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The Sorcery And Witchcraft Is Very Real – Part 2!


Indeed, pure lies and deception. When it comes to women and the clown face makeup phenomenon, black women by an extremely long stretch are the worst culprits by far spending copious amounts of money on these instruments of sorcery and witchcraft trying their hardest to look like completely different individuals.

I distinctly remember a point in time not so long ago where the most black women used on their faces was cocoa butter and nothing more, how times have changed so drastically and in such little time.

The cosmetics industry has performed a smack up job in brainwashing black women especially and other women to a lesser degree into feeling so insecure about themselves to the point where Max Factor, Maybelline, Revlon, Estee Lauder, L’Oreal, Rimmel etc have now become essential tools in the black female’s survival arsenal.

I really don’t understand these simpleton minded pro black simps who fall for these enchanting caked on colours on a black witch’s face, surely they know that once the fake up and the false eyelashes have been removed, that black siren will look nothing like the fantasy that was once before him.

The religion of clown face makeup has gone way too far and the simps are an instrumental part in this dysfunctional ritual spiralling out of control. In fact, I believe that everytime a black female or any other woman with construction site loads of makeup appears on the scene, the following theme should always be played:

Gentlemen, the above pictures speak for themselves, black women as a collective stay steeped in lies and deceit. What kind of mindset do you have to possess to the point where you’ll spray paint your entire face in different colours and believe that men of quality won’t question what you truly look like?

Your average black female looks no different to the court jester who back in the day would entertain the king having a face painted with many colours like the rainbow and additionally engaging in goofy, nonsensical behaviour trying to get a laugh out of the king, queen, other royal subjects, dignitaries as well as the servants and guards.

Clowns are for entertainment purposes only, they are to be laughed at, they aren’t to be taken seriously, so in like manner black women and any other females who engage in these clown face makeup rituals must be treated with the same regard. Don’t even get me started on the fact that most of these heifers above are also beast stamped up(tattooed) to the hilt.

Black women, the longest running joke in the history of the world who continue to clown themselves without any assistance from outsiders, however you already know like clockwork they’ll find some way to blame black men for the many insecurities inflicted upon them by General Blizzard and his cosmetics industry cronies.

Trust issues exist between black men and black women for many valid reasons, the photos above illustrate one of the main bones of contention. Out here talking about how they want “real men” yet they be literally looking like Pennywise, get outta here with that rubbish, lol. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Don’t Ask For A Real Man Looking As Fake As A $3 Bill

Most High Bless

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43 thoughts on “The Sorcery And Witchcraft Is Very Real – Part 2!

  1. Verbs 2015.

    Those black women at the above pictures look so horrid with that witchcraft makeup sorcery that it makes freddie kruger look like a amateur. This is the reason why black women are the least desired woman on the planet because no man in his right mind would want to date a woman that is looking fake from head to toe. I am so glad that I don’t date black women because I know my self worth and value as a SYSBM good looking black man who goes to the gym 3 days a week to build my muscles because I know that I can attract good looking childfree non black women.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      These women look totally horrific, not one of them looks attractive with or without the make up, let’s be honest, they look even worse with the clown face fixtures. This is sadly what the modern day black female has reduced herself to, a mannequin looking creature who has the audacity to demand a real man, lol.

      1. There is a reason why BW/WASPs have the reputation they do. And this fakeness has a lot to do with it. These same clowns go on Renegade Tribune and Gab with anti interracial dating hate speech and a doctrine straight out of the demented minds of Homo Nazi Vern and Chabad Chev from Azov Battalion, and wonder why people despise them.

        The likes of Azov Rabbi Rubin, 45 Calibur Bob, Dark Lord Rothschild and Baron Anglo can keep these low self esteem, racist black women and white betas as well as the cucks in the Kremlin.

        1. Gab never sat right with me. I’m glad you mentioned Gab as a refuge for “burn the coal” pure race incels, which includes the “cite your sources” white women cozying up to known Azov Neo Nazis to pair up with.

        2. Brendan Dubalos,

          The fakeness with black women has now gotten to ridiculous heights, I remember Tommy Sotomayor saying years ago that he hasn’t seen a true black woman since the 80s, all that walk the streets these days are as he calls them “Negropeans” and “Euroblacks”.

  2. But they call us SYSBM men “ugly” and “lame”. Make it make sense.

    1. Nothing these people do makes sense. They whine about white women, Asians and Latinas ‘stealing their jobs’ and breeding them out of existence due to Chabad Chev from the Azov Battalion, Lord Anglo and Baron Ebenstein, but these same clowns (BW/WASPs) bitching about ‘no good black men’ and ‘white genocide’ refuse to take action to improve the situation and stop dating and supporting murderous thugs, racist rabbis and bankers, greedy generals and corrupt intelligence agencies which are the actual cause of the problem, not black men dating out.

      It’s ironic that BW/white nationalists whine about the blood and soil crew oppressing them in the old days, yet I have seen white nationalists praising Umar Johnson and appearing on Reconquista Europa’s website (another delusional pro wack who panders to white betas by hating on Islam and ‘the Joos’, but wishes to see white people expelled to Eastern Europe and Russia. Constantly moans about white women stealing his jobs yet has nothing to say about the likes of Hindutva and the CCP using Israel to destabilize the world.) begging for support and views after Becky and Ming kicked them out of CNN and MSNPC for going on 4chan to give support for ‘burn the toll’.

      These black women and gullible WASPs are just the Atheism+ version of the Third Rome, Putin and Russia shilling, Pan-Slavic Soviet imperialist church beast pastors. Putting on tons upon tons of make up and weave just to try and imitate the white women who you claim are killing you off, no wonder black women and WASPs are now synonyms with ‘bottom of the barrel’, ‘entitlement’ and ‘delusion’.

      It explains where the incels got their mentality from.

      1. On one hand we have psychopaths amongst the elites in governments, military, police force, intelligience services, secret societies, united nations, world economic forum that want to destroy mankind of humanity as a whole.

        The other hand we have lower class people that hate our guts but also hate our white women.

        Every man for himself in this world.

        Every woman for herself in this world.

        Survival of a nuclear family with a white wifey must be protected from all sides at all cost.

        1. Damn straight. Rocking MrE called the BW/WASP nothing more than LARPers and I can see why. These clowns would praise Cecil Rhodes if he gave them a thumbs up on Gab, the previously mentioned megalomaniac tried his best to dehumanise thinking black men on the continent and used beta white men as technical labor.

          Where is the uproar from Shaniqua and Brad on that, or Israel supporting both Russia and Ukraine to America’s detriment to fit it to current affairs? You won’t find any because all these people can focus on is dick policing and trying to be cool.

          A Asian woman whose blog I sometimes read stated that BW/WASP have a strong sense of entitlement and think they should have their own way all the time. She also pointed out that seinen anime/manga/LN community is being seen as a bunch of weirdos due to the stupidity, ship wars and drama brought there by Soviet church beast shills and faux-liberal black female/WASPs and the latters’ various groupies such as Azov Battalion, LGBTQ+, etc, bringing their beefs into the fandom.

          Verbs’ comment about these people being mentally ill is so true. How else do you explain the fake tough mentality a lot of these BW/WASP have, the hatred of black men leaving the plantation, the sexual communism and national socialism of fake race pride, and so on?

          Even the likes of CDU in Germany avoid this sort of nonsense, and focus on building up the BRD, making sure vassal states like Croatia and Bonisia don’t collapse as well as keeping the stability of Europe together. The propaganda, slogans and street battalions of the 1933-1945 are left to groups like Die Ditter Weg and the NPD which are run in such a way to ensure plausible deniability.

          I despise their politics and their racist philosophy, but Chabad and Brussels know how to handle business.

          BW/WASPs do the opposite, they fight everyone around them and blame their problems on boogeymen which were created from their failings. Their newest complaint are the kids turning to WorldStarHipHop, Soviet Stormer and Zion Fraudson and being a menace to society due to them, as well as ‘the Jews’ and ‘the man’ genociding them with white women dating black men, but who jumped in WW1 to save ‘mother England”s ass, allowed the borders to remain open and along with the Soviets, raped and oppressed the Third World and let rabbis mad that Hitler was defeated run their nations again?

          This is why white women used the open borders policy and feminism of the far right to seize control of the left and its WN arm and use it to their purposes. Black women and white betas were too busy fighting wars for Israel, kicking black men out of the house to maintain power and wasting time battling the Soviet cucks and their beast churches over the scraps of the Russian Empire to notice that they were being replaced.

          Low self-esteem delusional racists, whether Pentagon/Langely or Kremlin alinged, need to be left to ‘blood and soil’ simps like Brandon Martinez who exploit their stupidity to get views and attention, Chabad Chev from Azov Battalion, Lord Anglo, Missa Chin and Baron Eiberstein.

    2. Robert Chavis,

      It’s pure projection on their part, SYSBM practitioners aren’t out here gluing European style weaves and wigs to our heads to make ourselves look white, additionally we aren’t slamming our faces into a bucketloads of powder trying to look like somebody else either. Lame is trying your utmost to hide you natural looks, black men aren’t doing that, BLACK WOMEN ARE however.

  3. These women want to be just like Cardio B,Nicki Minaj,Meg The Stallion,Doja Cat,Rubi Rose etc that it’s Overwhelmingly Ridiculous.I’ve seen pictures of Cardio B without makeup and she looks Terrifying.I’m quite sure all the other female stars I mentioned look like Death without their makeup as well.Black women no matter where they are in the world that are doing this constantly stay losing and don’t even care.

    1. ‘Cardio B’. Good one. These black women stay losing, no wonder Azov Rabbi Rubin and Lord Anglo decided to get rid of them and white betas after stroking their egos. Weaved up to the hilt, fake as F and overweight yet it’s black men’s fault. What a joke.

      These western BW/WASPs are the UK/USA version of our deadbeat dads and the ‘gyalist’ culture in Jamaica. Different gender and places but same result of broken homes and unwanted children who are a easy target for Rabbi Rubin and Homo Nazi Vern to manipulate using MK-ULTRA into mass shooters or be lead astray towards Richard Spencer and the Soviet Stormer so they can join the Proud Boys, in the case of the US. The Jamaican version of that is gang grooming of young boys into deadly killers.

    2. Robert,

      Cardio B, lol. B without makeup looks like a completely different creature as do most of these black female celebrities. Makeup is the crutch they and black women in general use to escape reality, for the few hours they’re able to walk around looking like circus clowns, they feel so confident and on top of the world, as soon as that makeup comes off however, the ugly reality of who they really are slams home like a ton of bricks.

  4. Verbs, do you mind? I’m trying to have my lunch…

    From now on, never let a Generation X simp pander bear with illusions of dumb struggle love EVER talk shit about colourism, when all the women make up examples appear FIVE SHADES LIGHTER. Colourism is a black female trait and in typical communist fashion, accuse the other of what THEY are.

    Forget about the colourism shame tactic and go straight to white (Asian, desi, Latinas etc) women, do collect £200. SYSBM for the win.

    1. Michel,

      When black women accuse black men of engaging in colourism, guaranteed every time they deliberately ignore the “I’m trying to make my face look lighter” practice they regularly participate in. Remember what Professor Trick Daddy mentioned, how these heifers are paying $150 to get all of that powder spray painted on their faces in order to look lighter. What a waste.

  5. These blk queans are using makeup to hide their piss poor genetics but even when they’re not wearing said makeup, the blk men in their circle will still chase after them because said men can’t do any better outside of what they were born and raised around.

    1. BrotherDanUnlimited,

      Black women never used to look this coarse and rough because they somewhat used to took care of themselves, how times have changed. The simps can have them.

  6. And mfs still cant let this BW go. This is for the few not the many and it’s quite clear.

    1. Autodidact,

      The simps will get so excited and be ready to cuff these women up whenever they see them in clown face. Like I’ve stated before, outside of be bewitched, I don’t understand why so many black men still choose to deal with these creatures.

  7. I notice sometimes especially the one with the red with makeup got a face which looks like Gordon from Thomas the Tank Engine and the other one looks like from Avatar film, the blue species with makeup.

      1. Yep, that is the one, you can even match one of the BW makeup photos.

  8. Lies! Deceptions! You know what the funny thing is? Every last one of them look much worse after they applied the witchcraft face paint! How do you manage to look worse after applying makeup? I also noticed the makeup witchcraft not only lightened their complexion, but altered their facial features; the contour of their noses look more narrow and ‘Eurocentric’, but they swear White women are trying to imitate their looks. Just this week, I saw a video on IG where this daggle kept switching between shots of her with makeup and other external appendages versus shots without any of them.

    This is what I would call the “Gremlin Effect”; at first glimpse, most maggles would find them attractive, but underneath the makeup is hidden the most grotesque visage; despite the obvious ugliness, maggles would still hit it! SYSBM will always be for the few thinking brothers; if you need anymore reason as to why you must save yourself, Verbs just provided a 17,000 word essay* to help you make up your mind. I pray that more brothers will make the right choice. #SYSBM

    *If you haven’t already figured it out, the photos attached to this article are each worth a thousand words, and I didn’t enjoy any of it.

    1. Blue Collar Trevor,

      The thing is, because of these simps gassing up the heads of these women, they now believe it’s a normal practice to spray paint their faces to the degree of circus clowns and walk the streets as if they’re going to a fancy dress party or a Halloween gathering.

      I’m glad you pointed out the narrower nose feature using the makeup, we already know that most black women hate being black and despise their black features, yet at the same time they have the audacity to call us sellouts, coons and Uncle Toms just for choosing to deal with women from other ethnic backgrounds, make that make sense.

      Just look at the black witch of Scalp Summit Cynthia G, yet another example of a black female who uses extremely heavy amounts of makeup to make herself look lighter, smh.

  9. Some of those chicks look like male dopeheads in wigs and HIV patients without makeup. Damn man, only BW need this much makeup to just look half way decent.

    1. I have seen heavily made up Latina and White women, it’s not just Black women. As I said, this is a problem with 5’s and 4’s. They want to be wives and mothers as well, they have to do something in a society that increasingly puts importance on physical attractiveness.

      To complain about it is assuming that the majority of Black women are attractive. The vast majority are NOT. That puts a premium on the attractive women which still put them 4th on the attractiveness scale.

      Not to mention the problem is skin tone. Black men more often than not date women of lighter skin tone than they are.

      Now this is the main SYSBM channel. That said the problem has been and continues to be Gen X, not Gen Y, Gen Z or Gen Next.

      They still want to be around Black people, they still want more or less Black women or darker skinned women (claiming to be more attractive to dark skin, olive skin, etc) because that is not marrying a White woman IE the enemy

      Gen X are still pining for Black women, darker skin women, etc. They want to save the Black Community even if they say they aren’t interested. That is okay if that is all you know, all you have known is living around majority Black people, I get it.

      Gen X spends hours online looking for negotiation tactics by watching BGS-IMOR for example.

      I don’t see highly confident men complaining about makeup because the women they date aren’t wearing much to start with.

  10. I wouldn’t call it witchcraft and here’s why –

    1) Women that aren’t as attractive as other women have to do something to increase their odds of finding a long term relationship.

    2) Men can detect (at least I can) when women wear too much makeup and they are easy to avoid. Now ninjas in the hood can’t avoid these women, that is too bad for them. They need to learn the proper way to separate the trash from the good crop.

    3) Because of #2, I have never fallen for the looks good in makeup only, do the deed and then she runs to the bathroom when daylight comes as if she’s a vampire.

    4) Only pick naturally attractive women, this is not difficult and you will have to ask lots of women out on dates before one says yes. That means you won’t settle; Overseas it is more likely to get laid than less likely. If you need relief, that is not an issue in Latin America, Asia or the majority of Europe. Get yourself in a good mental state and then go after naturally attractive women.

    These women require very little to no makeup. What makeup they do wear enhances, not changes or covers up. That is what average and below average looking women are doing with makeup which is change they appearance.

    Today with all the tutorials online this is easier to do, so I am not surprised more women are able to pull it off.

    Again this doesn’t effect me because I don’t find heavy makeup use attractive. Sure that means I am single and sexless more often than not, but when I do succeed she’s no less than a seven.

    I understand highlighting some of this and warning Black men. I just had to say that it’s totally avoidable.

    1. Anthony,

      Remember, the ability to detect too much makeup doesn’t take away from the act still being a form of witchcraft, sorcery and deception, it simply means that you’re not suckered in by it and can see through the lie.

      I feel the issue with free thinking black men isn’t so much not being able to avoid cake faced females, it’s more a case of so many women nowadays leaning so heavily upon the clown face ritual to the point where in some cases it can be difficult running into a woman who doesn’t wear any makeup or at least not much of it.

      Even in many of these foreign countries I see an increasing number of women going down the same clown face route as Western women, though I’d have to say the numbers aren’t to the same degree, yet, thus at the moment you do stand more of a chance of running into a naturally attractive woman abroad despite that minor setback.

      1. Agreed Verbs.

        More average looking women are doing it across the board. As I said they have to do something, they want to be picked, wives and mothers as well. They figure to make men pick them on dating sites, out at the club/disco/bar, etc is to cover up all their flaws.

        This includes control top leggings and the rest of it.

        Some men will bite the bullet and just deal with it as something that has to be done increasingly as they age, don’t want to make difficult decisions, looking gift horses in the mouth, etc, etc.

        I sort of see this the same as some men picking BBW’s. If that Stargate will treat you right, no problem here.

  11. Verbs2015,
    All this Self-Hating talk that Comes from Black Women When it Comes to Shaming, Berating & Browbeating Black Men is Ridiculous. Cause as you Can See, It’s Not Black Men Who are Going to these Asian Beauty Shop’s & Blowing a Ton of Dollars to Make themselves look more European, But Then again, Some of the Women in those Photos Look like Crackhead Men Who Traded in Their Manhood & Decided to Go Down the RuPaul Direction & go from He’s to She’s. Hence Another Reason Why Brotha’s are Choosing Caucasian Females, Because if Your Gonna go for a European Female, Then it’s Best to go for the Real Thing instead of a Cheep Knockoff. #SYSBM For Life!!!

    1. Shawn Swint,

      The amount of money black women slam into the hands of East Asians is off the damn chain, and at the same time these are the same ungrateful harriets talking about black men being weak because supposedly “we haven’t built anything”.

      Only a knucklehead would build for a group of females who will thereafter take the money and resources generated and squander them in the communities of East Asians in their efforts trying to look like white women, smh.

  12. Weave and make up with black women and I mean a lot of makeup. This is nothing but witch craft when it comes to the scraggle daggles. When I walk down the street and I see nothing but black women not only wearing weave but they wearing makeup. I don’t see no natural black woman anymore. All I see is weave and makeup. And you know these scraggle daggles can cast spells and shit. The spell they will cast is when they throw the punany in a man’s face. There are tones of thirsty dudes that get seduced by this scraggle daggle witch. It won’t happen to me. Oh no, I turn the tables around but I don’t wanna be with them. I’m good mate. Black women spend over seven billion pounds of weave every year trying to compete with the white woman, he biggest arch rival. And now, they have makeup and them long eye lashes as well. These simps say that these women are beautiful until the makeup is off. but at the end of they, these simps are no wanted by these scraggle daggles.

    Hey, keep your white sugar honey safe all the time because these simps and their scragglies are coming after non black women.


    1. Money Cultural,

      Men of quality aren’t interested in weaves, wigs, makeup, fake eyelashes, fake nails, tattoos etc, they see a female exhibiting all of that stuff and simply give her an extremely wide berth. It’s shocking how much money black women as a collective spend on all of that garbage in their efforts to look like white women. As commenter Shawn Swint said, why go for the fake wannabe white woman in black skin when you can simply go for the original?

      1. All I see is black women wearing weave. And makeup! Back in the day black women use to use coca butter but that was back in the day. Now they are just caked up and wearing weave. Black beauty is really gone. It looks like it’s despaired. When thinking black men talk about the appearance of black women, these simps will come after them while these ratchet black women are lusting for the thugs they prefer.

        1. They use makeup to contour the shape of their nose and other features. Tommy Sotomayor highlighted this phenomenon years ago.

          Black women are ashamed of how they look because the default culture of the US/UK/CA, for every one dark skin women they will use to push products will use a White woman four or five more times. Many ad campaigns are still majority White despite the corporate Woky Woke that BLM and Black women in general got behind.

          Especially out of the murder of George Floyd, once again who benefits? Black women

          Black men did not get one benefit, not one.

          1. Black women are the most insecure women on the planet. When I walk in the street, I see black women wearing this long weave just to copy the white woman’s hairstyle. There are some black women that have natural hair but it’s rare seeing a black women having her own hair. A black woman with weave is like a rare sports car. It’s made in small numbers and we don’t see on the roads because of it’s rareness.

  13. As mentioned, notice that they all end up lighter after applying their flesh mask. And no, it’s not bLaCk MeN making them doing it, cuz what black man is asking them to apply 17 layers of this crap to where you have to play Dig Dug just to find their actual nose?

    Colorism my ass, BLACK WOMEN hate black women, and they hate being black women even more. None of these chicks look good with or without makeup, which is saying something. I understand ugly chicks want and need a little help in the looks department, but how about actually looking good?

    Again, this is one of the most unspoken of reasons for all of the rife homosexuality in dah communitah. These fruits and banjees are basically black women anyways, just without the uterus!

    1. They can’t make themselves look attractive that is the problem.

      Scientist have told everybody what men find attractive. The issue is Black women generally don’t have those features and typically only when mixed with other ethnic groups. Same with Black men who rarely have a square jaw line.

      How many have been run out of the room when they have made this point in public?

      The next issue is color because as I said above, said other times around here is that Black women as children were often made fun of by other Black women generally. Just as dark skin Black women assume attractive light skin Black women or mixed women are stuck up and need to be knocked down a peg which is the main reason why they are attacked, beat up, hair pulled, etc.

      This is just among the list of many realities that the mainstream media and politicians are loathe to tackle.

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