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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


Thanks to commenters MMT and Thebackhandofreality for bringing this jackass to my attention. It looks like Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James is at it once again attempting to go in on travelling black men, the scary thing for me is the fact that you have people in his comment section who hang onto his every word and believe that he’s a valid authority who can speak on travelling, foreign women, women in general as well as dating, however nothing could be further from the truth.

Shawn James has absolutely NO EXPERIENCE in any of the above 4, he hasn’t dated a woman since the late 1980s, this came out of his own mouth during the debate we had on Obsidian’s Mixlr Show Do Black Men Have A Right To Love which aired on Friday 30th August 2019, the audio to that show can be found in the links below:

Now, it really wasn’t a hard task cleaning Pastor Two Piece’s clock because of his lack of experience, he brought that heavy defeat upon himself. Only a knucklehead lifts up his voice to speak on a topic he has very little to no experience in, such a move is asking for trouble.

James’ closest experience to a woman to date is one made out of rubber and silicone which in the past he has stated he feels proud busting nuts into, yep, a lifeless, inanimate contraption, smh.

What I also find disappointing is the fact that when James occasionally comes over here and comments, his comments aren’t censored or removed, yet when I went to comment on his travelling bros skit, didn’t the dude remove my comments as well as those from another brother I was educating about him?

Dude is a straight coward, he’s taken shots at SYSBM in the past but posted the videos to Patreon because he didn’t want the smoke that he knew was coming for his chest. People who live in dry wood shacks shouldn’t play with fire, however it seems that James hasn’t grasped this concept yet, smh.

To make matters worse, now court jester James yet again has decided that he can speak on white women NOT being an option for “educated lames” ie black men who have their stuff together, are preparing for the future and additionally don’t have a criminal rap sheet:

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, I’m sure many of you have got something to say regarding James putting his foot in it once again. What else is on your minds for this week gentlemen, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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49 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. I would not give this eunuch a millisecond of a day. I was SYSBM from the start before even puberty as I was a quiet kid and learnt fast. I have lived in a number of countries, including one within Africa.

    I tend to attract caucasian and asian women from solid upper/middle class backgrounds consistently from Europe to China. Even one of them is a younger sister of a famous supermodel with a net worth near £100m.

    My advice guys, save up, develop an independent skill and forget about these losers, let them lurk from the abyss they hail from.

    1. Agreed 100%. An independent skill is key. It will allow you to not only work from anywhere, but it will raise you up over the daggle to the point where you don’t have to deal with them on any level. Some dudes who post right on this board have to deal with these ignorant buffaloes at their jobs. Not the way to go. Daggle-free is the life for me!

  2. For someone who has a sex doll that hasn’t had real sex since 1989 and hasn’t dated a single non black woman in his life shouldn’t speak about black men dating out at all.

    Westernised women in general ain’t options for black men dating in general.

    My only option is Easternised white women.

    He thinks like a white MGTOW in a black male’s body just for fucking a sex toy.

    This is what happens when a society doesn’t have any spiritual guidance whatsoever.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Shawn James needs to shut the fuck up because he hasn’t got a clue what he is talking about. He is probably a virgin who is fucking a sex doll and that is shameful plus he has never travelled outside of his country the USA and he has never dated a non black woman in his life.

    1. Rumor has it his sex doll is testing herself for STDs.


      1. That would imply that SJ is actually having enough sex to worry about catching an STD…

  4. A single-mother daggle has been elected Vice-President of Colombia. You brothas who like to go down there to play, expect new travel policies to restrict a Black Man’s movements akin to Swedish women pressuring their government to try to stop Swedish men from marrying Thai women.

    They’re trying to install Kamala in 2024, and Biden installed that Ketanji chick on the Supreme Court, not to mention the mammy from Georgia they keep hyping, Stacey Abrams, they are trying to ratify the defacto Black Matriarchy as the actual status quo.

    And notice the American ones are married to white men while they craft legislation to keep your black ass back on the plantation.

    Watch your 6, gents.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Colombia has become a vassal nation to the United States. So the US is dictating everything that happens in Colombia. The US flooded Columbia with the CIA and DEA during its cocaine heydays.

      The Reagan and Bush administrations controlled Colombia’s cocaine industry and used it to flood da communitah with crack cocaine. They used the money generated, to fund illicit wars in Central America. The US runs Colombia behind the scenes. This explains the daggle being elected VP in Colombia.

      Most black males in the US are doomed by their own choice. As incredible as it sounds, the American black male simp spends a higher percent of his often meager income buying sex than any other cohort of males on the planet. And he is buying sex from the scraggle daggle, the worse sex on the planet, from the worse females on the planet.

      These women are mostly ugly, often beastly, often infected, and almost never practice good feminine hygiene. The American black male simp really needs to be sent to deprogramming, reeducation camps. His mind is so far gone when it comes to the scraggle daggle that he is damaged beyond repair by females who are themselves damaged beyond repair.

      1. Rule #1: The scraggle is a scraggle regardless of geographic location.
        Rule #2: See Rule #1.


    2. @Schadenfreude
      Oh dear God, that VP sista is hideous looking. Not what I would expect from hearing about the vaunted Colombian chicas. WTF? But there’s that elite “pattern” again using dumb black women as cover.

      But make no mistake SYSBMers, the wretched Westernized “educated” black feminist is the tool of choice for Lord Euro & his vulture capitalist vampire elites in order to destabilize the Americas with massive woke distractions. lol.

      That monkey wrench can clearly be seen in the plethora of DUSTY black scraggle bureaucrats getting shoved down the People’s throats. Such allegedly black (laughs) “luminaries” include Ketangi Jackson at the US Supreme Court, VP Kamala the buffon, the toxic black DemonRat House Representatives who make up “The Squad”, that queer Shitcago pussy licking, crackhead-lookin Mayor Lorri Lightfoot, the degenerate Commiefornia Representative Maxine Waters etc etc…too many to mention.

      All are being USED like a worn out hooker by their Anglo Euro masters to destabilize the West – with great success. It is as plain for all to see as the nose on your face. My Spidey senses tells me the Colonial Kings are doing this to piss off the delusional but allegedly “superior” white electorate by shoving degenerate blaaack people down their throats 24/7/365, including the woke Black Lives Matter psyop theatrics.

      This will prime the pump for either Civil War 2.0 or Race War 1.0 which I keep telling ya’ll that’s heading YOUR way in Amerika. Please don’t shoot the messenger bcuz he brings baaad news. lol

      PS: Just had a huge but delicious fruit salad (bananas, avocados, beetroot, pineapple, mangos) from a popular street vendor here in Westlands (Nairobi) after a long day setting up some IT hardware for a customer. 100 shillings ($0.85) & this was the large king size. There’s plenty of food in Africa with this beautiful Equatorial sunshine.

      Black Progress:
      Westlands Business District Nairobi Kenya from Above – Drone Shots

      Most Expensive Square Mile in East Africa – Upper Hill Nairobi

      Nairobi Skyline Transformation

      The Nairobi They Never Show You // Kileleshwa, Lavington,Kilimani and Westlands Kenya, Drone Shots.

      1. Black Picard,

        I wish I could like your post more than once. Top notch analysis.

        Glad you got out of the degenerate West. GoBlack2Africa on YouTube has got me interested in visiting the Motherland. He is based in Ghana.

      2. In future, I will end up travelling on holiday to East African nations with a Easternised white wifey.

        The east is the future.

  5. Question for those in the UK mainly and other places can chip in to.
    The UK gov said that manual cars won’t be sold from 2030 onwards. Is it even worth it learning manual if its going to automatic later on?
    Better off learning auto in my opinion

    Especially taking into consideration the amount of traffic in London and those 20 mph zones. The UK really knows how to kill the enjoyment of driving and that test backlog too.

    What do you all think?
    I’m aware in the US & Canada its majority automatic transmission due to the size of your countries.

    1. Manual is a passion in the arse but you will be able to drive the majority of cars in the UK and Europe. You won’t get stuck with hiring non automatic cars.

      1. I get your point. However with a test backlog and if you need your licence as soon as automatic is better in my opinion. There’s always a time to learn manual later when there will be no test backlog. If you live outside London or countryside then it’s easier doing manual but inside London it’s unnecessary stress.

        In addition the theory test when you pass only last 2 years. Whereas you get an auto licence you don’t need to do a theory test again.

        1. *in order to do a manual test later on. Plus you would have more road experience. Or never drive manual again if you leave it after 2030.

  6. Look who’s back, it’s Señor Fillet Crunch with coleslaw and fries… 🤣

    Zero experience with life but I get to tell you what to do, whilst jacking off to Round and Brown inside a silicone sleeve, then cleaning up and drawing white Goth women in his comics. It’s a damn shame that the Mad Bus Driver has to hide inside a helmet whilst speaking truth, yet Pastor Bucket Meal gets to talk chicken shit and we can see his face in 240p?

    Slave catcher Communist.

    1. Look who’s back, it’s Señor Fillet Crunch with coleslaw and fries. Lol!

    1. thebackhandofreality,

      This is what Tommy Sotomayor calls the BT-1100. Although the daggle looks like she’s old enough to be a BT-900, her viciousness makes her a BT-1100.

      Sotomayor had these daggles figured out. But he is so totally conquered by their witchcraft, that he is addicted to their putrid juices. Nasty indeed !

  7. Hope you guys have a nice Wednesday. I’m at South London. I’m just living there on a six months tenancy. But hope everyone is cool still. Do you know what Shawn James need to do? He needs to go and focus on his next book he’s goanna write. He hasn’t been focusing on his book for time and I don’t know which book he’s goanna write. Bareback Fountain is the same thing as well, He was stalking other black men including me on social media because black men was talking about the ratchet black women that he was defending. I have never thought that we will hear from this man again but to be honest, he’s here mocking black men dating outside their race and dating foreign black women. 2022 is the tear of the simps and the simp hood is getting larger and larger. I don’t know what made this man change.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these beta males, simps and these ghetto ratchet black women coming after black women.


  8. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I see the Church of the Original Recipe’s senior pastor is back at it; if he hasn’t already shown a level of idiocy in his debate with you, he’s outdone himself with this video, but some folks can’t help but make fools of themselves. I’m just going to accept that this crappy skit of James’ is him projecting his fear of traveling onto brothers who do travel; also, what traveling man do you know who talks like a jive negro? This guy is delusional! I’m long overdue for a vacation, and I can’t wait to take that trip; sucks for Pastor Bucket Meal because he’s missing out.

  9. Damn, and I thought James learned his lesson on speaking on topics he has little to zero experience in.

    Well James is a Man in a Crisis by keeping this behavior up and people will start to see the bullshit emanating from him.

    1. Looking at the dude’s physical APPEARANCE, that KneeGrow is a fukin simp-hole. End of story.
      This nigga actually gives dating ADVISE?? Sadly, this is one of the negatives of the Internet: Losers like SJ are EVERYWHERE!

      PS: “simp-hole” copyright by Black Picard
      – all rights reserved for exclusive use by SYSBMers. 😉

      1. Understood. As long as I have your consent to use that term and mention your name.

        Same goes for my term regarding this “crisis” BS-19™

  10. THIS is the “Shawn James” ya’ll been talking about over here?
    Pffft, I wouldn’t waste my frigging breath on this colossal simp-hole who obviously couldn’t pick up a primo QUALITY non-Western foreign skirt even if he had a bucket load of toxic fiat paper dollars.

    So this simp nigga — LOOKING like THAAAT — is supposed to enlighten me about dating choices? lol GTFOH!! I, at least, thought this dude would walk the talk in the looks department. Any skirt who spreads her legs for this simp — that is, if he can get laid! — is a bonifide LOSER.

    The sheep commenters on his channel REALLY need to get a fukin LIFE. Hmmn??
    Yo Shawn, “talk is cheap, but actions speak louder than words!” Show me some fine & RESPECTABLE skirt receipts you’ve been “entertaining” before I take dating advise from your black ass. At least LOOK the part, nigga, for crying out loud.

    The degeneracy in the black Communitah continues…

    1. Yes Black Picard, that is him.
      He creates a comic book called John Haynes which is a Alpha male version of himself.

      He is the man of knowledges and they call him the ‘Wise Man’ of Red Pill.
      This guy uses critical examination and uses the best debate skills where no man can challenge him. He even said men are beneath him.

      Until in 2017 he start critiquing the Travelling brothers which created the worst Dick Police as known as ‘Passport Gate’. Where other YouTubers slanders American brothers who uses Passport to have sex in other countries.

      Then he challenges Babatunde ‘aka’ Verbs to a debate. It turns out that he has no experience at all. He even said the last time he dated was in 1989. On top of it all, he call BM who travels ‘Incels’.

      This man basically created the simps and hoteps who have hatred towards BM who got Passport (aka Passport Gate) because they can travel whilst the haters are stuck in the hood who got felonies or paying Child Support meaning they are not allowed to travel outside America.

      It does not matter how much intellectual debate skills he has, he lost the debate to Verbs because Verbs is experienced on travelling.

      As long as he has no experience, he need to take a loss.

  11. I like to thank Verbs for mention about Shawn James:

    I like his content as he make good videos, the problem is all he knows is foreign women in the West so of course he would same all women are the same. It is same here in London. Sometimes he need to get out of the city and explore towns as you see different.

    I agree when Shawn and others say ‘All women around the world are Hypergamous’, but what these men do not understand is each countries has ‘Local Hypergamy’ meaning it is not the same as the West. Just like each countries has their own rules and laws, you just have to learn them.

    Let me explain by ‘Local Hypergamy’:
    Basically means each countries has their own set of standards, these so called men like PUA and Shawn James always assume that when they go to different countries, they are the same, no they are not. The problem with these guys who say ‘All Women are hypergamy’ or say they went to Thailand and date a women there and did not work are the guys using western mindset PUA, game or Swag which they do not need. some of these men who use game in other countries goes to sex tourist areas in those countries and date those bar girls and then come back saying ‘I tried to date foreigners but they are all the same’. No, they pick a non-traditional women because these PUA spend time faking it to make it which foreign women spots and see their bullshit.
    Also these so called fake redpillers goes to sex-tourist areas and try to date them, then come because to social media saying all women are the same.

    These men suppose to learn the country, the culture and the language, that is how it should be instead of using game and swag in other countries.

    I give you a scenario:
    In Philippines, these western white men assume that the Filipino are gold giggers because they are after their money to feed the Filipina family because they are poor and see white Western men as a meal ticket.
    What these White Men do not understand in Philippines is there are financial implication, that is part of Filipino culture because there are no welfare such as Section 8 or Pension unlike the West have. These Filipino who work in the West have to send money back home to support their family because of again, no welfare system. I have Filipina friends and they mentions this. There are few YouTube video mention about this.
    Now, when you date a Filipina, understand the culture and discuss about the financial implication before you be in relationship because if you marry to a Filipina, you end up marry to the family. That is how the culture works.

    The issues with these fake red pillers/PUA/Shawn/hoteps and dick police who say ‘Grass is not greener’ they have not explore different environments and all they do is they stay in the hood or in the City environment, so of course they see the same thing. Also these people do not change their ways or better themselves, never learn their cultures because they exposed to the western mindset.
    When you go date a foreigner they have to learn your culture and you learn theirs, same as the language and food, hobbies and interest that is how you do it, you both share each other culture, Tag-Team style. Study before you go and date.

    People like Verbs with this website (Slaying Evil) and Madbusdriver always mention that if you change your outlook, become cultural minded by traveling and learning languages. Get yourself detox and cleanse from this blue-pill, simp mindset and not listen PUA or use game or swag. Just be yourself, some women will like you and some women do not.
    If you build, they will come, follow and respect you.

    I saw Shawn made a video about about Becky is not an option, I notice that they always pick on Becky.

    I think he trying so hard to debunk SYSBM by using people like Miko Worldwide, Bakari Henderson and some rapper in Sweden when they had a fight with African-Arab refugees. These guys are nothing to do with SYSBM or Travelling brothers anyway because he is inexperienced.

    I going to add more about these guys who say ‘Grass is not greener’ because BM want to leave the hood, I like to ask them this question: ‘What make them think saying where they are is safer?’ because if you stay where you are because it is safer than other countries, you still have crime at your own door step so it is better to leave the ghetto.


    This is a trucker, sharing from his POV, the effects of the current gas crisis we’re dealing with; I find it strange that this is happening in the U.S. when we produce more gas than all other countries that also produce gas. Seeing all of this, I’m reminded of the cases of Stanley Meyer and Aaron Salter, Jr, two men who were working to get patents on a hydro powered car; these men would’ve been the saviors we needed during this gas crisis, but unfortunately they were both killed.

  13. He’s still at it huh? I thought he would shut up by now talking about dudes who are traveling to find love elsewhere, going places to see something different. I have one huge question I need to ask: What authority do these mofos have over black men who are trying to make something out of their lives, wanting to experience something different, besides being a walking stereotype? This is one of those reasons why the black race stays losing because too many black folks have this stuck in a box, fear mindset. These folks keep on shouting out it’s violence over there, racism over there, sex tourism/prostitution over there, like the same crap don’t happen where you at, at your own home?! “Violence over there,” There’s violence everywhere, violence could be stepping at your doorsteps. “Racism over there,” It’s Racism everywhere. The worst racism you can receive is from people who share the same damn race as you. “Sex Tourism/Prostitution,” really?! Prostitution happens over here in America too, it just some folks do a good job in dressing that crap up. The point I’m trying to make is being stuck in a box, having a fear mindset ain’t saving your damn life at all. Shawn James, he’s too stuck in a box. “Becky is not an option for educated lame?!” Boy I’m getting tired of that educated lame label. That label has been overused so many times to where it’s the most ignorant label to use on a brotha for real. So the options for black men are stay single and miserable, get a sex doll, or get the sistah only? Those are the only options for black men? Because if that is, then we’re fucked. First, staying single and miserable, I mean yeah, ain’t nothing wrong with the single life, but for me, I’m actually do have plans of having girlfriends/having a wife, and starting a family, and leaving something behind for them. Getting a sex doll, is that gonna solve anything? Get with a sistah only? Bruh, the black women sold us out. They sold us out big time. That black love these dudes be preaching, they can cancel that shit, because ain’t no black love going on like that. I been seeing more Interracial couples than I do same race couples. Interracial couples literally became the new norm.

    1. I can answer this for you as I can:
      You mention ‘Who has the Authority to decide on black community?’ I give you the answer to that one. The answer is ‘no one’.
      David Carroll has ask numerous times to the Pro-Black Hotep the same question: ‘Who give them the authority of hold the barometer of knowledge?’ Meaning who appoint them as the Leader of the Black Community? None of the hotep can answer this because they have no authority.

      Let me explain:
      In the Hood and the Hotep groups, you got these Pro-Black who want to be this ‘Self-proclaim’ Leaders of the community. Come up this stupid Hotep rules and rewrite meaning of the community terms such as ‘Coon’, ‘race traitor’ or ‘Uncle Tom/Rukus’. We know what those terms mean, however they use those terms towards BM who just voicing opinions on Social Media.
      Saying stuff like how Thinking BM are the threat to the culture because of speaking measly opinions on Social Media, meanwhile they don’t say anything about Real World Issues on the streets like ‘Drug Dealers’, Gang Bangers and Crime.
      They even think they can control brothers on who you can make friends with on Facebook and tell them to unfriend them because they go issue with another person. Or going making a video on YouTube telling fans to flag someone’s video because that person

      Also calling this a Black Community National Threat because of some interracial dating like Teenage prom dating a snowbunny. Beckys are not a Cultural Threat. National Issues are Covid, War between Russia and Ukraine, price goes up which affect people on a daily basis, not some BM dating WW.
      Mind you these so-called Hotep leaders do not go after BW who are the real threat of the black community because they are liberal, feminists and allies with the Rainbow alphabet people (LGBT) who they are the White Men’s tools to destroy the black Patriarchy and now there are in the slum of Matriarchy. But they are too coward to speak against the Matriarchy because they cannot face the demons, the BW.
      At the same time they can marry Beckys (Hoteps on the streets, Beckys in the sheets)

      Now because of Shawn James and the creator of the ‘Passport Gate’, they are nothing but ‘Crab in the barrel’ mindset.

      I agree what you said that the main goal of the black community is to slave the Thinking brothers to stay in the hood and be miserable. Make sure the successful brothers to stay in the plantation to fix and hood like a slave to the community, becoming the cucks to the group with no respect whilst, the thugs, gangbangers can bang hoes and do drugs and crime. They do not want you to have options like Shawn James does, we want you to stay in the ghetto, hoping you can wife these shitty BW like Umar want use to do.

      These pro-blacks are worse then the White Supremacy because they want to control the whole of Black America on how you live your life and who to date or else you are a traitor of the Black community and unfortunately like I said before, they are controlled by BW as they are 2nd class citizen as BW are the 1st class of Black community because they are nothing but loyal Liberals.
      They will never be free from the slave mindset because they are taught not to.

  14. This African man is smart on this one:

    Basically he ask a woman on a date and agree to pay for her meal.
    As soon as he met the women in the restaurant, he was unknowingly found out the woman invited her friend with her.
    The man got upset and decide to pay for his own meal and left. I say well done to him.

    This is a lesson to learn for the females, when you invite your friends to a date, do not expect a man to pay or else she will pay for all of her friend’s food. I do not care if you got no money (broke), I pay for my own food and leave you behind.

  15. Gentlemen,

    The exposures keep on coming, yet another well known name being exposed as a homosexual and male groomer, doesn’t this Negro purport himself to be a conservative, smh:

    1. If these allegations are true, this is just another example of conservative hypocrisy being exposed; one thing I can say about conservative characters like the aforementioned is that they are perpetually guilty of breaking Law 46 in the book “The 48 Laws of Power” which essentially states that it’s dangerous to appear too perfect because that’s when folks start looking for your flaws; recently, we’ve even seen the likes of Marjorie Taylor Greene, Madison Cawthorn, and Lauren Boebert be exposed for dabbling in things they’ve publicly denounced. Marjorie Taylor Greene has publicly attacked Disney for pedophilia themes in their movies, but it was revealed that she has invested in Disney stocks; Madison Cawthorn was exposed for cross dressing in lingerie at a party and doing homo erotic stuff with his cousin on camera while openly denouncing the LGBTQ community; lastly, Lauren Boebert is alleged to have been a sex worker who had 2 abortions before she became a politician, and she has had run ins with law enforcement, as well. I’m just wondering who’s next to be exposed as a phony?

  16. Roe v. Wade just overturned. Brothers – keep your guard up against the tantrum-throwing scraggle and white leftists.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Indeed, the daggles and the white lefties in the coming weeks, months and maybe even years are going to act stupid and out of pocket, guaranteed.

      1. I suspect armed security will be at the ready – locked and loaded in case any nonsense insues.


        1. Thebackhandofreality,

          Indeed. I’ll be releasing a short article on the Roe vs Wade strike down this coming Monday.

  17. ROE V. WADE is struck down by the US Supreme Court today. Affirmative Action is next.

    All the special favoratisms and specialized privileges that the scraggle daggle has enjoyed for the last 50 years are on the way out. For all the scraggle daggles who lead with “my fluff diploma mill degree”, or “my quota job”, this is surely sad news to them.

    We are entering a period where the scraggle daggle will have to make it on the content of her character.

    What character??? LOL

    1. AmericanBlkman,

      I moved this comment to the last Open Mic Wednesday, however I’ll be releasing a short article on the decision this coming Monday.

  18. Verbs,

    Slightly off-topic but the top NBA draft picks this year are biracial dudes with Black fathers and White mothers ONLY. This of course has Shaniqua feeling some type of way, at least one BW pointed out that there were none of BW/WM parentage. BlackMale1st on Twitter dubbed them the New Black Aryans™, positioned for success, but I guess the A-word was too much for Elon’s algorithim. The power of Black Fathers in the home with wives who know their role and successful offspring, the endgame for SYSBM. But black feminists and queers said that Black Dads were the wEaKeSt LiNk. Weird, huh? Tweet below.

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