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She’s Right, Black Love Is DONE – The Future Is Mixed!


She’s right, however what most black women as per usual fail to acknowledge is they themselves are the cause of the huge beyond repair rift that has risen up between black men and black women and because they feel that they should NEVER be held accountable or responsible for any wrongdoings, any relationships with black women involved are automatically doomed from the beginning.

Unfortunately for the overwhelming majority of black women who wish to date out, the opportunity will never be given to them already being the least desired women on the planet(for many reasons). Most black women will be forced to either settle for a Shifty Sizzler, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse type individual, be a side piece or as a last resort turn to eating the dirty snatches of other black females(lesbianism).

The future is mixed…………….for heterosexual free thinking black men, NOT for black women, this isn’t because I said so, it’s simply because no men outside of black men are interested in dealing with black women en masse, in fact, not even lesbian non black women want to deal with black women.

I’ve been saying for the longest that free thinking black men and black women are incompatible because we have completely different interests and goals, additionally black women on numerous occasions have made it abundantly clear that the only men they are interested in is your thug/gangster/criminal type Negroes or white men of any standard, good, decent black men DO NOT tweak black women’s interest, nor do they get their panties wet.

Here are yet some other reasons why black men and black women ought to go their separate ways:

The bottom line is everybody can clearly see that black men and black women in general simply don’t get along, just look at the first video of the bunch, that pink weave/wig wearing black female didn’t even call the guy by his name, nope, instead she referred to him as “nigger”, smh.

Additionally, look at the blonde weave wearing black female tearing up protest banners, mental illness is yet another deep seated issue within black female society that black women and their pro black female/black women first proponents refuse to deal with

The inherent and deep seated disrespect black women have for and display towards black men is one of the main reasons why so called “black love” is deep in the toilet and has no chance of ever pulling itself out.

As a collective there simply isn’t any love between black men and black women, again, this is due to black women and their allegiance towards feminism and the government, viewing the State as her significant other as opposed to the black man.

These pro black pundits such as the frying Pan African, no school building, forever begging for money Dr Umar Johnson are constantly telling black men to stick with black women despite the fact that the current condition of black women renders them unworthy of both dating and marriage.

Blac Chyna’s mother Tokyo Toni was and still is right, black women just aren’t good people to be around, therefore I agree, black men and black women should separate and go their own ways. The best of luck to those black men still holding out for a “good black woman”, they’re going to need it:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Men/Black Women Relations Are Irreparable, Walk Away

Most High Bless

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66 thoughts on “She’s Right, Black Love Is DONE – The Future Is Mixed!

    1. Alex C,

      Black women have the Midas touch of death and destruction, thus any relationships they’re involved in will typically crumble into the same pile of ashes and rubble.

  1. She’s right until she realizes that it’s the end of black women themselves. Don’t let obsidian fool you with stats and false data, the manosphere knows that the game is over it’s just the money making process is drying up. Kevin Samuels can only do but do much until it’s gets old and now, that’s fast approaching. That is why he’s upset with the lack of engagements and people liking his channel because just like the jerry springer show, after a few fights, you become discontent with it all.

    1. “That is why he’s upset with the lack of engagements and people liking his channel because just like the jerry springer show, after a few fights, you become discontent with it all.”

      Jerry Springer stayed on the air for over 20 years. I think Kevin will be around for awhile.

      1. Not really. Jerry springer was on every television show, Kevin Sameuls is just on black YouTube living in Lenox Mall in Atlanta with hoodrats.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      As I’ve stated before, there are a lot of black men who are going to be very upset when Kevin Samuels fails to bring them into the promised land flowing with milk and honey.

      As for the black manosphere, it’s done, you cannot have black women freely intermingling in spaces that were originally intended for black men only especially in view of the fact that black women as a group are the number one enemies of black men, in particular heterosexual free thinking black men.

      It is true that most black men deal with black women, however the relationship success rates between the two are still deep in the toilet, hence why more black men are throwing in the towel on black love and opting to take their chances elsewhere with women of other ethnicities.

  2. A Jedi mind trick designed to engender the guilt and protective instinct of black men. Unfortunately it only works on simps. Too bad!

    1. Michel,

      Wife that dysfunctional, silverback gorilla up young niggah! Da communitah is on deaf bed.

      1. Dr Umar sez:


        1. Here’s the thing…
          I don’t even date black womin when I’m in the West. The last BW I dated over thar was around 1995 in London Ontario, Canada — far away from the big city influences. She was a Biology student at Trent U in rural Trent, Ontario. And her 2 BEST friends were an Indian Hindi girl & a white girl — both very cute. They always partied together. No other BW friends.

          She was pretty kool too…very mellow…not the naggy type of sista. That laid back BW mentality she had waay back then is long gone with the wind today in 2021. Those times are NEVER coming back.

          1. Black Picard,

            Laid back, mellow, down to earth, unique black women are indeed a thing of the past, the overwhelming majority of black women today are just like the pink wig wearing black witch in the video above.

          2. N*gga I got you beat, I haven’t touched a BW since 1992 and that’s going to change.

            SYSBM before it was somethin.

        2. My Response to Umar is ”He’s a Fucking Moron”. He Can Go Wife that Toxic Shit Himself. Smart, Well Thinking Brotha’s Want Better & Won’t Settle For Anything Less than Better. #SYSBMForLife!!!

          1. Shawn Swint,

            Yep, Ummi Zoomi aka Gerbil Face Umar Johnson needs to set an example first, he can’t be instructing black men to wife up these black harriets yet he’s still roaming around single like a one way rail ticket, smh.

            1. All I Can Say is. If Umar Wants to Suffer a Lifetime of Headaches & Finance Problems or Having Multiple Kids With or Trying to Care Kids From Deadbeat Father’s From Insecure & Unstable American Black Female. That’s His Business. Though For Some of Us that Know Better. We Know that Ain’t the Way to go. We’ll to Umar ”Preach to you Own Quire”. Take Nick Cannon for Example With his Turban Wearing Ass. He Always Like’s to Think He’s the Smartest Negro in the Room. When in Actually He’s the Dumbest. Dude Has Like 4 Kids from Different Black Women. Now He’s on the Verge of Having Twins from Another Black Woman. All Together 6 Kids he has to Which if He Ain’t Careful. Any One of Those Women Can Take Him to Childcare Court & Take him for Every Cent he Has. Not Me. Not Any of Us Period & Don’t Even Get me Started on ”Black Love, Black Unity” Cause in the Wilderness that is North America There is None & Even if there is it’s Only Temporary!!! Plus on the Subject of Cannon Check out this Video Harvey Did on him Back in 2019 & You’ll See Why he’s a Joke just like Umar. #SYSBM

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Black women have killed black relationships with decent black men due to their stupid life choices and more and more black men like ourselves are dating outside of our race with non black women and its only going to rise to the point where it is almost 100 percent especially in the UK where the percentage of black men dating non black woman is 55 percent and rising. I don’t feel sorry for these black women at all. I am proud that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The writing is on the wall, you cannot continually present defective products to smart individuals and expect them to take onboard such cruddy merchandise. Black women have thrown themselves into the deepest sewer imaginable, only simps and desperados still choose to deal with them, smart black men are checking out and aren’t going to return.

      I’ve got no regrets going SYSBM, after all it’s not like I can’t demonstrate the reasons why I made the move.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Black women and black male simps are the stupidist people on the planet when it comes to dating and relationships.

  4. There is no such thing as black love. There is no such thing as a good negress. Never has been and never will be. It don’t exist at all. There is always higher rates of crime and poverty in black societies. Africa, North America, South America, Europe, don’t know about the criminal statistics in Asia, but won’t be surprised if it is high in certain areas cause of black couples living there. Everythere they go there is always trouble with negresses and black males who date them. #SYSBM #TeamWhiteQueens

    1. Witwijf,

      I cannot think of anything positive that comes to mind when the words “black women” are mentioned, that’s sad however that’s their problem, not mine.

  5. BW only say that sh*t because they are too close to power to see the problem. Successful White men trade-in the women in the lives all the time. Successful Black men pass around the same worn out pu$$y, case in point = Tracey Edmonds

      1. Ironically Eddie wifed up Nicole and then when that relationship was over, he tried to wife up Edmonds then somebody not sure who realized they were on the rebound.

        Then he got religion and hooked up with Paige Butcher. You don’t see him on the cover of the latest grocery store tabloid do ya?

      1. Michael B Jordan is the latest mainstream successful Black male to sell himself short by hooking up with a BW.

        Of course this is after all the black lash from the Scaggle Daggle screamed about him being on a boat in Europe with not one woman of color in sight. Nevermind him posing with his Latina mami on Instagram and those hussies getting mad over that.

        Black women get mad over not getting included in the same sh*t they complain about IE complaining about being “objectified” in insert rappers video when it comes out and no BW are in it = Too $hort

        1. Michael B. Jordan will be his own worst enemy by cleaving too much to “woke” and SJW culture. Just look at his show Gen:lock and how he pledges to have more “LGBTQI+” voices producing the show.

          Most black people sadly think genuflecting before white liberals is the way to separate themselves from hoodrats and show intelligence.

          1. What Black People don’t understand that rich White Liberals will not pay the price for their support of LGBTQJ causes, but you? You might pay the full price.

            There is a good book about how the leisure class influences lower classes to do social things that they have no business doing and can’t get out of with the same ease.

      2. Mack G,

        Michael B Jordan is trying to get back in the good graces of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure, this is what I would call a fool’s errand. I have no idea what Lori Harvey is like as a person but being a black female I’m sure she’s already done the rounds.

    1. Anthony,

      I really don’t understand how these guys can take onboard somebody else’s leftovers and somehow believe that they can make brand new out of them, smh.

  6. These filthy Daggles actually think they’re not going to be left out in the cold! 🤣😭 No man with an ounce of self respect would ever get into a relationship with these vile creatures!

    1. General Zod that is the problem Black men seldom if ever understand their self-worth. They are constantly told they ain’t “shit” which is a colorful way of saying their worth is zero.

      That is why they ask “How do you data White women” You know when I was doing Uber/Lyft I occasionally would get a young brother in the car and I would ask how’s going? He would then say can I ask you a personal question? Sure, shoot and he would ask that question.

      I would respond with “Be yourself, treat them the same way you treat anything you like/find value in.”

      Black men don’t understand what they are or who they are. The only way to gain that perspective is to travel.

      When your able to stand outside in the city center of Den Hague and nobody ask for ID or why your out here at 2 am, none of that sh*t that you realize that BW have sold you worst bill of goods ever.

      1. The Hague is where they should try BW for crimes against her own race.

    2. Val Zod,

      It’s already a chicken wrap with mustard, ketchup and mayo for the black witch, in her delusional state she just doesn’t realise it yet.

  7. Yes, Black love is done, and the scraggle daggle killed it; I can still recall the old clips of Black women trashing Black men on the world stage saying we’re deadbeats, on the down low, dusty, terrorists, the White people of the communitah, etc. As Verbs has stated, their reputation precedes them wherever they go, so for them to think they can jump right into the interracial dating scene with no trouble is laughable.

    These Black straggs think they can run to General Blizzard and escape the hell they created known as Blackistan, but your chickens will always come home to roost after you send them out; Black women are now trying to save themselves from their own Frankenstein creation, but they should’ve thought about that when Shahrazad Ali first addressed their behavior in her classic book.

    The future is indeed mixed…for free thinking brothers, NOT for swirlers. #SYSBM

    1. 1000%

      Oh the irony of it all. The future is mixed, literally. Advantage Black Men

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Blackistan is the black siren’s legacy, there will be NO ESCAPE for her from the hellhole that she’s created, not even the black female’s white lord and saviour Admiral Frost can save her from her pending doom and the wrath that is to be poured out upon her balding head.

      Proceeds to trash black men and black society into a ruinous heap of ashes, dust and rubble and additionally believes that she will not drink down her recompense and judgement which is long overdue, lol.

      Not a chance, the sparks of retribution have already begun to fly, sit back with some juice and popcorn and watch the show unfold.

  8. Oh Well…bad things also come to an end!!! The BM/BW relationship was thrown into the gutter over fifty years ago. It’s only now after a half century both sides are starting to realize it. There is nothing to save. And…if there happen to be any “meaningful” relationships between the two, it will only be in extremely small pockets. Nothing to be considered significant. Remnants of bygone past…never to be resurrected!! Thinking BM know what the future holds themselves and BW are not a part of it. For those BM who think contrary to the facts has already lost.


  9. This right here is the future for divesters, swirlers and misandrist mammies. Swirl Mountain has claimed yet another victim. Your dad can be an all-time NFL great and you still won’t bring home a man who looks like him. Oh well, she made her choice. Set your stopwatch to see how long it takes BW to blame BM for not protecting them. #WhiteBoySummer

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I could be wrong however I suspect that the swirlers and divesters may keep quiet about this one as it is a serious blotch on their “escape from Blackistan” doctrine.

      1. Verbs,

        Of course. Just like they were dead silent about Chad Wheeler, DJ Kidd, and other killer zaddies. They are definitely escaping Blackistan…feet first. Oh well, not my women, not my problem. #WhiteBoySummer

  10. Babs, you’re a prophet. You’re only preaching the truth, unlike most church going negroes. Black love died out when the state was allowed to subsidize women, to spite men. Time and time again, people must look at me strange, being 43, unmarried, and no children. F that mess, not marrying(or impregnating) these harpies out here in Chiraq. The last few international trips I’ve taken have opened my eyes: there’s no way in hell I’m compatible with western man-hating, half-assed feminazis. Thinking, educated law abiding black men need to abandon “da communiteh” to pookie, knuck-knuck and skillet. Lastly, you owe me a ginger ale: while reading the article above, I spit my drink out laughing when you called Dr. Umar Gerbilface “frying pan africanism”. Brothers be well, be safe, and protect your non black chick. They’re gonna be gunning for all of y’all who escape the plantation…

    1. Jay I. Mills,

      The black witch is a cursed, contaminated and defiled creature who should be avoided at all costs or short of that steered clear from as much as is humanly possible for observable reasons.

      As you said, as soon as the modern day black female sold out to feminism as well as fatherless home welfare policies, it was a wrap. Additionally, it’s not like black women have seen the fallout of their bad decision making and have chosen to repent and turn back to black men as well as the community they’ve ruined, nope, they’ve only dig their heels in deeper and sunk their roots into the putrid pit of feminism even deeper.

      We have to thank commenter and fellow blogger Michel for the GerbilFace description, lol, however I crafted the frying pan African label. Times are going to get extremely hard for the black witch, her pro black male simp flunkies as well as her pile of ashes and rubble community, she most certainly will be coming after free thinking brothers and so will her SIMPletons in droves, get ready.

    2. You can add “Prince of Pancakes”, “Motel King” and “Herpe Hotep, the Pro-Wack Walrus” from Tariq Nasheed.


  11. Like I said before, there’s no such thing as black love. I never understood black love, nor I ever will. These black simps tell us to stick with our own, but the black women can have whoever. Them telling us that is not helping at all. Too many of these fools are living in a fantasy with that black love shit. This ain’t no freakin Tyler Perry movie. This is freakin Reality. And the reality is this, interracial dating/relationships/marriages/mating will be on the rise, and they just gonna have to live with it. Both the simps and the black women are living in a freakin fantasy, and it’s sad, well not sad because A) The simps ain’t got no type of standards at all, and B) The black women thinks everybody wants them, but clearly they don’t. Folks got their own preferences, and it is what it is. Most non-black dudes don’t wanna be around black women like that, so what makes them think that the white men is perfect, despite the fact that they’re number one in the dating market?

    1. D.K. Phantom,

      I keep on using the saying, “you can’t make deals with the devil and come out on top”, the same applies to any of his acolytes and flunkies and the black witch is one of them. Black love is done, it was done a long time ago and it’s never coming back.

      Practically the only argument these pro black pyramid heads can bring to the table as to why we as black men should exclusively deal with black women alone is because we share the same skin colour, however in the grand scheme of things that simply isn’t good enough, especially in light of how far black women as a collective have sunk themselves into the swamp.

      Black women just aren’t desired like that, when you see these black sirens coming for you and your non black female significant other in their droves, that’s when you’ll know that the realisation of rejection from all sides has finally set in, get ready.

  12. Am I the only one who got a good laugh from these videos? Lord knows I needed it

    1. OGBobbyJohnson,

      Black women never fail to entertain with their outlandish and dysfunctional antics, I’m not even struggling to find these material, it’s constantly being dropped into my lap.

  13. Shawn ‘BlueBalls’ James, MinstrelJap, StuporSly75, Moist Twatkins, O-Boy, etc., will never get the message. They’ll die and become dick holding skeletons waiting for the black unicorn.

    1. Frank Blackman,

      At this point the waters are way too contaminated, however the guys you’ve mentioned above still refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall. As I always say, that’s their problem, not mine.

      I accepted the fact that black women were done over 16 years ago, to be honest I wish I would’ve come to terms with this reality many more years before.

  14. I was downtown at the passport office yesterday. My city has a large black population, so the black simps were out in mass. I noticed that black simps go into a silent jealous rage whenever they are in the presence of a black man who looks good, is confident, is successful, and looks like he has it going on. It is a silent jealous rage, because most black simps are cowards who wouldn’t dare confront a physically fit black man who looks like he can handle himself.

    The average black simp deals with the lowest form of scraggle daggle because that is the only type of woman who will deal with him. I have had no trouble getting the phone numbers of non black women, of all races. It occurred to me that the white and Asian women who I have dated, would run from the black simps I encountered yesterday. Most of these simps were under 50, many were under 40.

    It also occurred to me that 75 percent of black men under 50, were raised in dysfunctional single mother households, where the woman was getting some form of public assistance. The black scraggle daggle collective has created a couple of generations of dysfunctional black male simps, who are rejected by all women except the lowly scraggle daggle.

    Given the makeup of the black male collective under 50, and the black female collective under 50, it is a no brainer that black love is non existent, except for a very small segment of the black collective.

    The black male simp and the black scraggle daggle are incapable of anything resembling real wholesome love. The most that they can do is breed devil spawn, and have dysfunctional cohabitation arrangements.

    1. I want to make it clear that there were no simps in the passport office. But they were out on the streets in mass, doing what simps do. Catcalling the scraggle daggles, pan handling, committing petty crimes, just being a nuisance to society, as black simps are wont to do.

      1. AmericanBlkMan,

        The black male simp, the pestilent individual and main culprit who has kept these scrags from receiving their overdue just recompense and judgement.

  15. A timely INFORMATIVE blog post, King Verbs!
    Aaaah, I will definitely be sharing. You’ve managed to put all the best reasons why SYSBMers should avoid the dysfunctional, degenerate feminazi “Western”-ized weave-wearin scraggle blaaack woman.

    In fact, I will be sharing this gem of truth bombs with the enclosed video receipts in numerous blog comments & in other social media chats EVERYWHERE for years to come as a rude awakening to the ignorant sheep on why Black Society is so FCUKED up. But also to highlight that it’s NOT the black man that is the PROBLEM. It’s was always “her”. Many thanks!

    Another thing…
    I’m sure this blog post with video evidence can also be used in alimony court to deny BW custodial rights to the kids since Judge Snowey always favours them. lol. But any judge or jury who watches all of these videos & visits the web links will be in for a rude “WTF” awakening about blaacck womin vs their racists “perceptions” of Black Men. 😉

  16. Only a small percentage of young BW can still find a good masculine rising salary BM as a partner. Problem is most BW “WANT IT ALL” with the opportunity to be treated like a queen while being a fun dumpster. When BM stop simping and hold BW accountable, the BW is left with lesbianism, struggle feminism and voodoo. Don’t be fooled by these Afro-centric dressed up and head wrap wearing BW either. They may look different from the glued in weave wearing scraggly daggles but they’re all about draining your money, sperm and resources.

    1. Elon Brings Receipts,

      These Afro Centric black sirens are some of the worst deceivers on the planet because they use their newly adopted pro blackity black doctrine as smoke and mirrors to cover from the fact that they’re still the same malevolent, predators and savages they were before they stumbled upon and took onboard the fist clenched and raised teachings.

      Just to prove your point, here are some pyramid head, Afro Centric dressed up black harriets practicing witchcraft:

      1. “Black Girl Magic” turned a prince into a frog. Your Prince Harry for all intents and purposes married a black hoe and had to go get a job. “Witchcraft” but somehow those hoes in the video are still fat and ugly. SMH

  17. What’s up. Hope everyone is having a good weekend. The reasons why black relationships are in the shit because of these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are offering to black men. There is so much dysfunction with these ghetto ratchet harridans that is not afraid to show their ratchetness on display. Look what is going on with black men in the UK. 55 per cent of black men are now in a non black relationship. It goes to show that black British men don’t fuck with black women. And you know what is shocking that simps like Foolmar Johnson, Shawn James, Chris Miller, the duppy Jason Black and the infamous usual suspect Bareback Fountain are coming after black men who will not deal with these worthless heifers. You think I wanna be with type of women? You must be mad star. And I know why Bareback Fountain is stalking because he’s has been abused by his mother. his mother beat the shit out of him.
    Bareback Mountain’s favourite movie:
    Yo, this is the man’s favourite movie of all time people. Batty got ram out while he’s watching it. 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣 Proper superintendent of the dick police.
    Laters people!

    1. Money Cultural,

      Johnson and James aren’t the brightest bulbs on the tree when it comes down to accepting that black love is done(I don’t know who Chris Miller is), Jason Black has swung a few shots in this direction but loosely because even though he doesn’t say it uncut, deep down he recognises that black women are through and this concept of black love will have to remain a pipe dream because of the black female’s current in the gutter condition.

      Those rickety black sirens who claim to support Black will only continue to as long as he doesn’t hold them to account or pretends that a minority of black women are responsible for the downfall of black society when in actual fact in 2021 you’ll struggle to find a black female who hasn’t contributed to the destruction of her own people.

      As for the Fake Academic, it’s already been revealed that he had a tumultuous relationship with his mother, his denial of the fact only contributes towards the fact that his mother is the primary culprit responsible for his messed up psyche.

      1. Chris Miller is is Blackupinya too on YouTube and I have done a video about him dick policing. I done an article called Willypolitan Police. Foolmar Johnson and Shawn James has a brain of a cupcake. Here this. If black men are in relationship with black women they are with fat black women. I’m goanna do a article on that. These simps like Foolmar Johnson are with women who are mediocre, very mediocre. And Bareback Fountain, he was stalking guys on YouTube. H e has stalked me numerous time and I have called him out on that. Beside, I sat back and drink liquor and watch him head to his downfall. And when I found out that his mother use to mash him up when he was a child, then I know why he was stalking a whole of man. The man really need help big time. And I mean real big help.

  18. As many have noted, black women are incapable of love. This includes even Captain Snowy, as the feelings for him are blind worship, not true love. Even the light skinned kids she wants to live vicariously aren’t truly loved, so much as they’re accessories.

    If that’s the closest to human affection they can amass for their deities, you really think they’ll love you as a black man?

    I’ve mentioned before, can you even imagine black women in a romantic capacity that doesn’t involve them being bent over a couch? Hard mode: they can’t look mixed either.

    Yep, exactly, NO ONE wants them because of their horrible reputation, and frankly, it’s deserved. Nevermind the fact that it’s harder to find one that looks good than it is to find pork chops in Islamabad.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      Yes, we’ve talked about this many times before, the fact that whenever you think of groups of females demonstrating love, care, attention and affection, it is always non black women that spring to mind. Black women just aren’t known for being loving and caring, however they are know for being angry, argumentative, bossy, rude, violent, bloody and just overall coarse and evil individuals.

      They don’t even love themselves, therefore how can any black man who still chooses to deal with them believe that any black woman will somehow demonstrate love towards him? It can’t and will NEVER happen.

      Your average black female will be used as a nut dumb and nothing more and this is a fate she has brought upon herself. Again, this is her problem, not mine.

  19. The FBAW ( Foundational Black American Women) is finished & this mythical black live is finished here in the Matrix USA 🇺🇸. Brothers need to Stay & Go Global. Build a New Asgard or Wakanda with a foreign woman of any ethnic persuasion. I avoid the Black American 🇺🇸 Daggle at all cost. We have one life to live in this third dimensional world 🌍 & we as FBA Brothers need to live it to the fullest with foreign women who are feminine, submissive, fertile, young & beautiful. The BT1000:Feefails/Scraggle Daggles is on her own & not our problems as free thinking heterosexual, masculine travel minded black men. SYSBM for Life.

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