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Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

Brothers, I was checking out the reviews of the SYSBM book on Amazon and like clockwork, it didn’t take long for an Agent Smith(as commenter Schadenfreude labels them) of the gynocentric plantation to rear his deceitful head, check this out:

Let’s observe and take notes on the sleight of hand witchcraft and sorcery taking place here brothers. Notice how this male feminist weasel first attempts to come across as indifferent and impartial to the SYSBM philosophy, however as you read further into the review, his true intentions are eventually revealed.

Notice how he came with the usual “not all black women” mantra, yet no-where was it written in the book that all black women are write offs. The official SYSBM position is since so called “good black women” are extremely few and far between, they cannot be considered as quality stargates, this was clarified in MDB’s livestream, Can An ABW Be A Good Stargate:

Then this clown talked about not being fooled by pictures, however in the past I’ve posted many links to long term interracial couples on YouTube, thus his argument of the photos being from proms only simply doesn’t cut it. Here a just a few of them:

Since this dude requires “proof” of long term interracial couples, the evidence has been supplied above. The overall theme of the above Amazon review is to “hold out for the unicorn black female” who is NEVER COMING. This agent Smith on the slick is attempting to get black men to return to the plantation because these blue pilled, black male simps know full well and observe that black men with sense and intelligence are checking out of the building by the truckloads.

Finally, notice how these “not all black women are like that” advocates never seem to point you in the direction of black women who supposedly don’t fit the dysfunctional and ratchet demographic. If there are indeed black women out there who are attractive, in shape, feminine, child free, morally sound, traditional etc, why is it these guys can never point black men in the direction of them, I’ll wait?

Then the guy brought up so called “colourism”, how much more did you need to read after that in order to understand that this dude is an agent sent in directly by the black witch’s coven?

I keep on telling you brothers, these guys who still choose to deal with black women are forced to compromise heavily, don’t fall for this “not all black women” Texas Two Step from these compromised Agent Smith type Negro males. SYSBM till the wheels fall off and even then we’re well prepare to roll on rims and watch the sparks fly. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

Stay Individual(In Your Mind)

Most High Bless

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51 thoughts on “Free Topic/Open Mic Wednesday!

  1. Gentlemen,

    If these “not all black women are like that” court jesting minstrels can’t point you towards a plentiful supply of observable examples, don’t even pay them any mind. Week in and week out I provide black men with observable data demonstrating why expanding upon one’s dating options is a better option for them, yet these “not all black women are like that” clowns can only appeal to emotions, they fail time and time again to substantiate their position with hard evidence. The fake academic Aaron Fountain was a prime example of this failure.

    1. Babatunde, just simply go to the whitewomen_blackmen_in_love IG account and it totally destroys his effeminate logic.

        1. Or worse he would call fetishes of Black men or White women or sex between them (IR).

          I’ve always said that Black men can increase the pool of Black women by including other BW from the diaspora at their own risk, but then you aren’t SYSBM which some Black men are taken aback by it.

          “I love BW and only look outside the Anglo Saxon sphere of influence, why would I be excluded from the club?”

          Here’s why at the end of the day these women are still Black women.

          Still 4th in line in terms of attractiveness which plays itself off in all sorts of ways socially. In something you can see, so few BW in high management rolls but dominate middle management rolls, in other words the people that impact decision making.

          Take what happen to Ryan Coogler recently which could have been disastrous.

          The fact that so many Black men have been turned away from Government contracts which has been identified is just another in multitude of reasons to keep them OUT OF THE GROUP.

          Groups are destroyed from WITHIN, not by outsiders. Keeping them out, keeps the RISK to something we can easily identify.

        2. Exactly, their “coping mechanism” rebuttals are absolutely hilarious 🤣

  2. Also bear in mind, if you live outside of London (or any major European city) the only suitable females available are going to be non-Black. There are far more attractive white women out there that will eventually match you. So Simp Blue Balls’ advice is impractical if you truly want to start a family from scratch.

    Blue Balls will forever be holding out as he is low on the dating totem pole. Give it two years and he’ll further embarrass his manhood by playing step daddy to a single mother – and he’ll be proud to clean up, so who are we to say otherwise?

    Follow Blue Balls’ advice and you’ll pay through the nose, financially and energetically. Save yourself and live a much healthier life.

    1. Michel,

      I feel that this is what these “not all black women are like that” pundits really want, free thinking brother to transform themselves into clean up men, swoop down and scoop up these single mothers who have been abandoned by Slim Sauce, Two Snacks, Shorty Fist and Field Mouse.

      These younger generations of black men just aren’t listening to this “hold on for the unicorn” garbage plus they also mention how black women and young black girls are extremely hostile towards them as well.

      I tell black men week in and week out to date out and I bring hard data to the table showing them why they would be better off doing so.

      As we already know most choose not to listen, however that’s on them. These “hold on for the unicorn black female” clowns on the flip side never bring forward any evidence to demonstrate why black men should hold out for a “queenie”, smh.

      1. Exactly this nonsense is landing on deaf ears. Gen Z has left the building, isn’t coming back and ensures the demise of the current “Black Community”. In its place will rise a multicultural and skin tone community called “People of Color” which is the evolution of society anyway.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    This Pro black simp is a muppet and a fucking idiot when he is trying to say that relationships between black men and non black women only last in the high school years and not beyond those years and you debunked those myths when you have shown lots of youtube links in this particular article showing that black men and non black women relationships lasts well after the high school years to the point where these couples get married and have kids together to create their own nuclear families so that they have a happy life together. What annoys me about these pro blacks is that they give this stupid fairy tail talk that there is a good unicorn black women out there for all black men and that we SYSBM black men are looking in the wrong places for this so called unicorn black women which is utter bullshit because no matter what type of black women whether they are the hood rat black women or the educated black women with 4 university degrees they always make the same stupid life choices when they have kids with the worst type of black men ever and they also have multiple kids from multiple wutless thug baby daddys, they look ugly, fat and they have hit the wall past 30 and these pro blacks want us SYSBM black men to go back to the black community and wife up these single mother black chick’s and be the clean up man for their bastard kids. Get the fuck out of here with that bullshit. When this sort of thing happens on a daily basis when every type of black women are giving their best sexual prime years(18 to 30) to the wrong type of black men, decent black men and SYSBM black men like ourselves have no other alternative but to date outside of our race and date beautiful quality childfree non black women who love and appreciate us for who we are and not what we are trying to be. There is this youtube channel called Black Betterment Broadcast which is hosted by Rap Raven who took a video clip on the 19th November 2021 from my YouTube channel and took a video clip from Money Culturals YouTube channel on talking about our particular reasons why we are SYSBM black men and the reasons why we choose to date non black women and the panel on that livestream was invalidating our lifelong bad experiences with black women and they are dissing us and that we are making excuses for the reasons why we choose not to date black women and they are also saying that the divesters/swirlers movement and SYSBM groups are the same as we are not because Verbs you left a comment on that particular video livestream saying that the ideas of SYSBM black men and the ideas divestment/swirlers groups are completely different. The Black Betterment Broadcast video livestream had a solution to rebuild the black community in that SYSBM black men and Divestment/Swirlers should get together and have kids together to rebuild the black community and fix its fuck ups and that is never going to happen because the divestment/swirlers group hate decent black men and SYSBM black men so this Black Betterment Broadcast YouTube channel which is hosted by Rap Raven is living in dream land if he thinks that is ever going to happen. Like I said before Verbs I refuse to date black women and I have walked away from the black community a long time ago because it is dead and I have not regretted it one bit. Even my own step mum hates the black community and that is one of the main reasons why she decided to move from North London to Essex.

      1. Michel.

        Yep. I love using the word wutless because it is so retro and old school.

        1. Me: Mi nah tek care of a next man pickney!
          Simp: But Donovan, the pickney them need a father. Them need a new daddy!
          Me: Ah what the bomba claat you ah tell mi that them need a new father!?
          Next man’s Child: Daddy, I love you!
          Me: Mi momma! Your not my child. You will never be the heir to the throne! Yo Latiesha, tell your yute to don’t call me him father! Bomba whole!

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      You wrote an entire essay here bro, lol. The part that these pro blacks don’t seem to understand is the fact that black women as a collective don’t like productive black men and have expressed this sentiment time and time again.

      How are you supposed to build with a group of females who aren’t interested in getting with you to begin with?

      You’ll notice that these red, black and green pyramid heads can never seem to answer that question, it’s almost as if they want you to force yourself onto black women, what kind of crazy and ludicrous solution is that?

      Swirlers want non black men, once again do you see how their suggestions for black men and black women to get together typically don’t make any sense?

      As I always say, black men should go where they’ll be loved and appreciated, not tolerated and hated. Black love is now represented by a dead and decomposing copse and black women were the ones who killed it.

    1. Can’t have been the vaq… 😶 Must have been the $7 a litre petrol/gas. That’s it…

      Notice the Pfyzer campus completely empty, nobody present, no parked cars. I’m betting no incriminating documents either…


    Good on the Russians for being rid of Mickey D’s, but I don’t think leftists especially realize the gravity of this. Economic soft power is HUGE and pivotal in the world stage, it’s really diplomacy in a way. Why else has Korea gotten so big? K-pop and k-dramas.

    By losing this and coke (Cokta is way better anyways), Russians will turn to their own brands. America also loses a lot in doing so.

  5. This effeminate Pander Pimping SIMP clown simply cannot decouple his lips from the Weave Walkers breast🤣🤣

    So let me get this straight, for the past 8 years ALL of the pictures that MBD has shown of Black Men and White Women are not actual relationships but are “prom pictures”?🤣 He truly needs to seek PSYCHIATRIC COUNSELLING for his acute case of Cognitive Dissonance‼️ So if that’s the case, then how does he explain the Tiktok videos? I’LL WAIT🤣
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼👸🏼

    1. Took words out of my mouth.

      Most blackistan males like him can’t date a natural woman by default cause of his single mother brainwashing him.

      I’ve always been on the winning team of white women while they continue to be on the losing team forever.

    2. TeamWhiteGirls,

      He’d probably say that the TikTok videos are CGI or created with some sort of similar special effects, lol. You already know these deniers, they’ll conjure up any crazy explanation and push that forward rather than believe and accept the obvious truth.

  6. Good Open Topic Wednesday,

    It has been awhile since I’ve posted on this wonderful site.

    I want to piggy back on a recent Slaying Evil article entitled “Black Male Privilege? Where Is It, Please Show Me!”

    I’ve stated here many times before that the average stereotypical BW quean wants to be the all-in-one black man, white woman and white man because she envies the so-called privileges (aka gifts) that these three possess. For these BW queans being the womb that birth the universe, all life in it according to pseudo Egypt African doctrinal fables and people want to be them, they sure don’t show it when they’re envious of her universe’s top three creations mentioned above.

  7. It has been over four years since she was charged with murder in January 2018, but that charge was set aside. I saw in a conversion on Facebook of her girlfriends trying to defend her by claiming she didn’t do it but they didn’t have the facts. A mutual Facebook friend I knew since the 6th grade, he asked her friends on the platform “Did anybody she knew did the crime?” Her friends was silent on that. Yes, I’ve seen her around school from time to time when I attended high school and she was in a grade below me.

    There wasn’t any interactions between me and her and I didn’t know what her name was until this news came across my computer screen less than 30 days before 2019.

  8. If I didn’t know better, I’d say the Ukraine situation is Putin cleaning house in order to retake the country and the West is giving him the green light – namely by exposing Deep State scum. It wasn’t a mistake that Pedo Joe, Killary, Crazy Nancy and Crackhead Hunter were reverse sanctioned by Russia – once those same sanctions extend across the border, we’ll all find out how balls deep the useless puppets are involved in with drug running, kiddy fiddling and kiddy trafficking.

    Let’s also recognise that Putin should receive the Nobel Peace Prize for ending Convid. праздником!, da?

    1. Once Hilary was mentioned, and she’s not even in this regime, you know the jig is up. Ukraine has long since been the world’s whorehouse, and now it’s chickens are coming home to roost.

      Again, Eastern Europe is the future of Europe.

      1. I stand with Taiwan. (including their own bio weapons labs)

        Said no virtue signaller ever…

  9. On February 23th, 2022, I was at my first jury duty. It was a criminal drug one featuring a blk pookie with priors of cocaine on 1/22/2014 and crack cocaine and fentanyl charge back on 12/6/2020 around his 37th birthday. His mom came from Philadelphia and his aunt from somewhere admitted he done drugs like shooting up and they didn’t want for him to go to jail. He got a 2nd degree charge for the intent of distribution of both cocaine and fentanyl where the police found the car he was driving in the driver’s seat passed out and high and the drugs was in it with 2 or 3 car tags in the backseat. The car wasn’t his and it is believed that it could’ve been someone else’s drugs but he didn’t speak on his behalf. His defense attorney didn’t help him much.

    * He had two bags of C.C. and about 10 small baggies of fentanyl. I saw the police cam footage during the trail.

    * The verdict was unanimous, guilty. Some of the jurors think this guilty plea will wake him up and change his ways before he turns 40 next December.

    * The dude served 3 of a 10-year sentence from 2014-2017. The question is what he was doing from 2017, 2018 & 2019. In 2020, he got a $600 stimulus check and allegedly spent on drugs. The night he was arrested, a police call came in about a car accident and when they found him in the car, 3 of 4 tires were intact and the police found measuring scales in the backseat.

    The drugs he had has a possible street value in the thousands and he doesn’t have a job. How did afford those drugs? He was also found with 💲💲💲 dough bills in his street coat and the backseat. His aunt said he worked for his uncle for a little bit (non-drugs).

  10. Happy Open Mic Wednesday! I see we have a blue pilled simp using the same old talking points that we’ve heard from the scraggle daggle; I also can’t ignore how he used air quotes when talking about Black males and their preference for non Black women (as if we’re using that as a smokescreen). Also, his notion that the pictures used by MBD in his slideshows are all just “prom pictures” sounds like Synthetic G when she said Black men were paying White women to take pictures with them; these delusional clowns will conjure up any old thought and convince themselves that it’s the truth. Whether he likes it or not, SYSBM will continue to grow and I look forward to seeing more of those “prom pictures” in future works by MBD.

    Now, for some vital news that won’t make it to the mainstream media:

  11. SYSBM will eat you simps for breakfast!

    Don’t be surprised that a simp did a review of the book. All the simp is good for is to look after a next man’s child or children while come after black men who are with non black women. When a black men criticize something what a black man is doing or about to do something, he’s about to put him down. This is a tactic what these feminised black men use all the time while they are chasing women that are dysfunctional. There are now more and more simps out there now and they coming after guys like me.

    Keep your white sugar honey safe all night because these simps and the scraggle daggles are coming after non black women.


  12. I want a son. I want a son that looks like my youngest nephew. But here, the woman will give a child to me and the kid has a father already and he’s a dead beat. I will say “That little boy ain’t the heir to the throne. Him nah go sit pan it you know. Not a rass!”

    Mi done!


    Will India truly become the next Asian superpower? One advantage they have is the different “states,” like in the us, which can have their own jurisdiction.

    Likewise, I foresee China, Russia and Indian forming Voltron and eating America’s lunch with ease.

    I don’t blame the Indians for supporting Russia either.

    1. Ain’t that the truth. Even the middle tier city of Coventry in England was supposed to have suspended their twinned city association with Volgrograd. Coventry told campaigners to go eat shit and die.

      Just to offer BBC style “balance” of opinion: I stand with Putin and I stand with Russia 🇷🇺

  14. “Buh, what about muh divorce rates between black men and white women?”

  15. What happened to old angry dude’s comments above? Was he the second coming of Black Caesar?

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