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Obsessing Over Their White Lord And Saviour!


Do you see how these weave and fake eyelash wearing black harriets fawn, dote, worship and prostrate themselves over their white lord and saviour General Sleet? When was the last time you saw a black man receive a genuine smile and hug from a black female like this, I’ll wait?

In fact for as much as these blue pilled, pro black simps love to talk about black men who “worship” white women just because we choose to date out(not that white women are the only non black female option on the planet), when was the last time you saw a black man fawning and doting over a white woman like the above, I’ll wait?

Do you see how happy the black female in the video is to be making contact with Major Frost, she’s acting as if she’s just won a huge lottery prize. When we keep on saying that the modern day black female looks upon the white man as god we aren’t joking, the proof is in the pudding, you really don’t have to travel very far in order to witness white male worship at the hands of black women.

Where are these same pro black shine buckets ready to take their fellow “sistas” to task over this display of desperation, wanting to be accepted by Lord Euro, as per usual, just like the wannabe swirlers and so called “divestors”, nowhere to be found, smh.

Yet if a free thinking black man comes out in a normal manner and shows some genuine appreciation for functional non black women, all of a sudden according to the black witch contingent and her pro black flunkies, such harmless acts conveniently equate to “worship”, get outta here with that garbage.

The fact of the matter is Admiral Frost simply isn’t going to deal with your average black female on a serious level, we already know the score, in the overwhelming majority of cases she’ll be used for sexual purposes only and thereafter be kicked to the kerb at minimum.

A worse case scenario would be him killing her after the sexual deeds are done, something we’ve been seeing a lot of recently, stories that the divesting/levelling up squads are extremely eager to steer clear from and not cover because those murders put a serious dent in their delusional “white men are a better option for black women” narrative.

Once again, I’ll ask the question, can anybody please show me black men behaving in this obsessive manner on camera towards white and other non black women? I await the footage.

Black men though most won’t accept it simply need to face the fact and understand that they will never receive cooperation on this level from their female counterparts because unlike white men, black women view black men as slaves, commodities and stock ie in their eyes we are beneath them.

On that note alone any black man with common sense and intelligence should abandon ship and seek out love and companionship elsewhere. SYSBM is the most viable and sustainable way forward for black men, it’s a pity that most however aren’t built to take the path because they cannot let go of the black female.

Once again, this is NOT begrudging black women for liking white men, this article has simply been written to demonstrate to black men how the black woman’s heart is clearly not for him. Again, personally, I’ve never seen a black woman doting, fawning over and hugging a black man in like manner as the above, NEVER. Maybe you’ve seen different, if you haven’t, just ponder on the above and let the image sink in deep. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

In The Eyes Of Black Women The White Man Is God

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Obsessing Over Their White Lord And Saviour!

  1. They always (black women) called me lame for not being an street dude. So, I never seen them fawn and dolt over black men that are not street dudes. Even my own ex wife (who is black) said to she that she loved me but was never in love with me. They worship white men and street dudes who are both enslaved to them. If you’re a thinking black man with sense, black women will not want you.

    1. Outside of witchcraft I really don’t understand why we still have so many black men who honestly believe they can make a relationship work with your average modern day black female. Black women simply need to be left for the street guys and the white men they love so much.

        1. Val Zod,

          Indeed and the witchcraft these black females employ ensures that those lost black men continue to worship her regardless of what she does, smh.

      1. Lost cause. We can’t save everybody nor should we even lift a finger or make an effort.

        Tommy called it Negotiating with Terrorist, we are specifically taught not to do that in America are we not?

        The problem is this –

        Black People have gone through so much (Black men without fully understanding the breath of the situation), Black men wrongly believe that the majority of Black women have their best interest at heart.

        Nothing could be further from the truth. Yet they keep asking why? You have the answer Black men you refuse to believe it!

        1. Anthony,

          I completely agree, I’ve been saying for years that most black men refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall and as a result most will become casualties and victims of the very same black women they pine after and worship, I stated this clearly in my book Negro Wars. Sad to say but Obsidian is one of many examples we’ve seen over the recent years where black men at first feigned themselves to be set free from the black female only to later on about face and head right back into her plantation.

          Most black men are destined for utter failure because they desire to keep black women in the loop even though the black witch continues to prove herself to be a constant spanner in the works!

          1. Yep.Will Smith Deliberately Refuses to get the message even after 27 years of marriage to Jada the Demon Witch Smith.

          2. What gets me Verbs is that young men who tell you without missing a beat that their best dates and relationships are with non-Black women are still stopping on their profiles on Tinder or respond to Matches.

            It’s the same thing Gen X men do with Obsidian, Oshay and countless others.

            They keep wanting to give Keisha a chance.

            No, no & no.

    2. It’s Stockholm Syndrome. On one side B1’s complain about White men, meanwhile mainstream BW don’t give a sh*t and at the feet of WM ready to submit.

      Black women do not love you, they tolerate and loathe you. Understand, read that last sentence twice, print it out and put it somewhere where you will be reminded.

      SYSBM is a reaction to this behavior, it’s the correct reaction.

  2. This guy named Vinnie Hacker is famous on tik tok in this vid, he beat Deji in a boxing match last year.

    Imagine if white women are the only ethnicity race of women on the planet, its heaven on earth for me but I can’t speak for everyones taste.

    Blackistan males as a matter of fact are viewed as slaves, stocks and commodities to blackistan cultures globally, not only in western societies.

    April fools day award is Will Smith and all blackistan males who can’t read the writing on the wall to avoid all negress females.

    1. Witwijf,

      Thanks for the info, I had no idea who the guy was. The thing about is I still don’t see black women hugging up and doting over famous or at least well know black men like this, like you said and I always repeat, most black men refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning black women and where their loyalties truly lie.

    2. I didn’t realize that was Vinnie Hacker at first; his hair has grown much longer than it was in his fight against Deji. I’ve also noticed he has more ink on his arms than last year.

    3. You might as well believe they are the only women on the planet. While women of color outnumber White women by quite a bit, who has all the money? Who makes the majority of the money? Who controls political power? Who controls the beauty industry? Who controls adult entertainment (Men control it, but White women make and generate the most likes and views), shall I continue?

      You can marry whoever you want, we SYSBM Knights don’t give two sh*ts. That said are you making the best economic choice? Some say Riches are in the Niches and that is true. But the law of averages says your ability to have overall wealth is higher with White women.

      I will put Asian women next because it’s increasingly becoming the case that China and Asia Pacific will control the next 100-200 years. Remember all Sci-Fiction is based on Science and once things that people thought were crazy or impossible are reality today.

      The richest man in the world of The Expanse is Chinese. His daughter who is the subject of most of Season 1 and part of Season 2 was considered attractive and a highly desirable woman.

      My point is you see this over and over in Science Fiction, the Chinese have the money and expertise.

      This goes back to a live stream that IP had a few months ago with a young brother who was talking about buying real estate in Asia. He said he thought the future was in Asia, I am starting to agree with that assessment.


      1. Asia is up there when it comes to high speed technology.

        China already has developed artificial sun that is a lot hotter than natural sun burning at 70 million degrees.

        China does have a nuclear reactor called the Experimental Advanced Superconducting Tokamak (EAST) that has been referred to as China’s “artificial sun” because it is able to simulate the fusion reactions occurring within stars and reach incredibly high temperatures.

        China is also developing 6G, its already ahead of its time, plus they have over a billion population to conquer as many african countries as they like.

        It won’t shock me one bit if there is huge depopulation on blackistan africans for colonisation of economical power and political power in all blackistian countries.

        By the time they take over, it won’t surprise me if more and more white women start travelling to Africa where the Chinese build infrastructures, such as smart cities that become very advanced like United Arab Emirates of Dubai in western Asia.

        In other words more tourism attraction would only be more appealing if most of the blackistan population is wiped out.

        If this is the case, I won’t have to sell my share of my dad’s properties in Lagos Nigeria and could live there with my white wifey in future but I don’t think it is the case realistically speaking.

        I’m not a fan of communist China but they know how to handle liberalism and implement laws against liberal policies.

        1. You would be ahead of the curve. It depends on two things for the African nations.

          1) China installs 6G. Key here is if Africacon the name of the NATO and CIA wing that are watching Africa allows it.

          2) Raising Millions out of object poverty. This has to be done so more high paying engineering jobs and industries can be done there at a reduced cost. China has bad weather but even North Africa is dry much of the time.

          The S in BRICS is South Africa….

      2. You are correct about the future is in Asia. I was there in 2019 & it is own self containing entity that does not need the West.

  3. The beta blk male simps: “Praise and respect her during this month of April, the mother of ALL creations of the universes. Happy International Black Women’s History Month, queens.” 👑×612&w=0&h=zvbtPNe6gIhBxzq6ZwbdUOpbr95_5Zo7WzzY6xtfZME=

    If the BW queans, creator of ALL life is obsessing over one of their creations in the the white lord and saviour based on his so-called power status and looks alone then she’s really doesn’t care about him much as a person.

    If BWs has all this statuses of being the creator of everything why get romantically involved with the creation? Oh, BWs jealous of her creations aka the white men, white women and black men because they have privileges that the average queans feel they don’t have.

    1. That might be true but that bullsh*t is undone by Googling “Happy White Women”

      They have a month, White women are holding the bag while pregnant with a Black man’s child.

      It’s a massive failure across the board.

    2. BrotherDanUnlimited,

      I remember writing a post years ago about how whenever it’s time for black men to get some decent shine in the spotlight, these black females will immediately come out of the woodwork, whine, complain and talk about how they should be “included” in OUR celebrations so they can get some sort of attention as well(the aim is always to remove the spotlight from black men and have it instead upon themselves), however whenever the situation is reversed, the same disgruntled black harriets will scream bloody murder if black men even come within 100 feet of them, they want and have their shining moments all by themselves.

      Do you see how this works because these pro blackity black simps don’t seem to have figured it out yet? That’s why the black sirens despises SYSBM, because over here we prioritise the heterosexual free thinking black man giving black women NO ROOM to enter in and interfere. This is where the Black Manosphere 2.0 went wrong and why it’s now become an empty shell of its former self.

      Let black women have their Black women’s history month because nobody outside of themselves is paying attention to it anyway.

      1. “I remember writing a post years ago about how whenever it’s time for black men to get some decent shine in the spotlight, these black females will immediately come out of the woodwork, whine, complain and talk about how they should be “included” in OUR celebrations so they can get some sort of attention as well(the aim is always to remove the spotlight from black men and have it instead upon themselves), however whenever the situation is reversed, the same disgruntled black harriets will scream bloody murder if black men even come within 100 feet of them, they want and have their shining moments all by themselves.”

        Old enough to remember the Million Man March back in the mid 90s. The very first thing BW did was cry “wHaT aBoUt dA siStaS?” Then they went on to have their own march because BW can never be outshined by the BM. When the white man had his Promise Keepers march around that same time, white women supported their men from the sidelines. When white women did march, it was against drunk driving, not to upstage their men.

    3. This article goes to show that Black women truly do see themselves as a separate entity apart from Black men and White women (their two mortal enemies); this is identity politics on steroids.

      1. Exactly so why aren’t most Black men taking the cue from us?

        History will so that we are the pioneers.

        1. “Exactly so why aren’t most Black men taking the cue from us?”

          Because we are the “lames” and “squares” and “white men of the black community.” Also the vast majority of these NUGGAS cannot let go of their black queen no matter what, the indoctrination is too strong. No matter how much they disrespect the black man, these simps line up for more.

          Will blew up his career and legacy for this ungrateful, disrespectful, masculine, baldheaded creature when he could have had the sexy long haired Australian blondie, that shows you how deep the MK Ultra brainwashing goes.

  4. Verbs 2015.

    Black women love up their white lord and saviour and they bow down to his feet because they want to have those mixed race kids with that good hair, those blue eyes and lighter skin. Like you said Verbs, black women treat white men like gawd(god) because he cannot do any wrong in their eyes even if that white man is a bum living on the streets homeless. These stupid pro blacks need to realise that black women hate them and black women hate us SYSBM black men too and the only type of men that black women love is thug type of black man, superstar celebrity black men or white men and other non black men. Pro blacks need to get out of this fairy tale way of thinking that the black community can be saved and it can’t because black women and thug black men have destroyed the black community. I am so glad that I refuse to date black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Yep, we all know about black women and their love for mixed and light skinned children with so called “good hair” and “pretty eyes” and yes we’ve seen black women in the past deal with down and out white men as well as white men with severe disabilities. The pro black simps are lost, they can’t see the forest through the trees, you’d think that Jason Roger Pope would’ve snapped them out of the “my black queenie” trance but no, the black witch has them under several layers of deep hypnosis.

  5. I got the sysbm book. It’s a very good read and I enjoyed the dark side chapters the most. One of the best chapters is the default man because it breaks down how SYSBM is ahead of the game.

    1. Robert Chavis,

      The dark side chapters were very interesting indeed, even brought me into knowledge that I hadn’t a clue about. The Default man chapter was a banger too. Much appreciated as always for the support.

  6. The scraggle is Zaddy’s little girl.


      1. Verbs,
        Ask and ye shall receive – A sizeable shipment of L’s are rolling off the production line onto the delivery trucks and planes at this moment. A Large shipment is imminent.

        L Express – Delivery in 30 minutes or the next L is free. Worldwide. 24x7x365.


  7. The way these daggles behave over White men is just despicable; you could’ve sworn she would melt like chocolate in his arms! She was excited to hug him on camera, even more so that it was a video; her behavior was too much for even her friend who told her to let him go. As one commentor mentioned above, the blonde haired Chad in the video is TikTok star Vinnie Hacker who participated in the “YouTube VS TikTok” boxing event; Vinnie was the only TikToker who won his boxing match against Deji, KSI’s brother. I’m not aware if the daggle knows Vinnie from that boxing match, but if that is so, I’d imagine she loves him even more for beating a Black man!

    What do the dick policing hoteps have to say about this? Will Umar Gerbilface declare a “snow man crisis” after this video? Will Fake Academic Fountain say this daggle is “anti Black” for fawning over a White man the way he’s accused SYSBM of doing? The only colored men I’ve seen do anything that can be seen as White female worship are South and East Asian men; Black men merely expressing his appreciation for a feminine woman of another race is worship, but Black women fawning over White men as if they were Jesus himself is not? Miss me with that garbage!

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Like I said, I’ve NEVER seen any black woman get that excited over a well know black man, she practically went weak in the knees for this guy. Of course we already know that the Dick Police Unit Slowtep simps will have nothing to say about this because they don’t have the testicular fortitude to check their “queanies”. As Money Cultural calls him, Foolmar Johnson aka GerbilFace will act like this video doesn’t exist, as for the Fake Academic, he’ll also leave this video alone because talking about could jeopardise his already 0% chance of landing himself a girlfriend.

  8. I have no issues of a black women being with a non black man as the same thing as I have no issues of a black man with a non black woman. But black women do love the white beta male a lot just like they love the thugs like 357 Jimmy, Thick Dick Tyrone, Rum Smuggler Don and Ruff Cut Larry. We don’t see a black man hugging a white woman like that in the cameras, only black women. They will not show love and hug a good black man on camera and they will never in a million years that they will not do that to a simp. They have a huge for the simps but they need them to protect them.

    Hey, keep your white sugat honey safe at all times as these scraggle daggles are coming after them.


  9. Black women will sniff the dirty buttholes of white men and tell him that it smells like fresh flowers. Meanwhile, if a black man WALKS NEAR a non-black woman, namely a white one, he’s “wOrShiPpInG” her. Make that make sense.

    Just look at Jada pinkett smith. Do you think if Chris Pratt were her husband that she would cuck him? Hell, she’d be fiercely loyal to DANNY DEVITO!

    Black women have no self respect, which is why the world wipes its dick with them. This is also why black society has no self respect and goes around begging for validation from the same folks they claim to hate. It starts with that insecure daggle: remove her, and black society and the black race improves overnight.

  10. The FBA or ADOS women in particular does not like FBA/ADOS men & it is evident in their actions. You see the lovefest from NBW, Swirlers, Shea Butter Twitter, ProBlack Simps, etc on SC Nominee & her Zaddy is sickening but typical of Blacknstain. I just say let them be & build your own Asgard.

  11. The four choice of black women they will choose.
    1. The black man who is a thug that will get her completely wet.
    2. The white beta male. The biggest player on the black dating market.
    3. The good black man. When she gets ram out by the Rum Head Frasier, Long Cocky George and Fuck All Night Freed but will reject the black women.
    4. The Simp that worship these women who don’t even like them.

    You know some the Ukrainians are racist, a bet you that these scraggle daggles will open their legs to them.


    I wouldn’t get too upset over this, but I suspect some brothers be crying in their cheerios. You have concrete evidence in front of your eyes, yet B1 supersimps talking that misdirection talk are strangely quiet about this. It’s as if Dr Umar GerbilFace and the late Fake Academic Fountain are fronting like Arsène Wenger on the pitch at the Emirates, “he didn’t see it!”.

    British simps on 4 hour livestreams talking about “misdirected” and “hurt” brothers who date white women. Misdirect yuh bumbaclaat!

    Wonder if they have the balls to confront this besides calling SYSBM swirlers?

      1. Maybe he’s talking about IP’s live streams? A few run maybe two hours, sometimes three but I haven’t seen four.

      1. Not only read it, I live it. Married 20 years to my snow bunny and counting.


  13. BW don’t love white men or any other men. What they DO love is POWER. Admiral Frost is just a means to an end. This is a chess move. That Ketanji Brown Jackson broad is a textbook example. Expect to see more shit like that. The ultimate goal is to turn the whole world into a BW-worshipping matriarchy. Think I’m crazy? Watch and see. Like I said, they only get with these white dudes so that they can get placed into positions of power. They want to dominate everything and everyone. Hell is in front of us and I can only pray that it will be stopped before it’s too late.

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