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Is This Your Queen? Violent As Always! #SHORTS


Even though this is a comedy skit, the depiction is 100% accurate of so called “black love”, this is what many black men who still choose to deal with black women go through.

Notice in the clip how it was the female who initiated the assault, this comes as no surprise to us over here, we know that black women as a collective revel in violence, aren’t these the same females that engage in roadside battle royales and street fighting for fun?

This is your typical black on black relationship right here, I’ve written many articles in the past showcasing videos where black women have no problems assaulting and outright attacking black men and unfortunately those black men are brainwashed into believing that they have to tolerate such violence and such tolerance signifies “strength”.

Black women stay abusing black men and this skit depicts what is so common in black society between many black men and black women. This is why you really have to laugh when these simps come on the scene and attempt to paint the picture that everything in “da communitah” is ok.

Mind you, these will be the same pro black female, black women first bootlickers who will relentlessly go in on free thinking brother precisely because we choose NOT to put up with behaviour like the above, how backwards is that?

Finally, don’t ever be fooled, black women have become much more violent than they claim black men are, outside of your notorious types(12 Gauge Mike, Slim Sauce, Two Snacks, Chunky Bruh, Field Mouse, Shorty Fist, Cheezy Grillz etc), black men don’t enjoy or gravitate towards violent encounters, however the same cannot be said for black women who have a well know reputation of frequently using a “hands on” approach to resolve all manner of conflicts.

Now I understand why black women refer to black on black relationships as “struggle love”, because black women love throwing fists and it’s a struggle for them to get through each day without going full primal on their significant others. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Steer Well Clear Of Violent Harriets

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Is This Your Queen? Violent As Always! #SHORTS

  1. When she hits you, call the police on her. Do not strike back unless she has a weapon and document everything she does. After that, don’t date black women or any women that acts like them. She could have called her side pieces to attack, rob, or even kill you.

    1. I agree 100%. Verbs made a lot of topics on this.
      Not just side pieces, in most cases and worse, they get Simp Thug Enforcers/’Captain Save a Hoes’ (simp friends or brother) to do their dirty work and beat you up instead. Heck, they even send their Simp Enforcers ‘Captain Save a Hoes’ on you because you just simply break up with her because she was the cause of the breakup.

      1. MMT,

        Or these disgruntled heifers will tried to run you over with their vehicles. As far as they’re concerned, anything goes in seeking out revenge, smh.

      1. Anthony,

        A sad state of affairs and so many black men believe violent behaviour from black women is normal, smh.

      2. @Anthony

        What is considered “domestic violence” by human standards, is merely considered “amorous foreplay” by Klingon standards.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      I remember writing a few articles a number of years ago about how black women are too dangerous to deal with, in 2022 that same principles still applies. As you’ve stated, brothers for their own safety and mental sanity should steer clear of the black witch and any females who behave just like her.

  2. But according to the pro black simps, these be our queens yo! Delusional people stay delusional.

  3. Wif up dem queans, young nigha!
    – Dr. Gerbilface


    1. Dr Umar sez :

      Never mind yo broken teeth, WIFE UP DAT ROCKY V QUEAN WEAK NIGHA!

      1. Verbs2015,
        In My Opinion as People are Mentioning his Name in the Comments. Anyone Who takes the Advice of Two-bit Hustler Umar Johnson then that person has to have some very Low-Self-Esteem. It’s no Doubt that He Came from an Environment like What you see in that Video. Where the Father was Kicked out After Being Abused & the Mother is in Full Charge & it was Programed in his mind like other Male Negros that This is the Normality for Black People in America. When in fact it’s Anything But. Amazing How he Chastises Black Men for Dating outside the Communitah, Yet When it Comes to Black Women he is Always Dead Silent on that Issue, But then Again this is the Same Umar Johnson Who Claims to be 100% ”Pro-Black”, But When this Happened last year in February Johnson Said Nothing on the Issue. See it’s One thing to see the Liberal Feminist’s not Come to that Woman’s AID, But Hell a Dude Who Claims to be Down for his Sistah’s Never Made a Video on the Incident or Said Anything on his other Social Media Posts. Just Goes to Show How much of a Fraud Johnson is. He’ll Attack a Black Man for Dating a Non-Black Female, But Shuts up When Sistah’s Date Non-Black Men & If the Sistah Faces Some Bad Experience with their Non-Black Significant other. He’ll play the Invisible Act. Bottom line it is Not Healthy to be In Relationships with Unstable, Insecure, Domineering & Always Argumentative & Always Combative Black Women or Any Other Woman Who Follows the Same Mindset. Nor is it Logical to listen to the False Teachings of a Hustler with a Fake ass James Harding Beard. #SYSBM For Life!!!

        1. Let’s keep it real. UJ it’s not going to say anything about that because the chick is with a white dude. And even though he won’t say it, HE DEFINITELY BELIEVES SHE DESERVES IT , and probably even endorses the woman getting treated like that.
          And he won’t say anything against his sister’s dating mayonnaise yetis, because well you can’t market to them if you’re blaming THEM for their mess ups. You got to find the “Boogeyman” in order to market to the bw, women in general really. (I was a management/marketing major so I tend to geek out with that, but I digress)
          To him, its the chickens coming home to roost.

    2. Thebackhandofreality,

      Even though I haven’t wifed up a “queenie” yet myself.

      -Pan African Simp – Dr Umar Gerbilface Johnson

  4. Verbs 2015.

    The above video reconfirms the reasons why I refuse to date black women because they are too violent, too manly and too masculine for my liking.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      The embedded culture of violence and the lack of femininity amongst black women I believe are the main reasons why more black men are seeking out love and companionship elsewhere.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. The dating out rate between black men and non black women especially in the UK is going to get bigger because we SYSBM black men are sick and tired of black womens shit and if I get any of these pro blacks trying to tell me that there is a unicorn black women out there for me and I am just looking in the wrong places I will just tell them to fuck off because I am not interested in dating black women.

  5. In the original clip, it was a black lesbo couple and the butch one unleashed the blows.

    1. Schadenfreude,

      Lesbian relationships, the most violent on the planet. Don’t even get me started on black lesbian relationships.

  6. This comedy skit ain’t really comedy.

    I won’t see a comedy skit involving violence when it comes to non black relationships.

    Fountain sees nothing wrong with this like all blackistan males cause he ain’t drinking enough water from his fountain.

    Not drinking enough water loses brain cells to think dating out with a white wifey is an issue, but has no issues with dysfunctional black culture.

    1. According to Aaron, this does not count as evidence. Even this happens in real life and they post in to Social Media right in front of your face and goes viral too.

      1. Mister Master,

        Evidence is evidence no matter what form it comes in, unfortunately for Fountain Top social media is his biggest bane because it’s nigh on impossible to defend against the thousands upon thousands of videos black women upload of themselves engaging in goofy, dysfunctional nonsense.

        This is why he tries so desperately to discredit social media even though he’s never given a valid, logical and sound reason as to why videos on social media shouldn’t be considered as evidence as well as a sweeping indictment against the black witch.

    2. ‘Not drinking enough water loses brain cells to think dating out with a white wifey is an issue, but has no issues with dysfunctional black culture.”
      Because he don’t want to insult his mother. He truly believes the dumbass axiom that your mama’s black so…

    3. Witwijf,

      Indeed, the skit above is simply art imitating life. Fountain Top will continue to give dysfunctional behaviour like this a waiver until he gets his girlfriend(which will never happen on his current trajectory). He’ll say whatever he has to and give the most foul actions a pass as long as he believes that snagging a “queenie” can be achieved out of doing so, smh.

  7. Skits are the new bullshit veneer that Daggles can hide behind whilst acting the jezebel fool with their violent ways. Skits are every brother’s warning for that ass, pay attention and avoid.

    Daggles cannot help releasing their devil, even the high level skit involving Keita Michael Jackson at the Supreme Court, chief pedophile protector (of Lord Frostbite) and she not knowing anything about biology. Here’s a clue – women possess vaginas, easy.

    Avoid the Daggle for your own safety.

    1. 🎯 Excellent point!
      But the thing that they don’t seem to understand. Because they’re “educated” but not intelligent LOL, is that comedy and comedic skits is only a indication of reality. Comedy always has an underlying of Truth in it. This is why comedians like Lenny bruce, George carlin, Chris rock, Dave chappelle, and my favorite Patrice O’Neal shows have so many truth bombs dropped in their routines that get applause.

      1. Mack G,

        Yep, very true. I forget who the comedian was but he stated that violence from black mothers against their children in black society has been normalised to such a degree that black children will go to school and brag amongst themselves as to who’s mother is the most brutal at dishing out whoopings and beatdowns.

  8. Street Fighter? Tekken? Soulcalibur? King of Fighters? Art of Fighting? Fatal Fury? Samurai Shodown? Mortal Kombat? Super Smash Bros.? Blazblue? Guilty Gear? Virtue Fighter?

    PICK ONE!! Cuz that’s gonna be your love life with a daggle! It’s nothing but fighting and fisticuffs with them, and why wouldn’t it be? All they do otherwise besides ****ing every Tom and hairy dick is scrap with each other. And 9 times out of 2, it’s with someone who’s supposed to be their friend! They can’t stand each other but constantly hang out because they love drama above all else.

    If that’s how much “love” these QUEENIES have for each other and themselves, why would they have any kind of affectionate relationship toward, in their opinion, niggas that ain’t shit!!!?

    My dad taught me to want peace and tranquility in your home. When you go to bed with a loaded yet angry grenade (an apt description given their STDs), grab your dick and go elsewhere. When it comes to daggles and the death and headaches they bring, better to have peace and class than a piece of ass.

    1. Meant to say Virtua Fighter, not Virtue. Makes sense given that black women have NO virtues.

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      This is extremely troubling, when you have a situation where your female counterparts love revelling in violence and see nothing wrong with holding to such a position.

      As I said many times before, black women as a collective have become too dangerous to deal with, a bunch of violent loose cannons who are more than ready to fly off the handle at any small infraction, every situation must be dealt with via the swinging of fists as well as using whatever weapon they can get their hands on to inflict as much pain and damage on their opponent as they can.

      In the eyes of the modern day black female, problems and conflicts can no longer be resolved in a peaceful manner. Black men looking for peace who are not afraid to NOT date somebody who looks like their momma for their own safety and sanity should do so with the quickness.

    1. Brotherdanunlimited,

      What on earth is going on there? Mentally ill women are not even to be acknowledged, they’re never to be picked up, Sotomayor was spot on when he labelled black women in particular the US as the biggest snack pack throwers of America.

      1. At the end of it all, it doesn’t matter if you’re a man of a different ethnicity or nationality, you get involved with these BW queans, by ready to perform your best kick and hand combos at her from your favorite fighting video games and hopefully you will get at least 5% of damage. We have seen these BWs take so much damage, if you send them to Ukraine or any other dispute, they would be looked upon on as super soldiers. They could survive a nuclear explosion or worse.

        Over the past three generations, we hear when the stereotypical black woman (like Eve) stops dealing with the blk male rough neck (as they call them) and the blk culture, they shape up and will be on their best behavior or they claim to be on their best behavior for their non-black male and female mates. You can take the person out of the physical culture but you can’t take the mental culture associated with the physical culture out of the person.

        Many of these typical, stereotypical BWs fake the funk with their so-called feminity while lying in wait to strike on those least expected ranging from a low self-esteem black man that doesn’t know/can’t do any better since youth to an Asian man who isn’t aware.

  9. Yeah, I have seen this all the time. Even though it was a skit, we have seen black women fighting their boyfriends even their husbands. I have seen black men being beat up by their girlfriends numerous times. Dr Foolamr Johnson says that we have to wife up these women. Why should any man wanna deal with a woman that will give another man a black eye? Not only a black female will fight their boyfriends but they also fight other women for a man that has a third woman. Check this out

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time because it’s dangerous for her as these scraggle are attacking non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      But the fake academic would turn around and say that this isn’t evidence to demonstrate that black women as a collective have a violent nature because it’s just a “one off”, even though black women uploads thousands upon thousands of “one offs” to social media as the days go by, smh.

      Concerning the video you posted, again notice in typical hood fashion how they get angry at those who are actually trying to stop the fight from taking place. You simply cannot reason with the unreasonable.

      1. Bareback Fountain, when he was siding with these ghetto ratchet hoodrats, that was his downfall. That cost him big time. I have told this narcissistic simp who is suspect to the core to deal with his childhood traumas when his mum use to beat the hell out of him from left, right and centre. And the video I posted, that was on Brixton Market and I bet you that these women were fighting and throwing glass at each other for a man that is getting pum pum to another woman. Black women are violent towards black men but they are violent towards each other and it’s mostly for some dick.

  10. Not much else I can add, a lot of excellent points made in the article and in the comments. Except I do want to mention this.
    Looking at another video from this daggle professing her love for this dude, this could be one of those mixed daggles. They’re as bad as the waggles, sometimes even worse. From my experience, they definitely tend to be the ones that go for fit, athletic Brothers like some of us. I could be wrong about her mixture. If it’s the case that this one is mixed, then that tells you how vital vetting these potential Stargates is.

  11. Remember, according to Mumia Obsidian Ali, Dennis Spurling (the fake SYSBM bro who chases Caribbean women), Shawn ‘Bishop BlueBalls’ James, Oshay Dookie Jackass and several others, this is what you’re SUPPOSED to have “The Conversation” with. If you even think about using your passport to go somewhere else, you’re a pervert according to Minstrel Jap. To all them, I say they can kiss my grits! Yes, I have an SYSBM Reddit space

    1. FrankBlackman,

      In light of what you’ve stated, a question has to be put forward. How are black men supposed to have a conversation with a group of women who firstly don’t want to have “the conversation” to begin with and secondly who believe that black men are squarely beneath them and therefore don’t deserve them at their best?

      As for those guys who continues to beat on and disparage those black men who get their passports and travel, typically they haven’t been outside of their own home country which is why I pay them no attention. Those who typically throw up the most opposition to passports and travel usually don’t have a passport and therefore can’t travel(internationally).

      As I mentioned before, this anti passport culture tends to be prevalent amongst certain contingents of black men in the US as over here in the UK, if you’re black(whether male of female) and you don’t own a passport, you will be heavily reprimanded for “slacking off” and be told to get one as soon as possible, lol.

      1. The mentality baffles me. I just don’t get it. Even when I was a kid, I had the SYSBM mindset and was never part of the ‘black love borg’. Sure there were cute black girls a long time ago, but now, pleeeze! At this point, I learn and apply what is useful to my own enrichment. Everything else, I trash. The black Manosphere is a goddamned joke.

        1. FrankBlackman,

          A damn shame about the Black Manosphere 2.0 because in the beginning things were going very good, however in typical simp Negro fashion the founders succumb to the power of the cooch and began letting black women in(2017, remember the One On One interview series ODJ initiated), the same black women who’ve never given them a space at their table by the way. From that point it was simply a rapid downhill spiral.

          It’s taken black women just under 5 years to destroy Black Manosphere 2.0, they were sent in by their white lord and saviour General Sleet to ensure that BM 2.0 would never amount to anything significant and they’ve been successful in that mission. What have I been stating for years about black women if given the access deliberately going out of their way to sabotage any constructive and productive works black men embark upon?

      2. Verbs2015,

        We have elections coming up in the US. The General Blizzards of the Democratic party have put forth a motley collection of oil tankers and beastly daggles to run for elected office. They are relying on millions of black male simps to elect these daggles to offices of power.

        These daggles will in turn work for their Democratic party General Blizzards to wage further warfare against black male manhood. These daggles will lead the black male simp population further into simpdom, while solidifying a mindset in these simps to expect nothing better for themselves, while attacking any black man who has managed to keep his mind unprogrammed, and who does not work for his own destruction.

        1. AmericanBlkMan,

          You would think that at some point even the black male simp would slowly begin to figure out that the black woman he worships and readily performs grunt work for isn’t working in his best interest and as a result would at least begin to question his unconditional loyalty and devotion to her, however alas it seems that the witchcraft and the sorcery the daggle has over these black males simps runs very deep.

          Saying that though, there are more black men who are waking up and snapping out of the trance, however the black witch still has significant control over the vast majority.

  12. Even though this was a skit, consider what took place: clearly, the guy was tired of being in a relationship with her and expressed that in the nicest possible way, I’m sure; when the daggle asked if he didn’t want to be in a relationship anymore, that was a setup for the surprise attack that followed. This goes to show that the scraggle daggle can’t handle rejection and will resort to violence at the drop of a hat; I refuse to endure this “struggle love” just to prove strength.

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