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We Understand Perfectly, Unfortunately You Don’t!


Dealing with the first video, unfortunately what most black women in particular and Western women in general “don’t understand” is their internet based unrealistic, outlandish, foolish and ridiculous expectations of the men they want to deal with and to be interested in them DOES NOT translate into the real world.

See, before the internet women for the most part were limited to dealing with the men within their immediate local circle and as a result these same women were forced to be more realistic about the types of men they could get with.

However the sorcery and the witchcraft of social media has spellbound too many Westernised females into believing that they can achieve extraordinary standards in men simply because the attention they receive from the same is now worldwide as opposed to regional.

Yet, when these delusional heifers introduce their 10 page checklists into the real world, they soon find out that reality is a far, far distance from the fantasy and fiction they’ve conjured up in their minds.

Understand that there are large swaths of Western women in general and black women in particular don’t bring anything of quality to a relationship, this is why they’ll frequently turn the tables and run the “he’s got to be 6 feet tall, at minimum have a 6 inch member, be making 6 figures(connections to the devil right there), have his own house, car, have no children etc” Kansas City shuffle.

A contaminated snatch, weave/wigs, tattoos, fake eye lashes, construction site layers of makeup, fake extra long nails, fat rolls, a sloppy butt etc are NOT the attributes that are going to ensure a relationship lasts long term.

The mechanisms that actually matter such as love, affection, care, attention, kindness, humility, integrity, honesty, accountability, responsibility etc these disjointed females DON’T HAVE AND THEY KNOW THIS, which is why they’ll always try to keep the focus on the men and what these men can do for them financially and materially.

Understand the witchcraft at play here gentlemen and comprehend why so many of these black harriets especially get offended whenever they’re questioned about what they’re bringing to the table. They try their utmost to keep the focus on YOU to distract from the fact that they themselves have absolutely NOTHING OF QUALITY TO OFFER. Notice, it’s ALWAYS about what you can do for them and rarely if ever the reverse.

I don’t doubt that the weave wearing black female in the first video has gotten some sort of plastic surgery done to her hips and buttocks because they look well out of proportion to the rest of her body. This is how so many black women roll in 2022, BBL’s(Brazilian Butt Lifts) and everything else synthetic.

As for the second video, this is standard black female behaviour, they worship money and materials, good luck with any black man who believes he can forge a fruitful, prosperous and long lasting relationship with a modern day black woman.

As I’ve stated in the past, black women as a collective view black men as assets, commodities and slaves, when they get with a black man it’s always about what material and financial value that man can bring into their lives.

As explained above, the mechanisms that actually matter in order to make a relationship work and last most black women care little to nothing about simply because they don’t have them inbuilt to begin with.

By the way, the blue pilled, pro black simp squads also know this which is why just like the black witch they use guilt tripping and shaming tactics in their efforts trying to get those black men who’ve walked off the plantation to return to save their “queenies” as well as their defunct community.

Brothers, never be shamed out of or be afraid to question any potential companions regarding exactly what positive and beneficial qualities they’ll bring to a relationship. Once again, the only women who get offended with “what do you bring to the table” are those who have NOTHING TO OFFER. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Women With Delusional Standards End Up With Pets For Their Husbands

Most High Bless

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31 thoughts on “We Understand Perfectly, Unfortunately You Don’t!

  1. But according to these clowns, you’re supposed to see them as Queens and Soviet cucks and beta Western white males as Kings. These are the same fools who continue to give their money to Azov Rabbi Chabad, Gulag Escapee Vlad, CCP Princeling Chin, Hindutva Raj and Corporate Baron Euro and then wonder why white women, Asians and Latinos are replacing them.

    What a bunch of sad pathetic idiot clowns

    1. Brendan Dubalos,

      I don’t know of one real queen that glues the hair of white and Indian women to her head, enough said.

  2. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit.

    A bad tree cannot produce good fruit.

    A good fruit of the Spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness.

    The bad fruits represents every negress on earth.

    The good fruit I seek is a white wifey not contaminated with westernised doctrines.

    1. “The good fruit I seek is a white wifey not The good fruit I seek is a white wifey not contaminated with westernised doctrines..” Hell That Goes For ANY Women That’s NOT Contaminated With Westernized Doctrines.

    2. “The good fruit I seek is a white wifey not contaminated with westernised doctrines.”

      That innocent blond Marcia Brady next door is now taking her marching orders from Cardi, Megan and Nicki. Foul mouth, twerking and ratchet just like Shaniqua. If you can show us where these uncontaminated white wifeys are, let us know. Eastern Europe maybe?


    3. Witwijf,

      As Quincy Fitzpatrick would say, I fully agree with you bro, when it comes to qualities of true womanhood and femininity, black women as a collective have scratched themselves out of the selection process completely. Black women via their own evil ways and dysfunctional doings have rendered themselves the last booby prize choice in the dating market.

  3. They’ll just claim that any man smart enough not to accept their unrealistic terms as “weak,” and unable “to ‘handle a ‘real woman.'”

    1. Blk_Chauvinist,

      It’s all trickery and reverse psychology, deep down black women as a group know that they’re unsuitable for dating and marriage, however instead of aiming to rectify the many issues which have put them in that position, they in typical black female fashion opt for the easier route of “blaming black men” for the calamities they’ve brought upon themselves, smh.

      Unrealistic is NOT REAL, therefore any such terms and conditions that fall under that title must be rejected and not taken seriously.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The trouble is that black women these days in 2022 overestimate their dating and sexual market value because of these simps gas their heads up over the Internet.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      As you would say, I fully agree with your bro. These blue pilled, pro blackity black male simps have brought about a serious imbalance in the dating market uplifting and exalting women who should’ve been left in the gutter where they belong.

      Now we have black women out here mistakenly believing that increased attention now equates to a rise in their value, however nothing could be further from the truth.

  5. These daggles are disgusting. But hey, their black male simps are even more disgusting. Look at the simp in the second vid. He gave her his money, she handed him the kid to attend to, which probably is not even his, and she’s off to whore around as she pleases.

    This is how it plays out in daggle-simp households. Look, the internet does give black females, who are naturally whorish, access to a much larger pool of simps and money cucks.

    I actually come down harder on the black male cuck-simp than I do on the daggle. That’s because I hate stupidity. And black male cuck-simp behavior is stupid. I know what I’m talking about.

    I make decent money. Over the years I have spent my money wisely, on things like real estate, savings-investments, myself, and my son. I can account for most of the money I’ve made. I know two black male simps who do the same thing I do for a living. Both are divorced, and both spend lots and lots of money on scraggle daggles. Neither has anything to show for.

    The thing is, I have more women than both of them, and better quality women than both of them, and I keep my money. I used to be a simp when I was much younger. I learned a long time ago that when you get in the habit of dealing with women that you spend a lot of money on for sex and companionship, you ironically fall into a rut where you are dealing exclusively with lower quality women.

    When you fall into the habit of dealing with lower quality women, you actually forget how to attract and keep the interest of higher quality women. Simping hurts a man in more ways than just his pocket book. It actually turns him into a lesser version of himself.

    When a man simps long enough, he becomes less than what he could be. And it soon manifests itself in all other areas of his life. The black male simps I know have a very effeminate sense of their manhood. They see themselves thru the eyes of the scraggle daggles they are catering to. They make their scraggle daggles even more toxic than they would otherwise be. Their constant gassing up and boot licking behavior does this. This is why I have no respect for black males who engage in cuck-simp behavior.

    1. This is right and on point. Look at all these school shooters and these Shanqiuas acting up because black men have options. Both groups were considered the top of the top until the tables were turned on them. As a result, we have sites like Gab, Soviet Stormer and Hammer and Sickle Front that cater to the incel and the racist black women who believe they should be on top of the world when ironically, in the old days these people would be getting beaten up by swatiza clubs who unlike their modern imitators in Umar Johnson and Shawn James, actually had the power, money and influence to keep NKVD Agent Vlad and Bottom Shelf Brad out of their neighborhoods, and if said clubs were still around today, would have put the likes of 4chan and Stormfront out of business. Permanently.

      [There you go, another piece of forgotten black history Shaniqua, Vlad and Chad would like to keep buried and Umar Johnson would charge you an exorbitant sum to get.]

      Why do you think Slavic men have a almost primal fear of black males despite their racism and general stupidity?

      Black females and white men need to put down the hammer and sickle and Hakenkreuz flags and pick up history books, but when you have idiots like the clown in the video gassing their egoes and telling them lies, this is all but impossible. No wonder white women from the Middle East and Eastern Europe can replace them easily. Spineless cucks.

      Simping for people who don’t like you makes you into a fool, a tool and a coward. This man is an idiot, then again the community is known for producing such fools

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      We need to call you the black male simp slayer from now on, lol. You’ve raised an important point about a man who chooses to simp hurting himself more than just his wallet. The psychological damage any man inflicts upon himself whenever he chooses to simp especially if taken to the extreme can be seriously detrimental.

      It isn’t even hard to see just how psychologically damaged these guys are, look at how religiously they defend the same black females who won’t even give them the time of day. A woman who is truly into you will want to be in your presence regardless of whether you have $3 or $350,000 in the bank.

      As we’ve stated before, the black male simp operates with a scarcity mentality and he also has no self confidence nor self respect, hence why he’s constantly surrounding himself with and spending his hard earned money on low tier women who continue to worsen in their dysfunction because these same weak simps keep on lavishing them with money and materials as well as giving these low tier women heaps of unwarranted attention.

  6. Even the child in the second video knows the kind of nature her mother displays and what she’ll do with the money. As for the first video, she is a walking red flag.

    As King Sigma said #TrustTheTenets

    1. Black females have poor financial skills and foresight and like racist white men, have a almost primal fear of being surpassed by black men or replaced by white women from different countries. As a result, their offspring pick up these bad habits and the cycle continues. Why do you think red menance wignats and blood and soil hoteps always utilize the same BS in the end despite being on opposing sides of the spectrum.

      It’s all about getting as much as you can from the ruins of something that could be good and exploiting your followers for maximum riches. Plus Aryan Rabbi Azov from Hypoborea Ukraine with the bodybuilder form and the Viking look told black females and white men that they were going to remain like Gods and the top choice forever, and that they were strong and independent and didn’t need masculine men and homemakers.

      Which turned out to be a big mistake of course, because you can’t sell out your own men and women for power and prestige and expect to get away from it. Of course the rabbinic racists kept their own children away from the power struggles and proxy wars Confederate Flag Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad were engaging in against KGB Cuck Vlad for the ruins of Lord Euro’s Empire and the degeneracy of the above mentioned, while working with Missa Chin to solidify their own power while Western white men/black women and Slavs tore each other to pieces.

      No wonder the US has this incel/thug problem due to the large amount of gassed up white men and black women and geriatric KGB agents unable to accept change mad that they are no longer relevant. The white man/black woman is Lord Rothschild and Chabad Chev’s flunky, money machine and army recruiter, nothing more and nothing else.

      “White women, Latinos and Asians are replacing us” always seems to be a code word for ‘gay or sexually confused, parent problems and inferiority complex’. Which shouldn’t be a surprise, considering how the Russian power structure, black women and Western white men have the highest number of homosexuality and sexual diseases in the world.

      It’s always those who scream the loudest, who have the most to hide.

    2. BlackdJedi,

      They’ll happily spend money on weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes, fake nails, makeup, tattoos etc, however you’ll never see them putting the same energy into trying to look attractive naturally via going to the gym, improving their diets, using a decent moisturiser etc. Your average black female is a premium knucklehead when it comes to priorities and finances.

  7. Hope everyone is coping with the weather. Today was so hot and I mean really, really hot. As I hear these scraggle daggles what a man who has his own house, his own car, makes 6 figures, six feet tall and so on, when you ask them what can they bring to the table, they lose their rags. Let me tell you something, these scarggle daggles will not bring anything to the table. The only thing they will bring to the table is just bullshit. But there are some black men will say that there are black woman who will not stress a man out. But they’re nowhere to be seen really. When these scraggle daggles get upset when this question is ask to them “what they can bring to the table?” The reason why they get upset when a man ask them because they can bring nothing.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times as these ghetto ratchet black women are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Unfortunately for them, black women as a group cannot and do not bring anything of true value to the table because they don’t have anything of value within themselves to begin with, this is why whenever brought up, they’ll always reverse the “what do you bring to the table” question and keep the focus on the man’s materials and finances.

      They don’t want the man to see that they don’t have any personal qualities that can be contributed towards keeping any potential relationship fit, strong and healthy.

  8. Black women claiming they cant find a good black man is the biggest mystery yet next to yeti. So many guy with bachelors and massas degree. Yet the black woman cant find one lmao truly a joke he a reflection of what they procreate with. The blk community is only comunity where the women are bigger than men literraly. Just saw a 6ft 5 heifer in gym with big mechanical arms.

    1. Zarique,

      The mystery can be solved once black men figure out what constitutes a “good black man” in the mind of your average modern day black female. Drug dealers, street loiterers, gangsters, criminals and serial impregnators are the types of men these women love, fall head over heels for and view as “good”.

      As I’ve mentioned before, of course these guys are going to be hard to find because the overwhelming majority of them are either on the run, in jail, prison or 6 feet deep in the grave.

      If you look at old pictures of black women from 50 years ago, they were in shape, look more feminine, were natural and weren’t tatted up to the hilt, a far cry from the beastly creatures we’re currently observing today.

      1. “Drug dealers, street loiterers, gangsters, criminals and serial impregnators are the types of men these women love, fall head over heels for and view as “good”.”

        Whenever a “good black man shortage” is the topic, their go-to rhetoric is how the “good black men” are locked up or gay. If he’s a “good black man” why is he locked up? I thought only bad people got locked up. But the American nigga woman considers prison time a plus.

        We saw last week how a nigga woman rejected a young black NUCLEAR PHYSICIST. This is the kind of mind needed to rebuild the communitah, but in the black matriarchy, whatever doesn’t make the nigga woman wet is discarded.

        When this dude re-emerges a few years from now with a Becky or Susan, those same nigga women will have aged out of thug-chasing (with a couple of Pookie babies in tow) and their definition of “good black men” will have changed, crying about why do black men date out?

        SYSBM pole-vaults over nigga woman rejection and black communitah dysfunction, cuts through the bullsh*t and puts black male happiness FIRST. That’s why I’m an adherent.


        1. Schadenfreude,

          Exactly, it’s typically the gutter and shady riff raff of any particular society that end up in prison, black women continue to tell on themselves whenever they talk about black men being incarcerated as to one of the main reasons why there aren’t enough “eligible” black men available to them. Eligible black male = criminal/gangster/thug/bum/low life.

          The black witch doesn’t want “da communitah” to be rebuilt and restored, she enjoys ruling over the swamp and seeks to hold onto that position by any means necessary, yet another reason why the best and the brightest of black male society often times are forced out of “da communitah” as well as forced to seek out love and companionship elsewhere.

          Though it may seem rough at the time, being rejected and ousted by these dysfunctional black females is actually a blessing in disguise and a massive bullet dodged. Let these black sirens continue to chase after and get impregnated by Field Mouse, Roof Top Trey, Chunky Bruh and Trap House Jim, those are the types of dudes these benighted harpies bond to the best.

    2. >Just saw a 6ft 5 heifer in gym with big mechanical arms.

      That’s the BT-1000 built exactly to specifications.


  9. “Notice, it’s ALWAYS about what you can do for them and rarely if ever the reverse.”-Verbs

    This is the creed the majority of black women (and United States/Canadian women) live by. Get out black American man.

  10. Who let this freakish science experiment test subject escape from the lab? She literally looks like the cartoon character Gumball Watterson (for those of you family with that cartoon); the scraggle daggle are the most unnatural looking group of women on the planet, but they want a real man. How, Sway?! I could care less about another man being seen with her; better him than me because I don’t deal with women that are shaped like gourds. As for the second video, this is the daggle in her element: she worships money and material things, and her simp husband feeds her desire to be spoiled; he’s nothing more than her ATM. Never lead with your wallet when dealing with any woman, especially the daggle!

  11. Looks like blockhead is at it again (Becky is not an option for an educated lame):

    I’m currently married to a Becky for 20 years and counting. So blockhead’s video DOES NOT COMPUTE.

    Disclaimer: Blockhead is a platinum auto-delivery recipient of L’s from L Express.

    L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


    1. Thebackhandofreality,

      Reverend Bargain Bucket aka Shawn James doesn’t have any dating experience under his belt dealing with any woman, but I should still listen to him and his opinion regarding white women not being a viable option for intelligent black men??? The dude can’t even look into the camera, he’s always looking around his room as if he’s expecting FBI agents to bust in at any moment, lol. Feel free to post this again in this week’s Open Mic, in fact I might lead it off with this clown’s robotic sounding video myself.

      1. Verbs,

        Will do. It will make for quite an interesting Open Mic discussion.


    2. And yet he’ll pencil in his goth Becky in his comics, so he must think they’re an option, right?

  12. And yet he’ll pencil in his goth Becky in his comics, so he must think they’re an option, right?

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