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Black Male Privilege? Where Is It, Please Show Me!


Anybody with half a brain can be honest and say that white women can and do take advantage of the system their male counterparts have set up, however I really cannot see how black men are on an equal playing field when it comes to this so called “privilege”.

I remember asking this same question a few years ago and brothers back then didn’t have an answer, what exactly is black male privilege? Additionally, a further question based upon what the bonnet wearing black siren stated, how do black men as a collective take advantage of black women and benefit from so called “black female oppression”, I’ll wait?

I know exactly what this so called “privilege” boils down to, the mystery is now solved. Anything black men can do with ease or little difficulty that black women struggle with or any attention we receive they aren’t getting equal amounts of, in the disjointed minds of these modern day black females, we are automatically labelled as having some sort of magical “privilege”.

For example, when it comes down to interracial dating, black men have a far easier experience than their female counterparts, however this position has absolutely nothing to do with privilege, this is simply due to the fact that black men as a collective are far easier to get along with and can adapt to different environments without effort as opposed to most black women who much prefer sliding down Victimhood Avenue and expect everybody to adjust and cater towards them.

The bottom line is black men in general, free thinking black men in particular aren’t afraid of getting their hands dirty ie putting in the hard work and doing what needs to be done in order to bring about the positive results they desire. Black women on the other hand due to their mutant feminist mindset are the most lazy individuals on the planet, they expect everything to be handed down to them on a silver platter and get quite angry if you tell them otherwise.

Most black men unfortunately will forever refuse to accept the fact that black women will always have negative labels to throw at them and will always see their male counterparts as the enemy as long as we’re receiving more ATTENTION than they are.

In the mind of the modern day black female there will ALWAYS be “problems” with the modern day black man, problems in her eyes he’ll NEVER be able to resolve. True SYSBM practitioners recognise this dysfunctional thought process, hence why we continually advise black men with sense and intelligence to expand upon their dating options ie leave the members of the angry and bitter black sisterhood of failure alone and explore new pastures.

What power does any black man have to uphold a system of oppression that negatively affects black women? Do you see how dumb the overwhelming majority of black women have become and why more black men are choosing to give them a wide berth?

Things are currently so bad in black female society now it’s gotten to a point where black women are resorting to rattling off pure nonsense and gibberish just so that somebody will look in their direction and pay them some sort of attention, smh.

The bottom line is as stated before unlike black men black women because of their ultra feminist mindset simply can’t adapt to different environments, they know this and so instead they choose to whine, moan and complain hoping that somebody will feel sorry for them and give them a leg up(attention, which if they receive they won’t show any appreciation for either).

Gentlemen, the message remains the same, save yourselves from these delusional black harriets, as I continue to harp on again and again, those black men who refuse to read and accept the writing on the wall concerning this modern day black female only have themselves to blame when their hands are bitten.

Don’t ever get hoodwinked by this propaganda being put out there by these black female feminist swamp rats, there is no black male privilege, black women are simply jealous and envious of the attention we get coupled with the fact that black men possess the essential skills required in order to intermingle with other groups as well as manoeuvre smoothly through different spaces and landscapes. #SYSBM

The Deprogramming And Decontamination Process Continues

There’s No Such Thing As Black Male Privilege, Don’t Believe The Hype

Most High Bless

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35 thoughts on “Black Male Privilege? Where Is It, Please Show Me!

  1. Are black men privileged by getting the beatings from the cops that black women deserve? How about NOT being the diversity hires that black women constantly are, getting paid big bucks to do make-work jobs? Don’t even get started on interracial relationships……

    Black WOMEN are the most privileged and coddled class EVER besides white men, basically because they’re used as battering rams AGAINST black society. Notice that even with white conservatives, it’s “fatherless homes” that’s the problem, but not the black whores who make them! You’ll NEVER see Candace Owens or that Klasyck whore mention that!

    Black women want to be felt sorry for, yet their actions make them utterly impossible to pity.

    1. Afrofuturism1,

      The real issue here is the fact that black women as a group despite all of the privileges and benefits they receive from the State still aren’t getting the attention they so desperately crave, this is the main reason why they’re all of a sudden conjuring up these wild fables, myths, urban legends and old wives tales concerning so called “black male privilege”.

      Simply replace the word “privilege” with the word “attention” and we immediately get to see what black women really have an issue with, it’s as plain as day. If they were getting the same amount of attention we receive, they’d still be griping and moaning but I guarantee not to the same degree.

      Nobody wants to associate with black women because everywhere they go they deliberately instigate trouble just in order to get some attention, who wants to converse and intermingle with a group of females who engage in such outlandish, foolish and ridiculous antics? NOBODY!

      1. Black women have been showed to slide up and down street signs like strippers before shitting just to get some attention. They can’t do anything actually constructive, but if it gets attention, why not shit, throw shit, eat shit and cause shit?!!!

      2. “Simply replace the word “privilege” with the word “attention” and we immediately get to see what black women really have an issue with, it’s as plain as day. If they were getting the same amount of attention we receive, they’d still be griping and moaning but I guarantee not to the same degree.”

        Well said, we see the lengths that BW go to just to get someone to pay attention to them. Covering themselves in tattoos, fake hair/eyelashes/nails, dressing like hookers, twerking and doing other sexual dances in public, being loud, etc. A lot of them are undesirable and some are just plain ugly, if they weren’t doing things like that people wouldn’t even see them.

        McDonalds locations doesn’t need much to get people to see them, just the golden arches sign, but the ghetto gas station/”food” store has to have neon lights, balloon men, obnoxious signs, music, etc. to get people to look at it. A lot of BW are the ghetto gas station.

    2. “Black women want to be felt sorry for, yet their actions make them utterly impossible to pity.”

      Exactly. Sympathy is running out for the “strong and independent” BW and Black single moms, especially when most are propped up by welfare and statically their kids are committing most of the crimes. BM on the other hand never got much sympathy to begin with.

  2. “Black Male Privilege” is one of the dumbest phrases that I have ever head come from BW, and they have said a lot of dumb stuff. They are so desperate to have something in common with White feminists that they have made their own men into their enemies, historically WW have had legit reasons to be upset with their men IMO, BW don’t.

    If a BM is comfortable in his Blackness (Hair, facial features, skin tone, build, etc.) is that privilege?
    If BM stay in shape and don’t get fat and sick at the rates BW do, is that privilege?
    If BM are able to date out at a higher rate than BW, is that privilege?

    I’m really struggling to see what legit privileges BM have that BW don’t.

    On the flip side:

    Is it easy for a BM to get section 8 housing?
    Do BM qualify for WIC benefits?
    Do BM count twice for affirmative action?
    I could go on……

    Who really has the privilege in the Black community?

    1. JamesSYSBM,

      So called “black male privilege” is nothing but an attempt at a psychological reversal born out of frustration. Black women at least in the US already know that they are the most privileged and elevated non white group, they’ve been weaponised against their own male counterparts, however as has already been pointed out, they’re not getting the same level of attention that black men get, this is where the real issue resides.

      The thing about white feminists is even they know when it’s time to down tools and fall in line, not this black witch however, she’ll ride her mutant form of feminism right until the wheels fall off and even then she’ll continue rolling wrong and strong even as the sparks fly lighting up the streets.

  3. Verbs 2015.

    Wtf? Black men are not privileged because alot of us had to overcome alot of adversity in our lives especially as we were brought up in poverty and dangerous single mother homes where alot of our mother’s used to physically beat us for over any silly reason. Also alot of us black men had to deal with racism from society in general and the fact that black men especially the majority of decent black men don’t get the same well paid job opportunities as black women do due to the racism that black men face in the work place environment. If anything black women are priveledged in society these days in 2022 because society coddles them especially when you hear about the Goldman Sachs situation where they was giving black women 1 billion pounds so that they would get great jobs opportunities with the company, but is that happening to black men hell fucking no because society is threatend by us for just being black. Black women have pretty much everything in their favor these days but they are never happy. Despite the bullshit that decent black men go through on a daily basis we still do well in life whether it is getting a good paid job despite the obstacles that is thrown in our way, learning how to mingle and be social able in different social circles and mixing with different races of people so that we can learn about their culture and much as they learn about our culture, learning how to have a great dress sense and have the right hair cut so that people can admire us worldwide, going to the gym to get a decent athletic/musclur body, getting educational qualifications like GCSEs, A levels, GNVQs, Btecs, Foundation Degrees, Batchlors Degrees, Masters Degrees and PhDs so that we can improve our earning potential in life, create our own business if we want to work for ourselves and not have a boss telling us what to do,being easy going people who gets along with everybody no matter what colour, creed and religion the other person is and finally dating interracially with non black women successfully because we are the second most desirable men on the planet. The problems that black women are going through is their fucking fault because they are always continuing to make catastrophic life choices and I don’t feel sorry for them at all. This black girl magic thing is bullshit and foolishness. Black women these days get given free shit whereas black men have to earn everything they get.

    1. Quincy Fitzpatrick,

      Its funny, as rare as it is, whenever black men are slated to receive some sort of money or benefits exclusive to themselves, you can guarantee that these disgruntled black sirens will immediately form Voltron and do everything in their power to stop such actions from taking place.

      Black women will actively stand in the way of black men receiving any sort of benefits or assistance where black women are NOT included in receiving a slice of the pie themselves, this is them, this is what they do.

      This is why I continue to state that outside of heavy witchcraft and sorcery, I cannot understand why in light of their atrocious track record, the revolt against black women by black men isn’t much larger than it currently is.

      There is no black male privilege, black women are simply playing mind games because we get the attention they wish they were receiving, attention that we as black men are indifferent about by the way.

      1. I can’t remember the name but a YTer pointed this out, that whenever Black men or boys are slated to receive something exactly one minute later comes the hoard of Black feminist saying how come Back girls/women were left out, why weren’t we included?

        How is that privilege when we can’t even get funding to fix long standing problem experienced only by Black men?

        As you say Baba, I’ll wait.

        1. @Anthony



          I remember former President Barack Obama’s “My Brother’s Keeper” initiative.

          Black feminists got that shut down with the quickness.

  4. Babatunde, it’s obvious the effeminate, jellyback, Pander Pimping, SIMP Black Male Clown grew up with a single baby mama Weave Walker.

    He’s had those talking points drill into his roomy skull ever since he flopped out of her stretched out beaten up diseased vagina.

    This is why “Da Communitah” is a flaming pile of 💩 and why I WILL NEVER have anything to do with it, or the DEGENERATE, DEPRAVED obese Weave Walkers who rule it‼️
    #TeamWhiteQueens 👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼👸🏼

    1. TeamWhiteGirls,

      The so called “community” is in a shambles precisely because of these soggy milk biscuit, black women can do nothing wrong, blue pilled, undernourished simpleton Negroes and the black female overlords who control them.

      “Da communitah” is done, it’s only these merchants who thrive and profit off its dysfunctional who are pretending that things can be turned around for the better, at this stage, not a chance!

  5. Do I consider myself privileged, why not? Heck yes! I’m blessed to be the kryptonite for most of these jezebel demon walkers.

    They can chat the chat about having less, being less or having to struggle more than men, but we all know the truth, especially when non black people observe from the outside. Propaganda is flashy and catchy, but the truth will always shine through. Black men are the biggest scapegoats in the world yet EVERYBODY wants to be like us.

    But remember, we’re the “white men of black society”, the original domestic terrorists and sexual predators or something like that…

    1. Michel,

      Note that it’s always the heterosexual free thinking black man who black women and their simp flunkies constantly point to as the so called “problem” of black society.

      Of course black women will never point towards themselves and their 50 year track record of complete success in leading black society straight into the deepest sewer pipe, nor will they ever point the finger at their sodomite partners in crime who have also contributed towards the weakening of black men overall as well as black society as a whole.

      The heterosexual free thinking brother is always the so called “problem” even though he checked out of black society a long time ago recognising that it was and still is a doomed basket case, smh.

    2. Not only that, I am beginning to think the negative image of Black women is preventing some communities from accepting affordable housing programs.

      Remember the image is of a strong, obese mamma type with multiple children.

      Who the F wants that in their neighborhoods?

      1. ANTHONY,

        Remember Dave Chappelle got flak from white liberals for not wanting “affordable housing” in his hometown. Dave knew just like we do that “affordable housing” = Section 8 babymamas and their Bay Bay kids tearing up the neighborhood. Good thing that Dave is wealthy and famous enough to put a stop to the bs.

  6. Black male privilege only exists in Africa and the Caribbean islands but nowhere else in other regions.

    The black ethnicity is the only ethnicity where the female counterparts are zero out of 10 in looks, just like an ape with extra testosterone, this explains why black couple relationships are unnatural of hostility but me dating out with a white wifey is more natural, no hostility whatsoever.

    I do understand their point of white feminism but the level of white feminism is nowhere near the negress feminism at rock bottom.

    There are more white women staying away from feminism and speaking out against it in western societies.

    This blackistan male should search the word privilege in the dictionary to know what it actually means but negroes like him don’t read.

    1. Witwijf,

      Bro, I’ll keep on recommending that you get past the rage stage before it consumes you to the point where you won’t even be a suitable long term companion for a non black female.

      The more time you spend lounging in Anger and Rage Boulevard, the higher the risk of even white women not being interested in dealing with you because they’ll detect the heavy anger and bitterness vibes emanating from your heart(even though they’re not towards them) and will be put off.

      You’re going to have to clean yourself up first, you cannot roll into any relationship with a non black woman harbouring all that anger and rage and expect said relationship to work out and go the distance, it won’t happen. You’re hampering and stagnating your own progress.

      1. I’m currently chatting to a white woman and I never speak about any of this to her.

        If she does ask me about any of this in future, I’ll share your book with her but I’ll never voluntarily go into deep conservations with her about black society issues ever, unless she wants me to then I would open up about it but never too much.

        I only speak about black society issues on this forum, nowhere else.

        I’m not really angry a lot in real life, but I can see how it can come across as rage to you cause of the certain language I use but I’ve always cleaned myself up in general.

  7. Black men do not get no privilege at all. Not even in the UK and America. When it comes to jobs, getting a home from the council and so on, black men don’t get that. They have to earn it. But when it’s the ghetto ratchet, scraggly daggly black woman, she will get everything free of charge. For instance, when she get breed up by the thugs and the worthless men she prefers and not the simp in tears, she can get a flat from the council for free, live off benefits and so on. If a black man has numerous qualifications, he still won’t get anything. In the work world, a white person with no qualifications can get a job much easier then a black man. Black men having privilege, it’s not but bullshit.

    Hey, keep your white sugar safe from these ghetto ratchet scraggle daggles and the crying simps because they are coming after them. I’m tired man. I really need to rest.


    1. Money Cultural,

      The “black male privilege” witchcraft will only work on the black male simp who’ll immediately get to work seeking out so called “solutions” ie how he can “check” his “black male privilege”. The simps are the only guys black women can dictate to, they already know that free thinking black men worth their salt aren’t paying any attention to any of the garbage spewing forth from their rotten mouths.

      The blue pilled, black male simps are the only knuckleheads who’ll buy into this privilege rubbish and attempt to make changes in order to appease their black female overlords believing they’ll get access to some contaminated snatch in return, however we already know that will never happen.

      1. Yep, that’s right. You think that I will get a job that easy? No. You think that I can get a flat from the council? Nope! the black man privilege only works on the simps. The simp always think he can get shit easy until he finds out that can’t get anything just like a normal black man do. The only thing a black man have to do is get into self employment.

  8. If David Carroll were still alive, I know he’d have a field day with this; at what point in history have Black men ever oppressed Black women? There can be a case made that White women do benefit from the system and take full advantage of it; a thorough look at the origins of women’s liberation in America shows how White feminism is the gynocentric extension of White supremacy. I’ve posted a video a few OMW posts ago where one author detailed how White women were essentially pawns for the very same system they said was unfair to them; who do we see today following that same course of action? Hint: she’s referenced in the video attached to this article.

    What Black identity is there that allows Black men to oppress others? Quite the opposite; does our Black identity prevent racist Whites from using old tropes of the violent Black criminal to fearmonger their daughters out of dating Black men? Did George Floyd’s Black identity save him from being asphyxiated to death over an alleged fake $20 bill? Did Philando Castile’s Black identity save him from being shot or being ghosted by the NRA? Did Ahmaud Arbery’s Black identity save him from being murdered by the McMichaels for no reason? Did it save the Central Park 5 from being falsely accused of the rape and murder of a White woman, something which still haunts them to this day? I think you get the point now.

    This confirms once more that White men and Black women are one and the same; if you’re familiar with the talking points of White conservative males, you’ll hear similar language about how their so called enemy is attacking them, supposedly with no provocation. They never ask what it is that they’re doing that causes them to be objects of execration; as another commenter mentioned above, this is why they love daggles like Candace Owens and Kimberly Klacik so much. Speaking of the aforementioned daggles, I’ve come to the conclusion that there is no such thing as a conservative Black woman; they are chameleons who’ll assume any identity to get what they want from General Snowstorm.

    1. Well said. Both BW and WM are two sides of a coin. They MUST have an other…an “enemy” as a group to blame the failure of the collective on. They can’t look at things on an individual basis because the cause of the group failure becomes clear at that point…the only way you can have all these “issues” caused by your “enemies” is because YOUR individual choice brought you to you current juncture. A group is simply a collection of individuals but they must ignore that.

      These people need group think….because they can’t be first in line if it comes down to individual effort…they want a win every time they come to the plate and the only way they can think of achieving that is by hiding their failures amongst the group, blaming others and not focusing on competing on an individual basis.

    2. > if you’re familiar with the talking points of White conservative males, you’ll hear similar language about how their so called enemy is attacking them, supposedly with no provocation.

      Don’t delude yourself – that same behavior comes from White liberals as well. As a thinking black man, assume you have enemies from both sides unless CONCLUSIVELY proved otherwise. I’m not holding my breath on this one.

      Bottom line: Focus on Saving YourSelf Black Man. Let the haters hate and pontificate. Living a good life is the best chess move vs. the checkers-playing detractors.


  9. Let’s go with that: Black men ARE privileged. Since we’re so privileged, then the most effective way to deal with that privilege is to treat EVERYONE like Black men. So from now on, I propose that we start treating BW the way we treat Black men. Then they can share in our privilege.

  10. Verbs2015,
    It Never Ceases to Amaze Me How The Sistah-hood is so Mentally Unbalanced that they would go so far as to Spread B.S. Like ”Black Male Privilege”. It’s Clear that this Female & I’m Being Nice by Calling her Female When I Can Call her Far Worse, Can Say that Black Men and White Women have Equal Privilege in Upholding the System of Oppression, Last Time I Check Black Men like Bill Cosby, George Floyd, Daunte Wright, R. Kelly, etc Didn’t Join up With White Women & Plot to Make Black Women’s Life Hell on Earth. Nor Did Any of These Men Have a Fair Trial or Receive Any Justice After they’ve been Wronged, Falsely Accused or Murdered. No What All this is. Is Another Motormouthed Female Whose been Living under a Rock & Claims to be Smart, When Actually She’s the Total Opposite. I Ask this Question, When Has a Black Man in America Been Able to Drive a Nice Car Without Being Hassled by a Cop? When Has a Black Man in America Been Able to Walk into a Nice Neighborhood or a Section in Somewhere like Manhattan NYC Without Being Given the Evil Eye by Others? Hell When Has a Black Man Been Able to Step out of his Home Period Without Someone Judging his Every Movement? I Can go on Forever, But I’ll Say this. When it Came to Bill Cosby Who was Viciously & Falsely Slammed by a Court of Public Opinion, White Liberal Feminists. There was No Privilege for Him When was on Trial. It was all Lock him up & Throw Away the Key. On the Subject of Feminism. You Can Definitely Tell that Video was Made by Feminist Minded Black Woman Who Learned from Tarana Burke to Always Make the Straight Forward Thinking Black Man the Quintessential Boogie Man of All Society’s Ill’s. Bottom Line Women like her are to be Avoided at All Costs, Because When Shit hits the Fan & You Need her to stand With you. She’ll Either Abandon you Without Hesitation or Sell you out without Warning. #SYSBM For Life!!!

  11. If it’s considered black male privilege to avoid the scraggle, I’ll take that privilege 24x7x365.


  12. Verbs, I may post on the old topics as I have update input:

    I got something to say about this Black Male Privilege or male privilege in general.

    To all these Females (not call them women, they are females) go on about how we got privilege.
    Males never born as privilege, men has to earn it.

    I remember Karen Straugen’s video talks about the origin of earning male privilege (I cannot remember which video it is). Basically back in the days before 1980s in and in UK before 1960s, men have to go through this voluntary work in the military called ‘National Services’ where you go to the army for 2 years after you finish school (Ages 16 to 18). Minister Jap mention this at the time. If any man decide opt out of this ‘Military training’ this is after you finish school you will not have a right to vote, learn to drive or work certain jobs. So most men have to join the military that way, they can learn to drive, get a passport, work certain jobs and right to vote.

    So basically, no training, no privileges meaning men have to work for it.
    Does these females have to go through training to get Privileges? No. These modern females has no idea about male Privileges.

    Let get to this Black Male Privileges:
    BM have to work 2x or 3x more than a white men to earn it.

    I keep on hearing this BS about how BM oppress BW and these BW believe in this Bull.
    In reality BM never had any power, authority or resources to oppress BW.

    The question is as a BM, how do I oppress a women? I don’t.
    The problem with these BW is that and Kevin mention this is that they believe in this ‘Colour Purple’ mindset.

    The western women or BW never experience oppressions in their life, they just imagine it. The white Zaddy gave BW every perks and they still not happy.
    BM experiences more oppression and stealth discrimination.
    If they want to see real oppression, they need to got to Arab countries.

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