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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Gentlemen, I just want to say that I salute you all for riding through these rough, crazy and rapidly changing times and maintaining your sanity as they can be taxing on the mind. As we all know there are certain people in positions of power who are determined to see that we(the everyday people) are thrown back into the stone ages while they continue to live carefree and high on the hog in their ivory towers.

You all know that the court jesters at the World Economic Forum have put out the mantra of “you will own nothing and be happy”. Only a brainwashed, non critical thinking lug head would be happy owning nothing and having the State provide everything for him/her.

Brothers, our aim as SYSBM practitioners is to continue striving and to develop pathways and techniques we can use to circumvent the skullduggery that these control freaks have coming down the pike. I most certainly am NOT going out like the sucker sheeple who surround me, if they don’t mind being enslaved and controlled by government then that’s on them, I won’t be joining them.

Another Open Mic Wednesday is here, what’s on your minds for this week? As per usual you’ve got the floor gents, roll that dice.

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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24 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Uncle Klaus and his World Ecommunist Forum butt buddies can go pound sand, screw his Agenda 2030. I vill own a house, eat meat, own a car and I vill be very happy, that you very much.

    Yes it is March Madness for real, the amount of crazy news items to even catch up with is insane. Brothers, do take time out to still your mind in amongst the Storm.

    The Convid agenda is still on the table for the few that will still have it, but for the majority of us, where did it go? Oh that’s right, Putin cured it! The rest will have AIDS.

    Now the next plandemic is the increasing number of people who like to fiddle with kids. CNN producers, Disney employees, Clinton associates, Epstein, Karen Kiddyfiddler, Pete the Weirdo, Brian the Nonce and Homo Nazi Vern will be exposed, giving white men the thoroughly deserved moniker of kid rapists. While Black men can just chill in the cut.

    1. So true LOL. But according to Bottom Shelf Brad, Chabad Chev and Confederate Shaniqua, black men are ‘super predators’. What a sad joke. Al-Jazeera and AOC need to do a documentary on the WASP/black female and their hypocrisy after this whole nonsense with Russia is over. ‘But white women from Ukraine and Russia are going to make us extinct!” black females and white beta males scream, while fucking kids in Indonesia.

      Then they wonder why CNN and MSNPC aren’t getting views and the kids are turning to anime and JRPGs instead of paying attention to the delusions of racist black women and white beta males and their Soviet church beast counterparts.

      On Twitter, I witnessed Japanese women light up some Lord Snowys and Missa Chins who were talking shit in the usual Asian Sex Diary, 50 year old child rapist way about their country, for being racist hypocrites who bitch about black men dating white and Asian women while being the left hand of King Anglo and Baron Eiberstein in oppressing the nations of Asia. The Japanese women also pointed out that South Korea is nothing more than a glorified brothel for the US Army and mainland China, which explains why libtards love China and Korea so much.

      If Reconquista Europa and Aaron Johnson were serious about their whole ideology, they would not be shilling for black women and WASPs and would encourage their listeners and followers to actually get a job and contribute to society. But why would they? Senor Martinez must be loaded from all the T shirts and donations he gets from gullible white nationalists and ultra racist pro blacks who both agree on ‘racial separation’ and putting uppity American black men and Arab, Central Asian and Slavic white women in their place for daring to challenge their position of power.

      Johnson, on the other hand was beaten by his mother and tries to intimidate you guys to feel better about himself. He’s a coward who projects and can’t back it up.

      And these are the same guys who along with the white nationalists on Gab and the GOP/Kremlin crew of KGB geriatrics whom everybody hates by now, who have the balls to be running their mouths about ‘Kalergi’ and ‘racial genocide’. What a joke. I wonder who will tell them that KGB desk jockey Putin is making China great again, by helping Zelensky clear the way for Belt and Road smart cities the elites want to lock us up in with this phony war

  2. Verbs 2015.

    I am so glad that I am a free thinking SYSBM black man who refuses to let society or the government control me especially with these forced covid jabs and that I refuse to date black women, single mothers, fat women and ugly women because I have high standards for myself.

  3. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! Salute to the free thinking brothers who continue to save themselves and strive to rise above the chaos that our Western society can’t seem to escape; there is a hidden blessing in going through these tough times as they give you the opportunity to stop and reflect upon your life and then consider what your next moves will be. Just this morning, I came across this video of Russell Brand responding to the mainstream media calling him a right winger, the “Mad Hatter of conspiracy theories”, and the “British Joe Rogan”:

    Note that whenever the media starts referring to somebody as a conspiracy theorist or some other derogatory name, they never really acknowledge what the person is saying; that way they don’t have to address the arguments brought to the forefront. That term “conspiracy theorist” gets thrown around so much, most folks don’t even know where the it originated from; what exactly is a conspiracy theorist?

    1. That is the fault of liberals and feminist women.
      This is because they spend many years being pro-trans equality. Saying Trans-women are women, gave them full equality, fighting for their
      Suddenly when Joe Biden sign excecutive order to give Trams-Womem full access to female spaces including sports.
      They now learn the hard way.
      Before Lia was a woman, he was men’s rank #462, now she is fully a women she is shot up to rank #1 in womems division. Basically Lia won fair and square thanks to equality.

      I am not worried because liberal women did this to themselves and learn the hard way.
      Also Crossdresser men who dress like women can also go to women’s toliets thanks to liberals who vote in Biden.

      This is no different than Swirlers/divesters think White Men are better than BM, then they learn the hard way and see Swirl Mountain piling up.

      I heard recently a Texas Govenor reverse the decicision to disqualify Lia because she is a Trans and Emma as the winner.

  4. I don’t see anything wrong with the UK taking refugees of single white women from Ukraine, they will increase competition in the dating market of western societies.

    This list below are goals from the world economic forum and united nations agenda 21-30, they want to achieve all of this within the next 8 years by 2030.

    ● one world government
    ● one global controlled cashless society
    ● one global central bank
    ● one global military
    ● the end of national sovereignity
    ● end all private owned property (except some elites)
    ● the end of the family unit
    ● depopulation, control of population growth and density
    ● endless mandatory vaccines
    ● universal basic income (austerity)
    ● microchipped society (for trade, travel, tracking and control)
    ● implementation of a world social credit system
    ● internet of things, everything hooked to 5G monitoring
    ● government raised children
    ● government owned and controlled schools (education)
    ● end private transportation (no more owning cars etc)
    ● all businesses owned by government corporations
    ● restriction of non essential air travel
    ● settlement zones (concentration of humans in cities only)
    ● end of private farms livestock and irrigation
    ● restricted land use, end of single family homes
    ● ban of natural non synthetic drugs
    ● ban of natural non synthetic medicines

  5. What’s up people?

    They say that we will own nothing and be happy? Ah ha, think twice! Listen here, I’m goanna get my house in Stanmore or Borehamwood which classic V12 Benz (W140 S600L, CL600 and a SL600) parked in the driveway and BMW’s. Let them eat monkey shit!

    I heard that there was an incident in Stratford, East London. I thought that it was terrorism again because the UK is not a stranger of terrorism. But it was just a chemical leak.

    Right, there’s a street called Corona Road in Lewisham, South London. Here is the thing. I really like to know how people feel living on a road that is named after a virus? Well, they say it’s nothing but a hoax.

    That’s it really but to keep your white sugar honey safe because it’s very dangerous for her.


  6. Biden’s daggle of a SCOTUS pick is a shitshow. Can’t define a woman (her face definitely can’t), but can let pedos off the hook. I wonder why Joe liked her so much?…

  7. Good Open Topic Wednesday on a Thursday morning,

    Last night, I finished reading the article entitled “Farewell Fountain, You Tried Your Best And Failed!”

    Something is definitely wrong with Fountain Boy’s life. He attended 8 different high schools in 3 different states before landing at a university? I do question his online tactics and pseudo-intellectual knowledge. I don’t believe he’s like this in real life and the only way to find out is to go to his neck of the woods and meet up with him which is probably what he really wants. It’s like the Tommy Sotomayor’s trolls wanting to meet him.

  8. Juicy Smooyay Is Going To Jail:

    This happened a week ago, so Juicy has since been moved out of the jail’s psychiatric ward after his courtroom outburst; can you believe the audacity of this fool? He lied on national television about 2 White men in MAGA hats attacking him for being Black and homosexual, yet he wants that same empathy again now that he’s going to jail where he could actually get hurt? I can understand his concern for his safety behind bars, but let’s be honest, he brought this upon himself. Juicy’s brother even said that homophobia in the Black community is why he doesn’t have any support; no, it’s because he set true victims back with his lie. I really hope that Subway sandwich was worth it, because the only footlong he’s getting for the next 3 months will be from another jailhouse fag.

    1. To be fair, he’ll like that footlong…..

      Y’all also do realize he threw the two dark skinned African guys (Nigerian o think) completely under the bus for this hoax? Asshole deserves the death penalty in my opinion.

    2. Jussie Smollett has been released on bail pending his appeal. So if he takes any footlong it will be from dudes in his DM LOL

  9. Verbs2015,
    This Photo Further Symbolizes as to Who it Really is that Have More Privilege than Black Men. These are Photos of Actress Jodie Turner Smith Who is Married to Actor Joshua Jackson aka Charlie Conway for Any of you Who have seen ”The Mighty Duck Movies”. Everyone in the Media is Talking About it. More so Guys on Youtube like Prof. Black Truth & Harvey of ”Your World Your View”. She Even Writes the Title ”The Cat got the Cream”. Now if the Situation was Reversed & She were with a Black Man. Then She Would most likely Have a Problem with it or if a Black Man were with a Non-Black Female in General. My Argument is if your All that in Love with your Husband then you Should Have Kept Them Racy Photos between you & him instead of Parading it to Everyone. Showing Another Trope that Guys like Nick Cannon Who Previously Mentioned How Black Men Treat White Women like Prizes. He Ought to Take a Look at These Photos & see who’s really treating Who like the Prize. Just goes to Show How Most Sistah’s like this Who Show off their Relationship of their Non-Black Male Significant Other is Basically Degrading Themselves without Realizing it. If I May Piggy Back off of Prof. Black Truth’s Recent Youtube Video Statement ”The Cat May Have gotten the Cream, But There’s Another Old Saying About Cats & Curiosity”. SYSBM For Life!!!

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