in the case of David Carroll, it’s my strong suspicion that Kevin Samuels took the death shot, how many doses of the poison I don’t know but for those in the know, these Covid jibjabs are heavily linked to bloodclots and heart problems. I have an entire page called Vaxx Watch where brothers have posted many articles demonstrating the link between the Convid deathshot and failing hearts.

Those black folks who trusted in the government, rolled up their sleeves and allowed themselves to be injected with the Convid-1984 bioweapon will die in the same manner. This is all you’re going to be seeing, well known individuals all of a sudden dropping dead with heart problems.

Remember rapper DMX croaked it just over a week after getting his Convid shot but the mainstream media attempted to spin his death and say that it was “drug related” even though his own family stated that at the time of his death he’d been clean.

Watch, you can count on one hand the amount of folks covering Samuels’ death who will dare to dive deeper into why all of a sudden he suffered from a heart attack being healthy and in relatively good shape. Trusting in Bill Gates and his experimental potions has an extremely heavy price attached to it.

I know the world isn’t completely overrun with brainwashed idiots, I know there must be other people out here who are seeing the same pattern of people getting the jib-jab and shortly thereafter suffering from heart related issues or blood clots. WE at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable cover ALL angles, we don’t shy away from possibilities that may be uncomfortable for some to accept.

It’s sad to say but another elder Gen X black man who trusted in the government bites the dust. Never trust in people, organisations or governments who have NEVER proven themselves to be trustworthy and additionally who have a lengthy track record of being dishonest. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Another Elder Gen X Black Man Passes, RIP Kevin Samuels

SYSBM For Life

Most High Bless

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65 thoughts on “Kevin Samuels Passes Away, Black Women Show You Their True Colours Once Again, Smh!

  1. I did not even know he was dead, I thought this was just a rumour similar to David Carroll.
    When I saw this topic, it confirmed it.

    I know some of you will disagree with me about Kevin Samuels is not gay. He did say this out of his (horse’s) mouth that he is not a homo in few videos.
    I got to find one of the main one when he said this.
    People say this because some top 10 or 20 percenters do live a bit of flamboyant lifestyle which the type of clothes they wear.

    This whole High Value stuff, he did not created it, this was created by hypergamous females because he is one of the top 10/20 percenters. He just uses it.

    Someone was asking me and from the MadbusDriver’s video do SYSMS supports KS?
    I think SYSBM likes his message but neutral with the guy because of this flamboyant styles.

    Me I like his videos because he reveals all the hypergamous females and the people who hates they guy because these females without shadow of a doubt that they can never get a top brother like himself. Same as the hoteps hating on him because these guys so focus on putting BW on the pedestal, they just do not know how to be a husband, most of the brothers who call in Kevin’s show challenging him are just not husband potential to these women.

    I know the manosphere will start crying because he is gone, me and the brothers will takes his knowledge to better our self just like we take David Carrol’s knowledge.

    Lets get to these haters and females who celebrating his death thinking their lives are better without hime:

    I am going to use Star Trek’s Analogy when Picard talks to Armus when Armus wants to leave the planet.
    Let me explain:
    Armus goes on about how he keeps on killing people and Picard’s response is ‘But you will still be here. In this place. Forever. Alone, immortal.’

    Lets put this into Red Pill perspective,

    Even David’s passes, Kevin passes, Red Pill is gone, Patriarchy is gone and SYSBM are wipe out of the planet.
    BW will still be here, fat, ugly, alone, forever, uneatable, ghetto, reckless, matriarch, chaos, weave and fake.
    Also the simps/Liberal will never get these females, especially Single Mothers because they will never chose them anyway.

    Another thing I like to mention,
    To all these ugly hoes especially single mothers who talk about how he died alone and no-body wants to date him, these females are suffering from a ‘Fox and the Grape’ mindset. Meaning despise what they cannot have. Cannot better themselves, so they shame Black men. Mind you he can get anyone women in the world he wants but he focus on black love.

    1. Michael,

      The is a true analogy you bring up about the Picard and Armus in the Skin of Evil episode because this shows that the females especially BW that it does not matter if you can shut off all the Red Pillers down from the internet, seeing Kobe’s, David and Kevin’s death.
      When they get back into the real world, nothing has change. Heck what if MadbusDriver, the founder of SYSBM or Verbs dies tomorrow and the BW have a party about it.
      Guess what happens? the brothers will take all of the knowledge with them and improve themselves, getting passport, leaving the communitah whilst the BW will be still in the ghetto, hood, being single mothers, living in the hood, getting dicked down by pookie and Ray Ray, broke, having college/university debt, spending years talking about what ‘Real Man’ is.
      Heck, lets throw in Cynthia G and the divesters make videos about the brothers’ death like Kevin, they still be bitter, ghetto, weave, fake and femcel.

    2. Thank you for your wonderful & very thought provoking commentary on the late Kevin Samuels, I agree with your assessment in it’s entirety, may the peace and blessings of the creator be with you, and RIP to another gone but not forgotten Black man.

    3. Apparently a woman he was with the night before reported him unresponsive and called 911.

      I don’t get into the debate about Kevin Samuel’s sexual preference because if the tenants are to be believed and followed that is none of our business.

      I also don’t get into the Jab debate, I have the Pfizer shot and have no problems. It’s not a cure it was never mentioned being one, it was designed to reduce the chances of serious complications.

      Bio Weapon yadda, yadda, yadda. I wasn’t going to let that stop me from traveling.

      As Black women do a victory lap, they still remain in 4th place, how on earth is that a real result?

      1. Anthony,

        Kevin Samuels’ sexual preferences have never been the issue, the point of contention has been the fact that he pretended to be heterosexual which from all of the obvious signs that were out there demonstrated this NOT to be the case. That’s not dick policing, that’s called deception.

        As for the jab, the mainstream media was touting it as a cure until folks started testing positive for Covid after receiving it, then the lamestream press started changing their tune telling folks that they could still catch and transmit Covid, you seem to have conveniently forgotten that transition, however I remember it very well.

        I’m not taking an experimental, untested injection just so that I can travel about, I’d rather get hold of some dodgy papers than inject an unknown substance into my body not knowing the long term effects.

        If one day you start clutching your chest and have difficulty breathing, you can’t say that you weren’t warned. Feeling fine today doesn’t mean that you’ll be in the same condition tomorrow.

        1. I had the shot a long, long time ago. I had a recent check up, no issues.

        2. As with the Sudden,Untimely Passing of our Great,dear brother David Carroll,I’m even more Shocked,Hurt and Devastated by Kevin Samuels,very sudden,Untimely demise.I’ve been feeling this much of today.In spite what anybody thinks and feels negativity about him,he made an extremely powerful mark and impact on us Brothers,Black men Worldwide.He did what only he could do in every single one of his video meetings with countless black women putting them in their place,correcting them and Destroying them when he needed too.The women and the men celebrating his Death are Hideous Demonic Beasts who will get Just what they deserve when Karma and the Law of Cause and Effect get a hold of them very,very soon.I’m disgusted absolutely no end by their behaviors.It’s totally inexcusable and unacceptable.Anyway,I could go on and on and on,but,I just want to say that I’m truly greatly for Kevin Samuels energy and devotion to us free,critical thinking heterosexual men as clearly he wanted nothing but the absolute best for us.Salute to KS,may his family find Peace in this most stressful time for their loss and may Kevin Samuels Forever RIP.

    4. MMT,

      Samuels coming out and stating that he wasn’t homosexual as I’ve stated before was merely a business move as the overwhelming majority of his followers and sponsors were heterosexual black men. Had he come out and admitted that he was homosexual, do you realise how much of a loss he would’ve taken in terms of support and incoming revenue?

      When you’re recording yourself lusting after a man walking out of a shop, that isn’t flamboyancy, that is blatant in your face homosexuality. I didn’t have a problem with his message because he crafted it from many different sects in these black digital spaces including SYSBM.

      As I’ve stated before, it was mighty suspicious how many heterosexual men came before him preaching the same message and struggled to build up a reasonable following because their YouTube channels were repeatedly taken down, yet Samuels was able to muster 1.4 million subscribers excluding his 1 million plus followers on Instagram.

      The agenda is to make black men the new face of homosexuality and Kevin Samuels was the perfect candidate. Remember back in September 2020 Obsidian stated that the Black Manosphere required a homosexual leader in order to do better(Reg The Bad Guy Livestream 420, mark 2:00:00).

      Obsidian was clearly attempting to smooth the road and clear the path for a homosexual to step forward and lead the Black Manosphere to God knows where. If he wasn’t talking about Kevin Samuels then who else could he have been referring to?

      A lot of black men who supported Samuels deliberately turned a blind eye to the obvious signs that he was a fruit simply because he was calling out these black sirens(which was needed) and out of all the black men who preceded him, to date he had gotten the most traction and gained the most ground in doing so.

        1. G1,

          Yep, all of the upper class, higher echelon blacks who associated and hung out with Samuels knew he was a fruit, Obsidian was also privy to “Saint Kevin” and his true sexual preferences(even though Obsidian in his recent YouTube community tab eulogy Requiem For A Saint attempted to play off the homosexual accusation against Samuels as some sort of attack on his character).

          Even the woman above Melanie King knew that Samuels was a homosexual, however this was a massive secret that was kept under wraps(it was obvious from the beginning to those who saw the signs and accepted them) because they knew that black men’s support for Samuels would’ve seriously drop off had he chosen to come out of the closet.

          Black men are the most militant group on the planet when it comes to opposing homosexuality, we simply don’t play that. Despite most black men still pining after and worshipping black women, the acceptance of homosexuality amongst black men is one area where black women have utterly failed.

      1. Verbs,

        I remember that clip in the cafe, that was a flag. Also I never forget Obsidian wanted this Alphabet/Rainbow (LGBT+) alliance with the manosphere when he said this.
        Minister Jap said there are still hope to them, but I disagree to him about the hope of the manosphere except for meetups they do.

        Also you mention about Kevin took a Covid jab. He did mention that he took 1 jab.

        1. MMT,

          All it takes is one jab, now that you’ve mentioned that Samuels stated he took one dose of the deathshot, I’m most certain that was the cause of his death. The heart attack and chest pains are classic effects from the shot, this is why everywhere you look, every Tom, Dick And Harry has a defibrillator sitting at the ready. The powers that be know what’s coming.

          Yes sir, Obsidian was pushing hard to form a confederacy with the LGBTQP community, however because black men as a collective do not tolerate homosexuality, he plea fell on death ears. Like I said before, his aggressive campaign to get black men to accept homosexuality was part of the framework to pave the way for a homosexual to take lead of the Black Manosphere, outside of Kevin Samuels I cannot think of anybody else who would’ve been the candidate for the position.

      1. Charles Tyler’s first flaw was warning these women to get right because the men were going to Brazil and other places then had one daggle confronted Tyler on the beaches of Brazil. If it was me, I wouldn’t let these women know sh*t.

        His second flaw was bringing concepts of U.S. matrix black love into relationships with two different foreign black women which didn’t work out.

        There are black YouTubers think it’s finished for the queans and the culture after the death of Kevin Samuels but I think if Tommy Sotomayor goes, it’s done.

        1. The Black Manosphere is flawed.

          The death of a few, the near death experience of Donovan Sharpe doesn’t change a thing.

          The Manosphere is not SYSBM and SYSBM is not the Manosphere. They are two separate entities with some overlap.

          The overlap is caused by the dunces that believe there is still something redeemable in Black women.

          Again we don’t tell you who to date/marry/procreate with. However we will give you fair warning and evidence as to why we think this way.

          You can choose to heed that advice or ignore it, that’s on you.

        2. Brotherdanunlimited,

          Like I said in the last Open Mic concerning YouTuber Mr Let Go, if these black women see that a door is still open for them ie black men refuse to walk away, these heifers simply won’t change.

          When that black siren confronted Tyler on the beach, he shouldn’t have said “I love black women”. This is why SYSBM remains robust and is still going strong, because we don’t leave any doors open for the black witch contingent, NONE, that’s why they hate us the most:

        1. You made YouTube videos??? I just didn’t know about your content. Charles, I knew first about the passport game.

  2. The only thing i’m surprised about is people being surprised the Black Witch & her Simp Enforcers celebrating the death of a black man. They did the same thing with David Carroll & Kobe. Hell when Kobe died these dysfunctional degenerates were thanking the dark mother for his death! Ironically Kevin was about black love {that’s the reason I never watched his show because I don’t have a dog in that fight} & the Daggle still didn’t appreciate him for telling them the cold hard truth about themselves. If black men don’t see the true nature of the Daggle after this they never will! Like I said before if you know how the B-Dub gets down & you deal with them anyway you deserve whatever you get! Dealing with the B-Dub is like the real life version of the story about the Scorpion & the Frog. RIP Kevin.

    1. It’s more like the rapper 88 Keys album “The Death of Adam”

      They deserve exactly what they get and I am not gleeful about it either.

    2. Val Zod,

      The way it works with black women is this, everything is the black man’s fault, therefore black men who choose to deal with black women must fall upon the sword for things they do wrong as well as sacrifice themselves for the black female’s transgressions.

      In the eyes of the black witch contingent, these were the sins of Kevin Samuels, he told these black sirens the truth as well as gave them a serious reality check. He also held them to account and made them realise that they themselves needed to change instead of always passing the buck onto black men.

      More black men upon seeing the disrespect of Samuels after his death have checked out of the building, however the overwhelming majority will still hang in there hoping that one day black women will see the light and change for the better(which we know is NEVER going to happen).

      1. No doubt! SYSBM is most definitely for the few not the many. There will always be casualties of war & the black men that stay behind with their Lord & Savior {the black witch} will be those casualties!

  3. Kevin still believed in something that has never existed ever in history of so called black love imagination like what most blackistan males believe in.

    Life goes on as the same cycle over and over again after every death.

    The blackistan societies will still be the same old society as always.

    Replacing every negress with a white wifey material woman is a new society away from the opposition.

    Life is short to be born with nothing and then leaving everything behind after passing away with nothing.

    If he took the jab, he clearly didn’t do any research on vax deaths and snake venom treatments cause he thought it was completely safe.

    1. Witwijf,

      We’ve been stating for the longest that black love is dead and black women were the ones who killed it, Samuels with his sidekick Obsidian thought they could turn the tide and mend the rift between black men and black women, over here we already knew that such a mission would be a fool’s errand destined to end in colossal failure.

      A lot of black men just don’t seem to want to comprehend just how wicked and evil the overwhelming majority of black women are, hence why they continue to open doors for them instead of reading and accepting the writing on the wall.

      Unfortunately, despite blacks being the lowest uptakers of the jib-jab, there are a lot of black folks especially elder Gen Xers and boomers who got spooked by the mainstream media oft repeated witchcraft and rolled up their sleeves believing they were doing the right thing, many of them as a result aren’t alive today.

      1. Verbs 2015: It’s Crystal Clear that the ONLY Decent Worthy types of Black women we have left are YouTube Podcasters Chantelle Simone, Shalakemia and D’Nekia Marie.Out of those three we have two that are Single and one who is Happily Married.We can pretty much count the few good ones like them left on one hand.Outside of that,if any of us still wants and just has to have Black women,their best bet is going to Columbia,Panama,Mexico,The Dominican Republic and Brazil.As far as the jab goes,I hope David Carroll and Kevin Samuels didn’t cave in and take it.

        1. Robert,

          There are ZERO good black women ANYWHERE. If a BW has any kind of real attractiveness, she is holding out for Brad and Chad, or their local rappers, d-boys or athletes, not your black ass.

          You have to venture outside the phenotype COMPLETELY if you want anything decent. Rule of thumb, if they’ve got the kind of hair growing out of their head that BW pay money for, those are the ones you want to choose.

        2. Robert,

          I’m going to have to side with Schadenfreude on this one, back in the day when I begun my SYSBM journey 17 plus years ago, it was still possible to head to a Latin American country and pick up a decent black woman, however now in 2022, even the black females in these foreign lands are going the same way as the Western black woman, weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, raptor claws aka fake nails, truckloads of makeup, butt and breast implants, tattoos etc.

          Social media is successfully spreading its poison to black women all over the globe and this modern day black female of the United States is the head mascot of degeneracy and reprobation that black females in other parts of the world mimic and emulate. So called “good black women” are so few and far between, they don’t even register on any kind of radar, this demonstrates just how rancid black female society has become.

          According to commenter Michael Mister Tea, Samuels did admit he took at least one dose of the Convid shot. This as far as I’m concerned is confirmation, like I said before, the mainstream media is attempting to normalise people randomly keeling over and dying due to heart issues so that folks won’t look in the direction of the jib jab and begin putting the pieces of the puzzle together.

          1. Verbs 2015:Both of you guys are Absolutely Right.I just thought it was a few good decent ones left in those countries.Sure as hell ain’t the case here in the U.S.,the U.K.and like you said Verbs a long time ago even in Africa.Those few female podcasters sure know how to put on a good show and make it seem like they care for and are concerned about us.So many brothers have gone to the Philippines, Thailand (Podcaster Richie Mac)and other places and have NEVER looked back.

      2. For all the doubters like Anthony, who believe a company that has been convicted on more counts the Al Capone, here is a list of all the known side (unwanted primary) effects as reported by Pfizer after a court order. They originally wanted it supressed for 55 years, I wonder why? The first adverse event on the list is a chromosome disorder called 1p36 deletion syndrome. The definition is as follows: A chromosome disorder is a change in chromosome number or structure which results in a set of features or symptoms. People with 1p36 deletion syndrome have lost a small but variable amount of genetic material from one of their 46 chromosomes. If you have taken this , you are Trans Human, and may no longer have human rights as you are now a product.

        1. CTAX,

          And this is what they wanted to keep under wraps for 75 years before it went to court because they knew that everybody who took the shot would’ve been dead when the time expired, smh. I’ve never seen so many effects from a so called “vaccine” before in my life, that 1p36 deletion syndrome is serious stuff. I checked out Hepatic artery thrombosis on a random search as well as there are so many an individual could research.

          This is the same jab that the mainstream media was touting as “safe and effective”, practically every country around the world was being told the same garbage by its respective media outlets. It’s so called “safe and effective” yet so many individuals are dropping down dead with heart problems as a result of taking it:

  4. Verbs 2015.

    I am so shocked that I just found out that Kevin Samuels passed away yesterday on 5th May 2022. Black women who are celebrating his death are evil and they reconfirm the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 39. Kevin Samuels tried to save the black community and it cannot be saved because black women don’t want to take on the advice from Kevin Samuels because they think that they are strong independent black women with fake weave, fake nails, bleached skin, overweight, blue, green and grey colour contact lenses with their useless university degrees with lots of student loan debts that they cannot pay back with a well paid job that they don’t need a man. That’s the reason why black women are the least desired woman on the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      It was a noble effort on Samuels’ part to attempt to repair the damage between black men and black women, however such a mission was a complete waste of time and doomed from the start, we SYSBM practitioners already knew this, however Samuels just like many Gen X black men refused to read and accept the writing on the wall.

      Like MBD stated in his latest video, there is NOBODY from the Black Manosphere who can fill Samuels’ shoes now that he’s passed. We can’t be surprised anymore whenever we see black women celebrating the death of a black man because he told them the truth, said something they didn’t agree with or point blank refused to lick their muddy boots.

      Observing the current trajectory black women are on, eventually via their own actions they’ll completely relegate themselves out of the dating market altogether, coming very soon to a street near you.

  5. “Just as in the case of David Carroll, it’s my strong suspicion that Kevin Samuels took the death shot, how many doses of the poison I don’t know but for those in the know, these Covid jibjabs are heavily linked to bloodclots and heart problems. ”

    So true. The Covid jab is heavily linked to blood clots and heart problems. So if Kevin Samuels took the jab, the jab must be suspect number one. After the jab, another suspect comes to my mind, in the death of Kevin Samuels.

    Since Kevin Samuels believed in the myth of “Black Love”, it follows that Kevin Samuels, would not have viewed da communitah as the evil shithole that it is: a malevolent deathtrap for high profile, high net worth, high value black men. One can safely assume that Kevin Samuels did not give da communitah and its denizens, the wide wide berth that a man such as himself should have given it.

    Anyone who knows da communitah, knows that black life is cheap in da communitah, and that most denizens of da communitah are mentally ill, with the asylum being run by its sickest occupants, the scraggle daggles.

    Need I say more. But everyday in da communitah, black male simps kill each other for wanting the same worthless scraggle daggle, while the scraggle daggle laugths at their deaths. Everyday in da communitah, some scraggle daggle wth nefarious intent, puts something disgusting in the food of her black male simp.

    I will say this again. Any black man who has acquired the means to do so, should leave Blackistan forthwith, to never return!

    No doubt, there are countless black male simps and scraggle daggles who would do a man like Kevin Samuels harm. And being a “Black Love” advocate, Samuels would not have given Blackistan the wide berth it deserved.

    Hoteps, black male simps, and scraggle daggle haters, are all suspects in the Death of Kevin Samuels.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Samuels’ death makes no sense until you factor in the jib jab, one minute he’s fine then the next he’s complaining of chest pains only to croak it in his apartment a short while after, like I said, he was in relatively good health, as far as I’m concerned all fingers are pointing toward the Convid deathshot as the probable cause of death.

      Again, you’ll find very few people talking about Samuels from this point onwards who will cover this area, the mainstream media has successfully programmed so many folks into not even considering the Covid shot as the possible culprit for all these sudden and random deaths.

      What you’ve said about “da communitah” is spot on, it is a cesspool of filth, degeneracy and reprobation that ought to be left alone. Unfortunately too many black folks still believe it can be redeemed, Samuels was one of those people striving to rebuild black love.

      However the main problem is black women are married to the State, they are State operated, State funded and State directed and they wouldn’t have this set up any other way. The daggles and the simps that worship them must be left to burn with the community they’ve ruined alongside Slim Sauce, Trap House Jim, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse.

    2. AmericanBlkMan:I saw a comment today made by a young man on a YouTubers post that is very much True.He basically mentioned about Kevin Samuels Drinking about two Red Bulls a night.That’s fact because almost every video I watched him in,he was drinking Red Bull Energy Drinks.This may have attributed to his Death as well as the Death Shot.Energy drinks aren’t supposed to be drank like Water.

      1. Robert,

        What you say makes sense.

        Do I believe the hoteps, scraggle daggles, and black male simps were involved?
        Probably not. But I know these cohorts hate any black man who does not worship the scraggle daggle collective.

        This is the point I am making and will continue to make. And yes, these types would harm a black man just because he does not pander to the scraggle daggle collective.

        They always talk about free speech. But these cohorts are 100 percent intolerant of free speech when it involves calling out the fuckery and dysfunction of the scraggle daggle collective.

  6. So, the self proclaimed image consultant Kevin Samuels has passed away at the age of 56; I was on IG when I first heard the rumor, but I didn’t want to believe it without seeing proof. Unfortunately, he passed away after complaining about chest pains (according to a lady who was with him at the time); I, too, was highly suspicious that he took the jab when they said he died of cardiac arrest. I’m not surprised to hear that the scraggle daggle are celebrating Samuels’ death, but that doesn’t disqualify the brutal honesty he hit them in their “average at best” faces with; at the end of the day, they’re still not wife material for neither a “high value man” nor a dusty! If Lord Euro had said the same thing Kevin Samuels had said to them, I highly doubt they’d be celebrating his death at all; they’d most likely cry and beg for his acceptance.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      As soon as I heard cardiac arrest/heart attack, I suspected immediately that his death had to be jib jab related. The mainstream media for the last year has been priming the general public to just accept random deaths relating to heart problems as something normal, to be expected and has even been telling them that simple tasks such as making the bed could cause heart attacks, smh.

      As for black women and their celebrations of Samuels’ death, this changes absolutely nothing for them, they’re still at the bottom of the sewer, dead last when it comes down to dating, nobody wants them and even more black men have chosen to exit the building seeing this ultimate disrespectful and disgusting behaviour black women have openly put on display.

      The black love mission is really dead now, a guy who was trying to help black women out is currently being laughed at, mocked and ridiculed by these same black females just because he told them the truth, gave them a more realistic outlook on the dating environment and showed them where they really stood.

  7. Great commentary, Verbs. I didn’t want to believe it until a semi-reputable MSM source confirmed it, rather than the rumors and wishful thinking of matriarchal chitlin’ circuit blogs and outlets.

    Another forceful voice for straight Black Men gone after the great David Carroll. And anybody who dismisses the jab as a possible cause of death is being disingenuous at best. Although I disagree, I think David Carroll actually died of COVID due to his heavy breathing in his last two videos.

    MBD has the right idea keeping his identity secret, seems like any strong Black Male YouTube voice who speaks out against the Black Matriarchy ends up dead, almost like the powers that be want to keep the Communitah flat on its face. The irony is David Carroll did a video about how Kevin Samuels needed to protect himself. But in his scenario, a matriarchal simp drone would attack KS in the streets for the honor of da sistuhs a la Will Smith. Keep your anonymity, gents.

    I just pointed out in another post how those black hyenas cackled after Kobe’s death, same thing here. The mission remains the same, freeze these bitches out.

    The rumor is he was with an Asian woman at the time of his death, he was SYSBM all along.


    1. Shrug all KS did was take Tommy’s shtick and make it more presentable.

      Black women and wannabe B1’s infuriate Tommy so much that he goes off an obscenity laced tirade. You would as well if you were forced to listen to their circular logic that deeply seeded in most Black folk.

      I stopped watching Tommy because he knows the answer (Lana) but refuses to accept it and is thinking too far ahead of implications of having a non-Black wife yet talking about Black issues.

      Julian Bond had a White wife and nobody questioned his resolve with the NAACP, this is nonsense.

      1. “Shrug all KS did was take Tommy’s shtick and make it more presentable.”

        Yup pretty much. KS studied all the so-called “Black Manosphere” personalities before launching his course of action.

        It’s the hypocrisy for me regarding Tommy; the so-called worst, most grimy females on the planet, your whole business plan is bitching about them, yet you still can’t stay from between their legs. Flying these bitches out, having ’em in your crib, having kids by them. I’m shocked that some thot hasn’t poisoned that dude and we’re not reading about him, but KS.

        His hard turn into Trumpism was also a turn-off for me. It’s one thing if you were always a conservative, it’s another when you’re obviously pandering for donations.

        I’ll give him that he broke the Black Male YouTube space wide open back in 2012-13, but his schtick is old if you ask me.

        1. Schadenfreude,

          Any black man who is truly conservative isn’t going to deal with black women on any level. As soon as these black sirens realised that Sotomayor still wanted access to their cooches, it was a chicken wrap for him, they saw that he was a pushover who could easily be controlled.

          The dude cannot be taken seriously, he can spit knowledge, wisdom and understanding about these black females all day yet fails to apply any of what he preaches to his own life, smh.

          As MBD mentioned in his latest video, unfortunately Samuels ventured down the same road as Sotomayor in wanting to be the only Negro on top of the mountain, hence why there is nobody who can fit into Samuels’ shoes after his passing. Sotomayor’s time at the top is done, he had his moment, he complained about Samuels stealing from him but to be honest, from 2016 onwards Sotomayor was already over the hill.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Even though I wasn’t a Samuels fan, it’s still a sad situation. Even though I believe he was an undercover fruit, as a black man business wise Samuels was gaining some serious traction and making major moves.

      Unfortunately he believed in black love and reached out to help a bunch of evil, ungrateful black sirens who we all know had no intentions of severing their cosy relationship with General Blizzard and his entity called the State.

      I believe the best way forward for heterosexual free thinking black men who see these black females for the evil, bloodthirsty creatures that they are is to simply vote with their feet and exit the building in silence.

      It’s evident that most black men really don’t understand just how evil and wicked the overwhelming majority of black women are, jumping for joy at the death of a man who was trying his utmost to help them out, how low can black women get?

      The bottom hasn’t dropped out with black women’s evil nature and personally I don’t believe it ever will, they’ll always take their wickedness and evil deeds to the next level.

      1. Verbs,

        I think it’s something fishy about that man’s death and it’s not the jab. We need to check into that woman he was with at the time of his death. MBD says Dr. Umar called her a “snowbunny assassin” (even though she was a Latina) could be some truth to it LOL.

  8. NBC News has talked to Kevin’s Mother and she confirmed his death.

  9. I was no fan of Kevin Samuels, but rest in peace, sir. Brothers, by the number of women, particularly black women, who are celebrating the death of this Brother you should now know how they feel about intelligent black men of good character. I have seen dope dealers, gangbangers, and even CHILD MOLESTERS pass away and never receive this level of disrespect, vitriol, & hatred. Hell, Bishop Eddie Long was known to have molested at least two boys, yet he was damn near LIONIZED upon his death. As you move forward, remember that few really want to hear what is really true.

    Even if Mr. Samuels IS dead, “his” message will live on. Remember: messages always outlive their messengers, especially if they didn’t originate with said messenger.

    1. What message? Black Love? I really encourage you to read Eugene Robinson’s book about Disintegration.

      Kevin often said this I guess lots of ninjas missed it but he had a private group that was made of mostly upper class Blacks. The truth is sometimes the upper class will get involved in your debates about Black women they are chiefly saying “There’s nothing wrong with the Black women I know”

      Exactly dunce!

      Without getting into a debate of the US education system these higher educated Blacks are devoid of much of the baggage that middle class and majority working class Black women suffer from.

      The middle class, working class and poor are who most Black men are exposed too. They are the ones with the ratchet behavior. So why are these rich Blacks jumping into your debate?

      They think the negative language we are using is damaging and preventing any process towards action by the Government.

      They are partly right, the negative media is spread around Alt-White websites and funneled to politicians who sometimes use these videos to rail against any help from Government at the state level especially in Southern states where there is less change of a primary opponent.

      If you supported Kevin Samuels and gave him your hard earned working/middle class dollars, I know where you stand and you aren’t SYSBM!

      If you support and give money to Donavon Sharpe who I have warned several times about playing around with Rollo Tomossi (same with Fresh & Fit) and other White male YouTubers, you are not SYSBM and I know where you stand.

      Like I said, i stopped watching the majority of these ______ because they don’t improve anything.

      They are too deeply invested in the United States, wrong move kids.

      1. I’m not a fan of Kevin Samuels. I have never given him (or others of his ilk) so much as a penny.

        What I meant by “his” message is how he called out BW for their dysfunction. That message existed before him, and it will exist after him.

    2. Kameron Brown,

      This is why the black love initiative can NEVER work, because it requires the best and the brightest of black male society to form a coalition with a group of gutter women who have a deep hatred and disdain for those kinds of black men.

      Additionally, black women as a collective have no idea what the words responsibility and accountability mean, you cannot have a successful relationship with women who constantly pass the buck and place the blame at the feet of others.

      No black man worth his salt is going to involve himself in a relationship with any stragg, yet alone a black one.

  10. I heard the sad news of Kevin Samuels passed away this morning when I woke up. I did an article of him talking to an incel on his channel asking him about his dick size. The article is called The Homosphere. As I heard that he passed away, I heard that black women are celebrating his death. This is no surprise for me at all. First they celebrated when Kobe Bryant died; they rejoice when Dr David Carroll died and now Kevin Samuels. It really goes to show that black women are showing their true colours and they are showing it again. As you look at it, black women (some) are showing that they are that undatable because of their dysfunctional and ratchet behaviour. My condolences to his family, it’s a sad day but it now over shadowed by these good for nothing ratchet scraggle daggles that doing the same thing when David Carroll and Kobe died.

    Hey keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles and these simps are coming after non black women because that they feel like non black women are taking the good black men away.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Samuels tried his best to help these straggs but to no avail. Black women really have to be a bunch of premium grade A dunces and idiots to jump for joy at the death of a man who was putting in some serious work to help them, however because he didn’t call them queens and lick their muddy boots, black women weren’t happy at all.

      Getting upset with the dude because he brought them into to harsh reality they’ve been so desperately trying to escape from and because he point blank refused to tell them what they wanted to hear, smh.

  11. The last person before Kevin’s death is an eye witness name Ortensia Alcantara.
    She saw he had chest pain before his death.

    Police report case from Atlanta Police Department:

    Google search: Ortencia Alcantara

    1. Sheriff X,

      Kevin Samuel’s death is being reported in the mainstream media big time today.

      It occurred to me that he might have been taking viagra or some other male stimulant. I know a simp who brags about having a source for 500ml viagra. Excessive viagra is deadly to some people.

  12. Verbs,

    I agree with Michael MrT what he stated about Star Trek what Picard said to Armus.
    Also this is an important advice for the brothers:
    I say, let these BW celebrate and dance in Kevin’s grave. Why?
    As what Michael and Mister stated:
    It does not matter how much BW can celebrate/twerk or have a internet party on any brothers’ death.
    The BW will still be in the ghetto, hood, being single mothers, living in the hood, fat, broke, having college/university debt, bitter, bottom of the barrel, updatable, fake and weave.
    Also the more they celebrate, the more they will never get chose in the dating scene.
    BW always complaining about their image getting bad, watch them destroy their own image and reputation by celebrating BM’s death.
    Whilst brothers will take that knowledge, flourish and learn from it and getting passports.

    It reminds me of Kobe Bryant’s death, when they say how all the Latina getting all the money which is another ‘Fox and Grape’ mindset from these BW because they wanted have his money. But guess what? The BW never chose him so the BW gets nothing!

    1. Andy C,

      I’ll keep on saying it, the time is fast approaching where black women through their own actions are going to completely relegate themselves out of the dating market. They can’t even put on a pretend face of sorrow in the face of a black man’s death, nope, these heifers immediately bring out their pom poms and jump up and down as if they’ve just won the lottery.

      As I, yourself and MMT have pointed out, the death of Samuels hasn’t changed anything for black women as a collective, they still sit at the bottom of the deepest sewers especially when it comes down to relationships as well as life in general.

  13. RIP
    As you pointed out this changes nothing, BW are celebrating the messenger being dead but the message has already been delivered. KS was only pointing out what most good BM with sense have known for decades at this point, his death wont change anything. You are finding that less BM these days are willing to take part in the fantasy that BW are infallible queens who are beyond criticism, they are simply putting up the Wall and walking away. Once again RIP to Kevin Samuels.

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      In the past we’ve both pointed to Isaiah chapters 3 and 4, the thing is now we can all see that scenario coming over the horizon at a rapid pace. Black men worth their salt already left the building a long time ago, this is why the “black love” initiative that Samuels and co-pilot Obsidian desired to resurrect was already dead on arrival. Heterosexual free thinking brothers are voting with their feet and they’re doing so in silence, that is the worst outcome for the modern day black female.

  14. So what will all these YouTube content creators who just piggybacked on KS’ content (JR Wisdom, DeeDee etc) do now? Guess they’ll have to come up with their own material. Oh well.

  15. On and FB page for men, I had to call out one BW – who is a therapist by profession – for thinly veiling her happiness at his death by saying “God wanted him dead.” I said i was amazed at ho women misuse God to hide their own wickedness

    Of course, refusing to take ANY accountability for her own words, she blocked me when I pressed her on it. Especially after I told her her that KS warned men about female therapists.

    I need to find a way to relocate to The Philippines in the next 10 to 15 years. I need to get far away from the vile creatures.

  16. Another prime example of the insanity of the misandrists, and the greater insanity of those who believe they will reform or control the FREEST of all women. They are pissing and twerking on Samuels grave for all to see. As Baba mentioned, same thing happened with Kobe and his daughter.

    Kobe was neutral, stayed away from the ‘faux Black’ politics and enjoyed his SYSBM lifestyle, harming nobody – they still pissed and twerked on his grave.

    The Sisterhood coven has made it clear, they don’t care about the meager attempts of self-appointed gurus, pussy beggars, and simps to ‘save them’ from their OWN decisions and choices. Worry about saving yourself Black men.

    When I talked about the Vax and called it an unconstitutional draconian measure; YouTube censors removed & blacklisted my upload and forced me to appeal.

    Guess what? Everything I said was proven true about the Vax and the government’s overkill restrictions. Stick to your guns and think for yourself brothas.

    Ultimately, the truth will rise to the top.

    Trust the Tenets
    Trust the Tenets
    Trust the Tenets


    1. King Sigma,

      Yep, any black man who either reprimands and chastises black women or alternatively chooses to take his money and resources elsewhere, they’ll hate that black man with a passion, hope and “pray” that some misfortune comes upon him if they’re unable to bring some type of calamity into his life via their own hands. Samuels and his on the far side, sidekick Obsidian tried to help these eternal ingrates but to no avail.

      I still believe it was the jab that took Samuels out, the chest pains followed by the heart attack are classic effects that so many people have either suffered or died from after rolling up their sleeves and taking the Convid shot. The modern day black female cannot be reformed, redeemed or saved and Samuels’ death is yet another in a long line of tragic events that has unfortunately proven this to be the case.

      Like you said, those black men who still possess some sense and intelligence simply need to focus upon themselves and completely abandon the black with by the wayside.


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