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I don’t feel sorry for the dude in the slightest, if you’re going to roll in the hay with a dog, you’re bound to catch fleas. I don’t really understand black men like this, they impregnate the bottom of the barrel of black female society but just like the black witch who does with her male counterparts, they both expect miracles and wonderful outcomes, smh.

As much as I hate to agree with the daggle, she’s right when she said that when they both got together at the beginning, he didn’t have a problem with her being a stripper then which tells us all we need to know about his character. Don’t all of a sudden complain about her stripping pretending that it’s now become a problem, that’s the female you chose and thereafter impregnated bruh.

The Western so called “justice” system is broken, modern day child support is evil, however once in a while a sliver of justice does manage to shine through, the best part was clip number 5 when the weave, fake eyelash and hoop earring wearing deadbeat mother got slammed with the child support order that she thought was for her babyfather.

Her face when she realised that she’d be the one paying that $2.5K plus per month was priceless, lol. Black women are the queens of child support claims, they’re so used to funnelling black men through the judicial system and watching them get shafted by dodgy judges and compromised magistrates, this “jubilant” black heifer never saw that cannonball coming straight for her chest, lol.

Gentlemen, the moral of the story is simple, DON’T put your penis into and impregnate trash, if you’re going to have children then at least ensure that the woman is of decent quality and possesses the right attributes for motherhood at minimum.

As we at the SYSBM Knight’s Roundtable will continue to reiterate again and again, QUALITY STARGATES MATTER. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week brothers, you’ve got the floor, roll that dice. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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15 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Indeed this is a rare occurrence when the daggle is required to pay child support. I live in a major US metropolitan area, and we have many black strippers and assorted black female sex workers.

    This daggle makes 180k a year, and yes these daggles make this sort of money whoring in Blackistan. The sad truth is, they are getting their income almost exclusively from black male simps.

    These black male simps come in all types of formats. Many are so called ‘high value’ men. They themselves could be a judge, and they would be the type of black male simp judge who would have ruled against the simp in favor of the stripper.

    Believe me, Bottom Shelf Brad is not paying these strippers and whores their income. It is the black male simps. A black male simp making 8 bucks an hour would blow part of his meager income on these whores and strippers. A ‘high value’ black male simp making 150k would also be spending on these whores and strippers. Bottom Shelf Brad usually gets his ghetto gagging services for free. Sometimes the daggle will pay him to ghetto gag her.

    Virtually everyone in Blackistan is corrupt. This extends from the everyday minions in Blackistan, to the pillars of da communitah. Blackistan is a dark and evil place, where it is getting harder and harder to find anything good and wholesome.

    The simp who got the judgement was indeed a simp. A black male judge who would have ruled for the daggle is also a simp. Blackistan has both types of simp, and every type in between. Any black male who is in Blackistan of his own free will in 2022, is a simp by definition.

    The male Hoteps and Slowteps in Blackistan are almost all simps. Again, the moral of the story is this. If you are a free thinking heterosexual Black man, get the hell out of Blackistan by any means necessary !

    1. Danke, danke! Wunderful, wunderful! These simps will continue to take Ls and be the biggest jokes alive because of their black female worship.

  2. That negro needs a dad. Damn he sounds more like a female than the female on the damn video LOL! Fucking sad.
    I know it’s in us men’s nature to have more of a Independence perspective and be independent-minded. The opposite of women, who are community-minded. Which is why governments and other entities Target them for socialist Communist policies. It’s virtually natural fit. But I digress.

    This is probably the type of dude I thought this situation couldn’t happen to him. Because he had a game and he’s not a lame like us or whatever, lmao. Not knowing the situation in the community that has been here for decades. And thinking that you’re Invincible when you as black man have to be self aware of your environment at all times.
    He learns the hard way. This is why this dude needs a daddy.
    But hey at least we can learn from this fuck-up.
    As King Sigma says #TrustTheTenets

  3. Verbs 2015.

    I will never ever have kids with a black woman or have sex with a black woman because they will destroy my life.

    1. I always remember Tommy always said: ‘Take you dick and go home’ meaning do not dealing with them at all.

      Unfortunately because he is stuck in the hood mindset and banging these same ghetto females he talks about.

  4. This is a very rare situation when a negress has to pay child support.

    The negress celebration then a face drop was hilarious.

    Single fathers are very rare in western societies.

    He had the simping mindset even as an artist to impreganate a stripper.

    The opposition of blackistan couples are too slow to learn anything.

    Kanye west is another artist who married a whore and impreganate the whore with kids.

    Now he has to see the stepdad Pete Davidson with his kids and he hates it.

    Kim ain’t wifey material like most westernised women.

    I don’t feel sorry for any artists or non artists who gets their life ruined for dating a whore, stripper, single mothers etc.

    I have to be aware of sluts from the east to avoid while seeking a white wifey.

    There are bad fruits in every continent.

    Some continents have a lot more bad fruits than others.

    A puzzle to separate the good fruit and the bad ones.

  5. It’s very rare that you see a woman paying child support. Look at the Oscar winning actress Halle Berry. She is paying child support as well, to a broke white man. The man is getting money every month to blow whole. Hope everyone had a good day today. My day was fine. Right, I can’t feel sorry for the baby father. He’s the man who breed up a stripper. As you see this dude who breed off a woman that strips for money, it goes to show of the simp’s character. If the man wanted to have sex with a woman like that, then why didn’t he use a condom? You never know that she might sell off her punany. She might put a price on her pums. You see black men are on child support by over 90 per cent. And most of the time, these black men will breed up one scraggle daggle that will put them on child support and spend the money on themselves.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times as these scraggle daggles, simps and these beta males are coming after non black women.


  6. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Why is it that every court show where Black couples are featured has to be a dramatic display? Not only that, it’s the same theme every time: a Black simp and the scraggle daggle in a custody battle; it never gets old! This is not a good look at all for Blackistan, but I couldn’t have asked for a greater ending to this case than to see this daggle’s celebration cut short! In other news, I started a new job this week; this new job has better pay, benefits, longer hours, and a shorter driving distance. With this new work opportunity, I aim to grow my skill sets on the job, buy a small car that’s good on good on gas, and get my own place; I’m long overdue for the freedom I’ve wanted to experience since I first started working, and I’m determined to get there. #SYSBM

  7. Well, they going to have to worry about by the end of August when the food supply gets worse. Another food factory burned down in my state. I’m already getting the “hey big head” text and strange women trying to talk to me about “finances”.

    1. “Remember me! What cha doing?”

      Best delete and block all your exes. Let them suffer the consequences.

  8. A daggle has been elected Vice-President of Colombia. You brothas who like to go down there to play, expect new travel policies to restrict your movements akin to Swedish women trying to stop Swedish men from marrying Thai women.

    They’re trying to install Kamala in 2024, and Biden installed that Ketanji chick on the Supreme Court, they are trying to ratify the Black Matriarchy as the actual status quo. Watch your 6, gents.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Feel free to repost this in the latest Open Mic which is now up, this isn’t good news at all. When I saw her talking about “women’s rights”, I said to myself trouble is brewing, “women’s rights” is simply a softer sounding term for feminism.

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