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Farewell Fountain, You Tried Your Best And Failed!

A brother recently alerted me to an interview the fake Academic Aaron Fountain took part in with a supposed swirler and divestment crony who goes by the name of Fine Womanhood just over a month ago. Of course Fountain Top had something to say concerning SYSBM(as he always does), so I decided to clip that particular short section and let you guys have a listen for yourselves. The full interview is in the link below for those who are interested:

You really have to laugh at these slimy miscreants such as Aaron Fountain who love throwing stones and hiding their hands. It’s amazing how everybody who knows little to nothing about SYSBM all of a sudden reckons themselves to be an expert on the subject whenever mud is to be thrown in our direction.

It’s also amazing how these same SYSBM adversaries continually fail ON PURPOSE to either reference the SYSBM Tenets or at least question the SYSBM founder MBDX or one of the original knights concerning any issues and concerns they may have.

To rodents of the swamp like Fountain, it’s not about digging in order to get to the truth, instead his fraudulent campaign is aimed at mocking, ridiculing, disparaging, berating and demonising the SYSBM movement chiefly because unlike other black men, we refuse to kiss the smelly Brazilian Butt Lifted buttocks of the sacred cow of the black community.

This I feel is one of the main reasons why Aaron Fountain has the greatest disdain for SYSBM, by possessing the testicular fortitude to advise black men to walk away from dysfunctional black women and to expand upon their dating options, it’s almost as if Fountain feels that his own mother is being spitefully blighted as well as being slapped in the face.

Of course, in typical radical lefty fashion, Fountain has nothing to say concerning the black witch interviewing him and the fact that she promotes swirling as a better option for black women despite her trying desperately to weasel out of that position.

The core foundational tenet of swirling is black men are garbage(garbage black men created by the same black women who constantly complain about them by the way, make that make sense) and black women would be better off dealing with men of other ethnicities, the fact that this disingenuous buzzard attempted to conveniently “adjust” the understanding of the swirling philosophy on the fly with a more public relations friendly version speaks volumes and illustrates just how dishonest and untrustworthy black women as a collective can be.

You have to laugh at these newbie wannabe swirlers and wishing on a star divestment zealots who arrive fresh on the scene believing they can change what has already been established and set in stone for over 10 years by the founder of swirling, the high priestess of Swirl Mountain herself, one Miss Christelyn Karazin.

You heard it for yourself, the fake academic has no problems with black women dating out, however when it comes to black men engaging in the same, he views such actions as akin to heresy and an abomination.

Clowntain also needs to be reminded that SYSBM came into existence and was established in 2012, at least 4 years before the Black Manosphere 2.0 was founded. SYSBM from the beginning has always been set upon its own independent base, it isn’t part of the Black Manosphere even though Fountain Top and his lazy knuckleheaded followers can’t seem to register this simple concept.

Can you believe it, the dude actually stated that black men who date out are doing so to “escape our blackness”, however haven’t we stated many times before over the years that when black men date out THEY DON’T CHANGE, they are allowed to be themselves and don’t have to put on a front just to impress a loudmouth, belligerent, mentally ill black female?

Of course, looking through Aaron Fountain’s scrying mirror black women wearing European style weaves and wigs doesn’t equate to them trying to escape their blackness, neither does them wearing 1000 pounds of makeup trying to make their skin look lighter, neither does them using lightening filters on their photos, neither does them wearing green, grey, blue contact lenses, neither does them changing their accents whenever they managed to get chosen by Major Frost, the overt double standards are beyond ridiculous.

Again, yellow journalist Aaron Fountain actually said that SYSBM practitioners are a bunch of black men who couldn’t handle rejection from black women and that many years on we’re still bitter and disgruntled because of those past rejections. So, educating black men concerning the various perils, dangers and pitfalls surrounding dealing with modern day black females now equates to being bitter and disgruntled because “black women rejected us” in the past(an ultra projection on his part)?

True SYSBM practitioners are amongst the very few groups of black men that actually respect and accept black women’s dating preferences and who don’t get up in our feelings whenever we see black women dating out, in fact as I stated in my book Negro Wars, I wish more black women would date out because at least they would be happier dealing with non black men.

Unfortunately however, non black men are not checking for black women in significant numbers and many of those who wouldn’t have had any problems dealing with black women in the past have now become extremely hesitant due to the black female’s rapidly declining image and reputation.

Contrary to the oft repeated lies and the deception being disseminated by disinformation agents like the fake academic, for free thinking brothers the issue with black women has NEVER been about them dating out, the problem as repeated many times before is the hypocrisy and the double standards black women engage in when black men do the same, we’ve stated this many times over, however when you have a gynocentric agenda to push forward, the truth always becomes a casualty.

The image below has been your modern day black female for the past half a century, are there any true SYSBM practitioners out here who feel a way because they were rejected by women who conduct themselves in the following manner:

But according to Fountain, particular behaviours aren’t linked to specific races even though week in week out I have no problems clearly demonstrating regular and consistent patterns of dysfunctional behaviour amongst black women. This dude is as single as a one way bus ticket(and I suspect has been single for a very long time), yet all of a sudden he feels he’s qualified to speak not only on women but also over those who are actively in relationships, get outta here with that mess.

Observing his loose cannon, perplexing and head scratching behaviour in terms of his relentless stalking of heterosexual free thinking black men, it’s debatable as to whether this guy has ever had a girlfriend in his life, I personally don’t believe he has due to his lack of due diligence in dealing with tragic events from the past that have severely wounded his psyche. I don’t believe Fountain Top has even held a woman’s hand.

Aaron Fountain, you’re a lazy, emasculated, disingenuous clown and a premium grade coward, you regularly weaved(pun intended)around and ducked out of talking to SYSBM practitioners live as if you were some sort of fugitive on the run with several outstanding warrants, you also performed the same duck and weave, Floyd Mayweather, stick and move manoeuvres with a few members of the Black Manosphere knowing full well they would’ve cleaned your clock in a free and open debate.

You attempted to do what others had already stepped up and miserably failed at, that is successfully defend black women and their in the sewer image and reputation, you cannot defend that which cannot be defended, you had to learn this the hard way though you gave it your best effort.

This is the problem when you heavily lean upon lies, propaganda, deception and disinformation as your catalysts, eventually you’ll come unstuck and will be forced to beat a hasty retreat back into the dark, damp and musty catacombs you crawled out from, this is what we’re now observing with Fountain throwing in the towel and calling it a day. Take a look at this:

He attended 8 different high schools in 3 different states before he landed in a university, that’s right, 8. Does that sound like somebody who had a stable and smooth childhood growing up? Mind you, this is information that he’s put out there himself, check out the link above, scroll down the page and you’ll find his particular section. To say that Aaron Fountain’s childhood years were turbulent and took a heavy toll on his psyche is a serious understatement.

It’s apparent that Fountain could never get over the pain and the heavy trauma that was inflicted upon himself by his mother, I guess every time he witnesses black women engaging in some sort of radical ratchet behaviour, I can imagine the heavy images and flashbacks of his mother being a mean old hag and behaving in a similar dysfunctional fashion immediately flooding into his mind.

Oh well, that’s his problem, not ours. Aaron Fountain needs to grow a pair and develop the majority of his masculinity which has clearly been lost. The worst thing about it is the black women he’s religiously defending and falling upon the sword for don’t even respect him for standing in their corner, as stated before, black men who seek to appease black women and carry out the grunt work in order to forward their agendas, these same black females without hesitation will label them as “useful idiots”.

Aaron Fountain clearly doesn’t understand the psychology of the very women that he’s chosen to stand up for, smh. Pandering and licking the muddy boots of the black witch contingent in the hopes that one of them would offer up her snatch to him, however Fountain unlike most simps was smarter and hid his true agenda behind the pseudo-intellectualism Kansas City Shuffle in order to make himself not look as desperate as your average blue pilled, brown nosing sluggard.

Mission failed, these black sirens still didn’t give him any cooch, yet another reason no doubt why he threw in the towel. We see you Fountain, we know exactly what your game is, lol.

1. Aaron Fountain has major issues with Red Pill and SYSBM especially because both involve looking at one’s life, noting issues of concern, shortfalls, discrepancies, problems both past and present, going in and dealing with all of the above in order to bring about a better version of one’s self.

Because his psychological trauma runs so deep, being the emasculated coward that he is he couldn’t face the pain, was unable to make the necessary changes and so instead chose the pathetic path in believing that persecuting and stalking those who were able to dive in and overcome various obstacles and boundaries would somehow bring some relief to his own life. A jacked up way of thinking I know but that’s unfortunately who the guy is.

The bottom line is Fountain is jealous and extremely envious of those who are able to overcome major problems and as a result make positive changes in their lives and he views SYSBM practitioners as the biggest “transgressors” when it comes to those better grand life changes especially in terms of women.

2. The foundational reason behind all of the videos he produced on both of his YouTube channels as well as the blog site he started but later abandoned is he believed that through all of his hard work in defending black women, eventually he could land himself a girlfriend, however in order to muddy the waters and keep his true reasons and motivations hidden, he instead decided to approach the “seeking a girlfriend” matter from a pseudo-intellectual academic standpoint in order to not make himself look like a desperate simp.

He believed that at some point a black woman would step forward and want to get to know him more on a personal level, however had the knucklehead been reading my articles properly, he would’ve clearly seen that black women are NOT attracted to black men who can string more than two sentences together, they heavily despise black men who are intelligent and educated and have had no problems stating this many times over.

In attempting to snag himself a black queenie via so called “intellectualism” and failing miserably, he actually proved that what we’ve been stating for the longest about black women only wanting thugs outside of white men is indeed correct. He’s put in all of this effort and energy trying to defend black women and NOT ONE black female he’s defended has either offered him some cooch or desired to get to know him on a deeper level, what a waste, smh.

Don’t believe the “I’m starting a new job” bollocks that he’s been rattling off as his excuse for abandoning ship, through all of the lies and the propaganda he’s spread on behalf of the black witch contingent, he still couldn’t manage to snag himself a “queenie”, I strongly believe this is the primary reason why he’s thrown in the towel.

The thing is, out of all of this, even if he’d managed to land himself a “sista”, the relationship wouldn’t have lasted because that woman already being defective herself would’ve detected that something wasn’t right with him and most likely would’ve bailed. A sad and a pathetic way to try to obtain a girlfriend Fountain, who would’ve known that this was your true motivation all along?

Like I said before, I personally don’t think this deceitful buzzard has ever held a woman’s hand yet alone had a female he could call a girlfriend. Any talk of past girlfriends coming from his mouth based upon his atrocious track record coupled with his troubled past must be looked upon as nothing short of lies, myths, urban legends and fairy tales.

We at the SYSBM Knights Roundtable warn about being in this type of position all the time, failing to deal with past traumas and foolishly believing that you can ride through life smoothly without further incident. Don’t become a delusional basket case like the fake academic, to the point where you become delirious and believe your only course of remedy is to harass those who were able to overcome the obstacles and the hurdles you couldn’t.

You NOT possessing the skills needed to pull any female is not my fault Fountain, nor is it the fault of other SYSBM practitioners, Red Pillers and Black Manospherians, you lacking the tools required to successfully interact with women even on a basic level is because of YOU, YOU and YOU alone.

There you have it folks, this is the real Aaron Fountain, the lame excuse of a man who has relentlessly stalked SYSBM practitioners as well as black men in other black digital spaces for almost 4 years in his hot pursuit of black snatch, a man who believed he could obtain a black girlfriend via the persecution of SYSBM members as well as other heterosexual free thinking black men least favoured by black women, what a loser.

At least now you all know what his true motivation was, his secret is now revealed. Honestly Fountain, you may have stood a better chance attempting to serenade black women with the song below rather than embarking upon the ludicrous embarrassment of a totally failed mission that you did, #SYSBM:

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Another One Steps Up To Defend Ratchet Black Women And Bites The Dust

Most High Bless

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52 thoughts on “Farewell Fountain, You Tried Your Best And Failed!

  1. Gentlemen,

    This disingenuous buzzard actually believed he could use SYSBM as some kind of leverage to get himself a girlfriend, in his delusional mind state he reckoned that at some point he’d gain good favour amongst black women via the demonisation of those who regularly speak out against not only black female dysfunction but dysfunctional and disjointed women in general.

    That plan didn’t work out for him at all, Fountain now realises that in order to get a girlfriend, he’s going to have to put in all the hard work himself, this means taking a good, long, clean, honest, hard look at himself, something we already know he’s far from capable of doing, therefore he’ll simply be sticking to beating his meat to the black queenies on Pornhub he wishes he could actually connect with in real life.

      1. FrankBlackMan,

        Indeed, at least with Reverend Bargain Bucket we already knew the score because his portfolio was out in the open, dude hasn’t dated since the late 80s, he too can’t communicate with women to save his life, hence why he’s now resorted to settling with silicone and rubber to ease the sexual tension, however the court jester Fountain having the same “I want a black girlfriend/black love” goal really went out of his way to muddy the waters and cover up what his true intentions were behind his relentless campaign against SYSBM and Red Pillers, smh.

        James would occasionally come out against SYSBM and Passport Bros, to his credit at least he had other topics to talk about(comics, goth culture, his books etc) however not Fountain, he has it in for us big time and honestly believed he could put a dent in the movement and snag himself a black queenie at the same time. Both missions failed, we could’ve told him that he wouldn’t have been successful in either from the beginning if he’d simply enquired with us, lol.

        1. Pro wacks are some of the most delusional and racist mental cases around. I can now see why the likes of the Rothschilds, Azov Battalion Chabad mafia Nazi oligarchs that now have the cucks in the Kremlin dancing to their tune through blackmail and false intelligence fed to them through their precious Israel and their Nazi goons were able to get around so easily in Europe in the old days. The older generation of pro black simps were too busy protecting their own asses and having Bottom Shelf Brad and Red Square Rilkahov do the dirty work of supporting Jim Crow and beating down white women asking for better wages, instead of taking charge and being the leaders of civilization they claim to be.

          Shouldn’t Fountain be out on the streets protesting on US military bases the double dealing of Chabad Mafia in robbing Russia blind of its money through the cucks in the Kremlin who shill for Israel ever chance they get, while the Neo-Nazi and CCP aligned regime currently in power in Ukraine gets billions of dollars in US military aid that will go straight to Israel and or China after this farce of a ‘war’ is over? I thought he was a man of the left who opposed Soviet neo-imperialism and expansionism, so why is he wasting time watching the dicks of other black men?

          These people are so stupid I don’t know what to say anymore

          1. Brendan Dubalos,

            Nope, I imagine that Fountain is extra busy cooking up yet another strategy he believes can land him “a sista” without him putting in any of the work, he’s not interested in any of the above you mentioned. These feminist Negroes time and time again show themselves to be the useful idiots that they are, Yuri Bezmenov was spot on.

        2. There is one thing I will agree with about his description of SYSBM, which is the majority are unmarried and the minority is married.

          Unfortunately that is the narrative around Black men/women in America in terms of mating and dating. The vast majority of the population is on the sidelines. Black men who by and large still want to be with Black women in America (majority Gen X) gather online as I’ve said in these five-six hour or more live streams just talking about Black women and how they can force them back to the negotiating table.

          That is why they talk with glee about Winter coming which MBDX shut down because the same Government B1’s like rail against that “ruined” Black Love/Black Families is the same Government that won’t allow Winter to hit the majority of Black women.

          It was at that moment that I stopped watching the majority of Tommy Sotomayor’s live stream and BGS IMOR’s live stream. I view them as time wasters. I am not getting any sort of economic benefit, dating/relationship advice or anything else.

          I already don’t date BW so I have no skin in the game. I sympathize because as man I would like to see fellow Black men do better because they’ll be less of a threat to society and me.

          That is why I disagree with this whole nonsense of saying “Hey Brother, Family, etc”

          We aren’t a family and we are not brothers.

          Two White men who are otherwise strangers with no family connection will get together and start a successful enterprise. That rarely happens in the Black Community. This is foundational stuff that Black men need to engage in and stop trying to strike out and be successful on your own when all sorts of impediments are put in front of you.

          White men will get together and move markets, all sorts of markets, ones you don’t even think of.

          It’s a minority of White men who benefit off the rising cost of gas/petrol, while the majority of Black men and women complain about the cost at the pump.

          SYSBM at it’s core is about relationships between men and women, it often talks about foundation but on a individual level. I want all Black men who are serious about the movement to be able to join in. Some have money problems, others have criminal histories that have to be dealt with before being allowed to travel.

          That is one of the reasons why I am laser focused on securing a relationship. I can’t spend more than 50% of my time looking at dating profiles, figuring out who likes me, figuring out how long I can spend in a country, etc. That part of my life needs to be dealt with so I can focus on creating income streams that will give me and my future family the economic freedom they would that will keep them safe and secure. I would also use that largest to empower SYSBM soldiers who have the problems listed above.

          I have paid for people to travel overseas, I am not above it. I believe it’s just as important as Robert Smith paying the school debt of Black men.

          I have little concern for the Aaron Fountains of the world, just add them to the long list of dusty people we have had to deal with since the founding of Anglo Saxon culture.

          1. Anthony,

            Fountain Top get absolutely no credit from me whatsoever, this guy has been relentless in his unprovoked attacks on SYSBM practitioners as well as back male Red Pillers who have simply been trying to guide black men in a better direction.

            This dude was overdue a thorough roasting, the reason why I hadn’t gone to this length before is because I was still trying to figure out what his true agenda was.

            In a way it was expedient that somebody like him came along and engaged in the onslaught of slander and propaganda that he did because through his vile actions at least we can be prepared when the lamestream press comes sniffing around.

            I agree, not all kin folks are skin folks which is precisely the reason why black men have to be extra careful what black folks they choose to connect and network with.

            Remember, white society despite its shortcomings for the most part is still functional, this is why two strangers in the white community can get together and forge something constructive out of that coalition, black society however is the complete opposite, it’s too easy to run into Negroes who are simply no good nor are they business or enterprise minded.

          2. I’m all for improving SYSBM, but let’s keep this in perspective. Only a minority of us are married, majority of us are single (if you mean not married, maybe but my point is the same)? Are you sure about that, bro? Why does the interlocutor / opposition deserve to have an appeal to his noble motive, when he didn’t give that same reciprocation to us?Being genuine with someone who’s disingenuous? The graduate (from a Big ten school that’s in the bottom tier of Big ten school, it’s not like we’re talking about Michigan, Northwestern, Illinois, Penn State, or even Ohio State or Minnesota, King Sigma’s alum) doesn’t know and he only making a assertion without any evidence. Like the rest of the freaking opposition /interlocutors who argue in mala fide
            And how is that relevant when this is really about freedom of choice and working on it inside-out approach? Being the best version of yourself. Remember the 3Rules before we even get to talking about relationships and find a quality stargate. It starts from within, internally.
            Just because the most popular creator of SYSBM material (MBD) happens to put images of interracial relationships, does not mean that we don’t emphasize working on yourself, working on your strengths weaknesses, understanding and accepting them, and then putting together the destiny that you want. NUMEROUS BROTHERS HAVE MENTIONED THIS. And The life that you want. All of this is a process. All of this is a lifelong process. The women are just a part of it. Obviously a key part since the three top categories of interest online revolves around wealth, health, relationships.
            The founders of SYSBM
            MBD : married
            The Straight Shooter: married
            Sigma Jones : Married
            Kirigakure Jones : Married
            Verbs2015 : in a relationship
            SKC : married
            GW3 Extreme: divorced? (disclaimer, he keeps his relationship status private usually)

            And that’s just the brothers who do share their relationship status online.
            Also I’m in a relationship as of the end of last month.

  2. It’s always the useful idiots that are first to be lined up against the wall…

    1. And shot after wards. Yuri Bezmenov’s interviews were so true, then, and proven right now. The fact that this delusional clown who makes Reconquista Europa and his rants against white women who date black men and Islam look tame, is running around playing dick police for Chabad Rabbi Rubin from Azov Battalion, Homo Nazi Vern, Confederate Flag Shaniqua, Kremlin Cuck Nikolaev and Bottom Shelf Brad shows how stupid most supposed racialists are.

      As the Freikorps and Thule Society learned when Hitler disposed of them and exploited all their tech to build his war machine, you can’t build with people who want you dead. Fountain Top is a supposed intellectual, he must have seen this and found out how before that, jealous and racist simps mad that white women were going to steal their jobs and position of power funded Bottom Shelf Brad, Chabad Chev and Kremlin Cuck Micheal and sent these losers out to cause chaos and destruction during WW1, all in order to protect their power and profits.

      ‘Exposing the Manosphere’ can keep these low self esteem women who will most likely go on Gab with Lord Euro and post the usual white power garbage, fresh from the 77th brigade, Kiev and Moscow troll farms while doing nothing to actually fix the problems in the community.

      If idiots like Brandon Martinez, who makes a living by bitching about white women and Muslims stealing his jobs and scamming the white nationalists he despises out of their money, Pastor Shawn James aka Raven Doushinji and this Fountain top character is all that the reactionary right has to offer after the ample opportunities it has been given to take the lead and beat the Confederate flag waving, crypto white power libtards and NazBol Putin worshipping, Make the USSR great again KGB geriatrics and church beast losers that need to be in old age homes or cared for by their relatives whom people think are conservatives and white nationalists in the culture wars and prove itself as a major force in the game, no wonder the likes of the Chabad mafia and their CCP friends see the West as a joke and a source of funding for Greater Israel/Belt and Road.

      These delusional simps deserve no pity at all and instead need to be mocked and laughed at, how can you start off with a massive lead over your enemy, who is busy fighting himself and shilling for the same tribe that caused your fall by the way, and then lose it through continuous fuck ups and racist ideology that will only make you look like a clown? They have no idea of tactics, strategy or how to make themselves presentable, they and the white nationalists truly deserve each other and are simply two sides of the same retarded coin.

      1. I see Money Cultural’s Homo Nazi Vern character has taken off – Hopefully from a Ukraine military airport

    2. Kameron Brown,

      As a black man Fountain honestly deluded himself into believing that he could find favour with his number one enemy, this shows you just how mentally disjointed and out of touch with reality the guy is, smh.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Aaron Fountain is a fucking idiot because he doesn’t question black women who date white men or other non black men, but he questions us SYSBM black men on escaping our blackness because we choose to date outside of our race because we had a lifetime of bad treatment from black women so we are left with no other alternative but to date non black women because they love us for who we are and they embrace us SYSBM black men. We all know that only type of men that black women only date is celebraty type of black men, thug/bad boy black men and non black men as they hate normal black men or SYSBM black men. Black women are always escaping their blackness on a regular basis when they wear their white woman blonde weave, fake eyebrows, fake nails, they wear blue, grey and green colour contact lenses and they bleach their skin to look like a fake looking white woman. Why would a black man date a fake looking black woman trying to look white when he can just date the real thing. These pro blacks and simps need to give up on kissing black womens arses because black women hate simps and pro blacks and they love that thug love.

    1. Exactly Q, this is why Tenant #2 had to be changed to exclude all Black women. Ninjas don’t believe me when I say the same BS you rail about in the West is impacting BW from the Tip to the Horn of Africa.

      Forget that.

      Beyond that they are still 4th in line in terms of attractiveness and economics. How many more examples do Black men need that hitching your wagon to one of these women is tantamount of lunacy, or put another way FUG your feelings and do the right thing economically.

      The current so-called Communitah is only out for the betterment of Black women and girls.

      You know it, I know it. Others are in denial or have skin in the game.

    2. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Fountain isn’t stupid, having been raised by a horrible black mother and having observed the foul conduct of black women around him, he already knows that most black females are trash, however in trying to appease the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure in the hopes that he could snag himself a “queenie” through that process, he completely ignored and chose to deliberately overlook their many transgressions.

      What a complete and utter embarrassment on his part, to think he put in all of this effort churning out video after video as well as writing up a number of blogs and still, black women point blank refused give him the time of day in the dating market despite him standing solidly in their corner, smh. Like the video clip said, “Mission Failed”.

      1. Verbs 2015.

        I fully agree with you bro. Aaron Fountain came after me a few times and I just put him in his fucking place because I am not scared of him. Aaron Fountain is delusional to think that black women love him just because he puts them up on a pedestal while dissing us SYSBM black men at the same time because we refuse to bow down to the black community. Black women hate simps like him plus he is a battyman.

      2. Pro wacks are not known for critical thinking or reading anything other than ‘black love’ garbage, old racist rants against white women and Asians by delusional simps, or the works of other simps. Like all racial supremacists they need someone to feel sorry for them and their problems.

        Why do you think Fountain Top is consistently attacking you guys for dating out? These simps know that if they come out in the public with their hate, it’s game over for them. Reconquista Europa aka Deport every white person back to Russia and Eastern Europe and every Jew to Israel, spends his time crying about white women stealing his jobs and writing hate blogs on Muslims because he knows that the Nordic pagans and devout Muslims will light him up and dox his ass if he dares to move outside his little cult of delusional spergs and EFF reactionaries who both see themselves as the master race and seem to be still living in the 17th century.

        The likes of Churchill didn’t run away from India and kiss up to the Scandinavians for seemingly no reason.

        These race purists are born losers and racist scum, how can you continue to fail so hard when your enemy is destroying himself shilling for the same tribe of merchants you claim to be sending white women into your countries to genocide you? AOC and the Chilean president have done more to stand up against the Putin worshipping, godless evangelical right wing faux conservative Fox News communist movement in half a year, than these clown posse, racist to the core, wanna be Nazi black female/WASPs and the greedy pro wacks whom they seem to be competing against for ‘biggest racist of the year’ have being doing since 1917.

        Black women take their money and spend it on weave which is sold by Han Chinese and Koreans, and the power they and white men get and use it to dick police black men. These same losers whine about ‘the Joos’ but who let the medieval Hassidic lunatics who Josef Stalin had to keep locked up in the gulags until they poisoned him, out on the streets of supposedly ‘White Christian America’ again? Then they act surprised when mainland China has supersonic jets, social credit scores and a well trained and brutal law enforcement machine all funded by American technology and Russian military equipment given to them by America and Russia’s only ally, Israel.

        Yet according to Shawn James and Fountain, these failures of black women are queens who should be worshipped.

        Where is Bareback Fountain on this national security risk of weave buying and the money from weave sales going towards purchasing American tech for China from Israel? He should be all over the mainstream media, Gab and Twitter pestering Sleepy Joe and Kamala to get rid of Putin in a coup, deport all the KGB geriatrics running the evangelical movement to Russia for trial in crimes against humanity, secure US cybersecurity and stop the flow of American technology to China via Israel, preferably with US, Turkish and Qatari troops liberating Palestine under the guise of a ‘joint training exercise’.

        But nah, he ain’t got time for that. Things like that take balls, and he was emasculated by his mother just like all these ‘incels’ were turned into sociopaths by Shaniqua and Bottom Shelf Brad being too busy fucking underage children in Thailand to care about the big picture. If Aaron and Senor Martinez abandoned racism and started taking action against real issues like this, they would have nothing to cry about online.

        With friends like these, who needs enemies?

        1. It’s not a mistake or a coincidence that Bottom Shelf Brad and Shaniqua are into kiddy fiddling.

          1. Or that Kremlin NazBols and BW/WASPs of the MSM talk the same ‘white genocide’ nonsense Azov Battalion feeds the likes of Combat 18 and Loki Kierkegaard. Seriously though, somebody needs to do a documentary on the insane habits of these weirdoes.

            I bet Fountain Top and Reconquista Europa are leaping in joy at Azov Battalion killing Russians, as they think it will stop white women from stealing their jobs. The fact that Zelenskty is deep in bed with China and Putin is Xi’s bitch seems to be far from their minds.

  4. Attending 8 different high schools says it all.

    I can date my criteria of a white wifey, his opinion as a blackistan male is irrelevant.

    1. Witwijf,

      Remember, this is information he put out there himself into the public square, this isn’t info that people had to dig for because it was secret or hidden.

      8 schools, it’s safe to say that Aaron Fountain is 12 kegs shot of a 6 pack, isn’t it normally the pookie and Rayray type Negroes who are forced to go from school to school because they can’t behave themselves and purposely disrupt classes so that others can’t learn?

  5. Verbs,

    You this is funny that you did a roast on this guy when I read for 10 minutes of your article.
    This guys goes after Quincy’s and Money Cultural’s nut and stalking the hell out of them.
    The reason I bring those brothers up because Aaron wants to find a way to track them down to shame American brothers. Mind you, me, you, Quincy and Money live in the UK which he forgot to realise. Why? because to impress and be part of this alliance with the divestors.

    Since he is OK with BW has options and have a problem with BM having options, he is not different as the hoteps who dick police BM and say this on a BW’s panel.

    Verbs, this get funny since he want to shame BM, Divestors went hard on Aaron with a roast, calling him a ‘Becky’ boy because he is a Fake Academic. He believes that being academic will impress these BW, no chance. See it for yourself.

    1. MMT,

      That is the part that has me scratching my head the most, out of all the ways that he could’ve approached the “I’m trying to gain the favour of black women so that hopefully I can snag a sista” plan, he honestly believed the pseudo intellectual/academic path would be the most effective, huh?

      Fountain would’ve gained far more traction and made so much more ground with “the sisterhood” throwing some gold grill in his mouth, putting some thick rings on his fingers, sagging his trousers, throwing on a snap back and flipping it to the back and speaking like a 12 Gauge Mike or Slim Sauce type Negro.

      There you go, he stands in the corner of the divestment and levelling up squads, yet they’ve got no problems spitting in his face as payment for bootlicking and brown nosing services rendered, how dumb and desperate can this knucklehead be?

      This is exactly what I said before, effeminate, emasculated and compromised black men who offer up their services to black women in order to attack heterosexual free thinking brothers while at the same time forwarding the black female’s agenda are viewed through black women’s eyes as useful idiots, Fountain Top really doesn’t get it, the dude really isn’t very bright at all.

      1. Michael and Verbs,

        I knew eventually Aaron will get his karma. It will be a matter of time as Michael show me the link.
        He still does this Tracking though.

        This guy reminds me of the the videos when Minister Jap did a Tag-Team collaboration which they call themself the ‘Angry Church’.
        One of those videos they were talking about the Hotep simps.

        Angryman said something very interesting:
        He mention how the Problack Hoteps on YouTube and Real Life use this ‘Hypno-Intelligent historic Egyptian’ talk such as ‘Queens’, ‘Mother Earth’ to intice these BWs. This usually works but it does not get the Simps laid in bed. In fact give the hoteps more blue balls. Why? Because the Pro black Women knows the score and see through all the Hotep BS. These BW rather get laid by Thugs than those simps.

        Similar to White Men who call themselves ‘Male Feminist’ to get into women’s knickers. But the women knows the deal and also see all their BS so they avoid these soy-boys.
        This is why some Male-Feminist gets done for sexual harrassment or ‘Me-too’ on them.

        Aaron can mock the SYSBM but we got the last laugh because he got cooked by these Divestors/Level-Up broads.

        I agree with you Verbs that he would be better off being a Pookie and Ray-Ray or a pimp and he get more chance with them.

        1. Great points!
          I was just getting ready to bring up the fact that these dudes who pander to these women still don’t get laid. Because the women see them as doing it just to get laid. Bw know their shortcomings. They know deep down inside they’re not worth the praise. And they say this themselves, especially when they are put or have to compete with other races of women. Their dating strategy is the shame you into talking and dealing with them. No different from the lower tier of other groups. Which the other groups don’t acknowledge their OWN lower tier, but we already know they make up the majority of these other groups, LOL. And people expect for them to have structure in the community, when you can’t even have consistent and proper dating and mating strategies? It’s basically a horrible dating strategy. But men do use the “talk s*** about your opponents” dating and mating strategy since time immortal.

  6. Fucking hell! I thought that we will never see this foolish dude again but he’s still around. The reason why this emasculated simp is coming after SYSBM is because that there is no way that SYSBM will not deal with the scraggle daggles him and Foolmar Johnson are defending and siding. This man is bitter like the woman who put him on this earth. The man has a troubled childhood with his mother use to beat the holly crap out of him. That is the reason why he’s like this. And I know that he will only come after black men who are with non black women. Listen here; I have no issues of a black man who wants to date a black woman. I can date whoever I want as long she has no children but here this. If a woman is dysfunctional, then I will not be with her. Even though I’m not perfect, I do not wanna be with a dysfunctional broad. I made numerous videos of the guy when he was stalking me online because what he’s doing is nothing but weird, you get me? He should know that I can date whoever I want no matter what colour the woman is and he need to stop dick policing.

    Keep your white sugar safe at all times now as simps like Bareback Fountain and the scraggle daggles are coming after non black woman.


    1. Money Cultural,

      I don’t believe we’re going to see much of Fountain anymore now that we know what his true motives were behind his constant attacking of SYSBM. The guy looks incredibly stupid and dumb, he’s now been exposed for the ultra simp that he truly is, his so called “plan” fell flat on its face, the dude is done.

      He stalked you and Quincy relentlessly and for what, just so that he could get the attention of “da sistas” hoping that one of them would pay him some interest past his blog and videos.

      It didn’t work, as MMT has posted above, the same divestment cronies he foolishly believed he could reach out to and form a confederacy with still didn’t have any problems laughing, mocking and ridiculing him despite the great amount of “work” he put in for them, what a joke.

  7. Well well well, we must say au revoir to the escapades of Fake Academic Fountain and not a day too soon.

    Listen, we men do all kinds of things to get vagina, but in Fake Academic Fountain’s world, being a pseudo intellectual could have been the golden ticket… if his queans even respected that. I learned the hard way through my own university years that being pro-wack got me ignored and sidelined. Being straight black male was a problem if you weren’t down with subsuming yourself to the LGBTQXP crowd.

    Fake Academic Fountain was emotionally raped and physically brutalised by his degenerate of a mother and took his problems out on SYSBM. Brothers who had nothing to do with the dick police agent found themselves cyber stalked by a coward who couldn’t ever reflect on his own disruptive childhood and deal with it by conventional means. Fountain’s brutal childhood is typical of the majority of Western brothers, so it was no mean feat to accurately describe the origins of the man’s character.

    Verbs told him over and over again, he was a day late and a dollar short to engage in yellow journalism for MSDNC clout. The fake news industry is getting financially gutted for the criminal lies they’ve told for two years, Fountain should have made his dirty name with his covert attack pieces back in the Obama era.

    But alas its all over. 4 years of online gangstalking for some clout and snatch all amounted to “getting a new job”? Ninjas be getting new jobs every month, that’s no big deal.

    We’re sorry you’re leaving us Fake Academic Fountain, but you did played a longer and smarter game than that other simp, d1ckh38d03. Myself, Quincy and Money Cultural will be celebrating with some justifiable righteous self satisfaction. Until the next simp…

    1. Michel,

      Fountain Top overcooked his own goose, there’s always that one simp who steps forward believing that he can get a different result engaging in the same dumb nonsense as the rest. I’m still shaking my head at the fact that Fountain actually believed that he was going to make some sort of headway with “da sistas” rolling in from a pseudo intellectual standpoint.

      How many times have we clearly demonstrated the fact that any black man who can string more than 2 sentences together, black women will hate that man with a passion because they know he cannot be controlled and manipulated like your Slim Sauce, Roof Top Trey, Field Mouse and Shorty Fist type Negroes?

      He didn’t want to listen, he deluded himself into believing that through a constant barrage of attacks against SYSBM and Red Pill, the magical unicorn black female would appear and want to get to know him past his blog and video exploits. How did that work out for him, oops, it didn’t, lol.

      Fountain is a complete and utter failure, he’s failed himself the most because as yourself and Afrofuturism1 have pointed out, the guy should’ve been focusing on dealing with and getting over his past childhood traumas as opposed to attack certain sects of black men who never wronged him in any way.

      Normally these pro black female, black women first pundits are looking for snatch, however Fountain Top wanted something more substantial and mistakenly believed that he could scapegoat SYSBM to get it. Somehow I doubt the fool will ever learn his lesson as it’s been pointed out that he still post the occasional goofy video here and there.

  8. As Money Cultural has said, this dude should spend more time dealing with his mother beating the crap out of him as a child. Hell, that’s honestly a big reason for the creation of simps. They do and say anything to get on their momma’s good side just to avoid a beating. That’s why they drift these QUEENIES so much, it’d literally an incestuous Oedipal complex. That’s why they say you should date a black woman cuz “yo momma black!!”

    Psychological and physical trauma are the biggest causes of simps. And who is the most violent and abusive group of women? Yep! And yet you Simp for them, these worthless daggles. That’s like begging for a few crumbs from McDonald’s.

    1. The more we [abuse] you, the less you seem to believe we’re [abusing] you.

      – Joseph Goebels (speaking about the Daggle. Happy Mother’s Day BTW.)

    2. Afrofuturism1,

      Fountain Top must serve as a cautionary tale as to exactly what happens to those black men who point blank refuse to properly deal with past traumas. Defending the same black woman who beat his backside black and blue from pillar to post in his younger years, his psyche is completely scrambled and smashed. Dude actually thought he could snag himself a daggle via the pseudo intellectual route, how did that work out for him? Oops, it didn’t, the plan fell flat on its face and hit the deck very hard.

    3. I tell the damn fool to go and seek help with his traumas and the man didn’t wanna do it. His mother use to fuck him up every time. I blame the mother for making him like this. Because she use to beat the holy crap of him. When I was young, I use to get the beat because I was a bad child. Devil yute but I will never ever stalk another man online. If I did, my dad and my mum will curse the hell out me.

  9. Well, well, well; it seems Fake Academic Fountain has failed his mission of bagging a scraggle daggle for a relationship. What did he expect? All of the stalking he did in the Black Manosphere, and what he saw didn’t teach him anything about the daggles he was trying to defend? And what is anti Black about Black men choosing better for themselves so that their future children can thrive? You know, I wished to comment yesterday, but I got distracted by other things, so now I shall breakdown Fountain’s failure in going after SYSBM.

    I remember when we first caught wind of Fountain and the article he initially wrote about SYSBM, we never backed down or cowered away in fear; that was free exposure for the movement. I also remember watching MadBusDriverX’s livestreams where Fountain would randomly show up in the chat and MBD would invite him to come on and debate in real time, yet Fountain refused every single time; looking back, I believe he was “taking notes” in preparation for his next moves because he did the same thing with others in the Black Manosphere. He then published that Medium article where he says we aren’t allies to Black women; why should we be allies to them? Can Mr. “Ph.D. candidate in history” tell us from a historical perspective where these same Black women ever fought for us? I’ll wait…

    He started a now website (now defunct) where he published articles transcribing videos of different content creators in this space and tried to equate their words with those of a hate group or far right extremists; it was basically the essence of what his current YouTube channels are. It was also revealed that Fountain was threatening to doxx different SYSBM Practitioners, even admitting publicly that he uncovered the real identities of a few SYSBM Practitioners. He, of course, was warned about the actions he was threatening against these men, but the daft fool thought he was slick; that still isn’t the worst part of all of this. Enter Man Of Tomorrow; MOT did a livestream almost 2 years ago where the livestream was addressing 3 maggles who all spread lies about a rape that a daggle shared with them, but then MOT brought up the numerous cyber crimes and yellow journalism Fountain has been doing behind his university’s back (clip runs from 3:34:00 to 4:18:00):

    Fountain’s days are numbered, and I’m merely counting down the days to when he’ll have to answer for the federal offences he’s committed; and to think this happened because he won’t seek help to get over the abuse he’s suffered at the hands of his mother. I typically empathize with children who have to endure these unfortunate circumstances, but Fountain gets none from me.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      Moose head Fountain now realises that in order to land himself a girlfriend, he’s going to have to put in all the work himself. He really thought he could use the demonisation of SYSBM as a leveraging tool to draw in daggles, this wild mission demonstrates just how jacked up the guy’s psyche is. Before he can even be successful in landing himself a significant other, the clown is going to have to serious clean himself up as no woman of quality is going to deal with him in the current downtrodden state he’s in.

      Fountain is a straight up coward, I also remember the early days when he would pop his head into the chats of MBDX’s livestreams, how many times did MBDX invite him to jump on the panel and how many times did he have some sort of “convenient excuse” at the ready as to why he couldn’t come up? Yep, he embarked upon this entire mission in the hopes of landing himself a scrag, smh.

      1. The guy is a simp who watched RP content to help with his game but didn’t like it
        So he figured by pandering to women he might get some sympathy *MEOW*
        He’s very thirsty for BW’s attention and response to all their comments it’s pathetic
        The truth is, they just view him as a pawn

        Aaron has three chocies

        1. Level up to get the women who wants (which he wont do)
        2. Become famous to get the woman he wants (which he failed to do)
        3. Marry a woman he does not want to marry, Aaron’s prospects are currently very slim and I know this has to hurt his poor little delusional soul


    Hey guys, I found the obituary for the late Aaron Gregory Fountain, Sr., the fake academic’s father; I see the elder Fountain and I share the same birthplace. You can scroll all the way to the bottom of the page and you’ll find Fountain Top left the following comment:

    “After almost two weeks, it’s still hard for me to believe that my father is gone forever. All I can do know is to work my hardest to make him proud.”

    I wonder how his father would react if he were to see what he’s doing today with his stalking of the Black Manosphere and SYSBM.

  11. You will not see the last of him because he still post from the community tab from his channel.
    Also he got another channel called ‘Tracking the manosphere’ which he still does where he go after RedPill’s nuts.

    He his keeping a low profile. But he will still stalk and chat with other YouTubers just like he did with the divestors.

    Also he may still Tweet on Twitter.

    1. Sheriff X,

      Agreed, however now that the real agenda has been exposed and his true intentions have been brought to the forefront, he won’t be as prolific as he was before. Everybody now knows why he’s been relentlessly attacking SYSBM, The Black Manosphere and Red Pillers, it’s going to be a lot more difficult for him to manoeuvre about freely especially around black women.

  12. If ever there was a poster picture for “educated lame”, it must be Aaron Fountain.

    Based on his viewpoint in the snippet, he should be opposed to the entire black manosphere in general, not just SYSBM. He should be opposing Jason Black, Coach Greg Adams, and several others.

    It’s basically a concensus among bm that bw have a proven negative behaviour pattern, long past the point of stereotypes.

    With a PhD in History, he is an incredibly intellectually dishonest man. I wish David Carroll were alive to tear him a new one.

  13. Damn! Fountain looks so moist, he makes a swimming pool look like a sandbox.


  14. Aaron Fountain has to be the worse amateur journalist I ever dealt with. The guy will take private emails and try to make them public to manipulate his audience he will not show the part he emailed to you. This allows him to paint a narrative that he’s a victim or that you’re crazy. If he were to show both sides of the email it will show how delusional and needy he truly is(two youtube women have confirmed that he’s thristy on camera)

    2. He has stolen my copyrighted content (Youtube has taken 2 of my copyrighted videos of his page down). Yet he continues to reupload them in hopes of going viral. He’s very disingeous and says he’s doing this for research and to “expose” a certain space that I’m no longer affiliated with (manosphere). Yet his practices are NOT what professional journalist do I.e. make private emails public, harassas me on the phone (he has found out my phone number somehow and calls me repeatably like a weirdo that he is)

    3. Relating to this article, Aaron found lied about having a girlfriend he alluded to her being Asian however on an interview with Cboogie he was whining about women ghosting him on tinder because he doesn’t look like his picture. Aaron is not attractive (he has a gonzo nose, a receding hairline, no charisma, no humor, and a blazah blah personality, he’s very forgettable and likes to talk tough online but ain’t about that life) What journalists do you know posts selfies on their youtube community page? clearly he’s advertising for his female audience in hopes of catching the eye of one so he can fly them out or with his broke ass take the greyhound

    Aaron fountain is not a journalist not even amateur he’s an incel at best and a narcissistic disingenuous weirdo at worse. The guy couldn’t hack it as a journalists (cause his writing sucks) so he had to go on youtube and couldn’t hack it either (cause no one cares)

    1. SoloTV84,

      I never forget your collaboration with Aaron, it was a good debate.
      At first, he was a coward to chat with thinking brothers.
      After the collaboration, the thinking brother do now want do to detabe with him because he got all his feminist attack simps and bitter black hoes on the comments section talking all hate on you.

      It was like you in the arena with all the man-hating BW feminists fans just booing and attacking you from the crowd. His supporters are just discrugtled swirlers/diverstors. Some of his fans are Cynthia G’s supporters.

    2. Solotv84,

      Men like Aaron Fountain must NEVER be dealt with privately on any level, especially when it comes to written correspondence, any communications with him must be done in the open because of exactly what you said, he can manipulate the information to make you look like the villain and his knuckleheaded followers will believe everything he says without conducting their own independent research.

      The guy is 12 kegs short of a 6 pack, he needs some serious mental help but refuses to get any because he prefers to wallow in the pool of misery and denial. The dude is simply a slimy weasel and a disingenuous coward who loves to paint heterosexual black men who are all about improving their lives and helping others to do the same, in a bad light.

      As far as I’m concerned, he’s only exposing himself and his ridiculous “I’m trying my hardest to get a girlfriend via the persecution of productive black men” mission as the failures that both of them are. The guy is a dunce, he’s not going to go viral, he believed that SYSBM and other black digital spaces would be the key to his success, how has that worked out for him………exactly, it hasn’t.

      As far as I’m concerned based upon his clear and observable lack of communication and interaction skills with women, the guy has never had a girlfriend, much of his time is spent surfing porn sites beating his monkey to women he wishes he could connect with in real life.

      You shouldn’t have gone on his livestream, he took your decision to do that as a sign of weakness. The clown also invited me to take part in a livestream with him, however I flatly turned it down. He’s not my friend, he’s persecuted SYSBM since his arrival and really expected me to do an interview with him, the delusions of grandeur with the dude are very real.

      Aaron Fountain is a straight enemy of productive brothers, he is NOT the type of man that can be reconciled with, he is not a black man you can “squash the beef” with, he must always be kept at arms length at ALL TIMES.

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