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This Is Exactly What Ultra Simping Looks Like, Smh!


When I first saw this clip I had to do about 2 retakes just to make sure that what I saw was correct. You know me already, I don’t really cover celebrity news, however this garbage right here illustrates what we talk about all of the time regarding to simps and how they have plenty of fire in the chest for other men, yet they give their significant others a massive pass no matter what skullduggery they engage in.

If this was legit, this is a highly unprofessional, ultra simp move right here on the part of Will Smith, Chris Rock is a comedian doing what a comedian is supposed to do, tell jokes, some of them tongue in cheek in order to make people laugh and keep the crowd entertained.

At first I didn’t get the joke that Rock rattled off about GI Jane, however later on I understood that this was in reference to the film and Jada’s short haircut. Really bruh, you’re going to get up and slap a dude because he made light humour about your wife’s short hair style, is it that serious?

The problem however isn’t Chris Rock, the issue here is with Will Smith who just like your typical simp has let his wife get away with all manner of transgressions which have come back to bite Will Smith himself on the backside, NOT Jada. However, instead of checking his wife, he instead chooses to unload on another man which is classic simp behaviour.

“Keep my wife’s name out of your f***ing mouth”, this is what Smith said to Rock when he sat back down. This is The Oscars, a high profile event that’s supposed to the cream of the crop, where actors and actresses are supposed to come together in a professional manner, obviously not this time.

Once again, do you see how these black male simps work, they’ve always got the smoke for another black man, however the black witch can do nothing wrong and they’ll give the black female’s white lord and saviour General Blizzard a pass too even though they talk that “white supremacy this, white supremacy that” talk all day.

This has to be some of the worst omega level mutant simping I have ever come across in my life, it reminds me of Gabrielle Union and a photo she posted to Instagram back in 2018 of herself in a wet top with her nipples showing. A basketball player by the name of Jimmy Butler commented on the photo “well damn” and of course it didn’t take long for Dwayne Wade to crawl out from the woodwork and “defend” his wife with the usual omega level simp aggressive threats against Butler, the link to this account is below for those who wish to refresh their memories:

Simps are a serious pestilence upon society because they don’t see the major problem created by giving room to and allowing women to engage in out of pocket behaviour. Where was Smith’s fire for the media outlets who have recently been dragging his name through the mud?

Jada has clearly emasculated and bewitched Smith and it looks like there is little to nothing he can do to break free of the spell, Smith’s masculine energy has been dwindled/drained to a fraction of what it was through years of his wife’s manipulative and enchanting ways. It’s not like I’m lying as Will Smith himself has come out and stated that Jada has broken him, of course, this is what black witches do.

Remember, Jada was the same witch who initiated the spell that began the downwards spiral and untangling of the Curry Family. Steph and Ayesha Curry’s marriage was fine up until the point where Ayesha and her mother appeared on Jada’s Pinkett’s Red Table Talk back in 2019, from there Ayesha has gone from being a conservative, reserved wife to one who now wants to let it all hang out for everybody to see.

This unprofessionalism on the part of Smith I personally believe is a reflection of him not being able to deal with the open marriage he agreed upon with Jada back in the day in addition to the bad press he’s been receiving as a result of Jada’s extra maritial antics, open relationship/open marriages don’t typically end well.

Remember, Jada Pinkett Smith came “from the streets”, 12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Field Mouse, Shorty Fist etc dealt with her on a short term basis only and moved on, Will Smith came along believing he could purge out the hoodrat in her, many years later I reckon he’s now slowly having to accept that the mission was a complete failure.

To round this all off, at the end of the day this could’ve all been a pre-arranged staged performance designed to have folks gossiping for the next week, after all, we are dealing with actors and actresses here and since Convid-1984, as a collective they’ve been pushed into irrelevancy and obscurity, so this is a possibility.

Additionally, many of these actors and actresses have lost major popularity over the last 2 years mainly due to them at the behest of their masters pushing the Convid-1984 narrative, the Convid bioweapon and some even going as far as mocking and ridiculing those who’ve refused to “get the jab”.

We always have to remember that these Hollywood flunkies are paid to pretend, that is their bread and butter profession. This is why the “staged” element must be considered as a possibility despite how real it looks. Very few people are paying attention to these pretenders anymore who have no problems pushing forward evil agendas on behalf of the State and the Hollywood propaganda machine knows it, the days of actors and actresses having a strong influence over the public are done.

However, on this one I’m more swinging to the side of it being genuine(though I could be wrong) due to the heat Smith has been receiving as of late plus the obvious friction that’s been observed in his marriage. It should also be added that in the past Chris Rock has stated that nobody sees his jokes before he hosts a show like the Oscars, therefore according to what he said, Will and Jada wouldn’t have seen the GI Jane joke coming:

Additionally, Chris Rock did look genuinely surprised when Smith slapped him, he honestly looked like he never saw it coming. On the assumption this is genuine, Smith is a typical example of a blue pilled, emasculated simp and what lengths such a character will go to in order to “protect” his woman. Sometimes with these celebs, the “programming” breaks down if you know what I’m talking about, most of you do.

Don’t go out like a soggy biscuit milk toast chump, check your woman whenever she steps out of line, don’t be like Will Smith and Dwayne Wade, DON’T BE A SIMP!

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Ultra Simping Is A Serious Problem That Needs To Be Dealt With

Most High Bless

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55 thoughts on “This Is Exactly What Ultra Simping Looks Like, Smh!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    I don’t know why Will Smith is being simp for his wife Jada Pinkett because she clearly doesn’t give a shit about him. Will Smith is a worldwide movie superstar who is super rich and he can date any race of women that he wants because he is tall and good looking. He needs to leave his wife because his marriage to her is only going to get worse. Being a simp never pays.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Even if the whole thing was staged, in addition to the simp element, notice how the usual “black woman lording over and controlling the black man” scenario was played out.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Will Smith originally found the GI Jane joke from Chris Rock funny until Jada Pinkett gave Will Smith that angry black woman look to say are you going to defend me Will and that is when Will Smith walked up on stage to slap Chris Rock. Will Smith shouldnt have slapped Chris Rock and simped for Jada Pickett especially because she has been cheating on him the whole time during their marriage.

  2. Stunning and brave, Will 👏👏👏

    Yes, the “programming” broke down in Will Smith as Jada is actually his handler. You never know that was a spell to make him look like a fool.

    I also think it was for real, as Will actually looked like himself. The last Will Smith appearance on UK TV, he looked like somebody else, like a Poundland version.

    That was the tamest joke ever and Smith gets up to slap a brother in the face? When Ricky Gervais roasted Hollywood for being pedophiles, no one bothered to punch him in the mouth?

    This could all be for ratings as the last Oscars looked like it was filmed from CarGiant’s studios in London but damn…

    1. Michel,

      Well spoken sir, the Oscars in terms of viewership has been going down the toilet for years, from 40 million plus viewers back in its best years to now barely managing to scrape 8 million, that is a serious drop.

      Like I said before, these celebs over the last 2 years have really shown the public their true colours, they’ve had no problems pushing the Convid-1984 State narrative demonstrating themselves to be nothing but film industry whores and stooges.

      No doubt many of them have jumped on the “support Ukraine” express too. These actors and actresses simply don’t have the same level of influence over the public they had before, the spell has been broken.

      The “programming” definitely malfunctioned, there is so much going on on so many levels. Jada is a spellbinding sorceress who keeps Will under control while at the same time spreading it wide open for anybody else who is interested.

      The Red Table Talk is Jada’s witch’s grotto which she uses to cast spells and incantations upon her unsuspecting guests. Was Will’s outburst real or fake, who knows, however there are so many other aspects of that scenario that could be unpacked for weeks.

  3. Will Smith should have gotten an Oscar for the biggest black male simp in the world!

    I don’t watch the academy awards. But they should have rescinded Will Smith’s best actor Oscar and barred him from the motion pictures academy for life!

    I hope Chris Rock presses charges for assault and sues the hell out of this disgusting Cretin!

    1. Shug. Let the communtah do what it do. If you aren’t associated with it why punish him for this incident?

      Let the dysfunction continue, it’s only the latest chapter in the nonsense between Jada and Will, Black Hollywood power couple.

      Jada is from the streets and you know what that means? Keyshia can now demand that she be able to date 100 octane men like Will. Even if she is broke and can’t relate to people in those social circles.

      1. The contempoaray black male simp culture that has evolved in Blackistan is unsustainable, and will be put down by mainstream society.

        Will Smith’s disgraceful behavior on live TV is yet another example of sinister black male simp behavior spilling over into, and thereby offendiing main stream society.

        More and more, the toxic waste of scraggle-daggle-black-male-simp culture will leak out from Blackistan and da communitah into mainstream society. As this happens, mainstream socierty will be forced to take actions to protect itsself from the toxic practices and mores of scraggle-daggle-black-male-simp culture.

        Will Smith is just the latest high profile black male simp to offend the world’s sensibilities.

      2. “Keyshia can now demand that she be able to date 100 octane men like Will. Even if she is broke and can’t relate to people in those social circles.”

        Ironically it was Jada who played the Compton hoodrat in the movie “Set It Off” who tried to date the suave, professional bank manager (Blair Underwood) from one of the banks her and her crew ripped off. Of course, he doesn’t know she’s a bank robber. In a BW wish-fulfillment moment he invites her to a gathering of his colleagues including his boss. So she shows up at his house with this tacky Forever 21 ghetto outfit, but Blair takes her to a shop and buys her a little black dress. Then he takes her to this corporate party but she couldn’t relate to the bourgie surroundings. This is exactly what you described and this was in 1996.

    2. AmericanBlkMan,

      As I stated to Quincy, even if the entire event was staged, the black woman controlling and manipulating the black man scenario was still played out reinforcing the very matriarchal construct that has turned the so called black community into a pile of ashes and rubble.

      It turns out Rock isn’t going to press any charges after all. Once again, I have to wonder, if it was a white male hosting those Oscars that night, I very much doubt this would’ve happened. Reminds me of when the slave masters would have their black male slaves fight each other.

      Like I said to Michel, outside of the ultra simp element, there is so much more that can be unpacked with this event.

  4. Will Smith has shown an example to the world how to simp and never win another oscar again by bringing the stereotypical violence of global blackistan communities.

    The negress wife of my sibling brother actually said Chris Rock deserved to get rocked cause he should know better than to joke about Jada’s hair after doing a documentary on how important hair is to negress females.

    If another black guy wins the next oscar, they would probably only selective one dating out with a white wifey, not a blackistan male.

    1. Unlikely to happen. White Hollywood could care less about that. The dust up likely helps their flagging rating that were in decline anyway, made worse by the pandemic.

      Hollywood has a much bigger problem than Will slapping Chris.

      Everyone involved here is from the hood, do you expect less? I certainly don’t. Don’t be fooled by the Jazzy Jeff and Fresh Prince persona.

    2. Witwijf,

      A black man being controlled and manipulated into exhibiting violence by a black woman, doesn’t this look awfully familiar, don’t we see the same scenario being played out be average black men and black women on the daily?

      Outside of debating whether the incident was real or fake, there are so many other elements surrounding the event that can be unpacked.

      As for your brother’s wife, unfortunately that’s a typical black female response that we’re all too familiar with, black women love seeing black men clash and fight as it continues to keeps them on top.

  5. Will’s mad about this, but not his wife getting dicked down by whoever she pleases? Not to mention their two ****ed up kids, namely that loser Jaden Smith. I used to wonder how you could have the coolest dad and end up like THAT, but now it all makes sense.

    Notice, you can be “married” to the biggest black actor around, and STILL be a ghetto daggle! Hell, the title of Will Smith’s wife out to make her veritable royalty, you’d think they’d be the epitome of black love and family. Instead, simping and hoeing!

    Apparently, Jada has alopecia. Can’t grow hair, literally going bald. Yep, sounds about right for a daggle!!! The smiths made a slap ass fool of black folks, and they sure as hell can’t blame whitey for any of it.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      First off, let’s deal with this Alopecia issue because I’ve seen so many folks stating that Rock shouldn’t have gone there.

      The problem is the overwhelming majority of black women who now suffer from Alopecia have brought that condition upon themselves through their rampant addiction to wearing weaves.

      Remember the black witch who appeared on Face The Truth with Tommy Sotomayor, she made a video that went viral talking about how constantly wearing weave had damaged her scalp, but now all of a sudden the common origins behind Alopecia are forgotten because a famous celebrity suffers from it, are these people serious? Sotomayor should’ve never apologised to her:

      The part you’ve mentioned about Will and Jada making a damn fool out of black folks is a part of this event that isn’t being focused on enough, once again, even if the whole thing was staged, the image that was put out is still damaging.

      As mentioned before, notice how the black man being controlled by the black woman was brought to the forefront. As I keep on saying, there are so many angles and perspectives that can be unpacked on this one.

  6. Tsk, Tsk, Tsk. Where do I begin with this? Now I know why it’s the organic thing to choose a quality stargate. I pray to the lord that in the future, when I get older and maybe get married to a potential stargate, I hope she doesn’t walk all over me. Quality is more efficient than quantity. As for Will and Jada, they really need to get divorced, officially because their marriage is out of control. Looking at Will and Jada marriage, and Dwayne and Garbielle marriage, which is funny you mention them in the article, I’m noticing a few things in both of them marriages. Both of the men are simps, and their wives are just walking all over them, taking control of them. From my Point of View, they could’ve chosen better. I mean look at Jada, when was the last time she had a major role, aside from Set it Off and Jason’s Lyric? She’s still thinking about Tupac, like 2pac is dead. She needs to let that go. With Gabrielle Union, Doesn’t Dwayne know he married an older woman? Last time I checked, ain’t Gabrielle Union like 10 years older than Dwayne? Plus, I’m never gonna forget how she’s raising his sons. One of them went to the other side, and I’m gonna leave it at that, and how about the time she told Wade’s sons to only date black women and nobody else like really? I said this a few times, I know I’m gonna catch flak for this, I’m sorry, but I can’t take the dumb shit no more from people that share the same damn race as me, but black folks as a whole, We ain’t gonna make it. What I’m starting to notice about Black folks, We got to be the most easy, vulnerable, ignorant people on the planet, and I’m extremely sorry once again for saying this. Now I know why folks tell me to don’t get with a woman that’s gonna walk all over me, and I damn sure had to thank myself for listening to that.

    1. IP did a live stream with a brother who is 21 from Canada, who is engaged to marry his 18-19 year old Colombian girlfriend.

      Who said you had to wait until you got older?

    2. That Retro Guy,

      The overwhelming majority of high profile blacks are messed up, this is especially true when dealing with sports and entertainment. Will thought he could convert a hoodrat into an upstanding wife, it hasn’t happened, instead Will is now the one being controlled and manipulated by her.

      I had to bring up Dwayne Wade because of the similar thing that happened with him, all we see are simps amongst so many black celebs.

      You’re right, most black folks aren’t going to make it because they’re still trying to walk with and support a community that has fallen, at this stage separation is the key, only connect and network with like minded individuals, the chaff must be discarded of.

  7. IMO it’s obvious at this point that Will is a broken man. It’s unfortunate because I always thought that he seemed like a good guy. Oh well

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      Indeed, Jada performed the work of breaking Will perfectly, he doesn’t know whether he’s coming or going now. As his handler that is her job, she must keep Will under control, he actually said to her that she broke him yet he’s still with her. The witchcraft is strong.

  8. A small, real life parody based on last night’s performance but within the SYSBM vs the communitay war.

    The SYSBMers: “Save yourselves and be free from the communitay.”

    The following below by both male and female daggles.

    The queans: ” You can date whoever you want but keep us black women out of your f-cking mouth.”

    Beta blk male simps: “Yeah, keep our beautiful black women out of your f-cking mouths.”

    1. Nikki Minaj co-signed this recently with Kevin Samuels.

      The communitah is doomed.

    2. Brotherdanunlimited,

      The daggles and maggles still want to behave like a bunch of loose cannon community jackasses which still reflects badly on black folks as a whole but at the same time want us to keep their names out of our mouths, that’s never going to happen, not on my watch! I’ll light these black sirens and black males simps up everytime they set a foot wrong.

  9. Wow, this story sure has broken the internet in such a short span of time! Early this morning, I got up and checked social media, and I couldn’t escape seeing this story; I was confused at first as to why Will slapped Chris Rock, but I watched and rewatched the clip and I had to Google “G.I. Jane” to get Rock’s joke. Many have speculated online that the slap was staged, but I noticed how everyone around Will sounded shocked at the scene; note how surprised Lupita Nyong’o looked after Will cursed at Chris, then the room got silent after the second outburst.

    I think Will has a lot of pent up anger from the public humiliation he’s suffered at the hands of his wife, but he took it out on the wrong guy; where was this energy for August Alsina and Jada after their “entanglement”? She cucked Will, and was unapologetic about it; if there’s any one who deserved that slap, it’s her! I really do hope I’m wrong, but I think we’re watching the downward spiral of the Fresh Prince in real time; this was totally out of character for Will to do something like this, but when has a Black man ever not resorted to violence in defense of the scraggle daggle?

    Also, I wasn’t aware of Dwayne Wade threatening Jimmy Butler over a comment on his wife’s photo which, much like Chris Rock’s joke, didn’t warrant such a hostile response; Wade’s response to Jimmy Butler smacks of insecurity. I’m curious about MadBusDriverX’s take on all of this; he’d say that you don’t see brothers who are exploring their options dealing with the same problems that emasculated simps like Will Smith and Dwayne Wade deal with, and that’s the truth. #SYSBM

    1. Notice how close borderline bald Nyongo was to Will, too? Again, it’s not like they don’t have an openly open marriage, so idk why the cuck is so ashamed.

  10. I Don’t know man,that shit looked worked, but you are right,the responses I have seen all over social media has been pathetic – “He defended his queen..that’s what a real man does” or “If more men were like this black women wouldn’t feel so unprotected”,lol,ffs, As we know bro,anything mainstream is iffy,a bit of a diversion from Ukraine conflict .

    1. Issuez7,

      It’s what I keep on saying bro, even if the entire event was staged, look at how many other bad images came out of this, the simp element, the black matriarchal element, the slave element(slaves fighting slaves at the behest of their white slave masters for entertainment), the attempt to further taint the image and the reputation of black men etc.

      Like I said, I could unpack this clown show for weeks. Indeed, Ukraine was a flop, they needed to launch some other bread and circuses elsewhere for the masses to focus on.

  11. Even if you think that Chris Rock was out of line for what he said, especially in light of her medical condition, as far as I’m concerned–HE DID HIS JOB AS A COMEDIAN.

    The job of a comedian is to make fun of stuff, ESPECIALLY so called “sacred cows”.

    I’m pretty sure that there were British comedians who made fun of the Poll Tax(?) Riots.

    1. Kameron Brown,

      Most black women who suffer from alopecia will get absolutely get no sympathy from me because they bring that condition upon themselves via their addiction to wearing weaves, Jada is no exception.

      You’re definitely onto something with this just happening to come up as the whole Ukraine narrative crumbles even faster that the Convid-1984 one did, this is why I stated that the event being staged cannot be ruled out.

  12. You have witnessed the inhabitants of the Ghetto Union (Blackistan, Simpistan, Cuckistan and the newest country – Wokeistan) buck dancing on the red carpet. The ultimate display of SIMP mind control by the scraggle matriarchy.

    Thinking Black Men: AVOID THE Ghetto Union AT ALL COSTS. That is all.


  13. So wish Dr david carroll was still alive to comment on this. Simp indeed. Black Americans have again set the race back 50 years right when we were getting some recognition

    1. That’s what I’m saying. Dr. Carroll would have a field day deconstructing this. I miss that man. It would be on and poppin’ on Saturday when I’d get the notification of a new upload. #RIP

  14. Boy oh boy! Let me tell you something. That was some mad shit at the Oscars last night. Me and my friend who lives in North West London talked about Will Smith giving Chris Rock a box at the Academy Awards. Will Smith is a superstar and he can date any race of women. But he chosen Jada Pinkett Smith and married her. And their marriage is an open marriage and that is something that I will not do. There is nothing much to say but this is nothing but simping right here. Every Youtuber is doing a video on this. It’s overload there now with this now. And the other thing is that Will Smith cannot deal with that marriage because it’s an open marriage.

    Hey keep your white sugar safe all the time.


  15. I personally think that this was staged, especially in light of what has been going on. It (along with the whole Ukraine debacle) is basically the sociopolitical equivalent of a ninja (or Batman for that manner) dropping smoke pellets/bombs when they’re in a tight position.

    1. That Ukraine narrative flopped immensely. They wanted COVID 2, but the didn’t get the right actors (literally).

      I think Zelensky was supposed to even show up? NO ONE cares about Ukraine

    2. Theatricality and deception, powerful agents to the uninitiated.

  16. I watch this clip before this topic came out.

    I find this sad because I remember that Will Smith was the best black role model since Fresh Prince of Bel Air and he was the most realist person was was to the black community.

    Someone ask me what wen wrong and why Will turn this most Alpha male to this simping cuck and his kid become LGBT soy boy?
    I give you the answer to this:
    He married to a woman who is not a wife material. That is the reason.
    I learn that these BM who follows the righteous path but the problem is these men just wifing up these hoes and that is the mistake they make. I always learn that you never ‘Wife a hoe’ which Umah Johnson wants us men to do.
    This reminds me of Prince Harry when he marry Megan. Black American men saying how the Royal Family is racist, no they are not racist, the royal family supports black culture, the queen can spot a woman is not a wifey material and Megan is one of them.

    Back to Will Smith.
    I am very disappointed with him because he stoop to low and gave a black-eye to the Black Community.
    These hoteps and Umah said that he was a ‘Real Man’ because he hit another brother (Chris Rock) and defending Jada. No he is a cuck because Jada took his balls away.
    He need to divorce this woman and get a becky.

    Why am I bring up Becky, because I want you brothers to pay attention when I am saying that we have seen this that a lot of thug rappers who wife up Beckys turns legit and stay out of trouble and the same Thug rappers who wife up BW, they become more Pookie and Ray Ray, end up getting killed, jailed, divorce and on paying mega extortion amount of Child Support.

    People will call him the ‘Fresh Simp of Bel Air’.

    Chris Rock took it like a Champ.

  17. I am going to do the David Carrol Rabbit Hole Analogy on how this Will Smith become simp:

    If you look at the footage very carefully. When Chris Rock made a joke about Jada, Will Smith was laughing at the joke as soon he was laughing you notice Jada was not happy and got mad because Will was laughing.
    When the camera focusing on Chris Rock, this is my assumption:
    I think Jada said something to Will to hype in up with the full battery up is back or ass. Saying something like, ‘If you don’t hit Chris, I am going to sleep with some Thug or a White cuck’. How do I know this? You know some simp always wants to get laid so if the simp have to beat up another man to get it, they will do it. Why? Because simps are dangerous.

    Another this you did not notice that Will and Jada were sitting apart like it was some Covid 2 metre social distance rules.

    1. Michael,

      That was fantastic Rabbit hole talk.


      The footage you show on this topic is silent due to censorship.
      You can use this download clip to replace it so you see the full proof and uncensored:

      Michael, I got an update and this gets better, here is a hidden clip from Jada Smith’s reaction:
      She was laughing at the Slap:

      YouTube =
      Clear Version =

  18. I knew that Verbs would chime in on this. This whole dustup makes the case for SYSBM. This is all black female-centric bullshit including the “alopecia” excuse. No way this would have happened if Will had been with Margot Robbie or any other white chick. You notice it’s mostly bald black bitches and black matriarchal beta male simps online cheering for Will for “protecting his queen.”

    Will, Steph Curry, Dwayne Wade, Dr. Dre. These are the billion-dollar high value Black Men that black hoes say they want. They say they would submit and be feminine if only BM had money. But look at at these hoes. Anything to undermine their husbands. I mean you can’t even get a full head of hair out of these hoes lol. Be like my man from Fubu, or Byron Allen, one of the richest BM in America. Both with white wives with long pretty hair. Chris Rock aint joking about those beauties. Avoid these black bishes romantically at all costs.

  19. Prediction:
    Will Smith has a “nervous breakdown”, will be admitted to a rehab center and fall out of the public eye, only to be spotted like “Bigfoot” at the occasional courtside home Laker game
    Jada leaves Will to start the “Halle Berry” phase of her life, a lot of messy marriages, some lesbian sightings, a fake miscarriage (for sympathy) and fucking a whole lot of young rappers, will write a book “proclaiming” to tell all the family secrets…but it doesn’t
    One of their 3 kids will begin “transitioning” into God knows what
    One of their 3 kids will write a book “proclaiming” to tell all the family secrets…but it doesn’t
    One of their 3 kids will claim they were physically and emotionally abused by Will-“Do you know how hard it is to be Will Smith’s kid?”

    I’m taking bets, I like my odds.

  20. “Alopecia” will be the new STRAGG excuse for her pattern BALDNESS in the coming future. When last week, she didn’t even know how to spell it.

    1. Haha facts, these daggles out here pretending it’s chemo or something serious, and NOT from weave glued on their skull or cornrows too tight SMH

      In a parallel universe we are talking about Will Smith’s long awaited Oscar win but here in the shitty timeline we are talking about bald black hoes.

  21. Will Smith is a weak man that’s why that’s his wife cheated on him with some guy he didn’t did nothing about that he’s a simp And Will Smith at home crying like a hoe With a wiggle On 👱🏿‍♀️that’s why I don’t date black women at all they are boring and to ghetto I Get With A White Women And tDate Out Brother Save Yourself I don’t deal with pro-black Karen’s at all

    1. Like Verbs pointed out, “Big Willie” had all the smoke for a fellow Black man but the Queen can do no wrong. All this misplaced aggression for Rock yet August Alsina banged his wife, took over his family and he didn’t do shit. Avoid the Matriarchy aka Blackistan at all costs, you are doing right to get you a white chick. Even a chubby/fat one is an upgrade over these black bitches, they cook, clean, will fu** you at will with not a hint of backtalk and won’t embarrass you in public. I speak from experience lol.


    2. Carlton (Alfonso Ribiero) is quietly laughing his ass off right about now. He chose the SYSBM path and is living a relatively drama-free life. The polar opposite of Will Simp.


      1. Alfonso is doing the Carlton dance while Will Smith is buck-broke, making a fool of himself and crying. Alfonso’s wife is feminine, attractive, has her real hair and doesn’t have “alopecia” (we are now pretending that Klingon hoes don’t rock masculine fades and baldies by choice) Alfonso has normal, non-Illuminati raised, non-gender fluid children. Carlton got the last laugh. Be like Alfonso. SYSBM.

  22. Will was way out of pocket for his actions & made the ultimate Simp move. He needs to cut his losses with this German Shepherd but sadly he will not do that because he is severely broken. Unfortunately, there are many brothers like Will who are beta male simps in Blacknstain who deal with these BT1000s & Big Shirley’s & think this is love. SYSBM.

  23. Ive mean the american black woman has to be the most fucking animated woman on earth. Youve got to be fucking insane to date those creatures i mean insane with those attitudes stay far from nonblack women who act black their usually worse. Their a demonic look on americanized bw face with long eyelashes and demonic accent spawsn of hell and satan . Many bm have gone and not return dead in lockup jail all over some fatass. Stay away the bible warns you of these harlots do not listen to these women talking about marriage the only marraige their concern with is pookie and ray ray worthless set. Good thing with nonblack women they dont accept the shitter of our community so to date them u must have ambition. The bw has failed herself and is hyprocirtical their relationshisp have no affections cause demons cant feel love its just fighting and chaos they bring to ur life heed my warning gentlemen this isnt a fuxking joke they work for satan turn our boys into criminals and abort our babies the wives of lucifer heed warning and spread ur seed among differnet nations.

  24. Verbs2015,
    I’ll say this for the Whole Will Smith & Chris Rock Debacle. It’s Brought out a Ton of Racism/Hypocrisy on Both the White/Black Liberal Side of Hollywood. People like Jim Carrey, Mandy Moore, Zoe Kravitz, Sheryl Underwood, Ron Howard, David Oyelowo, Wanda Sykes, Amy Schumer, Kathy Griffin, Mia Farrow, Rob Reiner, etc. They’ve been Coming out of the Woodwork Expressing their 2 Cents on How Will is a Brute, Will is Psychotic, Will is a Disgrace. All kinds of things. Not to say that Jada is Innocent. I Mean We All Know that She’s Been Known for Fooling Around Behind his Back, Plus Saying Ridiculous in Media Junkets to Impress Others in Mixed Company. Instead of Being a Wife & a Mother, But that Whole Incident Shows that Straight Black Men are Indeed Under the Umbrella of ”Your Damned if you do, Damned if you Don’t”. If you Don’t Stand up for your Spouse, Then your No Good or If you do Stand up for your Spouse, Then your Seen as a Thug. It Really Feels like as Straight Black Men We Either Can’t Win or We Can’t Win for Losing. You Would Think that Sista’s Would be Happy that Will Slapped the Crap out of Chris for Mocking them. Especially in that Documentary he Made a While Back Called ”Good Hair”. Yet Some are Taking Chris’s Side. Guess that Really Shows How Truly Insecure Some Black Women are, Though Regardless this Issue is Costing Will Greatly in terms of Future Movie Roles. People like Coonish Actor Harry Lennox says that Will Should give his Oscar Back in order to restore Honor to the Oscars. It’s like it’s Not Enough Will Apologized, Now they wanna take his Oscar Away. He Won that Oscar by Right For a Perfect Portrayal of Serena & Venus Williams Father in that Movie ”King Richard”. A Movie that was Despised by White Liberal Feminists I Might Add. Plus it’s Not like their was Any Honor in the Oscars for Negros Anyway. Denzel Washington Won an Award for Portraying a Crooked Cop in Training Day, Halle Berry Won an Award for Portraying a Bed Wench in Monsters Ball & Monique Won an Oscar for Portraying a Verbally & Violently Abusive Overweight Black Mother in Precious. How are Any of those Wins Honorable? More so You Can’t Help But Feel that this Downfall for Will Smith was Somehow a Long Time Coming, Because If There’s Anything White Supremacy Doesn’t like. Is for Black People Especially a Black Man to Have Any Kind of Power in Any shape or Form, Because to them It Represents a Threat to their Superiority. It May Sound like Paranoia, But Look at the Brothers Who Have Been Brought Down, Martin Luther King Jr, Malcolm X, Bill Cosby, Michael Jackson & Now Will Smith is their New Target. For the Most Part Will Smith He’ll Survive. I Mean He Made his Fortune & More Likely Invests his Money in Other Businesses, But No Doubt this Fiasco Will Follow him All the Way to his Grave. Plus Also Show Him that He was Never Liked or Loved as He Thought for So Many Years. Only Tolerated by White Hollywood. As for Him & Jada. I Can Understand he wants to Keep his Marriage in Tact, But it’s Common Knowledge that Jada ain’t all Right in the Head & Most of it is due to her still Carrying a Torch for Tupac Shakur & for the Marital Problems that they’re Facing Will needs to make a Choice to Either Continue Will the Craziness from Jada or Pull the Plug & Even if he does Pull the Plug on his Marriage to Jada, then it’ll mean even Further Negative Publicity for Will. Coming Back to what I Said before of ”We Can’t Win”, But Will’s Dilemma Does & Should Serve as a Reminder & even as a Warning for Single Straight Brothers to Never Fall for Black Women like Jada Pinkett. #SYSBM For Life!!!

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