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You’re NOT Worth More Than A Coffee! #SHORTS


I know exactly what you’re thinking, the audacity of this triple XL tub of lard, who does she think she’s talking to, however as can be seen from the video in the link below, once again it’s these blue pilled, no standard having, low self esteem, desperate simps who are the ones jumping into her inbox and gassing her wide load oil tanker backside up, take a look for yourselves:

This ugly fatty doesn’t even have any shape, at least with some plus size women they’ve still got some shape and curvature to them, look attractive and as a result it can clearly be understood why men are hitting them up, this heifer however literally looks like a rolling refrigerator on steroids.

Let’s briefly deal with the coffee issue(which really isn’t one), this is how delusional so many women in the West have become, the witchcraft and the sorcery of social media has gotten to the heads of these females, they genuinely expect men who don’t know them to take them out on a first date and spend big bucks, however on the flip side unfortunately there are so many men who are actually engaging in such practices.

Off the rip this super wide loader is demonstrating that she’s only interested in your money and resources, a woman who is truly into YOU will be satisfied with a simple walk and sit down in the local park(weather permitting), getting to know you will be viewed as far more important then how much money you spend on her.

I would NEVER be spending large amounts of money on a woman I didn’t know and who wasn’t mine, besides, the date is supposed to be about the process of getting to know one another better, not the man spending ridiculous amounts of money for nothing, that is NOT how you uphold your manhood and masculinity and never allow disjointed, dysfunctional Western women to tell you otherwise especially obese black females.

How on earth did it get to the stage where even fat unattractive women are now pridefully and arrogantly beating their chests? Answer, THE SIMPS! Gentlemen, any random female who expects you to spend big money on a first date or any date for that matter without you both being an item just isn’t worth it and needs to be kicked to the kerb with the quickness.

Feminist Aaliyah Nami Iman needs to seriously worry about losing some weight rather than the requirements she has for a date. I tried to find the same video on her Tiktok but it looks like she’s taken it down due to obvious reasons, good job I downloaded it a while back.

The obesity epidemic amongst black women continues, however as per usual black women are never concerned about their health, instead they always choose to focus on things that in the long term really don’t matter and these pestilent, brown nosing, double cream certified simps who keep on gassing them up even when they weigh in at 600 pounds most definitely aren’t helping the situation either.

Finally, as per usual whenever you check out these harriets without any makeup, the sight is typically a Rocky Horror Show, this fat black siren really believes applying some makeup can make a difference to an oversized case like herself, smh.

Extra wide loaded females out here looking like Bigfoot talking about “a coffee isn’t enough and is boring”. Like I said before, you’re not worth more than a coffee, don’t overvalue yourself chubster, stay humble. #SYSBM.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Delusional Women Typically Remain Delusional And Alone

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “You’re NOT Worth More Than A Coffee! #SHORTS

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I refuse to take a woman out on a first date to expensive restaurants because I don’t know her well plus she is probably shagging the guy she really likes for free on the quite. I only do cheap first date drinks with women and we both go Dutch because I refuse to let a woman golddig me. All the women that I have dated in the past liked me for my good looks and spending quality time with me and they didn’t require me to spend hardly any money on them because the attraction was mutual. Fat obese black women and ugly women in general need to calm the fuck down and lower their dating expectations because no good looking top tier man is going to date(for example Lizzo who was trying to get with the white actor Chris Evans who played Captain America and he rejected her) and I also blame simps because they fuck up the dating game for the rest of us decent men.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You already know this, they have the simps paying for expensive meals at restaurants, meanwhile they’re getting their backs blown out by Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Sheggy and Two Snacks and they’re parting with no money at all.

      Going Dutch is the most amicable and sensible way to go on a date, that way the man doesn’t feel like he’s being used for his money and the woman doesn’t feel obligated to repay the dude via sleeping with him afterwards.

      Social media has really messed up the dating market in the West, the entitlement coming from so many of these broads is off the damn chain, even these wide load oil tankers believe they’re hot stuff just because some desperate simps are showing them some attention online, smh.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Fat women, obese women and old women need to stay in their fucking lane and date dudes on their looks level.

        1. Only you can’t really go dutch with Slavic women, that’s a special case and you will get a return on your investment in spades so it ends up being worth it in the short and long run.

          They won’t balk at a coffee date, to them it’s understandable and they can’t afford to put up some BS front like Western women dude to the imbalance of available men vs available women in the prime dating/marriage/procreation age.

          With Western women going dutch is acceptable behavior, again except in aforementioned Slavic countries, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

          Why would you be dating in the West anyway? I don’t understand Verbs, IP, you and a few others are located in the UK and act like it’s the worst thing ever? I’ve dated in the UK and while feminism is pretty bad compared to the US & Canada (I can’t speak for AU/NZ) Slavic women namely Polish women are very hospitable to Black men, maybe because I’m American???

          Why are you dating native English women? (Not you Verbs you are involved I know that). Not that they aren’t down to shag either, they are if you step to them correctly.

          If you stay in your masculine frame of mind most women will either stomp off in huff or lean into you across the table, I have found there is no in-between. The issue with Feminist is that the majority of them are 7 and below, not 7 and above. What they are pissed off about is the opportunity to make as much money as men so they can be shot-callers. They figure being a shot caller aka successful woman will give them the ability to choose the men they want to date, but we all know the world doesn’t work like that.

          Jordan Peterson in his private practice has often worked with these headstrong, successful women when they come to him to ask why are they are in their early to mid 30’s, still single, unmarried and no children on the horizon?

          This is also why lots of Western women freeze their ages. They know it will take time (too much time) to find a man that will put up with that bullsh*t. The same dude who is successful and has options as Kevin Samuel likes to say. These men have chicks on the side/side chick typically but want a woman of higher quality to have children with.

          I don’t know about you guys but Feminism is a simple concept. You don’t have to agree with it. But you also don’t have to tolerate it. You also have to pick your battles carefully otherwise you’ll be a victim of cancel culture.

          I’ve been cursed out by several feminist, none of who I would even consider having sex with let alone date, most are ugly and overweight.

          Just saying.

    2. Quincy, it goes like this:

      1st date with a BW: You to be a ‘Rich Pompus Pookie’, driving Mercades-Benz or BMW. 5 star restaurant. you have to Serenade/sing in front of her with a guitar or get a friend to sing behalf if you (70% chance of being cockblock if you do this), act like it is valentines day with fancy gifts in the restaurant or else they call you cheap. (No joke and yes, all of this on the 1st date and just met for the 1st time)

      1st date with non-BW: Coffee date with basic food, parks and nice places with scenery with no problems. Just getting to know each other.

      1. Andy C.

        I fully agree with you Andy C and thats the reason why I only date non black women because in general they are much more easier to get on with.

  2. These Daggles don’t even deserve a Zagnut & a 25 cent juice from the corner store let alone anything close to a date.

    1. Val Zod,

      You can get juice out there for 25 cents, damn. I’m inclined to agree, at this stage Western woman don’t deserve anything, wide loading cruise vessels definitely need to keep their mouths shut and stay humble.

      1. Stay humble? Not a chance! They are emboldened by cancel culture.

        Say you don’t like Fat Chicks? I know Chris Evans wanted to say this badly about Lizzo but I’m sure his publicist said under no circumstances to reply to anything she said on social media or risk a firestorm and getting bounced from future projects.

        This is why I said above to pick your battles carefully.

        Engaging feminist Jordan Peterson’s popularity exploded, even if that did cost him tenure at Univ of Toronto.

        None of us have that level of success to lose but as Mike Tyson said everybody has a plan until you get punched in the face. Being outspoken could result in losing one’s job (punched in the face).

        SYSBM is just breaking into the mainstream. Everybody is watching what we say and what we do, even if they don’t acknowledge it publicly. Lots of people agree with Tommy but many including many actors and comedians have had to retract following him on social media fearing backlash from Black women, B1’s and Hoteps.

        Like or not, after roughly a decade we are still out here on an island. The tide if shifting and there’s no way to predict what’s to come next, especially now that the text to the movement is available.

        Black men are responsible for giving voice to these blimps. Constantly talking about fat booties and big breasts. Lots of these Black beached whales have both, along with a hefty helping of cottage cheese.

        All we are doing is putting a water trough out there, we can’t force Black men to drink the water.

  3. I always do coffee or something free until we consummate things. Where I’m at the city park has a free zoo, free museums and walking trails. Plus, these venues tend to screen out certain types of female as well.

    1. Autodidact,

      Yep, a woman who is genuinely interested in you won’t be concerned about expensive meals at restaurants, she’ll want to spend time with you no matter what the venue.

  4. Who allowed Hungry Hungry Hippo to get on TikTok? Also, who are these low brow simps with no standards gassing up this beluga whale looking braud? She looks like the seed of Jabba the Hutt and Lizzo! If she honestly thinks she’s worth more than a cup of coffee, than David Carroll was correct about the DSM classifying the scraggle daggle as mental disorders because of how delusional they are. If any man decides to take her out anywhere, it should be to the gym!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      These chicks stay delusional, because a few desperate simps are showing her some attention online, she mistakenly believes that this somehow equates to an increase in her value, however nothing could be further from the truth. Chicks out here looking like Mojo from the X Men talking about “coffee is boring”, the nerve of this fatty.

      1. Unfortunately the BM that does contact her just wanna fug. She mistakes that for actual mutual attraction.

        That’s why Black women since Biz Markie (RIP) said in Vapors “Nigga Please, You Work At UPS” have agreed with similar images of working class Black men. He wasn’t saying that just because, it likely did happen to TJ Swan. Rap WAS the beacon for Black men to clue them in on how bad Black women are to the average Black man.

  5. I don’t offer coffee to begin with cause I don’t like coffee at all.

    When a bunch of simps starts gassing up a whale, the whale feels entitled to everything.

    These are the same blackistan simps that have an issue with anyone like me dating out with a white wifey but they can all fuck off.

    I have to select the best option for me economically all the time.

    1. Witwijf,

      These simps are an absolute disgrace and a pestilence, they are also a large contributing factor to the serious decline of the dating market in the West.

      We’re both in the same boat because I don’t like coffee either, I simply mention coffee as a broad reference for hot beverages, personally I much prefer herbal teas, earl grey isn’t bad either.

      The simps don’t like you dating out because they don’t have the courage to do the same, they know there are much better options out there, however they’re too bewitched and locked in to break free from the plantation spells and incantations.

      1. Agreed Verbs and you see this play out all over the place.

        Black men are the main followers of Philko formerly living in Russia full time, always planning his exit but his hand was forced when the US cut Russia off from the SWIFT payment system which Phil got familiar with REAL quick as he wasn’t up on how powerful NYC, London, Belgium and Tokyo are to the world economy.

        This impacted how he makes money, similar to these loser BW, B1’s, Simps and Hoteps shut down his original Philko vs the world channel after Media Takeout called him Coon of the Month for saying he never kissed a Black girl, that he’s since retracted that statement.

        It’s like he’s speaking into Black Hole. While some of his subs have been inspired by his ongoing story, they did to him what Black men are currently doing to Medellin as they did in Sousa, DR. Going to Russia claiming to be buddies and proceed to do dumb sh*t, forcing to the locals to ask Phil what’s up with your boy???

        That is why many Black Travelers who made homes in various countries are very cautious with followers and co-signing their behavior.

        This is why Blackastain can’t be saved and needs to sink under it’s own bullshit that weighs it down.

        These ninjas don’t get it, I will move to Mexico or some other country full time before I would even consider moving into a Black enclave in America, that’s insane to even consider it.

        You should see some of the chat streams. I know some Black men are looking for direction but they are coming at it the wrong way, learning how to behave from Black women.

        This Canadian brother is too close to these nappy heads on social media. He talks like a reject from a rap video. Phil on his Telegram had to tell this moron this group is meant for his membership subs and to share travel stories, travel related content, images of women they are dating, been with previously, etc.

        This idiot finds images of big booty White women on Instagram mostly and post them in the channel.

        I can spend hours looking for that. It’s just more proof once again that most Black men are looking for the same big booty Black women that reject them left and right just like this fat hoe does.

        Another ninja, an older one who should know better is doing the same thing on IP’s private FB group.

        That is why I enjoy the exclusivity of being SYSBM.

  6. A rolling refrigerator on steroids! Lol!

    She’s not worth taking her out for a coffee. And she goanna remain single for the rest of her life. When the time she will get older, she will say that where are the good men now. Listen here, I wouldn’t even take her to McDonalds of KFC. Right, also. When you see her, black men will look at her; they will not give her a chance. Why? All they will see is her attitude, not having her natural hair and her weight. I’m not mocking her weight and my exes are fat but there are some black men will not date a fat woman. But there’s a whole leap of black men who are with fat black women. And black men are with fat black women more then black men who are with fat white women.

    I have never seen a fat white women act like this on any of the social media outlets. Just only the black women, especially the fat black women. These ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles will not go out there and work to get money. They will sit on their ass and live off the system that I hate with a huge passion, a huge, deep, deep passion! And you wonder why 60 per cent of black men in the UK are with none black women.

    These scraggle daggles are the women that will use a man financially, play games on a man, manipulate a man and finesse a man. And she will do it to the nice guy or the good black man but when they see a thuggish dude or a white beta male, they won’t do that shit at all. Most of these scraggle daggles don’t have any money and don’t work. That is the reason why they are using the men. and as the thinking black men sees that and talks around this Audrey Heifer type woman, these simps are coming after thinking black men because they think they are attacking the black queens!

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe at all times because these ghetto heifers like her are looking for her and crush her like a pancake.


  7. Cardinal rule of Leykis 101:

    NEVER spend any more than $40 on a date. $0 is optimal!

  8. Shoot, that was the long 2:18 video ever. I would direct her to the white simpster Officer Coen Naninck.

    The terms ‘high class’ and ‘high value’ business men used by her might be mostly aimed at black men. Oh yeah, she used the n-gga word so she’s talking about sophisticated, well-do black men.

    Also to add, she needs to go on a SlimFast and Planet Fitness gym date for one.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Don’t worry, I’m going to be dealing with the white male daggle worshipper Coen Naninck this Friday, stay tuned. It seems that simp officer Naninck has been looking for my attention, so be it. Article is already locked and loaded.

      1. Verbs,

        I would not bother with this Coen guy from Netherlands. He is just not worth talking about.
        He is just another BW’s god from Europe that bitter Divesters/Swirlers and even Cynthia G get their knickers wet over.
        When he open is mouth or make video, his video is equivalent to BW dildo.
        He will never date them or put their ring on their finger anyway. If he did he would of show it.

        1. Mister Master,

          Naninck just like the fake academic is another pestilence that needs to be dealt with and flushed down the toilet once and for all, sometimes clap backs are necessary in order to set the record straight, plus the dude called me out as a “dusty”, I would never tolerate that brazen garbage from a Negro SIMPleton, I’m most certainly not going to take that nonsense from a white male daggle worshipper.

    2. Is this your queen. 👱🏿‍♀️ You guy’s still deal with such disrespect WOW! geez! I can’t do it. If this is what you guys sexually like, eeeh! ahhh! I don’t know? I am not going to tell you what to do with your dick? I’ll pass… #RESPECTFULLY

      1. G1,

        Unfortunately, most black men out here still think these insufferable heifers are worth it despite the endless stress they put black men through, smh.

  9. Hungry hungry Hippo better worry about affording Slim Fast shakes, never mind coffee…

    I have always gone Dutch with my dates, or the woman paid in full. Never have I ever paid for expensive anything on a date and I did just fine. There’s no need to be a high value man for anybody but yourself. “High value man” (in the black homosphere) is code for BM with resources that she can drain off.

    I feel sorry for brothers who can’t see past their own colour because frankly most deserve better. But some do like being bewitched and love the abuse, as it reminds them of their degenerate jezebel of a birth vessel. It feels familiar to be demeaned, always reaching for mamas approval.

    1. Michel,

      I remember when I was much younger, a date was simply meeting up in a shopping centre or a park, this was the standard. Now all of a sudden these chicken heads are looking for expensive meals in fancy restaurants and acting fully entitled as if the man has an obligation and a duty to treat them to such luxury off the rip, what a joke.

      Those females who are looking for bookoo bucks to be spent on them off the bat are only telling on themselves and simply need to be avoided at all costs. Black men need to guard their resources and not allow entitled lug headed termagants to guilt/shame them into wasting the same. Wide loaders definitely need to take 20 seats.


    Which is highly insulting to coffee.


      1. Verbs,

        The new order of L’s have been confirmed. Tracking number to follow.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  11. Imagine trying to wine and dine this heifer. It would cost you $67+ just ordering off of the dollar menu at McDonald’s! And that’s if she’s feeling under the weather.

    These chicks have some gall walking around looking like Unicron but thinking some man (read: not a simp) will put on the ritz when the dude doesn’t even know her.

    I am fine with paying for the first date, but you think it’s gonna be a ritzy affair? Chick is getting Dos Bros, and on Mondays when it’s $5! These gargantuan goliaths want men to spend $100 on someone who probably won’t text him again after the date, **** that!

    Black women are the only ones that my friends and I have ever been dine/dashed by, and this was back in the day. Hungry hoes just wanna eat! Hell, that’s why “coffee is boring,” it doesn’t involve all you can eat ribs or hog maws.

    Hell, where there’s coffee, there’s probably donuts, chick should’ve been excited! But you can’t romance a human pit Bull, all rules of interaction go out of the door.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The main issue for me is the fact that these harriets expect complete strangers to spend big bucks on them as if this is some sort of obligation or duty on the man’s part. $5 bucks here and there is nothing, it’s not going to put a dent in your finances, that amount of money won’t be missed.

      These black heifers stay hopping from restaurant to restaurant just to get free meals and unfortunately many men accommodate the folly. With black women as a group it’s clear that their mission is to get one over on black men from as many different angles as they can manage, the restaurant racket is simply one of many schemes these sirens employ in order to shaft brothers.

      More black men ought to be “smelling the coffee” and realising that they don’t have to tolerate such brazen arrogance and entitlement, however most black men unfortunately are too deeply spellbound and bewitched under the “gotta keep it real/black” incantation to break the mental chains and set themselves free.

  12. The difference between fat white women and fat black women is that fat white women know they’re fat and would consider themselves lucky to get asked to a coffee date or any date especially if you’re a decent-looking dude. These black heffas stay in delusion, they really believe this “queen” talk. The only thing worse than a fat black hippo is the chubby chasing black simps who gas them up. Unbelievable. As Verbs points out, this chick is not even at least pear-shaped, just a blob lol. The only date I’d take her to is the gym and Dr. 90210 for a stomach staple. This is exactly what The Black Matriarchy wants you to restrict yourself to when choosing a female, these dark-skinned wide-load oil tankers lol. Continue to flee the plantation, gents. SYSBM is the new Underground Railroad.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      “SYSBM is the new Underground Railroad.”

      That is a quote of the week and a mic drop right there. Any man worth his salt simply won’t entertain the vapours and waste gases emanating from this wide loader’s mouth, he’s already moved on before he’s even gotten there, lol. These extra wide super ferries out here talking about coffee being boring, however as commenter MMT mentioned, when it comes down to their white lord and saviour General Blizzard, coffee is most welcome, in fact these same delusional black sirens would have no problems sipping on soda water if they were out on a date with Lieutenant Lime. More black men need to snap out of the spell and realise they’re being played royally.

      1. Verbs,

        Thanks for the shout-out.

        I think it was Kid Organic (?) who did a story about a black female who was living in a TENT with her white boyfriend in the backyard of the guy’s friend. Like a camping tent. And this wasn’t temporary, they lived in the tent for months with no intention of leaving until the homeowner got sick of them squatting. A fight ensued and the homeowner ended up shooting them both.


        I truly don’t see how black simps are still “Yas Queen”-ing these harpies knowing what we know in 2022. It’s madness.

  13. Verbs,

    I am glad you bring this topic up. Because BW always have this debate about coffee as a 1st date.
    To be honest, this was never part of the debate at all. This is just a BW thing.
    I remember one brother told me that a BW told him ‘Coffee is cheap’, this was in London may years ago.
    Good thing he never saw her again.

    What I come to realise is I call this a ‘Hood Romance’.
    I call this ‘Hood Romance’ because unlike RomCom films which Women believes in ‘Hood Romance’ comes from Hood films from the ghetto aka Black Sterotypes.
    Basically in those environment, these BW, even they are ghetto and fat as fuk believes that their 1st date that they expect a man to take them out on a fancy 5 star restaurant and tricking with bling and over $500 cash to spend and give them some fancy lifestyle. Also you have a ‘Rich Pompus Pookie’, yes that right – ‘Rich Pompus Pookie’ (similar to West Africa, minus the pookie bit) to take them out driving BMW or Mercedes Benz
    We all seen this on Social Media. Because BW seen this on social media so much so they takes this into the real world and expect a man to a again ‘Rich Pompus Pookie’.
    If you a average joe BM or thinking brother, then this is a no-no to them.

    Unfortunately the simps believes that is normal as a 1st date because that is how the commuitah works

    Coffee date is meant to be 2 things: Induction and Introduction.
    It is all about getting to know each other, if this works out then we progress, otherwise, you move on.
    Other races of women understand this.
    Heck even Transgenders know more equality than these broads (no joke) and just like other races to women do not think of this tricking stuff unlike the BW.

    Another note to brothers to take note:
    You have simps keep on going about ‘if you do not have to money to date, then you cannot afford a relationship or date a women’.

    Lets run with this:
    Since when it cost money to go for a walk?
    They believe that it cost money to go out each other in the park.
    You can few budget to travel around locally and have something nice in a local cafe with good food. It does not have to big. When simps talks like this that the man cannot afford to date, just remember, you and women just met. She does not know you and you do not know her.
    Also the simps need to stop listening to women who said they do not date bums because these are the same women who had kids by them and we all know this. Example, Cynthia G, she spend months campaigning to boycott dusty BM and what happen months later? She got pregnant by one.

    These will be the same BW will have no problem do a coffee date with a White Man.

  14. The American Black Female entitlement is off the charts here. She takes advice from a woman who looks to be in the age range of 35-45 with so much warpaint & appendages that you could tell she is BELOW average in terms of looks.

    Secondly, the woman in the post is shaped like a full 40 gallon Hefty Bag. No one in their right minds is trying to date that unless you have millions like Gabby Sibide.

    Lastly, a date is time spent and money invested. Who the hell wants to be seen in public with this obese whale. Let alone put alot of money into this date. Trust, she’s a catch for bottom shelf Brad.

  15. Verbs2015,
    So the Idea of a Simple Coffee Date According to Someone like Aaliyah Nami Iman is Lame & Uninteresting to Her? Then I Can Tell Her Future Will be Forever with a Vibrator, Because Only an Insecure Female or in her Case a Whale like her Would Consider a Simple Date as Pathetic & Uninteresting in her Opinion, Plus She doesn’t have a Ton of Options herself. It’s not like Men Will be Banging Down her Door or Fighting to be With Her. She Suffers From the Same Deluded Mindset that the Current Leader LIZZO Promotes. That Overweight is Normal, But Aaliyah Suffers From Both Issues. Overweightness & Delusions of Grandeur. Only a SIMP Would take her Serious, Because they don’t have any Shame nor Standards. From Seeing her Videos. It’s Clear that her Future is with a Vibrator. If She Can Find one Sizable that can Penetrate Her. Bottom Line Leave these Walking Marshmallows to Indulge in their Deluded Fantasies. While Brothers Who have Standers. We’ll Find Better, Much Better Elsewhere. #SYSBM For Life!!!

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