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61 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

    1. Money Cultural,

      This guy here, he positively hates free thinking heterosexual black men(being a suspected homosexual himself). Again, no man spends hours upon hours and days upon days obsessing over what other men are doing unless he’s a homosexual. Just look at his core audience, low IQ knuckleheads and ran through, rinsed out and washed up black queans, this tells us all we need to know.

        1. Money Cultural,

          According to this community post, Clowntain might be throwing in the towel, as the scripture says, resist the devil and he will flee from you. In the case of the Fake Academic, simply talking about his dysfunctional mother and his rough upbringing is enough to send the demon packing. If only more black men knew that this is the key to getting him to flee and run for the hills:

    2. Money, you make videos?! Shiiiit!

      I will say this: Fake Academic Fountain is a desperately wounded stalking, lustful negro. Tracking the Homosphere more like.

      Verbs, notice that he’s left you alone, he’s no longer exposing anything more, deciding to hide after we exposed his upbringing. He knows who to go after.

      1. Michel,

        Yes sir. Fake academic Fountain’s mother is and always has been the key that’s driven him to this level of overt stalking and insanity, just like Black Caesar Fountain failed and is still refusing to deal with the trauma both psychological and physical brought upon him via his mother’s hands.

        It has been a good thing that we’ve exposed his rough upbringing, that way people reading this can have a better understanding as to what the catalysts are that trigger him into carrying out such obsessive and dysfunctional behaviours.

          1. Exposing The Fake Academic Aaron Fountain,

            Not at all, those of us here who’ve had a less than desirable upbringing unlike yourself have come to terms with the fact that things shouldn’t have been that way, thus we’ve been able to embark upon the road of healing.

            You on. the other hand are afraid to face your inner demons of the past and instead choose to “expose the manosphere” believing that you can receive some sort of restitution and respite from the psychological trauma that eats away at your mind and soul on the daily.

            Black Caesar was much like yourself, another black man who also failed to deal with the psychological trauma and fallout brought about by abuse and neglect from his mother, however to give him some credit, unlike you he at least was able to admit that what happened to him was outright dysfunctional.

            1. My father mostly raised me as a single dad. Man, you guys love to ignore that. That’s why I say you guys project. You get basic facts about my life wrong.

              Again, what happened to Black Caesar. I don’t see him comment anymore. He told me he wasn’t really SYSBM because he’s against marriage and hates the term stargate, but liked certain aspects of it.

              1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

                Sorry, I cannot believe that any solid masculine figures were involved in your life as if they were, you wouldn’t be so fixated upon what free thinking black men are choosing to do with their own lives. Additionally, you wouldn’t hesitate to apply critical thought in relation to the various issues and legitimate gripes many black men have raised concerning the black community and its sacred cow the modern day black female instead of mocking, laughing at and ridiculing them(much like a black woman would).

                Why are you pretending to be so concerned about Black Caesar, it sounds to me like you’re snooping and sniffing around for more information to add to your yellow journalism playlist, smh.

              2. Your father raised you with the masculine characteristics of stalking, harassing and doxxing other black men online?
                I told you Fake Academic Fountain does comedy 🤣

                No. Those are the characteristics of a love starved child who was desperate for his degenerate mother to stop unjustly whipping him. We all empathise but now you’ve gotta see a psychiatrist. Stalking is abnormal behaviour.

              3. No way. As the way you act, you were never raised by your father. Stop lying. You really need help with the abuse you got from your mother. There is now way that a father make his son stalk another man.

          2. You guys project a lot.

            Fake Academic Fountain does comedy as well as irony.

            He remembers that time where his mother unleashed her hand across his ass for nothing. You see, Fake Academic Fountain still doesn’t understand why his mother freaked out that time and subjected him to unwarranted bouts of unbridled terror. It still haunts him to this day, as he hasn’t rationalised it. Why? He dare not confront his mother – it would break his heart.
            Stockholm syndrome.

            Get help.

              1. Na blud. Man is nor making stuff up. He’s telling the truth. The reason why you are like this because that your mum was abusing you when you was a child. If she didn’t beat the crap out of you or if your father was in your childhood, then you won’t be like this. You need help big time. Go seek it!

              2. He refuses to get help, because the core trauma is evidently too difficult to be approached, as it pointing to the source of his trauma fused brain – his violent mother. No father figure in the house either.

                Mocking stalking and belittling is a much easier method to release his existential pain. Denial only works for so long.

                1. Michel,

                  His mother seared his psyche with a hot iron, he’s simply unable to come to terms with what happened. Again, believing that “exposing heterosexual free thinking black men” is NOT going to bring any remedy to his situation, it is a skittish response to not having the courage to confront the pain and the trauma. As you stated there is no way dude could’ve had a father figure in the home and behaving in this type of manner.

                  1. Wow and SMH. There’s no point in arguing with dudes who claim to know my life better than I do.

                    1. Exposing Himself Aaron Fountain,

                      Indeed, those who deliberately choose to remain in denial concerning their dark past cannot be helped and must be abandoned to face their own fate.

                    2. Listen here and listen good. Everyone including me know that you being abused by your mother is the reason why you are acting this way. I was trying to think what was your agenda until now. What I’m goanna do is sit back and drink liquor and watch you head to your downfall. Everybody is going back and forth with you until now. You really need to seek help fast because you are heading to a dark road which you are already. And one more thing. When you see a black man with a non black woman, just leave him be and let him be happy with the woman he’s with. Because you don’t get upset when you see a black woman with a non black man.

                2. You know that he’s life is ruined! The dick police is just stalking other men while he’s not dealing with his trauma. How can a grown man wanna stalk another grown man? It goes to that him and his subscribers have no life whatsoever.

      2. Yeah man, I do videos. I really didn’t know what was his agenda until now. You got to look at these other simps as well. Foolmar Johnson who hates it when a black man is with a non black woman but con everyone that he was goanna build a school and the man can’t do shit, Chris Miller, another simp, Shawn James who hasn’t seen not a pum pum, Woke Poofgressive 2.0, found out that the motherfucker is homosexual and Jason Black aka The Black Unauthority is like a ghost. We don’t see his face. He’s like a duppy.


    First time of seeing a bus coach offering poison jabs on the side of the road. What is worse is this area is not too far from my home in Nottingham. Zombies are lining up for this potion poison. My UK passport expires in February next year. The UK government wants a credit score like China for everything. I know the UK embassies will automatically renew it with a vaccine passport. It will lead to this eventually. Jabbing people is now the norm. Zionist Jews are going to destroy western societies completely with world war 3 at this rate. A lot worse than WW2 and WW1. The general public are allowing rich Jewish people in power to run nations. Most of the UN is funded by communist China. The same UN that was to depopulate the world from 7.5 billion people down to 500 million people. Feminist women are going to need men when military soldiers are going to war, but no guy in his right mind would help them in this war. They don’t need masculine men. They want emasculated males which are the majority in the west. Quality stargates are a minority that need actual men when shit hits the fan. This is the difference between liberals creating emasculation with feminism and conservatives creating normal families. The end times revelation like the days of Noah begins. Mixing animal DNA with Human DNA. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      I saw that and I can’t believe that people are lining up outside a bus to get injected with Bill Gate’s bioweapon. It’s like he general public never learn, taking two tests per week is going to lead to an increase in new “covid” cases which is going to result in yet another lockdown.

      The way to stop this never ending rollercoaster is to rebel against the government guidelines, not to go along with them, unfortunately these mullet heads can’t seem to figure this out. I’ve heard some folks state that people won’t tolerate a 4th lockdown, however in view of the blind compliance and obedience most folks in the country have towards the State, I beg to differ.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    The hate we SYSBM black men get from Tracking the Black Manospere you tube channel has reached earthquake levels as they hate the fact that we speak the raw truth about how bad the black community is and they call us SYSBM black men ugly because they can’t give us a solid argument of why we SYSBM black men should be only dating black women even though they are the worst women on the planet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      I believe the fake academic feature you in one of his community posts:

      Like I said to Money Cultural and Michel, the key to getting Fountain to leave you alone is to dig into his upbringing history and specifically focus on his mother as just like many black men he has been unable to deal with the deep trauma she brought upon him.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Wow my comments obviously offended a lot of the black Manospere and black women as it caused a uproar because I am speaking the raw truth.

  3. Good morning, SYSBM brethren! Another Open Mic Wednesday, another opportunity to address issues that pertain to the agency of free thinking Black men; so, I came across this article over the weekend:

    White evangelical leaders are now pushing for Christians to take the jab in the name of “loving your neighbor”; whenever pastors start endorsing sketchy agendas in the name of morality, you know it’s game over. Getting the church to endorse evil is the final step in establishing the New World Order. Be very weary when you see politics and religion unite on social issues. #SYSBM

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      This is exactly why I wrote my church beast book, these pastors are nothing more than paid actors and premium sellouts who will have no problems marching their congregation members into literal concentration camps.

      How can these church beast clowns recommend that folks get the jab when the bible clearly identifies vaccines as a form of witchcraft and sorcery especially when dealing with the altering of DNA?

    1. The more people apologize for everything, the more power you give these clowns. Ignore them by any means necessary.

      1. FDC,

        Agreed, NEVER APOLOGISE. Additionally, I checked out those names you mentioned before, deep stuff and Trump was moving very hard against these paedophile rings and human traffickers before he was defrauded of his 2nd term Presidency, smh.

  4. Does anyone here follow baseball? If so, you’d see that MLB moved their all star game from Atlanta due to their “racist voter laws”. The laws aren’t racist at all, but don’t tell these idiots that. CNN told them it is.

    The best part about all of it?? They moved the game from Atlanta (which is predominantly black) to Denver (which is predominantly white) to protest racism. Let that one sink in for a second…

    Their protest took thousands of jobs and millions of dollars away from a predominantly black city, to a predominantly white city and these jackasses are celebrating it.

    You can’t make this stuff up 🤣

  5. A few things to get off my chest, and all this is rage.

    A) With BLM, I can see in the future or sooner, BLM is gonna crumble like hell. Y’all brothas might’ve catch the story that the BLM co founder done purchase several homes, especially one in an all white-area. Then, I’m probably sure or not y’all brothas might’ve heard about the shooting that happen in Minneapolis, but hell, I knew some riotting and protesting was gonna happen. Always getting hyped because a cop killed a black man. They forgotten one part of that incident: Dude had a warrant out for his arrest, and has a record. As a black dude like myself, I just don’t understand the majority of black folks at all. This is why I tend to separate myself from the majority because they just have something which I glad I don’t have, but folks need to stop peer pressuming me into looking at race every goddamn time. It’s annoying as hell. All this woke mess these people are on, it’s gonna backfire like a mug, and the black race is gonna be looking stupid as hell, because majority of black people is too hellbent on race.

    B) For those brothas that took whatever vaccine for COVID, and still survived, keep on trying to survive, and I’m a keep y’all in my prayers. These people are really pushing it, they done finally freakin lost it. With the dangerous technologies they pushing, putting a freakin survelliance on people around the world 24/7 to the point where everybody ain’t got no type of privacy, pushing all types of ridiculous agendas, the green deal, that new world order crap, punishing and censoring people for refusing the vaccine and speaking the truth, letting illegals in and not helping the people in America, yeah, earth is not gonna survived. Y’all say the world is done, man the earth is done. I said it. I finna ask this question, and I’m a need all you brothas to ask this question yourself, and to other people too, maybe around the world that’s seeing the corruption, and you and them don’t have to give an answer or not: Are you scared to fight back? Because I don’t see nothing scary in standing up for yourself and fighting back. If these folks are really scared to fight back, then I don’t know what to say. All this shit that’s gonna on, it done ruining my thinking, and I’m resorting to something I shouldn’t really do, and I know it’s gonna stay with me, and it’s gonna burn me out in the long run for future relationships, but I don’t really care no more because my future plans are ruined. My travel plans are ruined because of the virus, and they pushing vaccine passports, and I can’t do shit until I get vaccinated?! With jobs, they requiring workers to get vaccinated, but there’s been one, two, way too many red flags about these vaccines, but they still want us to get vaccinated so everything will be back to “normal.” These corrupt, elite people are getting rich while we suffer. It’s too much shit going on, and my brain is juggling like hell all over the current events. Will Bill gates, and Dr. Anthony Fauci, I’m so sick of them. Fauci has to be one of the most confused people to ever come across, because he done move the goal post way too many times. These folks make me sick thinking they’re saving the earth, or saving the people. With all that happened recently, and what’s happening now, and what’s gonna happen in the future, I’m not gonna be surprised when a bloody war breaks out, but I don’t care. I’m just gonna mind my own business when it happens.

    1. I have no other option but to fight back. Been doing it all year.

  6. I was watching this video on YouTube which really piss me the fuck off.

    The thing is this. Why does Bareback Fountain, Shawn James, Chris Miller, Jason Black, Foolmar Johnson and all of the other simps are going against SYSBM but they don’t talk about the plandemic. Is because that they have a hate for black men who date outside their race but they say nothing about black women dating outside their race. And he had a clip of me in Brixton. This man is a proper stalker you get me. And he thinks that I’m a SYSBM man. Right, I have no issues of black men with non black women. I have no issues with anyone who is in an interracial relationship full stop. I can date who ever I want and no white beat male, no simps and any scraggle daggle can stop me. And the last three females are non black British internationals. SYSBM feels that he’s a homosexual male. We soon find out if he is. Look what happened to Woke Poofgressive. The man came out as a batty man and he say that fuck man. And another thing. I have no issues of any man’s sexual orientation but when I see a man especially a black man wearing his trousers low, you must be thinking is this guy gay or what? I’m not a bible man or a religious dude but I found a something for Bareback Fountain. Proverbs 1:22. How long ye simple ones, will love you simplicity? For scorners delight in their scorning, And Fools hate Knowledge.


    And here’s the winner of the only pastor worth a damn award!!

    I hope more and more people start peeling back the layers for this POS, as well as Bill Gates. These two are evil as hell, but sadly, Gates is correct to some extent. Most of these idiots DO need to be culled and killed for their stupidity. These idiots literally cheer to get their death shot, they need to die from spastic conniptions.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      I would much prefer to tar, feather and burn both of them at the stake from the beginning as we already know Fauci’s and Gates’ list of transgressions, I take my hat off to the pastor having some testicular fortitude, however he’s being too soft as Gates and Fauci already have a long history of criminality which has resulted in millions of lives lost.

      I would have to agree, some folks don’t deserve life simply because of their inability to think and reason for themselves as well as their inability to apply critical thought to certain situations.

      I was watching a recent video The Arijes posted and the wife went and got the shot and stated her reasons why(mark 5:06-8:40), however the husband refused and stated his reasons which are more in line with our sentiments, especially the part about not trusting the government(mark 11:56-14:08).

      Sadly, the dude is going to watch his wife die, as soon as anybody take that poison, the countdown to their premature death begins right at that point. To be honest the guy should’ve put his foot down as the final authority on the matter.

      The wife coming from a South Asian country that has already seen Bill Gates’ nasty, evil hand, she should’ve know better, so should her family members who also decided to take the slow kill bioweapon.

      Bill Gates is the same Eugenist, population reduction obsessed psychopath he’s always been, how so many people have now bought into the propaganda that he’s a changed man and is now somehow going to save the world is beyond me:

    1. Mslet,

      Trump righteously called CNN out as fake news, unfortunately too many people didn’t take his statement seriously. CNN were warring against Trump right from the beginning, as commenter Afrofuturism1 stated before, the overwhelming majority of mainstream media journalists aren’t worth a fart in a windstorm and should be thrown to the sharks due to the immense damage and losses they’ve brought upon people lives via the propagation of lies upon lies upon lies.

    2. James O Keefe is lighting CNN a new ass, and it’s deserved. I hope people start torching and burning their HQ down.

      1. Project Veritas does some amazing work and has eyes and ears EVERYWHERE.

    3. A pox on CNN and everybody who works there. An almighty piece of shit organisation that’s most likely deep state created and backed.

      Ordinary people say mainstream media doesn’t engage in Jedi mind tricks, but the whole CONVID plandemic was the world biggest exercise in heavy brainwashing and MK ultra level fear mongering.
      Zucker, Turner and everyone involved should face military trials for crimes against humanity.

    1. CNN is going down, mark my words. I wonder if the sheep will admit they’ve been had, but I doubt it. The Branch Covidians are a dumb cult.

  8. Here they are, click on ALL of them, hell click several times!

  9. So Whitmer, that witch governor, was recently seen with a new pillow in her interview. She previously had an “86 45” pillow, classy. Now, she has, I shit you not, a FAUCI pillow. There’s no way in hell these ppl can talk about QAnon or anyone else, Covidiots are a damn cult.

  10. For those who haven’t realized it, “mental health” is the latest virtue signaling grift from the liberals. Let me tell you something:

    You can’t be a mental health advocate and support lockdowns.
    You can’t be a mental health advocate and support liberalism.
    You can’t be a mental health advocate and support feminism.
    You can’t be a mental health advocate and support abortion.
    You can’t be a mental health advocate and support homosexuality or transgenderism.
    You can’t be a mental health advocate and be “comfortable” with the West.

    These things all add ONTO stress and mental unhealthiness, so you aren’t fooling anyone.

  11. Damn it!!
    Another nigga in the form of an ex-NFL footballer (49ers) just whacked FIVE white folks (a prominent doctor, his wife, 2 grandkids & a contractor in the wrong place at the wrong time) in a small South Carolina town. WTF?

    Ex-NFL player kills himself after killing 5, injuring 1 in South Carolina, police say | Nightline
    A prominent doctor, his wife, two of their grandchildren and a technician working at their home were killed. Suspect Phillip Adams, formerly a defensive back in the NFL, was found dead in his home.

    No motive at all…concussions? At least he had the decency to whack himself afterwards.

    Could this be a psyop (MK_ULTRA) so that Lord Ziostein can get guns out of the pro-2A deplorables’ hands since they WOULD LOVE to whack his bankster/warmongering white ass?

    Once again, this kills 2 birds with one stone:
    1. “President” Dementia Joe is itching to grab all Citizen guns. This way, We The People can’t light up Them The DC Traitors in due time which the 2nd Amendment permits. It’s kinda like how he enjoys grabbing & fondling womin.

    2. But they also get to raise RACIAL tensions a few notches while continuing to push blaack & white society towards Race War 1.0. Just my worthless 2 cents right now.

    You couldn’t pay me any amount of money to live in the Dis-United States of ZioAmerika right now. We’ve already seen how this played out in Rome 1.0 which ushered in the Middle Ages. Here in 2021, we have the degenerate simp nigga barbarians & their obese ratchet fake hair, weave-luvin scraggle daggle cohorts whom collectively are doing a bang-up job pissing off Joe the Plumber, Queen Karen, & Mack the truck driver. And this is in South Carolina.

    1. Until the Supreme Court forces through that 2A destroying act, expect more scripted staged bollocks. Remember, it’s double points if you hit both gun owner and race demographics.

  12. This is why I have zero fcuking respect for “Black Lives Matter”. Such a fraudulent money-making operation. Glad to see Tucker bringing Candice on the air for her opinion which she never holds back.

    Candace Owens on BLM co-founder’s million-dollar home-buying spree
    ‘Candace’ host reacts to self-proclaimed ‘Marxist’ Patrice Khan-Cullors’ real estate investments on ‘Tucker Carlson Tonight’ #FoxNews​ #Tucker

  13. Believe it or not, Greece and Turkey are especially cheap places to bug out to. Verbs pointed out Kosovo and its dirt cheap, like barely $500 US for a three bedroom apartment in the expensive part of town cheap. SĂŁo Paulo ISNT bad either.

  14. I know that Kevin Samuels isn’t a favorite topic here, but I am compelled to share a part of his latest livestream where he went in on a delusional bw “licensed therapist”. It is worth the listen. He made points that are often made here.

    BW struggled and verbally danced in circles before she would admit the truth.
    It him HIM so hard that he went to intermission immediately after he ended the call. He’s NEVER done that before. I swear he shed a tear of two himself while cooling himself down.

    Might even be worth it’s own blog topic.

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