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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Time is certainly shooting by very quickly, these Open Mics are rolling by in rapid session one after the next. Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week gentlemen? You’ve got the floor, as per usual, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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53 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!


    Notice that it’s daggles pushing this, too. But remember, that group is SO Christian! Daggles and homo freaks need to be pushed and marginalized to the fringes of society. They should be afraid to walk the streets at this point. These rainbow freaks are killing what little goodwill they have left among some people.

    1. @Afrofuturism1

      Say what you want about the Muzzies (Musselmen/Muslims), but at least they know how to deal with this crap and keep it in check.

      1. That’s why Kremlin Kuck Putin, Confederate Shaniqua and Wars for Isreal John spend so much time trying to wipe them out and calling them ‘terrorists’.

  2. I got one complaint about your website:
    That is there is no Dick Police Section (similar to Swirl Mountain and Vax Section) where brothers can post all the people who dick police BM.
    It will be good to add one.
    There are loads to put in. Especially Umah Johnson.

    1. Jengis,

      I agree with you that we need a ‘Dick Police Unit’ section because all this war again BM who are having options.
      I can find some links and post them there.
      The simps in this are very hostile especially after Will Smith slap Chris Rock gave the Black Male community a black eye.

  3. There is something on my mind, tell me if I am wrong, brother help me out on this, Verbs might have the answer to this:
    I remember 20 years ago that Nigeria was govern under Sharia Law (Islamic State) this was when I was unemployed and listen to radio and at the time the women was stone to death because she was a single mother.

    Now fast forward today now I am hearing that the females there, especially in West Africa becomes more hypergamies, ratchet, materialist, skin bleaching people.

    I think since and I am not sure how they remove the Islamic rules there but they did, they become liberal.

    That is also the reason why MGTOW always mentioning about how ‘Islam is right about Women’.

    1. Western societies need Sharia Law against all forms of liberalism but I don’t think it will ever happen.

      There is a reason why some white women are travelling to Dubai cause they know how fucked up the west is when it comes to relationships.

      Nigeria is just one of all blackistan countries I’m avoiding for travel.

      My dad brought a property in Lagos at 45 million naira, if I was him, I wouldn’t waste money investing in third world environments, in future, I’m selling my share of the property.

      1. Crazy when the WOMEN are going over to Dubai. Say what you will about White women, but they put boot to ass way more than their lazy, whiny ass men. Those dudes will bitch and moan 23 hours a day, only to beat off for the other hour left.

        1. So true LOL. Pure facts. The Nazbol right and Wilsonian left loves to whine about white women stealing the jobs, when it’s them and the pro wacks before them who are responsible. Lazy bastards and black female racists consistently moan about ‘muh white women’ who at least aren’t lazy entitled bastards like the likes of Baron Eiberstein, Homo Nazi Vern from the Azov Battalion, Kremlin Kuck Putin and Trailer Park Ned.

        2. That is what I keep saying. White women do put foot to ass. They have money and political power to backstop it. When they include you in their lives you benefit massively. When attractive they take you places no Black women are capable of going.

          Lots of women out there and you can do well with any woman that’s non-Black.

          Scale it up!

      2. Also, wouldn’t **** around with most African countries either besides Ethiopia and MAYBE parts of South Africa. Daggles daggling daggley with weave and such DESPITE the lack of white folks in most African countries. Let China take over, as far as I’m concerned.

  4. Verbs,

    I like to piggyback a topic which is few years ago before your old website was flagged:

    This was about Phil Scott from Advise Show now called Africa Diaspora.
    I remember you made a topic about him because he was against interracial dating and at the same time he is married to a Mexican Woman. Also he is acting all Pro-Black and being a Dick Police to BM.

    This is something to get this of my chest on this and that is he should thankful for ‘Interracial Dating’ because if it was not for ‘Interracial Dating’ he will be in the same situation as Tommy Sotomayor.

    I remember that he was in the same boat has Tommy, except he was not profound as Tommy.
    The reason at the time he had hatred for BW because his ex was a scraggle daggle who put him on Child Support.
    Phil was not a bad guy, he is a good man, but he screwed big time and he spend his life putting up with it.
    Years later he met his Hispanic woman before he was married to him, when he met her, she encourage him to go through counselling and just like brothers who are red-pill, they had to be decontaminated, detox and remove themselves from the ghetto minded and hate and think forward. Madbusdriver did this and so as Phil. But Tommy failed when he had a chance with the Russian woman Lana ‘the Chef’.
    As soon as he got detox he no longer have the hate and remove himself out of the ghetto because his Hispanic woman help him out of it. Even the ex of a BW still in the picture got mad and put him on extended Child Support which he still have to pay until the kid turns 21 to 24.

    As long as he was decontaminated and paying Child Support it took patience and rational thinking to put up with his ex until his kid turn 24 with the support of his Hispanic Women.

    When his kid turn 24, he not longer paying Child Support. Not just that, he not just free from his ex of a scraggle daggle, he got is his passport again. With is passport he can go to African and travel to another country.

    The point of this story is that Phil Scott should be thankful about Interracial Dating exist because you not just get your mind decontaminate, also he got a good woman and because of this his YouTube channel is now got over a million subs. But stay with the scraggle daggle like Tommy, he is stuck with constant channel flagged and getting constant beef with other YouTubers.

    1. Very few brothers bother with healing their childhood trauma, the ones that do, succeed. The ones that don’t turn into A-grade simps

  5. they wanna see me dead those weak pathetic PRO Black Keep On Telling me to date my own race because I Am slave To PRO Black Women Community & I Will Not Be Slave like my ancestors we got freedom because our ancestors Fight for I believe and I would not give up at what I like cuz I’m not a Slave some people don’t think we have freedom but we do I AM FREE BLACK MEN have a right to have a future love outside my race I would never be a slave to nobody who Or Any Pro Wack Simp Bastard Who’s think should have be a slave to a black woman Cause She IS God Got your lusional are evil is your dictating as charged with your structural nonsense pathetic think it’s time For thinking Brothers break the chains And be free #SYSBM4LIFE the destructive of the evenness of PRO Woke Simps of the curse of Devil’s system they are being Control

    1. I pay them no mind because these Hoteps cannot get these BW because they see them as simps.
      Most of these same Pro-Blacks simps ditch their hotep ways as soon as they wife up White Women as we all seen this on the streets, heck they did this since 1970’s.


    The demon seed of the daggle do themselves in. Killed one, then killed themselves, very strange. That’s something an adult would do. It’s possible that the daggle was behind this in some way, but it’s just as likely that she had two stupid ass ghetto kids. It’s sad, but honestly, no loss.

    And what’s up with hood boogers live-streaming their murders?

  7. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I agree, time is certainly passing by at a rapid pace; I can’t believe we’re already at the end of March, soon to be April. This world is getting more chaotic with each passing day, and it’s not by chance that the people in positions of power are now offering “solutions” to the world’s issues that they had a hand in creating in the first place; I think about recent phrases used such as “Green New Deal”, “Great Reset”, and “Build Back Better”, all phrases that imply the need for a complete overhaul of the current order that society follows.

    As I reflect on how drastic changes have come about in this world, I notice that there is always some catastrophic event or imminent threat spoken of that is backed up by propaganda that they use to steer the thinking of the masses in a particular direction; for years, world leaders has spoken of a “new world order” where the world comes together in solidarity. Just recently, Joe Biden declared that there’s going to be a “new world order”, and the U.S. has to lead it:

    I must admit, this is the first I’ve heard a U.S. President use that phrase in a long time; the first time was when George H. W. Bush was alive. With all of the chaos in the world today, I believe the powers that be have given the green light to bring the desired order out of the chaos (Ordo Ab Chao).

  8. Verbs 2015.

    I know this going to sound pretty racist but I just don’t find black women attractive and I am not attracted to black women because they have way too many manly features.

    1. Quincy,

      There are nothing racist about your Preference and there are nothing racist about what we observe.
      If the women are not into BM, that is only their preference.
      That racism card as opinion only works on liberals, this does not work on thinking brothers.

      I give you an example:
      Lets say ‘Transwomen’. I can be friends with them, cool.
      If I am not into them, this ‘Transphobic’ card only works on white men/liberals, this does not work on me, why because they will get a harsh response and I do not play that way with those words. They can take that Phobic word as they do not hang around with BM, but push the agenda on White People meaning BM and Trans are neutral (stay in the lane).

      The point I am saying is that you get respect when you give a crap about of what people think about your preference and there is nothing they can do about it.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Black women have seriously trundled downhill in terms of attraction and it hasn’t taken that long to unfold, weaves, wigs, fake eyelashes, tattoos, pounds of makeup, the future isn’t looking good for these black “queenies”.

      1. Verbs,

        In addition to pounds of makeup, they come with pounds of pounds, and pounds of masculine energy.

        The Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and Wokeistan) can keep them.


  9. In the upcoming US elections, the US is about to take a sharp turn rightward. The Democrats will likely get wiped out at the congressional and state levels.

    When this happens, you will see scraggle daggle and black male simp woke culture drum majors, scrambling for cover like the cockroaches that they are. The scraggle daggles who are beating their chests today, will be wailing and nashing teeth, screaming that the sky is falling.

    What a beautiful sight that will be !

    1. AmericanBlkMan,

      I really hope what you’re saying comes to pass, these Demoncrats need to be sunk, in less than 2 years they’ve turned the US into a literal Banana Republic.

  10. Gentlemen,

    It seems that some people have nothing better to do than snitch on their fellow men and lap up State rewards in return. These busybodies are extremely brave showing themselves on camera, we can already see it coming, one day they’re going to run into the wrong one and that snitch money will come to an abrupt end:

    1. I won’t be surprised if they actually do end up with stitches for doing this; they don’t see the increase in lawlessness within society?

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      Yep, I’m glad you posted this. She won’t allow him to speak on the slap until he comes on her Red Table Talk? That tells us all we need to know and confirms what we knew already, Jada clearly wears the pants in the relationship, Will Smith is a triple cream certified simp and the Red Table Talk show is Jada’s witch’s grotto. She’s going to use her show to cast further spells and incantations on Will as well as reinforce his programming and indoctrination. Commenter and fellow blogger Michel is spot on, Jada is Will Smith’s handler, Jezebel in the flesh.

    2. She won’t allow him to speak at all unless she approves of it. No surprise.


  11. Right, I had a busy day with me job hunting, doing my article, writing my scene of my script and writing other stuff. As I heard that Jada Pinkett Smith having alopecia, I was wondering why black women are losing their hair. There is a reason why. They are losing her hair because that they keep on wearing this weave all the time. And that is the reason why they are losing their hair. It’s the next woman’s DNA that these black women are wearing.

    And the situation with Will Smith, he should off control his emotions. He needs to maintain his emotions. He was laughing at first what Chris Rock said but then Jada rolled her eyes because she was upset of the joke. So that was the reason why Will Smith box Chris Rock on the face in the Oscars.

    It seems like Will Smith is in the headlines all because of that slap her gave Chris Rock. I’m glad that he won the Oscar but that got over shadowed.

    Hey keep your white sugar safe tonight because these scraggle daggles wanna slap them like what Will Smith did to Chris Rock.


    1. They are losing their hair because of their shit diets, life stressors caused by their own doing, lack of nutrients and supplements, and an ungodly lifestyle. The hair appendages are only a tip of the iceberg.

  12. Anybody know what’s going on with King Sigma? He hasn’t posted a video in months but he still posts on his community tab. Did he get flagged down by divesters? The Swirl Mountain cases are piling up.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      I believe he’s busy working on other projects, in the meantime feel free to post those Swirl Mountain cases over here in the graveyard.

    1. That explains the tremors occurring in the area.


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