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They Love Playing With Fire! #SHORTS


Women like the above are just damn right dumb and stupid, they heavily rest on the assumption that there will always be a system in place that will continue allowing them to postpone the consequences from the jacked up decisions they’ve made in the past, however as per usual most women are far too busy “having fun” to realise that the society around them that has allowed such irresponsibility is crumbling rapidly.

Additionally, didn’t we come across a story last December of Rajaee Shareef Black who killed his ex wife and his ex girlfriend because they both pulled the “I’m going to restrict you from seeing your children” card?

These women love playing with fire until they get burned, then all of a sudden they’re so efficient at assuming the victimhood position, smh. I seem to remember a man who many folks will be familiar with and regularly make reference to, Rae Carruth, a former American Football player who served nearly 19 years in prison for conspiring to kill his ex girlfriend Cherica Adams back in 1999 who at the time was 8 months pregnant.

The long and short of the story was Carruth wasn’t ready to be a father, he didn’t want the child but Cherica Adams wasn’t hearing it and ultimately paid the price for not dealing with things his way. Once again, I don’t condone men killing women whom they’ve gotten pregnant simply because those women refuse to abort and instead opt to bring the child to term.

However, if these women choose to force induce fatherhood upon the wrong man and things inevitably go south, that is totally on them, I don’t feel sorry for these women in the slightest if they meet a tragic end at the hands of a man who doesn’t want a child and who won’t hesitate to “deal with the problem” using whatever methods he sees fit. As the popular saying goes, play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

If more men adopted such a position, women would very quickly fall into line and wouldn’t be so reckless regarding opening their legs and getting knocked up by criminals, bums, gangsters, thugs and guys who simply aren’t going to commit to them, which is what we see so much of in black society today.

Gentlemen, quality stargates indeed matter and are so important now more than ever, never give your seed to any woman who you cannot see yourself settling down with long term. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women Who Use The System Against Men Deserve No Sympathy Whatsoever

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “They Love Playing With Fire! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I avoid black women and women who try to baby trap me. No wonder why the black community is in the pits of hell because black women are always having kids with the worst type of black men ever and then they have the cheek to moan about those type of men not being good fathers to their bastard kids when we all know that these types of thug bad boy criminal black men are not father material to begin with. The irony of it all is that these same black women reject good black men and SYSBM black men like us in their sexual prime years and put us in the friend zone and when that happens we SYSBM black men and other good black men decide to date outside of our race with non black women who love us and appreciate us for being ourselves and these fucking black women call us uncle Tom’s and race traitors all because we are getting into mixed race relationships with non black women who wants to build a proper nuclear family with us SYSBM black men and other good black men. You cannot win with black women and that’s the reason why I refuse to date black women as a childfree black man at 40 and I stopped dating black women when I was 16 years old back in October 1998 and I haven’t regretted it since.

    1. Shaniqua, Bottom Shelf Brad and Kremlin Cuck Jack be wailing and moaning on Gab, Breitbart and Soviet Stormer at this LOL. “B..but white women are replacing us!” Losers the whole lot of them

    2. I agree with you.
      Next thing they do is become the ‘Reachback’ after they run out of options because they are washed up has-beens and want you to be the clean up man.

    3. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The main theme you’ve pointed out here is that as decent brother you cannot win with black women, when I was much younger I lived the life of having to witness firsthand young black women continually running into the arms of gutter trash black men who had many females on rotation.

      Many of them got knocked up by the same dudes, of course years down the line quite a few of them came creeping around my way expecting me to accept them in their post prime years state and additionally perform clean up man/janitorial duties, no sir, not me, that’s never going to happen.

      Black women especially who reject men like us when they’re young but then attempt to come back years later must learn the hard way that cashing in their chips early ie choosing the right guy from young, settling down, having a family and NOT being enticed and suckered in by gutter Negroes for them is the best way to go.

    4. “I stopped dating black women when I was 16 years old back in October 1998 and I haven’t regretted it since.” Awesome Brotha..Wish I Would’ve Got That Memo When I Were That Age…

    1. Alex C,

      You know this is kind of funny watching clip you provided because these are same BW you see on many videos hearing Smoke Alarm batteries beeping and they just ignoring it like it is normal.
      Do not even change the batteries from the Smoke Alarms.

  2. These braud is trash, and I hope this laugh was worth it because it could be her last (were her man to snap); there’s been a lot of rumblings from Leftists about Roe v Wade being overturned this month, and they fear that contraceptives could be next on the chopping block, but I could care less because we have dumbos like this who don’t even take it and think they can trap men with a baby. She’s a prime candidate for the “Rae Carruth Club”; dudes out here aren’t playing that anymore.

    1. BCT,

      A lot of women are going to have to learn the hard way, they’re so comfortable and reliant on the current systems that are giving them privileges and protection, they’ve deluded themselves into believing that things are going to remain this way forever, smh.

      I see these lefties getting their panties in a bunch over Roe vs Wade, apparently the Supreme Court judges have gone into hiding ahead of the ruling.

      Women in the West desperately need an injection of industrial grade accountability and responsibility, hopefully this ruling is the beginning of that and more.

  3. To be honest, being labelled as a race traitor from the opposition is a blessing from the most high cause it ain’t a curse at all for dating out.

    These guys who killed their ex girlfriends were already cursed to begin with because they decided not to date interracially.

    The welfare state is collapsing for single mothers.

    As inflation keeps going up with energy bills and possibly food shortages this summer in August, more and more homelessness will be on the rise.

    Western governments care more about migrants than their own citizens.

    This is where more and more white Ukrainian women get the legal rights to come to the west as refugees and start replacing westernised women.

    White Russian women who legally live in Ukraine could also be allowed in the west as refugees.

    Westernised women would be extremely jealous of them and would want refugees out of their nations.

    They know both white Russian women and white Ukrainian women would dominate the dating market in the west.

    The east won’t tolerate atheism, feminism, socialism, radical Islamists, LGBT, welfare state, single motherhoods, dysfunctional behaviours, degenerate black music etc.

    1. Witwijf,

      The problem with women in general is they aren’t long term planners nor do they look ahead to see what’s possible trouble could be coming down the pike, why, because Western governments have put mechanisms in place that postpone the consequences of the bad decisions these women make(bail outs).

      However as you’ve pointed out, those mechanisms are collapsing rapidly and most of these western females don’t see this because they’re too busy “having fun” and living like perpetual irresponsible teenagers.

      The future is the Eastern block and the Eurasian regions, the West is done. This is what happens when you live lives of decadency and reprobation for years, eventually a fall will come.

  4. I remember that guy when he took out his former wife, his baby mother and then turn the nine on himself. Right, I know that it was a wrong idea what the man did but he emotions was played and he lost his head. When you play with fire, you will get burnt. And when it comes to these scraggle daggles, they will mess around with the wrong guy. The man said that he didn’t want the child but the woman want has it anyway because she can claim for child support. Black men don’t wanna deal with black women because they don’t wanna deal with the dysfunctional behiour with some of the ratchets. Some black men say that there are good black women around but they are like unicorns.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times because these simps, beta males and the ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


  5. You held out a helluva lot longer than I did. I gave up over a decade ago, realizing just how azz backwards and reversed “da communiteh” is. I won’t run down the list of crap, I just got my passport and bounced. Might have to work around a few hood apes and fefails, but I refuse to live around them and date them.

    1. JayinChi,

      A lot of brothers are doing the same, noting how the so called community is in a complete shambles, also noting how they are treated with extreme hostility by the black witch as well as her blue pilled pro black simp flunkies and as a result choosing to leave in silence. Yourself and other brothers like you who’ve taken the same or a similar path have done the right thing.

    2. Smart man, give these BW a wide berth. Let them tell it they wanna be left alone, niggas ain’t shit, all Black men are dogs, in jail or gay. I’m for giving these weavehead hoes the world that they want. Good that you got your passport, I suggest Eastern Europe. SYSBM.

    1. I saw that video.
      It shows that good brothers had enough of them. I do not blame them.
      None of them worth dating, not even speed dating.

    2. Matt M.,

      It turns out BM showed up to that mixer after all. Just when you thought brothers were getting smart.

      You should have known that BM are born simps and wouldn’t leave their queenz high & dry.

    3. I saw that video the other day and posted in a private Telegram group.

      The writing has been on the wall for at least a decade. Unfortunately you have far too many Gen X and some Gen Y men willing to spend hours in Livestream You Tube chats figuring out how to tame BW as most of the high income/elite BW are out of the reach of the majority of Black men.

      Many of them saying dating WW in America makes them feel uncomfortable when public opinion polls show that the vast majority of Americans support such unions.

      There are far more non-BW interested in dating Black men for a multitude of reasons than Black men willing to date them.

      As long as that is the case we will have to square off against Pro Black flunkies like Umar Johnson.

      What is coming is not Winter but something far worse for those at the lower economic level, the vast majority Black women with children.

  6. This chick is a DOCTOR? Like when you go to pick up your prescription, she’s there? I always knew there would be problems when this entitled, TikTok/IG generation of tattooed thots assumed positions in the workplace. It’s worse than I thought. Yikes.

  7. These Single Mothers Are Fuck*** Dangerous..We Must Say Away From The Chaos Comment From YT Clip…”I was a Stepfather in my previous. What I learned is: No matter what you do, you’re the scapegoat when things go wrong. ALWAYS!!!!!
    I had a friend back home get accused of molestation because he didn’t buy the bike the stepson wanted (bad grades)so he lied to his mother that he touched him. Just because he didn’t get what he wanted. It took 5 years for him to clean that up. Now he encourages ALL his friends (including me) to stay away from single mothers.😎👍🏿”

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