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You’ve Created This Environment, Now Deal With It!


I honestly don’t feel sorry for these women at all because through social media, this is the toxic and volatile dating environment they’ve created. Getting sucked in by the social media sorcery, behaving like a bunch of jackasses with outlandish, foolish, ridiculous and unrealistic expectations of men but then wanting to run for the high hills when one of their products goes defective and turns on them, lol.

They really thought the dude was going to worship them and grovel at their feet so they could berate, mock and ridicule him to their heart’s content, however they realised that things got serious in the blink of an eye when he went to his trunk to pull out a gun. Of course there had to be a Becky wannabe black female in the crew with her ridiculously bright blonde weave, smh.

Now, I’m not condoning what this ultra simp did, he clearly is 12 kegs short of a 6 pack, however at the same time the days of women being able to evade the consequences/fallout of the hostile environments they’ve wrought via their own hands are over. Notice how all of those heifers had to make a run for it, nobody swooped in to save the day for them, I say good.

Additionally, the fact that it was all women sitting at the table with no men in sight tells us all we need to know, no doubt these chicks were on some “hot girl summer” flex looking to get slutted out by Chad, Tyrone, Slim Sauce, Shorty Fist, Field Mouse and the rest of the pump and dump camp.

Women need to be aware that many of the simps they’ve created, mocked, ridiculed, laughed at and financially taken advantage of are at the end of their tolerance threshold and one wrong comment or action on their part could send these simps/manginas over the edge to the dark side for good.

These simps out here want repayment for simping services rendered, they’ve been faithful to these women, licked their muddy boots, grovelled at their feet, given these harriets money, taken them out on expensive dates even though they’ve been left blue balled at the end of the night.

We only have to look at the forever elusive Jessica X, the original simp squads she rolled into the Black Manosphere with aren’t the same crew who listen to her today, a large portion of the originals eventually turned on X after pump and dump advocate Ramil Amyr a number of months back released a video heavily criticising the black men who had given her a platform and boosted her up to the point where she became bigger than them and as a result got haughty and would no longer bring them onto her livestream panels.

The point is, eventually these dedicated simps snap and will demand some kind of tangible reward for their services, most thankfully will simply abandon ship and move onto the next female to simp for believing that they’ll get a different outcome elsewhere, a few however will take that simp philosophy to the next level and won’t hesitate to bring harm to those same women that never reciprocated.

Since these women are strong and independent, claim they don’t need a man and can do bad all by themselves, let them deal with these select loose cannon, lunatic simps who don’t have any problems turning on the same women they worship.

It’s going to get very interesting as society continues to crumble and these vain, delusional women out here slowly realise that the system they once leaned heavily upon cannot save them from the wrath to come. Many are already smelling the coffee, popcorn and freshly squeezed juice at the ready. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Hard Times Are Coming Down The Pike

Most High Bless

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42 thoughts on “You’ve Created This Environment, Now Deal With It!

  1. He pulled out an gun on the women. Yeah, this is why I stay home and cook often. Also, being a SYSBM soldier and following the tenets, one must explore his options free of the daggle.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      The chickens are flocking home to roost in the US, UK, and Canada. Think about it. For over 50 years, the governments in English speaking western societies have paid Shaniquas and Pookies to breed breed breed. This is where the majority of black breeding has come from in the last 50 years, because responsible people only produced as many offspring as they could reasonably support.

      Now, the offspring of Pookies and Shaniquas are out here in the world terrorizing not just Blackistan, but the world writ large. Mind you, their offspring has produced the next litter of dysfuntionals as well.

      Is it any wonder that these people cannot adapt to civilized society, cannot function properly, cannot generate anything but a violent, dysfunctional, dsytopic culture ? The culture will continue to deteriorate in English speaking western societies. And social media functions as an accelerant in this cultural deterioration process.

      Blacks have been breeding downward at such a high rate that many of their offspring have severe cognitve deficiencies and suffer from a variety of mental health pathologies.

      Simps and Daggles are the norm in Blackistan.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      If black women or any women for that matter believe that they can free go around mocking the simps they’ve created, they better think again and again before engaging in such behaviour as they don’t know where that simp’s mind is at.

      1. Verbs2015,

        The US is the cutting edge of simp-daggle culture. The UK and Canada are weak imitations.

        Not to discount simp-daggle culture in the UK and Canada, but many of the simps and daggles in the US have cognitive deficits and mental health problems. You are talking 3 or 4 generations of Pookie-Shaniqua breeding. Its effect is worse than 3 or 4 generations of first cousin inbreeding.

        Most of these simps will never learn because they are incapable of learning. You will see the simp-daggle cultural behavior increasing exponentially. And it will be accompanied by senseless violence; simp on simp, simp on daggle, and daggle on simp violence.

        This culture runs so deep in Blackistan that you see simps with hundreds of millions if dollars, practicing this behavior. Will Smith is but the latest manifestation of this. Take the rap industry. You have daily reports of rappers killing each other over nonsense.

        Oh well, not my problem. Let the Hoteps worry about it.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          I can’t really disagree with what you’ve said especially based on the fact that black folks over here originally either come from the Caribbean or Africa. I’m first generation born in the UK, my mother moved over here when she was in her 20s.

          What you stated about the simp/daggle culture increasing exponentially is one of the main reasons why black men worth their salt must separate themselves from the scum and the dregs as well as those who seek to give the trash a pass and in addition attempt to sneak the garbage in amongst the good.

  2. The only thing I got to say is I just realised that you do not get refund for being a simp aals you mentioned.

    BW should have a label saying ‘There are no refunds for being a simp.’

    Another note, these BW created these monsters by the rigged dating in the hood by using their favourite term ‘Real Men’ as I find that term very annoying.

    1. Andy C,

      I’ve yet to see a simp receive reciprocation for bootlicking, brown nosing and pandering services rendered, it simply doesn’t happen yet these deep level simps as of yet haven’t figured this out. These are the guys black women are going to have to choose from as well as their favourite fast lane thugs, gangsters and criminals.

      1. He is right about the cognitive development or lack of it.

        This stems from poor nutrition, generally poor conditions lots of Black women have children in, add to the indifference that Western healthcare often issues to not only Black women and men but also children.

        That is why it takes extraordinary perseverance to rise above and succeed.

        While most fall into the cycle of Western poverty which is far above the typical poverty seen in developing countries.

        Meaning they have access to school, public libraries, public transportation, financial services and the internet.

        Things we often take for granted here.

        So there is really no excuse for the Black Community to be the state that its in.

        We all know the two parties responsible for this.

  3. At this point, more and more negress females will end up killed.

    White westernised women who have negress friends could also get murdered at the wrong place, the wrong time.

    Its truly very sad that a lot of white women in the west are contaminated, but at the same time there are some trying to stay away from feminism.

    It should be forbidden for a white wifey to have negress friends.

    1. Witwijf,

      Western white women who haven’t contaminated themselves with the feminist garbage are getting smaller and smaller in numbers, I reckon you’d have to travel out to the deep sticks to even begin to have a chance of finding a genuine one in the UK, these city dwelling white females for the most part are done for.

      Additionally the socialist mindset is yet another contamination aspect that has to be considered when trying to find a quality stargate in Britain.

    2. One of my qualities i look for in non-black women is how many black females they know and hang out with. If it’s more than two, she is a no go. Hard pass.

      1. Hear hear. Say no to ratchet white bitches. Been there done that. If she’s busy twerking to Lizzo, Cardi B or Megan and can sing along to that shit, leave her in the garbage where she belongs.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    It’s the black womans fault that she ended up in the situation that she is in. If you play stupid games you will win stupid prizes. As a SYSBM childfree black man who is celebrating his 40th birthday today, I refuse to date black women and I am not being the clean up man for the black community. I am only interested in dating single childfree beautiful non black women.

      1. Money Cultural.

        Thanks for the birthday message bro. 😎πŸ₯ƒπŸŽ‰

      1. Michel.

        Thanks for the birthday message bro. 😎πŸ₯ƒπŸŽ‰

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Happy 40th birthday bro, hope you celebrated well and had a great day. Indeed, the black witch created these simps that have now infested practically every corner of society, the bootlicking simp just like the liberal black female hates black men who fully embrace their masculinity and their manhood, the fake academic Aaron Fountain was one such example who out of all the black sects and digital spaces confessed to hating SYSBM the most.

      Unfortunately for Fountain his smear campaign against us didn’t yield any fruit and never landed him a girlfriend in return, oh well, that’s his problem, not mine.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro and thank you for the birthday message Verbs. πŸ˜ŽπŸ‘

      2. Verbs,

        I would not worry about Aaron Fountain Jr anymore because he has retired from YouTube. He retired from stalking, tracking and sniffing Black Men’s balls on Social Media so he will be the least of our worries.
        I know one day he will be back.

        1. MMT,

          I’m not worried about Fountain Top, I was simply mentioning how he is one of the many simps who openly and proudly rail against black men who refuse to drink the black witch’s Kool aid ie those brothers who much prefer to embrace their masculinity and manhood to the fullest.

  5. All I Can Say Is “Dog Bites Keisha The Stragg” In The Fake Weave Ummm Ass LOL!

  6. As we know that us black men are seeing these type of scenes when these simps are going for the attack mode to the scraggle daggles that they worship. This is happening because of the simps being played time and time again over the years. Yes, I have been played before and I have cheated as well so I’m no good boy! I watched the video about four times and there is two things I see. One, the simp was chatting to a ratchet with blonde weave and it was long. That is the woman you don’t deal with if you’re a black man. A black woman like that will cause nothing but problems. And two, there was a white chick there. Why he didn’t talk to her? Maybe that he’s not into white women or he will feel that the fake blonde with get upset because he’s talking to the white chick? I don’t know.

    However, I don’t respect his behaviour when he acted like that and then he says that he’s goanna get his nine in his car. He should off left the scene and go out of his business instead of him arguing with a woman that declined him. It looks like these simps are turning on the women that they worship everyday and they losing their minds. And the scraggs, with them playing games with these simps, cheating on him and using them financially, it looks like the tables have turned.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe at all times and watch out from simps like him. He might pull a gun out and start firing at the scraggle daggle that declined him and your white sugar honey might get caught in the cross fire.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Black women are in trouble, some of the simps they’ve created who’ve not been so heavily brainwashed and bewitched having been unleashed into society are eventually either going to turn on their black female creators or abandon them. I say some and I must emphasis once again, those who have not been deeply programmed.

      1. The whole deal with these men is that they don’t have self control or discipline. But in tthe short term, they are easy to control and easy to conscript into any stupid female “causes”. They will reap the rewards of such males in the end though. these are the men whho won’t proptect women, these are the men who will kill women for upsetting them, these are the men who will harm women based on political differences and differences of opinion, these are the men who will commit rape instead of self improve. These are the men that women have created.

  7. Well I never… A simp that has a breaking point? Is that even possible? 🀣

    Even Umar GerbilFace was caught trying to slide into Alison’s DMs, and why not? Eventually a brother catching Ls will start wanting a return on investment sooner or later. Social media sucks, but TikTok is clueing up a lot of brothers out there and helping SYSBM.

    Don’t forget, Dr Umar sez:


    1. Race purists were always good at hustling money from their stupid followers.

      Why do you think Shanqiua, Bottom Shelf Brad and Moscow Cuck Jake spend so much time fighting over the minds of incels and competing over red necks? Umar really thought he could pull a Benito or Arnold Leese and tell the modern day hotep swastika clubs to embrace race purity, while having a Becky for himself.

      Unfortunately for him, people aren’t stupid and the internet exposes a lot of things.

      Hindutva clowns use the same strategy on the poor Hindu brothers in that part of the world. They gas them up with the Aryan superman nonsense which caused Trotsky and Hitler to lose the war and keep them fighting the Muslims when their own government drains them dry. Meanwhile KGB Cuck Jack and Mossad Greenberg are busy stealing the resources of the nation to give to Missa Chin and nobody notices.

      The fool in the video was dumb enough to draw for a pistol on these black queens. It is well known that Shanqua and Brad use the police to brutally repress black men for Chabad Chev and Han Supremacist Chan, so why did he pull a stunt like that? We all know that the modern WN movement is just a bunch of loser Russian intelligence agencies longing for 70s USSR anyways, so why give them an excuse to feed their delusional commie fantasies?

      The elders were right about these ‘Great Russia’ Duginist white nationalists, Nazi Chabad gangsters and their liberal lapdogs and these beta white men/racist black women in the West who go about stalking black men to hide their insecurities.

      They all feed off each other and none of them are worth a fart in a windstorm. Then again, black women, western white men and Russian government officials have the highest amount of homosexuality in the world so this is no surprise.

      “White women are replacing us’ is code for “I’m gay, and I hate straight people so I need to feel superior to the most hetrosexual people in the world because of my race’. It comes as no surprise that neither Klan Democrats or Pan-Slavist Republicucks have a credible program other than ‘Hitler was right! Gas Ruskies and avenge the Holodomor’ or “Low income White males of the world unite!” With all the talk and bluster pro blacks have, you’d think they’d have a version of the NDVP in order to promote black male interests, with cells in Europe and the ‘motherland’ and a paramilitary arm to deal with Antifa Freikorps/SA and Proud Boy Red Guards.

      Instead, all these people can do is regurgitate racist propaganda invented by Europeans afraid of being replaced by snowbunnies and Asians and make fools of themselves battling over the absolute bottom of the barrel.

    2. Michel,

      These liberal minded and “carefree” women out here continue to tell on themselves, they think taking to Tik Tok and making goofy videos is going to pull them up out of the massive hole they dug for themselves, however they’re in for an extremely rude awakening.

      I agree, social media is a pestilence and a curse but at the same time so much can be learned from it concerning dysfunctional women, how they think and operate.

  8. SMH This simp is the fruit of the daggle’s labor; he was just oozing femininity by showing he couldn’t handle rejection and uttering his stupid responses to the women when they told him to stop embarrassing himself by making a public spectacle. All they will have to do is show this video to law enforcement and they’ll find him soon enough; sadly, they’ll never identify the daggle as the source of these Slim Sauce types who go from 0 to 100 faster than a supercar. Don’t be like this guy; go SYSBM.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The dude blew a fuse over a blonde wig/weave wearing cake faced black harriet and the rest of her hot girl summer crew, the hypnosis and the witchcraft these black female crafted simps are under runs very deep.

      1. Agreed; another thing that jumped out at me was towards the end of the clip where they introduced misandry and generalized men as not being able to handle rejection and women as the perpetual victims. And what kind of man are they using as the poster boy for this kind of violence? A Black man who is your textbook example of a psycho simp; I’ll say it once again: don’t be like this guy!

  9. Haha so blond weave-headed BW are once again crying and playing victim over the same exact Pookie savages that the Black Matriarchy UNILATERALLY created, birthed, reared, nurtured, socialized and unleashed upon society. Their Frankenstein monster turned on them, good. He should have shot one of them hoes in the ass, that would have been the capper. Yes I’m wishing violence upon these bitches, fuck ’em.

    SYSBM, family.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Black women upset at their own defective products, this is on top of them being defective beyond repair themselves, you cannot make this stuff up.

      1. Verbs,

        Like the late, great intellectual juggernaut Dr. David Carroll used to say, these women act like these no-good dudes just sprung up one day like dandelions. But we know where they came from.

  10. I am going to write a mouthful on this one:

    I know some of you may disagree on me on this but I do not mind taking criticism here, Verbs you can if you want:

    I agree with the like of AmericanBlackMan about how he despise Simps. I also despise these Blue Pill simps to the core.

    In this case, even the simp cannot handle rejection which causes the BW in danger.
    Unfortunately I have to take the side of the simp instead if the BW in this video.

    Let me explain why I take the side of the simp even I do not condone it:
    When Verbs made the title ‘You created this environment’, David Carroll always ask, who raised this dangerous simp? Exactly, BW.

    We all use to be simps, however we taught at young age on how to be nice and treat females.
    Nothing wrong with being moral that is what we all taught to be, Civilised?
    Once we get older become productive civilised BM, these BW find it a turn off. Suddenly they are attractive to Thugs, Pookies, 12 gauge Mike and Ray Ray.

    In the hood, in the Alphabet-liberal matriarchy environment, instead of teaching men how to be nice or good guys, they are taught to be Super Mega Simps.
    Teaching boys that to treat BW you have to pay premium (extortion amount of money), taking these broad 5 star luxury restaurant, jump over many hoops just to impress them, also fight your friend just to ask a woman out.

    Now these boys become ultra simps, they will learn the hard way when they find out they will not any refund or ROI (Return of Investment) when they pay a premium for the 1st meeting and then they get rejected.

    I will say shout out to Babatunde (aka Verbs) and earn a lot of respect because he made this topic about coffee as this was very long overdue.
    Link =

    The reason Verbs got respect for making the Coffee Date topic because this very important for women to understand when it comes to coffee date.
    These BW think that Coffee is for broke men, what the coffee date is truly about (something BW are too stupid to understand), is really a stepping stone to get to know each other, if the friendship/date/relationship will spark with common interest.
    Another reason I put Coffee date into this topic because the video shows that even the simp got butthurt over rejection. I tell something what I saw in the video, I did not see him got mad because he got rejected, he got angry because he paid premium to this BW on the 1st date.

    Females always talk about how men want sex on the 1st date and get angry when he get rejected, this again, because these men are paying premium on the 1st date so of course he will ask for sexual advance on the 1st date. What do these BW thinks? The simp pays premium on the 1st date and expect nothing?

    Other race of women understand why there is coffee date as the 1st date, if the man gets rejected, then he can keep it moving because it was about getting to know each other in the 1st meeting. That way he knows where the women stands. But unfortunately these BW expect men to pay thousands on a 1st date and if he is frugal, they will call him broke. On top of it all, she expect him to pay for her food too. These BW always wants free food, I know about these types of females when they post stuff on Social Media like Facebook on how to trick and pimp men on them paying for their food because they want free food from men.

    Gentlemen, there is something I going tell you all something:
    These foreign black, the likes of African and Nigerian type do not play these types of games and they are because if these BW plays these stupid, silly, liberal shaming tactics games on the dangerous African simps, they will get killed.

    These simps need to seriously learn because dealing with BW like this with their rigged dating standards is like playing in the House Casino, if anyone do not know about House Casino, basically the ‘House Casino’ is rigged to the highest level you just there to lose. The only way to win is not to play at the 1st place.

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