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US Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe Vs Wade!


What this means in a nutshell is these liberal child killers are most likely going to have to travel to a blue state in order to carry out unborn child assassination service requests. Of course, these volatile, evil, savage lefties haven’t wasted anytime in getting to work doing what they do best when things don’t go their way, rioting and resorting to violence like the extremely sore losers they are:

When I was growing up, I was told in no uncertain terms that the schoolyard bully would continue to be a pestilence and a nuisance until you punched him/her in the nose. The same can be said for these leftist terrorists, until they’re profusely leaking blood as a result of righteous beatings, they won’t stop attempting to hold the US hostage whenever laws and policies are enacted they don’t agree with.

Justice Samuel Alito and the other justices who voted in favour of overturning Roe vs Wade were right, abortion has NOTHING to do with the US Constitution, the judges that made that fatal decision back in 1973 to legalise the killing of unborn children have a lot to answer for if they’re still alive. If not I’ve no doubt that as we speak they are paying a heavy price for making such a rash and murderous decision.

Even if you don’t believe in a higher power, just by the way that life operates in of itself, there’s no way that 63 million plus unborn children’s lives(over 20 million of those lives taken have been black) can be expunged and at some point there not be some kind of recompense meted out to those who’ve willing chosen to spill innocent blood.

The way abortion has been sold to women since its legalisation is insanely diabolical, pure wizardry and deviltry at its height, using soft and benign sounding terms such as abortion, 1st, 2nd and 3rd trimester, embryo, foetus(fetus), women’s reproductive rights, sexual health, reproductive healthcare, women’s healthcare etc, all of these words and terms have been deliberately designed to make the child killing process sound ethical, moral, clean, sanitary and justified.

I seriously struggle to see the “health” aspect of abortion because the overwhelming majority of women who choose to kill a child in the womb do so because they view that coming baby as an inconvenience to their lives, there are an extremely minuscule number of women who perform abortions because the unborn child is an actual danger to their health, don’t let these pro death advocates fool you, most women(especially those of the black persuasion) use abortion as a form of contraception period.

Besides, when a woman carries out an abortion, her risk of contracting cancer increases significantly, therefore how can the process be a “healthy” one? There is nothing “safe” about the abortion process either whether carried out in a clinic or in a back alley.

Take note that you’ll find plenty of articles denying the link between abortions and cancer, however we have to remember that these are published by the same mainstream media outlets who told us the Convid-1984 jab was “safe and effective”, that masks work to protect against the so called “virus”(even though the boxes the masks came in at the beginning of the plandemic stated the complete opposite) and that all of the people that took the injection who are now suffering from numerous blood-clots as well as various heart problems have gotten that way because of “unknown causes”.

My body my choice??? Not when somebody else’s body is involved it isn’t. Isn’t it funny how the same people now screaming “my body my choice” were the same ones berating and ridiculing those who used the same term in protecting themselves and standing against these tyrannical governments trying to force the public to take an injection they ultimately never needed, smh?

Abortion is a pestilent branch of the decadent feminist tree, you cannot disagree with feminism but be in support of abortion, they’re intrinsically linked. In the same manner, you cannot be SYSBM but be pro abortion, one of the fundamental pillars of the SYSBM philosophy is that children are protected at all costs in order to keep subsequent legacies and family trees in continuance.

This is one of many pinnacle reasons why free thinking black men can never form a coalition with the modern day black female, she is the biggest child killer of them all and has no problems snuffing out children’s lives on both sides of the womb.

In order to restore true masculinity and manhood as well as keeping it robust, strong and in place, any mechanisms that give women power and authority especially over men MUST be removed or destroyed.

This is why the West is a failed society and is going the way of the dinosaurs. Women have been given power they shouldn’t have even caught a whiff of by evil men in dark corners who seek to destroy the male/female dynamic as well as the family structure which holds society together.

The breakdown of society you’re currently observing in the West is one of the main reasons why women as a collective MUST be controlled, lorded over, constantly kept in line by righteous men and only given very limited rights and privileges that must come from their husbands/boyfriends/fathers only, NEVER FROM THE STATE.

The overturning of Roe vs Wade by the Supreme Court I strongly believe is a positive step in the right direction for the US(though the West as a whole is still finished, I personally wouldn’t hold out any hope for its redemption), the innocent unborn ie those who are unable to defend themselves should be protected at all costs and at all times.

I just hope and pray that many other diabolical, evil policies and laws that have been passed are also brought into question and overturned in the same manner.

Finally, for those who may not be familiar with how exactly the murdering of children in the womb process is carried out, please check out these two videos below(if you can stomach them). This genocidal evil right here is beyond barbarism, and this is what so many women in the West want easy access to and are upset about, smh.

As I always say, these types of women belong to the sewers, the streets are too good of a place to give them. Western women who bought into the genocide of innocent children once again proving themselves to be USEFUL IDIOTS and black women hands down demonstrating themselves to be the biggest knuckleheads of them all. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

SYSBM Fully Supports The US Supreme Court Decision To Overturn Roe vs Wade

Most High Bless

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34 thoughts on “US Supreme Court Strikes Down Roe Vs Wade!

  1. It’s hilarious, when you think that the same group of people who protest to stop ”black deads” because of the ”police”,are the main one who protest to the right to ”abort” which mean kill more black life.
    The black live matters LGBTQ member was caught stealing millions of money of their ”own people”. Two side of the same coin. The truth is this Verbs,Black on black crime + black abortions is what constitute the most of Black death nobody want to tell this truth. I guess blaming white supremacy while, asking them for help is totally fine for black people I’M DONE.

    1. Tyrone Nyx,

      I’ve demonstrated in so many past articles how the number 1 killer in the so called “black community” is abortion hands down, however as you’ve stated, this inconvenient fact is conveniently ignored because if focused upon, it would then place the spotlight on the culprit, the modern day black female. Black women bring about more black deaths in black society than anybody else, these evil sirens and their pro black simp flunkies have no rights to talk about police brutality until they clean up the dirty abortion mess in their own backyards first.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I didn’t realise that when a woman has an abortion it increases her chances of getting cancer.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, the abortion/cancer connection is an inconvenient fact that the mainstream media have deliberately covered up or have gone out of their way to demonise anybody who has reported on it.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        Wow. I learnt something new and I am really shocked by it.

  3. Easy access to free abortion on demand has contributed mightily to the rot that infects English speaking western societies. As usual, blacks who carry the water for the proponents of white feminism, are oblivious to the consequences they help inflict on their on kind. 20 million Black babies slaughtered. Giving women who are taught to feel entitled and unaccountable, more license to be irresponsible. While white feminism has made white women become worse human beings, its effect on black women has been 100 times more destructive.

    The truth is, black women took up the mantle of white feminism without even comprehending what white feminism was. The ring leaders of white feminism are unattractive white women, who having been ignored in high school by the white alpha males they lusted for, are on a lifelong crusade to get even.

    Most leftwing white feminists, just like leftwing white faggots, are some of the most racists and evil people on the planet. These people are not the least interested in a just world, or a more equitable society. These people harbor the same fantasies as any would be robber baron: to get as rich as possible by hook or crook, off the backs of as many ‘stupid’ peasants as possible.

    I will not pretend to believe that the babies aborted would nave been the next Einsteins, or George Washington Carvers. Quite the contrary, most would have become menaces to society. This is because, the dregs of society produce the most irresponsible pregnancies.

    The answer is not to make abortions easier and more accessible, thereby incentivizing more irresponsible behavior. The answer is for sociteies to develop methods, using the carrot and the stick, to incentivize more responsible behavior from all eschelons of society. And we must hold women accountable, when they misuse or behave irresponsively with their reproductive systems.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      Abortion put plainly is human sacrifice, it’s no different to the biblical Hebrews who would offer up their children as a literal burnt offering to the false god Molech or those throughout history who would literally kill their children as a blood sacrifice to whatever god they worshipped. The only difference between those times and today is the technological advancement.

      I completely agree with you, black women have taken the feminism that was given to them by white female liberals and mutated it 100 fold.

      Black women are the most gullible suckers on the planet bar none, they are so easily manipulated into supporting and advocating for anything and everything they think is going to help advance themselves only as a group as well as help them “get one over” on black men.

      I believe regardless of how those murdered unborn children would’ve turned out had their lives been spared, it not for others to make the decision to terminate their lives. I believe you’d have a case in terms of black society, not so much for other communities.

      One clear as day observation that has come out of this ruling is folks can now truly see just how evil and savage the Left is and just how much they are willing to do in order to uphold their evil works.

      1. Its the exact same thing Verbs. It’s a sacrifice of a child to Moloch which was forbidden in the Torah. In my readings and research I’ve found that abortion is also considered a “sacrament” in the satanic church.

        1. Autodidact,

          The Most High put men in charge of women for many good reasons, chiefly because women are emotional creatures and can easily be roped into engaging in evil works. I believe there are many more women in Hell than men and child sacrifice aka abortion is probably the number 1 reason why. Western women have become so far removed from femininity and true womanhood it’s scary and very disappointing at the same time.

  4. Watching the white liberal females in my Twitter feed go insane. After a 6-year long white feminist temper tantrum (and a 50 year matriarchal reign of terror for Black Men), America is finally bringing these bitches to heel. First the Amber Heard verdict breaking the back of #MeToo, now this. I couldn’t be happier.

    As a productive, heterosexual Black Man who has never sent any woman to the abortion clinic, this is not my problem, gents. This is a problem for the Tinderella hoes who can never say no to unprotected dick from Raw Dog McGee and Johnny Appleseed.

    Great news, gents!

    Now do the story on the New Black Aryans™ who come from BM/WW couples but not the reverse. Big news week!

    1. Schadenfreude,

      “Now do the story on the New Black Aryans™ who come from BM/WW couples but not the reverse.”

      Any links?

    2. Schadenfreude,

      I have to laugh at all of these videos suddenly popping up on TikTok of chicks threatening to withhold sex if the decision to overturn Roe vs Wade isn’t reversed. These heifers thrive and survive off the attention they get from simps as well as the dicking down they receive from Chad, Brad and Tyrone.

      Outside of travelling to a blue state to access child killing services, these sirens are actually going to have to be sexually responsible for a change, sexual responsibility is something so many of them haven’t seen or practiced at all. Oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      The whole process is beyond barbaric and remember, less than 1% of abortions are carried out because the woman’s health is in imminent danger. Like I said before, most women who kill their unborn children do so because they view the child as an inconvenience to their lives.

  5. The overturning was long overdue, for quite some time. As far as I can tell, Roe v. Wade was based on a lie. It had to go.

    1. Brandon Blair,

      Agreed, as Justice Clarence Thomas said, some of the other skullduggery that has been passed also needs to be looked at and thrown out, homosexual marriage seriously needs to be examined next because just like abortion, it has nothing to do with the US Constitution.

      1. The alarmists are trying to say that Loving v. Virginia is on the block as well…but will be ignored because Clarence Thomas himself is in an interracial marriage.

  6. I want a son. I want a son that looks like youngest nephew. Before I start, when I was in Jamaica, I was dealing with a single mother right and one of her kid called me daddy. That was so uncomfortable.

    History has been made with the US banning abortions. As the ban come around some of the people who are with abortions was protesting, even rioting. And black women and abortions. Black women have aborted a whole leap of children over the past fifty years. Right, is Money Cultural with it? Hmmmm! If the woman was sexually assaulted or was involved in incest or a teenage girl get pregnant, then maybe. Like I said before I breed up on chick when I was a teenager. I heard her vomited in the toilet in August 1995. And I thought I got the chick in Jamaica pregnant but I dodge a bullet there.

    As I saw the dudes who where pro abortions, let me ask you one question. Do you think them pro abortion women who have a child with them beta males? Let me make you guys think about it. i don’t know what the fuck these beta males are protesting with the females and they know that these women don’t wanna have kids with them.

    The only time the ratchet black women won’t abort the child is when they are having the baby with the thugs and the worthless men. The rather have a yute with Pookie and Ray Ray then a good black man. When they see a criminal, a prisoner or an escape convict, they wanna get breed up fast, blud. Yes, there are 20 millions black babies but they want have the pickney with the Rizly Dizzy, Street Mice, Corner Boy Ronney, Ruff Cut Larry, Rapid Fire Rasta and Fuck All Night Freed.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these white beta males, the black men who are simps and the ratchet black women are coming after non black women. Mi what breed a gyal now!


    1. Money Cultural,

      Abortion has devastated black society in the US, their population has remained at 13% for at least the last 30 years while other groups within America have seen their populations grow. Hispanics some years ago surpassed blacks as being the biggest non white group in the US, I’m sure they must represent at least 20% of the US population by now.

      1. That is right. Looks like hot girl summer has been cancelled! But I beat you that these thotiana chicks and the ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles still goanna have sex raw with the thuggstas that they love and desire.

        1. Money Cultural,

          This female freakout over Roe only confirms that hoes love to be creampied. Why else are we seeing them calling for dudes to get a vasectomy? What does my penis have to do with your poor twat management? They can’t trust themselves to not fuck Thuggo or Chad raw, that’s what. What a shitshow.

  7. Schadenfreude wasn’t wrong:

    Samuel L Jackson along with Joyless Reid calling Justice Thomas “Uncle Clarence”

    @IndieCat30 “doesn’t the NIGHA realise his rights are next?

    @IndieCat30 And this is how pissed off I am! Drop the N-word and people react- I’m not a racist either! Just making a point!

    @JonVcorbett Clarence Thomas: just another dumb field nigha.

    @everhaunting Clarence Thomas is a house nigha.

    @Moon_Clinic Clarence Thomas really one hateful old nigha.

    @jpc268 Clarence Thomas really wanted to own slaves and to be able to call Black people nighas. In front of white people. And laugh. Coon-ass motherfucker.

    @Asae this tweet is sickening. Clarence Thomas is a dirty porchmonkey and as a trans woman I’m giving everyone permission to use the n word on him

    @SoulKingLives That coon Clarence Thomas fell in line to make sure Loving v. Virginia wasn’t overturned. I promise all skinfolk ain’t kinfolk

    @USOS1R1US Clarence Thomas, the Uncle Ruckus of the Supreme Court will realise he is a black man one way or the other.
    Sorry Clarence Thomas. We should go after interracial marriages too. That way we can divorce you from your insurrectionist wife Ginni Thomas.


    But the left Democrats love Black people? Unity and healing, amiright? Juneteeth!

    1. The far leftists are spiritually dead.

      Of course they would start demanding a ban on interracial marriages because they are against heterosexuality.

      I see a lot of white women on pro life rallies.

      A white feminist would never attend a pro life rally event.

      A negress would never attend a pro life rally event either.

      White Christian women in the west are like Noah in the ark surrounded by nephilim giants and dinosaurs being wiped out by the flood of western babylon.

      Because Christianity is dying hard in westernised societies for many reasons, it has come to a conclusion that the minority of white women who ain’t completely westernised are Christians.

      Easternised white women are all Christians.

    2. Michel,

      Joy Reid is an ugly looking specimen, she represents the current state of black female society where there is a serious dearth of attractive black women. I checked out the Instagram of that everhaunting Serina Johnston harriet, another overweight, busted looking broad:

      Twitter is a cesspool of scum buckets who believe they have some sort of power because they can call people names and get topics trending, lol.

      Guess what, these knuckleheaded Negroes will still be voting Democrat during the up and coming mid-terms as well as in 2024, you can set your watch to their buffoonery.

      Roe vs Wade has been overturned and these lefties need to get over it, folks ought to be worried about the cost of living as well as fuel and energy going sky high, not the fact that they can’t readily snuff out the life of an unborn child, smh.

  8. Man. The Roe v Wade overturn done got these people acting real crazy. Protesting over killing unborn babies? Just how sick these people are? I’m trying to find the words to describe this madness because I’m finding this super evil of people attacking the supreme court over this overturn. I’m looking at this, and I’m like if only women would develop some common sense when it comes to sex instead of letting loose, and letting dudes hit it raw, none of this abortion shit wouldn’t happen. What happened to safe sex, or saying no? This is what I’m starting to learn about sex: It doesn’t make you a grown up, or mature like that. There are responsibilities when it comes down to sex. That’s all I got to say because I literally can’t describe the words about this pertaining to the people getting all hot heated about this.

    P.S. I didn’t know a woman getting an abortion increases her risk of cancer. How can that happen?

    1. That Retro Guy,

      Large swaths of western women have become decadent, lazy slobs who simply want to roll through life doing as they please without suffering the consequences of any jacked up decisions they’ve made. Western governments via the gynocentric systems they’ve put in place have temporarily postponed the fallout of bad choices for women(NOT for men).

      Roe Vs Wade being overturned means that accessing child killing services is going to be harder which obviously clashes with their current lazy disposition. Western women at this stage have become a joke and a laughingstock, this is why I highly encourage free thinking brothers to go foreign instead.

      Abortion is similar to unplugging an external hard drive from your computer/laptop without first going through the dismounting procedure. In the same way that files and the actual hard drive itself can be corrupted, the same goes for a woman who commits an abortion, the body still believes the woman is pregnant even though the child has been removed by force which causes serious hormone imbalances and offsets.

  9. Man, this overturning of Roe v. Wade has unleashed the demonic rage of the baby killers! Feminism needs to be classified as a mental disorder because I have seen clips of the typical unattractive chicks screaming about their body and their choice; there were also the blue pill simps out there supporting something that which has no benefit for them at all. There’s so much more I can share, but for now I’m going to leave this video of Kendrick Lamar being a useful idiot:

    More comments on this ruling later!

  10. Okay, now that I’ve had several hours to recollect my thoughts, I just wanted to point out how these silly women are fighting for something that has some serious health ramifications; as pointed out above, having an abortion can lead to breast cancer. And which female demographic is known to have had the highest number of abortions to date? Is it any wonder why thr scraggle daggle’s health is in the toilet statistically speaking? I also don’t get why they call it “reproductive rights” when they are doing the exact opposite of reproduction! Every day, I am less interested in American women because they have been poisoned by what feminism has wrought upon this country; SYSBM truly is the only viable option left for thinking Black men, but it’s not to be taken lightly.

    1. In the photo above, notice there are no scraggles in the pro-life crowd. Speaks volumes – reinforcing the scraggle’s reputation as the purveyor of death and destruction.


  11. A have a family member that has aborted 5 of her bastards.I called her out on it. I said that she was using the procedure as a form of birth control. She threatens to kill me dead in front of other “family” members, no one said a word following that statement, double standards man….

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