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Yet More Lies And Deception! #SHORTS


I found this random post on Facebook but it wasn’t posted by the original author(who I also was unable to locate). Do you see the blatant witchcraft and sorcery being worked here, smh?

Black men who date out really don’t care when black women do the same, why is this black siren Angela W trying to make it seem otherwise? These deceptive black harpies know exactly what types of black men get upset whenever they seem them with non black men, the slowteps, the pro blacks, the blue pilled black male simps etc.

Heterosexual free thinking black men couldn’t give a rat’s testicle who black women decide to deal with and these heifers know this, however just like a select cohort of white folks conveniently like to generalise black people as one monolithic group, black women also religiously apply the same generalisation techniques to black men as a collective.

A behaviour that one particular group of black men may ascribe to now all of a sudden through the black witch’s disjointed lens is conveniently practiced by black men as a whole.

Once again it has to be repeated that free thinking black men who are exercising their options aren’t losing sleep over black women dating out, however black women unfortunately continue to delude themselves into believing that they are cared about and sort after outside of the pro black female, blue pilled black male simp circle, smh.

Do you see how most black women love blowing their own trumpets and giving themselves false accolades in order to keep themselves relevant in a world that isn’t giving them the love and attention they so desperately crave?

Gentlemen, as you can see the lies and deception coming from the mouths of these dysfunctional black females knows no bounds whenever a black man is the target. Brethren, know your enemies and act accordingly. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Black Women As A Group Stay Lost In Delusional Avenue

Most High Bless

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26 thoughts on “Yet More Lies And Deception! #SHORTS

  1. To be honest with you Verb, it is not just Thinking BM do not care. It is actually the ordinary average Joe BM on the streets doing their own thing do not really care about BW’s options.
    Only simps and hoteps does.

    1. Andy C,

      Black women are out here straight fabricating the notion that there’s an open attack on them whenever they managed to get snagged by a non black man, however nothing could be further from the truth.

  2. This chick is trying to speak into existence what she wants to happen. It’s like what Napoleon hill, the author of “Think and Grow Rich” said, “You create your own reality.” Around here we just call that schizophrenic or delusional LOL!
    This chick don’t understand that most men in general are more worried about what’s going on in society, gas prices, inflation. They’re not worried about your coochie. Only you are because you’re just that self-absorbed.
    You thinking that the limited attention you get online applies to your reality” She thinks that the few lames that gas her fragile ego up because she’s probably easy or how all men are, when most would just ignore her lame ass LOL! The only people who really care about this are people like the OBJ, Umizoomi (as MBD calls him) and those who use stories like this to make podcast. Make money and exploit the situation. I’m not going to say I’m mad at them, but it is what it is.
    That obvious grift tactic can be seen even by my 13-year-old nephew, lol!. Either these women are not smart enough to know what a grift is, which is possible especially with the BW. Or they do know and they try to front and project to try to manipulate the situation. Because that’s what they do and have been doing since they were kids.
    Someone need to this bitch to grow the fuck up LOL

    1. Mack G,

      It’s all Alice in WonderLand, Twilight Zone, wishing on a star garbage on the part of these delusional failures, as you’ve pointed out black men have more pressing issues to worry about. These black sirens constantly engage in reverse psychology, it’s actually them who get their panties in a bunch whenever they see black men with non black women especially white women which I have proven here many times before.

  3. This is projection at its finest; this site has featured several articles in the past that show who it is that really gets triggered by their counterpart dating interracially. Let’s not forget how Bronny James was treated for simply taking a Becky to prom; I can also recall a video where a daggle assaulted a White woman who was out in public with her Black boyfriend and even pulled a gun before retreating once she found out she was being recorded. The B-Dubs think they can get under thinking brothers’ skin, but we’re too busy with our daily lives to care about them.

    1. They supposedly “divested,” yet they can’t stop talking about us. You know what they really do by what they accuse us of. It’s far easier for us as thinking BM (who were never desired by them in the first place) to cut BW out of our lives than the reverse. But like their true object of desire the white man, they are obsessed with what we do. Of course BM would not date or marry out AT ALL if we weren’t saddled with the very worst genetic counterparts in the history of Planet Earth. The problem begins and ends with these ugly, hateful wildebeests. Oh well, as Verbs says, their problem, not mine.

      1. To be honest, even if negress females were the only females on planet earth created from the most high, I would remain a virgin and a monk all my life.

        In reality I’m not a virgin cause luckily the most high created white women.

        It don’t matter if negress females were submissive or not, I just don’t find non white women of colour attractive at all.

        My mind is thinking about world war 3 revelations, the Russian Ukraine war, inflation, trying to find side hustles for extra income to invest during difficult times, finding an eastern community not far from me and hopefully meet the right person for long term relationships.

        Meanwhile the opposition can’t stop talking about dating out and thats all they talk about, nothing else.

        1. Witwijf,

          I’m the opposite, I’ve got no problems with the melanin as long a it’s not on a black female because we already know that combination is going to be defective and troublesome right out of the box. I’d be dishonest if I said that there aren’t non black women with melanin who are attractive.

          I do understand where yourself and many other black men are coming from when you’d just prefer to deal with females with little to no melanin at all. SYSBM practitioners all have different tastes in women which is why the opposition look incredibly dumb whenever they single us out for liking white women only.

      2. Schadenfreude,

        Any talk of divestment coming from the black witch’s camp is ALMOST ALWAYS THEORY, very rare if ever practice. These so called “divestment” cronies are too dumb and stupid to realise that because they’ve plummeted their image and reputation so deep into the sewers, men of other races just aren’t interested in them like that.

        Non black men are seeking out women who look feminine and behave in the same manner, they aren’t going to deal with a group of females who look like trannies produced in a botched experiment gone terribly wrong.

        Attractive black women just like feminine ones have gone the way of the dinosaurs, they’re practically non existent. There is no hope for these feral hogs, empty threats of divestment won’t save these black females from being smashed and broken against the side of Swirl Mountain.

    2. BCT,

      It’s always been black women making a big show and dance concerning dating out, black men have been the ones who treat dealing with non black women like an everyday walk in the park. There have been many cases where black women have attacked black male/white female couples either verbally, physically or both. These deceitful and delusional heifers aren’t fooling anyone over here.

  4. Only BM concerned about BWs dating non-BM are CommunTeps waiting around to wife the Black concubines after their ghetto gagger contract expires.

    It was interesting to see former NBA hooper Nick Young speak to this very issue in regards to Michael B. Jordan, and he would know because he dabbles in the snow:

    The whole world knows, it is Black men who are harassed, stalked and obsessed over whom they lay, date, marry or mate with. No amount of projection about BM caring will change that, if anything it points to a cry for attention from the BWs making such delusional statements.

    Nobody cares, just leave us alone.


    1. King Sigma,

      Black women feel have no choice but to give black men who date out an extremely hard time because those same black women are already at the bottom of the dating totem pole. If black men decided to abandon ship on the black witch en mass, it would be a straight chicken wrap for these dark sirens.

      Black men are currently exiting the building at an astonishing rate and you can already see black women panicking and running around like headless chickens trying to stem the flow, however it’s too late.

      I don’t feel sorry for black women in the slightest, this is what happens when you embrace the scum buckets and the dregs of black male society while at the same time mocking, laughing at and ridiculing those black men who have prospects and bright futures ahead of them.

      Things are going to get extremely tough for black women dating wise in the very near future, the overwhelming majority of them will find themselves being smashed to pieces against the side of the Mountain of Rejection and Loneliness and like Humpty Dumpty, they won’t be able to piece themselves together again.

      1. They continue to play the game of delusion to their own detriment.
        If permanent concubinage is their goal – mission accomplished.

  5. This bold face lie.😂
    How any rational/logic human, being can look at the stats and see that black men date interracially in the US 2.5X more than black women and then come in the same sentence say: ”They mad that we date IR”.🤔

    How ? These girl need to be specific, like you said only those Umar Johnson Looking Students and Degrees Egypt and Pyramid, and pro black would get ”mad”.

    Give me a break, lol.

    They really think that if they repeat something it would make it true.

    1. Tyrone Nyx,

      Black women are now at a point where they have to make themselves feel important and wanted so expect more of these gaslighting statements to come from their camp especially as they see more black men throwing in the towel on them and heading for non black female waters instead.

      The future is bright for free thinking brothers, however the same cannot be said for these ultra dysfunctional black females who have some pretty dark days ahead of them.

  6. The daggles are seeing that more and more Black men are quitting the simp game. More and more Black men are ditching them period. These men have grown and realize that the daggle is the loser’s choice.
    The daggles know that that they will always have the black male simps available to them, pining for them, eagerly waiting on hold to be their cleanup men. The daggles don’t respect the black male simp, but like knowing that he is always there. He is the one who gets butthurt by her dating out.
    They look at the growing cohort of Black men who are ditching their ratchet asses and they try to conflate them with the black male simp population.
    The daggles do this because they are butthurt by the knowledge that a growing cohort of the best and brightes Black men are dating out. Their female vanity is also butthurt because they know they hold no sway over these men, and these men couldn’t give a shit about what they do.

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      The daggles only have the thugs, gangsters and criminals as well as the blue pilled, black male simps to select from even though they delude themselves into believing that they can choose black men across the board.

      As we’ve pointed out, black men who are worth a damn see how deep the playing field is rigged as well as note how terrible black women treat the best and the brightest of black male society, they’re NOT playing the game at all.

      1. Black women and beta white men never seem to learn and this is why Hindutva Pajeet, SS Rabbi Azov, Gulag Escapee Vlad, CCP Chin and Aryan Brotherhood Mueller can always exploit them and pimp them out like fools. Missa Chin, RSS Raja and Azov Rabbi Chev could kill a man in the middle of the street and Brad and Shaniqua would still lick their muddy boots, but in their delusional eyes black men who date out are a threat.

        No wonder the delusional duo are being replaced by Beckys, Natashas and Mings

        1. Brendan Dubalos,

          These modern day black females are being replaced at an astronomical rate and it’s their own fault, as I always say, oh well, that’s their problem, not mine.

  7. Verbs 2015.

    As a free thinking SYSBM black man, I don’t give a shit on who black women date because I am just not attracted to them at all. I thank God that he made other races of women available to black men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Nobody outside of the Hotep, Slowtep simps care about who black women choose to date, however black women have a desperate need to make themselves feel more important than they actually are.

      The only race of women on the planet who place non black men above their own male counterparts and they still can’t see that things are not going to end well for them in the long term, smh. SYSBM to infinity and beyond.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. I am SYSBM for life man. 😎

  8. You know, I really don’t care who black women date. But most of the time, its them hopeless dudes they rather date then a good black man or the nice guy. They want the nice guy afterwards when they have kids with the Field Mice, Street Gravy, Rizzly Dizzy, Weed Man Jake and Rapid Fire Rasta. Some of these ghetto ratchet hoodrats and nothing but delusional and their mind have go elsewhere. Black men really don’t care of who black women date. It’s these simps, black cucks, ghetto soy boys, captain save a hoes and the oil of olay men want to know who black women are dating.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time as these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, beta males and these simps are coming after non black women.


  9. These heffas still playing this “I don’t care who you date” spellwork trick again? Next time you walk with your white girl, spot how many of the divestment crew on their “white boy summer” get in your face, asking you dumb questions – “why you wid a whyt girl?”, “can’t you find a sista (nope, obv)” and “you a sellout!”.

    Luckily in the UK that shit doesn’t happen much, just the mean mugging old dry witch and some Bottom Shelf racist getting left behind with GB News (UK’s Fox News cheap copy) whine about “all them mixed couples shoved down our throat on all the adverts”.
    Tough shit.

  10. I got something to say about this:

    When these BW critiquing BM about how they are insecure about BW have options, what they really means that all BM across the whole of America are insecure. We know it is the hoteps and simps, but BW will always say saying all BM across America.

    How do I know this?
    David Carroll mention about how BW such as Cynthia G and Paris Milan uses the talking point as known as ‘No Distinction’. Which basically means they are talking about all BM.

    I give you an example:
    Years ago, there was a Gay-Slave play created by the LGBT where gay BM were slave to White Men, some men speak out against it. However when Cynthia G and the Divestors critique, they saying how Black Men in America supports the Homo-Slave play. Some men got upset about her opinions, she trying to say ‘if it does not apply, let it fly’. No Cynthia, their ain’t no ‘No Apply, let if fly’, no, she speaking ‘No Distinction’ meaning she is really saying that all BM in America affiliate with the Gay-Slave play. So of course BM are upset when she critique she is putting all BM in the same category as the LGBT, even BM do not affiliate with them.

    What is this ‘No Distinction’ got to do with this quote which BW made?
    It is simple, she saying all BM across America are butt-hurt over BW’s options. That is how they say it.

    In reality BW are nothing but full of shit. Also they are the ones who lose sleep over BM with options, look at Michael B Jordan, or the latest, the prom date, trolling a teenager over options.

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