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The Second Video Explains The First!


I’ve no idea where the second video originated from, somebody posted it to Facebook and I thought it would complement the first with black female comedian Daphnique Springs. This is exactly what I stated in my book Negro Wars, black women as a group love undiluted chaos and endless volatility in their relationships due to their own disjointed, war type mindsets.

This is one of the main reasons why most black females gravitate towards Chunky Bruh, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Two Snacks and Shorty Fist type Negroes, they know that these types of black men will give them the “excitement” and “fast lane thrills” they so desperately crave.

Yet again, this is one of the main reasons why in recent times more black men have been deciding to throw in the towel on black women and instead head in the direction of women from other ethnic backgrounds(looking for peace and tranquility), something that Daphnique Springs alluded to in the first video. Even though she said “men”, we already know that she was really referring to BLACK MEN.

Yes gentlemen, the exodus of black men from the building is very real and black women are feeling the pinch big time, however women like Daphnique Springs already know what the real deal is because a few years ago she produced a number of comedy skits playing the “crazy girlfriend” with black male comedian and actor Carey, here is one of them and please see the link underneath the video for the crazy girlfriend marathon:

Common sense and logic should tell black women that if they continue to behave like a bunch of unhinged, unbridled rabid lunatics and savages, eventually dating and mating interests in them inevitably will decline sharply.

This is exactly what’s now happening and as most black women continue to roll down Wrong and Strong Boulevard doubling down on their ultra feminist, loud mouth, belligerent Tom foolery, the gulf between black men and black women will only continue to widen even further.

The bottom line is in the back of their minds black women know exactly why more black men are choosing NOT to deal with them, they believed the witchcraft, enchantments and sorcery they cast upon black boys from a young age would remain in place forever.

Sorry, all it takes is a feminine white or non black woman to come along and treat a black man NORMALLY and in many cases, that spell will immediately be broken. As the black female in the second video exclaimed, the chaos mindset is nothing to be proud of and is NOT NORMAL.

Springs has no choice but to check for older black men because the younger bucks are NOT going to tolerate any dysfunctional garbage at all, if these young boys even catch a whiff that something’s wrong, they are gone like The Flash.

This is indeed a sad state of affairs but it is one that black women as a collective have brought upon themselves and we haven’t even taken into consideration the fact that they have no problems trashing black men and throwing us under the bus at every opportunity that presents itself.

Aren’t these the same women alongside their blue pilled simp flunkies and homosexual cronies always stating that straight black men are the WEAKEST LINK within black society and as fellow blogger and commenter Michel pointed out a while back, haven’t heterosexual black men been described as being the white people of black people as well as being labelled as terrorists?

Black society is awash with unscrupulous compromised Negroes who love firing cannons at heterosexual free thinking black men in particular claiming that we especially suffer from so called “toxic masculinity“, an issue that supposedly “urgently” needs to be addressed.

Remember, the same black females who have absolutely no problems slating, denigrating, disparaging, berating, mocking, ridiculing and laughing at heterosexual black men on the one hand are the same ones who openly protest, bemoan and complain about not feeling “protected” by those same black men on the other, smh.

Black men are under no obligation to protect a group of women who have been urinating and defecating upon their heads since the days of slavery and thankfully more black men are realising that these eternal ingrates and unappreciative black harridans do not deserve and are certainly NOT entitled to any protective services.

Gentlemen, as I’ve told you over the years, when dealing with dysfunctional black women, abandonment is the best weapon in your arsenal, simply walk away from them and never look back. Let the blue pilled simps deal with those chaos and war minded feral hogs, peaceful living adds years to your life. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women Are Really Feeling The Abandonment Pinch

Most High Bless

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30 thoughts on “The Second Video Explains The First!

  1. It ain’t really a sad state of affairs between relations of black men and black women.

    It is actually joy and a blessing to see more and more black men abandon black women in droves.

    Peace scares black women.

    The calm before the storm as described by the negress on second video.

    The comedian negress from the first video and third video has demonstrated the whole image of themselves.

    Black comedy ain’t really comedy to begin with, more of a black life story based on a true story.

    Easternised white wifey is my future quality stargate. SYSBM

    1. “Peace scares black women.” Straight Facts Brotha! I Believe The 3rd Clip Will Evently Manifest Where These Crazy daggles Will Pull Stunts Like This Just To Keep An Man. Chaos REIGNS In Da Communitah.I Feel Sorry For Straight Honest And RIGHTEOUS Brothas That Have To Deal With These Savages On An Daily Basis… CRAZY s***! SYSBM….

    2. Witwijf,


      Peace does indeed scare black women but then at the same time they wonder why more black men are throwing the towel in on them. I wouldn’t deal with any women displaying volatile and masculine tendencies, they are a pain in the backside and strip years from your life.

  2. Verbs 2015.

    Black women like Daphnique Springs is the reason why I refuse to date black women because they love to bring chaos and drama to my life and I don’t want that. The reason why I prefer to date non black women because they bring peace and tranquility to my life and thats what every man wants regardless of his race.

    1. As we can Clearly see,this has been a problem for an Extremely Long period of time.This along with so many other reasons is why NO Brothers Showed up to that Singles Mixer in Dallas,Texas.The woman made that go viral and that was yet again another reminder of what we’ve saying for the longest has come back to Haunt them.

      1. Robert,

        I believe in the end a number of black men did turn up to that single mixers event but it was something like 20 black men to 100 black women. More black men are clocking on to the fact that black women just aren’t worth the effort anymore, besides I believe that the overwhelming majority if not all of the black women who attended that function were post prime rinsed out and ran through thots looking for a Captain Save Em to scoop them up.

    2. I do not blame you Quincy because they think skits are just fake but when they created these skits, these skits represents true reality in the hood. Whilst the Black Community finds this funny until they get hurt or killed in real life.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with you Andy. I refuse to date black women because they are not attractive or feminine and they act like men. I am only interested in dating single beautiful childfree Turkish women, Turkish Cypriot women, Greek women,Greek Cypriot women, White women with brown eyes and Indian women, they have to be good looking at least a 6 out of 10 in looks or above, they have to be either slim build or athletic build, they have to be my height which is 5ft 7in tall or shorter because I have a preference for short women because I am a short man myself and they have to live in London like me so that we can meet up for a drink. I have high standards for myself in the type of women I want to date and if any woman don’t meet my dating preferences then I am just not interested.

        1. I have a friend over in Turkey right now. Everybody is different but I should warn you that he is having much more success with White skin Turkish women and Russian women in Turkey than with the Cypriot which I believe have olive skin and dark hair.

          He is using Tinder and they all speak English or Russian and English.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you always say, I fully agree with you bro, turbulent, volatile, chaotic, violent, dramatic and unstable women are NOT for me.

  3. On the 1st video:
    She wants older men because they have money and resources, this is because some old rich men are simps so basically these BW goes for men’s resources.

    If the older man has self worth and respect, these BW will have to complete against the younger versions of themselves because old men with value always go for younger ones.

    She mention dating is harder, this is because she is a ratchet hoe and no one wants that.

    Lets get into the 2nd video:
    The reason why she said peaceful is scary because they never experience positivity, all they know that chaos and drama is the social norm in the hood.

    If they find a man who is a husband material, she will find this foreign.
    What I mean by foreign is basically they never expose or experience men on that level.

    I give you my experience on chaos and peace:
    These females always want to find good/genuine men who has leadership skills and husband potential. When they meet one, they just do not know how to deal with them because they are not use to those type of men who have self-respect because they are use to thugs and pookies.
    Spend time looking for one is one thing, but expose to one is foreign because to them it is like another country to them.

    This is one of the reason why SYSBM teaches you to detox your mind, change the environment and mindest to get better people. For the BW, it is hard to change their ways because they are always worry anout will lose friends, family and social circle when the better themselves. Well of course you will lose some to better yourselves because it shows they were never your true friends to begin with.
    Something I learn a long time ago when it comes to females and Keven Samuels mention this to these females: ‘Single friends keeps you single’ because toxic people will always drag you down.

    Kid Organic said some wise words: ‘Friends comes and goes, truth is forever’.

    1. When the scraggle daggle says she is looking for a “good Black man”, what she really means is that she is lookng for a black male simp who makes six figures a year or more.

      Most daggles lack any trace of critcal thinking skills. They are actually stupid enough to think that six figure income, black male simps grow on trees. The scraggle daggle, by her very nature wouldn’t know a “good Black man” if one bit her on the ass.

      The scraggle daggle’s fantasy is a six figure Black man who will indulge her petty dramas, tolerate her combativeness, and quietly accept her argumentative nature. To the scragg, this is the perfect Black man. Well, there is no shortage of black male simps who will gladly submit to the scraggle daggle’s whims. But most of these simps are not very intelligent, and most cannot give the scraggle daggle the material things that she thinks a black male simp should give her. The Will Smith and Russell Wilson types are literally one in a million, and unavailable to the average scraggle daggle.

      The scraggle daggle’s day has come and gone. All that’s left for her is a life of booty calls from black male simps, the occasional ghetto gagging from Bottom Shelf Brad (when she can get it), and a future of loneliness, obesity, and spinsterhood.

  4. It’s been a while since I’ve seen Daphnique Springs, and I see nothing has changed much with her; Springs and her brand of comedy is just a solo daggle show where she accurately portrays everything wrong with Black women in 2022. Note how she was swift to violence when her man simply stated he was done and wanted to move on; there was even the Jekyll-Hyde switcheroo mechanism involved. Daphnique Springs also has a skit where she acted up the same way with a Slim Sauce type of Black male. Guess who put who in their place? If you guessed Slim Sauce put her in her place, you are correct; in the communitah, all they sell is drama. When was the last time you saw a reality TV show where Black people aren’t fighting or making fools out of themselves? Is it any wonder why so many Negros have a problem with SYSBM? SYSBM means peace for the free thinking Black man, but Blackistan members thrive on discord and chaos.

    1. I is no coincidence that the CIA’s Program was Operation CHAOS, and that the guru of the alt right Dugin has a Chaos Rune as his logo. These black bitches think they are smart, but in reality are just PR fronts for swastika clubs, rabbinic racists and other rich malcontents.

    2. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The black witch can keep her discord and chaos over there in her own corner, let the simps deal with that nonsense at their own risk. Springs has it down to a T portraying the modern day black female in her dysfunctional state because I’ve no doubt that she simply playing out how she is in real life.

      Stable black women who embrace peace and tranquility with open arms have gone the way of the dinosaurs hence why they can never be quality stargates.

  5. Let’s go through the list of what black men are supposed to be from BW and WM:
    * Thieves
    * Rapists
    * Gangbangers
    * Monkeys
    * Nighas
    * Slaves
    * Coons
    * Jiggs
    * Bullet bags
    * Untermensch
    * Low IQ
    * Lazy
    * Sellouts
    * Conquered
    * Defeated
    * The straight white men of black people (completely nonsensical)
    * Domestic terrorists
    *Toxic (add your specialist brand)
    * Disloyal

    Have I missed one out?

    black men in particular … suffer from so called “toxic masculinity“, an issue that supposedly “urgently” needs to be addressed

    The bigger picture is, as the billionaire puppet masters like Klaus Anal Schwab say:
    You vill be a sexless android sack of shit and you vill be happy. Black people without a strong father are meat to the globalists, becoming useful idiots hellbent on a crash course in depopulation. Black men are the last resistance left.

    1. Black females and white men think they’re smart but end up being used by Aryan Rabbi Azov and Gulag Escape Brad from Siberia.

      1. This is the thing all useful idiots do not understand- they cannot see up towards their billionaire puppet boys, they can’t look down far enough towards the shallow grave they’ll lie in once the divide and conquer outlasts their idiot carcasses.

        BLM, Fox News and MSDNC bedwenches never outlast their masters

    2. Michel,
      The Things that you just Listed is the Same Way that the Media Portrays us & by Media I Mean Be it The News, Movies, TV Shows, Cartoons, Magazines, Comic Books, etc. A Straight Black Man is Not Suppose to be Portrayed in Any Positive Light Whatsoever, Because it Represents a Threat to ”White Superiority”, But Mostly it Represents a Threat to ”White Male Superiority”, Hence they Use Sistah’s as Foot Soldiers like Candace Owens, Diamond & Silk, Tawana Burke, Stacy Dash & Such to Help do their Dirty Work, But When Karma Hits these Women Hard in the Ass in Which they Realize they F–ed up & Want Forgiveness. They Find that There is No Forgiveness for Back Stabbing & It Never Ceases to Amaze me Why they Ask that Question ”Why Can’t I Find a Good Black Men?” & You be Like ”You Know Exactly Why you Can’t find a Good Black Man”. #SYSBM For Life!!!

  6. It’s the same thing with the ratchet black women, you get me. There is nothing different with them. The scraggle daggle don’t want piece. They want nothing but chaos. And when black men see this, they’ll be thinking like “No way” and they will just disappear. Black men don’t wanna deal with the ghetto ratchet hoodrats because these ratchet females will bring nothing but drama. Black women will go for the worthless men because they will bring nothing but drama for them and they like that. But later down the line and when they have children, that’s when they chase the good black man. And the good black man will say no to them scragglies. It looks like black men have had enough with the hoodrat because they will bring nothing but stress to them.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles are coming after them.


    1. Money Central – you’re right on the money!

      Brothers – Listen, and understand. The BT-1000 is out there. It can’t be bargained with. It can’t be reasoned with. It doesn’t feel pity, or remorse, or fear. And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are dead.

      Avoid the region known as The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan).


    2. Money Cultural,

      SYSBM always has been and always will be the repellant to Ratchet Central and its dysfunctional inhabitants.

  7. I turn 30 this July, and in all my life, I can honestly say that getting involved romantically with a black woman was one of the worst life decisions that I ever made. It was a 3 year nightmare. I was younger at the time but I didn’t know any better but when I came across MGTOW, IBMOR, SYSBM, and red pill content I snapped out of the spell and left her. I have a beautiful Venezuelan woman now and I will NEVER deal with a black woman ever again. Black women are very emotionally unstable. They’re ticking time bombs and I don’t even want to be around the black women in my own family. I’ve seen 5 different women in my family have emotional breakdowns/psychotic episodes and it’s like watching The Exorcist movie. You even said in one of your previous articles(YUPP SHE JUST GOT UP AND WALKED AWAY!) that black women are possessed by evil spirits and I believe that 100% without a doubt. Black women are very scary to be around, they’re absolute monsters.

    1. IzaEHFRH,

      You made the best decision you could’ve done, abandoning the black witch and expanding upon your dating options, I did the same back in 2005 and I haven’t looked bad since. You landed a beautiful Latina, no chaos, no contention, no strife, no psychotic drama nor discord over there.

      The modern day black female simply isn’t worth the stress, she isn’t right in the head and yes I’ll stick to the reckoning that the overwhelming majority of black women are controlled by evil spirits. How else can the mass dysfunction across the group be explained?

      Devils/demons find women much easier to possess because of their emotional volatility and unstable disposition and the modern day black female offers the easiest access due to the above plus her heavy set dysfunction as well as her embrace of mutant feminism.

      The bottom line is most black women are not nice individuals to be around and I don’t blame black men with ears to hear and eyes to see walking away from them and seeking out love and companionship elsewhere.

      1. Everything you said is 100% correct. It’s impossible to have peace around a black woman. Black women are the most argumentative/combative negative creatures that I ever met in my life. You would think these black women would finally snap out of their mutant form of feminism and wake up now that they see black men in mass numbers abandoning them and getting with all of these non-black women but it’s impossible for these black women to change. They’re past the point of no return. Black women are natural born monsters and only death can fix them. These black women are in huge trouble when this society collapses. They will have no one to run to for protection. They’re own men don’t want them, the white man only uses them as a sex toy so that won’t work for them either, and these other races of men definitely don’t want them either. They’re going to finally find out that the feminism doctrine that they lived by for the last 70 years was nothing but a scam and that them trading in their men for the goodies and benefits of the system was the worst mistake that they ever made.

  8. Bottom line, you have to meet women in their comfort zone most of the time, as the vast majority are scared to leave it. Black women’s comfort zone is hell.

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