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Everyday, More Lies – Part 4!


Really heifer??? Wasn’t this the same Rebecca Lynn Pope who released a viral video roughly 4 years ago talking about how women(namely black women) had unrealistic expectations of black men when it came down to dating and marriage and how many of these same lofty black females didn’t even meet a reasonable standard themselves?

What have I been telling you for years about black women switching, falling in line with and even defending dysfunctional members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure when necessary? Here we have two cake faced, weave wearing black harriets forming a confederacy in order to perpetuate the same old lie/myth that the mainstream media has been putting out there for so many years.

What makes me laugh is when Rebecca Lynn Pope is rattling off the usual lies and propaganda, you can see it in her face that she knows that she’s transgressing and disseminating age old garbage, however she knew at that moment she had to fall in line with the other member of the black witch’s coven, one Miss Kendra G or face some harsh consequences for being disobedient thereafter.

Let’s first deal with the so called finance issue which I’m going to approach from the same angle I did some years ago. We already knew that the median net worth for US single black women(who make up the overwhelming majority of black female society) is in the negative, though previously it was at $5.

If what Rebecca Lynn Pope says is true that black women are “running rings around black men” in terms of business and finance, why is it the figure for the median net worth of black men for the longest while couldn’t be found? Remember the challenge I put out a few years back seeing if brothers could find out the number, that challenge was still open meaning nobody had managed to stumble across it.

As I said years ago, the median net worth for US black men had been hidden on purpose for the longest, not even your boys at dared to publish the number because they as well as others knew full well that the facade of black women supposedly “doing better” than black men would immediately crumble.

I managed to find a website that referenced a 2019 study that stated the median net worth for single black men was $10100 compared to single black women which was only $1700(without vehicles included). Check out the link below, go to the heading “Men, Women, Marital Status And Wealth where you can read the information for yourselves. Additionally, please check out the PDF link under that which is the actual study itself where you can go to page 5 and look at the charts for confirmation:

It doesn’t matter whether you take the median net worth with or without vehicles, black men are still leaps and bounds ahead of their female counterparts. I personally believe black women in this study have a higher median net worth due to the heavy amount of government money, welfare and assistance they receive being included.

So what is Rebecca Lynn Pope talking about with this “black women are running rings around black men” mantra? Like I said before, she knew she was talking trash, the lying witch simply wanted to “stay on code” with Kendra G.

Additionally, as we all know black women waste money on utter garbage such as weaves/wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, makeup, designer bags and clothes etc, therefore it shouldn’t come as any surprise why their median net worth is practically in the toilet.

Black women have the greater spending power in black society yet they’ll readily squander their money on things that don’t really matter. Always talking about the need for black men to build yet these heifers are the first ones to spend their money in East Asian communities making them rich while many of these same black females live in squaller but pretend to be wealthy and “living it up”, smh.

Now, let’s deal with the “sexuality” aspect that Pope deceptively threw in there, smh. The whole “black men being on the down-low” mantra could fly pre internet when black women held the mainstream media floor and could rattle off any falsehoods about black men they wanted to and get away with it. However this is now 2022 where black men can use the internet to push back against in real time the oft repeated lies put out by the black witch contingent.

The fact of the matter is when it comes to homosexuality, black men are the most hostile group on the planet towards it, this has always been the case despite most black men being raised by single black mothers who would’ve tried their utmost to emasculate and if possible effeminise them.

It should also be added that black women are the most receptive towards homosexuality and the LGBTQP committee and have confessed many times that they have no problems sleeping with homosexual black men(already knowing their sexual orientation by the way). Yep, they levy the accusation of so called “down-low black men” being one of the main causes behind there being so many single black women, yet these same black harpies have no problems getting dicked down by the same, make that make sense.

In order to fully understand black women’s “claims” about there not being a sufficient amount of “eligible” black men available, you first have to understand exactly what types of black men are viewed as “eligible” in the eyes of the overwhelming majority of black women. When you break this down, you’ll then begin to understand why they’re constantly complaining about there being a shortage.

Black women have made it known many times over that the types of black men they’re attracted to are thugs, criminals, gangsters, felons, bums and basic down and out gutter black males:

Of course there’s going to be a shortage of these kinds of men available because most of them are either on the run from law enforcement, already in jail, prison or worse still 6 feet deep in the ground. Put bluntly black women are looking for thug penis, however there simply aren’t enough thugs, criminals and gangsters to go around.

Gentlemen, never get derailed or upset whenever you hear this same “lack of eligible black men available” lie being propagated by the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure because at least you now know exactly what type of black men constitute as “eligible” in their eyes.

Brothers, black women as per usual are telling on themselves and continue to openly demonstrate why they should never be trusted under any circumstances. As the saying goes, know your enemies and act accordingly. Black women stay throwing black men under the bus at any opportunity that presents itself.

Finally, money as a tool does little to nothing in ensuring that a relationship will be successful and go the distance. As an example we see many more successful long term relationships/marriages in poorer countries when compared to the West.

The reason why black women focus so much on finances is because as stated before, they view black men as slaves, assets and commodities. Any black man who gets involved with a black female will be the mule/flunky bringing her his hard earned money to spend while at the same time she’ll be stacking up her own. Pro blacks, these are YOUR so called “queens”, not mine. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Some Black Men Out Here Still Believe Black Women Are “Their Women”, Lol

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Everyday, More Lies – Part 4!

  1. Of course she don’t account that black women have the most student loan debt. They always try to ignore debt and put it on free thinking black men to pay it off. No thanks. My goal is to live stress free and healthy as I possibly can. SYSBM

      1. These Scum,Bum Trash Whores belong to Dr.Umar Johnson and Captain Vanilla.They can have them ALL.Rebbeca Lynn Pope is a Fucking Worthless Joke.She’s a Traitor and Owned and Controlled by the Demon Witch Sister Girl Hood and the higher dark,evil powers.Brothers,we have Enemies all throughout the ranks of those who look like us.All of Our Skin Folks Definitely Ain’t our Kin Folks.Let’s see if the three sisters, Shalakemia,Chantelle Simone and D’Nekia Marie who seem to have our backs won’t be swayed,become treasonous,traitors and be overcome by the Black Witches Coven and turn against us Like Pope did.

        1. “Let’s see if the three sisters, Shalakemia,Chantelle Simone and D’Nekia Marie who seem to have our backs won’t be swayed,become treasonous,traitors and be overcome by the Black Witches Coven and turn against us Like Pope did.”

          Remember witch covens are in threes. All modern black hoes are chameleons and will eventually kowtow to the Black Matriarchy, these ones just recognized a pick-me niche where they can get more attention and donations, especially in the wake of Kevin Samuels. Black simps are desperate for BW to be nice to them, those women recognized that.

          Smile and be cordial, but trust no bitch. SYSBM.

          1. This, ^ I have yet to meet a black woman 👧🏿 who didn’t FLIP later on down the line. I’m dead serious too, no matter how staunch her viewpoints, how honest she seemed, how respectful, steadfast, kind, nice, polite, intelligent, feminine or sincere she seemed; the flip was always waiting nearby to rear its ugly head! Every single time!!

            So naturally after experiencing this over and over again, I came to the realization that virtually ALL bw harbor deep seated disrespect, hatred and disdain for their male counterparts and if you spend enough time around them they will ALWAYS pop and their true feelings will manifest themselves.

            See, this knowledge of the inner workings of “DAGGLEDUMB” is what separates and distinguishes the difference between the Manosophere and SYSBM.

            True followers of SYSBM know right off the cuff that virtually ALL black women are beyond redemption and that it’s a lost cause. I mean they are so rare that you could go your whole life and not meet even ONE decent black women.

            Which is one reason I don’t subscribe to ANY black female YouTubers, because they are all disingenuous And Therefore, this being the case, your time should be spent elsewhere on more productive endeavors!

            I’m quite sure that the three “DAGGLEDUMBS”mentioned below will flip at some point in time, the flip will probably coincide with them realizing that they can make MUCH more money catering to the unified Dagglesphere’s toxic mindset of black male hatred! And this will happen just as they gain enough female followers, the question is NOT if it’s when..

            Again, as for me I don’t trust black women PERIOD as I’ve never really met a decent one that I could TRUST (from a romantic standpoint). I reckon at this point in history that 99% of black women are dishonest, liars, promiscuous cheaters, gold diggers, violent, mentally unhinged, obese, have oow kids, have stds, poor hygiene, DEHYDRATED SCALPS, violent, disagreeable, ex prostitute, stripper, oow kids, unwashed weave, criminal record, unethical, disloyal, weaponizes sex, argumentative, lack intelligence, drug addict, frivolous shopper, unable to love(pairbound), Hung over ex, Lazy, Reformed swirler, Stds, over five sex partners and finally LOVE FOR Thugs over good men(as mentioned). Every black woman, and yes I do mean EVERY black women I have ever met falls into at least one or more(usually more) of these categories which. Of course by virtue of this fact disqualifies them from EVER being fit for marriage or relationship material.

  2. They keep telling on themselves on the daily, don’t they?


      1. New order status: SHIPPED

        Courtesy of L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


      2. These Pro Black SIMPS don’t have No life they suck ON Mother Tittie because black woman is God crying about begging us to be with THEM Fuck Out Of Here I’AM Not Down With PRO-Wack they are self-esteem LOW LIFE Clowns LIKE UMAR THE 🤡 They Beed Stop Forcing us Black Man To Date Black women we don’t want you we are saving our self #SYSBM We are Done with the Pookie and Ray Thuganomics And All Pro Black Karen Keep bitching about us all you want to but we still ain’t been in the knee We Are free!!! DATE OUT!!

  3. The scraggle daggle might enjoy riding thug cock, but the scraggle daggle dreams of finding a high earning black male simp to fund her wretched life. Her ultimate dream is to have a black male simp funding her, while she rides thug cock on the side, and ghetto gags for bottom shelf brad on the side.

    What the scraggle daggle really means when she says that there is a dearth of eligible black men, is that there is a dearth of high earning black male simps.

    I don’t champion black males as a collective anymore. I do champion SYSBM black men and black men who share most of the SYSBM values.

    If you subtract all of the money that the black male simp collective gives to the scraggle daggles to fund their wretched lives, then the net wealth of the scraggle daggle collective plummets even further.

    I will keep on saying this. The black male simp is as much an enemy of SYSBM black men as is the scraggle daggle. They are two sides of same coin.

    1. AMEN, brother!

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      The old dual mating strategy, alpha lays, beta pays. I personally believe they would much prefer it if the thug, gangster or criminal is earning top dollars as this would complete the package.

      Even though they do use the simps, these sirens still aren’t really satisfied unless they can land themselves a fast lane Negro or a Colonel Sleet.

      Like I said in my book Negro Wars, black women as a collective must never be trusted under any circumstances. When Black Manosphere 2.0 was in its hay day, look at how many black women claimed they were down for the cause and supported black men, where are they all now?

      You’ll get no arguments from me, the pro black male simp is as much if not even more of a curse and a pestilence to SYSBM free thinking brothers as the black witch herself.

  4. These Daggles can believe what they want to believe meanwhile the free thinking black man is living life to the fullest & isn’t concerned about the woes of the Black Witch!

    1. Val Zod,

      Black women hold the most debt, at a base level the median net worth of the US black man is at least 7-8 times that of the US black female, yet these harpies are supposed to be “running rings around black men”, pure comedy.

      1. “Black women hold the most debt, at a base level the median net worth of the US black man is at least 7-8 times that of the US black female, yet these harpies are supposed to be “running rings around black men”, pure comedy.”

        They’re “running rings around Black Men” when it comes to being single, fat, student loan debt, number of children out of wedlock, least pRoTeCtEd, least desired, HIV and STDs. I also have yet to see these “businesses” they’re always bragging about. How many people in the communitah do these “businesses” employ? Doing hair in your basement with no license don’t count.

        SYSBM forever!

        1. Schadenfreude,

          This is the point, black women are renowned for everything terrible, unclean, degenerate, reprobate etc and nothing good. I’ve said it before, when the words “black women” are mentioned, nothing good comes to mind, NOTHING. Black women extremely few and far between are managing to run successful businesses, black women engaging in constructive commerce is an extremely rare thing.

        2. Most of their businesses are customer service based. They are not building complex infrastructures like a Tech company, architectural drafting & engineering companies, nor anything blue collar based to develop & maintain infrastructures.

          These are mostly restaurants, beauty supply stores, beautician parlors, and financial based services (via credit repair, mortgage broking, and real estate agents).

          Their not even smart enough to aggregate their resources for a common goal to create a megalithic company that provides a service to the common public that’s a necessity.

          They are delusional low lives with hisontric personality disorders who are barely functioning members of society. They are only consumers who have an inflated sense of ego and self importance. They use Black women because they are not cognitively intelligent and know that they can be used as a viable consumer resource.

          1. “They are delusional low lives with histrionic personality disorders who are barely functioning members of society.”

            These hoes got main character syndrome lol.

  5. Last week I did a post about how the Affirmative Action free ride that the scraggle daggle collective has been enjoying, is coming to an end. The scaggle daggle collective might be getting gassed up by their ‘liberal’ white zaddies and their thirsty black male simps right now, but this current Supreme Court has something in store for their nasty asses.

    If you think the acraggle daggles are howling at the moon right now, because Roe v Wade is on the chopping block, wait until this Supreme Court takes on Affirmative Action.

    You won’t see these testosterone laden beasts beating their chests and talking about running rings around anyone, after their Affirmative Action gets taken from them.

    1. The only reason affirmative action won’t go away is because white women are the #1 beneficiaries of it. I didn’t vote for Trump but the best he could do was freeze federal hiring (mostly BW) and Section 8. But not kill AA outright. I was rooting for Trump in that regard. Biden on the other hand came in and INCREASED food stamps and bennies by 20%.

  6. I am going my 2 cents on this finance when they talk about how men are broke and BW are wealthy.

    Yes BM are broke and so as BW.
    Let me explain this difference between broke BM and BW:

    When BM are broke, they are basically ‘Debit’ broke whilst the BW are ‘Credit’ broke.
    What does this mean by ‘Debit’ and ‘Credit’ broke?

    Debit means ‘your’ money, money you got in your bank account. Most BM live with their means and they save up. These men do not care bout how much money they got because they like certain Blue Collar jobs. They do not care about the lifesytle as they just live life. Sometimes they are frugal.

    Credit means bank money, mean you owe money. When you see BW live in this lavish lifestyle such as cars, house and vacations, they are living in on credit, so they owe bank money. Especially when they said how much Bull Shit Degree they have. In the UK, we call it, ‘Mickey Mouse Degree’. When they have huge debt to pay.

    What people fail to realise that some BM escpecially in the hood do not or probably not allowed to use Credit Card anyway and BW can get Credit Card easily so they can spend reckelessly and that is why you always see some post on Social Media such as Facebook about how they need men to pay their utility bills.
    Another thing the BW will never tell you that these BW use Governent Assistant so they get more money to live on whilst the Black Men get no support. If they go broke, they go homeless whilst the BW gets housing by the government. So they know they have more advantage than the brothers.

    Let’s get to this men are broke to date:
    Shawn James written a book (I did not buy or read) and it is called ‘Romance without Finance’.
    The manosphere keep on and on about men cannot afford to date or marry women because they are broke.
    So the question I ask is if the men are broke to date, then why these BW are getting pregnant by a broke Thug?
    This is a contradiction because they saying that how good brothers cannot afford to date women whilst the Thugs get laid so easily.

    I remember listen to KS and Minister Jap collaboration and Kevin mention that somewhere around the year 2000+ the BW change the dating game and now saying that good BM must have the 666’s and build a kingdom from ground up just to court a BM. If that is the case, then it is no point of dating them because other race of women do not think like this.
    This reminds me on what Madbusdriver said, he said these BW expect you to build a castle and just give BW the keys. This is what these BW truly want BM to do.

    I mention or Mister Master said this before about Marriage, Rich and Poor is a wedding vow which something BW can never value and lets say if the brother went through financially difficulty because of jobs, wages, cuts or health. These females will bail and divorce your black ass because you simply do not earn enough money.

    1. MMT,

      You wrote quite a chunk there, I’ll just say this, if the black witch wasn’t receiving assistance from the government, she would seriously be up the creek without a paddle. All the best to those black men who feel they can satisfy the Jezebel spirit within these black harriets and voluntarily put themselves up as financial mules for their black “queenies”.

      This is what the “black men are broke” talk is really all about, in the eyes of black women and their pro black male simp flunkies, you’re classified as “broke” if you refuse to put yourself forward as a volunteer for financial mule services ie recklessly spend your money on a group of females who aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, you really cannot make this Twilight Zone garbage up.

      1. I agree with you about my big chunk message. Especially how I explained about ‘Debit’ vs ‘Credit’
        This is because these broads talk all this black men are broke, dusty, trash, bin bags or WTF as they will come up with a new term to demonise BM.
        And they go on an on about how successful and superior/educated BW are.

        But when you get to the deep into the core of this money stuff, they will never you this. They will fed other women lies about BM.

        Also as other stated, the reason they never include College debt and other debt they have because they hide behind the lifestyle they live in and show it to public how wealthy they are and they say they deserver the top 10% like the Kevin Samuels type.
        But the 10% brother like KS knows of they wife up these lavish BW, they know full well they will inherit and pay off all of the BW’s debt.

        Verbs wrote:
        “you’re classified as “broke” if you refuse to put yourself forward as a volunteer for financial mule services ie recklessly spend your money on a group of females who aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm, you really cannot make this Twilight Zone garbage up.”

        Exactly, another word, inherit BW’s debt.

  7. I just wnat to know if im crazy or not. Am i the only young black man who mostly get attention form non black women online and in real life. Its like bw arent even into bm unless ur a stereotype i keep hearing this mess that non bw arent into bm by guys like king richez,stephiscold my experince more non bw love bm more tnan regular bw that a fact i stand on especiallyy if your darkskin.

    1. Z,

      Unfortunately King Richez is your archetype Slim Sauce/12 Gauge Mike UK version, he’s unable to date out successfully because he can’t drop the ghetto mentality. I would say Stephiscold is the same, another Negro who cannot drop the buster behaviour.

      We SYSBM knights have mentioned this many times before on the website, most black men simply aren’t cut out for interracial dating because they cannot let go of the no standards grimy mentality that has been embedded deep into their psyches by the black witch herself.

      Non black women show black men attention all damn day, if you’re a dark skinned black man you’re really going to get shown some love from Becky, Mai Ling, Lopez, Yamoto etc.

      Don’t listen to those dudes trying to broadcast that non black women aren’t interested in you when your own experiences demonstrate the complete opposite.

    2. King Richez is the UK vetsion of blackistan that gets his influence from blackistan USA.

      Don’t pay any attention to dudes like him about not dating out.

      The key to finding a high quality woman is someone who ain’t influenced by USA when it comes to negative influences during relationship.

      No UK negro and no UK negress can tell me not to date out with a white wifey.

      1. Witwijf,

        UK YouTuber Falcon Black is another one who attempts to downplay the attention black men receive from non black women, he’s another one who cannot let go of his black queenies.

        I remember clashing with him a while back when SYSBM was getting a lot of attention shortly after the Tenets were released because Black alongside quite a few others tried to talk smack about the philosophy.

  8. There’s a lack of [felony thug dick] in the black community.

    Of course there is, when you’re on the run, shot up or in the nick getting your salad tossed by Big Bertha. They say this outdated nonsense because the implication is black men who date white women stay out of the community permanently. It’s the black brain drain in action.

    Yeah, these mind control spells aren’t working anymore and what’s more, Biden-flation is set to make these scraggs wail in pain from the increase in food prices. Bitches be queuing for bread very soon, then murdering their kids in narcissistic rage. Section 8 CUTS will look like Disneyland in the spring compare to what’s down the pike.

    Rebecca Lynn Pope better get her food stores up before talking smack about any black men. Down low, what a cheek…

    1. Michel,

      Like I stated in the Kevin Samuels article, the black female’s lust for thug dick is one of the main reasons why the “black love” resurrection initiative launched by Samuels and Obsidian was doomed to fail from the beginning.

      Black men with options most certainly aren’t going to stick around to be constantly disrespected and disparaged by a group of ungrateful women who don’t even like them anyway past their money and resources.

      The brain drain is very real and black women are really feeling the pinch despite them putting on a brave face pretending everything is ok. Yep, black witch Pope really tried to slide in the DL mantra, smh.

  9. At this point, the scraggle daggle are nothing more than habitual liars; they live in a fantasy world where they are never at fault if something goes wrong in their lives. I see they now are comfortable rehashing the old tired falsehoods about eligible Black men not being in abundance; when all of your attention is turned towards Slim Sauce, it’s very easy to miss all of the good Black men, making it easy for Becky, Mariana, Hong Chi, and Priya to step in and take all of the brothers these daggles choose to ignore. I can see there being a resurgence of the talking points used in the above video with Kevin Samuels now deceased; who else in the Black sector of YouTube will use his brutal honesty approach in talking to the daggles? No one that I can think of.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Black women just like their pro black male simp flunkies continue to go around in circles, I remember King Sigma a few years ago stated that black women and their advocates would begin rehashing old talking points that have already been put to bed.

      I believe it was yourself and commenter JamesSYSBM who a number of years ago stated that the times of going back and forth with the black witch contingent were done.

      Let them continue to make slap fools out of themselves via the resurrection old talking points which automatically demonstrates that they really cannot bring any new solid arguments to the forefront, smh.

  10. Verbs 2015.

    We all know that the type of black men that black woman love are the thug bad boy black men, criminal black men, baby daddy black men and killer type of black men. This whole argument that there is not enough eligible black men for these black women is bullshit and lies.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Indeed, deconstructing and decoding the phrase “eligible black men” is the primary key to understanding where these black sirens are actually coming from and what they’re really saying.

  11. I want a son. I want a son that look like my youngest nephew.

    Right, it was 2003 and I was in a relationship with this Jamaican chick right when I was living at North West London which I miss dearly. We talk on the phone, this and that. She called me to say that she needs £15 pounds to go to Manchester. I went to meet her and I gave her the money and we kissed and so on. She use to accuse me of lying and all that bullshit, even though I was trying to get it elsewhere. I was thinking to myself that she could be lying to get the money. I talked about it on the first part of the steamy miniseries Jamaican Pudding. But, I moved on.

    They say that there are no good black men around. They are around but the thing is that they are choosing the thugs, criminals, hopeless men, worthless men and the unproductive men which will get them exited. Everybody knows that they don’t want a good man especially a well established one. And black men are not cheeking black women like before because of the dysfunctional behaviour they are showing on display. They proved it when Kevin Samuels died. Black women don’t really care about black men but they do prefer the thuggish dudes they are chasing on a daily basis. However, when they get older and some of them are single mothers that’s when they are looking for a good black man, relentlessly. But the good black men with no children will runaway faster then an Olympic sprinter.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times now as these scraggle daggles and their simps are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      There are plenty of decent, hard working, intelligent black men who are more than capable of being good partners, the problem is black women aren’t looking for these types of men, they want the roughnecks and the street drifters, these are the guys that get their panties wet.

      Remember, Mc Lyte almost 30 years ago gave us the scoop on the black female’s preference in black men:

  12. I am going tò leave
    ve a very controversial comment that might get me demonized but alot of the issues black men face with black women are actually genetic. First of all black women werent meant to be in relationships its not ingrained in their dna. The white man use to catch the large rebel males and mate them with black women to create strong slaves so the blakc women never really understood the concpet of natural relationships since the past 400 years. That why blakc women have a bunch of bastard kids from rebel black males like pookie and ray their just doing what they were programmed to do by white man breed and destroy. That why we see the smae problem in western 3rd world countires like jamaica etc the blakc women all things its genetic. When a black woman sees a good upstanding black man proposing the idea of helathy relationshsip without drama it seems foreign to her becasue its not in her dna to have relationships with good obeduent men. She was used merely as a tool by white man to breed other reblleious strong tall males to work on fields. The next point is that black women suffer form the narcsiisistic perosnailty disirder higher than any other group of women its very high for them coupled with the already coyness of females. That why u have bulldozers suffering form grandiosity talking about high value men check it out its a symptom of that.

    1. I 100% agree with what you wrote.

      Black love has always been non existant during the slave trade for centuries since the beginning of time and non existant after the slave trade aswell for many decades.

      Admiral frost brought slaves from the African slave trade and knew how they operated in their original lands in Africa.

      It was very easy for admiral frost to colonise for these reasons.

      This term of so called black love was invented by ancestors imagination who all died believing it exists but never has.

      It ain’t normal for any female to have very high testosterone with the ugliest facial features and the lowest IQ in the world compare to non black women on average.

      It is definitely due to genetics.

      I have to be with a white wifey for my child to not have lower genetic traits compare to a dark skinned negress.

    2. No argument there.

      The establishment needs the scraggle to maintain an underclass of people as fuel to continuously feed The Prison Industrial Complex. Without that source of cheap labor (usually pennies on the dollar), most of these societies would collapse worldwide.

      The state makes money on every bastard offspring the scraggle produces within the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and their allies), and thus rewards her with doggie treats from the welfare state.

      More thinking black men like us have gotten hip to the game, and thanks to MBD, Verbs, Dr. David Carroll (RIP) and many others – younger generations of thinking black men are headed towards the SYSBM path to peace, prosperity and a future free of the scraggle drama.


    3. Controversial? No it’s the truth. Excellent points. Verbs will probably agree.

      The usual refrain is that BW were raped during slavery and that is BMs fault, yet we have the 2022 Massa challenge? How does that make sense other than the MK mind control programming offered by Colonel Sleet?

      Bed bucking is written in the genetic code of black women. There were no mother and father, the term “motherfucker” is whoever impregnated the BW for more slave chattel.

    4. “Black man of science” who can’t spell “sceince”? LOL. Other than that you’ve definitely got a point. No demonization here. The great thing about this blog is we can exchange ideas amongst brothas with no shame. The world does not want that.

    5. Black Man Of Science,

      Your comment isn’t controversial, its extremely accurate. I stated years ago that with the overwhelming majority of black women, there is no commitment switch built into them, this is why they have no problems sleeping around with different dudes even when they’re already involved in a relationship.

      As I keep on repeating, the modern day black female is broken beyond repair, any black man worth his salt would do wise to expand upon his dating options in order to significantly increase his chances of finding a decent woman because none can be found within black female society, NONE!

    6. “B-buh it is black men who are inferior. They have the lowest IQs. They are the most effeminate. They can’t build anything without Zaddy’s help. They are sexual predators. They can’t provide or protect. They abandon their children. They are lazy and stupid.”

    1. Just as black men need to save thenmselves, so do black people need to save themselves, if they are ever to be saved.

      Most of Blackistan is waiting for ‘liberal’ white zaddy to save them. You have a few in Blackistan like Candice Ownes who are waiting for ‘conservative’ white zaddy to save them. Both groups of Negroes are nuts.

      White people save themselves, Hispanics save themselves, South Asians save themselves, and East Asians, Mid Easterners save themselves. Only Negroes are holding out for someone else to save them.

      Other races will use the white ‘liberal’ camp or the white ‘conservative’ camp to further their own race’s agenda. But the point is, these races set their own agenda themselves. They deal with ‘liberal’ or ‘conservative’ whitey on a transactional basis.

      The Negro however, is not intelligent enough, nor strong enough of character to do this. The Negro allows his agenda to be given to him, the Negro allows the scraggle daggle to be appointed as the overseer, and the male Negro toes his line as a shuffling thirsty black simp.

      This model of behavior has become so ingrained in Blackistan, that Blackistan simply can’t even imagine any othet existence.

      I mostly liked the late Kevin Samuels. I truely wished him well, and was happy for his success. Whether he was gay or straight, I really didn’t care. He didn’t advocate for fruit nation, he didn’t carry the flag for them. Whatever his sexual proclivities were, he kept them private as he should have. I respect that.

      The one tragic flaw I saw in him, was his refusal to see the scraggle daggle with open eyes. And this was an intelligent black man. He should have been able to see the obvious fact that the scraggle daggle is way beyond redemption. But alas, he could not.

      When the facts of his death come out, I truely hope they don’t involve anything like fentanyl laced cocaine, nor the use of high dosage viagra. If it is the jab, well many millions of the best and brightest of all races fell for that one.

      It should be obvious why I hope that fentanyl and cocaine didn’t contribute to his death. I will explain why I mention high dosage viagra. Too mant black males are overusing high dosage viagra, so that a female can get a nut. As an SYSBM black man, I would never do anything life threatening to myself so that a woman can get a nut. I think too much of myself. Prolonged overuse of viagra can make a healthy man vulnerable to heart attack.

      As an SYSBM man, I view killing oneself trying to give a woman a nut, to be an act of simping.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        I really don’t understand why so many men use viagra when they can simply turn to a natural alternative herb called Horny Goat Weed instead.

        1. There are other also. Nigella Sativa oil, Tongkat Ali, Tribulus, Ashwanganda, and others. Alot of men don’t get that a “pill” is not going to solve ED nor low sex drive. Natural supplements, strength conditioning exercises, and diet most importantly can solve ED low-T problems within weeks to months.

      2. “Too many black males are overusing high dosage viagra, so that a female can get a nut. As an SYSBM black man, I would never do anything life threatening to myself so that a woman can get a nut. I think too much of myself. Prolonged overuse of viagra can make a healthy man vulnerable to heart attack.

        As an SYSBM man, I view killing oneself trying to give a woman a nut, to be an act of simping.”


        This quote jumped out at me. These modern broads blast their twats nightly with an arsenal of dildos and vibrators of all shapes and sizes, not to mention if she’s pushed humans through her twat and how many, yet it’s the normal man’s fault his human penis can’t make her cum. Nope, nothing wrong with your equipment, her twat is ruined.

        That shit is like the legend of John Henry the steel driving man. Tried to keep up with the new-fangled steam-powered steel driver, ended up having a heart attack trying to keep up with the machine.

        Agree 100% giving her a nut ain’t worth your life.

        Hope that wasn’t the case for the late Mr. Samuels. Probably sheboons lying on his name.

    2. Schadenfreude,

      Everyone of those creatures looked like a hot mess, disgusting looking specimens. I guess black women believe that being a “boss/bad bitch” is somehow running rings around black men, Hollywood screen writers couldn’t draft up bizarro type scripts like this.

      1. Verbs,

        Let them have their “boss bitch” fantasies, the world knows the truth. Nothing Rebecca Lynn Pope says can change the downward trajectory of these chronically single weavehead babymamas. So let it be written…so let it be done.


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